Monday, March 24, 2008

Situation Update

The Sri Lanka Army recovered 11 bodies of Tigers killed in the Parayankulam Forward Defenceline readjustment. The Sri Lanka Army claims it killed 52 LTTE cadres in this fight. LTTE sources claimed 55 Sri Lanka Army personnel were killed. Yesterday alone the Army confirmed killing 25 cadres while losing 4 of its men while 25 others were injured. The fighting continues despite bad weather and flooding.

The Army says it collects LTTE bodies whenever they can without endangering the life of its troops. There is evidence that the LTTE withdraws whatever remains of its cadres it could find and abandons these inside their control area. 9 such bodies were recovered recently.

The breakdown in the LTTE's defenses is becoming clear as small groups of civilians from Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu had started surrendering to the Sri Lanka Army after a perilous journey risking life and limb. By last week, a total of 107 civilians had surrendered to the Army for the month of March alone.


perein said...

It's been while since the last map got published. When get a chance can you try to get a map done please?
As for the Mannar front, is it possible LTTE to pump more of their members from other areas to keep the propaganda war going?
Do we still see Charles Anthony units time to time or often we still see kids faces in front line/s ?

LKDOOD said...

can anybody confirm these numbers ?


distance between Vavuniya to Jaffna is 142 KM

The Distance between Kilinochchi (North Eastern) and Vavuniya (North Eastern) is :
73.1 kilometers (km).
The approximate travel/road distance can be around 84.06 km to 91.38 km

The Distance between Kilinochchi (North Eastern) and Jaffna (North Eastern) is :
52.94 kilometers (km).
The approximate travel/road distance can be around 60.88 km to 66.18 km

please have a look & maps are included


hemantha said...

Threat Turned Into a Nuisance

Srilankan said...

Bro many thanks for your comments.Sorry could not reply.
Why is the army risking our soldiers lives by collecting LTTE bodies.Why bother to send them to hospitals to hand over to the red cross?..why dont they just dig a large hole and just bury them if really necessary?

LKDOOD said...

2,500 Tigers killed since January 1


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

DW, guys..gals :)

From Asian tribune article on the Mech.

"Brigade Commander Colonel Ralf Nugera said with confidence “our Brigade will reach Elephant pass and beyond as we have shock and surprises in store for the LTTE"


Do you think its a wise idea to sent the mech. in a break through drive to EPS?? how would this fair with the int you reported on a large anit-tank ditch and all. haven’t we lost part of the element of surprises by pointing out EPS as a target??

Or may be our lads are doing some counter int. to make the tigers harden and beef up EPS and then when the push comes.. bypass EPS in two flanking spears and encircle a big tiger formation??

Your views please.

Btw. Wasn’t Mech. Something Maj.Gen. Kobbakaduwa thought of??

C. Coin said...

i think its not proper to call it 'surrender' when civilians crossover from uncleared areas. gives a wrong picture i think.
1. they were not in fight with the forces.
2. after crossing over, these civilians are free which is not the case of a surrender.

pls correct me if i am wrong

Unknown said...

i wonder why our folks have to shoot their mouths off before taking any action and kill the element of surprise...unless bluffing is part of the strategy itself :)
mech units are not invincible and we all know how ltte can use very low tech methods and weapons to take em out like they did in the famous muhamalai debacle...
No single unit is strong enough to take ltte head has to be combined assault of sorts IMHO...
Maybe that' what the good Colonel was saying with "shock and surprises in store for the LTTE"

Srilankan said...

Well said..fully agree with you the goose who keeps writing this crap needs to take a course in elementary english.I am sure there are a lot of older people who speak very good english.Maybe they should be given a job here

Srilankan said...

Well said.What does the LTTE need to take a expensive piece of equipment out.One amude bastard with an RPG and a good sight.

Walimuni Abeysekera said...

Guys I found an Iteresting letter on Asia tribune.

Make internet a LTTE terror free zone
Fri, 2007-02-09 13:54
By Glen Jenvey - Internet Spy Specialist

London, 09 February, ( Internet giant ‘YouTube’ has been invaded by LTTE propaganda videos. ‘YouTube’ who has just done a deal with Google for $1.65 Billion seems to be providing free services to a Banned terrorist group.

‘YouTube’ is the latest American company to welcome with open arms a terrorist group responsible for the murder of a Sri Lankan head of state and an ex Indian head of state, a group which has dragged a country in to a separatist war no one wants and over 70 thousand left dead from the terrorist attacks and fighting. Many investors think YouTube is a place to make money from adverts. It seems any money to be made from adverts on the LTTE video download pages will be ‘blood money’, you can find the videos by putting LTTE into the YouTube search engine.

Victims of LTTE attacks will be outraged by LTTE propaganda videos. It is a clear case of American companies supporting international terrorism during the so called ‘war on terror.’

The ‘No Reply’ from YouTubes complaint department showing complete contempt to the suffering of the Sri Lankans, Indians and also the Tamils living under ‘land arrest’ and forced into refugee camps by the LTTE's fighting that no right minded Tamil want's.

‘Google’ and ‘YouTube’ are inciting others to act hatred and support terrorism by allowing to host LTTE propaganda video films. You would not find a Sri Lankan or Indian multi-billion $ company hosting Al-Qaeda beheading videos, but with a quick search on YouTube you can find videos LTTE killing civilians in Sri Lanka.

‘YouTubes’ insults to victims of terrorist attacks and international business who have been killed or attacked over the years by the LTTE, terrorist groups, like Al-Qaeda uses the internet but if any one knows history you will find the world leaders in internet terrorism was the LTTE long before Bin Laden even dreamed of attacking America or the first head was chopped off in Iraq and the video was posted on the internet.

Google and YouTube should learn fast to police their own web-site's before boasting to the worlds press about their Billion dollar deals as some find LTTE videos hosted by them offensive not just personally but to the entire humanity in the world!

Velupillai Prabaharan, the LTTE leader is one wanted by Interpol, but his speeches, LTTE battle clips, and child soldiers are all clear on some of the videos I have watched on the videos beaming from You-telecom’s headquarters, the new base for Tamil tiger terror media wing. You can see some of the videos hosted by this all American company here.

What can be done? Complain to YouTube search the web-site and mark all the inappropriate LTTE video clips you will find, flag them as inappropriate button just under each film, and complain to’ and make the internet a ‘LTTE free zone.’

- Asian Tribune -

You can contact YouTube at the address below.

YouTube, LLC
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA USA
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

How do I flag inappropriate videos?

If you see a video that you think is inappropriate based on our Terms of Use (, you can report it to us for review by clicking the "Flag as Inappropriate" link under the video

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lankan Prime Minister visits West Bank and meets with Abbas


Sri Lanka navy fights Tiger boats


LKDOOD said...

S.Lanka conflict raises human trafficking risk: UN


LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka values Indian help in battle against LTTE


LKDOOD said...

Lankan court orders release of 12 Indian fishermen


LKDOOD said...


"The security forces have been successful in capturing 31 square kilometers of territory south of the A14 road in Mannar," military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara

is this true ?

LKDOOD said...

D.B.S. Jeyaraj Column : Tigers prepare to face Army’s mechanised infantry---LINK

LKDOOD said...

India won’t allow division of Sri Lanka: Ratnasiri Wickremanayake


LKDOOD said...

South Asian regional meeting on anti-terrorism rescheduled for April


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