Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who made this?

Half of the LTTE’s weapons, especially small arms and light weapons, have been left in the unidentified category. A grenade launcher is one example in the unidentified weapons category.

A grenade launcher is a highly effective ‘direct-fire’ infantry weapon system against personnel and light-vehicles. It is believed that the LTTE is operating more than ninety 40mm grenade launchers. This weapon is quite useful for specific occasions such as police duties because it can deploy not only HE shells but smoke grenades, flares, even rubber bullets.

Figure 1: LTTE cadre with a grenade launcher
In this figure, a LTTE cadre is holding a single-shot grenade launcher. Recently, grenade launchers are mostly fully automatic like the Russian AGS-17 30 mm or under-barrel like M203. We can find many automatic or revolver type grenade launchers from various manufacturers.

However, in case of a single-shot GL, there are only two examples; HK 69 and M-79 40mm GL. The LTTE cadre’s grenade launcher seems a copy of HK-69A1. This copy has a longer barrel than the original for compensating its possibly worse accuracy.

Figure 2: a Single shot Grenade Launcher, HK-69A1
First, GL is easy to manufacture. In case of a single-shot grenade launcher, it does not need a superior knowledge of metallurgy; even local blacksmith can build this weapon.

Figure 3: home-made grenade launcher, captured in Northern Afghanistan
Of course, Heckler and Koch guarantee more accuracy than the LTTE’s products. However, in terms of explosive power, we assume that there are no remarkable differences. It is hard to speculate this weapon's latest modifications, range or specifications and we are not sure whether or if or how or to what effect any improvements to the weapon have been made. However, it is sure that this is not an H&K’s original but the LTTE can build this weapon easily.


Moshe Dyan said...

A home-made grenade launcher! wow!

Although a GL doesn't invlove much technology, it is ingenious!

Anonymous said...

If LTTE made them locally they sgould get credit for that. King Seethawaka Rajasinghe's people made best artilary guns locally. Unfortunately, today we have this 'comis' system. This method was wisely set up by British / western countries so taht they could control the buyer.

**Another grate article by DW, thnks for the info on LTTE regiment on the previous thread. That DW comment worth for a seperate article, I guess.**

Puffy said...

related to the previous thread;

Thanks DW for the detailed description of the different LTTE regiments.
From what I gather, most of them are currently operating without their founder cum commander, thanks to our LRRP boys!
I can just imagine how low their moral must be cos of this.

Btw DefenceWire, how come you did not mention anything about the
"Champion Tigers" of the LTTE...?

kurikaatuwan said...

ltte uses a singapore made grenade launcher.

It is nicknamed "dongaan" in LTTE circles

kurikaatuwan said...

it has a range of 300m and can clear area of 5 square metres.

It is totally singapore made along with its ammo.

SnakeVI said...

thanks for the reply on the LTTE regiments.

Defencewire said...

kurikaatuwan says the weapon is from sinhapore. The chinese there do make some weapons so its a possibility. It might have escaped our radar, as we were looking at the major weapons only.

Good idea. We will develop it into a separate piece.

The champion tigers are part of the Black Tiger suicide wing. We are not sure why they are called that, but have info they were used in Anuradhapura and Katunayake attacks.

I had heard of this, but didn't know it was Singaporean. Thanks for the heads up.

You are welcome.

CASC said...


I belive it is fairly easy to convert some bolt action military guns to fire rifle grenades. In WW2, a grenade launcher was developed for the venerable Lee Enfield No3Mk1 and No4Mk1, which allowed these to fire rifle grenades.

Unknown said...

Nice one DW,

Some time back in the early 90s when the SF,Cdo and STF began to use the Milkor MGL, a SA company had offered SL the blueprints for it, and POF had showed interest in assembling/manuf. it with SL but the idea like many good ones were lost in the many file dumps @ MOD

The Singaporean GL is called the CIS-40GL it is in use with the army too, and is said to very effective. Tiges have also used the 30mm AGS-17 with devastating effect, one of them which pinned down an entire GW or GIR platoon in muttur was finally captured by the counter attacking forces, but it had cost us dearly..

Btw GL can also be used in Indirect fire role, allowing the grenadier to fire a round indirectly and reloading quickly and firing line of sight to shock the enemy as to the direction of fire and to show a pseudo larger force.

GL also can fire a Buckshot round similar to canister charges fired by tank guns or RCLs, discharging a spread of deadly flechttets or buckshot for counter ambush/jungle warfare or point defense against a massed infantry attack.

Love to see it used in a trench :)

Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Iran, turkey, even Zimbabwe makes 40mm NATO & non-NATO UBGLs and standalone GLs, as pointed out its not entirely rocket science….i hope the MOD’s R&D branch takes note.

Defencewire said...

CIS 40mm is not a single shot GL. Its an automatic GL. The one in the picture is a single-fire.

The attack you refer to occurred when LTTE took partial control of Kattaparichchaan SLA line. They were later driven-out when a 40-man SF team entered Mutur Hospital premises and started leading a counter-attack. Tigers were even in control of the mutur jetty. The attack, though is a little exaggerated. the real damage in Mutur was due to mortar and artillery attacks. The scars are still there to this day.

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