Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Defences Against Midget Subs, Frogmen and Amphibious Assaults

The Sri Lanka Navy has installed underwater surveillance equipment, including sonar and also sea mines to face a possible threat from a midget submarine or an amphibious attack. Sea Mines have been laid in non-fishing areas, specially near Delft Island and underwater surveillance equipment installed at areas with vital Naval assets in the Northeast. These preparations come in the wake of reports of a possible attack by Sea Tigers using frogmen and Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) midget subs.

Indian newspapers were the first to announce the laying of sea mines following an official notice issued by the SLN Northern Area Commander to Tamil Nadu Naval Commander- Commodore Philip Van Haalten, was released to the media. The new mines laid are possibly of the new generation of Influence Mines, or even older generation Contact Mines, that will be useful against Midget Subs or Sea Tiger landing boats, in case they make a landing attempt.

Special Self Containing and fully closed Underwater Breathing Apparatus' (SCUBAs) and underwater weapons have also been acquired to assist Military Assault/Clearance Divers of SLN. The SCUBA equipment will be useful for the Navy's own frogmen from the Special Boat Squadron, that maybe required to search and destroy Sea Tiger frogmen manually.

The traditionally used depth charges of the SLN are effective only against midget submarines and frogmen in bay areas like Trincomalee and Colombo harbour mouths. The sound waves of exploding charges bounce off sea walls and can kill frogmen through shock-effect, depending on the proximity of the charge.

Security needs to be tightened against Frogmen since they can place limpet mines on Naval vessels for sabotage or conduct recce for a larger infiltration unit. In recent years, Naval Intelligence has pieced together an LTTE plan to attack Colombo harbour using fully closed-circuit underwater breathing apparatuses. A specially trained team, whose leader was trained overseas, was nabbed near Negombo after the attempt was foiled by bad weather.

Fully closed-circuit apparatuses do not release air bubbles that would normally alert small patrol craft defending Navy installations to the whereabouts of a frogman. Only a handful of effective techniques exist against frogmen. In many instances, frogmen intruders hold the advantage over the defenders.


GoldenEagle said...


Hae we acquired the Talisman underwater system?

Defencewire said...

No. Talisman is a British mine counter measures system.

LKDOOD said...

Indian police on lookout for Tamil rebels


President appeals to all political parties


Political parties express satisfaction over APRC proposals


LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka: Criminal Investigations Need Monitoring


sldf said...


This is off topic. But can you please tell why Commander of the Army, Lt General Sarath Fonseka keep on saying to the media that Kilinochchi would be captured by August 2008 and annihilate the remaining LTTE cadres within the first six months of this year (sundayobserver). Even though his predictions sound realistic. I don't think he should openly publicize these targets to the media. LTTE is a very unpredictable organization. What do you think? Are these targets realistic?

LKDOOD said...

Although the fate of the Tiger chief was not immediately known, the military was confident that he could have been in the heavily fortified bunker at the time of the raid. "We are awaiting confirmation from our intelligence operatives on the ground," a high ranking military officer told The Island adding that he was almost certain Prabhakaran had been there at that time. "The bunker has been reduced to dust," he claimed, "several LTTE leaders may have been killed."

He admitted that deadly bunker busters weighing about 1,000 kg each had been used as the SLAF ‘didn’t want to leave anything to chance’.


GoldenEagle said...


Do we have something similar to the Talisman underwater system?

onecountry said...

Iranamadu runway from google maps.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

A VIP Reached X-Ray Base Just
Before Bombing - V FM News.

12 Noon News (24.01.2007)
- SL Time

I recorded it for you.
Listen here:

jiffy said...

we got someone thats for damned sure.

tangara said...

Hope he was OK..May these Valient soldiers be protected...

Someone should have removed his shoes..It helps the injured..Less weight to carry too ..

Looks like,
They ventured in to the forest without proper evacuation plans for the injured...

tangara said...


Thank you for the very informative artilce...

Keep up the good work.

tangara said...

tangara said...
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LKDOOD said...

Congress will not forgive LTTE: Gnanasekaran


Sri Lanka panel urges power-sharing to end bloodshed


san said...


LKDOOD said...

san nice find

i think its in that area

LKDOOD said...


Sri Lankan Police has located 16 dead bodies in Kiriketuwewa GS area of Kebitigollewa division in Anuradhapura district Thursday evening, initial reports said. The victims, all civilians, had their hands tied behind their back, according to the Police.

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka asks Prabhakaran to give up arms


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