Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heavy Trappings and the Days of the Sniper

Army Intelligence officers in Vavuniya are disgusted by the inaction of the Directorate of Military Intelligence when one if its officers was wrongfully accused of disappearing 76 civilians in the area by Vavuniya Magistrate M. Ilanchelian recently.

The MI officers claim they have no support from their seniors when the Magistrate summons them and blasts them in person, without any charges presented in a court of law or evidence presented against them. They are also disgusted with some members of the Police Crime Branch in Vavuniya for placing the blame entirely on them, even when assassinations are done by the LTTE Pistol Gang. The 'naming and shaming' of individual officers openly is a severe blow to Military Intelligence personnel and risks their personal safety while also discouraging young officers from fulfilling their counter insurgency duties in future.

Meanwhile, a hartal declared by the LTTE in Vavuniya was disrupted by members of PLOTE, under the leadership of 'PLOTE Soori'. The paramilitary organization had padlocked all shops that did not open on its orders on the day of the LTTE hartal.

The Sri Lanka Army, investigating yesterday's artillery strike on Thaladi St. Sebastian's Roman Catholic Church have identified that an informant had directed the strike when soldiers were engaged in a shramadana campaign to clean and whitewash the Church premises ahead of the forthcoming church feast. All artillery shells fired at the church had come from Northwest of Giant Tank (Parappakadaththan, an unliberated area) 16-18 kilometers from Thaladi. No civilians or clergy were injured in the attack. The Army claims it overheard LTTE communications indicating that 13 of its cadres were killed in the counter attack.

Meanwhile, troops moving ahead of their FDL in Weli Oya last Monday captured a LTTE bunker-line comprising 12 bunkers at Kiriibbanwela. Over a dozen Tigers were killed in the attack. SLA also suffered heavy casualties during the charge, when booby traps fixed from unexploded ordnance were detonated near the line. One officer and 9 men were killed in this attack and another 15 were injured, some seriously. SLA gained the upper-hand in an attack on an LTTE bunker-line at Kokkuthuduwai on the same day.

The advance into Adampan has been delayed due to manual clearance of mines and booby traps by Army Engineers. The 800m stretch from Pallaikuli to Adampan is heavily mined and troops now dug in are taking steps to remove the trappings systematically. The Parappakandal and Vannakulam areas in Mannar is also heavy with Tiger and SLA sniper and counter-sniper teams. Tigers are targeting troops removing dead Tigers and also Army Engineers removing booby traps while Army Snipers are hunting down LTTE snipers. On Monday and today, SLA snipers killed 7 Tigers in this area alone.


mavKFIR said...

May there be no more debacle's like what happened in Weli oya.
Perhaps, it was the outcome of a rushed operation ???

mavKFIR said...

It is also disgusting on the part of the Police, as they do not have
any unity towards the forces.

LKDOOD said...

180 civilians killed over last six weeks in Sri Lanka: ICRC


LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka to take up sea attack issue with India


LKDOOD said...

Germany wants sanctions if Sri Lanka continues war


Srilankan said...

SAS sent to srilanka

TropicalStorm said...

I thought all legal action against the military had to be thru the military justice system. Can someone explain how this works in SL please?

chamal said...

"SAS sent to srilanka"
What the hell???? If you're joking make some indication mate...

Moshe Dyan said...

The police should be MADE to work for a common agenda with the security forces.

why did the magistrate go unpunished? accused remain INNOCENT UNTIL proven guilty therefore no bastrad can blame them. also there is no room for 'name & shame' bullshit in the justice system!!

those who exceeded their authority must be punished; it seems it is the pathetic magistrate who had exceeded his authority this time.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

In Sri Lanka, Magistrates think that they have all the power to go above the law or normal means.

There should be a highly organised mechanism to protect the intelligence personnel of the security forces.

We should not leave space for another Udugampola debacle. I am sorry to see that c*m eating b**tard is still serving in the police.

Srilankan said...

Relax bro.The SAS is NOT on their way to SLanka.I just thought that i will refrain from any productive comment and do something similar to a cut and paste job and furnish a "controversial sounding link or statement" because i cant be bothered to type and want to convert this to a LNP type blog.

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