Sunday, February 24, 2008

Suicide Attack at Kalawanchikudi

At a time of mounting international pressure on the government to disarm the Karuna Faction, two of its cadres died while inspecting a suspicious person at Kalawanchikudi (between Batticaloa and Ampara) today, when the suspect turned out to be an LTTE suicide bomber.

The suicide bomber had been moving from Ampara District to Batticaloa District by bicycle to arouse less attention. His target is yet unclear. LTTE still maintains a presence in Kanjikudiaaru, Kanchanakudah areas of Ampara District. The incident comes ahead of the March 10th elections in the East.

Meanwhile 3 police teams investigating yesterday's blast at Mt. Lavinia believe a woman of around 50 years may have left the bomb inside the bus. They have taken in 3 women and 3 men for questioning. However, majority of the passengers are said to have disembarked from the bus and left for work on other buses. As a result, the investigation teams maybe lacking crucial eye-witness accounts that could potentially hamper the investigations.


Unknown said...

I heard the bomb in Colombo was an insider work to show off to UN Official.

Common, the bomb exploded after all the passengers got off and the driver took off the vehicle and parked and moved away? hum, doesn’t look like an LTTE work.

Who is fooling who guys? DW please investigates and bring us to light?

Also, LTTE is saying the latest multi-b shells are just a small needle that they have injected lately. they are yet to show some bigger needles! Is SLA ready for an outbreak?

Sam Perera said...

Ram aka Silva aka LTTE Racist pretending to be a Sinhala Racist,

Thanks for heads up about LTTE's latest weapons. Out break? unfortunately, SLA is not ready to treat any LTTE diarrhea out breaks started by One Legged Velu and Heartless Pottu.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

//..doesn’t look like an LTTE work.//

How does an LTTE work look like?

Like Kebithigollawa, Dambulla, Nugegoda, etc? But these same tigers (different handles) came here and adviced us at that time those explosions also as GOSL work to discredit LTTE. (probably becuz no UN official was viditing here at that time.) Some thing is seriously wrong with these tigers.

defenceAnalyst said...

Administrations change, but LTTE remained UNCHANGED. Administrations unleashed various levels of violence in the North AND the south, to maintain power, not necessarily racist hatred. Administrations did this to hold on to power. They are like that by nature in any country. They are not perfect, but that's what we got. through the exercise of democracy, we will one day learn to control their power, like the Scandinavians have done, for example.

Unfortunately, the LTTE, which remained unchanged since 1976 has done only one thing consistently; VIOLENCE. No development, no relief, no rehabilitation, no democracy, no economic development but only violence. Their motivation- quite simply a hatred of all non tamil...racism.

Therefore if someone wishes to whitewash LTTE, they will have a VERY hard time doing that. we honestly think there's a better chance justifying state violence. State violence is understood by using many political instruments. understanding LTTE violence goes down to psychology of fear, primordialism, manic behaviour, willful self-injury etc. This is the dark side of human behaviour.

LTTE violence has exceeded the so-called fight to preserve minority rights and mutated into something so dangerous that the world has finally taken notice of it. Now, whatever anyone says, the international community sees them as they are, without and of the traditional hangups like freedom fighters etc. The ICs concern is to limit HR violations. Once that is done to their satisfaction, they will not stand in the way of the government. Then, its just between the LTTE and the SLA, SLN and SLAF.

So anyone whose grown up to worship LTTE must reconsider their convictions that LTTE is the best solution to their problems. LTTE would have to achieve much much more if they are to become the savior of the Tamils and the guardians of a new state. Continuous hero worshiping of the LTTE is going to give that monster the go-ahead to do what it knows best, violence. But that's a merry-go-round. It turns the Tamils round and round in a circle, leading to less Tamils in SL, less Tamils in universities and an international name for Tamils as third-world refugees, money-launderers, terrorists, insurgents, gun runners, credit-card thieves, cheap bullies of its own people and suicide bombers. LTTE is the creation of some of the Tamils, not all of the Tamils. If they do not control their Frankenstein, somebody else will.

If the beast is killed, they will be at the mercy of all forces presently concentrating on defeating them. So some Tamils feel they want them around. But this is not the case. If there's no threat from the Tamils, the Tamils won't get any threats. See 1983 for example. The 13 soldiers killed indicated to the Sinhalese the Tamils are out to kill them. Some turned a blind eye, some even supported the 1983 mobs. But if the soldiers weren't killed, then then extremist elements in the Sinhala community wouldn't get an opportunity like 1983. So the LTTE's actions encourage violence towards the ordinary Tamil.

So ram et al...control your beast. Its loss will be eminent if it stretches too far, too soon. It is already dying, look for other alternatives. If not, watch as the beast consumes itself or is killed by someone. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. USE IT WISELY.

Anonymous said...

DefenceAnalyst, well explained.

(But if tiger co. has enough brain to understand your explanation it is unlikely they became tigers.)

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Defencewire team,

You guys are doing a great job, and all what you have done is highly admirable so far.

I would like to see some quality old days of Defencewire kicking in here with more focus on analysis than reporting. By looking at recent posts, I get the feeling that the Analysis function is more and more overlooked. Quality of reporting seems to be not at best as it used to be too.

I understand that you guys are putting this up as a hobby with sheer love for mother Lanka, as a part-time exercise.

From time to time, a reminder like this may help you to not let go of your stature owing to day to day normal tasks that must take precedence over this p/t exercise.

Keep up the good work, and do not let go of quality too. My comments are in general and do not relating to this particular post.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Sam Perera,

You did well having the imposter Ram taking by his very *alls :-))

LTTE multi barrel has injected Silva's needle.

Hilarious to see these LTTE pee toms come here and get beaten!

Anonymous said...

NoLTTE has a point. Now, defence reporting can be found in other places too. But defence analysis is not. (athas lost our trust). So consider on analysis part more, even on reprted incedents.

BTW, Silva reminds me boss. Anyway, if LTTE fights continously like this reamining thiru, guru etc also become silva, upul etc soon.

Anonymous said...

--Kosovo, eelaam and beyond--

Real fathers of todays 70,000 killed conflict are Ponnambalam who asked 50-50, Chelvanayakam who created 'tamil kingdom party' (federel party), Amirthalingam et al. (A.Sangari were also with them). Their approach for a seperate country was slow in speed but well set up. It was similar to SL getting independence from British. Plan was getting acceptance from SL for NE as tamil homeland, then a combine NE, then some power devolution, later more power, then self determination, then declaration of independence at some good time. But process was too long for VP. In this time India identified this and use him as a toy to slap JRJ regime. Thus, LTTE is nothing but an Indian product. However, going this far, 25 years war, killing Rajiv G were all unexpected. Finally, now LTTE is a world famous terrorist outfit. US/UK/EU concern is mainly due to HR issues and they can't help LTTE (even if they like to) simple becuz of LTTE startergy-terrorism. [This was clearly expressed by both US/UK abdessoders.] (Further, IC now understand it is easy to manage/deel with sinhala leaders who are UNP/SLFP rather than tamil leaders which is LTTE-the sole rep. This remains unchange as long as sinhala people don't choose the JVP-the LTTE paralel line, as theri leader.) So, as far as SL do not 'gift' eelam, it remains as a concept. In other words the method chosen by LTTE garants there will not be any eelam. Earlier tamil leaders-all western educated, were wise/cunning and if tamils follow them they might get some thing closer to eelam. But now, thanks to this KOSOVO, even the sinhala people who supported earlier for devolution of power may change theri mind. In other words, even after ending war, whatever GOSL give now will be less than with no KOSOVO.

tangara said...

Can't the CID ask public to come forward if they travelled on that bus on that time?

Anonymous said...

LeN also feel same as silva. All tigers have similer logic and similer knowledge.

san said...

Silva ,
don't coverup ltte ,very soon ltte runs outof ammunitions.only blah blah..that's like when american forces advancing in iraq and the untill they capture baghdad HQ iraqis & their(saddam's) propaganda machinery lied.

LKDOOD said...

daily mirror:

Friendly fire kills soldier in Yala :

A soldier was killed due to friendly fire during a search operation to hunt LTTE cadres in Block 3, Yala in Buttala, the military said.

LKDOOD said...

25 rebels, five troops killed in Sri Lanka fighting


Defencewire said...

We decided to re-report the fighting as we see a lot of propaganda bouncing back and forth. There were various questions like 'where are the bodies of tigers killed?' 'what happened in this attack?' etc etc. So we thought of letting you know what exactly is happening through our own sources. If this is not of interest, we can stop doing that.

The analysis part sometimes went too far. Looking back at some things, we felt the strategy of the SLA could/may have been 'slightly' compromised. This is why we don't read too much into it now. But we could do that again.

The police is to make a public announcement requesting passengers to identify themselves and make statements.

Unknown said...

You guys actualy think that you are beating me here? what a joke.

Trust me, I am having a fun time on DefenceWire... :)

Keep it up! You all make my day!

I am starting to feel sorry for you.

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