Friday, May 9, 2008

Army captures Adampan

Military has captured Adampan 300km north of Colombo in Mannar district this morning without any major resistance form the LTTE,senior army officials confirmed.
"Soldiers cleared the town area after they were able to take over the total control over the area surrounded by Adampan Tank last evening" a senior officer in Mannar told.
Army says at least 15 LTTE cadres and 2 soldiers killed in the brief encounter with both sides when the army stepped in to the town.


Vibe said...

Defencewire, what's the significance of the Adampan junction? Strategically, why is it important to control the Adampan junction.

This news puts a smile on my face. The only good tiger is a dead tiger :)

LK Web Designers said...

>>>>>>>The only good tiger is a dead tiger :)<<<<<<<

hehe, Good one , but correctly

The only good Tamil tiger is a dead Tamil tiger.

Otherwise four legged version will file a tiger rights case.

BTW Adampan is ours now , where next ?

Peter said...

I remember the same news from 1990, and again 1999.

Does this happen every 9 years?

I can't wait for the 2017 one.

Guns&Roses said...

what our Online Tiger "peter"said is correct

y no any resistant from the LTTE?
are they allowing ARMY to come forward and then trying to trp them all
just like they did in 1990?

hope they do not fall for the same trap again

B#1 said...

"I can't wait for the 2017 one"

then have a cyanide capsule...:)

Moshe Dyan said...

According to DN, SLA will move northwards not eastward.

closing down the mannar-poonaryn stretch will starve tigers to a painful slow death.

londonistan said...

Excellent news to start the day here in London. It's also encouraging to see Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe starting something from this end also:

san said...

welldone Mighty Srilankan Army
"y no any resistant from the LTTE?
are they allowing ARMY to come forward and then trying to trp them all
just like they did in 1990?"
No this time srilankan Army totally different new weapons ,new strategies,no political interfears
LTTE front line caders retreating they resist for months at last they knew Srilankan Army far superior than them.

Observer said...

toilet pee-ter,

waiting till 2018 is a long time isnt it ?

As b#1 said you could very well be the ltte leader by that time

till then keep cleaning toilets...

Srilankan said...


Unknown said...

hiii.. i thought SL Armies mission was not to capture land but to destroy enemy.. has the strategy changed now?

if LTTE give away land at this rate. to capture the whole of north will take ages and this is not be going to bring victory for the SL Army. as the gov changes.

san said...

Tamilnut says,
"30 Sri Lanka Army soldiers were killed, five dead bodies of SLA troops were recovered after heavy fighting at Ka'rukkaaykku'lam Friday morning, according to LTTE's Military Spokesman Irasiah Ilanthirayan. Two PK Light Machine Guns, one AK LMG, five T-56 assault rifles and military hardware including ammunitions were seized by the Tigers. The SLA, while pulling back was towing an Armoured Personnel Carrier that had caught fire, the Tigers said. Ka'rukkaaykku'lam is located 2 km east of Adampan."
any truth about this article?

kaatikuddupaan said...

I'm not sure how LTTE has let go of Adampan without a huge bloodbath.

It is a vital town which allows access to Pooneryn and Vidathalthivu.

SLA should be careful and first dominate all captured areas and also put heavy pressure in the Manal aaru regions.

Also much better airstrikes targetting LTTE commando bases such as in Visuvamadu and mullativu and also destruction of infrastructure to prevent transport e.t.c

Moshe Dyan said...

yes; the low casualty figures of LTTE worries me.

this might be a classic "strategic withdrawal" only to return again.

if the eastern election and popularity has ANYTHING to do with adampan, things are going to be disastrous.

Defencewire said...

Adampan is significant since its a GTI location (Ground Tactical Importance). You take the GTIs, you control the area. The next GTI could be Veduthalthivu. This is to help Navy, not so much Army. Army will benefit from a reduction in arti,mortar fire. Unless the same thing is done in the northeastern coast, tables can turn on the SLA.

The tigers withdrawing is no surprise. They have always avoided the army when its doing well and is determined. The last such example was Vakarai. They would rather live to wage a hide and seek game than putup a brave man-to-man fight!

LTTE has never liked taking on the Army when its strong. They do not want to face an Army on the Army's terms. It will wait when the military and political environment is bad for the south to come out from hiding. They will wait till the Army gets tired/ loses quality leadership/makes a blunder etc to attack them when they least expect it. This will happen if they can putup defence-in -depth in the coming 6-8 months in all 5 major fronts successfully and try to make logistics, admin, command, control of the army difficult as they venture deeper into LTTE areas. At the same time, they will be eying the military and political leadership so crucial for the war. we have played this game many times and its time we applied what we have learnt into practicable action.

Logistics admin etc of the LTTE too will become scattered in the course of putting up resistance. If only the SLAF could hit targets a little more accurately and the Navy could aggressively patrol the northeastern coast.

But we are not talking about venturing 500 miles into LTTE areas either. its at the most 50-60kms at the maximum. There is also another 61 Division about to set foot in the battlefield. Weapons are being procured to fully arm this division as we speak. So the war is going to go down to the wire.

Unknown said...

does the adampan town have a civlian population at this moment?

Unknown said...

"LTTE has never liked taking on the Army when its strong. They do not want to face an Army on the Army's terms."

100% agree. we have always take bad hits when we were fighting on ltte terms.. Muhamalai debacles are classic examples...

LKDOOD said...

UK transfers Karuna


Looks like he will be retured to Sri lanka ???

time will tell !

Karuna made a application for asylum which is still not 'decided' by the UK government

LKDOOD said...


thanks for your input

next few months will be very interesting

san said... published photos to be dead soldiers and some captured arms

londonistan said... and daily mirror reporting an explosion in ampara town.

Predictable response from LTTE: they take revenge for battlefield setbacks from the blood of the innocent civilians.

Whatever you say about the SL Government (with the despicable exception in 1983), they do not resort to such attacks against civilians. If you should be in any doubt, this is why the LTTE are not rebels but terrorists.

LKDOOD said...

tamilnet says

'bomb explosion inside a crowded restaurant in the centre of Ampaa'rai town in a pre-dominant Sinhala area'

LKDOOD said...

No court case for Karuna in UK:

insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction for any criminal offences in the UK

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