Friday, January 4, 2008

How strong are the Tamil Tigers?

The Tamil Tigers are notorious for their desperate suicide attacks. Considering the impact of suicide bombing in the media, it would not be a surprise. When analyzing the LTTE’s successful attacks, no clues are available that indicate that they are based on regular conventional tactics. The analysis can be grounded on the US Army frames for determining insurgents’ capabilities (Counterinsurgency Field Manual, p110). The Field Manual categorizes insurgent capabilities as follows;

  • Forms of violent action used
  • Weapons available and their capabilities
  • Training
  • Known methods of operating: frequency of attacks, timing of attacks, targets of attacks and techniques.
  • Known linkages between violent, political, and information actions: How do the insurgents use violence to increase their popular support and undermine counterinsurgents?
  • Means of command and control during attacks (including communication means used)

A further indicator of the Insurgent cum terrorist cum guerilla nature of the organization emerges from its deployment of men/women. The following table is an independent analysis of the LTTE’s man/woman-power.



Civilian Militia Members / Auxiliaries


Mostly non-combatant members with basic training of assault rifles

Regular Infantry + Special forces

6,000 (including 2,000 special forces: the anti-armour regiment, Charles Anthony Brigade, Leopard Commandos)

Naval Unit


Including ex Tamil fishermen, supporting staff

Both the classification of insurgents and the manpower of the Tigers indicate that the organization is prone to the heavy use of unconventional tactics visible to the media and that they are not a genuine conventional fighting force. In fact, the conventional units of the organization can be limited to the 6000 regular cadres comprising Charles Anthony, Imran Pandyan, Malathi etc units.

The SLA’s current mixture of both conventional and unconventional offensive raids could disturb the morale of the 15,000 strong volunteer or auxiliary units of the Tigers, thus forcing further extreme behaviour from the regular units, who are currently under a great deal of pressure. This may effectively tie down the LTTE’s elite and more experienced regulars whilst SLA elite units are freed to engage in planned attacks inside LTTE-controlled areas.

The only other option for a highly marketable attack over the media would have to come from the Black Tigers and the Black Sea Tigers. However, due to lengthy operational planning involved, it is not possible to make such attacks on a regular basis. The other issue is the enormous resilience of the southern people, politicians and the Military to these attacks, having experienced them since 1983.

The success of these attacks will depend on the destruction of Military Assets or Military/political leadership. Unfortunately for the LTTE, numerous such attacks have not had lasting impact on bringing down southern governments, destruction of the Military Machine or in the creation of a defeatist mentality in the south, as evidenced by the current status quo.


Sen said...

I think that effect of the suicide bomber is overrated in military means they can be a good psychological weapon though. remember the kamikazes in WW2 even though they were immensely brave and should be regarded as heroes they could not turn the tide of war.

By the way I'm not calling the black tigers heroes in any way. the black tigers are simply murderers using unethical means of combat. While the kamikazes were laying down there lives for there dear country the black tigers were killing there disgusting selfs along with countless others for a mythical and unquestionably dumb belief.

Renegade! said...

the boss,go f@#K a goat/cow/horse,or any other animal,will u?

visa-stamping said...

How about underaged children, like you did in Haiti?

LKDOOD said...

i have a request :

please ignore some people here
they are crazy

LKDOOD said...

BBC report :

'No military solution' for Sri Lanka

India says it regrets escalation of violence in Sri Lanka
Indian authorities have once again insisted that there can be no military solution to Sri Lanka's national question.

In response to Sri Lankan government's decision to unilaterally withdraw from the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA), India says "what is required in Sri Lanka is a settlement of political, constitutional and other issues within the framework of united Sri Lanka".

Indian Ministry of External Affairs in a statement added that Sri Lanka could only achieve lasting peace through such a settlement that is comfortable to all communities in Sri Lanka

very funny
war is happening now
it will continue

defenceline said...

Sri Lankan peacekeepers in Haiti sent home for raped underage.

Sri Lanka is sending home 108 of its soldiers in the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti after a preliminary investigation found that they paid for prostitutes, including some that might be underage, the United Nations said Friday. (back on Nov 2007)

Sen said...

The Boss man you are the bigesst dumbass in this forum to start with you are daydreaming all the time and also believes in a myth a simple yet very well executed lie about the so called eelam (by the way eelam means Sinhalese lol) it all started when the dutch and the english brought millions of tamils to sri lanka and used them as slaves, while some were given land in the northeast to gain support agianst the sinhala patriots.

anyways how can you possibly prove that there was a tamil eelam and tamils arive in srilanka before anyone else.

are there any ancient archaeological sites which show signs of tamil architecture in your so called eelam. But there have been found a lot of archaeological sites connected to Sinhalese culture in around trincomalee, nagadeepa and even jaffna

குழைக்காட்டான் said...


How about a LION ? You may create a new race!!You know what I mean buddy!!!!

Defencewire said...

the boss,
"Black tigers are too sacrificing their lives for their homeland 'tamil eelam'."

The motivations of suicide bombers are more complex than that. The current studies show that motivations can also be 'engineered'. Some Islamic suicide bombers, for example, are motivated by the Islamic Fundamentalist concept of Jihad or holy war where it is meritorious to kill 'infidels' thus cementing a place in heaven with 21 virgins at your side and numerous after-life pleasures. Therefore, motivations are based more on personal interests than societal interests. However, proper use of the media and tactical use of suicide bombing and its shock effect can give the impression of a broader societal interest to the sacrifice made.

"When you sinhalese mongrels understand this, a solution for the war is possible."

This is also the reason why many terrorist groups use suicide bombings, to move the audience to do its bidding through the generation of shock. Unfortunately, this shock-treatment never works the way the terrorists intend it to be due to its inhumane nature. Instead of shock and subjugation to demand, suicide attack makes an opposing audience brand groups using such tactics as barbarians, demons etc. This de-humanizing legitimises the use of violence against that group and its members, instead of freeing them from their shackles. This is why 300+ suicide attacks later, LTTE is still at square one.

Unknown said...

The Tigers now own the US Congress Caucus on SL. Congressman Frank Pallone is owned by leaders of the LTTE in New Jersey. The public record shows that he accepts donations from a number of leaders of Tiger front organizations. Pallone is the one who testified against GoSL at Senator Leahy hearings which yielded the military sanctions. Pallone also recommended Ganeshan for the Peace Prize when Boucher at State and leahy in Senate asked for his advice. What this shows is that Tigers own US Legislation on SL, and Tigers own US Dept of State via Boucher, who last year said in public that Tamils deserve a homeland. Tigers own UN starting in 2009 - SL term on UN Human Rights Council expires this year and no one will give a damn to defend SL - Ban Ki Moon is fronting for the North Korean arms trade to the LTTE and wants to give them a pass in exchange for political capital.

What this all means is that UN and US is turning the screws, all because ambassador Goonatileke and the GoSL FM are asleep at the switch, 2500 years of history are at peril.

quickfinish said...
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quickfinish said...
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quickfinish said...
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quickfinish said...
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the boss said...

Arti brigade is handled by our sexy lady regiment.
Just a touch is enough, it will keep on bombarding!!!!!

Upul said...


it is never easy to admit an enemy has degraded ones own capability.

Dehumanization of all parties to the conflict is one feature that has been in the watchful eye of the international community.

LTTE has time and time again mentioned it has seen no reason to convince sinhala people or its leaders. It had given up hope on that front long time back (particularly due to Indian encouragement). If it were out to convince them, it would have adopted different strategies. To the contrary, the harsh inhuman attitude taken by a sizable number of the sinhala community and its leaders is what shocks the western world.

The West is moving fast from parity of status between both antagonists towards moral/political support for the Tamil cause after seeing open souring of relations with MR. West worked hand and glove to prevent MR from coming into power.

When and if it sees its direct interest are in danger, moral support may dissolve to military support.

Upul said...

Conduct of MR type regimes calling themselves democratic, 'fighting terror, when in fact there are autocratic, wantonly abuse human rights is a impending threat to the West and its image. Such efforts undermine Western efforts to win its war on terror. There will a huge amount of pressure to have UN monitors in lanka now and dialogue is already proceeding in the context of R2P.

Illegal.existence said...

dolmrkng, you make things sound a lot more bleak than they really are. The LTTE has had supporters in the US, UK and other Western countries for quite some time. But the US never has, and never will provide support to the LTTE, in any shape or form.

Pallone for one has been strongly critical of the LTTE since he founded the congressional caucus on Sri Lanka in '98. US politicians get funding from a variety of sources, that doesn't entirely mean they are "owned" by political groups. And the caucus itself is merely a gathering of interested politicians, they don't have any explicit power, all legislation needs to be passed by the house.

Not that she's getting elected, but even "Hillary the LTTE supporter" is trying to distance herself from the LTTE. If you want proof, check out her controversial campaign funding website that few weeks ago contained the names of LTTE members as fundraisers. Now their names have been wiped off. Why? because of articles like this

Special investigative report: “Tamils for Clinton” - Clinton fundraising ties to terror group

US politicians can't afford to be linked to FTOs, especially to be seen as funded by them. That's political suicide right there.

As for the UN, the government's stance to "defy" Western governments and befriend marginalized states, so to speak, has meant we have a lot more support from G24 and G77 countries like Brazil, China and Iran, if you must. It's these countries that have helped prevent the UN passing any resolutions censuring the government. The expiry of our term in the UNHCR isn't going to change that.

Not to mention the efforts of people like Dayan Jayathilaka, the guy who was languishing in Sri Lanka, appearing on TV every few weeks criticizing Ranil's every move. It was a great move on the President's part to appoint him to a post where he could serve the country.

Saying the LTTE "owns" the US and UN is simply stupid. And saying the UN secretary general helps the North Koreans in arms deals is downright insane.

If the LTTE "owned" anyone, why are they still banned in the US? Why is there no significant UN resolutions against Sri Lanka, or even peacekeepers on the ground or a "human rights office"?

Fear mongering is pathetic business, dolmrkng.

Unknown said...


You have failed to take note of Congressman Pallone's recent change of opinion on Sri Lanka. In his last public testimony less than 6 months ago he advocated for a UN Monitoring mission and a special US envoy.

Hillary only covered up the illegal LTTE money she accepted. SHe has not returned that illegal LTTE money.

When SL FM was in NY last year he wanted to speak with Pallone. Pallone told SL FM no, you cannot speak with me, because, effectively he is the LTTE's bitch, though in clear violation of US DoJ laws, the USG looks the other way.

I am not fear mongering. You are covering up true threats that GoSL is unwilling to face up to. Dayan Jayatilleka is capable but one man cannot save 20 million.

Unknown said...

DefenceWire, one request for you, as you have gathered the numbers of the LTTE to 15,000 + another 2000 naval, etc...

can you like setup a counter from moving forward that how many LTTE has been killed/wounded on the side, as you report it from now on. Moving forward, it would be intresting to see how many that the SLA says it killed, and we can kind of see the progress to finish the LTTE off in 7 Months. Isn't that should be something intresting?

By the way, lets also include the number of SLA being killed/wounded so that we can see if the ratio.

Thanks team, you guys ROCKS!

Unknown said...

Looks like more LTTE supporters have infiltrated into this blog and the other one..some of them posing as regular civilized people and then bashing the govt and the war. hahahaha what a joke. all i can say is " ha ha ha" if only asithri was here to see this.

Anonymous said...

DW and others,
Intersting article on vidusara January 02, 2008. I am metioning this as this newspaper is not related to defence afairs but this article is. It's about the kidny diseace in rajarata areas. Sorry can't give the link.

GoldenEagle said...

renegade, patriot, sam perera

Just ignore the LTTE supporters. They crave attention, don't give them any.

Don't repond to their insults, no matter how provocative they may be.

If you respond to them the blog gets taken into another direction discussing non-defence related rubbish.

You guys are smarter than this, don't fall for their trap.

Moshe Dyan said...

Sri Lankan soldiers sent off from Haiti for child rape charges.

What is the guarantee they will act any differently to LTTE which is mainly powered by child soldiers and women!!!!

Those tigers who are happy about the Haiti incident will soon taste the same!!!!!

Tamil Naadu is the tamil homeland.

Hey seperatists, you have a choice.

You are either TAMIL NAADU or TAMIL MAADU.

GoldenEagle said...


The racist filth is piling up on this blog. Its up to you to clean it up.

GoldenEagle said...

Moshe Dayan

Just ignore the LTTE supporters. They crave attention, don't give them any.

Don't repond to their insults, no matter how provocative they may be.

If you respond to them the blog gets taken into another direction discussing non-defence related rubbish.

You guys are smarter than this, don't fall for their trap.

Moshe Dyan said...

But my comments make logical sense; aren't they?

Logically there is no guarantee that SLA men will act any differently given the right opportunity. Not like in Haiti, in Vanni most fighters are vulnerable due to th structure of the LTTE and its support organisations.

In fact the issue about the "choice" to seperatist Tamils was actually used by a ITAK politician before 1965. This was how they aroused the people to crave for a part in SL.

Thushanthi said...
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Thushanthi said...

Re. LTTE supporter's comments and replying to them, I think it might be imported to submit facts which will discredit the averments/allegations that they have made, by you guys who specialise in defence and related issues. Since some of of us might be unaware of them. But however, my opinion is that it is a waste of time and energy to respond to their racist comments by replying to them in filthy language just like they do, (which I have noted sometimes looks really childish to another reader) since these comments do not help in anyway. It is always better to be one step ahead of them and speak and act in a cultured and civilised manner. What do you think Gentleman???

Thushanthi said...
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Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"How strong are the Tamil Tigers?"

I think the answer is:

Less strong than the Tamil Diaspora thinks, and,
More strong than the Sri Lankan forces and most bloggers here believe.

I am sure however the ltte knows exactly how far it can push the envelope--their past use of resources is what makes me say so.

On an unrelated note, the amount of gung-ho racism impaired "analysis"in this blog seems astounding!
Re the original post I have some issues:
1."notorious for their desperate suicide attacks."
I feel there is no desperation here? I think the word should be "deliberate" because they seem to be very methodical in cost-effect calculations. The Hamas or Chechens may be termed "desperate"for obvious reasons.

2." no clues are available that indicate that they are based on regular conventional tactics" ??

How do you then explain capture of Elephant Pass or most of Wanni? How come they are slugging toe-to-toe with a much superior enemy AND holding fixed territory/positions for 2 decades??
Give the devil his due when he deserves it:)It is apparent they have BOTH conventional and guerilla capability.

3."enormous resilience of the southern people, politicians and the Military to these attacks, having experienced them since 1983."
This is true of most 3rd world countries where "Patriotism"tends to cloud better judgement leading to protracted civil wars( eg Timor/Kashmir/Africa/Philipphines etc).So by same logic, the Tamil minorities too seem to have the same above qualities!

Srilankan said...

illegal.existence..dolmkkings artilce is not "bad"".even if it was supposed to mislead a lot of ignorant people like me by showing only half the picture..i hope it has "kicked our arses" so that we take positive action.I agree with you that Dr dayan jayatillekes posting was good one..See Hon pres is not a fool.

Srilankan said...

Moshe Dayan..hold on bro..ok the UN made allegations as was reported in papers who have only their best interests at heart.Now what is happening about the data(evidence) required by SLDF from the UN about these allegations?Why is that not prited in papers in fairness to the reader?

the boss said...

Even if the SLA win the WAR, finally we tamils will be the winners. You never will be able to change the ethnic balance in the north and east like in singapore and malaysia, but we are buying all your valuable lands in other parts of the country.
Time is not a problem for us. It is well beyond you poor singhalas imagination, how WTCC & WTM work with the localize organization to achive our altimate goal.
After some decades, you will see, lazy poor singhalas working for tamil maharajas in the south of the country.
Thamks singhala modayas, now 30% of SL tamils are very rich and very well educated..

Go and waste your money and life in FLD...

defenceAnalyst said...

TS' disciple,
I think it is proper to call suicide attacks an act of desperation. Why?
1. Suicide tactics are used in asymmetric warfare.
2. It is used by weaker parties
3. It is used as a force multiplier
4. timing, targets, location etc are decided when the attacker is at its weakest or when they require sudden boost of power over opponent.

There is also no evidence to suggest that the LTTE is holding ground in the N&E through conventional fighting formations. If so, please prove your point. You do not necessarily require conventional fighting formations to maintain control over territory. Guerrilla and insurgent tactics can suffice through defence in depth for instance, which we have analysed before. It is similar to viet kong guerillas' defense of an entire country against the conventional fighting forces of the USA. Our argument is further proven by the SLA's takeover of the East. If LTTE has conventional units, they could have countered such operations. The present skirmishes and shifting of SLAs tactics to a semi-conventional tactic in Vanni indicates the need to maintain eyelevel with LTTE's own unconventional tactics for success.

Unknown said...


has the Navy taken dilivery of another Indian Ship?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


I feel suicide attacks may or may not be an act of desperation-there does not seem to be a sigle rule for all groups.Your points 1,2&3 are correct but not a quid pro quo for it being a desperate act.So point 4 is what really determines desperation or otherwise.In contrast,the LTTE has been using suicide bombing from its infant days to its heydays; whether it was perceived as weak or strong by its opponent did not really affect its steady and methodical use.Whereas I said it is a sign of desperation for Hamas and Chechens as they have otherwise no wherewithal to harm their enemy in any significant way except by this single way.In addition their targets are usu indiscriminate civilian targets of oppurtunity, which cannot be said of the LTTE.

""There is also no evidence to suggest that the LTTE is holding ground in the N&E through conventional fighting formations. If so, please prove your point.""

You did not really answer my queries about past operations or you would have answered yourself?

""Guerrilla and insurgent tactics can suffice through defence in depth for instance""

I really find this concept being abused here.We are talking of a mere few thousand square kilometres of flat terrain eminently suitable for conventional ops. You make it sound like the Russian militia vs French/Germans or Chinese communists vs Imperial Japan with a million Square Kms for retreat, rest and recuperation:)
Therefore Viet Cong does not figure in this argument--LTTE does not have the geographical,manpower,economic or political support of VC. Even then VC never held territory for long and never won a major battle--something absolute opposite of LTTE.

""argument is further proven by the SLA's takeover of the East""

Or rather it augments the argument that LTTE has both guerilla(East) and Conventional (North) capabilities?

Moshe Dyan said...


There is a big chance that LTTE may launch a pre-emptive strike before 16 Jan knowing very well that th govt. is holding up the military to "honour the protocol".

Any latest news on weli-oya LTTE build up? We know the SLAF, SLN and SLA were silent on that front yesterday and today.

On the matter of deleting racist comments,
it is most welcome so that the blog would be only for brainstorming. By putting many heads together in an atmosphere of alot of accurate information, we can produce a synergic effect that may contribute to the war effort by SL.

HOWEVER, certain comments with a sexual nature that ACTUALLY relate to a war ploy used by almost all waring nations in the 20th century, though not right, do not fall within "racist comments". This is so eventhough a party to the war (LTTE) may suffer more as a result of unleashing such assaults on them due to their structure (child soldiers/brain washed women/marital and sexual restrictions within the LTTE, etc.).

this is the other side of suicide bombings which is also immoral, unethical, against war norms, against the society and generally barbaric.

If suicide bombings is a topic other mean war strategies need not be ,solely due to their nature only, censored.

Any differing views, please?

Moshe Dyan said...

Some LTTE suporters here made good comments. "sri lanka cannot settle sinhalese and muslims in the north unlike what happened in singapore and malaysia" is one such good comment.

This has a part which is true and another untrue.

True malaysia and singapore did just that for "ethnic neutralisation". So what is there for SL? IT MUST ALSO DO THE SAME.

The wrong part - SL cannot do so.
So what is there for SL?

NAPOLEAN BONAPRTE once said never stop your enemy when he is making a mistake.

B#1 said...

I believe that THE BOSS is an Intelligent Anti-LTTE..

With his statement
"Even if the SLA win the WAR,...",

the Moral of LTTE members will be reduce completely.

jiffy said...

maha loku tigers!...tiger pundai! tamil pride needs to be blunted. never again must they be allowed to rise up and cause trouble in any corner of the world.

LKDOOD said...

reuters :

Sri Lanka fighting kills 34 Tamil Tiger rebels, a soldier

LKDOOD said...

PTI report:

Sri Lankan government has said there is no plan at present to ban the LTTE, after it scrapped a six-year-old ceasefire agreement with the Tamil rebel outfit.

"As of now we have not thought of banning the LTTE," Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama told reporters here yesterday.

"The talk of a ban has been speculative," he added.

Political observers had expected that the ban and the abrogation of the ceasefire pact would come about simultaneously, but the government as of now only chose to pull out of the truce agreement.

"We are looking at several options," Bogollagama said without elaborating, when asked what the government planned to do if it did not want to ban the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) now.

The Foreign Minister recalled President Mahinda Rajapakse's statement on December 26 in which he indicated the government's willingness for talks with the LTTE if it came to the negotiating table after laying down arms.

LKDOOD said... report :

PM’s Colombo visit dates not yet finalised

B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will not participate in the 60th Independence Day celebrations of Sri Lanka on February 4, the island nation’s Foreign Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama, said here on Friday.

Mr. Bogollagama clarified that though Sri Lanka had extended an invitation to Dr. Singh, the dates of his visit are yet to be worked out.

The disclosure that the dates of Dr. Singh’s visit to the island nation have not yet been finalised was made a day after the Foreign Minister called the Indian High Commissioner Alok Prasad to inform him about the decision of Colombo to abrogate the 2002 Cease Fire Agreement.

According to sources in the Sri Lanka Foreign Office, Mr. Prasad reportedly told the Minister that New Delhi was concerned about the current situation in the island nation and would like to see faster progress on a political package for the resolution of the ethnic conflict.

A few weeks ago, the Minister told Parliament that Sri Lanka had invited Dr. Singh to be the chief guest of the function on February 4 marking the 60th Independence Day.

If the dates are firmed up, it would be the first bilateral visit by an Indian Prime Minister in two decades.

Dr. Singh is also expected to be in Sri Lanka this year as SAARC Chairman. The 14th summit of the SAARC Council of Ministers agreed at their 29th session in New Delhi last week to host the 15th summit in 2008 in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Bogollagama said Colombo was in the process of holding consultations with member States of the SAARC on suitable dates for the 2008 Summit. He said: “We are looking at the possibility of holding the Summit in the middle of 2008. The Summit, originally scheduled to be held in Maldives, is of special significance to Sri Lanka as it would coincide with its 60th Independence anniversary.”

chamal said...

You say there are 2000 SF in the LTTE, but can they really be compared with SF of a professional army? I mean, are they of the same level?

LKDOOD said...


COLOMBO, Jan. 5 -- Government troops destroyed several bunkers of rebel Tamil Tigers and killed at least six rebels, defense officials said Saturday.

The bunkers belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were destroyed Saturday morning in northern Jaffna districts' Nagarkovil and Muhamalai areas, officials said.

At least six rebel cadres were killed by the Army while four soldiers suffered injuries.

In the northern Mannar district's Parappakandal and Adampan areas, a total of eight more LTTE bunkers were destroyed. At least three rebels were killed in the clashes which took place at around9 a.m. local time (0330 GMT), officials added.

Meanwhile, the Army chief Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka visited the southern province's Yala national park Saturday morning to review the prevailing security situation there, officials said.

LKDOOD said...


COLOMBO, Jan. 5 -- Government troops destroyed several bunkers of rebel Tamil Tigers and killed at least six rebels, defense officials said Saturday.

The bunkers belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were destroyed Saturday morning in northern Jaffna districts' Nagarkovil and Muhamalai areas, officials said.

At least six rebel cadres were killed by the Army while four soldiers suffered injuries.

In the northern Mannar district's Parappakandal and Adampan areas, a total of eight more LTTE bunkers were destroyed. At least three rebels were killed in the clashes which took place at around9 a.m. local time (0330 GMT), officials added.

Meanwhile, the Army chief Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka visited the southern province's Yala national park Saturday morning to review the prevailing security situation there, officials said.

LKDOOD said...

times of india

RAMESWARAM: A suspected agent of separatist outfit LTTE was arrested after a fight with a Tamil Nadu police when he was attempting to smuggle diesel for the banned Sri Lankan group at Mandapam.

Mahendran, a native of Sivaganga District, was walking along the seashore with two cans of diesel when Sub-Inspector Ravi followed him on suspicion on Friday night, police sources said.

Sensing trouble, Mahendran pulled out a sword and tried to attack the SI, who however, escaped unhurt, overpowered him and seized the sword and the diesel cans, they said.

Investigation showed Mahendran was an LTTE agent smuggling essential commodities for the Sri Lankan militant group, said the sources.

An attempt to murder case and an attempt to smuggle diesel for a banned organization had been filed against him. Mahendran was produced before a local court which remanded him to judicial custody for 15 days on Saturday, they said.

In December last, two LTTE cadres and an associate of them were arrested in Chennai and investigations showed they were in India to buy boats for the outfit. Besides, five persons, from Ramanathapuram and Rameswaram were arrested on December 11 for allegedly trying to smuggle beedi bundles to Sri Lanka.

The police, dealing with terrorists, has stepped up vigil in coastal districts of the state in view of reports about smuggling of fuel and essential commodities for LTTE which is engaged in fighting Sri Lankan security forces.

Shan K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Illegal.existence said...

dolmrkng I'm not saying Pallone is as supportive of us as he used to be. He recently made a speech suggesting something of the order that "minorities should get limited autonomy" in Sri Lanka. His stance has hardened against us of late, but so have the opinions most other western politicians. They wanted both sides to stop fighting and restart peace talks, we choose to ignore that and launch a full scale offensive against the LTTE. When "defensive operations" because "the liberation of Wanni" it was never going to be popular amongst western politicians. A hundred Dayan Jayathilake's aren't going to change that.

But a few politicians who cave into LTTE pressure groups doesn't mean the LTTE is going to get support from the US. They will not remove the ban on the LTTE as long as they carry out suicide bombings, massacre civilians and assassinate politician. US policy has hardened against us, and in the long run that's not going to be good. Strong US support has really helped the government and the military since Ranil signed CFA in '02. Without such support, it's going to be hard to carry on the current offensives for too long.

But that's what the government is bargaining on. Getting the major offensives done by late this year. With the LTTE mostly out of the picture, they can then get some friendly Tamil groups, Anandasangari, the EPDP etc., to agree to a limited devolution package for Tamils.

With something like that in place, the aid will start pouring in to develop the north and east. And I've always said, the middle class Tamil who drives an SUV to work is not going to take up arms against the government.

Srilankan said...

illegal.existence..we want the LTTE to ATTEMPT suicide bombings..This gives us the perfect excuse to exterminate the LTTTE in SLanka in oder to save the law abiding northern tamils who are going through hell right now.

Unknown said...

The racist on both sides keep you comments to yourself. Without knowing it you are only fueling the war.

Next for those who need to praise the forces like well done SLA etc, do it directly to the forces with cards,flowers, money etc. This blog should be used to discuss tactics,weapons etc. If poltics are military context to it would be welcomed. The blog guys in defencenet and denfencewire take their time and effort to write this stuff. They also weed out the propaganda. They may not be perfect. If you are a LTTer put in the facts from your side. If yoou are a SL patriot do it from your side. You can defeat your opponent here by countering the arguments with reasoning.

Unknown said...

Malaysia was Malaya on independence. It was formed in 1948. It had a delicate racial balance with Malays edge in the Chinese and Indians slightly. In 1948 a communist uprising started and it wanted an independent Malaya. Singapore was seperated by the British as they wanted to hold on to it.

Singapore was 75% chinese. However it was having a strong communist influence. In 1957 Malaya got independence. To end the communist influence and for more security Singapore with the Borneo territories of Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia in 1963. Sabah and Sarawark had people similar to the Malays like the tribal people of Sri Lanka. hence this would have balanced the chinese population.

In 1964 there was racial riots and the malaysian prime minister asked Singapore to go its seperate way in 1965. No India/Pakistan migration happened. The Malays and chinese stayed put where they were.

Today 30% of Malaysians are chinese. The Malays have jumped from 50% to about 60% now. In Singapore the chinese are about 75%and Malays 15%. The Malays tend to reproduce faster.

Although Singapore is 75% Chinese, Malay is the national language and the national anthem is in Malay. English is the langauge of instruction and Mandrin and tamil are the other two official languages. There is a ministry for muslim affairs in Singapore since independence. The president of Singapore today is a tamil.

All the currencies notes bear the photo of the first president who is a Malay. Soon it will bear the signatur of a Sri Lanka descendant who is the finance minister.

The chinese have an extremely rich culture,language and history. yet for the sake of peace and prosperity the leaders realise that abot of give and take and giving importance to talent will lead the way.

Imagine in Lankan airlines is run by a talented person (as it was till recently) it will prosper and indirectly every lankan benifits. if an idiot runs it as before and maybe from now onwards, it will be a burdern to the people and each and everyones loss.

If you see things in that prospective and learn to strike a balance in mantaining racial harmony then no bunker busters are needed to destroy the LTTE and no suicide bombers need to kill off useless lankan politicians. They will be weeded out naturally.

onecountry said...


That was a good post.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


When compared to your early posts in Defencenet and Defencewire, I am very really proud of your above post.

We all want to happen the same. No ethnic hatred or discrimination.

Who cares about ethnicity (colour, religion etc) of the person, as long as they are great human beings.

Unknown said...


26 Killed Today,

15,000 - 26 = 14,974

going at this rate, 26 per day, it would be still not enough to wipe the LTTE out in 7 months. You need to kill atleat 70 per day, to finish your mission.

Moshe Dyan said...

I agree with ram.

But the target is 15000+6000+2000=23000.

Therefore if the tigers were to be beaten in 7 months, the killing rate should be around 110 a day; otherwise the SLA is losing.

Of course each day would be different. 110 is the average per day.

Moshe Dyan said...

Norwegians say they saved 10,000 lives.

If the 35 year old conflict (according to them) has taken 70000 lives, it is 2000 a year. For five years it is 10000.

However, as always reported in AFP, BBC, Reuters, more than 5000 have died since 2006. If more than 5000 is assumed to be 6000, SLMM has saved 4000 lives from 2002-2005 (inclusive).

But it is a fact that many civilians, SF personnel and security forces personnel, TMVP activists were killed during this time.

Only tigers did not die during 2002-2005 (four years).!!!

From another angle, In 2007 sun dog's speech it was stated 917 tigers were KIA during the year.

917 x 4 = 3668 almost 4000; what a coincidence?

This also proves that the Norwegians were actively protecting the tigers and only tigers.

Any views? Anyone disputing these calcs?

Unknown said...

LTTE's Head of Army Intelligence killed in Claymore ambush
[TamilNet, Sunday, 06 January 2008, 01:20 GMT]
Col. Charles, Head of Liberation Tigers Army Intelligence, was killed Saturday evening in a random Claymore attack by Sri Lanka Army Deep Penetration Unit in Pa'l'lamadu in Mannaar, sources close to LTTE in Vanni said. Col. Charles who has been in charge of internal intelligence within the ranks of LTTE ground forces and led an external operations corps as well as a regular combat force that has been deployed in Mannaar district was killed together with three LTTE lieutenants in the ambush while they were riding in a van.

"random Claymore attack" isn't it something?

jiffy said...

thushanthani im referring to the TAMIL tigers of course. seems some people here forget they're Tamils, and have the sympathy of a majority of Tamils. we sinhalese are the idiots if we think the Tamils can ever be "politically wooed" away from the tigers. the only way to make the Tamils give up their support is to militarily anihilate the ltte. Once that option is taken off the menu, they'll face reality. till that point however they're going to entertain fanciful ideas about eelam, the history of tamil settlement in sri lanka, and their own racial superiority.

Srilankan said...

Jiffy..we need to take the LTTE out..i mean EXTERMINATE them in such a way that the average law abiding tamil citizen is affected the least.You have to understand that many of them are placing their lives at great risk to help our MI.Also what about eastern tamils,tamils in the hill country,those who never support the LTTE?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Charles is the guy rumored few months back to join the government along with Balraj and 800 of their cadres.

Clearly it looks like this is an internal job of LTTE. Otherwise, Tamilnet would not give a special publicity saying that army DPU on a "random attack" killed this guy.

If you had followed Tamilnet psyche for a while, you will agree with me.

Rutherfed said...


yes you right. tamilnet is the one who published the news 1st in the headline in their web site...

could be a LTTE's job...


jiffy said...

i agree with you Sri Lankan, however even most "law abding tamils" in sri lanka today silently sympathise with the ltte (they may not go out of the way to support them of course..but they see them as 'idealists'). blood is thicker than water. so to 'help' the tamils help themselves we need to make the ltte extinct. then (hopefully) some more moderate voices will step in to fill the vaccuum. many tamils still think the ltte cannot be gotten rid of. we should alleviate them of this ignorance.

jiffy said...

comrade defencewire,

a query if i may..

"Sri Lanka's army chief said last month the army surrounded the LTTE's bases in the northern Wanni region and halved the rebel force, which now numbers about 3,000 fighters." --bloomberg

is this true? have we now halved the regular infantry (which according to your previous article numbers approx 6000)? if so, then one might expect the ltte to face a SEVERE manpower shortage later this year?

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