Thursday, May 22, 2008

Focus on the East

Intelligence units have claimed some NGOs have provided rations and other assistance to LTTE units presently operating inside Yala Sanctuary. They have given this assistance in the guise of helping Hindu pilgrims making their annual pilgrimage by foot from the East to Kataragama. The rations and other equipment are believed to have been given between Okanda and Panama in Ampara.

Meanwhile ethnic violence rose its ugly head again in the East with the assassination of the TMVP Political Head for Kathankudy Shanthan and his aide Raman Parasuraman while riding a motorbike near Kathankudy Bus stand at noon today by alleged 'Jihadi' Gunmen notorious for their activities in the Muslim enclave of Kathankudy, 3kms from Batticaloa Town.

TMVP gunmen killed 3 Muslims in retaliation at around 12.20pm injuring 11 civilians including one Sinhalese near Arayampathi Tamil village. The Karuna group is notorious for its anti-Muslim stance despite having a Muslim spokesman. Defence sector sources warned growing ethnic disharmony could facilitate furhter LTTE infiltrations.

The TMVP resettled a large number of Tamils from former LTTE controlled areas at Karbala, a village originally belonging to Muslims from Kathankudy. Shanthan played an important role in that and also in the recent election campaign for the TMVP from his office at Kathankudy.

Meanwhile M.L.A.M. Hizbullah was sworn in today as the Minister of Health for the Eastern Province. Government Muslim leaders and others in the East had convinced Hizbullah to accept the post after he initially elected to leave the UPFA with two loyalists.

Sri Lanka also lost its seat in the Human Rights Council but managed to gain 101 votes, more than half the seats of the council, which is 97 seats. Sri Lanka won 123 seats last year. Pakistan, despite being under a military rule, won what could have been Sri Lanka's seat in the council.


mboi said...

any news form welioya front? there are rumors of significant gains by sla recently.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

we should hire a foreign spy agency to assassin ltte activists overseas.

Defencewire said...

There was a small operation last evening in Janakapura (routine). 4 Tigers KIA found.

sldf said...

Defencewire, these types of petty ethnic violence going benefit our enemy - the LTTE. Knowing the opportunist they are they will surely make sure they get what they want disastrous violent eastern province There is going to test the newly elected tamil CM and the Army with these latest LTTE threats.

There are rumors that the special LTTE units (from Jayanthan regiment) have entered the east to disrupt the normal life and attack army sentry points and foot patrols. Has the Army taking precautions and counter measures to neutralize these threats? I think Commandos will be ideal to hunt down these groups.

Defencewire said...


Yes. LTTE is famous for attacks in the rear. As the SLA advances further and further into LTTE areas, they will try to disrupt activities in the East. With Pillayan now becoming a politician, his military role in person will diminish. LTTE, for the last few years was trying to portray themselves as being sympathetic to Muslims. They will put peddle to metal with the Muslims if this continues.

We will need all the commandos we have for the fighting in the Vanni whereas the LTTE will need 150 Tigers to plant a claymore a day. So the war in the east has transformed to a guerrilla cum insurgency operation. Unless the forces (including Pillayan) has the support of ALL communities in the east, putting down an insurgency will be difficult.

Bhairav said...


In your last thread, you mentioned that Balraj joined LTTE after the period of Mathaiya killing. In fact, he joined LTTE in 1983 whereas Mathaiya was executed in 90s.

Bhairav said...

DW's earlier thread:

[Balraj, a former PLOTE cadre is originally from Puthukudiirippu and was a close associate of Mahendrarajah alias Mahaththaya. He joined LTTE after Mahaththaya's murder and won Prabhakaran's confidence and was later appointed 'Special Commander' for the Vanni to prevent LRRP operations against the Tiger leadership.]

Defencewire said...

After Mahattaya's killing, he could have left LTTE, but opted to join LTTE despite suspicions in LTTE of all those who associated Mahattaya. It is no secret that some of Mahattaya's people decided not to join LTTE. Some were executed. Some like Jeyam remained loyal but were tortured and later rejoined LTTE.

hemantha said...

Is there any evidence to prove that Shanthan was killed by Muslims?

Defencewire said...

Yes there is but in the northeast, nothing is what they seem at first.

hemantha said...

Yes I agree. Hope sanity prevails here. Ethnic tensions would be the last thing we need at this critical juncture.

Unknown said...


What's going on in the east? Isn't the government intervening in a timely manner to calm down ethnic tensions? Or is the intervention limited to a mere curfew of the affected areas for a few hours?

Is there anything that the central government can do to solve these problems pro-actively rather than waiting and letting TMVP & Muslims to sort themselves out?

tangara said...

Good article by defencewire.

madumal2005 said...

plz give me the present FDL lines of the |Army in welioya front and the mannar front with aid of a map.
its clear about the positions in mannar but welioya seems no advance bt they says a lot..

Sam Perera said...


Pleasse give us some update about the progress in the Welioya front. Dinamina says that we are not far away from 1-4-Base. Also, it says that 61st can be a defensive division. My hope was that 61st will be an offensive division. Even though, this is not conventional warfare, induction of a new offensive division can accelerate the progress. Now, we would like to hear the opinion from the pros. Please keep us enlightened.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Good article from DW about how Sri Lanka state is failing against LTTE orchestrated conspiracy and false allegations against Sri Lankan state on the Human Rights front.

In the US and Canada more disappearances happen every day than Sri Lanka, but how Sri Lanka is presented is totally in a screwed way by the LTTE propagandists.

Many of the disappearances in Sri Lanka are on personal grounds, and does not relate to the state nor the ongoing war.

People run away, leave country, simply go absence for various reasons, but LTTE propagandists put those into government basket.

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