Sunday, March 30, 2008

Army marching carefully on Madhu

The Sri Lanka Army overran another LTTE strong point in the south of Madhu. The location was used as a command post and mortar base and was under the LTTE Madhu south area leader.

The Tigers had withdrawn their 82mm mortar launchers positioned in the base but had left behind the remains of their dead cadres. Commands given by senior LTTE cadres over radio to return to the base and defend it against the Army were met with stiff resistance by the cadres.


Walimuni Abeysekera said...

Sri Lanka Air Force strikes Sea Tiger Base in North, heavy battles kill 34 combatants

Sunday, March 30, 2008, 15:21 GMT,

ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Mar 30, Colombo: Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets struck a Sea Tiger Base at Alampil in Mullaitivu today around 12.40 pm while ground battles in the northern region killed 29 Tigers and five soldiers, the military said.

Air Force source said the air strikes caused heavy damages to the Sea Tiger Base.

Heavy battles erupted in Jaffna and Wanni region killed 29 Tamil Tigers yesterday when the troops advanced further into the LTTE territory in a multi-pronged offensive operation, the Defense Ministry said.

A confrontation in the general area of Madhu in Mannar killed eleven Tigers Saturday. A soldier was also killed and four others were injured during the clashes.

Three soldiers were reported killed while four others sustained injuries as heavy battles continued in Janakapura and Kiriibbanwewa areas in Welioya yesterday. Another soldier was killed in a confrontation with Tigers in Muhamalai yesterday night, defense sources said.

perein said...

Rain... Wind ... Sun can not stop our marching troops.
Thunuruwan Saranai...

Unknown said...

goood update defensewire.

Rover said...
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LKDOOD said...

great update DW

Kohona said...

You gullibles,

the fishermen saga turns out that your army shot the fleeing fishermen haha.

here read

tsk tsk what was gloating about? haha same with everyother security reports.

Kohona said...

Your all defence blogs paying lip service to government sites.

Rover said...
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Rover said...


"Commands given by senior LTTE cadres over radio to return to the base and defend it against the Army were met with stiff resistance by the cadres."

Ha ha! I like this statement. LTTE resisting LTTE, when their asses are set on fire!

You should have continued.

....met with stiff resistance, incurring heavy causalities on both sides. A body count later confirmed that both sides have lost 6 cadres each, but both the LTTE who ran away and the LTTE who asked to dig down and fight, vehemently denied these allegations.

Defencewire said...

Actually, many of our reports come before So whose paying lip service to whom then? Or maybe ITS TRUE THAT LTTE IS LOSING!!! Sorry to burst your bubble though.

Defencewire said...

Here's an example. report about capture of Ilanthivan/Elanthivan posted at 1.30pm on the 29th.

Now check the time the DefenceWire report was posted (the post before this).

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Re Propaganda,
Thank u DW for your exhaustive reply. Indeed I agree with you but would like to have the opponents viewpoints for a complete picture.

bodhi dhana,
when many Srilankans incl DW is trying hard to forget the sad past, why are you trying to dig up dead ghosts?

Re fisherman firing,
I was pleasantly surprised to read the report in a SL paper that the fishermen resorted to a fast-to-death and the LTTE relented somewhat!
also from their accounts the LTTE area as well as border sound quite porous.I could not but note that the LTTE fired in air and warned the fleeing civilians to stop, whereas the SLA fired head on on first sight(these are from the interview from colombo papers by the way).SLA may require more training to withold fire as needed,as civilians are known to cross to Govt areas in this area?

CriMeWatCh said...

Good news,

I worried if those carders suddenly started seas less waves 5 in massive, imagine a group of 4 to 5 thousand and ran in to SLA controlled areas with ground fire in an instance. ( they do what ever when ever at the unexpected time na.

I was reading a article about Oyada Alaigal 1,2,3 & 4 was massive defense. they let the people in and defeat them sort of technic, SLA dave learned it earlier,must be careful now a days right?

Walimuni Abeysekera said...


LTTE Looks just like fishermen who were starving for days,No shoes , so thats why it happend like that.
May be if LTTE start acting like a real army, it will help SL Army a lot.
You can start by bying them proper boots instead of bata slippers.

So atleast we can see a Difference In LTTE and Fishermen when they Crawl near our ARMY Camps, Alright?

Walimuni Abeysekera said...
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buster21 said...

jaya wewa... lets finish up ltte and get together to make one land for all of us..

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