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A 'SaferWorld' for Terrorists

When a Non-state actor with a clear history of terrorism procures and smuggles in deadly weapons it is a heroic deed, even an accomplishment to be proud of. But when a democratically elected government arms itself, it is an 'unethical violation' of international rules.

Who Monitors These?

Original version of the Russian Strela-3 or 9M36 (NATO GREMLIN) MANPAD captured from Thoppigala

Chinese (NORINCO) T-63 12 barrel 107mm multiple-rocket launcher recovered from Thoppigala


LKDOOD said...

OMG :(

LKDOOD said...

thank you for info & pictures DW

Rover said...

Exactly DW. It is just because we are a small country that can be pushed about.

I remember in "Yes Prime minister", the now famous BBC comedy series, something similar to the following conservation takes place.

PM: We should always help the weak against the strong.

Berty (PM's private secretary): Oh, then why don't we do something about the Russians?

PM: Russians are too strong!

Rover said...

sorry, I meant conversation, not conservation.

Rover said...

What is that cart like thing? Doesn't look ominous at all, looks like a mobile tea shop. Probably VP pulls that around, with Mathivathini sitting on top.

Peter said...

Rover said...

Exactly DW. It is just because we are a small country that can be pushed about.

Small or poor? I can think of at least a dozen "smaller" countries, i.e Singapore, with more significant international presence.

It's simply the age old wisdom of beggars can't be choosers.

Rajaratasurfer said...

BBC article has Ltte written all over it ! They manipulate all for their propaganda purposes.

Classic case in point, 1994 Discovery Channels 1 hour program Called "Tamil Tigers: the most ferocious Terror outfit" never aired at all! Why ? Ltte idiots in NY got into Discovery Channel Execs and pulled the programming. I saw the highlights and boy, it would have been severe blow to them ! But, they ltte cowards got the betters of us !

Rover said...

I didn't mean literally small. Yes, but small and poor. Without admitting what we are, and what we are not, we can't progress.

But all nations are not poor all the time, fortunes fluctuate, and Sri Lanka's time will come, when the war finishes.

Right now, we don't have a choice even, we can't get even the only bloody thing that is available without all this commotion.

My reference to BBC's "Yes Prime Minister" is actually the foreign policy, in a nutshell, of many developed nations.

Rover said...

LTTE's women fighters!

Let me put this in a sociobioogical context. Lot of LTTE women are dying. Nobody in the right mind would let their women die (except of course the "white" assed VP, because women are precious. Women can have only a limited amount of children during their lifetime (production of ova stops after 45, generally can't have more than 1 child at a time, and there is a gestation period of 10 months, and also a period of care that should be provided for about 4 years until the child is independent). But men can have many many children, as they are independent of the constraints mentioned above - sperm is cheap, ova are not.

But utter idiots like VP think that they are doing a great job when they send their women to war. And the diaspora is blind to this.

I'll talk about the children that are so blatantly sent to war some other time.

And their are even more idiots than VP, cheering him on!

Rover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rover said...

DW, about the UAVs and Beachcrafts not being used to track down the LTTE DPU, I don't really understand why we don't use these.

Didn't the Americans get several high profile targets with the use of UAVs? Or is it more a question of priorities?

Rover said...

I recently did some mathematical modelling on how the LTTE would do, based on their recent losses, use of women fighters and children and the results are truly amazing, and I won't share this with you here.

But based on this, just a word of advise for the LTTE die hards, save your women and children and give up arms NOW!

RomeoAlphaFoxtrot said...

DefenceWire, from a previous thread - didn't you reveal too much info when you said

"Anticipating these bottlenecks, some very smart officers in the Army made plans to purchase them at a different location than the location of the original vendor. Hence these weapons are presently at an entirely different location awaiting transfer to Colombo."

So we now know the rockets are not in SL and are due to be transported(shipped)here, leaving room for possible interception or destruction of the shipment by the LTTE.

Remember this has happened before to our Mortars from Zimbabwe and LTTE tried to attack a shipment of Helicopters in the Colombo Harbour.

Sam Perera said...


What is your point in adding links to your own blog, in turn refers to other news sources? They are neither your own comments nor somebody else’s comments. In essence, you add pointers to other news in the net through your blog. I frankly, don’t see any value in your links other than littering the blog comments. We already have read most of the links you post through other sources or the original sources. Is this something about advertisement revenues? Regardless of the bias you have, may be it is the time for you to do something original than recycling other’s news in other’s blogs.

LKDOOD said...

Musharraf pledges support to end terrorism in Sri Lanka


Defencewire said...

UAV's have a job to do and thats called decapitation strikes. They don't have the time to skim over 1000s of acres of jungle looking for chena cultivators and LTTE DPU teams. We are stretched to the limit as we are already. But I will present to you over the weekend a device which can do that.

US UAV's and ours cannot be compared. They have grade 1 hadware. We have grade 3.

Appreciate the patriotism but this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Don't worry. Its in safe hands.

Let's leave the poor bugger alone. It might be a service to some, we do not know.

garrett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
garrett said...

Spot on DW. Also how come LTTEs copious use of land mines never make it to these NGOs ?? Isn't the use of land mines banned under an UN charter ? use of land mines is considered a crime against humanity. This never brought up in any HR reports . I find that criminal . The reason these NGO criminals get away with it is because GOSL never takes them to task in a legal frame work.

Rover said...

UAV's have a job to do and thats called decapitation strikes. They don't have the time to skim over 1000s of acres of jungle looking for chena cultivators and LTTE DPU teams. We are stretched to the limit as we are already."

I see, so it is mostly a question of effective resource utilization.

"But I will present to you over the weekend a device which can do that."

Cool, thanks, looking forward to this.

Sup said...

There should be a way to report pro-ltte user accounts on youtube. have a look at these.

I couldn't find an email address to I sent it to

I don't think they will care though...

sldf said...

"this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. "


Care to shed some light.

Rover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LKDOOD said...

Happy new year !

LKDOOD said...

Charles Antony Special Regiment(CASR) video


thanks to isoorya for the video

hemantha said...

I guess I have to agree with Sam. I can go to utube if I wanna see LTTE shit.

Peter said...

Tamil New Year weekend.

Best wishes to all!

Peter said...

"However, field commanders told DefenceWire that the church will probably be captured, for the second time since 1999, by the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations begin."

Ha, Ha!

Moshe Dyan said...

sorry guys for again brining in this baloon theory. i stubbornly believe that UP-TO-DATE information is the key to war. found further support from iraq.

according to this persistant surveillance is the key. i think this is EXACTLY WHAT SL ALSO NEEDS. but we cannot have the high tech gadgets. i propose humans with necessary safety, health, technology.

i tried to contact GR and the mechanised engineering division but failed so far. may be i will sound very impractical.

i want to just give it a try. may be away from the ACTIVE battlefield. if it works it can be rolled out elsewhere.

delft, kytes, mannar would be ideal starting places.

any views?

this was discussed before here and at some forum i can't recollect by some group. if any of them are here PLEASE shed some light.

it may well be used (if it works) during peace times as well.

perein said...

Some ppl need to know the meaning of the word probably.
I really hope you would not waste your time answering terrorists.
I personally hope we do not take control fully on Madu (keep that handy for a easy day) and attach some other location to kill terrorists.

Peter said...

"with considerable certainty; without much doubt"

Didn't SLA capture general area north of Giant's Tank, aka general area south of Adampan today?

"possibly, probably"

LKDOOD said...

Norway opposes ‘external’ solution to Sri Lanka conflict


LKDOOD said...

JVP split could bring greater Indian involvement in Sri Lanka: Expert


hemantha said...

According to the JVP leader following is a one of the bad things (a crime) Wimal Weerawansa has done.

" There were so many explanations that we couldn’t accept. One was that the government was trying to defeat terrorism and that we must not disturb them by taking other issues into consideration. He tried to convince us that he is correct."
Can he be more correct?
I don't know towards which way the JVP is going to march. To me it looks like they have chosen the path towards the hell.

Moshe Dyan said...

if an election is called now, i think JVP can secure around 10 seats in parliament. 29 will lose their seats.

almost all their losses will benefit the SLFP.

on the other hand if the main faction goes ahead and manages to survive until the next election, they will be a threat to the UNP than the SLFP as they are ALSO opposed to war when it comes to the cost of living. essentially the opposition is divided not the government. when it comes to the next election, both the UNP and JVP WILL BE SEEN AS VIABLE OPPOSITION PARTIES.

in a way this is a good strategy for the jvp. if it supports the war, it will be eaten by the SLFP which is similar to JVP. if it supports the UNP it will still have something left for itself due to differences between the two parties.

weerawansa's deshapremi peramun is a recipe for disaster. people rememebr the deshapremi peramun that terrorised them. actually weerawansa is not in that camp; soma is in it. by adopting such a name, he is digging his own grave.

hemantha said...

Moshe Dayan,
In theory, your argument looks accurate (same as replacing Mahinda with Rathnasiri). But the ground situation is much different. JVP is a cadre based party. But its parliamentary composition mostly based on general masses who voted for it. For them Wimal was the human face of the party. JVP without Wimal won't attract them. Actually lots of people are unhappy about the way the JVP treated Wimal. Most of them would drift towards SLFP.
Used to be stable, JVP hardcore base would be the most unpredictable. By seeing their leaders making idiotic decisions again and again I am pretty sure they have begun wondering.

"weerawansa's deshapremi peramun is a recipe for disaster."

If true, it won't be a disaster. Masses are used to his work with PNM and Manel Mal. He will just have to expand whatever he has been doing in this regards so far. He will get the backing of most of the nationalistic forces. People will easily identify him with anti-LTTE forces.
JVP base and the UNP base doesn't overlap significantly. With no voter base, discouraged hardcore, JVP is doomed for few years. They won't be a threat to UNP in any foreseeable future. The government is lucky because the UNP is run by a maniac.

"almost all their losses will benefit the SLFP."


Rover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LKDOOD said...

'So I retract my earlier post supporting him.'

what ?

Defencewire said...

Actually the Army IS in Madhu now. Small units have gone in and come out of the 4sqkms of the church already.

Moshe Dyan said...


in the past we had MEP, SMSBP, SU all ran on the patriotic agenda. now we have JHU. all these have lost their relevance over time. now their leaders are in other parties.

so if wimal comes up with a 'deshapremi front' or something the same will happen to it. because people want patriotism IN ACTION and a small party cannot do it. but wimal has a long political career because he is pragmatic.

yes, it was wimal who built the JVP to what it is now and people identify it with him. losing him will be the beggining of the end for the JVP, UNLESS they build up another votebase. and apparently they have. they have got all the BIG trade unions backing themand their members will vote for them. also the JVP is now eying the huge upcountry vote base.

i see the soma's JVP as a threat to the UNP than the SLFP when the SLFP is in power. when SLFP goes to the opposition, it will become an even more indrance to the SLFP than the UNP. UNP will have to work harder to get the opposition vote from the JVP which is appealing to those severely affected by cost of living, etc.

surprisingly TN is dead silent about the JVP split!!

one 'expert' has said the JVP split will increase chances of an indian involvement here. i doubt it. SL has already floated closer to china and pakistan. its now too late for india. where china has even a small presence, india keep out from there. we asked india repeatedly to decisively help us to hack the LTTE to which it didn't respond positively. that's it. we can't be wasting our time on india anymore.

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