Monday, June 30, 2008

Do or die, Tigers!

The Mannar ‘Rice-bowl’ is in Army’s hands, over a year after the Sri Lanka Army launched its first offensives in the undeclared war, unofficially called ‘Humanitarian Operations’. The battles have finally reached Mullaithivu, where it might last at least another one year more, unless the LTTE manages a reversal.

One thing is certain. The Military, at least at the higher echelons, has a PLAN. Who translates it and how on the ground is a different matter--one that may become pertinent as battle fatigue sets in.

The operations into LTTE areas so far has been all over the place, except along the A-9, as it has traditionally been. In the Western Flank, it is evident now that the target is Veduthalthivu and the A-32 Mannar-Pooneryn route. In the Eastern Flank, the immediate objective is looking increasingly like Alampil and Nayaru and perhaps even Oddusudan.

In the battlefield scenarios of yesteryear, the objective was to capture the MSR (Main Supply Route) or the A-9, the goal behind which was to provide logistics, supplies and reinforcements to hold Jaffna. Military planners seem less bothered about defending Jaffna in recent times.

The Tigers at that time fed itself fat of provisions unloaded from its ‘fishing trawlers’ and floating warehouses from the Western and Eastern coastal waters respectively and sustained a series of devastating attacks that saw a complete reversal of the gains of the Jayasikurui Operation. Then, it was the Tigers who were handing over Army corpses in Mullaithivu. Today, it is the Sri Lanka Army that is handing over dead LTTE corpses in Mullaithivu.

Eight years later, under a new military and political leadership, the Sri Lanka Army is sitting pretty on the Eastern and Western Flanks of the A-9 while the Tigers hold onto the MSR in Mullaithivu and Kilinochchi.

The A-9 has always been a symbolic MSR. It is untenable and unproductive. The Eastern and Western Coasts on the other hand, are tenable to both opposing forces and has been productive to the Tigers and will be productive for the Security Forces for the same reasons.

Soon, if all goes well, the feeding frenzy from the sea will end and the Tigers will have the A-9 in parts of Mullaithivu and Kilinochchi, with perhaps Chalai being the only other remaining option for the goods to come, at least for the time being. This option could become further inhibited if there is a successful amphibious landing at Pooneryn. If only the hierarchy of the Army and the Navy were on talking terms.

Perhaps it is due to the Navy’s inability to secure the coast that the Army is now trying to do on its own. But doing things on one’s own, no matter how confident you are, is always a tall order against a cunning foe. Perhaps, with the Navy’s valuable assets like the Dvora at high risk from suicide boats, this is the wisest decision ever made.

Given the LTTE’s strategy of recruiting large numbers of youngsters, the guesstimates of the current military leadership seem way too low for a campaign of this nature. As long as there are civilians in LTTE hands, there will be LTTE fighters.

Of the regions under military campaign, Mannar is the least inhabited. The majority of Tamil civilians in Mannar have escaped via Mallavi and Thunukkai. How many of these locals would eventually be recruited to the LTTE would require a good educated guess.

Mannar, particularly areas like Periyamadu are renowned for inhabitability. Swarms of mosquitoes roam these areas in the dry seasons and in the wet season; the ground becomes soggy, like a wet loaf of bread. Holding on to Mannar, let alone fighting there has been a mess. With monsoons to hit us again in October it will be interesting to see how long the units can sustain this offensive.

The Army's Divisions do not shift their theaters of operations any more, like the 53 for example, but wage continuous war in an area becoming specialists at it. The 58 from Mannar is Task Force 1, a semi-Division of around 3,000 troops scattered along at least five Avenues of Approaches. The 57 headed westwards to Mannar from Vavuniya and that is a full Division. Therefore, 10,000 troops are in an offensive role in Mannar.

But as they move further, more troops would have to be deployed-- in a defensive role this time. As they move further and further, the 10,000 men will also thin-out. This is the opportunity the Tigers may be waiting for. A combination of several battalions of canon-fodder, followed closely by some Charles Anthony and other ‘Elite’ units can still pose a serious challenge. Perhaps this is why the Army has launched sustained attacks without a break, given rain or shine.

The capture of Mannar comes in the wake of rumours that India is to engage in oil exploration in the West Coast. Indian troops will be in the West Coast soon—for defensive purposes. Several hundred of them will be stationed just off the Coast for an emergency during the SAARC Summit in Colombo.

There is some ‘Indian Influence’ in the East Coast as well. This is the time when LTTE must be kicking itself for Killing Rajiv Gandhi, as Sonia Gandhi’s shadow gradually falls on Sri Lanka from across the waters of the Palk Strait.

Whether the Indians are here or not, the Tigers have a duty to their ‘people’ to hit back and reverse the military operation against it. If they don’t, they will further lose foreign support. If they do, foreign support will continue- at least till Velupillai is around.

We can but guess how they might do this. They might, for example, attempt to overwhelm the offensive units with a larger force or they might target assets, like the 5 Radar Units stationed in the Vanni and Jaffna. They might also target artillery units, installations and the lives of military and public officials.

While the Military is eyeing the LTTE leadership for decapitation strikes, the champions for decapitation strikes has always been the LTTE. This is not because of pure talent of the Tigers, though their commitment must be recognized, but because many of the Targets of Opportunity are in-fact public figures who roam around engaging in politics in a democratic state where even a suicide-bomber has ‘Human Rights’.

The Military is actively seeking-out the LTTE leadership. Many leaders went underground for a while, but have now reemerged. Prabhakaran is among them. Prabha has lived so long because he is afraid. Fear is a quality that preserves life. One can be fearful of losing one's own life, but brave in sacrificing the lives of others.

Despite many of these variables, the invariable is time. In a continuum of time, this present operation might be a blimp in the radar or one the size of a football. In comparison to many of the world’s major wars, the Sri Lankan conflict has entered a phase of maturity. It has lasted 25 years. It will not last another 25.


perein said...

Thank you DW.
Let the war begin.

Here comes DPU... VP... you can run ... run fast.. or hide in that rat hole.. but only for number of days... could get a bigger number by converting to hours...
It's the pay back time after what you have done for one of the most innocent countries in the world.

perein said...


... troops are in an offensive role in Mannar. But as they move further, more troops would have to be deployed-- in a defensive role this time. As they move further and further, the 10,000 men will also thin-out. This is the opportunity the Tigers may be waiting for.

Since Karuna units are part of official politics, what would stop employing arm trained (ex)group from them into Sri Lanka Army? This should give us the streanth towards number game.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Great article!

Keep them coming!

For decades, LTTE have portrait themselves much bigger than actually they are. Many army garrisons have fallen because of that deception.

In addition, our stupid mistakes and carelessness account for many losses.

Now also LTTE tries to portrait themselves big.

If we go at this rate, we will see an end to major offensives by end of 2009. Vezapizza and team may go to Erithria, or South Africa and live for another day under Norway patronage.

LTTE is no mighty. Careful coordination and execution will decapitate them.

Government should carry out PR campaigns to win the hearts of common Tamil people. It would help SLDF to win many battles.

Unknown said... can come over for lunch anyday!! wonderful post! One of your best if i might add!

Carry on..the shadow of death and defeat has fallen on the tigers...forward lads forward...make them hell, give them hell and send them to hell..


Unknown said...

agree with noltte=peace & perein

Red_Alert said...

Agree with nemesis.. excellent summary of the present situation DW

justavisitor said...

Tigers can no more fight a conventional war: Sri Lanka (Lead)

By P. Karunakharan, Colombo, June 30 : Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers have lost their ability to wage a conventional war, but it would take another year to "completely defeat them militarily", army chief Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka said Monday.

Fonseka also told the Foreign Correspondents Association here that his men had killed about 9,000 guerrillas since August 2006, and added that the Tigers still had about 5,000 fighters.

"Even if the army finished the war and captured the whole of north, the LTTE still might survive as long as there are people who believe in Tamil nationalism," Fonseka said in the heavily guarded army headquaters where he narrowly survived a Tiger suicide attack in April 2006.

"The LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) has lost the capability of fighting as a conventional army. Although they are (still) fighting us, they (are) not in the same manner as was in the past... That type of resistance is not there any more," he said.

The army chief, who has commandeered many military operations against the LTTE over three decades, said although the LTTE's fighting capabilities had been badly weakened, it would take another one year or so for the army "to completely defeat them militarily".

Claiming that government troops fighting the rebels in the Wanni jungles over the past one year had become "one of the best jungle fighters in the world", Fonseka said his men "are now working on the overall plan of completely defeating the LTTE militarily", not just capturing fresh territories.

"We do not just go for terrains, but we go for the kill. This is the difference between the military operations in the past and the present," he said.

He added that the military had got "the right guidance and leadership" from President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government. Fonseka was named the army chief in December 2005, a month after Rajapaksa took power.

Commenting on the military operations in the north, the army chief said the troops had regained several hundred square km where the Tigers held sway. He said the troops were only four kilometres short of the LTTE's strategic Sea Tiger base at Vidattaltivu in the northwestern coastal belt in Mannar district.

"I am sure the LTTE will totally lose even their present capability in less than one year. Then they will resort to totally different type of tactic," Fonseka said, indicating that the rebels could operate as small groups and go back to their initial hit-and-run tactics.

Placing the number of LTTE cadres killed since August 2006 at 9,000, he said that 1,700 soldiers have also been killed while nearly 4,000 had been wounded during this period.

"According to intelligence reports, the LTTE still has about 5,000 fighting cadres. We are killing about 400-500 LTTE cadres a month. But they will also recruit another couple of thousand cadres as the fighting goes on," he said.

He said even if the government troops captured the entire north, the army "might not be able to kill the very last LTTE member", and warned that the rebels might continue as insurgents for a long period.

"Even if the army finished the war and captured the whole of north, the LTTE still might survive as long as there are people who believe in Tamil nationalism and with Tamil diaspora who are supporting them.

"As long as those people are there, the LTTE might survive even for another two decades with 1,000 cadres joining them. It might even continue as an insurgency group for ever, like insurgencies all over the world. But it will never be able to fight in the same manner as now," he said.

--- IANS

Unknown said...

a failed state that cannot even provide security to visiting VIP's what a shame on you Sri Lanka, and you are talking about winning the war in Wanni? Common you fools? Don’t you see it coming?

I just can't stop laughing.

hahaha, great new forces forming and great victories in Mannar, lol… first please safeguard your capital :)

Your country is just a joke.

And did you see Fonsekara said he has killed 9,000 LTTE since the war begin in Jan? and I thought DW posted that there are only 6000 LTTE members, and even after killing 9,000 you cannot just walk in to Wanni? Whom are you trying to fool again? Please learn the simple math? Are Singhalese that stupid in math? No wonder Tamils ruled all the high positions in Sri Lanka!

Malin said...


Please dont stop laughing... keep on laughing.... do you know what happens when you laugh too much you end up CRYING...


ravana said...

Don’t you see it coming?

Yes yes we all see it..what about you?

I just can't stop laughing
you can lough as much as you want we just want to finish this.

Are Singhalese that stupid in math? No wonder Tamils ruled all the high positions in Sri Lanka!
100% people are very good in maths & very smart.i mean only 3or4 soldiers everyday coming deep down in your area and doing these nasty things, even you cant find a single soldier.what maths your talking about..

ravana said...

1+1 mean elevan to us.thats how we count.
1+1 mean two to you people thats how tamilnet and you count.
end of the day 11 is much more bigger than 2.

Sam Perera said...

kaavalan the moron,

And did you see Fonsekara said he has killed 9,000 LTTE since the war begin in Jan? and I thought DW posted that there are only 6000 LTTE members, and even after killing 9,000 you cannot just walk in to Wanni? Whom are you trying to fool again? Please learn the simple math? Are Singhalese that stupid in math? No wonder Tamils ruled all the high positions in Sri Lanka!

lets see how good you are your math skills.

(1) When you were born, your family had 3 members including your and your parents. You live in the same house with you siblings, spouses, and children. According to your math (if you can call), when your parents and your parents and you die, the population of your house should be zero. Nice math!

(2) You go to a school and by the time you entered the school, there were 3000 students. After 13 years, there shouldn't be any students left in the school since all of them have grown to be adults. Nice math again.

I hope that other LTTE members have the same wisdom as you have.

Renegade! said...


Renegade! said...

By the way, any news on whether we are gettin those Mig-29'S OR NOT?,,and do you have any links to pix of the new F-7G's??..thks

GoldenEagle said...

The main question is, can we continue this Wanni offensive with our economy taking the beating that it is taking now?

One thing that is a positive factor that the small soldier team based attacks are much less expensive to carry out than the large troop formations used in the past. Best of luck to our troops.

perein said...

Tribute to all our forces...

LKDOOD said...

great article DW



LKDOOD said...

...Many leaders went underground for a while, but have now reemerged. Prabhakaran is among them...

why are they out in the open ??

CASC said...


Very good analysis of the situation

The last days of the LTTE and VP seem to be all most like the last days of the Third Reich. A completely deranged leader presiding over a disintegrating organization. If the SLA does not get him first, then cardiac problems and diabetes will surely get him.

LKDOOD said...

India to train Lankan soldiers


hemantha said...

“With this move the Security Forces operating in the Mannar sector are now positioned some two and half kilometres South of Vedithalthivu,” General Officer Commanding of the 58 Division Brigadier Shavendra Silva told the Daily News.

hemantha said...

"With this move by the Security Forces LTTE cadres operating in the Vedithalthivu Sea Tiger Base have started to vacate the area as they have been convinced that they cannot hold that ground further, intelligence reports indicated yesterday.

Vedithalthivu is strongest Sea Tiger Base of the LTTE in the North Western coast of the country. The LTTE depends on it for their logistic support to the North and Wanni battle fronts."
-Same Daily News article

hemantha said...

I expected some westward movement by the Special Forces or by the commandos from North of Periyamadu in order to trap LTTE cadres operating at Wedithalthivu. It looks like this is not being the case. May be it involves lot of risks. (On the other hand according to the above article LTTE is withdrawing from Wedithalthivu. May be something to do with the “risk of being trapped”.)

LTTE always can use see routes to withdraw their personnel. But what about the heavy stuff such as artillery pieces?

Moshe Dyan said...

another fantastic article.
thank you DW.

"The A-9 has always been a symbolic MSR". cannot agree more.

Tigers will increase their "unconventional" attacks. SL must be ready for this. although vezapillai has lost many of his overseas friends, he has friends in the SL opposition, the economic catestrophe, elections (there are more next year possibly a GE which is due late next year or early the year thereafter + indian elections), HR issues and pressure on GOSL, increasing ruthlessness and frustration of TE supporters, "elite" terrorists, etc.

even if they lose vidathalathivu the east coast from there to poonaryn can sustain weapons flow.

the relative silence of SLN will be exploited further by STs. attacking SLA sea supply routes is a good strike for the LTTE to respond to a possible loss of vidathalathivu.

as we all agree this war is far from over. god bless SLDFs.

the heading in LTTE interpretation is "DO OR DO & MARTYR, TIGERS!"

Moshe Dyan said...


don't bitch about the army commander's statement that tigers will be finished off within (another) one year.

tigers have lived for 32 years and a couple of months is no big deal. also it is no assurance that SLA will stop killing thereafter. killings will HAVE to continue to keep potential trouble makers under control.

Unknown said...

Defencewire, as usual an excellent well ballanced article. The main hinderance in terms of military operations is going to come by sky rocketing fuel prices and its after effects with global increase in food prices. Many people look forward to a victory and shifting timeline does not help the people who gradually come to a point where they lose hope that the war will end.

Sarath Forsenka has made a fatal mistake by trying to say that the LTTE is trying to wipe out the sinhalese. There are defintely hardcore elements in both the LTTE and sinhalese societies who want the death/complete annihalation of the other community. However a armed forces commander should not play politics and come out with a statment like that.

Its common knowledge that the LTTE has been figting for an independent north east which they call tamil eelam. Its been the politicians who have been continous feeding the racial divide and filling their pockets by telling that the LTTE aim is to capture the whole of Sri Lanka. Even capturing the whole of the North East for the LTTE is such an impossible task.

The only way to break that strong tamil nationalism like that was done is to abandon many of the stupid policies that were institued in Sri Lanka. In India for example a strong hindi only policy was propogated by Indra ghandi(when she was a cabinet minister), this resulted in anti hindi riots in tamil nadu and the rise of the dravidian parties.

Today many tamil are learning Hindi. With the advent of call centres and IT which is mainly from the US, many Indians have been learning English and benifitting. Sri Lankans are more capable than Indians in such feilds.

I give this as an example that if there is strong economic growth alot of resement can be buried. However the political leadership continues to only focus on war and not look at parallel solutions to help the war effort. The political leadership continues to take credit for what the military slogs to achieve. Its the unscropolus politicians who continue to create the problems for Sri Lanka.

There is also illegal export of rosewood and teakwood from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka should not be raped to feed a war which politicians do not want to solve.

Again I appeal to the bloggers to come out and fight in a poltical arena and help change the fate of the people of Sri lanka.

Anonymous said...

if india are deploying an army on the west coast will that help prabha to escape to india???

Unknown said...

Excellent article DW !! And guys heres da chance we all have been waiting for

Moshe Dyan said...


" And guys heres da chance we all have been waiting for"

thank you so much.

Moshe Dyan said...


tamil nadu's economic revival is MAINLY due to the LACK OF TERRORIST GROUPS THERE. some indian states prone to terrorist activity lag behind economic development and this further breeds separatism.

TN politicians are DUMBERER, MORE IDIOTIC AND STUPID than their SL counterparts.

i agree that our scant resources need not be wasted for the war although 80% of the defence spend comes back to the society as salaries. BUT even more important is that our scant resources SHOULD NOT be surrendered to separatists.

N-E has huge amount of resources and there is only ONE way to make them work for sri lanka. that is by annihilating the LTTE, unifying the unitary SL and establishing the GOSL rule of law in N-E so that local and foreign investors can go there.

even without these resources, the worth of vanni's economy is over US$250 million a year. for 25 years it is over US$ 6 billion without factoring any growth. once liberated it will increase manifold than that. jaffna, batti, ampara, trinco economy is well over US$ 2 billion a year.

therefore there is a CLEAR economic case for war PROVIDED WE WIN IT!!!!

Unknown said...

Moshe you have missed my point altogether. Even where terrorism presits it was becuase for example congress rigged the Kashmir elections. Likewise looting punjab's resources. The North East India is now more peaceful. India learnt that a parallel political solution while combating insurgency is the only solution.

In Indonesia the Achenese kept fighting becuase Suharto needed the wars to keep his looting going. In philipines Marcos asked the army to bomb towns to declare a state of emergency to rule indefinetly. Today Achenese are at peace with Indonesia. Not in the philipines thanks again to corrupt politicians.

Indias North East and Acheh are oil rich. Greedy politicians used race as a means to loot the country.

If a new political system and transperency is brought about, no matter what the LTTE says, the tamil people who believe in them will not follow them. Today tamils even if they do not like the LTTE will want them to survive because they feel that a Sri Lankan Army Victory is actually a sinhalese victory over tamils.

To change the preception things should change politically. You are not targeting the root of the problem. Its like a kid gets sick playing in the rain. However you allow the kid to continue playing in the rain part and keep giving medicine, you never solve the problem. The kid will keep getting sick.

I am disappointed with many bloggers because they are more then willing to express their passions on the internet but do not wish to partake in bringgin real change to the country.

An example is this Malaysian Blogger who is a MP for the Malaysian Parliment today.

B#1 said...

Prabha has lived so long because he is afraid. Fear is a quality that preserves life. One can be fearful of losing one's own life, but brave in sacrificing the lives of others.

Very well said DW..:)

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


i got it, but i went a step further. to take a step backwards.....

1. terrorists are the root cause of terrorism.

2. almost all terror groups fight for the power of their leaders ONLY.

3. blaming other is part of the terrorist game.

4. indian states are hardly peaceful. assam, misur, bihar, orissa, andra pradesh, kashmir even TAMIL NADU and MAHARASHTRAR have organised separatist movements. some are armed; armed by outsiders???

5. since you are in malaysia........without specifying my involvement...........there are ZILLIONS of reasons for tamils to start terrorism in malaysia. but if their raise their shit heads the forces and para.s will literally SCREWW them and THEIR families. this has kept it peaceful.

6. the acheh movement had other reasons than what you specified. they were INHUMANELY crushed. the 2004 tsunami also helped flatten their support bases and civilians who supported them.

7. the LTTE case is even more pethetic. the tamil liberation struggle has killed, raped, displaced, agreieved more tamils than others. GOSL need not bend to any demand. LTTE canibals will take care of itself IF the war effort is continued.

8. blaming politics for terrorism is foolhardy. it may be true but there is nothing that can be done. IF the govt gives a federal solution without peoples support (people will never support it voluntarily), the next govt will reverse it. and it is perfectly legal and democratic.

9. tamils in SL would have been MUCH better off without the liberation struggle/terrorism EVEn with alleged discrimination, grievances, etc.

10. thankfully GOSL has put the cart behind the horse. it is going full steam to exterminate the LTTE BEFORE giving political solutions which is a NON-STARTER. there will never be a time when all sizable political parties can agree on these political solutions. those against it ALWAYS got popular and staged comebacks.

11. blaming terrorists for terrorism is part of the solution process.

Unknown said...

Moshe, stop being a racist. The tamils in malaysia need not be called shitheads. Next if you think the LTTE will be exterminated purely by military actions you are going to see the whole process repeat agian.

Achenese were not crushed. As the Sri Lankan goverment for time and agian have said about the LTTE. The Indonesian goverment once suharato stepped down managed to negotiate peace with them. Only part of acheh was destroyed by the tsunami, just like Sri Lanka.

I can go on a ramapage and kill my rich neighbour and say that poeple who are rich are sucessful and discriminate me. It will only fly when people have the preception that all the rich are like that and the government does nothing to protect the poor.

Once Nelson Mandela and the ANC were listed as terrorist. Today they are not. Are you sure the ANC was fighting for Nelson Mandela.

Sri Lankan economy will go bankrupt if this war goes on beyond the year. Sarath Forsenka keep changing the tracks. Why is Gota the defence secetary. People see that a division commander is placed in weli oya because of their affilication, how about gota. This is the problem with Sri Lankans, they only see the unfairness of the situation when it suits them.

In Malaysia the chinese are the ones who would take arms. Luckily they had an elightened leader like tunku abdul rahman. In singapore Lee kuan yew ensures meritocracy. Thats why even Sri lanka (sinhalese or tamils) want to be the country's citizens.

Why do you assume I stay in Malaysia just because i know what goes on there. How about Indonesia or the philipines. Your argurements are weak.

"blaming terrorists for terrorism is part of the solution process." In Sri Lanka blaming some else for you problems has always been the best way of escapisim. If someone calls you stupid or fat, you change yourself to be a better person.

Mahindha will not Sri Lankans problem. He will only be a long list of leaders to promise many things. Look Sri Lanka is back to the time of accepting Indian forces here. This is the mistake done in 1987.

Unknown said...

excellent article DefenceAnalyst!
Since Vedithalthivu seems to be the next goal and supposedly the sea tiger base there is quite an important base probably with key sea tiger assets... how will our men destroy as much as hardware and ltte cadres as possible before they perform another tactical withdrawal?

Mate...just my thoughts on parts of your reply to MD...
I don't know if MR will finish this war anytime soon or we'll find solution to this anytime soon... But what i do know is this so called discriminations and demand for separate state rubbish is baseless. And also it's quite evident over decades that as long as folks like Velu is at the helm of an outfit like ltte and their "principles" we will never find a solution in SL. And the only option available to us is to takeout ltte completely no matter how expensive the process is in both financially and human cost wise...
After looking at past few months what SLDF has achieved has been beyond belief...
And as long as there's an ounce of hope of ridding this world of cancers like ltte and their form of "thinking"... i'd still side with the present government nomatter how corrupt/inefficient they are...
That's the sad reality of SL my friend.. And we're people who are in this country going through this first hand and it's good to see finally we're seeing some light at the end of the tunnel...

Moshe Dyan said...


i think you are the RACIST here. i didn't call TAMILS anything. but i do call the tamil separatists active in malaysia shitheads and toilets. it is a very peaceful country that should remain as it is IN SPITE of alledged discrimination against tamils.

terrorism is not the asnwer to problems. it creates further problems. it can NEVER be justified in any way.

i think i have touched a VERY sensitive yet VERY TRUE issue here. but it cannot be helped. you know it is the reality.

already Malaysia is co-operating with SL authorities to track down and destroy mainly tamil separatists barbabrians. and there is a strong possibility that the last year's mahaveer crap celebrated in malaysia is the tip of the iceberg.

for defence related issues GOSL must closely follow up with malaysian authorities and i pray that the malaysian authorities will continue to destroy separatism with extreme force.

out of my experience i say that SL should learn how to treat this racial discrimination bulllshitt from malaysia.

B#1 said...


LTTE Attack MR

Tamilwin reports LTTE attack on Helicopter which Mr President was traveling at Arugambe, Amparai. Helicopter was slightly damaged.

Any truth on this????

Moshe Dyan said...

"Prabha has lived so long because he is afraid. Fear is a quality that preserves life."

this has an even bigger meaning now.

hopefully the president will have enough fear to protect himself.

LKDOOD said...

why is MR flying around in the east ?

its not safe

DanW said...

People check this link...

Defencewire said...

A bell 212 fuselage was damaged by gunfire.

TropicalStorm said...

Karuna to help the LTTE regain the east?

We have held back the bullet he earned by slaughtering 600 unarmed policemen.

Let him have his true reward.

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