Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Transformer Blasted in Putlam

An electricity transformer providing electricity to civilians in Putlam Sinnapaduwa (Mangalaeliya-Mundalama) area was blown off at 2am today. The attack comes in the wake of intelligence reports of increasing LTTE activities in Putlam.

Putlam Eluwankulam, Udappuwa etc areas can easily be infiltrated by the LTTE via the sea. Putlam District MP D.M. Dassanayake was also killed in a suspected LTTE claymore attack several weeks ago.


Unknown said...

what is the purpose behind these, is it just for the act itself or are they using it to provide cover of darkness for further actions?

Unknown said...

is it Typical LTTE tactics, or winning tactics, these tactics have won in many cases, so they will continue to use them.

So how many army's are we bringing to Puthalam? are we also giving weapons to the Puthalam's populations.. home guards, etc.

Its simple, put a gun on every single Singalese, they are in Majority anyways :D

Unknown said...


from the earlier post,

Though you resembles a sinhalese trying to be patriotic, your posts show whats your hidden intention here.
see the terms "..our Singala nation" and "..these Tamilians..." this shows clearly you are not a sinhalese.
Therefore you do not have any right to talk about "our sinhala nation" where you simply trying to show some racism pretending to be a sinhalese.

Again here you say,
"Its simple, put a gun on every single Singalese, they are in Majority anyways :D "

You trying to be funny again, while showing your "singalese" links?

Last thing, DOnt think the bloggers here are just fools and idiots.


Srilankan said...

well said bro.Mr silva is also "Ram" in the midst of other LTTE supporters.

Srilankan said...

If blowing up transformers continues in a systematic manner..could be a prelude to massive civilian butchery at night.

GoldenEagle said...


Are all the F-7G jets purchased attack craft or are some of them trainer craft?

Sanath said...

DW, Heard that the SLA snipers were bought from national front to Mannar front and they have been extreamly successful in hunting tigers . They were transfered immediately after few soldiers in the engineering core were hit by tiger snipers and they have been instrumented in decimating tiger snipers and regular carders.Over the past 2 weeks they have accounted for over 50 tigers KIA including the snipers as well. I got this info from a friend of mine (SLA corpral on leave). The sniper transferring was mentioned in the rivira defence column too. IF U COULD ADD SOME MORE INFO PLZ>>>>>

tangara said...
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tangara said...

Lieutenant Colonel (T)Hava killed
Monday, 18 February 2008
KILINOCHCHI (TE) -- Senior member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Lieutenant Colonel Thava died at the battlefront on Sunday afternoon, while training battlefront camera crews.

Lieutenant Colonel Thava, originally from Trincomalee, joined the LTTE in the early 1980s.

For more than two decades he has been an instrumental member of the Nitharsanam Studious, the visual media division of the LTTE.

Lieutenant Colonel Thava, also assisted the Pulikalin Kural radio service during the early 90s, when Pulikalin Kural and Nitharsanam were operating together.

At the time of his death he was serving as Vice President of the commercial film division of Nitharsanam studios.

tangara said...


Please do not reply to these LTTE clowns in the forum.

LKDOOD said...

i have heard that these transformers are very expensive ??

serendib said...

"If blowing up transformers continues in a systematic manner..could be a prelude to massive civilian butchery at night."

Or a baby boom in south.

LKDOOD said...

2 soldiers, 25 Tamil Tigers killed in Lanka clashes


Three arrested for threatening candidates in E Sri Lanka


Anonymous said...

If I am correct LTTE destroyed so many telecom phone booths all around the country in CBK time. But no one even suspected that as LTTE work. (JVP should be happy as now even LTTE has to follow good old JVP tactics.)

BTW, Tamil "patriots" usually blame on sinhalese for imposing sinhalese names, culture etc on them. But some of them voluntiarly take sinhala names. How good?

Unknown said...

Silva is a common name, it came from Siva :) God Siva.

DeSilva is Cricket player...

What a name can do? Mahinda, or Piraba, its all just mere names. You will listen to Mahina, and make fun of Piraba... or vise versa, if Piraba was a Sinhala, then what will happen?

Do you actualy thing the Name is the issue? or Religion is the issue? Budda is a Hindu, hum... so we all are hindu.

Singhala stops half way through, Tamils completes the sentance.

Singhala Maha Vamsa, Tamil Maha Vamsam.

Beside, we all look alike, eat the
so let see what can a Name do? Ram or Silva...

so beside Skywalker, who actually thinks the readers here are bunch of fools? :) I didn't say it, Skywalker did.

defenceAnalyst said...


So then why do you fight?

If language is same, names are same, Buddha was Hindu, why do you want a separate state from the Sinhalese? Why do you want Tamil as the only language of administration in your Eelam? Why do you want to be so different to the Sinhalese if Tamil and Sinhala are the same?

Why oh why?

Or is it one of those rare moments when you have awoken from a deep slumber, only to return to eternal rest soon after?

Defencewire said...

This is a load of crap. No payload, no stamina, its a waste. The MiG 23 would have been a better option. This jet is only useful as a trainer. Why? if one goes down, it won't cost so much because this crap is dirt cheap! This is why we suggested Super Tucano, But HEY...Tucanos are new and have to be purchased directly from USA/Brazil and they are new so no way to make YOU KNOW WHAT...

attack best form of defence,
Yes, we reported this several weeks ago. I am surprised you missed it! LTTE picked on engineers diffusing trappings and those collecting bodies. SLA snipers brought from Jaffna di well due to jungle cover, which they didn't have in Kilali, Nagarkovil. The LTTE started a trend which they couldnt sustain. In war, this is a serious mistake to make.

Nandimithra said...

Must give this tamil silva bugger some history lesson. Silva name came from Portugeese. Not from god siva. Tell the bugger to correctly write his name as selva.
He is trying to hide behind a sinhelese name. Their sun god has deployed them in the internet to attack us( Most are from their Die..ass pora or poda ) in western countries..

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