Friday, May 16, 2008

Appeasement or honesty of purpose is the question

In an extremely courageous move, President Mahinda Rajapaksha this evening appointed Sivanesathurai Chandrakanth alias Pillayan alias Kubeiran as the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province, realizing a two-decade-old dream of a Tamil Chief Minister for the Eastern Province who is also acceptable to the Sinhalese.

The campaign to appoint a Tamil for the Northeast Chief Minister post was ongoing since 1987, particularly for neighboring India. It was only days ago that India banned the Tamil Tigers for another two years, coincidentally, a few days after the Eastern Provincial Council elections.

The goals for appointing a Tamil are what counts the most. It is the intention, not necessarily the act that follows. If the intention is at least 50% to look after the Tamil populace and thereby nullify conditions conducive for insurgency and the remaining 50% is pure appeasement of external entities, the decision maybe still quite viable.

From the look of it, there seems to be some thought behind the appointment. President Rajapaksha returned to the Island only yesterday and held meetings with coalition leaders last night on appointing Pillayan, a former lower-ranking member of the LTTE. However, in doing so, Rajapaksha government has completely isolated the Muslims. This is not traditional power-politics as usual in Sri Lanka.

It is customary for governments in the south to trust Muslims over Tamils; a political blunder from a Counter-Insurgency point of view. In their defence, the only other Non-LTTE Tamil politician available until recently was Varatharajah Perumal whose hideous politics further antagonized all groups in the Multi-ethnic east.

Now, Tamils have an official Chief Minister for the East from their own community (Pillayan) and also an unofficial one for the Northeast combined-- in the form of Douglas Devananda, though possibly a puppet of the Sri Lanka government and perhaps even India.

If this so-called 'political solution' were to be arrived at, and that requires incremental transfer of power to a majority Tamil region (North and East), then this is a beginning; albeit at the most basic of levels. Rajapakshe may have very well appeased India and the International Community, avoided political outbidding and outflanking by UNP, JVP etc on the Pro-Sinhala ticket and come up with a solution conducive and supportive of a military solution in just one stroke.

Pillayan maybe the ideal candidate, given his low stature and low self-esteem, he is the least likely to morph into something threatening, compared to Karuna Amman, the more celebrated and greedy of the two. Karuna and Mounaguruswamy, the former Batticaloa Government Agent and the various other anti-LTTE Tamil entities could provide an ideal politico-military counterbalance to the Tamil Tigers.

But as with all paramilitaries, unless there is an honesty of purpose in pitting Tamil man against another Tamil man, the whole setup could crumble, thus further legitimizing the Tigers. It is undoubtedly a finite game of politics that will decide the outcome of this latest move in Sri Lankan politics--one that will decide the fate of the ongoing military campaign into the 'Tamil heartland'.

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tangara said...
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tangara said...

I would say this is the best thing happened to Sri Lanka..

Hope Pilliyan or TMVP for that matter will not antagnise the Muslim community.

tangara said...

Hope Pilliyan or TMVP won't antagnise the Muslim community.

Riyaz said...

This is a better result than capturing killi and mulativ overnight if things goes smoohly..

VP may have got a heart attack..he must be envying pillayan now, who was nowhere near as VP,Soosai,Pottu etc..

Riyaz said...

This would realy hurt VP and his TE dreams, wonder how ihalth is now!!!

Riyaz said...

oops, it should be "how his health is now"

Riyaz said...

Now it is the duty of every peaceloving sri lankan to lend a hand in develping the east. The potential is enourmous. This province has all the makings to become the leader in industriesand agriculture if proper guidance is given.

And everyones hope is that pillayan would keep his election pledges regarding land issues ofthe muslims in east

Anonymous said...

It is now said the target was pilliyan in the fort bomb. This shows how much VP was hurt. LTTE has killed president, defence minister, foreign minister, opposition leader but not yet a CM. Pilliyan is now more open to public as CM and need to take steps to avoid VP.

Whoever has talent and qualities to lead the east towards the development should be appointed as the CM. But it is disgusting tamils and muslims started a race based on ethnicity. According to the agreement MR has to appoint Pilliyan or Hisbullah whoever got most number seats. UPFA consists of many parties and out of them TMVP got 6, Athaullah's party 4, Hisbullah's party 3 and SLFP 5. So Pillyan deserved it. But it is so shameful after the results all muslim members (Athaullah's people and others) demanded Hisbullah.

However I hope MR has taken steps to deal with muslims too in the east without leaving room to another issue. Pillyan now is the CM not only for tamils but also for every person in east. People and Pilliyan both need to understand that.

This was THE political victory ME wanted. Now he just need to capitalise on wanni offensive and win other PCs one by one such a way northen PC is for the last, within next 3 years. After that presidential election will be a piece of cake.

Riyaz said...

Could this be a stepping stone for rapid manouvres in the vanni liberation? Could this open up many fronts and really hasten the operations in the north?

sldf said...


How do you define the current relationship of Pilliyan and the Army? Do they have a good understanding?

sldf said...

Riyaz, anyway this news is not welcome by LTTE. Another big blow to the Eelam fantasy.

Gringo said...

Nothing burns the asses of LTTE pigs... like seeing East going up in smoke...

he he he

So their bombings are to show us how desperate they are now!

This is the second brilliant move by a GOSL after the steps taken by the president Premadasa in 1989, who sent a clear message to the Indians... that we don't need their advice on how to live our lives.

Those who feed the LTTE pigs and those are fed by the LTTE should now realize that... THEY ARE WASTING THEIR TIME... and the time is up for the LTTE!

Sam Perera said...


Dinamina says that SLAF has shotdown a Tiger Aircraft. Is this true?


hemantha said...

"Pillaiyan is not likely to run away fearing the LTTE unlike former Chief Minister of the merged North-East Province Vardharaja Perumal,...."

Editorial-The Island

click here.

hemantha said...

It must be related to the following air rade.

"SLAF raids Iranamadu runway - Mullaittiuvu
The Sri Lankan Air Force fighter craft made precision air sorties at the Iranamadu runway this evening in Mullaittiuvu, Air Force sources said.

According to available information the target was engaged on receiving intensified LTTE activities at the location, at around 8.p.m., sources further added.

More information will follow."

Moshe Dyan said...

"various other anti-LTTE Tamil entities could provide an ideal politico-military counterbalance to the Tamil Tigers."

well said DW; this is exactly the point.

but this may not be the nest political move; there is a general election in 1 1/2 years time and the govt. has robbed peter to pay paul!

Rover said...

A poor, low caste Tamil boy from Batti. becomes the chief minister of the Eastern Province. This is an achievement for many reasons. This gives hope to the oppressed/subjugated, and shows once again that seemingly elusive goals can be achieved through democratic means.

Contrast this with what VP is doing.

A poor, low cast Tamil boy from Velvetithurai, who grew up to be a fat pig, is hiding in a fortified bunker, while killing civilians, including his own people, to get at a political objective.

VP, what are you going to do next? We know that you can only think of violent things to do, and you have already proved this by trying to assassinate the new chief minster as well. Come on man, your time is over, it is now time to move on.

Also see

This is what is being planned for the East.

Tamilnet a few days ago, showed children from Wanni schools covering in fear in a bunker. Contrast that with the smiling children of the east (on the above website).

tangara said...


With the help of Eastern tamils , GOSL inhilate the LTTE..That is a victory for all Sri Lankans..

Get over it, LTTE lost East...

Bhairav said...

[Could this be a stepping stone for rapid manouvres in the vanni liberation? Could this open up many fronts and really hasten the operations in the north?]

Riyaz, da pedophile Muhamud should move your arse to Mugamalai or WeliOya to see the ground reality. You can find the permanent refuge over there.

tangara said...

To fix the historical blunder of UNP government in 1983, all Sri Lankans need to compromise on certain things.Handing over of CM to TMVP is the correct thing in the right direction..

Don't fall for these LTTE racists comments in the forum.

Truth and reconciliation is the way forward for all Sri Lankans.

Bhairav said...


What's your solutions for Tamils other than Tamil Separate land?

tangara said...

UNP's whinging has down after the meetings with foreign embassadors in Colombo.Looks like the International Community told UNP and Opposition leader to SHUT UP.

Unknown said...


Please don't bother answering Bhairav's question. Our stance is quite clear, we don't have to answer to every terrorist animal each time they have a question.

Instead tell them, separation is out of the question, we will NEVER agree to that. Then ask, what's your plan B? :)

tangara said...


If Tamils want to go for two states then it should be Tamils in North and Sinhalese in the South..

That is the only way to seperate warying parties to a conflict.

But in Sri Lanka it will fail because the Tamils who live in South would not like to move to North after creating a seperate state.Therefore Bhairav , you have one choice learn to live with Sinhalese, like Mr. Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan, former child soldier cum New Chief Minister is trying to do. That is the only way forward for all of us. Two state system will fail in Sri Lanka with more blood shed.

You should be happy not angry that Eastern people has a true chance to come out of the horror.

Have a nice day.

tangara said...


Thanks for the input mate..

Yes, Seperation will fail in Sri Lanka.

I thought it is better to show these LTTE diehards that they either learn to live with all of us or die fighting for a land only Velu is dreaming.

One day LTTE will give up arms.

tangara said...

We will have intresting times with less lethal JVP in the South.

I am happy JVP was split. I am happy to say that, NO UNIVERSITY STUDENT strikes this year, organised by the JVP student unions . I remember sending them some nasty letters asking them to abandon all strikes..

Looks like Somawansa is finally listening...

Like Yasser Arafat of Palestine to Velu in Wanni, Somawansa wants everything but in the end gain NOTHING.

Moshe Dyan said...


one day LTTE will be screwwed to such nasty extent that it find it suicidal to bear arms any longer.

but it will never lay down arms without such a BIG incentive.

But i prefer a strategy that will NOT allow them to lay down arms. kill them all while bearing arms.

it is very easy to re-arm a terrorist group. but when the group is no longer there, that is the real end.

BTW this bhairav fellow is an extreme racist. his shitt rantings against the Holy Prophet (PBUH)will have DIRE consequences not only on him but also on his entire family and his entire community.

Unknown said...


I know mate, they will have to give up arms and learn live like normal people.

Their idea of a homeland is crazy at best, if achieved it will only consist of LTTE. LTTE hates everybody (even Tamil people who have a different political view) apart from themselves, so it will never work.

I say LTTE will have to dismount gracefully from their high horse soon if they are to avoid total humiliation because:

- Sri Lankan's will never give up the fight
- Given the opportunity, neutral (probably non-hardcore LTTE too) Tamils will embrace democracy and learn to live in Sri Lanka, which after all is also their country!
- Everybody in the world now hates terrorism, and attacks like the one in Colombo will only strengthen LTTE's tag as a terrorist outfit
- Slowly but surely, SLDF are inching towards Kilinochchi, one day they will get there!
- LTTE are terrorists and we will NEVER talk to terrorists. So, even if there is going to be a separation, it will not be achieved by LTTE!

Finally, LTTE lost in the EAST! People turned out and voted, this means that they have said yes to mainstream politics. If they truly supported LTTE and if LTTE was the sole representative of Tamils in Sri Lanka, then none of the Tamil's would have voted!

So, this is a very sad day for LTTE lunatics. They will come up with more garbage cos they just can't stomach this defeat!.

The thing that hurts them most is that Tamil people have rejected them in the East, oooooooooooooooooooouch!

tangara said...

To find out the support for a seperate state among tamils, LIVING only in South, GOSL should call for a referendum and ask the following question.

Do the Tamils in South want a seperate state and expect to live ONLY in NORTH?


This is where GOSL can conclude and look for ways to solve the issue.

The other thing is to introduce Federal System. If we can find 10 Pilliyans and Karunas.
We should go for it.

tangara said...

Well said Parakrama..Keep up the good work.

By the way Australia is considering abandonning the Federal System they have in place now.The Aussies are sick and tired of the no of layers of power they have to negotiate and done anything.

That is also food for thought.

Federal System is also NOT the SILVER BULLET after all to resolve out issue.

tangara said...

Pilliyan is cool..

Karuna engineered this for all of us.

tangara said...

Over and out. Tanagara

Sam Perera said...


I think that MR did the right thing in the best possible way this time. We need to standby key minority members with all the force we have. This is our foundation to get away from the communal past and move on to a more balanced Sri Lanka where such members are duly recognized. There are few more forgotten matters to take care, i.e. commorate the fallen heroes of LRRP from minorities. We need to take care of their families and tell them that their lost loved ones are heroes of the unified Sri Lankan nation.

chamal said...


"What's your solutions for Tamils other than Tamil Separate land?"

Tamils should have a problem in the first place to ask for a solution.... If you can please let us know about the problems you have that justifies you to have a separate state

TropicalStorm said...


You are re-opening the stinky can of worms by inviting the whiners to party. what you need to keep in mind is that Ranil GAVE the N/E on a plate and all that happened was monkey kill monkey. We had to hold the bucket, and even provide the food and water as we do now.
No matter what is given, the monkeys aren't evolved enough to rule themselves.
THere's really no point in discussing anything. What the Sinhala extremists have been saying all along has been corect. only a total annihilation of the LTTE will work. Nothing less will.

Roaring Roy said...

@ Peter and all the other ltte supporters

"In the meantime, frustrated school children in Vavuniya showing their contempt against LTTE and insisting on non-interference by Tiger elements in their studies launched a massive poster campaign this morning (16) in the heart of Vavuniya town.

Thousands of posters written in Tamil language were seen pasted on the walls in public places like the Central Bus stand, School walls and other general areas. The WANNI Students Movement has triggered the campaign.

Some of the slogans read “Children of LTTE leaders are overseas for foreign education but we are forced to the War. Is that sensible? Does the LTTE want closer of the school ?, etc ”

Isn't it sad how the ltte with the diaspora money is ruining the next generation of tamils? Keep on contributing and see your own tamils getting destroyed. Not by the hands of the defence forces but thanks to you guys.

Roaring Roy said...

Guys, if you haven't yet done, read the whole article. It is with pictures of the posters that the kids have put up.

Looks like the tigers are loosing their grip on the population, cause it need tons of courage to do such an act in yet ltte controlled Vavuniya!

Peter said...


School kids put up the posters.

Poor Banda saw the posters, while going to tea stall, and decided to take photos.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Now that Karuna is likely to come back soon, what is his likely hierarchy in the new scheme of things?
Will Pillaiyan continue to hold both the Military and Political leadership of TMVP, or will he be asked to continue as CM while Karuna is mollified with the military command?
What are the present loyalties of past Karuna supporters like Iniyabarathy and Mangalan master--will they switch to him now?

Defencewire said...

Karuna's possible return could upset things. Parathi and Mangalam are loyal to him. I have a gut feeling he will try to stay in UK.

hemantha said...

"Karuna's possible return could upset things."

I doubt. Pillayan is the power center of TMVP now and he has consolidated his base. Karuna is some old news. By his behavior he has proven that he is not 100% for the cause which he has originated. Irrespective of weather it is Iniyabarathi or Mangalam master they would think twice before siding with Karuna.

Karuna might have a role in East only if Pillayans wishes so or if Pillayan makes a big blunder.

But Karuna can be extremely useful in the northern war if we can persuade him to help. We should pay big money if he is willing.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Thanks for quick reply.
Now that Pillaiyan/Rajapakse has antagonised both Muslims and Karuna, is there any chance that these two could hit back over time by covertly re-aligning with LTTE (not necessarily military, but rather by giving intelligence or safe operating areas,or simply not cooperating with MI)? I am pretty sure ltte is working on such an alignment.

Post Muhamalai fiasco, and after recent Welioya stalemate, I think the SLA has done a rethink of strategy atleast for the short term? i.e. Multiple prongs has stretched out SLA leading to a stalemate in all fronts.So SLA seems to have diverted its men from Jaffna and Vavuniya sectors to the Mannar sector--this prob explains the recent forward movement in Mannar as well as quietening-up of the other two sectors?
That is, a Jayasikurui-type change may be taking shape... It appears pretty clear now that the ' Attrition war' will never succeed in defeating LTTE as they can easily re-coup the loss. Only area-domination like in East will lead to destruction of LTTE, but do SLA have the stomach to do it?

Karunas cannot give any extra advantage to SLA in North that Pillaiyan already gives .So I think GoSL can afford to put him down if he gets too pesky.

tangara said...

13 LTTE dead bodies recovered.

Palampiddy Falls to Army’s Hand

MANNAR: LTTE TERRORISTS met another humiliating defeat in their battle with the troops to defend PALAMPIDDY, one of LTTE major strongholds in MANNAR, which fell into the hands of the Army by Saturday (17) afternoon.

Army had to face severe resistance by the terrorists and inched forward nearly for six days to reach PALAMPIDDY, about 8 km north of MADHU. PALAMPIDDY junction connects VIDATTALTIVU in northwest, MADHU in south, MULLIKULAM in southeast and NEDUNKANDAL in northeast. Fall of this former LTTE stronghold cripples administrative work and supplies to the terrorists.

Troops have so far recovered thirteen LTTE dead bodies, eleven T-56 weapons, one MPMG (Multi Purpose Machine Gun) and four communication sets from the area.

Troops after consolidating their positions in and around PALAMPIDDY are now conducting search and clear operations.

tangara said...

Here is more..

tangara said...

If not for Karuna this blog would not have existed.

Simple as that.

Any move to elianate Karuna will back fire...

It is likely Karuna will stay in UK or in another country.

hemantha said...

"Karunas cannot give any extra advantage to SLA in North that Pillaiyan already gives "

This is like comparing Sarath Fonseka's experiences with that of Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara's.

Karuna led many battles in the North. If we want to know the thinking patterns (battle related) of the upper echelon of the LTTE he would be the best source. This is only a one example

Sam Perera said...


I remeber that you mentioned once that Sri Lankans will give up TMVP and Pillaiyan once LTTE is taken out of the East. Look at what happened and how Sinhalese took a hard and firm stand on giving the CM post to Pillaiyan. This is the side of Sri Lanka you lack the ability to understand. We are greatful to Karuna, pilliyan, and TMVP for saving the East from LTTE racist and we will take every possible step to help them in taking the legitimate political leadership as long as they stand for a united Sri Lanka. The same Sri Lankan army who fought with him is protecting Pillaiyans life with ours. That is the extent we have gone and are willing to go to help true sons of Mother Lanka. Hopefully, seeing a Tamil Sri Lankan PM or President is not that far away. Changes are not overnight, but when it happens, it happens on soild grounds. In that way, I like slow and steady progress.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"This is like comparing Sarath Fonseka's experiences with that of Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara's."

So what happens when you give Commander-in-Chiefs position to the latter? Will the former sit cracking his fingers;)?

More seriously, Karuna defected to GoSL for nearly 4 years now--so I am sure MI has by now milked him dry as to LTTE tactics/thinking/strenghts and weaknesses/intelligence machinery/moles/communications/international operations/decision making process etc etc.That the LTTE has taken countermeasures is also a given.
Hence my statement that he is expendable.So if he is of use to GoSL, it will be mainly Political and not military.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"If not for Karuna this blog would not have existed.

Simple as that."


hemantha said...

Wavunia front is very active. They are the people who are fighting at Palampiddy (Correct me DW if I am wrong).

Now Palampiddy has fallen. Periyamadu and Vidattaltivu would be the next targets. As this front move towards west, LTTE formations below the Palampiddi-Vidattaltivu line would be extremely vulnerable for the attacks from behind. Another large scale tactical withdrawal from a vast area of land is imminent (if LTTE is unable to stall this forward march on the west side of A9)

Initially our Wanni front line was zig-zag. But now it's gradually moving up and becoming horizontal. That mean it contracts all the time. Close to 4000 trained personnel joining the Armed Forces every month, "thinly spread" logic is not going to be valid.(This is one of the major deviations from the "Jayasikuru" episode.)

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"Close to 4000 trained personnel joining the Armed Forces every month"

Any idea what is the present desertion rate?

hemantha said...

"So what happens when you give Commander-in-Chiefs position to the latter?"

He may get it if he is suited for the job and when he is qualified. Not now.

"so I am sure MI has by now milked him dry as to LTTE tactics/thinking/strenghts and weaknesses/intelligence machinery/moles/communications/international operations/decision making process etc etc.That the LTTE has taken countermeasures is also a given.
Hence my statement that he is expendable.So if he is of use to GoSL, it will be mainly Political and not military."

Oversimplifications. Equating a person to a computer (by few clicks you get all the information stored inside). You can’t milk someone’s decision making ability based on his personal experiences. I have nothing more to say about this argument.

hemantha said...

"Any idea what is the present desertion rate?"

As far as I know not very high. For exact numbers we should turn to Defencewire I guess.

Usually high recruitment+low desertion or the low recruitment +high desertion is the norm. The former is the current situation.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

" Oversimplifications"
A perfect example:-->"This is like comparing Sarath Fonseka's experiences with that of Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara's."

His personal experiences is not something that the Generals in SLA needs to win against ltte--his knowledge about ltte is(which I have listed, and which is finite).His personal experience will kick-in when he is commanding TMVP cadres into battle(not SLA--he has nil experience commanding them).Since TMVP doesnt have the cadre strength or will so also his usefullness in the military aspect limited as of now.. , but maybe politically.

Bhairav said...
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Bhairav said...

If banana republic's intel depends on two uneducated sellouts, Pillaiyan and Karuna, only god can save the fate of self proclaimed Buddhist Empire.

These two uneducated sellouts became traitors overnight to enjoy the material aspects of the life. What MI can gain from these sellouts is some recycle of garbage which about their past valors of killing unarmed 600+ policemen and innocent villagers in the Eastern border.

If you add up two of these sellout's all the academic years, it won't be even a dozen years

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


pot calling kettle black?

are VP and TS also not poorly educated but with better functioning brains than most?
It appears like a case of sour grapes. Criticise their policies or actions, not their education/color/caste/religion/race/job.

Bhairav said...

[are VP and TS also not poorly educated but with better functioning brains than most?
It appears like a case of sour grapes. Criticise their policies or actions, not their education/color/caste/religion/race/job.]

Knowledge is universal. Anyone can succeed with the enough resources. When you become traitor for material aspects, I would think education would have helped them in that scenario, at least, to some extent.

Unknown said...

Exactly as I predicted, LTTE lunatics have become raving lunatics! I think this goes to show you how much these terrorists are suffering both physically & mentally!

Bhairav said:

"What MI can gain from these sellouts is some recycle of garbage which about their past valors of killing unarmed 600+ policemen and innocent villagers in the Eastern border."

This is exactly what Balasingham did when he spilled the beans on killing Rajiv!

Hey Bhairav, easy bro, we are ok with your confessions but you don't have to go overboard, one at a time will do just fine....

So, you have admitted to killing unarmed 600+ policemen and ethnic cleansing in the East....

Hmmm....let me digest this first....fine, that was so sweet, right next one please.....

How about massacres at A'pura, Aranthalawa, Kebithigollawa etc.? Just pick your favourite one, we are listening!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"Knowledge is universal"

Therefore dont harp on academic qualification--Karunas/VP/MR

"become traitor "

*One mans traitor(Karuna/Sinhala Tigers)=anothers hero.
*One mans terrorist(ltte/sla)=anothers hero.

hemantha said...

"A compromise formula has been devised to defuse the crisis that has been sparked off following the appointment of Pillaiyan as the Chief Minister of the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC).

The government has already appointed a negotiating team comprising an emissary to discuss matters with the irate Muslim ministers who boycotted Friday’s swearing ceremony.

Highly-placed government sources said that a final solution would be proposed to share the five-year term of the Chief Minister with the first two years allocated to Pillaiyan, following two years to a Muslim politician and the final year to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

Asked whether M.L.A.M Hisbullah, who revolted against the government, would be appointed for the second two-year term, the source said that he should prove that he is a team player during the first two years to make himself eligible for the position.

It is likely that Hisbullah and other ministers who supported the UPFA would participate in the discussion and accept the compromise formula to defuse the present impasse, political sources said.

It is learnt that Ministers Rishard Badiudeen and Ameer Ali are persuading Hisbullah to accept the compromise formula.

Meanwhile, Minister Badiudeen told The Nation last night that they were seriously considering the formula since they wanted to cooperate with the President, who is fighting a terrorist war and striving hard to develop the country."


Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

[*One mans traitor(Karuna/Sinhala Tigers)=anothers hero.
*One mans terrorist(ltte/sla)=anothers hero.] make a call. There are many different kind of traitors, of them, worst is when you show your back to your own community. Basically you shit on your own food.

kaatikuddupaan said...

I am also Tamil and have long supported Tigers and the liberation struggle.

However now, Prabhakaran has totally betrayed our people and is only thinking about himself and how he will go down in history.

If Tigers have betrayed us, then we must work even with our former enemies to wipe them out.

Maybe you are living in Western country and only relying on tamilnet or some propaganda for news.

They are all false, our people are being killed,tortured and raped by Tigers who claim to fight for our freedom. They only want freedom to have a Tigerland , not a place for us tamils.

lion said...


LTTE are not the only representatives of the Tamil people.The problem is that any alternative representation are promptly murdered.

What kind of society would LTTE/Prabha create? Look at failed states like Myammar , North Korea for example and you can envisage Eelam LTTE style.

For 30+ years this war has not achieved anything for your Tamil people, only suffering as we the Sinhala have.
The end game is near.

The LTTE have been going backwards not forwards.
The LTTE are getting further and further away from their objectives.

There is no use threatening to deploy vadai laced fart gas against our troops or some other "weapons of ass destruction".

So chill and make me some thosai like a good little boy.

lion said...

Oh Yeah, another thing Bhairav

any uneducated fuck can pull a trigger and become a terrorist.

But true courage and intellect are needed to become a statesman that transcends violence and has a vision for the future of their people,not some homicidal cult of personality aka LTTE that sacrifices at the despotic altar of VP the blood of tamil children and woman(your future generations).

Make sure you wash your hands before you start cooking my thosai, thanks.

Riyaz said...

Come on guys, Leave this poor soul bhairav, wish he had a better name than that..

He is too confused and dosen't know what to do. I suppose he needs a lot of love and care. Something he was denied from his childhood. Which the Tiger terras denied him to a great extent.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys,

For all those who wanted a map, mobi has put up a link in Long-Ranger's blog. It is really good, click here for mobi's map.

Thanks mobi!

tangara said...

Here is something that I hope SLDF is aware of..

Since SLDF is moving further into the LTTE held areas, the SLDF personal and assets will be more vulnerable to LTTE attacks.
It is likely LTTE will target SLDF assets like MBRL's, Artillery guns with new air strikes like in welioya. Therefore it is logical to move SLAF aircrafts closer to the battle field so the jets can be scrambled for any incomming LTTE aircrafts. Then again LTTE will try to attack AAB or Hingurakgoda AB when they are closer to their territory. The task at hand is getting comlicated day by day as the SLDF progress further into Wanni..It is better if SLDF hirearchy sits down and think before making any rash moves on Wanni battle fronts. The reason , we are heading into a very decisive stage of this war.

Red_Alert said...


the ground reality of Muhamalai or any of the uncleared areas is a direct consequence of the LTTE. Whilst i agree that tamils have legitimate concerns, LTTE is not the way forward!!

I should know having hailed from where LTTE comes from and unfortunately, my relatives have suffered as a direct consequence.

Its common sense that if you have a dispersed organisation with guns.. all hell is going to break loose! and having a neurotic despot at the helm doesnt help!!

hemantha said...

Fight To The Death

Strategy Page.

hemantha said...

Hizbullah Agrees to accept portfolio in new Eastern Provincial Council
-Daily Mirror

click here.

TropicalStorm said...

Interesting epilogue to a rather vague analysis; '..pitting Tamil man against another Tamil man..'

In an adult world, none can be pitted against another, without their consent and willingness. The positions taken by the individuals and groups have been publicly in place for very long and the present outcome is a succession of events in each has voluntarily participated. [LTTE and TVMP]

The return of Karuna opens up many interesting possibilities.

TropicalStorm said...

DBS Jeyaraj rambles in his own whimsicle fasion on this same topic;

Jeyanthan Brigade [lost Thoppigala to the SF] to relocate to the east?

Sam Perera said...


For D.S.B. Jeyaraj, anything we do is a conspiracy, mostly multi-layered. He bases every comment on the assumption that we have stolen the land belongs to LTTE and Prabhakarn by some divine right. So everything we do is to circumvent the divine right of Prabakaran to North and East. What he doesn’t comprehend is that our country belongs to all Sri Lankans and there is no place reserved for one ethnic group. What he doesn’t know is that our brave soldiers give their lives to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country. What he doesn’t know is that we fight a war against the most ruthless and organized terrorist group world has witnessed so far. What he doesn’t know is that we have the will to hold on to every inch of our homeland, regardless whether it is North or South. What he doesn’t know is that the current government is taking the best effort to decentralize the power to provinces in small steps. What he doesn’t know is that the current government takes bold steps to let TMVP take that power legitimately. What he doesn’t know is that such changes don’t take place overnight. Perhaps, he knows it pretty well but his petty mind is incapable of seeing things other than the conspiracy side.

Sam Perera said...


Perhaps, the next step we should take is to have a Tamil PM. Perhaps, we can appoint Karuna for the Governer of East. I wonder what kind of conspiracy theroy DSBJ would comeup with electing a Tamil PM?

Unknown said...


Thanks for the link!

I think that GOSL had no other option but to give CM post to Pillayan from the point of view of combating any future LTTE infiltrations. Had they given the post to Hizbullah, TMVP would have been alienated and the consequence could have been catastrophic. At least this is what DBS wants us to think. If this is the case, then it really is a dangerous situation.

I'm not sure about this "Beirut trail" that DBS is on about, can somebody tell me the real likelihood of LTTE being able to come back in to the east? I don't mean a few hit 'n' run attacks, I mean having proper bases and being able to mount effective attacks against SLDF bases.

If there indeed is a "gap", then SLDF need to close it ASAP. We need to make sure that the east is properly secured before we move on.

As Moshe puts it, SLDF has been following a "chase away" strategy. This strategy will only work if we can keep the east LTTE free and confine LTTE to smaller and smaller area as we move forward. If we leave a porous area behind us as we move on, then this surely is a disaster as LTTE will "tactically withdraw" and hit us from behind.

So, can you guys tell me the possibility of LTTE mounting an offensive in the east while we concentrate our attention on Wanni?

Unknown said...

Sam Perera,

"For D.S.B. Jeyaraj, anything we do is a conspiracy, mostly multi-layered." - Well said mate!

DBS goes on about "master strategist" Basil and goes on to explain Basil's "master plan" for the east! I wonder if Basil gave him a call and told him about this "master plan"...

If this wasn't the case, then DBS must be an absolute genius to "uncover" this elaborate plan based on two or three circumstantial pieces of evidence!

What he forgets to mention in his lengthy article is the fact that Pillayan did in fact receive the highest number of preferential votes!

Sam Perera said...


It seems that DSBJ think that resources in the East does not belong to Sri Lankans. For the record, the anciant principality of Rohana (Ruhuna) covered vast tract of land on the right bank of Mahaweli River. Even today, unless DSBJ is blind, he should be able to see the ruins of the Sinhala civilization in these areas. However, none of these mattter today. All what matters today is that we live in peace and harmony under one flag. What ever the pundit face DSBJ tries to put forward, he is incapable of hiding his inner doofus.

Moshe Dyan said...


well said mate. DBSJ is actually a STRONG believer of the "tamil homeland myth". he is working overtime to make SL a federal state so that tamil elam is a step closer.

but the remains of the past in the East DOES matter, not to make racial claims but to prove beyond all doubt that the East is NOT part of the "tamill homeland".

i respect your views. but i prefer a muslim CM just to have the mythical TE severed into two where its head is separated from its heart.

Moshe Dyan said...



let me bring another nuisance!!

i'm not eating my own words for saying that we should attack LTTE's weak points (lower numbers). but while this should remain so, we also need to attack LTTE's strong points.

(copied from DN)

although this nonsense that the jeyanthan brigade is regrouping, etc. is hillarious, there is a hint of truth in it. it means SOME LTTE units unseen for some time are getting ready to launch attacks.

the problem lies in our strategy. we have not actively sought to destroy LTTE "elite" units. in addition to the geographical warfare, SLDFs should start LOOKING FOR LTTE capabilities and destroy them.

there is no point in grabbing land killing lower level cadres (of course they must be killed) while allowing their "elites" to survive.

out of the four battlefronts, the highest active is the mannar front. but this is the LEAST IMPORTANT for the LTTE compared to muhamalai and welioya. the present "dutugamunu" strategy of first attacking areas that can be relatively easily attacked is not going to work. WE HAVE TO ENGAGE LTTE "ELITE" UNITS SOON AT THE TIMES WE DECIDE (NOT THEM).

an operation with the potential of easily bringing mulaitivu and killi. within the target range of further military action will force the LTTE to respond with all their might. ALL LTTE infrastructure is in these two areas; these cannot be moved elsewhere.

at first i disagreed with ET Baileys comparison of SF to the "General" in charge of Pres. Lincoln's army. Apparently he was too cautious.

but now i see that there are too many similarities.

Shan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sri Lankikaya said...


DBSJ also says 'Fourthly an agenda to alter the demographic structure of the province ....... The idea was to “Sinhalaise” the province and reduce the Tamils and Muslims to minority status in their areas of historic habitation.'

does he have a modicum of fact to substantiate his claim. Here we go again with DBSJ's claim of hisorical habitation.

it's very clear why both these guys propagate these ideas.

Sri Lankikaya said...

What's this battle Tamilnet is speaking of in Vannaakulam and Karungkandal. Is it the same as Nedunkandal as on

LKDOOD said...

10 soldiers and 40 rebels killed in north-western Sri Lanka


LKDOOD said...

Lanka lauds Pak help in fight against terrorism


Unknown said...

Sam, Lets see what happens. Tamils or Sri Lankans do no need Pilliyan. Only Mahindha needs him. Lets see for how long. You really made me laugh by you comments. Its not important whether a tamil become a president or prime minister. The tamils should feel they are part of the country.

Pilliyan needs tio go against the LTTE to survive. Hes a nobody outside Sri lanka. He might not even become a waiter overseas.

Sam Perera said...


Lets see what happens. Tamils or Sri Lankans do no need Pilliyan. Only Mahindha needs him.

What exactly is the basis of this claim? Just your imagination again or you have walked to heartland of Sri Lanka asking questions. Like many other statements you have made in the past based on self made assumptions, my guess is that this is pure imagination by navindran.

kaatikuddupaan said...

Tamilnet shows the LTTE fighters taking away T56 wooden butt rifles from dead SLA, all with different slings wound around the butt.

Since when do SLA use T56 wood butt rifles ?

I have only ever seen them with 56-2 folding butt and all of them have the same type of sling.

Most LTTE have the wood butt,folding bayonet rifles, and wind their slings round the butt, they also use a wide range of sling belts.

I think they've put in some rifles from dead cadres to make the pic look more rosy.

tangara said...


Can you please update us on Mannar front?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

From Tamilnet photos looks like the Tigers have well established frontlines like Jaffna front here too--with bunker, ditch,ridgeline and thatch wall.
The particular Tiger platoon looks like mostly women cadres.Some of them are attired in Sniper camouflage dress.

mottapala said...

Prabakaran is said to be sexually frustrated as his wife is no longer living with him. In order to release the tension he is apparently using small tamil boys forcefully recruited by the LTTE.

Due to high stress levels and anger which couldn't be controlled has driven him to a certain degrees of perversion. He is said to be having regular sexual encounters with a cow. A poosari in Nagarakovil Kovil has instructed him to do that as it is supposed to bring him prosperity.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


This is not the correct forum to relate your pedo&zoophiliac fantasies.Such crude talk has already turned a similar forum into a porn-site lookalike.

TropicalStorm said...

Does anyone know whether the major camp the LTTe captured from the SLA in Mullaitivu is still in existance?

Unknown said...

Premedasa was known also to like young boys. Thats how the LTTE penetrated his defences and got him. Looks like Prabha shares the same taste.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Someone made a very valid observation here regarding SLA allowing the LTTE to filter out of areas. That will have to change to a killing fields strategy."

welcome aboard.

Moshe Dyan said...


do you really believe VP is doing so?

anyway there is no evidence to that effect.

Sam Perera said...


Sam, you are coward who is a typical Sri Lankan. All talk and no show. If you respect the scarifices of the soldiers, then you would go into politics so that neither they nor their family need to suffer other idiotic politicians. However you feel happy if you donate X Rupees and feel you have done your duty.

How much do you know about me? For that matter, how much do you know about anybody in this blog? How much do you know about my family? My guess is that you just made many wild assumptions to make all allegations. You try to appear a pundith with little or no understanding of Sri Lankan people and then you make wild allegations based on your imagination. You the smooth LTTE stooge is talking about respect for soldier's sacrifices. Buddy, take these two cents and buy a few clues before you talk next time.

Unknown said...

Moshe, I know its probabily bull but premedasa weakness(one of many) led to his death.

Unknown said...

Sam, I do not want to waste time with you. Do not spoil the blog. You are apt for Sri Lankan politics, no substance and name calling. You have never given any rebuttals with substance. As far as being a LTTE stooge, I have nothing to gain if there is a tamil eelam. Hence why do i need to support the LTTE.

Unknown said...

Singapore set to dethrone US in competitiveness

By the way, in Singapore they practice meritocracy. They do not take ex thugs like Pilliyan to be their leaders. The finance minister of Singapore is of Sri Lankan descent.

4 out of 20 ministers are of Indo/Sri Lankan descent with 3 holding important portfolios. This is 20% of the population where Indian subcontient people make up less than 7%.

Unknown said...

IIM, the top Indian bussiness school has many gradutes in Singapore. All this with the population being 75% Chinese.

It does not matter if the prime minister or president is tamil just like in Singapore. People from minority communities are okay as long as they feel they can make something of themselves. The goverment if corrupt free and efficient like in Singapore, can ensure wealth distribution to all. In Sri Lanka, the politicians blame everybody and loot the country.

Mahindha is no different. He shoots from the hip like Minh Air. In Singapore everything is planned 30 years ahead. He is a real determant to the military effort. There is a good military commander with good military stargeies handicapped by a weak overall startegy to win.

Sam Perera said...


Sam, I do not want to waste time with you. Do not spoil the blog. You are apt for Sri Lankan politics, no substance and name calling. You have never given any rebuttals with substance. As far as being a LTTE stooge, I have nothing to gain if there is a tamil eelam. Hence why do i need to support the LTTE.

I don't think that I can rebut your imagination and allegation based on imaginary scenarios.

Unknown said...

Sam, another of my imaginations

World Bank has named Singapore as the best place in the world to do business, Daboub said.

World Bank Managing Director Juan Jose Daboub praised the tiny Southeast Asian nation for its economic success but said it needs to strike a right balance between social order and stability to allow more innovation and creativity to produce high-value goods and services.

Sri Lankikaya said...

quote from ET Bailey's article Repitive...

quote 'The price of this refusal to commit to a major offensive has been heavy. It has been nearly as heavy, actually probably more so, than the cost of a major battle would have been. While the LTTE were facing critical ammunition shortages in the end months of 2007, resupplies from India using smaller ships have bolstered the LTTE armories.....

...lack of action gave the LTTE time to find new methods to smuggle supplies into their territory, negating last year’s victories by the Sri Lankan Navy. This failure to act also allowed the LTTE time to prepare stronger defenses, train more fighters, including some more hardcore fighters, and whittle away at the Sri Lankan Air Force and Navy with suicide missions and by mining coastal waters.....unquote

my point
1. What is the logic behind this refusal to commit to a larger battle and continue the attrition.

a). Is it public opinion that would go against the govt. if there is heavy casualties
b). Is it the terrain.

surely our forces are far superior in terms of training, strength (numbers), fire power, motivation, preparedness and able command.

The Mannar AA is more logical as Bailey says than the Northern theatre wher the LTTE is more entrenched and has better defences and also the disadvantage of open territory.

Sam Perera said...


What exactly is the connection between your allegations that I am a coward and the World Bank's view of Singapore? Please explain.

Unknown said...

Sam this a defence blog, not yours or my bickering ground. I want to bring out the fact the a multi ethnic country is a boom if one knows how to harvest it and a bane if not.

Unknown said...

Kithul, et bailey believes that the defence shipments were completely destroyed, he believes the LTTE was demoralised. Likewise he should argue back to CFA and say that help the LTTE.

Military Propaganda is different from military realities. The military knows better. Can Sri Lankan hospitals treat 1000 wounded in a day. Are you happy if 10 of them died because the transport was not adequate. Would you be happy if 100 died due to inadequate medical treatment etc etc.

When the Pro Ltters come here and brag about the losses, will you say well we can accept them but we will continue to fight. If you can, then go to the people around you and convince them Easy to write many things hard to materialise.

Alot of the Pro GOSL people in the blogs are worst then the Pro LTTErs. You undermine the armed forces by assuming that they are idiots who do not know what they are doing. If that was really the case, then enter politics and change things.

At their level they need to consider many things before going forward. Accepting huge losses concurs with the Pro Ltters saying that poor sinhala youth are forced to join due to poverty. The soldiers are somebody's brother, father, uncle,cousin. If it were numbers then to you onlt then you are worst then the Pro Ltters.

Sinhalaya said...

Good links for high quality maps.

LKDOOD said...

27 killed in Lanka clashes


LKDOOD said...

India backs Lanka in UN human rights review


Bhairav said...

Third nobel laureate opposes Sri Lanka's bid to UN Rights Council
[TamilNet, Tuesday, 20 May 2008, 10:52 GMT]
Following objections filed by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and South African Archbishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu, against selection of Sri Lanka to U.N.'s Human Rights Council, a third nobel peace laureate, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, from Argentina, in a commentary published by Página 12 in Buenos Aires, "compared the routine torture and the hundreds of 'disappearances' and extrajudicial killings committed by Sri Lankan government forces to the 'dirty wars' waged by various Latin American governments against their own citizens in the 1970s and 1980s," a press release issued by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) said.

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, winner of Nobel Peace prize 1980
“As Latin Americans know all too well, there are few crimes more horrible for a government to commit than summarily removing its own citizens from their homes and families, often late at night, never to be heard from again,” declared Esquivel, the report said.

“Latin American governments can do a great service to the people of Sri Lanka by rejecting their government’s candidacy for the Human Rights Council,” the report added.

The Nobel laureates added their voices to the Sri Lankan and international campaigns against the re-election of Sri Lanka to the council. Human rights organizations within Sri Lanka urged UN members to “hold the Sri Lankan government accountable for the grave state of human rights abuse in the country” by rejecting its candidacy, observing it “has used its membership of the Human Rights Council to protect itself from scrutiny," the release further said.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch (HRW), a New York based rights watchdog, in a press release said: "The Nobel laureates added their voices to the Sri Lankan and international campaigns against the re-election of Sri Lanka to the council. Human rights organizations within Sri Lanka urged UN members to “hold the Sri Lankan government accountable for the grave state of human rights abuse in the country” by rejecting its candidacy, observing it “has used its membership of the Human Rights Council to protect itself from scrutiny.” "

Esquivel won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980 for his opposition to the “disappearances,” extrajudicial killings, and torture used by the military government of Argentina in combating domestic terrorists.

Elections to the 47-member council, the United Nations’ leading human rights body, will be held in New York on May 21, 2008. Six candidates – Bahrain, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Timor Leste – are running for four seats allocated to Asian states. Council members are required to “uphold the highest standards” of human rights and “fully cooperate” with the council.

Sam Perera said...


I had no idea that this is defence blog. In that case, you may want to stick to Defence related facts than just spitting your imagination.

hemantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemantha said...

Initially I thought Navindran as an LTTEr (I had my reasons). There were times I was fighting with him. But I don't think so anymore. Still there are many things I don't agree with him. But that’s ok.

For a moment forget what he said about you personally. Then read his comment about this ET Baily column related. Very sensible. Don't you think so?

Another round of Sarath Fonseka bashing has begun around few weeks back. It looks organized. May be this guy ET Baily has nothing to do with it (But he has no Idea about the ground situation in sri lanka). When Sun Tzu’s Disciple(most probably to attack SF) first brought his column here Navindran tried to tell him (Baily) that. But the poor guy thought that Navindran was against him because he is an American. Then Peter (an LTTEr) was mocking at the others. But Baily thought that Peter was accusing him of being an LTTE sympathizer. He may have a good knowledge about the military matters. But he has no idea about our political, economy+infrastructure related and behavioral realities.

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