Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Minister Dies

Minister D.M.Dassanayake has sucummbed to his injuries at the Ragama teaching hospital while he was underwent a surgery,hospital sources said.Awaits details


Moshe Dyan said...

How will the govt. respond to this according to the new ground realities?

Only a good retalation will teach the tigers a lesson. Unless tigers will "pick them one by one".

Unknown said...

I think target was clearly a some VIP movement Since this particular minister is not a major target of the LTTE. They wanted to take the revenge for Charles death... BIA Road is very vulnerable to these kind of attacks since so many VIP movements are taking place on this particular road...

hemantha said...

Shouldn't make desperate decisions. But should use the opportunity to ban the tigers. What ever he has done in the past he is a democratically elected member of our parliament. Not a terrorist living in a bunker.

Another matter. Asking for CJ's head is not a good idea. He is just doing his duty. People who are concerned about the security situation are not happy with him. But please don't help traitors to increase the friction between CJ and the government. Then LTTE will kill him and blame the government.

The government has to act very intelligently. LTTE might attack power hungry opposition politicians who are vocal against the government. Jayalath Jayawardana and Mano Ganeshan are just two of many. They are so stupid they won't imagine that they are more valuable to LTTE as a murdered person (apparently by the government) than a one alive. The president has to act now and increase the security of these opposition politicians. Extremely volatile period is ahead of us. Hope the opposition would act responsibly at least for thir own sake.

Thushanthi said...

A note of appreciation of the comments made by Hemantha. I have been reading this blog for some time and most of the time in agreement with what he says.

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