Monday, April 14, 2008

Saferworld Clarifies

Saferworld INGO, in a communication to DefenceWire has made the following clarification regarding a statement issued by them to BBC over the purchase of 10,000 RM-70 Rockets by the Sri Lanka Army recently.

Dear Defencewire

Saferworld was recently quoted in a BBC online article regarding the transfer of military rockets from Slovakia to Sri Lanka. We believe the original article was not a fair or accurate representation of the discussions between Saferworld and the BBC.

Saferworld contacted the BBC with its concerns, and the article has since been changed with all references to Saferworld removed.

Kind regards

Sonia Rai
Advocacy and Communications Coordinator


dhanushka said...

This is shows two things, we can make a difference if we speak out, plus how BBC is biased towards discrediting the govt and putting the govt reputation down..

chamal said...

What kind of nonsense is this?

"Saferworld contacted the BBC with its concerns, and the article has since been changed with all references to Saferworld removed."

The article is still there with 'references to saferworld' removed? Nobody gives a damn about references to saferworld, it's the actual article that has the problem.

Rover said...

I am glad that Def.wire is read widely, and it makes a difference when we speak out.

Most of the journalists, at least the ones I have dealt with, already have a pretty good idea of what they are going to say. After interviewing, they usually tell the story, with a couple of your quotes, to support their preconceived ideas. It seems that BBC Sinhala and Tamil service (I am highlighting these because I love the BBC comedies and some of their other desks) has done just this to the Saferworld.

There should be of course someone to talk about what is going on in the world and highlight trends that need to be addressed. However, before talking like a cat who ate a three day old fish and expressed it self all over a floor, people like saferworld also need to be responsible for what they do; they should be aware of the consequences of their statements - in this case, contributing to the denigration of a democratic country which is fighting to save its citizen from the terrorism of the LTTE.

tangara said...

This is one way of countering the BBC's bias propaganda.For the last 50 years or so, what BBC did was to muddied the water of every conflict on earth by false reporting.They have achieved nothing for the world but more blood shed.
BBC must understand that they have a fundamental issue with their approach to reporting on conflicts.
When it comes to reporting on British troops in Iran and Afgahanistan they are totally blind on attrocities commited by the British troops. They don't tell us how 1000000 Iraq's died after the invasion of Iraq by US and British troops.

Something is really wrong with the BBC..It has been infiltrated by organised parties to many conflicts from Palestine to Phillipine.

Anonymous said...

I have dug the internet and found the article again.
(Hope that is the right one)
Actually in the article I don't find any reference to saferworld.
But the ingo is CAAT
But their link is available also now.
Anyway good work! we have to do more this kind of things.
The most important thing is, if we put pressure all the time, next time they will at least be careful on what they write.

CASC said...


Good job !

TT said...

Good thing Google has a great archvive function. The BritishBullS**tCorporation article that refers to saferworls can still be found. The cheeky buggers have just changed names of the ING and reorganiseda few paragraphs.
- typical bbc

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