Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chain of violence in Monaragala District-28 Killed,71 injured

Chain of violence hits Monaragala District,killing at least 28 persons and injuring more than 71 in three separate incidents,while a flight from Milan made an emergency landing at Islands only international airport on bomb scare,officials said.
At least 26 killed and 67 injured in the bomb blast targeted a civilian bus followed by a gunfire,in Weliara,Buttala police said.
An army Unicorn caught in a blast on the Buttala Kataragama Road,injuring three soldiers at Galge.
Four farmers were hacked by suspected LTTE cadres who were fleeng after carried out the attack against the bus,in Dambeyaya a village in Monaragala District,a survivor told police.
Colombo bound EuroFly flight made an emergency landing at noon today at Katunayake International Airport after a passenger on board claimed that he have had a bomb.Airport officials confirmed that they found nothing after searching the flight,and took the unruly passenger in to custody.


perein said...

Violence is the last thing we need at present time.
Let's appeal to every one to keep the calm.

perein said...


"killing at least 30 personas and injuring morethan 71"
Is that above as a result of violence?

Unknown said...

that's after the bombing
"chain violence" was used by DW since three incidents have taken place within hours in the same area i believe

IntelAttack said...

LTTE Intel Leader for Trico South killed today around 12.15pm?

IntelAttack said...

Oops! It should be DefenceWire. :) Sorry!

perein said...

Where did you get that news mate?

perein said...

sorry news is published in

IntelAttack said...

See the News Bar on But it didnt lead to a news page when clicked. Instead it goes to home.

LKDOOD said...

No direct help to Lanka to fight Tigers so far: Indian Naval chief


Illegal.existence said...

Was the "unruly passenger" a Tamil?

LKDOOD said...

Reuters Video Report of the incident


Anonymous said...

Dw.. is this true...
"One Nine Base’ was the LTTE’s code name for their most important intelligence base, located north of Puthukkudiyiruppu, in the general area of Kombavil, Mullaitivu.

The base was heavily fortified with armed LTTE cadres and also, heavily mined. The base also had several underground bunkers, connected by tunnels. This is one of the bases where LTTE intelligence leaders met and planned their missions.

On January 12, LTTE intelligence sent a secret message to their military intelligence area leaders to attend an important meeting at the above mentioned base.

In Colombo, military intelligence was well informed of this scheduled meeting by an informant. Consequently, an intelligence official informed Sri Lanka Air Force of the date and time of the meeting.

On 14, two young fighter jet pilots were summoned before their commanding officer (for security purposes this column refrains from disclosing the names and ranks of those personnel). The commanding officer briefed the two pilots of their top-secret task and the importance of the operation.

Supersonic jets took off from the Katunayake Airbase runway towards their target. Within a couple of minutes, they released bombs on One Nine Base. Some leaders managed to escape through a tunnel, but the most important leaders fell victim, on the spot.

When the news reached the LTTE leadership, they did not allow any civilians to enter the area. Wounded LTTE cadres were transported to one of LTTE’s underground hospitals. The LTTE leadership had given instructions not to reveal the numbers died or their names, because it would demoralise fighting cadres, as well as the Tamil diaspora.

The air bombing was significant for the Air Force and intelligence because this was the first time one of LTTE’s main intelligence locations was bombed. Many of their intelligence operatives were killed in the attack."

TropicalStorm said...


Where did you pick that one from?

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