Wednesday, March 5, 2008

True meaning of 'humanitarian operation'

The Sri Lanka Navy's Warships, Sayura and Suranimala brought the drifting foreign vessel with 50 Burmese and 21 Bangladeshi sailors to Trincomalee yesterday. The rescue mission has won the SLN international recognition with the UNHRC set to send one of its key delegates to meet the government shortly.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Army has decided to lift the curfew imposed in Jaffna every night, in view of the Maha Sivarathri. The moves comes after last year's civilian complaints during the same season. The SLA made this decision despite fears of increased LTTE infiltration into Jaffna and reports of an imminent invasion of Kilinochchi by the 53 and 55 Divisions of the Army.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force made accurate hits using bunker-buster bombs on an LTTE weapons dump in the general area Pooneryn containing a stock of artillery shells last afternoon. The attack was made following Military Intelligence reports of 130mm, 152mm and 122mm shells being stored at this location to face a future SLA onslaught.

The SLAF's Beach Super King equipped with Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) cameras is undergoing repairs. The other aircraft was lost in the Anuradhapura attacks. Several new UAVs bought by the SLAF have FLIR capabilities. However, SLA's Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is presently placed higher than any of the other methods of collecting and verifying intelligence.


Moshe Dyan said...

Thanks DW.

Great work by SLAF though a bit disappointing to learn HUMIT has assumed more importance over FLIR equipped UAVs/Beechcraft temporarily.

TropicalStorm said...


Humint was always the dominant and most dependable source of timely information since no electronic or other data matches the intelligent interpretational capabilities in the information provided by a well trained human being. The machine provides massive volumes of data, which needs to be screened by humans to find valuable and meaningful data and interpret what that data means, and that results in 'information'.
In the case of Humint, it is generally information, rather than data that is recieived, making it easier to act on a timely manner and therefore get effective results.

Moshe Dyan said...

I thought HUMIT refers to the INTELLIGENCE GATHERING process not the INTERPRETATION process???

Of course we need sharp minds to analyse and synthesise those loads of info. But first of all we must have it!

DW's last post really impressed me in this regard. It created a knowledge base out of just one photo.

info not data. that is surely an advantage of HUMIT over others. But technology can take us to where "HUMIT" cannot go.

DanW said...


This is my 1st post!(to any blog)
(Apologies for carrying forward from the earlier post)

I felt that this Sun Tzu sounds just like our Iqbal A of ST fame.

I have read his Situation Report for ages!!! If I remember correctly, long time back, I looked-up the word 'Jingoism' because it appeared in one of his articles.

"Pl grow up kids." - Fits the age group at least.

People, just look at Sun Tzu's posts through and see if he fits the bill.

Sun Tzu,
This comment is not meant to distract this blog from its current course.
(I don’t want to know who you are)

Sun Tzu's request for a discussion on “Jungle tactics of LTTE”. I think that's a valid request, because most of the bloggers would like to have some insight.
(I have heard that they walk with shoes that have sole front to back, in-order mislead trackers)

In addition to getting latest defence related info, pseudo-patriotic, pseudomilitary, jingoism, etc are some of the reasons that draws a certain section of bloggers, readers to this blog and DN. :D

I'v been reading this DW (and DN) for about 7months. I live in SL. I am 35+. I work in S/w development. I have seen most of the war environment since mid 80's.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

you make very good comedy;)

I just hope people intending to flame me at least make their case clear and concise. Unfortunately most are just interested in name-calling and junk not related to ,and sidestepping my points ...

If I do sound like Iqbal athas I am flattered to an extent--not everybody is a Janes correspondent after all;))

Unknown said...

"(I have heard that they walk with shoes that have sole front to back, in-order mislead trackers)"

don't think that really helps mate.
when you carry some weight and move rapidly in jungle terrain the boot prints you leave if there are any will be judged not on the visual direction of the print but by judging how the weights have been distributed on to the boot print...
And experienced tracker can see whether they were walking or running to which direction by analyzing a well preserved boot print...
this is very tough fake if not nearly impossible...

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Sri Lanka's Army Offensives Erode Rebel Potency

- Terrorism Analyst Rohan Gunaratna

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