Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LTTE fighting (a losing battle) for Kilinochchi

Despite fierce resistance, the LTTE's last bastion in the Northwestern coast at Nachchikudah may fall in the coming days. LTTE took steps to reinforce Nachchikudah with fighters from the Jaffna FDL. They have also dug a large trench from Nachchikudah to the interior of Karachchi situated in Kilinochchi District (to the northeast).

The trench war is seen primarily in Mannar and the Northern FDL where tank and Mechanized Infantry Units are lurking. However, it should be a matter of time before the trench is infiltrated by 58 troops specially trained for the task.

Special Forces and 3 Commando Regiment troops have started ambushing reinforcements from Kilinochchi to Nachchikuda, Tunukkai and Mallavi. The route from Kilinochchi to Nachchikuda/Uylankulam, Tunukkai and Mallavi is being infiltrated by Special Forces and 3 Commando elite teams on a regular basis. This is in addition to regular troop operations.

The Special Forces, deployed as an Independent reserve operating primarily from Vavuniya, last week ambushed a convoy of Tigers who were riding a captured Army Buffel southeast of the town of Akkarayan at Akkarayankulam in Kilinochchi near the Mulaitivu-Kilinochchi border. In the same area, troops from 3 Commando ambushed another convoy of Tigers. Casualties to LTTE is unknown.

Fighting continues at Uylankulam as 4 Gemunu Watch troops surround Tunukkai from the rear and hold LTTE reinforcements from Kilinochchi at bay. The sheer number of fronts the SLA has opened up from Northwest of Tunukkai to Mallavi, Uylankulam and Nachchikuda is thinning out Tiger manpower as they fight to fend off the SLA from Kilinochchi Town, just 13kms away. Special Forces and 3 Commando troops are within striking distance of Kilinochchi Town already.


chamal said...


"...a convoy of Tigers who were riding a captured Army Buffel ..."

How many APC's do they have in operational state? And do they use them often, or just for transporting their 'special' cadres or high ranking personnel?

Defencewire said...

They captured a few from Mulaitivu Base and two from Mannar last year. They don't use them for one particular purpose. Sometimes leaders travel by bicycle to avoid detection.

out_sider said...


Time to plan your final entry?

And, what will DW do after the LTTE is defeated?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

13 kms.
Its loss would be a tremendous blow to LTTE morale, and no amount of spin can alleviate it. After that Mullaitivu would only be a matter of time .Would it go out with a bang,or, a fizz?
Eerily there seem to be no panic on LTTE side expected during such dire situations--neither civilians nor fighters.Is it grim determination or glum confidence?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


any idea what guns the snipers in lead photo are using?
Does SLA have a dedicated sniper wing/training?

*Using fuel-guzzling Buffel in fuel-deprived wanni by ltte shows indeed SLA has been ambushing successfully.

Sam Perera said...


This conflict has a long way to go even if we take Killinochchi and Mulativu back; and all LTTE cadre surrender. Chances are very high to see low intensity hit and run type attacks. We need to look several decades beyond today for real peaceful conditions. No matter what we do, there will be a segment of rabid Eelamist operating in Sri Lanka and from other countries. This is the political side of the war. We need a decent political solution and make feel Tamil Sri Lankans are truly equal members of the Sri Lankan society. Until then, we need to maintain/upgrade our military (also more ethnically balanced) everyday so that we will never be caught again off guard like 80s.

Unknown said...

When you say 13 kms to Giranikke town (killinochchi) is it straight line distance or route distance.

I guess 13 Kms is a distance that can be walked in leisure in about 4 to 5 hours?

We are so close to Giranikke.

But as I have been saying it's not over till it's over. My definition of "over" is when SLDF has regained all territory in Sri Lanka and have consolidated and cleared all areas. So necessarily Mulladuva (Mullaitivu) has to be included.

When Giranikke falls, that would be a turning point as never have been. I wonder what will happen to other LTTE power bases when this happens, e.g. Mulladuva, Muramaale, NagarKovil, Kilali, Punranna.

Also what about the nicker like area starting from Omanthai? Any what will happen to the terrorists in that area?

Unknown said...

Defencewire are you there???????

There is some hoary old nut called "horey" launching BABA Mortars on your blog. Time to tie the black scarf and a piece of surgical removal.

Please check the previous post to see his trail of destruction.

Unknown said...

I mean knicker..

LKDOOD said...


thanks for the update

anybody planning a holiday in Kilinochchi ?

what are the attractions in Kilinochchi ?

Wicky said...

Well there will be some good places to visit. i.e. Tomb of the Bunker Rat is one of them :P

LKDOOD said...


minikura said...

I agree with Thambala, your hard work is
Tarnished by this blogger name Horey (real horiya)
by posting his“crap” on the comments columns. Please
take necessary actions to clean it & keep up the “great”

Unknown said...

don't celebrate too early!

mboi said...

if gosl wanna completely eliminate ltte, they have to kill prabhakaran, pottu amman and maybe soosai. diaspora may contribute money but they r never actually gonna take part in suicide attacks etc. they will be too busy buying property, starting businesses etc when north is cleared. people cant be bothered with terrorism, killing themselves etc when they r too busy making money. prob the real terrorist threat is from any cells in tamil nadu.

Achi said...

[anybody planning a holiday in Kilinochchi ?

what are the attractions in Kilinochchi ?]

Girls with big boobs since hiding bra bombs..:-)

Moshe Dyan said...

i hope that "getting" kilinochchi has nothing to do with the election.

PM has said that SLA MIGHT take kili before the election day (23).

we should keep elections and military op.s away from eachothers' influence.

LKDOOD said...

New Picture of Praba

LKDOOD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LKDOOD said...

has anybody seen this picture before ?

CodeRed said...

I have out from this blog for a long time now i'd glad to come back to it with a good for u guyz. The news is New(Reconditioned though) Mig 29 birds are on their way to SL now. SLAF purchasing 5 of them including 4 combat air crafts and 1 training air craft.Those 4 combat aircrafts are fully equipped with all possible ammunitions (A2A missiles and all those). some of our (sorry cant leak the exact number) SLAF fighter jet pilots got trained for Mig 29s during last several months and ready for use the birds now.

As i feel this Mig 29 purchase is not for more than the pride of SLDF than real combat. B cz in case of LTTE I don’t think its really useful. B cz SLAF has more than enough firepower to tackle down running tigers.

CodeRed said...

One of our Mig 27 is under repair now b cz of that "Skids trough" when its landing. I have the full story about it but can’t say anything b cz security rsn. But don’t worry, that bird will also fly in near future with out anymore issues.

Sam Perera said...


You have a bigger task in you hands, i.e. to respond to Washingon Times article by Buce Fein. Please respond carefully with the most rational and polite language.

Unknown said...

thanks for the updates sir :) you're doing a great job with regular updates :)

most probably the rifles are Dragunovs


i think folks know that the 27 took a bullet hit that damaged it's hydraulics preventing it from engaging the MLG... and it had to perform a belly landing...
i too heard the airframe hasn't suffered bad damage and it's being attended to :)

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"Please respond carefully with the most rational and polite language"

Old habits die hard.He started with some ok arguments but lost the goodwill in one go when he launched into the trademark character assasination of the messenger:)) Such cheap tactics may impress the crowd here, not in WT;)

CodeRed said...

I got another news leaked out from LTTE. They r preparing for a major scale cease less wave kinda attack to the front columns of 58 & 57. But this is not da main objective. Its kinda diversion major attack. Their objective is, during dat high scale attack, some 3-4 well trained cadres sneaked thought the front lines and trying to capture our MBRL battery. If they succeed ( Very unlikely though ) and able to take control of da Tatra truck for about some time they will b able to arrack our troops from rear. Cz these tigers highly think that if they’ll b able to kill arnd 150 SLA at one strot, its enough to hold our advances. But the problem is, they don’t have enough fire power to kill 150 SLA in a one go. That’s why they trying to do something like this.

Unknown said...

what a ridiculous article. I truly dont believe this is written by bruce fein, a supposed "lawyer". I mean this man is writing as if he is writing to high school students. The language, the non evidence and the ridiculous baseless bullshit..wow..its hilarious. tamil ltte supporters, doing what they know best with blood money. hahaa

Unknown said...

I think the GOSL really has to allocate resources to tackle this Bruce Fein and his client (most probably having direct links with the terrorist organisation the LTTE)

As I have seen there are a number of people that can be approached who have written certain articles hitting out at BF to help in this task. Can't we question the legitimacy of the client and it's monies rendered to BF? GOSL should really get in to this.

Unknown said...

you could be right.

don't they MBRLs have security systems that need authentication to operate them?
In which case they probably won't be able to use it during such a operation but only be able to capture it. (Unless some mole has sold the passwords etc to the LTTE). IS THE SLA/SLDF practising good password/security token practices???? i.e. change them frequently?

We could station one or snipers hiding around each MBRL to prevent such hijacking of these.

CodeRed said...


Yes. SLDF has well defended defense system around a perimeter of a MBRL battery than the Artillery battery. I cant tell you exactly what are those strategies are. Even if LTTE buggers managed infiltrate all the perimeter networks and capture the Tratra truck it would be very difficult them to operate it, unless of course .. without some our traitor who knows how to operate the hell firing machine.

Unknown said...

i heard from an slaf source that the 29 deal is stalled and experiencing some "difficulties"... and they are definitely "on their way" to SL at the moment...

about MBRL's...SLA should definitely have a fall back option of destroying these assets if they feel that it'll fall into enemy hands... maybe some sorta remote detonating system...
in early years of war we let ltte take over way too many arti pieces etc that should've been destroyed before falling into enemy hands...

GoldenEagle said...

I hae said on this blog many months ago that the LTTE will try to capture our MBRLs. I saw a pattern emerging in the actions of the LTTE, with regards to our weapons.

The LTTE have shown in the past that they will try to capture or destroy any SL military weapons systems that really hurt them on the battlefield.

GoldenEagle said...


I agree with your idea of a remote detonating system to prevent weapon systems from falling into the hands of the LTTE.

Unknown said...

There is a little boy in this picture. Third from the right. Do you see him? Certainly looks underage to me.


Are these the LTTE civilian militias or enlisted cadres? Why aren't we bombing these parades, thought at least the UAVs can locate these parades. This is the second one in two days.

CodeRed said...


Yup mate those "difficulties...." are solved now. So the birds will be here sooner rather than later .

Tharanga ,
We cant simply bombed those parades. Then the stupid Human right ppl n Diass-pora ppl will scream loud that SLAF bombing "INNOCENT Civilians". If we really bombed them away, The best places are top tigers funerals. Cz most of the remaining top tigers are present for those funerals. We are constantly monitoring those funerals using uav's bt never bombed on them. Simply b cz GOSL is not a cannibal team as LTTE to bombed out enemy funerals

san said...

has anybody seen this picture before ?"

i saw this one somewhere may be last year,actually photo taken by a canon eos350d camera if camera's date settings are correct photo taken on 23-02-2006.more than two years ago

Unknown said...

codered, agreed, it is inhumane to bomb funerals, and I would never condone that, but I didn't think it is a war crime to bomb enemy combatants parading, they are not innocent civilians, as can be seen they are carrying weapons and practising for battle, we can take UAV pictures of them parading with weapons before we bomb them to prove to the Human Wrong groups that they are not civilians?

CodeRed said...


Dude, what u said was true, we can bombed LTTE military parades. But the problem is nowadays the hard core LTTE fighters are not parade at all. Who are parades are their militia group (The forced new recruits). But thy are only parading with broom sticks in their hands, not weapons. Cant u remember that haa hoo that they hv emerged after SLAF boomed out female training camp some years back ? Finally those female tigers became innocent school girls. Even SLA media units are very causes now to not to publish pictures of any killed child combatants. Since they do not have proper uniform SLA could have easily blamed killing of “Innocent young Children ”

Unknown said...

the story was that our birds up and circling over killi when TC's funeral was parades were taking place...
nice bit of psy ops :)

Unknown said...

Ranil, its not a story, its true, Tamilnut reported that our war birds were flying overhead during TC's funeral and some even dived low, I believe there is some footage of it too. Tamilnut even reported that they were flying overhead and diving during Balraj's funeral, I believe there is footage of that too.

Codered, I don't they were carrying broom sticks in the parade, it looks like T-56s?

CodeRed said...

dude can u pls let me where i can get those footages that u hv mentioned. Do u hv any url where v can get those?


Tin-Tin said...

Good day everyone. I have a simple question to ask. Are the SLAF using on board camerras on the birds to film the target before and after bombing or filmed using portable cameras? Most of the videos on the defence.lk do not have a good resolution or are they purposely downgraded the quality to reduce the file size.

If the birds can get high resolution videos, then we can simply bomb those parades without violating any human rights. Because those trainees sooner or later will be attacking GOSL forces and most probably they will be put in to the front.

Any ideas?

chamal said...

Even if an MBRL is captured by the LTTE, I think we have the capability to recapture or destroy it if we take the necessary measures before they get far. Remember that our SF people recovered a Buffel that was captured several months ago (It was reported here in DW too, if I remember correctly) But the best option is to prevent anything like that from happening of course. They won't be able to use it straight away either, they need rockets too. It's not like they can get hundreds of rockets along with the MBRL too.

Achilles said...

CodeRed said...
dude can u pls let me where i can get those footages that u hv mentioned. Do u hv any url where v can get those? "


Unknown said...

Codered, go to Youtube and type in LTTE AA fire or SLAF over Kilinochchi, that's how I found it, not sure if the video is there anymore. Also go Tamilnut and click the link to Balraj's funeral, it will mention SLAF overfly.

chamal said...


"Are the SLAF using on board camerras on the birds to film the target before and after bombing or filmed using portable cameras?"

Those are actually UAV footage and not from the fighter plane itself. And the cameras on those UAV's can provide very clear images than what we see on those videos. I have heard SLAF has equipment that can even read a vehicle numberplate on the ground.

About bombing the parades, they are probably held in civilian areas. These pictures show that this parade is held in a playground, and I'll bet it's a public playground surrounded by civilian settlements. If SLAF bombs a place like that, it'll be easy to show that we attacked civilians. That's what the people will believe no matter how much evidence we provide against it. In Sencholai too, SLAF released footage of the bombing and showed LTTE vehicles in the area afterwards. But that didn't help a lot.

Tin-Tin said...

This is just a suggestion only.

It would be good if someone with the knowledge about North can update
daily basis to show where each of our army fronts are located. Also, the main places liberated by GOSL. For example, please have a look


Tin-Tin said...

posting the two links I had in my prev post again.



perein said...

Dukganna Rala-
Very good point mate.
Possible DW can help us often using the map.

chamal said...

'dukganna' and 'dukganna rala' are the same person right? From his profile page, it looks like dukganna changed his display name. Can you confirm this dukganna/dukganna rala, because we already have some duplicate accounts here?

Tin-Tin said...

Hi Chamal

"'dukganna' and 'dukganna rala' are the same person right? From his profile page, it looks like dukganna changed his display name. Can you confirm this dukganna/dukganna rala, because we already have some duplicate accounts here?"

Yes, both "dukganna" and "dukganna rala" are the same. In my first post it appeared "dukganna", but then after I enable my profile view, blog is picking up the full user name "dukganna rala". I am not sure what is going on.

CodeRed said...

Thanks a lot Tharanga . I saw those videos.

Its a great dat u point out somethink like dat. Ita great way to keep us uptodate about the exact positions in the Front lines.

About those UAV and board camera on Fight birds... well they have very high res capabilities. even capabale of identifying a floating tree leaf on water surface. these defence lk ppl purposely reduce the quality. Most probably for security reasons rather than streaming purposes.

Theres another important intel(Probabale attack) got leaked out to me from LTTE. I'll let you kno guys when i got confirmed on that ..

Tin-Tin said...

Hi Codered,

"Thanks a lot Tharanga . I saw those videos."

Could you please post the links to those videos.

"Its a great dat u point out somethink like dat. Ita great way to keep us uptodate about the exact positions in the Front lines."

Yes, it would be really good if we can initiate this.

CodeRed said...

Here it is. But couldnt find the TC's funeral incident. Better if some one can give us those links as well.


U r link is aloso usefull.But for those ppl who can read tamil. Pretty interesting info is out of thr..

Sam Perera said...

"Old habits die hard.He started with some ok arguments but lost the goodwill in one go when he launched into the trademark character assasination of the messenger:)) Such cheap tactics may impress the crowd here, not in WT;)"

Is this according to STD the LTTE Terrorist? Please take your mask off. Deliberate killings of thousands of innocent civilians is the act that qualified you to be terrorists. You spend a lot to engage in cheap tactics against the people of Sri Lanka. What ever you do, you are nothing more than a terrorist who's rightful place is the unmarked graves reserved for faceless terrorists.

Bhairav said...

Profit Mohammad's way of living - must see youtube link

CodeRed said...

Just go to this link, See n enjoy how TAF mosquitos preparing for World war 1.


Colomblogs said...

susanthika lost the olympics, SL lost cricket match,PC election in the corner....perfect and simillar setting previously used by LTTE to upset southern mindset...need more vigilance....in coming days

Ogre said...

LTTE's recent attempts to lengthen the runway in mulativu district has a diabolical plan.

LTTE plans use hired plan to drop supplies and evacuate its leaders.

The question on where the plan may arrive is reasonable...a 600 mile radius..should be considered and shooting down such a plane is imperative to completely devastate teh LTTE menace.

On Vanni front, need another fighting brigade badly

800 odd LTTE cadres now training in Kokilai jungles this is their 5th week...LTTE is holding off SLA div 57 in order to get these groups.

TropicalStorm said...

G'Eagle, CodeRed and others;

There certainly seems higher likelihood of action targetting the MBRL weapons, since the grapewine reached all the way over here to the US. So it is only logical that MI should be updated, ready and waiting as well.
Should be fun to have the Tigers send some well trained 'elite' chaps to provide shooting practice for our 'back office' boys who rarely see action.

TropicalStorm said...


The 800 nattamis under training are no threat to our veteran troops. These morons could probably be taken out by the kitchen crew with minimum effort.

57 and 58 are definitely going to bear the brunt of the work load going in, but don't be surprised if 53 comes a calling from northside once Pooneryn becomes a beach resort for the SLA.

Unknown said...

i too was thinking on same lines about the runway initially but the trick is...how can LTTE fly in without crossing over other countries air spaces...
unless of course a country like India and another recognized country is back it...
I aint no expert but what if a Norwegian airforce aircraft were to get clearance from india to flyover their their airspace... take a detour and land in Sri Lanka, do their thing and fly back????
I guess at max we can shoot em down if we detect them early and within sri lankan airspace... that too has protocols etc...
is something like this possible or is it just too idiotic?

TropicalStorm said...

In the aftermath of the war, people will think and talk and hypothesize about various things; in particular about WHY the LTTE started a suicidal war, when all indications were that the US was going to back the SLG and the Army was quite ready to take them on, the economy had surged back, and there were reserves and a hostile gloabl environment to all terrorists.
Did they do it because Velu was stupid enough to think he could walk all over SL and win a 'final war' which even a 10 year old could've told him otherwise. All they had to do was wait and gradually make it all irretrievably into a 'seperate state' gradually.

Someone got in the way.

The unknown factor will be the covert role played by certain global powers to lead toward a 'series of unfortunate events' leading to war. These nations, were not going to allow a known terrorist be rewarded while they also inhabited the same planet.

In particular, the damage the US did and continues to do to the LTTE will never be known fully. SL should remember the US contribution to eradicating this menace to our nation, with gratitude.

GoldenEagle said...


You are right, the US is one of the biggest allies we have. Their help has been priceless.

If it were not for pressure from the US, the EU weenies would have never have banned the LTTE.

We should never forget their help.

Unknown said...


Achilles said...

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