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Tiger Strategy Ahead of Forthcoming Ground Invasions

The number 10 Fighter Jet Squadron of the Sri Lanka Air force launched a counter attack on LTTE Artillery Trenches at Kalmunai Point, in the general area Pooneryn this morning, soon after a rebel attack on the Palaly Military Base, Kankesanthurai and Keeramalai that grounded all air traffic to a halt. A total of 15 shells fell inside the Palaly base. No damages were caused either to military lives or assets.

K-Point is an ideal location for this type of attack, given the proximity to the Jaffna Peninsula. This is also the second such attack by the Tigers to disrupt activities at the SFHQ Jaffna and the operationalization of the newly formed Mechanized Infantry Regiment.

Using a Forward Looking Infrared Systems (FLIR), the SLAF is able to detect the muzzle-flare of high-caliber guns. However, the counter attack by the SLAF was reactionary and the LTTE may have removed its guns from K-point by this time. In August 2006, the Tigers used 130mm guns to attack the SFHQ Jaffna. All flights were grounded. A ground based siege was launched by the Tigers simultaneously to isolate the 55 Division. But the Tiger siege fell apart after its small units that infiltrated Kilali were hunted down by Commando and Air Mobile troops in fierce fighting that lasted for days.

The LTTE again attacked a ceremony marking the establishment of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment on 14th February 2007 at the Regimental HQ of 53 Div at Kodikamam, soon after the lighting of the oil lamp. Brigade Commander lieutenant Colonel Ralph Nugera was seriously wounded. Battallion Commander Lt. Col. Sumith Atapattu, Major Harendra Peiris, and two staff officers received minor injuries.

The Tigers have obtained coordinates to their targets through ground intelligence, much like what the SLAF does through the SLA. Prior to the February 2007 attack, a Rapid Reaction Unit of the 1st Special Forces Brigade gunned down an LTTE intelligence leader with maps indicating military installations. They had also deployed some cadres as arti-correction officers.

The objective of the latest attack is to disrupt the VVIP landing, which was successfully achieved. Although no aircraft at Palaly was hit accurately, there is an unwritten procedure at the base to divert flights during such emergencies. In recent months, VVIP traffic in and out of Jaffna has been high and increasingly predictable.

Like the attack on the 53 Division HQ at Kodikamam last year, the Tigers have been targeting high profile ceremonies, particularly those involving the Mechanized Infantry. It is clear that the Tigers are seeking to destroy the morale of the elite troops assembled in this regiment before they take an active role against the LTTE in the coming months.

The attack on 14th February 2007 (Valentine's Day) was made using four 130mm guns from four separate locations in K-Point Pooneryn. Each canon fired around 10 rounds each with 17 rounds falling inside the 53 HQ, Kodikamam. They were subsequently withdrawn by the Tigers before effective counter strikes were made. However, at least one gun was destroyed in an SLAF strike in August 2006.


perein said...

Thank you for another cracking article. When you have time we can really do with update about defence lines.
ie: where about the our forces are and compared to 2 months ago how much area we have captured etc.

LKDOOD said...

great post DW

very informative


LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka military: Soldiers capture rebel bunkers as fighting kills 14 rebels, 1 soldier


perein said...

Thank you for that cracking info. These are the info normal civilian would be looking for.
By looking at that given info about controlled area, we are doing very well.

Defencewire said...

perein, Some changes made to comment.
SLA now control much of the area west of giant tank. SLA are also in complete control of Periyatampane. SLA also control Uylankulam and are very very close to Adampan junction (along Uylankulam-Adampan road). SLA are in control of Mantai west area. The Madu church is around 3.5km away from our existing FDL in that area. The Avenue of Approach that captured Periyathampanai is now advancing towards Periyapandirichian. In Weli Oya, the operations are still starting, so no major developments to report yet.

LKDOOD said...

The newly formed Mac Infantry in action


Upul said...

The real situation at the front. The remaining will replenish the already fertile Wanni soil.

"Meanwhile, informed military sources in Colombo said that dead soldiers, except officers, were being buried in Mannaar. The number of SLA soldiers losing legs in LTTE laid booby traps have increased, forcing SLA to transport only the wounded from the battle zone. Recently, a high ranking officer was killed in a heavy fighting."

Jambudipa said...

The cat and mouse games they play with artillery will cease when FLIR is made to hover around Poonaryin area during ground offensives. They will be forced to bring out the guns out of hiding in full view of FLIR if/when mech-infantry makes its advance.

CASC said...

"Defence Secretary Ghotabahaya Rajapaksha,Chief of Defence Staff Air Chief Marshell Donald Perera and Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka were on the board of SLAF air craft to Palaly"

It very unwise to have all of the top defence people be in one plane at any given time. In 1988, General Zia ul Haq and most of the Pakistan General Staff were killed
in a plane crash. In 1992, Lt. General Kobbekaduwa together with Major General Vijaya Wimalaratne and Rear Admiral Mohan Jayamaha, where killed by a land mine blast. They were all in the same vehicle. That single explosion put Sri Lanka backwards by about ten years. Even in most international companies, senior corporate officials are not allowed to be on the same plane.

Jambudipa said...

However, the counter attack by the SLAF was reactionary and the LTTE may have removed its guns from K-point by this time.


The reaction time between identifying the location and the counter attack seems to be the problem.

Since this is the case, would it b possible to arm the HISAR with a missile system so that it can engage the gun as soon as its detected?

lion said...

Every point of the north/east should be known with pre-dertemined GPS
co-ordinates. All significant landmarks etc should be calculated beforehand.

By accurately surveying of the terrain both aerial and artillery can launch attacks and couterartillary bombardment quickly and effectively.

FLIR will be useful in getting the muzzle artillery flash or large concentrations of enemy.

As soon as detected by FLIR or by direction locating radar a fast effective Air-burst barrage in the immediate vicinity must be launched before they have time to "shoot and scoot"

I think the top brass should carefully reevaluate their secuirty.

C. Coin said...

what is this radar ? which area would it monitor.

IntelAttack said...

TamilNUT cries again - A high-frequency surface wave radar, hailed as the only one of its kind in the world and developed with Canadian taxpayer's money at a cost of $39 million has been sold to Sri Lanka.

lion said...

This is the type of counter battery radar we need (direction finding Point of origin and Point of impact)

From Iraq

Battle Captain say, “Give me a POO” [Point Of Origin], and then he turned to a sergeant and said, “Do we have POI? [Point Of Impact].”

“Two splashes on the airfield,” I said.

"..The Battle Captain turned back to another sergeant, saying “You got the POO?” and the sergeant began reading off the coordinates where the two mortars were fired from . . . and it turned out these were not mortars, but rockets. A difference with distinction.

Our bases have something called Counter Battery Radar (CBR), and when a mortar or rocket is launched, the computers on the CBR can calculate the POO before the bomb lands. The enemy knows this, and they know we can fire “counter battery” cannon or mortars, or that we might have jets and helicopters just moments away, or forces on the ground nearby. Lately, Iraqi police have joined the list of options for killing mortar teams. It’s increasingly dangerous to be a terrorist here..."

Jambudipa said...

The tactic used to capture Madhu area seems to be proceeding well. Encircling the area and cutting off reinforcements and depriving supplies was a good tactic because it spared the church from damage and avoided civilian casualties. I would hope the same tactic is followed in future offensives aimed at capturing towns and villages from LTTE.

"Jayasikurui" op for example got bogged down with a lot of casualties trying to capture Oddusudan. Its better to avoid Urban Warfare because it provides the defender, in this case the LTTE many places for cover and many opportunities for laying booby traps and mines.

perein said...

Do you have more info about SLA overruns LTTE bunker defence - article

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka seizes rebel stronghold


SAARC summit to be held in Sri Lanka


LKDOOD said...


has there been a attack today on a bus in LTTE controlled area ?

LKDOOD said...

it is very sad what has happened(if it has happened) :(

people(anybody) who done this should be brought to justice

killing children & innocents is unacceptable

Defencewire said...

c.coin, intelattack,
We received information of the new radar systems several weeks ago (read article on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 titled Navy's New Acquisitions). These were Raytheon radars. Tamilnet claims they were from Raytheon canada. These countries will only sell non-lethal weapons to us, so it is quite possible. Read the above article for more details.

Yes the Pallaikuli attack is accurate.

The bus attack is also true. It took place near Madu church, in LTTE controlled area. Army denies any involvement. the injured are now at Pallamadu hopital. 17 pronounced dead so far, including children.

LKDOOD said...


thanks for the update

Renegade! said...


This Raytheon surface-search radar,all are talking about is it the one that was recently gifted by the US,inclusive of a few rigid-hull speedboats,for special-operations?..

Renegade! said...

The pictures of the MID's armored vehicles,are pretty disappointing,coz the vehicles are all APC's,with small machine guns-12.7mm/14.5mm,,i think these these will be easy pickings,for tiger anti-armor teams,since they APPEAR to be very lightly armored..these are lumbering deathtraps, in my opinion,unless the're carefully used,in combination with T-55's..

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