Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A game of wits from Mannar to Weli Oya

Troops operating in Elanthivaan in Mannar have managed to kill 26 LTTE cadres on Monday. LTTE radio communications monitored last evening confirmed that 26 Tigers, mostly females were killed in the attack.

The incident took place on 10th morning when experienced SLA units tricked a platoon of new LTTE recruits to return to their defences (8 bunkers) after they ran away fearing an early morning limited operation in the same area, leaving behind IEDs targeting SLA troops.

The Tigers have developed a habit of going into hiding as soon as an SLA team moves in. More experienced cadres have booby trapped the footpaths to protect the new recruits. The Army has countered this tactic by defusing the IEDs and using the same against the Tigers who eventually return to the same location due to a lack of experience. One soldier was also killed in the fight.

Troops are now in control of almost all the main roads leading upto Adampan in Mannar south, West and East. Troops from the 582 Brigade are now in control of Chettikulam on the Manthai-Adampan road. The 581 brigade heading west towards Madhu have captured Puliyankulam- 40 miles from Puliyankulam proper on A-9 MSR. The A9 Main Supply Route (MSR) heads north from Omanthai to Puliyankulam proper and from there to Kilinochchi via Kanakaraayankulam and Kokaavil.

Meanwhile the 59 division (five nine) today killed four Tigers in the general area Weli Oya, Janakapura. They also recovered 101 Anti-Personnel mines from Kokkuthuduwai. The 59 Division has been attacking all elite regiments of the LTTE, including Ratha Regiment, which has lost a large number of cadres in the last few weeks. The Malathi Regiment has withdrawn a large number of its cadres from the Weli Oya front and redeployed them in the Northern FDL.


Jambudipa said...

The Tigers have developed a habit of going into hiding as soon as an SLA team moves in. More experienced cadres have booby trapped the footpaths to protect the new recruits.

They have developed a habit. Habits makes them predicable in turn killing them easier. 20 kills in one night. That is a very productive night. That is like a small neighborhood vanished into thin air. Good work people!

IntelAttack said...

TamilNUT says,
"60 SLA killed in 48 hours in Mannaar - LTTE"

Here they go again. This time LTTE Super Snipermen breaks a record killing 18 SLA . If they continue in this performance, they would be able to crush all the SLA troopers and capture East again! Wow!! Nice figures LTTE!!! Keep it up! LOL!

Cuz, the Figures will be the only thing lasts, when SLDF Liberate North!

Unknown said...

“India risks indictment in war crimes, cautions LTTE”

“CPI responds to LTTE statement”

“60 SLA killed in 48 hours in Mannaar - LTTE”

“Shaping India's policy on Sri Lanka: a reader's response”

“LTTE ending use of child soldiers - US”


TamilNUT still can't digest the Mahinda mama's Eastern Amurtha. Somebody please help…


Unknown said...

oh one more...

"Moves afoot to bring Sinhalese port workers to KKS harbour"

:D :D ;D

Oh lord, please help me...

Anonymous said...

//The 581 brigade heading west towards Madhu have captured Puliyankulam.//

As I knew Puliyankulam is a major town, like Mankulam. If above is true why we don't see any publicity?

Killing maximum nuber of tigers is the correct thing. If tigers are willing to die for Adampan it would be better to kill them there rather than getting it quickly and let tigers move back. But our people in south might see this as lossing momentom of SLA. Another option is taking Adampan, Madhu and start killing phase 2 towards Viduthalev and Mankulam.

For this division numbers whatever it is in English, in Sinhala it is 'panas nama vana senankaya', not 'panas namaya senankaya' as we see in papers.

Sen said...

man LTTE is so skilled now man in a few months the casualty rates of SLA will exeed the population of sri lanka itself

LKDOOD said...

33 rebels killed in Lanka clashes

At least 33 Tamil Tigers were killed in fierce ground clashes with security forces in Sri Lanka's embattled north as the Air Force jets pounded three LTTE camps in the rebel stronghold of Mannar, officials said on Wednesday.


LTTE's criticism of India shows outfit is becoming weak: Lanka


TropicalStorm said...

At this rate there won't be any Rathas and Malathis left for me to do when I return home to retire...

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