Friday, March 21, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: LTTE builds massive trench

Mechanized Infantry T63/YW 531 APC
Military Intelligence sources confirmed to DefenceWire that the LTTE has constructed a large trench to prevent Main Battle Tanks and Armoured Personnel Carriers from the Armoured Corps and the newly formed Mechanized Infantry Division from crossing into LTTE's 2nd Forward Defence Line in Muhamalai and Nagarkovil.

The 1st FDL of the Tigers was captured in a combined operation launched by the 53 and 55 Divisions on 30th January 2008. On 31st January morning, troops from the Mechanized Infantry and Armoured Corp launched a second attack using MBTs and APCs. A total of 35 bunkers and 25 cadres were lost to the Tigers.

Meanwhile sources inside the Armoured Corps told DefenceWire that special training on crossing trenches and other techniques of tactical tank warfare are presently being imparted to the Mechanized Infantry Division units stationed in Jaffna.

In another interesting development, Military Intelligence sources have uncovered an order issued by Prabhakaran than effectively bans TNA MPs from contesting the forthcoming April 10th Provincial Council elections.

Addressing TNA MPs at a secret bunker immediately after MP Sivanesan's funeral, LTTE leader Prabhakaran has informed the MPs that their contesting the elections would signal that Eelam has been given up.

In a separate turn of events, Prabha's deputy, Poddu Ammaan had approached TMVP Supreme Commander Pillayan, soon after the eastern liberation, asking him to rejoin the Tigers.

Pillayan had previously been asked to kill Karuna in return for a large sum of money and asylum in a foreign country. In response, Pillayan had offered an even better deal to Poddu for killing Prabhakaran.


Moshe Dyan said...

That works both ways. The trench will prevent large scale tiger movement along those paths to jaffna.

when SLA were building bunkers in muhamalai FDLs LTTE shelled the bulldozers, etc. and hindered the construction.

But LTTE has done so without SLA resistance!! this shows a difference between the two in responding to emerging situations.

If the trenches are of the type that can be easily dug, they pose relatively little hindrance. If they are widespread and of reasonably big size to stop mechanised infantry, those treches would not have happened over-night and if not bulldozers, a large amount of manpower would have been used to fortify their defensive positions (not a civilian activity).

LKDOOD said...


Sri lanka politics blog(on your Useful Blogs/Sites) has gone dead :(

perein said...

What's the news with STF has to pull out from East please?

DON said...

24 hr news now on breaking news

LKDOOD said...

Twenty-one rebels killed in confrontations in northern Sri Lanka


Defencewire said...


STF was not doing their job in Ampara. If the SLA is to deal with tiger units in the southern jungles, might as well go the source of it in Kanjikudiaru themselves!

Defencewire said...

The Tigers continued with trench digging despite sniper fire, arti etc. They do not use bulldozers. Just canon-fodder with mamaties and shovels.

Jambudipa said...
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perein said...

Thank you for the info.
Does this means Karuna fraction may take over the camp/s?
Why do n't we offer Karuna fraction to join the forces and recrute them as a part of the govenment force?
That would be better than trying to disarm them and trying to bump on to unwanted issues at given time.
Moreover international community wont be able to say no more about Karuna units.

WipeLTTE said...

what SLDF should do is keep bombing the LTTE FDL to prevent buildup of larger trenches that hinder the armed units from crossing into tiger territory. We should use MI-24 attack choppers for this operations.

sldf said...

I may be wrong I think STF played very critical role in the Ampara/Batticaloa region over the years to neutralise major LTTE threats. STF is better suited in the east compared to regaular SLA troops (other than SF).
Transfer of Nimal Lewke also questionable. I think he did a great job for STF other than their recent failure to locate Tigers in Kanjikudiaru. Interesting decision no doubt. I'm sure they had a good reason as well.

Also, can we really trust Pilleyan?

LKDOOD said...

Mannar claymore blast on army bus:

Two soldiers were killed and 11 others sustained serious injuries when a suspected LTTE claymore mine exploded targeting an army bus in South Bar area Mannar in the evening.

mottapala said...

I think we are jumping in to conclusions too early. May be Nimala Lewke wanted some rest, be in Colombo, be with the family, just take it easy. We all want it at some stage. If he requested it I see no reasons why shouldn't grant him his wish. He has already done enough than any other policeman.

I have seen this LTTE trenches once, Belive me mates they are huge. Armoured vehicles will simply fall in to them. Though we have the techniques to cross them it takes time, vulnerable to ambushes and also effectively negates any surprise element in an offensive.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

This is not directly relating to defence, but indirectly yes.

The Island article
says that there are 7000 students go abroad for higher studies every year.

That means, they would need at least $ 15,000 per annum for their course fees and living expenses.
This is about $ 105 Million. That means, in a given year considering that 28,000 fee paying Sri Lankan students in foreign education (if a course considered to be 4 years).

That means whopping $ 405Million is going out of the country. This is nearly Rs. 4.5 Billion, every year going out of the country.

At least, more than half of this could be saved, in the country through creating an innovative semi-privatised university structure, which includes both fee-paying and scholarship based students.

Our University system can take only 16,000 students per annum, and the universities are seriously lack of funds.

To develop the country, education is a key contributor. Therefore, we have to increase the Higher Education capacity of the country to at least 100,000 to 150,000 students per annum.

This can be done. But the governments are scared of JVP exploitation.

JVP needs to transform, and work with the government to develop solutions. Else, the country would go backward and backward more and more.

lamak said...

to nolte-peace,

yeah, thats an excellent article, the waste in money going to all these foreign unis and the drain of intellectuals who would probably never return to their country is thanks to the JVP. Just see how much revenue countries like Malaysia and Australia are reaping from our students

the JVP and the JVP-led student unions in the local unis oppose private unis establishing here because they think those graduates would then out-compete the gov. uni graduates for jobs, especially in the private sector. But isnt that like already admitting that our local education system (in unis) is antiquated and no longer produces decently equipped graduates?

ahh the JVP => the biggest curse to our motherland

LKDOOD said...

LTTE attacking Indian fishermen, not Lankan Govt: SL Minister


Unknown said...

Tamilnut Claims Dvora sunk.

LKDOOD said...

Tamilnet: Three Black Sea Tigers were killed in action, according to initial reports.

The sea battle was continuing, the Tigers said.

LKDOOD said...

Three Black Sea Tigers were killed'

very interesting...

anybody hearing anything ?

chamal said...


What you say is true, but don't you think that the STF, as an special unit, will be of more use in the battlefronts? They will probably be able to do better than the SLA units (though smaller in number) The problem is with the new SLA units who will be deployed in the east, whether they will be as effective as the STF.

TropicalStorm said...

Quite a lot of the students who come into the US recieve scholarships for post-grad education or become teaching assts to pay their way thru. Quite a few of them even make money to send back home.

Sri Lanka has to blame itself for these talented people not wanting to come back.

LKDOOD said...

Top LTTE operative arrested in Matara:

A top LTTE operative was arrested in Matara last night. The suspect was believed to have provided information about VIP movements in the South. He is to be produced to the Terrorist Information Division today.

LKDOOD said... :

A Sri Lanka Navy Fast Attack Craft (FAC) has been caught in a possible underwater blast this morning (March 22). According to the defence sources, the locally built P438 deployed in northeastern coastal waters off Nayaru has sunk due the blast that occurred around 2.30.a.m.

Upon the receipt of the SOS message from the sinking craft other sea units have immediately launched a search and rescue mission in the area. According to the naval sources, 6 crewmembers, including the Officer in Charge of the craft have been rescued so far.

The survivors have reported an underwater blast that damaged the boat's hull and caused it to be sunk in a short time. According to the survivors there has been no sea confrontation nor any LTTE craft were present in the area. Navy suspects the blast has caused by a possible sea mine or due to some underwater weapon developed by the terrorists.

Defencewire said...

We would encourage foreign education, since, if I am not mistaken, foreign remittances are an integral part of our economy.

The traditional middle-eastern employee remittances has decreased due to war/terrorism/influx of large unskilled labourers from Bangladesh, Philippines etc, yet the remittances of Sri Lankans living in developed countries has remained stable, perhaps even increased.

In addition to remittances, many procure fixed assets, buy stocks or make other investments also. One country that has made headway in channeling money from USA Italy.

Italian Americans have contributed largely to the Italian economy. Tourism is one way they give their native or ancestral country some large sums of money.

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