Friday, January 11, 2008

Bomb Explodes at Fort Railway Station

A parcel bomb placed on the 6th Platform at the Fort Railway Station went off injuring one man at 7.35 this morning. Further details will follow.

Update: A small bomb placed under the stairway of Platform 6 at Fort Railway Station injured one person and damaged part of the stairway this morning. Further investigations are underway.


jiffy said...

not sure what the tigers gain by doing this. sounds suspiciously like earlier in 06 when pedestrians were finding bombs and ammo caches in garbage bins.

LKDOOD said...

Defence wire or anybody here have any info on this :

a guy called 'specialforce' on LNP
has posted this :



vanni offensive folks has officially will be in three stages with the second being planned being the deadliest...

more information will follow when time is right...

six fronts with seven offensive divisions for the first time in action...

lets hav the fingers crossed folks...ill leave to sri lanka in 10 days...
this is his site:

is this post true ?

Defencewire said...

This is a wee bit exaggerated but it is true. We can discuss this since LTTE is already aware of this. We told you that they have strengthened their defences in Mullaithivu. They may also cause trouble in Colombo. Schools were closed in anticipation of this.

Several days ago the 59 Div was deployed in Weli Oya sector, the heel of Tamil Ealam's prized Mullaithivu District. There is a bridge in Mullaithivu which is the high-ground in that area. Once it is captured, Kilinochchi can be isolated. However, more 'softening up' measures will continue for a few more weeks. Exact dates of the 'final assault' and its exact nature is known by only a few. Ground Commanders were involved in the planning but no one else knows the full picture yet.

LKDOOD said...

i understand that you guys can't talk
about certain things on the open

thank you for the info !

perein said...

You said;
"There is a bridge in Mullaithivu which is the high-ground in that area. Once it is captured, Kilinochchi can be isolated."

What are the chance of saving the bridge from LTTE? if chances are low, why should not we use the heavy wepons to capture the area? (Assuming we will have low casualties or none by taking that approach)
Surely should be able to build a temporary bridge there once captured?
If this bridge is so important, surely by capturing should bring down lot of LTTE moral.

Defencewire said...

The location of the bridge is a vantage point. The bridge itself it not strategically important. But the location, once captured, would help defend SLA units from attack. LTTE units will try level best to hold on and use it to attack SLA.

LKDOOD said...

Lanka to hand over Prabhakaran to India if arrested:Rajapakse

Sri Lanka would hand over LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran to India if

he was apprehended if New Delhi made such a request, President Mahinda

Rajapakse has said.

"If they ask for him, I will send him there. ... Why not? He has killed

so many people. If India wants him, certainly I will send him to

India," the Sri Lankan President told NDTV's 'Walk the Talk' programme.

"On request from them (Indian authorities), I will do whatever they

want," Rajapakse said.

He maintained that Prabhakaran, who is accused of being behind the

assassination of former Premier Rajiv Gandhi, would not be granted

pardon by India.

He said LTTE would not agree to any compromise for a peaceful

resolution of the ethnic issue afflicting Sri Lanka.


LKDOOD said...

Lanka turmoil: Threat to India's soft underbelly by Colonel Anil Athale (retd)

Ever since Mahinda Rajapaksa took over as Sri Lankan president in 2005, there was apprehension that the hardliner would opt for a military solution to the four-decade-old Tamil problem. This year Sri Lanka has abrogated the ceasefire agreement with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and fighting has broken out. There is real danger of the island turning into another trouble spot in the Indian subcontinent.

While many Tamils disagree with the means used by the Tigers and its fascist outlook, they nevertheless regard them as saviours in face of Sinhala chauvinism. This is the greatest strength of the Tigers and makes it possible for them to survive. There is no military solution to the underlying political problem, a fact well understood in India.

full article :

Jambudipa said...

While many Tamils disagree with the means used by the Tigers and its fascist outlook, they nevertheless regard them as saviours in face of Sinhala chauvinism.

This is a silly position to take considering fascism does more damage that to self than the imagined enemy. If its just fascism its ok. But its also engaged in organised child abuse, killing of Tamil dissidents and economic deprivation. If you add all these up, the cost is far more than facing "Sinhala chauvinism" which is mostly a result of terrorism anyway. The day Tamils wake up and really take a look at the wasted landscape, it will realise the folly. Till then, the govt will be forced to pursue the military option.

Srilankan said...

Panhinda i am with you.I hope these murderous coolies dont lineup innocent northern school children in front of their guns.this s**t about viewing the LTTE as tamil saviours is utter rot.I have no hidden agenda to be popular among the "tamil daisphora".The world has changed.comprende?It seems that they can slice innocent villagers when they plead for their life.I hope they will die as bravely by exploding themselves.However we have to do our utmost to save yes save LTTE cadres who want to surrender to the forces and not kill them.May god give our brave boys the strength they need to exterminate this murderous filth from our land forever.
What is this rot i read about coded messages to gosl?.Sc**w coded messages.what is this?..a dinner party..this is not a dinner party between two good "ole" friends...A situation that has brought immense suffering and death to a vast number of innocent people is not a "party".If some murderous bloddy coolie is injured and wishes to "communicate" who the flying fcuk wants to listen.those days are over.

Srilankan said...

what is this? when bin laden is injured due to a bombing he sends a coded message through one of his contacts to Pres bush to .what?..not bomb him again and possibly kill him because as a result of his injury he has become a "pious" man?.what rubbish

Anonymous said...

Listen I would like to say that LTTE is a much better organization then SLA. And all the killings are because of SLA from their K-fir attacks to claymore killing innocent youths and families. This propaganda will soon end, but I would like to state that the SLA is responsible for all the killings, because I myself have witnessed one person being killed by the army of Sri Lanka. I will take you to any extreme for money if you may prove me wrong, which I know deep down in your hearts you all are wrong and know the utter most truth. Please stop killing tamil people and all we ask for is our land, just give us our land and we will go on our way. Thank You.

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