Thursday, August 21, 2008

LTTE reserves in Tunukkai

The town of Tunukkai is encircled and being infiltrated by troops from the 57 Division and is expected to fall shortly. Tigers have deployed several specialized reserve units kept away from battle until now to hold on to the town, including a Counter-attack team from Charles Anthony unit brought from Muhamalai and Nagarkovil areas.

The leader of this team and 12 others died in a counterattack two weeks ago while attempting to regain Kalvila in six separate attacks. The leader identified as Vithees was posthumously promoted to the rank of 'Colonel' by the LTTE at his funeral in Kilinochchi Town recently.

The team was deployed tactically, particularly after the SLA launches an attack, captures ground and builds temporary defenses. It would then infiltrate in small teams directing regular cadres to attack and instructing artillery fire. The origins of the team was in reconnaissance missions but later transformed into counter attack, combining reconnaissance (surprise) and heavy weapons fire.

The team comprised of cadres who had led the counterattacks after the SLA made ground during Jayasikurui Operation. Unlike in previous operations, the SLA no longer stop for clearing operations making it next to impossible to surprise them.

In recent times, the team was deployed in the Jaffna FDLs where they directed heavy artillery at advancing troops, and together with the Victor Anti-Tank unit, held off three limited operations by the Army. The unit is commanded by Theepan, who is now instructing the LTTE's Tunukkai-Mantai defenses. The team leader killed by the 57 Division was the battle hardened deputy to Theepan.

Meanwhile in the northwestern front, troops have now advanced 4 kilometers past nachchikuda and are now 18kms south of Pooneryn.


Achi said...

Tnx for the update DW..

aKa said...


Brother where are you, they are coming please help me.

kuttu said...

shyam brother

Don’t worry they won’t do anything to you, since you have only ONE ball. Hi hi hi

minikura said...

Thanx DW, keep it up. May triple jem bless our defense forces.

Peter said...


Don’t shout like that, others will hear you, go back to your rat hole brother

Malin said...

Thx for the Update defencewire... Keep them coming..:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Its a matter of time for fall of Thunukkai and then Mallavi. But the primary objective should be to make these two towns a cemetry for hardcore/seniour LTTE fighers. It will make rest of the things easy for SLA and will be the real victory. I think its ok to spend more time here in acheiving this objective rather than try it later.

SLA in Welioya front need to clear the Mulathiv jungle and surround Nayaru, Alampil, Nedunkarni, Oddusudan together with Mankulam and Puliyankulam. In west of A9 they need to clear Pallemodei area and surrounf Makulam and Puliyankulam. Then take control of A9 road from Omanthei to Mankulam. After that advancing north horizontaly will seal the victroy.

58D seems like to take high risk advancing alone along A32 towards Poonaryn. This will cutoff west coast and make things perfect for SLA. But I think they are the most likely to get attacked by two LTTE fronts from Poonaryn and K'nochchi.

SLA just need to keep own casualties low and be optimistic on spending time (avoiding unnecassary rush.) And we just need to avoid AAB type attacks. By sending newly rained civilians to the battlefield vezapilla will ensure the tamiz population in tamiz homeland going to be negelibale. What a liberation?
However this is some thing LTTE can predict easily and they ned to have some stratergy to block this (at least to try). Question is how good is SLA in responding to any kind of LTTE reactions.
We heard LTTE expanding air strip. Can this be for big plane to land there with lot of whepons?

LTTE suspect who killed hundreds of cilvilians by bus bombings was a candidate of WPF of Mano Ganeshan's list for Colombo MC. MAnoG has said its a usual thing to be such a person in any political party's list and not a big deel. What a human right hero?? (check lakbima sinhala)

minikura said...

Vithees is Vikkeswaran or someone else?
According to Guardian, Vikkeswaran who joined theepan’s group, was
The deputy commander of Northern Region. Vikkesw. was killed recently.

mboi said...

haha lankanewspapers has finally decided to poach a dw article.

jack said...

1st of all congratulations to our brave forces!!!!

Its doing a great job by liberating our SL bros & sisters of tamil origin from LieTTE fasicts.

They deserve to enjoy the freedom as all SLANS !!!

We need 2 keep our heads cool in be aware of the forth coming risks
@ the nothern front.
This will be a hard won victory 4 all SLANS.
SLDF must plan their ope. very carefully, they need to " think out of the box " & play the game @ their own command.
All kinds of dangers are waiting them incl. NON CONVENTIONAL attacks both on civilians as well on SLDF.
We need to use MI / counter MI / SLAF / Elite units to max & be prepared 4 all eventualities .

other solutions :

1. Cut food & all other suplies to the crime sindicate in KILL NOCHI & get / force / liberate the civilians out of their open prison.

2. Offer ceasefire 2 LieTTE on the basis of releasing ALL the child soldiers / freeze forced enlisting / hand over their criminal heads + lay down their arms & end to the illegal ocupation of the nothern part of SL & it´s population .

3. Impose tough penalties to Terrorists + their aids in form of : spy´s, corrupt security personnel,low makers incl. those from UNP , NGO´s + INGOS, fake journalists = all traitors

4. Ask for inter. assistance example Norway to secure the release of the civilian population . This a good opprtunity to C the REAL NORAWY¨S abilities !!!!
It must be made clear that the LieTTE thugs are responsible for civilian casualities both in North & south = whole of SL.
4. SL Govt. must perform better in developing the country on a 70/30 basis.
70% = reserve & promote small + medium size Co´s
30% = reserve 4 major Co´s

We need to get out of asking & giving donation mentality !!!

5. We SLANS need to learn 1st / 2nd / 3erd to be SLANS. Ethnic origins will be a private matter.
SL state must become a secular state.
SLANS must be treated as SLANS & not on the basis of Race, gender, sexual orientation etc
So all these 13th amendment & other segregation methods shall not be implemented.
What is required is good governance,little or no corruption & develop the economy on the basis of private sector
Unless we think & act as people from 21st century we will end up in
stone age while others are prospering .
We have very capable people in SL
to bring the country & its people to the glory.
We only need to look @ our forces which is performing under very difficult circumstances in a most examplery manner !!!!!!!!
MAY GOD BLESS U **********

Ogre said...

I want to see more bodies ... results... !! ! NOW

More IP, CA group bodies with the leaders....

and at least 20 bodies of LTTE terrorist a day

chamal said...

Looks like Nachchikuda is also likely to fall.

Maybe SLA plans to take both Thunukkkai and Nachchikuda together? Both will be huge losses to the LTTE.

Moshe Dyan said...

"We SLANS need to learn 1st / 2nd / 3erd to be SLANS."


Moshe Dyan said...

we need to jack-up the HARVESTING rate. it seems that by putting preassure on kili is a good bait for tigers.

nows the time we need MORE weapons.

there should be no let up in war as gota said. we have to eradicate them fully. this needs hell of a lot of weapons and manpower. our planning has been very good so far. it should be maintained. the most restrictive is money when it comes to planning. we can get an idea of how our planners did in the past.

defence expenditure budget and actual compared from 1995-2000.

1. it has obviously increased
2. the increase can be broken down to PLANNED increase and UNPLANNED increase
3. PLANNED increase = this year budget/last year actual (in simple terms, how much we increased it after considering the last year)
4. UNPLANNED = this year actual/this year budget (in simple terms, how much we overspend)
5. total increase from year to year is PLANNED x UNPLANNED
6. also total increase is increase from one year to the next in actual spend


govt's planning disasters can be seen from the second column leading up to 1999. we should never do that next year. column 3 shows a STAGERRING 1.6 for 2000 in UNPLANNED expenditure due to wrong timing of purchases. we all know what happened.

instead the govt. should have put that money into 1999 which would increase the 0.9 (column 2) higher and 1.19 (column 3) down and the CRAZY 1.6 down, down and down.

Bhairav said...

I hear from one insider source that LTTE hierarchy instructed its folks in Canada that two towns will fall under SLA and asked diaspora Tamils to be calm- this was said 2 months ago and they haven't even said which towns those were- it could be Mullaitivu or Thunukkai, furthermore that source saying, SLA will never enter into Kilinochi town which will become graveyard for them if they do.

LTTE is really playing its cards right or just bluffing? When you see the LTTE cool heads, they are certainly not bluffing- something brewing big in their backyard.

chamal said...


Yes, we've all heard that before

Colomblogs said...

LTTE was cool from east and just maintaining cooling effect which is in return cool for SLA):

LTTE may have plans...but do they have resources or mobilitiy?

This is not a land aquisition phase (like CBK)of Eeelam war, this is harvesting time.

Unlike what SF/GR/MR telling in media,they have a good picture and understanding of LTTE tacticts. There will be counter plans for LTTE tricks. I cant reveal all here.

If SLA decided just to capture all other towns but siege Kili (not entering) for one year with well defined defence and cutting all supplies there. Interesting to see what VP do.

Bhairav said...

[If SLA decided just to capture all other towns but siege Kili (not entering) for one year with well defined defence and cutting all supplies there. Interesting to see what VP do.]


It makes sense if you have another 50,000+ forces.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

"something brewing big in their backyard" - may be Thal Kassippu

Unknown said...

Just want to say hi to the other Jack, also to clarify that is not me (the original jack)

I take it as just a coincidence and not malicious at all, cheers.

Anonymous said...

//When you see the LTTE cool heads, they are certainly not bluffing- something brewing big in their backyard.//


1) LTTE has a super plan and SLA will be defeated later (according to the plan.)

2) LTTE has/had a super plan but SLA still defeat LTTE.

3) LTTE don't have a super plan but still SLA will loose (due to own mistakes/ or somehow)

4) LTTE don't have super plan and just bluffing just becuz nothing else to do.

We like 3 and 4 and diaspora dream 1 or 3. This is about future.

What about the past.
1. SLA can't capture mavilaru.
2. We will not let Sampoor down.
3. We will not allow SLA to enter vakarei.
4. SLA will never get thoppigala.
5. We will not allow SLA to enter wanni.
6. All offensives from mavilaru to .... repulsed.
7. Wanni become SLA grave yard. etc

I personaly know still there are people who work for JVP and they beleive socialist/ marxist Sri Lanka which is ruled by JVP is going to happen. JVP leaders talk like they are just about to win the elecetion and take power. This is just a joke for us but there are people who seriously be;eive them.

Tamil nationalism/ racism is more deeper than JVP party politics. Thus no wonder how diaspora is fooled. Tamil ezham is the dream of diaspora. People need dreams (to live the life). While normal people dream about good education, good job, house, wife etc resict dream is seperate country. So the propaganda should be "we are geting closer, we have secret plans, you will see surprise soon, be patient, etc. This is to keep the much desired dream of diaspora keep alive (and get the money to ...) Any such organization need to keep the dream alive of followers no matter reality is for or against it.

Even after SLA capture whole north LTTE will do the same while exploding few bombs everywhere.

Unknown said...

like they have any other choice...
two towns to fall??? how many towns did Ltte lost before these latest ops?
Killi too will fall...just like all other LTTE controlled towns...
sadly it won't be without casualties, from both sides...
I hope better planning, strategy, air cover and bigger fire power will help SLDF can reduce casualties from their side while inflicting maximum on the enemy

Puffy said...

'troops have now advanced 4 kilometers past nachchikuda and are now 18kms south of Pooneryn.'

another flank attack on Nachchikuda?

btw, are we in a position to call in Artillery fire on nachchikuda and tunukkai?

Unknown said...

DefenceWire Team
thanks for regular updates :) you guys are doing a great job :)

GoldenEagle said...

I think our army has about 30,000 troops waiting on the wings, in case something happens.

Our armed forces have come light-years from where they were 10 years ago.

GoldenEagle said...

I think we should get some LS-6 precision guided glide bombs from China.

Our newly acquired F-7G jets can carry them. They will take our LTTE heavy artilley positions with top notch accuracy.


Unknown said...

[furthermore that source saying, SLA will never enter into Kilinochi town which will become graveyard for them if they do. ]

Mate. This isn't the first time we hear this. LTTE said the exact words in 1995 while Op. Riviresa closing in to Jaffna town.

However it's obvious that LTTE is having plan(s) to halt/counter SLA advances. But the problem so far was..

1. Didn't they have any plans to hold Viduthaltiv, Vellankulam, Kalvilan, etc.. or they just withdrew according to a plan?

Alltogether what I see is that no matter whether LTTE had plans or not SLA was always one step ahead of them. So far Army has been successfully countered or outmaneuvered almost all the LTTE moves and sometimes has dodged them with pre-emptive strikes.

2. Several LTTE plans have gone wrong because of the poor quality of the cadres, lack of effective fire power, lack of leadership, lack of supplies/reinforcements and low morale of their cadres. Even the so called ‘elite’ units(CA, IP) haven’t been able to counter regular troops of 57th & 58th Divisions much effectively.

To make things worse for them SLA is fighting with very high morale, skilled leadership, superior firepower, new adaptive tactics and most importantly with air support as never before.

3. Do they have enough man power and fire power to halt SLA in all fronts?

This time it’s a different game unlike Op. Jayasikuru time as it’s not a single front they have to do counter attacks.

Even they could hold back one front that’s not going to be enough.

What matters here is not whether they have a plan or not, but rather when and where. Also will they able pull it back with that plan? So we all(even LTTE supporting diaspora) are waiting until LTTE come out with their precious plans. Remember… time is fast running out for LTTE.

Only time will tell.

hemantha said...

Decisive Military Action for Long Term Benefit: The March on Vellankulam
by E.T. Bailey

click here.

ape lanka said...

Dear DW & Team
Thanks for the daily update.. we all have to be on top of our game!

Keep eyes open guys!
Lets keep our motherland safe.

May the Triple gem bless our forces

priyashantha said...


Difficult to understand but I get the point.

In 1999 GSL allocated only 90% of 1998's actual military expenditure. They might have thought it is going to be easier in 1999 than in 1998!

We bought plenty of stuff in 2000. But that was too late.

I can assure you that it will not happen now. But when we buy planes, etc. there is a MASSIVE expenditure in one year.

Good work. Use percentages next time and give us a link.

Mohammed Zubair said...


If you continue to post BS, you will have embarassing (to you) comebacks thrown back at you, so in order to preserve your dignity, say something useful or say nothing at all.

PS, thanks for posting the video on youtube. If there is any shred of truth in it (which there isn't), I condemn it. So I guess the rituals of forced child marriages, burning brides, burning widows, worshipping cows, snakes, rats, other flora and fauna is not primitive and barbaric?

PSS, Have you seen the therapist yet? I can recommend a good one.

chamal said...

"are we in a position to call in Artillery fire on nachchikuda and tunukkai?"

Yes, of course. But Thunukkai is a town with a large civilian population, and SLA is unlikely to shell it unless targetting a LTTE strongpoint well away from civilian positions. I don't know about Nachchikuda but I guess it's the same there. But right now our forces are directly engaging the LTTE on both locations.

chamal said...

That should be addressed to puffy.

Unknown said...

So this means we've by passed nochchikudah? Are supplies cut off to nochchikudah?

If this is the scenario an ideal opportunity to get the LTTE cadre to surrender is there isn't it?

Unknown said...

that glide bomb is quite similar to JDAM's from US... Discovery channel "future weapons" showcased the JDAMS and the host said it costs $25,000 per tail kit that can convert your standard MK series bombs into GPS guided ones... they do have another variant that's laser guided for moving targets etc

Unknown said...

uliyankulam and thunukkai has been captured by the sldf...
:) :) :)

perein said...

Ogre / Chamal / Jack / Shan & others-

"hear from one insider source that LTTE hierarchy instructed its folks in Canada that two towns will fall under SLA and asked diaspora Tamils to be calm- this was said 2 months ago and they haven't even said which towns those were- it could be Mullaitivu or Thunukkai, furthermore that source saying, SLA will never enter into Kilinochi town which will become graveyard for them if they do.

Believed you have seen above quote by now.
Now that reminds me something which have seen live on Tele good few years ago. Event was when American forces took on Iraq. Sadam's spokesmen were saying we do this.. done that etc. Then when came to capturing the last city in Iraq, there were some minor events outside the last city. Inside the city.... It was nothing at all.
Between the 2 forces one major different is America worked with high tech weapons.... Our brave hearts works with skills .... Todate have proved what our forces can address with out very high tech devices.

Top of above I do see a big advantage which SL forces will have when get to Killi.
Due to civilian getting employed, would LTTE really know who would be their cadet/s ? Therefore if we managed to get inside of those units, should be able to work out most of the upcoming challengers.
May be our intelligent already done that by now ...

What are your thoughts?

Unknown said...

ranil, what's your source?

admin said...

Delon responds to MIAs denials with another remix.

chamal said...


"So this means we've by passed nochchikudah? Are supplies cut off to nochchikudah?"

That I don't know. I was just saying that it is possible to call in artillery. Because both places are within our artillery range, and if our forces are directly engaging with LTTE (SLA started attacking Thunukkai yesterday, and part of Nachchikuda outer defences had also been catured yesterday), then it is obviously possible to call in artillery. There is no need even to send special observance teams.

Danushka said...

Why do u think SLA is doing so well now whereas they failed miserably in almost every mission a few yrs ago? Is it because of good leadership or better technology?

Unknown said...

Good leadership, naturally better tchnology was provided by the good leadership.

Puffy said...

Thanks for the reply mate.
I raised that Artillery issue because I'm yet to read/hear about any major Arty strike on Tunukkai and Nachchikuda.
I have a feeling that this might be due to the following 2 reasons;

1. Since our troops have surrounded/infiltrated Tunukkai and Nachchikuda from several locations, there is a risk of hitting our own troops.

2. Since there has been a rapid gain of territory, specially along the A32, I doubt whether SLA has moved their Arty guns in to these newly captured areas, fearing continued counter attacks from the LTTE. These areas are not safe enough to move heavy guns yet.

Anyway, seems like Tunukkai has been liberated... Congratulations SL Armed Forces!!!

Next Mallavi --> Mankulam...

Moshe Dyan said...


ok, next time. but there is no link as such. sources CBSL report-defence budget & tn.

Unknown said...

It's official!

Thunukkai and Uilankulam falls..

Now wheres the booty?

Also need to be careful. This could be well set up trap.
i.e. offer some resistance to fool the enemey and retreat and then counter attack..

Unknown said...

Or could it be..

Uilankulam -> Manalkulam -> Murukandi -> Kokavil ?

Malin said...

Well Done SLDF..

Guys i hate to say this.. but it feels like army could have captured this area somedays ago but waited because of the upcoming elections..

What ever I am so glad that those election are over soon.

Puffy said...


'Uilankulam -> Manalkulam -> Murukandi -> Kokavil ?'

Sure... but 1st Mallavi!
Otherwise we are leaving space for a possible counter attack...

Sarath Fonseka keeps us all guessing... I just love it!!!

perein said...

Thunukkai.. Uilankulam when we get the Malavi is the LTTE death numbers going to be 50's or 100's ?

Unknown said...

I am not celebrating the fall of Thunnukai, it could be a trick, why would they withdraw without a fight after days of heavy fighting?

Unknown said...

I agree that we must be on the alert. It could well be trap.

But on the other hand SLA surrounded Thunukkai from north west, east and southern directions. So it is also possible that they withdrew after smelling SLA's advance from north west?

But still we really need to be on the alert for any traps.

chamal said...


Where does it say they withdrew without a fight? says 'liberated' and according to defencenet they have tried to reinforce the defences before it was captured. Looks like they've given a pretty desperate fight.

phaedrus said... says SLA has gone up to Akkarayan Kulam. I think that might be even more significant than Tunukkai.

I hope the army will add one more division for the battle against Kilinochchi, which might happen sooner than we think, going by the current positions.

What about moving the experienced divisions in the east to the north and replacing them with new recruits, as it will give them time to learn how to operate properly?

And what about the 53rd in Jaffna. We seem to have 4 divisions there. If they can take Pooneryn and come down on Kilinochchi, we can hand the LTTE their ass on a platter very soon.

Unknown said...

sorry.. I meant..

But on the other hand SLA surrounded Thunukkai from north west, WEST and southern directions...

GoldenEagle said...


Yes it is very similar to the JDAM, but it uses plane-like wings to manuveur the bomb to the target instead of the mobile tailfins used by the JDAM.

I think this will be much cheaper than the JDAM, plus it can be carried by our F-7G fighters.

Its circle of error is only 15m. So getting rid of artillery positions pointed out by our radars will be easy.

Unknown said...

It was definitely not without a fight. The battles in Kalvilan were part of the Thunukkai seige werent they?

The following from concerns me..

" Valiant troops of the 57 Division pierced through scores of well-fortified LTTE trenches, bunkers and strongholds while simultaneously removing LTTE laid hundreds of booby traps, land mines and explosive devices, amidst rains of Tiger artillery, mortar and small arms fire."

what were casualty figures on SLA? If as they say this thrust was done amidst "rains" of artim, mortar and small arms fire.. then what are our casualty figures? Are they as / says? or what?

Actually they don't mention any casualties. Neither Army nor LTTE.. DW, anybody any updates on this?

perein said...

Where about is the in
this map
Is it the one shows as Akkaraya Wewa? Allmost in same line with Irranamadu Tank?

Unknown said...

Agreed guys, but its moving a bit too fast for my liking, we should be harvesting more, Thunnukai and Mallavi are the best places for harvesting, as per DW they had brought in the "elites" to these two towns, had we kept it under siege for longer they would have brought in even more reinforcements which would have been another oppurtunity to harvest?

Unknown said...

I tend to think on the same lines.. Thunukkai, Mallavi seems to me like good places for attrition..

Riyaz said...

On the face of it tunukkai and mallavi looked like where our brave SLDF will face strong resistance... But it looks like SF is pulling some masterstrokes by taking the fight into the places and the timing to sldf's plans!!, Guys when we look at the maps, surely akkarayan kulam and uyilankulam lies way ahead of tunukkai and mallavi, and when u take the western coast jeyapuram lies way north over nachikudah... so SF/GR is keeping loads of surprises for the tigers...

They keep all of us guessing and truly its amazing.. Strategy wise they look really brilliant

kaatikuddupaan said...

I heard from a good source that a SLA woman who could speak tamil actually came to Vanni, got conscripted, took training and then ran back to GOSL areas to spread the info.

Also the so called "hardcore units"are also filled with conscripts. However these are "voluntary"conscripts who join up before LTTE eventually comes and captures them.

I have seennew cadres in Charles'Anthony brigade who are heart patients and stupid kids who are in now ay going to stand and fight against well trained army soldiers.

Prabhakaran says that these new cadres are being "battle"trained. However most do not even survive their first battles.

Riyaz said...

I am sure their strategy just bamboozles the tigers and their plans.. surely giving them loads of unpleasant surprises

Moshe Dyan said...


lets not miss the wood for the trees.

the next target should be to HARVEST as many tigers as possible by blocking their ways, baiting them with pressure on kili, etc. land capture is secondary.

we have to one day face this ULTIMATE challenge and the sooner we enter into the mode the better.

Riyaz said...


true land grabbibg is not the priority at the moment, but the way our guys are moving surely must be confusing the tigers a hell of a lot. I guess now we have tens of mini fronts enough to confuse them...I guess its a situation where the enemy doesn't what really fell on them???

perein said...


Prabhakaran says that these new cadres are being "battle"trained. However most do not even survive their first battles.

I think Prabhakaran said that to TS not to any others.
When those new cadres join TS they would be fully battle trained :)

mboi said...

tunukkai and uliyankulam is secure and SLA is also in control of the southern edge of Akkarayan Kulam, the large lake/Tank to the southwest of kilinocchi. another unit is operating further northwest in manniyakulam.

Moshe Dyan said...


"now we have tens of mini fronts enough to confuse them"

that's the point. we have MANY opportunities & avenues NOW for the sweep.

happy to not that brig shivendra silva has also admitted this in his interview in lanka guardian with nicer words of course!! LOL!

he seems to be a matured intellect and an insightful guy. + a VERY good team player. hope they will continue their good team work without dropping the batton!!

Riyaz said...

I am pretty sure our special infantry boys are already swarming in the kili and mullativ jungles way ahead of Forward offensive lines.. That must be giving nightmares to terrorists!!! I hope they are not wetting pants like babies now

perein said...

Goda inna bahaa - Army / Airforce Ghanawa
Deyee innna bahaa - Navy / airforce Ghanwa

Only way out is to bury them selves... Better call TC and ask him to reserve somthing underground space. Soon the space gona run out due to execution is too high.

phaedrus said...


Akkakarayan Kulam marked in the map is the tamil name for Akkaraya wewa.

Yes it is almost inline with Iranamadu tank. If our regular army is there, we can guess where our special forces and lrrp guys must be now.

Forget Mallavi...the next stop for the 57 bus may be Kilinochchi.

He he he... (as Kuttu would say)

perein said...

phaedrus -
Thanks mate.

Yes as (Koli)- Kuttu said...
He he he...

Bhairav said...

Only time will tell.


Even if you win the war against LTTE, you won't win the hearts and minds of Tamils. Until unless Tamils get satisfactory solutions which is at least North-East combined federal solutions, the problems will continue to exist. If I'm Sinhalese guy with balls, I will go ahead and give federal solutions to Tamils. Give them few years to prosper their lives by giving fed solutions, it will be hard to convince themselves to go back to Tamil separate land concept. No community would have achieved what Tamil community did given the only 30 years of stay in Canada, 1000s of millionaires and rising intellectuals who will heavily invest in SL if the peace is achieved. It's matter of time before SL's $24B yearly economy will go to $500B, and that is the bench mark should be achieved within the 10 years time frame of peace mark. Well, if you are the same Sinhala modaiya who believe in by destroying the LTTE, you can Sinhalize the Tamil coastal villages and changing Tamil names of the cities into Sinhala, then you justify the LTTE's existence and your hand to mouth attitude.

Mohammed Zubair said...


Please stop commenting, for Allah's sake please stop, I repeat, stop, stop, full stop! Just a friendly advice mate, try and maintain what little credibility you have left.

chamal said...


Get out of the 'tamil' mindset and think like a Sri Lankan for once.

Kushan Perera said...

"Only time will tell"

Only thing you have undertood is that.

Mokada dan ubata dukaida? ara ganin VP kiyala!

Go and Fund Terrorist money in INDIA..Tamil Nadu...ur Home Land

chamal said...

Or even a Canadian of Eelamistani or whatever you are. Just think like a human being. Don't think that tamil's are best. No race is better than the other. As a race, each has it's own faults and strengths. But the people who comprise that race, they are all human. When you take everything together, it's humans that make up the world, not races. The time is long gone when races/clans/tribes kept themselves to themselves and did nothing new and opposed everything from outside.

Bhairav said...


Thanks for educating me.

Tin-Tin said...

Are there people still living in Thunnukkai or have they already been moved to Killi town?

Bhairav said...


original ID

Fake id is already in action.

chamal said...


Yeah, right. I can see I made a real impression on you. Why was I stupid enough to waste my time on that?

Anyway guys, this is from

"Valiant troops in their hundreds led by 57 Division General Officer Commanding Major General Jagath Dias for the last couple of weeks were fearlessly forging ahead from VELLANKULAM fronts while troops fighting in PULIYANKULAM, NEDUNKERNY areas to the northwest of VAVUNIYA, effectively blocked infiltration of terrorists to TUNUKKAI areas. Earlier troops captured KALVILAN, which is also quite close to MALLAVI."

Are they talking about the TF-1 or did the 57th itself block the reinforcements? And which division has taken control of Akkarayankulam, and is the whole area between Akkarayankulam and Thunukkai under SLA control now?

LKDOOD said...

Blogger Dukganna Rala said...

Are there people still living in Thunnukkai or have they already been moved to Killi town?

August 22, 2008 6:29 PM

no civilians in Tunukkai

Unknown said...


JDAM's too have been upgraded with wings to glide

but like you say...chinese variant might be cheaper and accessible

Gringo said...


SrI Lankans cannot give additional identities fellow Sri Lankans. If a Tamil Speaking Sri Lankans (TASSLs) have the right to buy land from anywhere in the country and live as a free individual... others like SISSLs should be able to do so.

Absolutely we cannot afford to ggive anything special for a section of Sri Lankans. That would be a bottomless pit.

Those who don't like Sri Lanka can get out. The door is open.

But if you try to kill us... we will kill you.

Kithul said...

Qrious and nemesis where are you guys - the two pronged posts eagerly awaited

perein said...
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TropicalStorm said...

The general thinking among some expats seems to be;

The SLA is going to take a few more months to over-run K'chchi.

Tigers are going to be relocating (successfully)to the Mullatitivu jungles.

Then the SLA is going to be bogged down in K'chchi when the monsoon rains start, as heavy armor will be temp. out of the fight.

Tigers will be able to conduct a guerilla campaign against the army at that point.

New US Presidium will be favorable to the Tigers.

Uncle Bruce will get ban lifted.

SLA will take a beating and be forced to withdraw.

Ealamistan established.

The game isn't over until the last delivery is bowled.

TropicalStorm said...

SLG is missing out on something they need to do; putting pressure on the INGOs to assist Wanni civillians to move freely into govt held areas.

Not doing this will continue to allow the INGOs to have free reign to critique the govt and even engage indirectly in activities that help the Tigers, while benefiting from the kickbacks they get. By making them 'walk the plank' these orgnisations will be forced to remain balance on both sides and open a range of opportunities for the govt to keep the pressure on this factor which remains a 'wild card' in the entire equation.

Get a move on SLG.

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