Friday, April 4, 2008

Marian Gunetilleke Scholarship Fund

For those of you who are interested in charity for a cause...

The Sri Lanka Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit launched the Marian Goonetilke Scholarship Fund to assist the children of personnel Killed in Action, Missing in Action, Disabled in Action, Disabled whist on service and the children of civilians serving for Sri Lanka Air Force to support and peruse with their higher education. Marian Goonetileke Scholarship Fund was officially inaugurated on 10th December 2006. Since then, within a short period of time the fund was able to award more than 100 scholarships to the needy children of Air Force Family. Following are the schemes available for sponsors:

Scheme A:

A life sponsorship could be attained with a monetary grant of Rs. 120,000/= which will in turn help many children with a monthly grant of. Rs. 1,000/= per month for 4 years per child. (It is an eternal on-going process.)

Scheme B

Sponsoring a single child with a monetary grant of Rs. 1,000/= per month for 4 years requires Rs. 48,000.

Scheme C

Donors can get together and sponsor a life-scholarship or a single child for 4 years

Scheme D

Donate any amount you can afford towards this charitable act in order to buildup this fund.

Contact Details

The Co-Ordinating Officer
Sri Lanka Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit
P.O. Box 594

Sri Lanka.

Web Site:

Bank Account Details :
SLAF Seva Vanitha Unit - AC No: 0000 306 376

Lake View Branch
Bank of Ceylon
Sri Lanka.


Sam Perera said...


Has SLA and SLN got anything similar to this?

Defencewire said...

I can check and get back to you on that.

serendib said...

Why this is named after "Marian Gunetilleke". What will happen when the next AF commander steps in. Will this fund renamed after next commander's wife then.
Hmmm "Xxxx Yyyy Scholarship Fund"

NOLTTE=Peace said...

This fund should open a Foreign Currency Account, and then ask the expats to contribute. This would allow the funds received in foreign currency to be retained in foreign currency until they are being utilised.

On a side note, when these funds are being advertised, it is a best practice to advertise how the funds received would be accounted, audited for, and administered.

Transparency is very important for people to contribute.

Unknown said...

Please Check the SLAF SVU site for their current projects.

The Scholarship fund is named after a former Chairperson, Mrs. Marion Goonetileke who has given her sons to the AF

Likewise, the Housing Project is named after Mrs. Anula Fernando, a former Chairperson who has sacrificed her only son to save the mother land.

SVU accounts are subjected to Internal Audit as well as Goverment Audit.

SLA, and SLN also have some projects simliar to Marion Goonetileke Scholarship fund.

The list of Children sponsored is avaialble on

Please write to
The Co-Ordinating Officer
Sri Lanka Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit
P.O. Box 594
Colombo 02
Sri Lanka.

for a detailed profile of the project.

Unknown said...

Hi Saman

SLAF SVU is not a political organization to change the names of the projects under each leadership. Marian Goonetileke Scholarship fund will be a continuous process since it has "eternal" investments made by some generous donours.

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