Monday, February 4, 2008

13 Killed in Welioya 'Independence Day Attack'

13 people, including 5 soldiers from the 224 Brigade and 8 civilians were killed and another 16 civilians were injured when a powerful Claymore Mine tied to a tree on Welioya Ethawetunuwewa road exploded at a CTB bus bearing license plate number GE 0147 at around 3.50pm today. The High Powered Claymore had twisted the tree in half.

The Sri Lanka Army, Police and Civil Defence Force members have started a search operation in the area. Several civilians, including a small child are lying in a critical condition at Anuradhapura Base Hospital.


Srilankan said...

the more i think of this the LTTE have many safe houses i nthis area..what is the % population by ethnicity in this area .does anyone know..

onecountry said...

did the soldiers travel in the same bus or two vehicles caught in the blast?

LKDOOD said...

Karunanidhi says, even ready to step down over Tiger issue


On Lanka I-Day, British Tamils demand rights


Jambudipa said...

When they mean Tamils were driven out from Janakapura etc, its a total fabrication. Its just like all other lies about 17 aid workers, Navlay and Madhu church bombing. Its a culture built on deception, lies, savage and primitive values.

2 Soldiers traveling in a bus does not make it a legitimate target when the overwhelming majority are civilians and the vehicle was a public transport bus.

Unknown said...

"If the Tigers hit the port, if there is just a little push, that could be it," predicts Mr Sirimanne. "The conditions are ripe and it doesn't look good."

Asantha Sirimanne, editor of Lanka Business Online.

Hence the war must be worn by the year end or earlier.

Unknown said...

no where's arbour,akshi,solheim,HRW.
what our fucking ambassdors doing..
at least one peoplE caanot WALK to UN..this is what we have to create..if we killed one single tamil civilian what will happen in those place..for more than week 100 people died only US condemn the attcks...first we have to kill our ambassodors one by one..its our money they are wasting..
we are barking here with shyamm or boss ,,that will not help to solve this.who is hayam who is couple who wne to canada to do so..lets start t bang our people who not doing the job..we can start from here..cause i personllay know aLLL AMBASSORDS WATCHING THESE TWO SITES .

tikira said...

MAHA, i know the pain. we should take half of the blame being unable to compete in the propaganda war.they are good at that,any how truth cannot be cremated for good.why cant the bloody unp at least condem the attacks,the least they can do on behalf of the victims.

Upul said...


I completely supports your efforts in "banging your people" who don't do their job. Your government and bureaucracy is miserable failure. That alone is enough to sink sri lanka into a sink hole and no help from LTTE needed on that front. I don't expect sri lanka to be able to celebrate a 70th anniversary let alone a 61st.

A country called sri lanka has brought too much misery, hardship and tears to its so called citizen. Such repressive countries won't exists for long.

defenceAnalyst said...

Mind your language buddy.

Have you been ravaged in a sensitive area by a Sinhalese in the past?

R*fard&C*ble said...

Some important stuff.. Everyone in Mullative believes that Prabha is in Mullative. There have been highly guarded areas in Mulative where general public is totally banned visiting or even driving through.

In the last two months alone, there have been several incidents that whole roads have been cordoned off and even house-to-house searches have been conducted in both in Mullative and Killinochchi by the LTTE. People are confused and scared about LTTE. More than 10 people have been shot in suburbs of Killinochchi by LTTE, and all have been Tamils under various accusations.

People are scared to talk about LTTE, because they do not know what it could turn to.

However, there are very busy LTTE offices in both Killinochchi and Mullative towns with huge bunkers underneath. People are seeing UAVs daily over the top of these areas, so they think that one of these days heavy bombs will fall on these LTTE offices. They have strategically positioned most of their offices near religious or other places with social significance. There is a long list of such premises.

Recently large quantities of believe to be explosives and ammunitions (in boxes and gunny bags) been relocated to the city from jungle hide-outs. It is a daily sight that LTTE cadres unloading them in various places, perhaps to hide and conduct guerrilla war, if eventually Killinochchi fell to SLDF.

All of the above is from a two-minute conversation on a very choppy line. I will try to find more in the coming days.

defenceAnalyst said...

Thank you rifard. Very helpful. It corresponds with some info available with DW.

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