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Did LTTE Do a Repeat of Navally, in Madhu?

Serious doubts have been cast on the alleged SLA attack against Tamil civilians at Thachanamarandamadu recently. The LTTE alleged the attack was launched by a 'DUP' Unit and initial reports indicated the dead were school children. However, in a startling series of revelations, all that could now change.

Under the leadership of a senior officer in Mannar heading the 58 Division, the SLA has been systematically monitoring and recording all LTTE radio communications. According to one such communication, the Tigers in Mannar had communicated with another base that the dead children were part of a group forcibly conscripted, who were being transported to the frontlines to defend against marauding SLA units. According to this message, the children were not killed in a Claymore attack. The communication has been presented to senior military officers to be presented to the public.

A similar controversy arose over the death of 125 Tamils at the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Navalli in Jaffna in July 1995. A British MI6 officer named Glen Jenvy who infiltrated an LTTE front organization in London later claimed he saw documents indicating the entire incident was engineered by the Tigers. At this point, DefenceWire can confirm that only one Special Forces Team was active in Mannar that day. This team launched an attack at an identified LTTE vehicle at Periyamadu. At least one LTTE local leader is believed to have died in the attack. This team was not an LRRP team and were operating in the immediate battlefield.

The other suspicion is how a Tamil school was operating inside a battlefield when the SLA is less than 3.5km from Madu Church. The 58 and 57 Divisions have encircled the Madu area and the Avenues of Approaches of the two Divisions are expected to link-up very soon. Almost all civilians have fled the area. On Friday, nine civilians, including seven LTTE Civilian Force (Makkal Padai) surrendered to the Police at Murungkan. The oldest among the surrendered Makkal Padai members was a 61 years old man who had been forced into 'active duty'.

Meanwhile Military Intelligence claim the supposedly special security arrangements made ahead of the Independence Day in Colombo, following the 'discovery' of suicide jackets at Kalpitiya and Colombo City has led the country stray and unprepared for LTTE attacks in areas like Dambulla for example. It is not customary for LTTE to leave suicide jackets out in the open for everyone to find, specially if they were brought for a particular purpose. Transporting such kits to the south and then abandoning them seems a waste, unless of course its a decoy.

Whatever the case maybe the indications are that more civilian deaths are imminent in Sinhala dominated areas in the coming weeks. The Police is also taking steps to recall all civil defence committees and issue volunteers an identity card. We would also like to caution against any violent reactions against Tamils during this crucial period.

On a different note, the Sri Lanka Army's newly formed Mechanized Infantry Regiment is to become the newest addition at Monday's grant March Past marking the 60th Independence Day Celebrations. The Regiment made an ominous start on the 30th of last month when it advanced 200-300 meters into LTTE-held areas in the Northern FDL, destroying 10 LTTE fortifications along the way. The Tigers will be watching this Regiment very closely in the coming weeks.


Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Now supposing that this was an LTTE plant or Psy-ops, isn't the GoSL responsible for the state of affairs?
By censoring media, giving out threats overtly and covertly, possibly assasinating some, and most importantly by not allowing media access to the North ( even local media would do ,if not international) the GoSL is permanently giving the IC and even Sri Lankans an image of hiding the truth--and people will not believe it even when it tells the truth because of this.
If the GoSL is really winning the war it should permit media into the North, including LTTE territory--this way the Tigers will be exposed if they are lying.

Upul said...

Glen Jenvy or whatever name that moron call himself is a complete hoax perpetrated by Asiantribune. The same garbage that claimed JVP will be absent for the 2nd budget reading. None of the other major news sources picked up on this guy or his alleged stint with the LTTE.

As sun tzu just said, there is a lot to hide for the military and tactic by defence*.* sites is if you repeat the same lie enough times it will become the truth. In fact you never know, the target audience still probably believe the earth is flat and humans never walked on the moon.

Defencewire said...

Go to
and findout for yourself.

Defencewire said...

sun tzu's dp,
Actually, government is taking journalists in batches to the front regularly. Watch ITN, Sirasa etc.

Upul said...

Yeah, I did and ditto, nothing.... Self confessed terrorism experts are dime a dozen these days and I mean didly squat. Case and point, another jokster like Rohan Gunaratna...

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Fine. But still people always believe journalists who are on their own. The GoSL in fact loses credibility by doing 'guided tours' you know. Of course you cant let them into actual battle sites (and reveal sensitive info?) but why not in places like Jaffna or even Tiger territory??

Moshe Dyan said...

I'm kind of angered about this; though i believe defecewire and DN.

it implies that it may not have been done by the LTTE after all (to say the least).

i 100% agree with the idea that journalists must have unfeterred access on their own accord to the battlefiled. there were worse battlefields than this in israel-lebanon-palestine, iraq, afghanistan, vietnam, WW2, etc. and MORE mediamen were allowed than the SL war.

my fear is that some of us may be living in a fools' paradise with NO independant news media.

i have heard a song (dunno who signs) and a bit rowdish (an exaggeration) that says about an elara-dutugemunu drama where while they were pretending to fight they blow-up the lantern and just make noises!

something tells me that SOME (only some) news items are just the same.

SL saw the deaths of many journalists in the recent past. Interestingly NONE of them died in the battlefield. so why not we allow journalists to battlefields?

that is the only solution to this type of U-turn news. the x-ray base bombing and the resultant hype, the pre-budget SLA attack in the North were similar news-blunders.

i think the public must demand (with the help of journalists) from the govt. for INDEPENDANT media coverage of the war. after all it is public money at work and they have all the right to know from an INDEPENDANT party. it is like an annual audit by an INDEPENDANT auditor that goes to the financiers of the company.

because of this IRON CURTAIN the thin dividing line between patr-IOTS and id-IOTS has got thinner.

i'm sure defencewire and many others would like to allow INDEPENDANT (more or less, at least those who do not depend on the government/LTTE) journalists to the warzones.

may be it can unearth some operational reasons why this war has been raging for 25 or 36 years.

Illegal.existence said...

Sun Tzu's disciple, why are you telling us this? Why don't you write to the LTTE representative in your area and ask them to let journalists travel freely to the location of this blast and let them speak freely with the "victims". Or will that give away the truth?

Moshe Dyan said...

if we can't find independant mediamen, at least allow mediamen form popular news channels, papers, internet sites.

based on the number of visits, the most popular SL news site of dailymirror on-line. at least theie guys may be allowed to battlezones AT THEIR TIMES.

Moshe Dyan said...


you got a point.

but there is no point in asking bloody terrorists to be civilised to allow mediamen.

at least if the GOSL starts the tigers will be forced to do something about it.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


I am usually not given to replying to childish posts.
But why dont the GoSL give permission to independent media to access Tiger areas--this way if the LTTE denies them permission to enter they end up looking suspect.If they allow them permission and media finds no evidence of blasts/victims they will get exposed. And if media reports their massive casualties(as given by GoSL)then Tamil Diaspora support would dry up.
Dont you think so?

But why not Jaffna Peninsula? Its already under GoSL control?

B#1 said...

Bomb Blast at Dehivala zooo???

Unknown said...

4 people indjured???

perein said...

Can you please confirm below 2 set of news belongs to two different incidents or to the same.

" Explosives found at Wattala
(LankaTruth: 2nd February 2008 10:10 S.L.T ) "
and news
Also with your openion why do we trying to celebrate the indipendance day. Should not we concentrate on rest of the country, not sure what we get out of having this celebration for few hours.

Unknown said...

Another crap from DefenceWire... you should change your name to DefenceLier LOL....

Nice try to fool your own kind, tamils' aren't stupid enough. :D keep it up.

Rutherfed said...

LTTE Suicide bomber killed 7 civilian and injured many in Fort Railway Station.... very very sad..

but we must finish of LTTE no matter what...

perein said...

yes we must finish the LTTE. But no rushing.. Operatins shold continue on it's own phase.

Srilankan said...

Perein..exactly my opinion also..well said bro..

Jambudipa said...

Escalation of civilian targeting coincide with Weli-oya front heating up. The Makkal Papadum is probably stretched beyond sustainable levels. Thus we see demoralised males escaping leaving women and children behind. When the refugee trickle turns into a flood we know LTTE have reached the point of no-return.

Psy-ops targeted particularly at these Papapdums will hasten the demise of LTTE. Use all channels available encouraging desertion of LTTE sentry posts through letter drops and radio broadcasts etc. The message should ensure their safety on surrender. They must also shown land corridors where they can make their escape without being hunted by the forces.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Bomber blew herself up when checking was on

Police believe that the suicide bomber had come from Medawachchiya-Fort train and blew herself up when the security forces personnel were carrying out random checking at the station.

source: DailyMirror

So.. It's not the planned place for the blast. That means she came to take a target in Tomorrow's independance day celebration?

jiffy said...

the ltte is lashing out like the desperate animal it's become of late. but if southern voters keep their resolve 2008 will surely sound the tiger deathknell. i hope for their sake the tamils know how to back a winner because this little horsey is heading to the glue factory.

Sen said...

Moshe Dyan and sin tzu dp

it was because of media men that america lost the war even with a ot of military victories the tet offensive was seen by american public and they got scared and tried to stop the war. even though it was good thing that America lost journalist can be a great weapon against a government there video cameras are powerful than guns

onecountry said...


I saw the video on puthinam. It was a fresh video from this bus. The cameraman was busy filming rather than helping the victims. Some of those kids are very little and in school uniform. I doubt they were being taken to the battlefield. However, I seriously suggest LTTE hand behind this attack and filming in the aftermath for propaganda purposes.

LKDOOD said...

Australia upgrades travel warning for Sri Lanka


LKDOOD said...

my condolence to the victims

i was getting ready for the super bowl with a party

it has turned in to a sad day

no party now :(

LKDOOD said...


all schools closing in Colombo District or not ???(to be announced tomorrow)
exhibition @ BMICH postponed for 4 days

lot of things happening

mavKFIR said...

5 out of 11 people killed are from students from my school D.S.Senanayaka College.

My condolences to my brave brothers and other innocent people who passed away today.

Let's finish this despicable tamil
Militancy menace once and for all

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