Friday, July 4, 2008

LTTE Recce teams target 59 Division

Evidence of LTTE plans to launch a surprise attack on the advancing 59 troops in Weli Oya was revealed in a recent capture of an LTTE recce team leader. The leader was only 17 years old, but had served in the LTTE for five years.

The Tiger cadre had arrived with 34 other cadres by sea. The LTTE has many secret routes to infiltrate the East via Kokilai and Kokkuthuduwai behind the advancing line of troops North of Janakapura and in the general area Kiriibbanwewa. The group had been tasked to recce the strength, locations etc of advancing troops from behind the SLA line and to launch small scale attacks in the rear of the 59 Division as and when necessary.

The Kokilai, Kokkuthuduwai and even Nayaru lagoons are difficult areas to defend against small landing teams. The Parangiyawaadiya area and the Parangiya-aaruwa ravine in Kokilai is a favorite landing point for LTTE units.

This area was raided for the first time recently since the 59's operational engagement. Four 8-man teams that searched the jungle on information from the captured Recce team leader managed to uncover a boat and other equipment from this area. The 34-man team had by then escaped.

Informed sources claimed that the 59's advance into LTTE areas is crucial but has been delayed. The delays are partly intentional so that more LTTE cadres are boxed-in, engaged and annihilated. On the other hand, the thick jungles and concentration of enemy troops have delayed the advance.

Unlike Mannar and Vavuniya, the SLA cannot use the Armoured Corps or Mechanized Infantry Units. The fighting is down to the infantrymen and their small arms. RPGs, Infantry support weapons like the 81mm mortars and Recoilless Rifles (RCL) are used extensively.

Calling in air strikes is largely ruled out and heavy artillery and MBRL fire is also obstructed by large trees and vegetation. It is in this scenario that the Army has to now watch out for LTTE recce teams, which are usually followed by a larger attack force.


Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW.

"Informed sources claimed that the 59's advance into LTTE areas is crucial but has been delayed. The delays are partly intentional so that more LTTE cadres are boxed-in, engaged and annihilated. On the other hand, the thick jungles and concentration of enemy troops have delayed the advance."

JUST a few minutes ago i was at it in the DN!!

Moshe Dyan said...

there are a few interesting developments.

1. was listening to shavendra silva (on the link in and he specifically states that lately they have been deliberately targeting (to 'harvest') a large number of terrorists in the mannar front, etc. he also goves an example.

2. also states about Mi-24 attacks on LTTE trucks trasporting cadres.

3. the recent interview with SF also highlighted a "shift" towards targeting more LTTE cadres with the intent of killing them.

these are clear signs of an emerging PREDOMINANTLY-KILLING strategy.

mathematically the HIGHER desirability of it NOW can be explained as below.

1. about 1-2 year ago LTTE may have had a similar number or smaller number of cadre strength including its civilian militia.
PLUS they were spread across a larger extent.
therefore cadres per square kilometer would have been LOW.

2. now LTTE controlled areas have shrunk drastically. OTOH they have stuffed their cadre strength with more and more civilian engagement.
recently LTTE has been forcing more and more civilians to join its defensive formations.
it may be a fair estimate to say on average LTTE now have around 1 cadre per square kilometre(??).
in other words a HIGHER density of terrorists. this makes 'harvesting' easier.

HOWEVER not all cadres are of equal strength and terrorist 'elites' must be engaged without delay.

Defencewire said...


Like the said in a previous article, the two policies 'kill-10 a day' and 'Don't die for our land, Let them die for theirs' is paying rich dividend.

LKDOOD said...

Blogger Bhairav said...

Yesterday I watched the "Law & Order"'s assassin episode show on one of US national TV stations.

The story was like this an American educated female political figure who wasn't mentioned as Tamil or Sinhalese, undergoes house arrest in SL for 2 years before returning to US. In US, she becomes key speaker for many events in University level, and key mandra words in her speech were " We need Tamil homeland, without Tamil separate homeland, our children will suffer forever"

some of the words used in this episode:

1.Sri Lankan Hard
2.Tamil tiger terrorists.

If you guys missed the show or wanted to see how Sri Lankan conflict misinformed in these American TV networks, just google up,you will find some videos.

The show is " Law & Order and the episode name is "Assassin".


this show is on USA network

Full details of this episode


if anybody want to watch the episode

here are the links

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

download all parts & use winrar software

for people who like torrents


thanks Bhairav for the details

i don't normally watch this show

wijayapala said...


Even though the SLA's mobility and firepower is reduced in the Mullaitivu jungles, wouldn't it also be true that the LTTE will have problems using their heavy mortars which are massacring our troops?

CASC said...


As always, thanks for the interesting post.

As the Army Commander has pointed, now that the LTTE's conventional military capability has been dented, they will probably resort to clasical guerilla warfare. This time around, unlike in previous eelam wars, the Army has developed its own small group tactics to counter the LTTE.

LKDOOD said...


great post


NOLTTE=Peace said...

I am wondering whether our Army is using UAVs to spot LTTE mortar teams and direct arti and MBRL fire towards those mortar units.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks for the reply.

INDEED they are paying rich dividends. this becomes another "oddity" of present military operations compared to previous ones. calling them "humanitarian operations" and keeping a low profile by not naming operations also helps!

kuttu said...

air station


tangara said...

An attack behind the SLA lines is very real...

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