Monday, May 26, 2008

Bomb explodes inside Railway Cabin- UPDATED

Update 2

Coastal Railway service has recommenced. Bomb blast occurred inside 5th carriage, investigators confirm. Train left Maradana at 4.35pm bound for Panadura when blast took place at 5pm as train started moving from a stop at Dehiwala Station. Injured are all admitted at wards 2,4,6 and 10 at Colombo North Kalubovila Teaching Hospital.

The government's plans to fix Closed Circuit TVs (CCTVs) inside buses has commenced with two buses plying between Dambulla and Colombo being fitted with such cameras today. Later, the project might expand to include trains as well.

Update 1

6 killed 73 wounded in the blast this evening. 4 are women, two are men. 5 seriously injured are undergoing emergency surgery. The bomb was planted on the goods rack on either the 5th or 6th Rail Carriage. The Coastal Railway Service is postponed until further notice.

A bomb exploded inside a railway compartment at the Dehiwala Railway station around 30 minutes ago. So far 4 dead bodies lay inside the cabin. 30 others injured in the blast have been admitted to hospital.

All dead and injured persons are civilians. The train was plying from Colombo to Panadura at the time.


tangara said...

Velu's will not dawn by killing innocents like this.

Peoples resolve to kill all LTTE diehards will be strengthen by these acts of desperation.

People, please be calm..

My heart is with those who died and injured in this carnage.

tangara said...

This is not the last.

It is most likely LTTE will "claimore" a SLDF or civilian bus around North Central province.
Please be vigilant

tangara said...

I salute those Valient SLA men on the frontlines in Wanni.

Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic explorer (1874-1922)
(The advertisement above, placed in a London newspaper in 1912, inspired nearly 5,000 replies.)

Ala said...


Why don't you actively support our country instead of just online tough words. Please start a fund in your country and encourage other patriots in the diaspora to participate.

CodeRed said...

This happens after a bus got claymored in LTTE area. Those people r headed for the Balraj's funeral. Some of our media said that they were innocent civilians. I dunno abt innocent ppl who r going to a Terrorists funeral. they might be forced to go to da funeral. How ever non combat people are dying like hell in SL. I think it’s too much whether they are Tamils or Sinhalese.

Pundeyeelam said...

What if soosai or another Peria anna of LTTE was in that Van ? Dont worry that day is not far as well. Well done LRRP (DPU).

san said...

why SLAF didn't bomb the funeral of the balraj there were lot ltte caders there WHY?

Sam Perera said...

peter the doofus,

An chance you know Asithri pesonally to think that his work is limited to blogs? Perhaps, you are gauging others by your own standards.

chamal said...


That's not the 'peter' that frequently visits this blog and Defencenet and leaves a load of crap for us. This seems to be some other wise guy who thinks it's a smart idea to impersonate. Take a look at his profile and you'll see he has joined blogger only this month.

chamal said...

"The bomb was planted on the goods rack on either the 5th or 6th Rail Carriage"

I thought it was prohibited to place any luggage in the racks now.... or maybe that's only for buses?

Unknown said...

that's one of the all time greatest recruitment ads ever. I don't think any of our folks can ever grow big enough balls to run something like that...
and the best thing is that advert got only those who were really upto it leaving the sissy bunch aside...

Unknown said...

i guess all of that depends on how crowded the train was...
we don't exactly have a good enough public transport system to handle the commuters... during rush hours on certain routes i doubt people can keep a tab on these things and control it

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Instead of scoring brownie points in forums I think the supporters of both GoSL & LTTE need to come up with an informal truce to avoid deliberately targetting civilians??

I have no doubt this atrocity was done by LTTE. Nor do I doubt the recent claymore in Tiger territory was by GoSL forces/proxies. Antagonists of even vicious wars in the past used to have such unwritten understandings once each side realized the cost to own side (such informal understandings usu come about if there is a near parity to punish the other).People have lost track of who is retaliating to whose provocation?!In fact I can already notice that such an informal understanding is most prob already operating in this war---i.e. the SLAF has refrained from bombing the symbols of Tiger administration in Kilinochi while the Ltte has also refrained from doing so in Colombo.But both sides are free to do targetted attacks on military/political interests in the Capital of either. This should be the case elsewhere too, not just in capitals.

Is it the GoSL that runs the site?Looks like yes to me.

As a country that is dependent on both its food and arms on Mongoloid nations Japan and China it is really disgusting to see the author make fun of the Chinese as " Slanty-Eyed Sneaky Chinaman with a 2 inch dick as well as calling them Chinky, making fun of their appearance and eating habits.

If " Slant eyed & sneaky" Japan and China stop their money, arms and political support I guess SL will collapse like a pack of cards.Talk about racism...

timhortons said...

I've been a long time passive reader of DW and have been impressed by your coverage of events in many instances. As a Tamil who considers her self as very much neutral it still baffles me though why DW has never given prominence to the DPU's attacks' on civilians in the LTTE control areas? It's an open secret in SL that these attacks are carried out by SLA's counter intelligence unit. So why are we not condoning it, let along even address it? I would like to hear what DW’s stance on this?

Do you feel that since it’s happening in the LTTE control areas it is unnecessary to cover it? Or do you feel that these events have nothing to do with the SL govt and this is a propaganda by the ltte?

As a proud Sri Lankan, I condone the deaths of innocents on both sides and I feel free media such as DW should bring these events to light. My heartfelt condolences go to the innocents who lost their families in the train bombing yesterday and the children who died in the bus bombing a few days ago.

chamal said...

"Is it the GoSL that runs the site?Looks like yes to me."

Don't think so. Looking at the way they run, and MCNS, it's pretty hard to imagine they run a site to mock the real tamilnet. The language there is very well used to scorn the LTTE's acts, unlike the language of government sites which are unable to even give the real story correctly. Probably is run by some high school or university students on their own, I don't think anybody else would waste their time doing something like that. And if you look at their articles, all of them contain racism but you don't really notice it because of the way they use it.

Sri Lankikaya said...



Civilised people don't attach places like a funeral whatever the situation is.

only uncivilised barbarians and terrorists will do that or for that matter bomb innocent civillians going home in a bus or train after work.

Defencewire said...

We have repeatedly condoned any attacks against civilians and have taken great pains to find out who was responsible for attacks inside LTTE areas. We have even discussed this issue at length with the SLA and have got a convincing answer from them. Hence we did not pursue the last attack.

Check our some of our previous postings on
Thursday, September 6, 2007
Thursday, March 6, 2008

CriMeWatCh said...

increase volume and listen to their conversations

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

crimewatch, what does they say?
sorry I dont know the language.

Gringo said...

[Two bombs, one at Ganemulla between Colombo and Gampaha and another at Rawathagama between Colombo and Moratuwa were discovered and deactivated on Saturday. In the first incident that took place around 5.30 p.m. the conductor of the bus noticed an abandoned parcel kept under the rear seat of his bus at Ganemulla. In the second incident that took place around 8:50 p.m. at Rawathagama, a woman passenger noticed an abandoned parcel under her seat, police said.]

If we analyze these cases carefully, we can conclude that a a passenger carried in hand, a parcel bomb.

Cannot we find a system to examine each baggage at the time boarding the bus / train?

Yes... pundits would find 1001 ways to say we cannot... but in an era where probes are landed on Mars, our communities can easily arrange volunteers to check EACH Bus / train.

There are willing volunteers... only if we have the 'need' to do so because... sooner or later... it's going happen!

Unknown said...


We can so easily do this! To secure trains, all we have to do is to install metal detectors at each train station.

To secure buses, we can install metal detectors at major bus stations and discipline drivers so that they don't pick up passengers on the road randomly. Also, train CDF in basic explosive detection and put one of them in each bus. Simple!

And we have the money to do it too. We lost 3200 Million Rupees in MihinAir, that's £14.5 Million British pounds. It's big money even by British standards.

I assume that MihinAir's loss was a government minister's profit ;)

We have to change the whole mindset here, accountability is the key.

We have the money, we have the people, we can do it but the only thing standing in our way is these stupid politicians who would betray their own people for a quick buck!

ravana said...

ok now from this incident please think diffrent ..if this is beacuse of LPRP attack.ok then 7 into 17.. good way keep it up. at least 3rd genaration will live with peace without this terrerist pakayas..

one day peple(sinhala,tamil,muslim) who walks in to the dehiwala station will remember these valient people and honour them with nice smile and say you done the job..may

Gringo said...


Fully agreed.

There have to be some solid responses from the communities (not emotional haaa -hooos)with a view to implement some prevetive systems...

These bombings can be prevented... or at least minimized.

Mahinda Chinthana has to be dynamic.... not static.

Moshe Dyan said...

it is VERY difficult to stop terrorist attacks on civilians OUTSIDE warzones.

either largescale abductions should flush-out infiltrators which will also result in civilian casualties or make LTTE pay for each civilian attack. Or both.

retaliation is not a shallow response. it has deeper repurcussions. if SLDFs retaliate each LTTE attack harder, they are bound to collapse. there is no way tigers can play this game with us for a long time. there are many LTTE instalations near civilian settlements in the north. according to the international law these CAN be attacked. a terror attack on civilians in the south is the IDEAL time to attack these.

when the SLDFs were in the process of gaining the upperhand in 2006 and early 2007 they used retaliation very effectively. after that they seem to have given it up.

the present trend is VERY dangerous. if LTTE want to bomb civilians in the south, they will simply bomb their own kind first. then they will repeat it in the south and call it "retaliation". this will not stop until SLDFs re-retaliate.

things will become worse when SLA marches to mulaitivu. LTTE will say "you are attacking our areas, we will attack your areas" and kill civilians knowing very well that killing civilians is the surest way to bring down the govt. to its knees.

if I were VP, I will bomb civilians to such an extent to force the govt. to abandon the mulaitivu op.. AND THE GOVT. WILL ABANDON IT. then what? STICK TO THE STRATEGY THAT WORKS WHICH IS KILLING CIVILIANS EVERYTIME I WANT SOMETHING.

terrorists only want results, they don't care about civilians. SL GOVT. should realise this ASAP.


(hope i word it right???)

Jambudipa said...

I tried to make a donation to "api wenuwen api"

After I had entered all credit card details correctly it failed. The message was "Transaction Failed"

There were other problems too. These were the messages

"Only Numbers Are Valid For Amount** Please check and resubmit . ***"

The initial form does not validate the price field before sending to payment gateway.


Jambudipa said...


The new page is full of flaws.

There seems to be many "IT People" around the def sec. If this many cannot get a simple payment happening, its really a disgrace.

Also so many of primary links on are broken or point to old content.

This is just not good enough. Quality of work has gone to dogs. You cannot win a war with this calbre of work.

Unknown said...

The reason for us to experience more defeats were due not because the Separatist terrorists were so good and efficient but because of our tomfoolery.

Currenly I believe we are being a bit more prudent, I think say 50%. Even the attempt to facilitate an online payment service for AVA (Api Venuwen Api) is really good. The errors should sort themselves out in time.

The solution for the problem in general will take a few paragraphs to explain. My 2 cents...

Unknown said...

The problem being why people (some people in particular) make mistakes in general..

san said...


"SLAF didn't bomb bAluraj's funeral BECAUSE SLAF IS THE AIRFORCE OF A SOVEREIGN NATION AND IS A CIVILISED FORCE.Civilised people don't attach places like a funeral whatever the situation is."


සිසිර කුමාර said...

How many governmental websites function properly? not even

Unknown said...

If the LTTE Tamil separatist terrorists are ok with it we can bomb Terrorist funerals.

Please get a written consent. For example a statement by Rasiah on TamilNet would do.

"We are invincible. We challenge the Sri Lankan Armed Forces to bomb any of the funerals of our cadres or officers if they can. Try and be ashamed"

Then we can judge whether the SLDF really are able to do this.

Ala said...

hey you coolies,
Why are you celebrating when innocent civillians have perished. Is this your great liberation??

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