Monday, March 10, 2008

Fair Elections in the East after 14 years- Updated

Over 50% of registered voters cast their votes at today's peaceful elections in the East. Many enthusiastic voters from former LTTE controlled areas were seen flocking to polling booths in Paduwaankarai (Tamil meaning- from where the sun goes down) and Eluwaankarai (from where the sun rises).

After 14 years, voters from Karadiyanaru, Vakarai, Verugal, Omadiyamadu, Kokadicholai (Tharavai-Vadamunai) etc were allowed to vote for candidates of their liking. Some have lived for over a year as refugees. They expect the newly elected democratic Tamil leaders will deliver peace and prosperity to them.

Many of the voters were women who were enthusiastic about the possibility of electing their own leaders through a democratic process. Election monitors have called the Eastern Polls a 'Fair Election', but 'not a free election'. A total of 831 candidates contested the elections. Among the leading parties that contested the elections were 22 Independent Groups.

No serious cases of election violence or violations were reported today. According to sources at counting stations, the Karuna-Pillayan group is leading the election. The group is supporting the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA).

Meanwhile a bomb hidden inside a bag and placed on a concrete flower bed near a cinema hall in Wellawatte exploded killing a civilian and injuring several others today when a suspicious civilian started poking it. The bomb had contained C4 Plastic explosives. A 6 storey building was also damaged. The windows in the 1st floor of the building were completely damaged.

Election Updates- Batticaloa

Image: Administrative map of Batticaloa

TMVP and UPFA showing signs of landslide victory in the Provincial Council Elections '08.

UPFA wins Batticaloa Town (1.30am)

United People's Freedom Alliance 14,158 votes. 11 elected members.
SLMC 1788 votes. 1 elected members.
EPDP 627 votes. 1 elected members.
Total Votes Cast 26,331. Total Rejected Votes 2822.

TMVP wins Poraitivupattu (1.50am)
Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulihal 7089 votes. 7 members.
Independent Group 2, 3051 votes. 2 members.
Total votes cast. 10,140. Total Rejected 2660. Total polled votes 12,800.

TMVP wins Manmunai South and Eruvilpattu (2.05am)
TMVP 10, 047 votes. 7 members.
Total votes cast 16,048. Total registered voters 38, 386.

TMVP wins Manmunai South-West (2.20am)
TMVP 6,371- 8 members
Total votes cast 7,860. Total rejected 1,852. Total registered 9,712.

TMVP wins Manmunaipattu (2.40am)

TMVP 9373 votes. 7 members.
SLMC 2816 votes. 2 members.
Total votes cast 13,158. Total rejected 856. Total registered 18,759.


Sam Perera said...

I hope that we can help Karuna or Pillaiyan (some of a few men with balls brave enough stand up against Adolf velupillai Hitler Praphakaran and stand for a united Sri Lanka) to be the Chief Minister of East soon. Hope that our force and police will be adequately saturated with Tamils and Moors. Justice for everybody, that is my sincere hope.

God Bless you Pillaiyan, his team and voters!

Sam Perera said...

We missed our opportunity to make Lakshman Kadirgamar the President of SL. Even though many don't rise to the levels of LK, we should not miss any opportunity to make our society a more unified one.

Srilankan said...

very well said sam..very well said

tikira said...

thanks dw,well said sam

FCSAT said...

I just listen to 1st election result of Batticloa from Lakhanda webcast. Even I live far away from home Country I am very happy what SL achived so far within just 2years. This will lead to further democracy in SL. What ever fund hungry NGOs spread around the world about SL. What ever hypocratic west say about SL. Don't stop Go Go Go to the end finish Terrorism and impliment democracy.

FCSAT said...

Pay a visit to this Blog on SL Politics

Sam Perera said...

On the side, it seems that LTTE is full of it self to talk about indicting India for war crimes. We have 21 more days to go for this kind of jokes.

Illegal.existence said...

Nice stuff with the results defensewire. A few numbers are wrong though, and the total registered voters are higher in some places. Like in Porativupattu PS total registered is 28,116, not 12,800.

The government news website has the latest results here

Moshe Dyan said...

"voters.....were allowed to vote for candidates of their liking"

how fantastic! this is democracy taking a new lease of life.

if the eastern election is similar to any toher election in SL that is enough. it need not not free and fair in perfectionists' standards.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean fair but not free? What's the difference?

These people in B'clo at least go from "bimen padurata". Hope this will be the first step of development in east.

It is realy happy for me to see people who fought with arms now take a pencil to hand and vote peacefuly. This is the real victroy delivered by MR. All thanks must go to SLA who liberated east. NGOs in SL have failed again, democracy won.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Three hearty cheers for Democracy in Sri Lanka, which Prabhakaran Hitler would never want!

TropicalStorm said...

The East needs true leadership that can be provided by some one like A sangaree or Devananda, in the long run. But for now, a manageable thug would be ok, as long as they don't turn into monsters.

These guys most probably will.

Moshe Dyan said...


I agree; for the time being a "reasonable thug" would do BETTER than Ananda Sangaree.

What development work AS has done for the past 25 years? NOTHING! except he has helped people.

Devananda is a different breed of fish; he has done ALOT in jaffna.
Same way TMVP has the "thuggery" that is essential for development work. But the big question is whether they will continue to win people's approval. But that is unfortunately a risk inherent in democracy which is the ONLY governing model available.

When talking about development Premadasa is unforgettable although none of his development plans were well-thought-after. But things happened. Had he only listened to those with technical competence for technical advice things would be different. In SL many development work may it be road building, village reawakening, mahaweli, road-expansion, round abouts, overhead pedestrian bridges, etc., etc. needs a bit of thuggery. Otherwise they end up as the highway projects lagging more than 10 years behind due to VARIOUS reasons including spinelessness of successive governments.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the joke. I guess the ethnic problem is Sri Lanka is never going to be solved through this "fair" elections. TVMP has replaced the LTTE. You cannot believe that people voted with their free will. Likewise its akin to saying that people in LTTE areas voted or boycotted polls on their free will. Sri Lanka is in the most pathethic situation. Look at Malaysia, the people rejected racial politics in an overwhelming way on Saturday.

Sam I hope you can free Karuna through your diplomatic channels as GOSL has failed. However I do agree that if had Laskman been elevated to President and this war was fought against the LTTE, it would have much better. However it does not matter if its tamil or sinhalese or burgher ect its more important that reasonable and descent Sri Lankans come forward to defeat the forces that want to destroy the country.

In Malaysia Prominent blogger like Jeff Ooi - whose campaign was done online and funds were raised through his website - won the parliamentary seat, other bloggers are Tony Pua, Elizabeth Wong and Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad won parlimentary and provisional (state) seats.

Civil society activists like Charles Santiago, Edward Lee and R Sivarasa also won. Maybe time for some people to take the plinge.

Moshe Dyan said...

"Malaysia, the people rejected racial politics in an overwhelming way on Saturday. "

COMPLETE BULLSHIT. Malaysians EMBRACED racial politics on Saturday. The barisan nasional which is a multi-ethnic coalition of 14 parties suffred its worst election ever.

The winners are PAS - an ultra islamic party, ultra-Chinese parties and HIDRAF's associates - a party charged with LTTE connections!!!

Hopefully racial politics will end and BN will consolidate its position again soon. It was due to Badawi's weak leadership and Dr Mahathir has already asked him to step down (though he is not yet willing). The Anwar Ibrahim factor also helped take away few MALAY votes away.

But i agree with you to an extent that in SL, it is racial politics that won today as TAMIL MVP, SL MUSLIM C and Tamil-only Independant parties won over 90% of seats. Not good. But at least there are elections 14 years later and people will get used to them and then it is irreversible. It also marks the divorce of the East from the North by the people this time (supreme court, SLA did their part). Tamil-elam will never be a reality now.

defenceAnalyst said...

illegl existence,
What DW means by the 12,800 is total votes polled.

Karuna or Pillayan is not the ideal substitute to Pripaharan. We agree. We think it should be a very short interim solution. It will take time for real democratic leadership to come back from the East, a leadership that appeals to all. Let's hope it happens sooner, rather than later.

Srilankan said...

Who the hell cares about malaysias,singapores,sudans or eritreas?.or canadas for that matter.we are concerned about SRILANKA.
Commanders Karuna and pilliyan may not be the ideal leaders.However i think the good people of the east can be fairly certain that their young kids wont be abducted and forced to face MBRL/ARTILLERY fire and sources of pleasure for TIGER BULLS.I am praying that these children become productive citizens of SLanka.AS for commanders Karuna and piliyan..they need to get their acts together otherwise they will loose the next election.. that is if they are not bumped off by the LTTE in the meantime.

Unknown said...

Sri Lankan Karuna and Pilliyan also abduct kids. Your lah lah lands believes will bring Sri Lanka the name you represent no where.

You need to compare Sri Lanka with these countries or you will have a Kosovo and then a tamil EElam. First step is to admit that Sri Lanka has failed on nation bulding and move towards a path by eradicating terrorist from all the TVMP, EPDP and some of the remants of JVP. We could also remove the Thugs in the UNP and SLFP. Hope there are still some descent ones left.

Unknown said...

Moshe Dyan, I hate wasting my time trying to enlighten you on your have baked knowledge. The Barsian national is a coalition of race based parties. UMNO stands for United Malay National Organisation. MCA stands for Malaysian Chinese Association and the MIC stands for the Malaysian Indian Congress. These parties only admit people from their own race. The LDP and Gerekan are chinese parties in the coalition. The east malaysian parties are based on their ethnic composition and if they leave the coalition, the opposition can form the government.

The PAS or Parti Islam Se Malaysia is a Islamic party. However its abandon its Islamic State concept as it realises its going nowhere. DAP is a spin off from the PAP in Singapore. Its got chinese MPs and Indian MPS. Hindraf leader won in detention(he is still detained) from a jail cell with a huge majority against the ruling parties chinese candiate under DAP. The DAP does not have many Malay canidates but feilded some in Johore. Notable Indians include Karpal Singh, Kulesegaran, Ramasamy and some I earlier named.

PKR is a multi racial party. The first party in Malaysian history to win with canidates from all races. Its Indian canidate defeated samy velu, the leader of the MIC This constituency has 45% Malays, Indians each and 10% chinese.

PKR chinese and Malay politicians who won. The article describes a chinese and Malay woman canidate from the party who just won.

Hindraf has no links to the LTTE. The government spread that rumour as it thought by doing this it could legtimately detain the ISA simmilar to the PTA. They thought the Indians would be happy if thaipusum in the capital city was made a public holiday.

This is not a forum for Malaysian politics. I think you really need to brush your knowledge or things before you come here and spew your rubbish.

tangara said...

Sam perera,

[We missed our opportunity to make Lakshman Kadirgamar the President of SL. Even though many don't rise to the levels of LK, we should not miss any opportunity to make our society a more unified one.


I know for a fact CBK wanted Hon. Kadir to be the PM. But JVP stand against that move just before the elections and wanted Mr. Wickramanayake for the post..For the sake of PA's victory Hon. Kadir asked CBK to drop the idea. That was a historical blunder by the JVP..I would say, Kadir would still be alive , Had we make him the PM on that occasion.The surcumstances would have been different and LTTE might not succeeded in assasinating him. After his death, JVP spilled crocodile tears..

It is a miracle, Sri Lanka people are surviving the onslaught of LTTE terrorism and JVP intimidations in everyday life. Lately JVP has not organised any students protests or strikes..For how long that will continue,
I don't know..

Sri Lankan Students will study when people voted out JVP for good.

Sorry if you are a JVP supporter.
I am not...

tangara said...

LTTE is moving to an irreversible final collapse

tangara said...

tangara said...

Greatest achivement of GOSL..

Jambudipa said...

6 reference to "Tamil Genocide" in latest LTTE bulletin. Things looks really desperate for the Vellahla loony clan.

Srilankan said...

I can go into details but it is really pointless.I am going to keep this as brief as possible.My only wish is that this election wil be a starting point for a very prosperous eastern province for the good peoples living there?..As for kosovo..what do you and i really know about these international affairs we profess to know so much about men..really?.Have you spoken to any kosovars including ex-rebels?.I hope commander Karuna and MR Pilliyan will truely represent their people.They may have been criminals but lets give them a chance..because this has been a horrible war during which people have suffered so much..thats all i ask from all bloggers.If they dont justify their election they will be out of office at the next election.After all the whole of the tamil speaking community in SRILANKA cannot be governed by one sadistic pervert from velvettithurai can it?

Srilankan said...

You also seem to missed the essence of my previous post which is that NOW these innocent tamil peoples kids in the eastern province wont be abducted at night and placed in the frontlines to face artillary fire/MBRL against their will.IF pig wants cadres go overseas and abduct them from LTTE supporting tamil diasphora men really..not from the east.Surely if people are happy to donate money to the LTTE overseas i am sure the greatest favour they can do is to supply them with their own kids also right?.If they are under duress and really dont want to help the LTTE with finance or there kids there are all these various legal institutions in "god" IC which some tamils who escaped from the "buddist sinhala chavenistic govt" seem to look upto pls ask them..pls

Sam Perera said...


Thanks for putting a decent face to what you write. It seems that you are heavily biased towards LTTE. As far as I can see, LTTE is the worst thug in my homeland who has hijacked several districts. TMVP, EPDP etc are partners of a united Sri Lanka, not LTTE. As I stated earlier, I have drawn clear line to define who is ours and who is not. What TMVP, EPDP had done in the past is insignificant compared to what LTTE and VP have done. My country has no future with LTTE and Velu, they shall be eliminated as fast as possible. On the other hand, TMVP, EPDP etc should be given the highest support to legitimately represent the people of Sri Lanka.


You are preaching to the choir.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

President has ordered Election Commissioner To call nominations for Eastern Provincial Council Election. Most Probably Election will be in mid May.

- Lankadeepa reports

Srilankan said...

Many thanks for your kind post.Our greatest worry right now as far as the east is concerned is the infiltration of these LTTE cadres now and in the near future.I hope Mr Pilliyan and the army have taken all the required security measures.

LKDOOD said...


60 SLA soldiers killed in 48 hours in Mannaar - LTTE

DW any info ?

Defencewire said...


perein said...

Can we get some info about latest from North.
ie: Where about the forces are etc.

btw, Thank you for summarising the TN story in one word :)

Defencewire said...

Troops are holding Adampan town under siege. They are removing trappings and advancing gradually. Nothing hasty. Whenever they see Tigers, they engage them, if they don't see them, they go in small groups looking for them.

Once the team leader has enough recce under his belt, they attack bunkers, movements etc. Then they come back and repeat the same thing.

The 3 avenues of approaches encircling Adampan have over 15 such teams operating daily from their bases south (pallaikuli), west (manthai) and east (kallikulam) of Adampan. This will continue.

The primary objective is to kill the Tigers. Adampan is just a strategic location on the way to doing that. If it means the place will eventually be captured in the grant design of eliminating the Tigers, then so be it. But it is not the goal. It is just a small landmark.

Defencewire said...

After a few early hiccups, success is coming is large doses for the 59 Div (five nine- not 59th as other blogs keep writing. another example 11 Division (Panagoda) is called the one-one Division, not 11th Division). They are knoking on the heel of Eelam. We will write about this soon.

Srilankan said...

Many thanks for your comments.Looking forward to your next post

perein said...

Thank you for sharing those valuable info with us.
One other thing.. Wonder you can enlighten me with your thoughts / facts... Did not noticed targeting any high profile LTTE targets recently. What would be the reason for it?

LKDOOD said...

Thank you DW for the answer

i could not stop laughing for a couple of minutes after reading the answer



dhanushka said...


First of all, i am not a JVP supporter, but what you said about Lakshman Kadir being the PM and JVP opposing is it wrong..Actually it was JVP who was pushing LK to be the PM..


Anonymous said...

Well, then you say 59 means five-nine not fifty nine when talk about divisions. No fifty nine so no fifty ninth.
BTW I was wondersing about these divisions. We hear about 51,53,55,57,59,divisions. So do we have 1 to 59 divisions? or how this naming works?

Sam Perera said...


Is this naming convention something special to SLA. For example, US Army has divisions called 10th Mountain Division and 82nd Airborne Division.

tangara said...


My source to the above comment regarding Kadir was one of the closest to the GOSL at that time..That person worked directly under president for several years.

I can't tell you more...

tangara said...

President CBK never wanted pacts with JVP..She never trusted them ..It was Former Minister samaraweera's pushed her to have pacts with the JVP.

Jambudipa said...

Suspected woman LTTEer was a hermaphrodite

/* After taking the suspect to the police station, the OIC detailed two women constables to take her inside a cell and conduct a body search prior to interrogation. The two women constables to their consternation found the woman to be a hermaphrodite and reported to the OIC. */

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


it seems you have a mental disorder to see EVERYTHING in the opposite just as you see the eastern election as a joke when the whole world embraces democracy!!

BN in Malaysia is NOT a racist party it is a NATIONALIST party; Malays, Chinese, Sinhalese, Tamils, Sikhs, etc. etc. all vote for it.

Go to malaysia and tell them that BN is a racist party. They will do to you what the SLA still didn't do to the malathi brigade.

Please read the following article from the island.

Election in Malaysia reflects deep division
At the outset, when Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced the snap election held on Saturday, it was clear the marginalisation of non-Malays would be the big issue, not to mention increased consumer prices and the restrictions on religious freedom. Now the verdict has been delivered: the ruling coalition, known as the Barisan Nasional, is losing popularity as voters dealt the party its most serious blow since independence in 1957...................

It is very interesting IF you have the faculty (i am 100% sure you don't) to answer this , IS THE LTTE A RACIST GROUP? YES/NO.

That is enough proof of the stupidity of your arguments.

Unknown said...

Moshe dyan, let me tell you now one thing, BN introduced racial marginalisation policies after 1969 race riots in malaysia. The marginalisation that you qouted is a fact.

From Malaysiakini

"The spectacular election results demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the racial bondage that has imprisoned this country for 50 years has finally begun to disintegrate under the combined onslaught of PKR, DAP and PAS.

These achievements would not have been possible, if not for the new ground boldly broken into by the electorates themselves – hordes of Chinese and Indians who never supported PAS before had rushed to vote for the latter, while Malays in unprecedented numbers had voted for DAP.

It is this willingness to break the racial and religious taboos (which have been instilled into the people by BN) that has opened up a new vista of great opportunity for the nation, made possible through the electorate’s newfound wisdom of choosing a government not based on race or religion but on merits. "

I am only qouting this article because it has perfect parallel to Sri Lanka.

"For the first time in Malaysia’s electoral history, the leader of the opposition would be a truly multi-ethnic party that have Malay, Chinese and Indian MPs (20 Malay, seven Chinese and four Indian)."

This is PKR which i stated earlier and this is what I propogate strongly. No TNA,SLMC. A Party must field a number of canidates from each of Sri Lanka ethnic group before it can be allowed to contest in elections.

Unknown said...

Sri Lankan I agree with your first rebuutal but not the second. Karuna or now that he is deposed, Pilliyan still recruit children.

Unknown said...

Sam thanks for your rebuttal. I guess if I have killed one guy I am not a murderer in comparrison to someone who has killed 10 guys. I thought you get hanged for one or ten murders.

If you think that I am heavily baised towards the LTTE, trust me I would not be writting in this forum. I would probabily be writting something for tamilnet. The crux is that we are only having an exchange of ideas here. If I say LTTE is the worst or the Best, its only words.

I subutly hinted now I will do it directly. Why do bloggers like all of you here allow thugs and criminals to be politicians and destroy your homeland. In Malaysia the bloggers as I mentioned have stood and won in the elections. They have finally put their words to action. Now whatever they have been feeling, they can translate to action.

Jambudipa said...

Here's the proposed procedure for checking of LTTE women suspects.

1. Knock her down with a rubber bullet into the head from a distance of apporx 100 meters.
3. Clear everyone from the area.
4. Make sure (s)he is completely immobile visually maintaining the distance.
5. Use a sniper to shoot at both shoulders disabling both hands in case (s)he reach for bomb trigger.
6. Send in the bomb squad to disable any strapped explosives.
7. Make the arrest once the bomb squad has cheked her thoroughly.

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka charges Tamil Tiger leader for murder


LKDOOD said...


...rubber bullet into the head..

if a person gets hit with a rubber bullet in the head that person will die

Jambudipa said...

lkdood. Thanks for pointing that out. It seems there are a few flaws with the procedure. I have amended it again.

Here's the revised procedure for checking of LTTE women suspects.

1. Knock her down with a strong tranquilizer gun from a distance of apporx 100 meters.
2. Make sure (s)he is completely immobile visually maintaining the distance.
3. Clear everyone from the area.
4. Send in the bomb squad while a sniper is in position to shoot at both shoulders disabling both hands in case (s)he reach for bomb trigger.
5. Make the arrest once the bomb squad has checked her thoroughly.

What do you think?

Defencewire said...

About the Divisions,
Usually you have divisions from 1 to 100 or more. In US Army, they use the 'th', as in 101st, 104th Airbourne etc (these guys did some ranger courses few years back). In the SLA we do not use the 'st' the 'th' or 'nd' at the end. This is the same for batallions, brigades, divisions etc. For example 12 GR, 10 GW etc.

Defencewire said...

I forgot to mention this. A division consists of 10,15,000 or more troops under a Major General. The reason why US Army has 101st Airborne is because they have large numbers of troops. Ours has increased to 61, and maybe even more. We have resurrected some like 12GW, which was merged into 11GW after losing large numbers of men in EPZ battle.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...


It is a good question. The answer is that we have to do what is best for the country with available means. After all, all what we are asking LTTE is to stay within a unified nation. If Velu agrees tomorrow for a solution within a united Sri Lanka, are we going to turn around and say no to that? If that is the case, what is the problem in welcoming somebody who is willing to accept a united Sri Lanka? If any tiger gives up his/her current destructive path, I am willing to give them another chance. On a second note, it is required to have a man with balls to face the LTTE threat. Therefore, Karuna and Pilliyan can be considered our best chances for East at this point. Now that TMVP has their legitimate political power along with the SL forces legitimately protecting them, next step is to help TMVP to get elected to run the Eastern Province.

Godspeed Karuna, Pilliyan and TMVP! We lookup to you as icons in a modern united Sri Lanka

Thushanthi said...


I may not be a defence expert but have some connections to some of the leading people in several political parties.

And it is my understanding as well, that JVP activly proposed the Mr. Kadirgama's election to the post of PM.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Dear Tangara,
It seems that you are a JVP - hater! But Whatever your political motivations, it is really un-ethical to post lies as if you really know them. May be you get together with the same ppl like you. So may be you dont know that your source is lying!
Anyway, this is NOT something I heard! This is something I witnessed!
After the election, JVP actively proposed and campaigned for Kadi to be PM! But MR group was vehemently against it and threatened to break away! So CBK had to give in! And that is the story!
Here i intend no offence on MR but that was the bitter truth!

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