Saturday, May 10, 2008

MV Invincible/A-520 sunk

Sri Lanka Navy lost another one of its ships, this time the logistics vessel formerly known as "Invincible" in another mysterious and sudden underwater demolition-type attack at around 2.15 this morning in Trincomalee.

The ship was blasted while at anchor. A similar attack took place several weeks ago when an Ultra Fast Attack Craft of the SLN was sunk killing 10 sailors further north of Trincomalee off the coast of Kokilai Lagoon in the Northeastern coast. The UFAC was thought to have been anchored at the time.

This attack, similar to the one today, took place early morning around 2.30am on 22nd March 2008. The Tigers honoured three dead Sea Tigers as the attackers who may have been used as human torpedoes.

On this occasion the LTTE has named a unit for carrying out the attack. It is called the Kangai Amaran unit, in honour of the slain Deputy Sea Tiger Leader killed by a Special Forces LRRP team in 2001, barely months before the CFA.

MV Invincible renamed A-520, took part in an operation to wipe-out three Sea Tiger vessels near Cocos Island in 2007. Analysts believe that Tigers may have targeted A-520 due to its involvement in the Blue Water operation, which caused much pain and damage to the LTTE at the time.


Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Sorry for re-posting.
1)A-520 sinking is prob a frogmans act, or internal sabotage by paid agent.But where does Sea Tigers launch these frogmen from, from a ship or from shore?It cannot be too far, for frogmen/water scooters have limited range.But if it was a selfcontained submersible(eg mini-sub)then LTTE can interdict supplies to Jaffna in midsea--and the fight would be over.


etBaileys blog has a good take on the SL civil war.Why dont you guys go through it?It even hints Fonseka be replaced with a more pro-active soldier who can make use of SLDFs overwhelming superiority, rather than procrastinate like him.

What are those distance tags ,posted every 10 metres for? I initially thought it was for range finding, but then it is seen both to the front and back of Tiger lines.Or is it a mine marker/grid?

hemantha said...

Defence column-Rivira

click here.

koombiya said...

Dont we have any sonar equipment to cover at least the harbor?, at least have some small boats with search lights patrolling the bay?

When ever the SLAF do something they seem to get over confident and loose some valuable things!!. They should be expecting this sort of thing all the time.

It also seems that the terrorist strong point in mannar is not actually attampana/adampan.its looks like karukkayakulama.

It seems some of our soldiers have cought up again in one of the terrorist traps. they have let them come in and got sourounded.
small teams should not venture too deep in to the enemy line in offensives like this. We should know their tactic by now.
May our brave soldiers atain Nibbhana.They have done enough.

Unknown said...

Sun tzu, lets not read into somebody who see the conflict in the point of an american. The best general will end a war before it even starts.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Why not read, just cos' he's seeing it from US PoV? Afterall they are the most successful/powerful military power on earth for the past 1 century.Unfortunately there is no such thing as a ' best general' so we should strive for second-best, thats baileys idea I think.

I have noted that in this latest phase of Civil War(ie post2005)both sides have stopped trying to give a knockout blow to the other side, as was seen in the past(eg.Jayasikurui of SLDF/Ceaseless waves or overrunning huge bases by LTTE).Instead both are methodically trying to nibble away the resource base of the opponent so that the other is weakened even before the main fight.Both seem to have recognized that they cannot outright defeat the other.
So SLDF has taken the East(a huge resource base/landing point for ltte), executed hundreds or thousands of possible ltte accomplices ,blown up ltte supply ships, lobbied abroad to stop ltte funding and opened multiple broadbased fronts to stetch ltte capacity;
The LTTE on other hand has carried out attacks in deep south and central districts in widely separated areas, AAB/Galle/KAB attacks by land/sea/air,making GoSL go for costly defensive systems,and now sinking logistics vessels.
It seems to be seen who will succeed in the end, although the odds are favouring GoSL.

E.T. Bailey said...

Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I ought to have a thing or two to say about the Jaffna Front in a while, but I keep putting it off. I've had some good feedback from a dozen or two Sri Lankans from such writings.

I've had many people ask why I care about Sri Lanka, or how I learned what I have, but I don't think I've ever been told that my analysis and opinions shouldn't be read because of my citizenship. I'm sorry to hear that, to some, my nationality is grounds for dismissing anything I have to say. I'm not sure what would be worse, ignoring what I have to say because I'm not a Sri Lankan, or because I am an American.

Either way, Navindran is looking for a general who is 30 years too late and who would be both a military leader and a political policy maker. Most of the world understands how dangerous a concept that is, just ask Burma.

Peter said...

For me, the most interesting development of today was:

"LTTE mortar attack on Pannalgama in Ampara this morning, Police said. The LTTE had fired 18 mortar rounds towards the village." -- Daily Mirror.

The LTTE is firing mortars in Amparai, which is in the "liberated" East?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Take it easy man:)
It took me awhile to get used to this forum because if you dont blindly follow what the herd here(read supporter of military policies of present Govt)says is the truth, they immediately gang up on you and call you all sorts of crude names, LTTE-supporter, fake foreigner etc etc:)
I am from SEA. Nice to meet you.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

on second thought ,he may be averring to the failed American counterinsurgency campaigns in Vietnam/Afghan/Iraq etc or the discredited reasons for embarking on them.This seems to be a communication prob and nothng to do with your citizenship:)

Peter said...

I think that guy is an LTTE sympathiser is disguise trying to get the SLA to do another Jayasukiru, which is exactly what the LTTE wants.

Malin said...

Well all I want is this war to end and the only solution I see is the government’s policy. Since LTTE are not prepared to actually come to a reasonable settlement.

I thought this war was started, to win the rights of the Tamil people but now it has gone somewhere, that no one can expect an end.
This country will not be divided even this drags on another 100 years.

So anyway Elam (sorry if I miss spelled) is a dream a just a dream. But the Tamils have won what they started this war for. For their right to live in this land as an equal individual.

I will always support SLAF and look forward for day they can achieve their ultimate goal. So SLAF I am proud of what you have achieved and will be supporting in times of victory and times of defeat. Till the LTTE is stopped.

I do not say that MR is All perfect, there are lot of mistakes on our governments side but at least the most important thing of all, he is doing something. I lived through this war for 30 years I don’t want my children to live through this war. Let it be our generation that suffered the war and hope our children can look forward to country with peace.

To feel the war you must be in this country.. People can say anything sitting 1000 miles away (Not saying they are wrong)But its not as the same as someone who has to go through it everyday..

Peter said...

Malin has taken another ride on the same old merry-go-round.

Unknown said...


You were a bit quiet yesterday? Did you take a break or was it cos you had nothing to "gloat" about?

At least yesterday, by being quiet, you managed hide your stupidity a bit, but here we go again today:

- LTTE attacks Colombo - OMG - Colombo must be under LTTE control as they can't attack outside the areas they control.
- LTTE attacks KAB - OMG - They have over-run KAB
- LTTE attacks AAB - OMG - It's back to Elara days, A'pura is controlled by tigers.

Wake up from you wet dream and stop displaying your stupidity.

Malin said...

OH is that SO Peter?.. well at least i am on the Merry-go-round, pitty you though since its guys you that are pushing it.. Un-educated and no moral sence.. Brain washed by LTTE,

E.T. Bailey said...

Hey, I'm from TEX. I'm taking it easy, no worries. It's just not something I've heard directed at me before. Come to think of it, I should probably feel left out that no one had the courtesy to judge me by my race or nationality sooner! Colorblind jerks!

If he's talking about American past conflicts, he should first recognize that I am not General Petraus, Westmoreland, Sanchez, Franks, or any other general who has played a major role in those three wars, and thus their success or failures should have no bearing on his opinion of me. He should also wait until all three wars are over before passing judgment on their success or failures, unless he's a prophet. Finally, he should understand what a bad idea it is to give an active general political power.

Peter if I'm an LTTE sympathizer, then the Tigers are really screwed. One of my writting themes is that they cannot possibly win the war. It is only to what degree will they lose. I'm pulling for total Sri Lankan victory, and to those who fear a repeat of Jayasikuru, read what I've written (there's more than just one article for Sri Lanka in there) before deciding you'd rather have perpetual attrition warfare.

Peter said...

Colombo, KAB and AAB atatcks were either suicide mission or one-off IED explosions.

Mortar attack is a different game-play.

"pitty you though since its guys you that are pushing it" - You've got that one correct.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Oh, here we go again, man, you really know how to piss against the wind:

"Colombo, KAB and AAB attacks were either suicide mission or one-off IED explosions."

So, this "one off" firing of mortar is different in what sense?

Small groups of terrorists persistently attack SLDF in the jungles in deep south, is that also different from terrorists attacking civilians in Ampara? Or have terrorists captured deep south now?

How come you are so proud of your achievement anyway? After all, just just fired few mortar shells at a village and scared the shit out of some poor villagers. This is terrorism by your own definition (remember you gave me one sometime ago)? Why are you so proud of terrorism?

Sam Perera said...


The peter is an extraordinary military political genius. Once I offered 10 times the salary he makes in Canada to join our forces. Anyway, he is not in position to stop dosplaying stupidity since that is all he has.


Unknown said...

Stupid, Brainwash, Terrorist, Moron, blah blah blah...

by calling names you are just proving your of incapability of wining this war... LTTE is winning, don’t you see? By now, LTTE should be wiped our by your own calculations, you really want me to go back and pull up all the figures and promises that your own military leaders and government promised?

Some Tamils are betrayers.. it’s because of them the Singhala regime seems to be winning... history has proven that these betrayers were betrayed by their own regime... so we will wait…

Don't forget, today you are destroying my country but soon you will have to rebuilt it for us, don't worry we will pay you manual labor fee so you don't need to send your women as slaves to Middle eastern countries.

Don’t you see? Tamil Eelam already exists! Try going to Wanni 

Unknown said...

"don't worry we will pay you manual labor fee so you don't need to send your women as slaves to Middle eastern countries"

Oh yeah, I forgot, it's only Sinhala women who go to middle east, not a single Tamil women has ever been there! Grow up man. I know working in ME is a sad situation, and it involves all Sri Lankans (Sinhala, Tamil & Muslim).

TE doesn't exist and yes, we can go to Wanni, just ask the last terrorist who got creamed by LRRP. Oops, I forgot, you can’t really ask can you, cos that terrorist is dead as a dodo!

PS - You have some balls to even dream about you paying Sri Lankans to work in TE. Have you forgotten that us Sri Lankan's actually pay for all the civil servants, teachers, doctors, nurses etc. in Wanni? You are pathetic!

Unknown said...

Defencewire, Guys,

Shall we analyse these two attacks.

1. Both crafts were docked while they were attacked? This means that the enemy needs the target to be stationary for a considerable time?

2. Where were they docked? In harbours? In deep sea? In shallow waters? This should give an idea as to what kind of method they are
using for these attacks.

3. There may be a tedious but simple solution to this problem. Shift the vessels periodically. ? what say you?

3.1. For how long were these craft docked?

3.2 Suppose they are using water scooters, they will need to observe the target, move in to suitable positions to deploy the attackers,
navigate to the targets and launch the attack. This should take considerable amount of time?

4. Can we use underwater mics to detect incoming water scooters or possibly small submarines?

5. Do we need to acquire some sonars to protect some of the more valuable Navy assets?

6. We can expect them to improve on whatever they are using to mount these attacks. So we need to prepare for this.

7. I see mock attacks and reprimanding any personnel for any lapses in security discovered in such exercises to keep everyone on their toes.

8. May be the Siri Gonakanda Harbour (Trincomalee) attack may be a case of infiltration and others may be still in the area waiting to make a move on
other targets.

9. Are they trying to make a point during the Eastern Province Election?

10. We should gain maximum diplomatic mileage out of this. i.e. point out. Point out the hand of Norway in supplying water scooters and resist any
renewed moves by any countries or entities in order to help them out of their problems.

11. Could it be that the terrorists unloaded some new equipment in the recently suspected unloading of fresh supplies?

MathaMathica said...

Folks, off topic

As for mine fields, why cant we use light Aluminium ladders with four legs fixed at the ends to cross a mine field. Each solider with a ladder can make a safe path for all.

Too naive?

tangara said...


This is a carefully written article white washing the LTTE crimes of 30 years.

In one of the paragraphs writter has mentioned this.

"In 1988, Ranasinghe Premadasa was elected Sri Lanka’s president. He was no friend of Tamils, having been prime minister during the 1983 pogrom. Nevertheless, he opposed the continued presence of Indian troops, and started talks with the LTTE. He even secretly gave the LTTE some arms to fight the Indian troops. But he remained opposed to Tamil self-determination, and once the Indian army withdrew fighting broke out once again between the SLA and the LTTE. "

What he failed to report is that President Premadasa was killed by the LTTE itself.

This is how Western media manipulates the situation in Sri Lanka and calling GOSL as a hawkish government.

Please someone take time to answer the above mentioned article.

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