Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thailand safeheaven to LTTE no more

Despite the embarrassing encounter between the Sri Lanka government and Thai authorities over the arrest of Kumaran Pathmanathan last year, the Thai government and its Security Forces seem to have curbed LTTE activities in that country to a large extent.

Sri Lankan defence sources in Thailand told DefenceWire a short wile ago that the Thais had expressed resentment over the manner in which sections of the Sri Lankan defence established last year handled a confidential communication regarding the arrest of Kumaran Pathmanathan, the God Father of LTTE's international arms procurement and money-laundering wing--The "KP Department".

Pathmanathan, who is married to a Thai woman, was connected to some high authorities in Thailand during the height of the KP Department's operations in Thailand when it was used as the hub for LTTE activities in the region.

Former Director General of Military Intelligence Ret. Maj. Gen. Kapila Hendevitharana was instrumental in curbing LTTE activities in Thailand with assistance from Thai authorities. Him and other officials thereafter had warned the Thais of emerging ties between the LTTE and Islamic Jihadists in Thailand like the Pattani United Liberation Organization.

Although the Tigers have now shifted its smuggling operations base to Indonesia, there too the Tigers encountered problems from other western intelligence organizations. This and the Sri Lanka Navy's blue-water mission eliminating Tiger floating warehouses, the Tigers are now forced to keep shifting operations from place to place.


LKDOOD said...

22 killed in Lankan clashes


sldf said...

Maj. Gen. Kapila Hendevitharana is one of the best intelligence officer we have had. We should add pressure not only thai, but also Cambodian Burmese and Indonesian govts to curb LTTE activities.

LKDOOD said...

EU says it has 'very serious concerns' over alleged Sri Lanka human rights abuses


Unknown said...

BS, screw EU and US, lets hunt some more humans ;)

LKDOOD said...

India installs radar for LTTE surveillance


LKDOOD said...

Arthur.C.Clarke has passed away

may his soul REST IN PEACE

TropicalStorm said...

LTTE the modern day human rights champions..

LTTE discovers that the Indian Tamils are slaves !!

Check this out

Upul said...

When even "The island" claims sri lanka is majorly screwed up, there is obviously something there.
Sri Lanka is under siege from every front. Its a matter of time before the country collapses.

Internal conflicts and external conflicts have caused trouble for Sri Lanka for decades. The weak and inadequate response of Sri Lanka’s political leadership in addressing and resolving these conflicts has made Sri Lanka unpopular among its neighborus. Sri Lanka needs leadership, led by new blood, with determination and courage to prevent Sri Lanka’s reputation from worsening. Although Sri Lanka has the potential to feed its own citizens and export goods elsewhere, this once flourishing country now relies on developing and developed countries for aid to feed its citizens and it looks like that will be the case for a very long time.

Upul said...

The second paragraph is from the Island.

Upul said...

We are only 2.5 km from Madhu - January.

We are only 2.6 km from Madhu - February.

We are only 2.7 km from Madhu - March.

We are only 50 km from Madhu - April.

Off course brave SLA are making steady progress, testing reliability of Tiger mines, booby traps.

The south is turning into a nation of legless and armless adult men. One other civilization did such damage to its own healthiest and that was the Aztecs.... The civilization imploded as the Spanish came to Mexico.. the rest is history.

Jambudipa said...
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Jambudipa said...


The south is turning into a nation of legless and armless adult men.

Just think 10 years from now, thousands of mines and boobytraps randomly scattered everywhere throughout Vanni. Each week it will a take an arm or a leg off a Tamil child playing or a woman walking to the well. Then of course large spans of agriculrural lands will go to waste prohibiting its use. Your men without work will get into alcoholism beating up the retarted women and children. What goes around has a habbit of coming around - law of the universe.

This is what awaits you buddy. We have support services for the disabled soldiers. They are given homes, their families get free health care, salary paid until they reach retirement and a pension afterwards. On top of that we are here to make sure the nation never leaves behind these brave sons of our soil or their kith an kin in our march forward.


Upul said...

On top of that we are here to make sure the nation never leaves behind these brave sons of our soil or their kith an kin in our march forward. */

You can say that again. Off course with all those dead bodies of soldiers dumped by the hundreds and burned with kerosense to be declared MIA to save some bucks here and there... What a strategy.

Jambudipa said...


Off course with all those dead bodies of soldiers dumped by the hundreds and burned with kerosense to be declared MIA..

You seem to have a blood spill fetish. You don't mind kids blown up and seem to get a kick out of the dead. What kind of sadistic prick are you?

IntelAttack said...
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IntelAttack said...

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IntelAttack said...

Russia has been negotiating with Sri Lanka for the supply of MiG-29 fighter jets - Original News

Anonymous said...


no one in these blogs so far could convince any tiger LTTE is wrong in what they do. hope you don't waste time.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Came across this in Dailymirror:

[Captured troops in good health: ICRC .
Several attempts to secure the release of the five captives prior to the government’s unilateral abrogation of the ceasefire agreement failed and even attempts at a prisoner exchange did not materialise. ]

Anyone here can tell what is the usual mode of resolving prisoners issues from either party in SL?

What were the disagreements preventing the prisoner exchange in above case?

The Writer said...


please stick to the topic

thank you

tangara said...


We now know who is dumping bodies.

CASC said...

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war. The population of Iraq and Sri lanka are roughly the same. The number of US soldiers stationed in Iraq is roughly the size of the Sri Lankan Army. Apart from these facts there are no other similarities. There are some interesting statistics with regard to US military recruitment. Military recruitment in the US and in Sri Lanka to a large extent reflect popular support for the respective wars. While the recruitment numbers in the US are nose diving, the numbers in Sri lanka are sky rocketing. In 2005, I believe the recruitment number for the SLA was approximately 3,800 and in 2007 the number was approximately 30,000.

In 2003 94% of the US military recruits had high school diplomas (equivalent to "O" Levels) but in 2007 that number is down to 79%.
In 2003, 4644 recruits had prior criminal convictions and in 2007 that number was 12,057. The average age of the recruit has been increased from 32 to now 41 during this war. That means there are privates who are joing the US Army at the very young age of 41 years. Troop rotations are now 18 months (In WW2 the averge was 6 months)

Five years on the US casualties are 3,990 US Troops Killed, 29,395 Wounded, 2,100 Have Tried To Commit Suicide 4,500,000 Iraqi Refugees (1/4 of the Iraq population internally or externally displaced)


tangara said...



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