Sunday, June 29, 2008

4 Special Forces Formed

The 37th Intake of the Sri Lanka Army's Elite Special Forces Brigade comprising 308 Special Forces soldiers (and two officers) passed-out at Maduru Oya yesterday in a gallant and action packed day of demonstrations of skill attended by high-ranking officers from the Special Forces and the family members of the men.

The large numbers being attracted to the Special Forces and the fresh influx of soldiers to the unit has moved the Military to form its 4th Special Forces Regiment. 4SF was formed and deployed recently at Maduru Oya comprising 2 Squadrons of 153 men each.

4SF will be a partial Regiment until the end of this year when around 400 more Special Forces are to join the unit. 600 men, including 10 Officers are currently undergoing training. 10 new officers from the SF joined the mother unit following last April's passing-out.

A Special Forces Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army comprises of 4 Fighting Squadrons (One Battalion) of 153 men each and one Admin. Squadron. This unit draws, by far, the largest number of recruits in recent times.


TheTruth said...

Isn't the fact that most of the recruits are NEW a worry?

I was under the impression that the SF usually drew the most experienced fighters from the other arms of the SLA!

Unknown said...

no truth,
getting experienced fighters from other units will counter productive in everyway. It will weaken those units and affects the moral of the remaining members. It's just special forecs will get a special training where only the toughest will survive. there are unsuccessful members in these training sessions and they will be directed to normal army formations.

Unknown said...

All the best to all the men in SF
with all the training and battle field experience in time will be good soldiers

Brother 2 Brother

Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

Wonderful news! a new Secops formation! Wonder if these guys specialized in any CT/FBUA or CTR or something else like the 1~3 SF?

btw, INDIA....when will this end?

South Asian summit to get Indian Security

helicopters and warships + 1000s of troops.


What do you think?

tangara said...

Regarding the Indian troops coming ...

In a way it is good...One less worry for the SLA to provide security to a head of state.On the other hand LTTE might be able to exploit couple of Indian soldiers to kill the President.

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