Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No wavering in international support to the war

Maldives National Defence Force soldiers trained by SLA Commandos
Despite an election looming in India and subsequent comments made by Indian National Security Adviser, M K Narayanan, the International Community, including Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have all backed the military effort in Sri Lanka.

During a recent visit to Sri Lanka to attend the SAARC Summit, Singh had confidentially given the go-ahead for the war, officials told this site. However, the state of Tamil Nadu is crucial for the ruling party's win and hence Narayanan's statement of impartiality. The Defence Advisor has recently said that despite successes, SLA is still to win the war and gain the support of the Tamils.

Despite the latest publicity stunt, India has maintained ongoing military cooperations with Sri Lanka with new training opportunities at prestigious colleges. Sri Lankan officers, including Generals and men are currently undergoing training in United States, UK, China, India, Russia and Pakistan.

Army Majors General undergoing training later in their careers was quite unusual some years back, but now, the Sri Lanka Army is a very young Army in terms of age. Some Generals in the SLA are as young as 47 years now. Major General Milinda Peiris from the Armoured Corp is an example.

These young, experienced and motivated officers were promoted based on merit and not on seniority of age. A few of these Majors General are currently undergoing training in prestigious colleges in the United States', including the National Defence College and the American War College at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to name a few.

A large number of Battalion Commanders are also undergoing training in Russia, with another batch set to leave in September. Battalion Commanders are also training in China. Many of these officers are from the Major or Captain ranks. China is also the largest exporter of Army to Sri Lanka and the SLA fights primarily with Chinese weapons.

These opportunities demonstrate the confidence placed in the Military by the International Community despite attempts to shame Sri Lanka by some quarters.


cable said...

Any updates on the battlefront?

Achi said...

"young as 47 years now"
Yes 3 short of half century..:-)

perein said...

Thank you for the latest posting. Hope you had a good few days holiday :) ... Anith para padi kappana wenne ...

Is there any chance we can get some update about the up north ground work? Noticed now forces are into action with out much of a publicity.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

I think srilankan bloggers give too much importance to ' international support' or otherwise, to the outcome of this war. Unless one have the misfortune of being in the faultlines of powerblocks ( eg Balkans or Caucasus, or Christian vs Muslim eg Timor or Sudan) one can happily bang away even with atrociously high casualty civil wars with the ' world' paying only lip service.

So 'support' is guaranteed as long as SL(or any other country) have either the bucks( eg arms from East Bloc) or the geopolitical circumstances( eg China/India).
Bottomline: This civil war will be won or lost by srilankans, and GR/MR/SF seems to have recognised this reality.
However VP tried to use the same logic and got burnt--different rules apply for non-state players.

perein said...


"of Tamil Nadu is crucial for the ruling party's"

I thought Karunanidi will be stepping down and passing the family business to younger son. There could be potential family split between Older son vs Younger soon.
Hopefully that could swing more votes to Jayalalitha.
Let's hope most things with LTTE get sorted before end of this year..

Achi said...

[I think srilankan bloggers give too much importance to ' international support]

Yes we have to remember "Thaman Hisata Thama Athamai Sevanella".

sldf said...


Senior LTTE member of a Lt. Col rank has been KIA or MIA. Can you please confirm this report?

DW, also battlefield reports in Kalvilan and south of Mallavi and Tunukkai area will be very much appreciated.

Unknown said...


It’s so nice to see a new post from you, I was starting to get worried when we didn’t see any action from you for a while! Thanks for the update mate!

Unknown said...
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minikura said...


August 13, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Let.Col.Vikkeswaran, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) deputy Commander of Northern Region killed. He joint LTTE 16 yours ago also married and have children, source said. (Image: Theepan who is a one of military commanders with collogue of his Vikkeswaran )

“His brother also LTTE member was killed in Elephant pass in 1991,” reliable source told the Sri Lanka Guardian.

“Let.Col.Vikkeswaran was inside charls Antony Group their after joint with Col.Theepan from 1997”, he added

Unknown said...


I’m not too sure about that machine but it looks like we are using some improvised devices for mine clearing (e.g. the remote controlled device). This is really good but we need more of it.

My idea is to mount a GPR (ground penetrating radar, mainly used in archaeological work) on a buggy and then have a wired or wireless link send images back to a computer. We can then use an image processing algorithm together with a neural network or a PSO (particle swarm optimisation) algorithm to create a map of the minefield. I think this would yield better results as de-mining can be done more effectively when we know exactly where the mines are!

The best thing is that this technology will not cost an arm and a leg! All you need is a basic buggy, a way to communicate between the buggy and a computer, a standard computer and software. Required software can be developed in-house if you know how to do it! All we need is a bit of “outside the box” thinking from the government and we can save many lives!

perein said...

WOW... it did not take too long DW articlet to get posted on other sites :)

Malin said...

The mine clearing machine that was used in madhu use the concept of destroying the land mine before it explode.

I have seen on television, machines similar to the one they showed in madu. but this one had iron chains.

But i guess same concept where they use collection of these chains to rotate at very high speed while end area hits the ground. when a mine is hit with speed and power of the rotating iron chain mine is broken into pieces before the chemical reaction have time to explode inside.

Put in a simple way the machine destroy the mine before it explodes.

But disadvantage of this machine is, it has to be used as harvesting a field. you have no way of picking random mines here and there or used it in jungle terrain

NOLTTE=Peace said...


How to contact you?

hemantha said...

Editorial-The Island

click here

Unknown said...


I think the best way is by e-mail (id3 at!


Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW.

1. 47-25=22!!

pre-war (1983) training and experience was MORE (than later) about achieving 'ceremonial' perfection. after 1983 the combat focus increased.

having top guns with an initial 'moulding' in the battlefield rather than at the "independenace day" helps alot. some one said a modern day officer's initial years define what he will be.

2. in war what matters is RESULTS not SENIORITY per se.

SF did the right thing.

Unknown said...

STD, International community plays an important role in the war. Whether they ignore or contribute to the conflict makes the difference.

In recent times the BJP head of tamilnadu has promised a "solution" to the tamil problem in Sri Lanka.

Now Narayanan has followed suit. The no confidence vote is over and the central government is quite stable. However the congress alliance is set to lose in the next election. Even the DMK will lose in Tamil Nadu. Whether its an AIADMK combine or the alliance of 3rd parties will rule tamilnadu is yet to be seen.

India is okay with a self governing tamil region in Sri Lanka without the LTTE. Hence a BJP federal government could lead to further consequences to the Sri Lankan Soverignty.

The IPKF had their own people wheb they were in Sri Lanka. In Russia can invade Georgia and continue to move during the ceasefire, it shows that the US is stuck with its wars/changing of leadership.Hence any india led action in Sri Lanka will not meet resistance for India from Russia and the US.

India can throw training etc but they do not trust Sri Lanka. Hence at any time they can pull the plug. When Australian troops cofronted the Timor Leste rebels they were easy to subdue because Australia had trained them. Hence free training is a double edged sword.

BJP sees the Ram Bridge as its selling point after their failed hindutava iniatives. The Kashmir issue is hot now but it will not alone help. Hence the BJP will likely to move towards "protecting Hindus". The LTTE cannot play the Hindu card as it depends strongly on the christian support especially the church. Hence it has to manouver with the BJP silently.

Sri Lanka has also failed to not condem Russia for invading Georgia. This is consequence of the free training and other future possible help.

China will be looking to its eastern regions and I expect a brutal crackdown in Tibet and Xinjiang after the olympics. China is also facing scrunity for trading weapons for oil in Sudan. It would also lie low.

Its an odd situation that a weak LTTE or strong LTTE still poses a problem to Sri Lanka. Its important to be masters of your own destiny.

Mahindha has failed in his foreign policy with short sighted manoverus that has tempered relations with Israel, China and India over his tenture. This works well for the LTTE. Mahindha is the commander in chief of the armed forces, he should ensures that the troops benifits from all fronts. The Sri Lankan economy is detoriating and will become worst after this year.

There are 4 months left to the year and if the LTTE holds out its could turn the tide of the war next year. Hence there is an urgent need for the armed forces to continue to push forward.

Unknown said...

I am not expert in these matters and I can't see demining equipment on the main clip in the link that you gave.

However I saw one demining machine in action after the capture of Madhu shown in Rupavahini. It had protruding and rotating spiked wheel kind of thing that took off top soil.

Unknown said...

D.B.S.Jeyaraj has called the LTTE fascist terrorists.

"The fascist terror enveloping the beleaguered Tamil community continues to snuff out the lives of intellectuals with leadership potential.""

Unknown said...

Intresting. May be we could think on the lines of the remote sensing done by satellites too.

How about sonar? Do you think sonar's may be able to provide digital data that can be processed to fin where mindes are? We may not need processing at all if we can get an analogue image from radar/sonar and the human brain may be able to process the image.

Unknown said...

I think MR's foreign policy is something like...

"Get everyone close so that no one gets too close"

Why does the Q branch keep cracking on LTTE operatives?

Navindran, where are your mass sinhala koti? Would you be big enough now to admit that you were wrong?

Moshe Dyan said...


i think MR cleverly manipulated the china/india, pakistan/india, russia/west, china/west, iran/other donors issues TO THE BENEFIT OF SL.

1. there was a time not so long ago when all SL's donors were cutting down aid to SL. this trend stopped when they saw iran in action in SL.

2. india tried to bully SL by saying india decides what weapons SL needs and SL should shop in india. this showed india's worry over SL-pak & SL-chinese connections. SL exploited this to the MAX. they ended up getting military aid + military purchases + military loans + military training + economic loans from ALL THREE PLAYERS!!!

3. on the israel issue. SL DELIBERATELY avoided getting into defence contracts with iran and this triggered israel to sell at VERY good prices some advance UAVs, ETC.

4. china is a BIG supplier of weapons to HR abusers and china & russia are BIGTIME protectors of HR violators AROUND the world against UN action. this trend ONLY favours SL!!!!

china will NOT lie low when it takes on its OWN 'rebelious' areas.

5. india VERY SERIOUSLY neglected LTTE and other separatists in SL. while the indians were in SL, SLDFs were aggressive as usual IN SPITE OF A LTTE CEASEFIRE!

even i expected a tone down of op.s which NEVER happened. actually the contrary happened!!

6. india openly ENDORSED MR's "political solution" (the 20+ years old 13th amendment) which is a GREAT disappointment to many separatists. OTOH it was a tick for MR.

LTTE and other separatists rejected it 20+ years ago!!

7. as DW put it, narayan's statement was only a political balancing act. its only LIP SERVICE.

8. BJP or IC, india is no longer the SA superpower. now it is CHINA AND ITS ALLIES. SL is india's ONLY friend in the SA region and it can either keep it or lose it.

if it looses the frinedship, what the indian defence analyst FAMOUSLY called the "CHINESE BEAD NECLACE AROUND INDIA" will become a reality.

today individual streangths are not that important. what matters is being PART of a REGIONAL TEAM.

SL has many regional teams and LTTE is in no such regional team. SL locked the LTTE in a corner and banged it at will, LITERALLY!!!!

Defencewire said...

After the large attack on Kalvilan which we reported, that was halted by MBRLs, small teams have been surrounded and killed. But the biggest news is yet to come.We are watching/waiting for Tunukkai to fall having a domino effect on the remainder of the strongholds. This might take time. We will update with an analysis soon.

About an LTTE Lt. Col. well, frankly, LTTE uses a Lt. Col. or two every week. field Commanders are dying by the dozen. Perhaps the most significant catch however was a suicide trainer at the last bombing run on a suicide training facility at Thiruwaiaru last 30th.

Unknown said...


"Perhaps the most significant catch however was a suicide trainer at the last bombing run on a suicide training facility at Thiruwaiaru last 30th.

Could you please elaborate how this happened? You mean it was an aerial bombing run? Then how was this trainer captured?

Defencewire said...


catch means the guy is dead. Not captured alive. caught hanging around when the bomb came for him!

NOLTTE=Peace said...


I will contact you (may be not today) and when I did that, I will contact you to verify authenticity of my mail.

TropicalStorm said...


Given how low the SLAF flies sometimes, I thought the pilot just grabbed the guy by his balls and flew back home.

Then I realized my mistake.

These cowards don't have balls...

Unknown said...

If the guy was dead, then how did the military got to know about it?

TropicalStorm said...


SL is a small country, whose opinions are insignificant in the global scheme of things. That comes with its own advantages. We can keep our mouths shut and not fall foul with anyone. SL did well to follow that policy at least for once.
The Georgians are going to be taught a lesson and the former USSR nations will be brought back under Russian sphere of influence thru this episode.
Even US seems to understand it and will quite likely escalate to near confrontational levels, though a Balkan war is something the US cannot survive at this point. There's always been the fear of taking the Russians on, and that will keep the US at bay.

SLG's foreign policy conquests have amazed many analysts far and near. I personally never liked teh SLFP or anyone even remotely connected to it, but these boys have pulled some stunts that are no less than breathtaking.

Sri Lanka stands on the threshold of great things and must be supported totally by all those who wish to see her do well. The trends set by the present govt will go a long way towards building a solid platform for the future for the country. On the side of economics, it remains to be seen whether they can perform a miracle too. I personally doubt this, but am willing and would be happy to be proven wrong.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


It is very difficult to develop an all terrain mine clearing machine. There are thousands of limitations that you need to work with.

Therefore, even though in vein, those who clear the mines have to resort to established means depending on the terrain.

Having said that animals have less all terrain limitations than the machines. Trained animals can be a great source for ditecting mines. Since they are living beings, there are other issues associated with deploying animals to detect mines compared to machines.

So, you have to always strike a balance. The financial and other logistical, training etc factors come into play too.

Therefore, what to use when depends on many circumstances and what used may not be the best option either.

Life is not always rosy :-)

TropicalStorm said...


India and China will never confront each other in a threat scenario similar to the US and former USSR.

These two ancient civilizations have c-existed for thousands of years when the europeans were little better than baboons. The level of understanding that exists between these nations goes deeper than the European ability to decipher.

The US would like to see a 'balance of power' between these countries. Actually the Indians and the Chinese both will play off of US's miopic views and will reap technological benefits for years to come. India is better placed in that game.

NOLTTE=Peace said...



NOLTTE=Peace said...


LOL was about your comments on balls :-)

TropicalStorm said...


Heavily armored buldozers do a fantastic job of mine clearance. The majority of SLA's casualties were caused by APMs (anti-personnel mines) which can be detonated in mass quantities by squashing.

Even the LTTE used the same technique when attacking army camps in the past.

Another possibility is to generate a strong magnetic field on the steel wheels of the bulldozers so that the mines actually are pulled in, and then squashed.

TropicalStorm said...

Predictions are for a mass scale civillian exodus as the final thrust starts. Even UN agencies are gearing up to support an exodus of approx 200,000 civillians.

Identiying LTTE members among the civillians will be the big job, and MI seems to have plenty of contingency plans for this eventuality.

Looks like there is a well laid out strategy to manage it all in a sytematic way. It's all good stuff, folks.

In the meanwhile there are some good guys being trained here in the US.

Adrenaline_Grin said...

DW -

"A large number of Battalion Commanders are also undergoing training in Russia, with another batch set to leave in September. Battalion Commanders are also training in China."

Wouldn't training officers of the same level in two different countries give rise to a clash of thoughts and styles? I presume the Russians and Chinese do things differently, or is it all the same?

TropicalStorm said...


I think your India-Pak-China analysis is too heavy in the traditional way of thinking, when the game itself is fast changing.

India's outlook on Pakistan and all other 'desi' nations (derived from 'desheeya' or 'our people' concept) will take a more benevolent, inclusive approach. Compare the very obvious change in policy towards all neighbours since the days of Indira; when it was all hostile and all nations around India had a problem with her.

Today India is ready to rev-up an economic fall-out strategy to bring all 'desi' nations under her umbrella. Sri Lanka would do well to actively push this strategy and be the point-man in this game. My guess is that the recent suggestion of a common currency based on the INR by SLG is a first step in this process. Again, it is this pro-active and very effective foreign policy of this govt I find fascinating.

Read more into the Indian PM's comments abt 'our shared prosperity'. The clues to the unfolding future Indian regional policy lie therein.

TropicalStorm said...


Re; link you posted -

Even that analysis does not really address the bigger issue for the LTTE once K'chchi falls; there will be nothing to show for 30 years of immense human sacrifice. That will have a huge and almost unsurmountable psychological effect.

Only obvious beneficiaries from 30 yrs of war will be Velu's kids who had a foreign education at the tamil diaspora's expense. That will create huge integrity issues. Velu's son may have very little time left in this world anyway.

The ageing LTTE fat-cats in their late 40's and early 50's with well known faces will be on the run, in a very small territory, with a very determined and effective military in pursuit. That should be a short episode at best. Expect Karuna in the game at this point, doing what he does best.

How is Velu going to explain the total failure? " oh shit, this is only a tactical withdrawal, just keep caughing up more money and send your kids to become suicide bombers and we will soon have eezam?"

Even our very own Shyam will have a hard time with that one.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the input mate.

india and china co-existed for over 5,000 years. yes. that was partly bcos of TIBET which has the good of both. no more!!

yesterday lankaguardian carried a good analysis by col hariharan where he GENTLY reflects some of my points.

anyhow i agree that india-china will be more like US-SU in cold war. US-SU has ALOT of trade between them during cold war. at one point SU was HEAVILY dependant on US wheat and there was no instance of (just thinking aloud) poisoning wheat or kavier (exported by SU to US)!!

but china's DELIBERATE incursions into the indian region AND INDIA itself is UNDENIABLE. maoist rebles which is the BIGGEST threat to india are active in half the states (interestingly mineral rich ones!!!). they are financed and armed by CHINA!!

agree that US, etc. wants a balance between india and china. this is EXACTLY what china DOES NOT want!! china is the ONLY asian superpower and UN permanant member. china is in NO WAY going to allow india to change that.

russia is torn between china and india. it is stupid for russia not to sell offensive weapons to china. it is THE biggest market.

Kithul said...


Given how low the SLAF flies sometimes.......

jolly good one mate, the best yet...

TropicalStorm said...


China never was a colonial power. They'd be foolish to try now. Their military power is for self defence and export markets. They will remain a viable economy and military, and will influence other nations thru economic power. India is trying to out-play China on that score.
I see greater economic power wrangling between India and China than anything else. Those who create a fear psychosis probably have defence contract interests.

Nations like SL will do well to stay good with everyone, and our guys are doing a good job of it.

Unknown said...

India hates China Period. India lost 13000 square km of land to China. China openly claims Arunachal Pradesh. China dominates Indias neighbours through military weapons training and supply.

India trained the LTTE and other groups as revenge to Sri Lanka helping Pakistan. India will not hestitate to launch an offensive on SRI lanka like it did on bangladesh to keep a country in check.

Sri Lanka can always face the consequence of Georgia. Mahindha has a failed economic and foreign policy. He does not have a solution after the LTTEs defeat. All he does is war monger. I guess its like churchill, once the war is oer the people will dump him.

Moshe Dyan said...


partly agree, mate. things are changing. if you read col hariharan's article, it spells out some reasnos why china GOT to look at a few not-so-nice options.

as for SL, we should be frinedly with everyone. however on military matters we will be forced sooner or later to join one camp MORE than the other.

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


india cannot do half the things it did when SU was behind it.

as with MR's economic disaster..agree. but he has time and may well stage a comeback. one option would be to exploit north-east resources. these are untouched for over 50 years and we know there are MANY valuables + heaps of agricultural potential.

churchil didn't have that option.

Unknown said...

"Sri Lanka can always face the consequence of Georgia. Mahindha has a failed economic and foreign policy. He does not have a solution after the LTTEs defeat. All he does is war monger. I guess its like churchill, once the war is oer the people will dump him.

Is this the real Navindran? If I am not mistaken I am seeing a different face all of a sudden.

Srilankan said...

I agree with TStorm and Moshe.We are a small country..reminds me of "api whenuen api".I dont think The Hon Presidents foreign policy is a failure.His immediate task (and the most significant in our recent history) is to wipeout the military capability of this LTTE filth for good and for the benefit of ALL peoples of SLanka.Even if all bloggers disagree with me my opinion is that this LTTE filth was created "conceptually" (in the "good old days" when "living in the west" was a "holy" experience and nothing "bad" will happen to you in the west)well before 1983.I deplore the actions of some sinhalese criminals in 83.On the same token are we going to hold a "grudge" on the british saying that"they gave preferential treatment to minorities and discriminated against the majority" say 200 yrs from that date or 60 yrs before independence.?..

Srilankan said...

The Hon President could not do anything until he liberates the north as previously with the east.If you watch itn(Sl) you will see that he has started to treat the farmers(the most precious citizens)of our country with the respect they deserve.We are an agricultural country afterall.Just imagine before the east was liberated how many people predicted it to be a failure.As for the economy collapsing next year lets wait and see..

R said...

Well Indian always and has been in the history such ass country

I think most of the sir Lankan would be so surprise the attitude of the national security advisor of Mr. Primer of India.

The long history of Sri Lanka ie 25oo year, the evidence showed Indian always been such jack ass towards Sri Lanka except Emperor Asoka.

Srilankan said...

it is good to read your comments.I dont think india will invade SLanka.However i cannot predict the future.Once the people in the north have the democratic right to choose the way they want to be governed we'll take it form there.You say Hon Pres is a warmonger..what choices did he break the country into pieces and allow the people in the north to suffer or give them EELAM which is the north,east and a very large coastal belt.?All this started with Mavilaru..why did the LTTE close the sluicegate and put so many poor farming communities through misery..whatfor..afterall they are not the forces are they?..why then?.We have lived with humiliation for 30yr due to the fantastic activites of tamilnet.Who is going to allow bombings to take place in their cities on a regular basis..who?

Puffy said...

so many LTTE leaders being sent to meet Brgd. Thamil Chelvan that it's so hard to keep track of them now... ;-)
anyway, can someone please give some info. on when & where Lt.Col. Vikkeswaran was killed.

Do you know the name of the LTTE suicide trainer that got killed,
is it 'Sooriyan Master' or something?

perein said...

Mosche / Srilankan

as with MR's economic disaster..agree. but he has time and may well stage a comeback

We cannot blame one government for any economical issues in Sri Lanka. Note historical SL Govs taken the whole country for a ride.
At least current Gov clearing the terror away as the priority.

However my personal opinion is we are far away from economical crises. Simple example is no one would have gambled any of the earlier issued bonds by current SL Gov.

perein said...

Your are on fire today bro :) ...
I fully aggred with you most of the economical / india invade ...
India need the stability in whole region as well as China. That will get lot of money / business towards those countries.

perein said...


Do you know the name of the LTTE suicide trainer that got killed,
is it 'Sooriyan Master' or something?

Kola allwandada ... Marana gedara yannada :)
Aggreed nice to find out the name.

Moshe Dyan said...

srilankan / perein,

value your comments, mates.

both of you got a good point. there is no sense in talking about LONG TERM economy without liberating the north-east.

that is >65% coastline
> 35% landmass
and much much more.

but MR has been doing some GOOD but WRONG (opposite of RIGHT) economic moves. of coure he has stopped doing most of it now.

anyway for 57 years we had no better fellows running the country!!

Puffy said...

>> Marana gedara yannada :)

with the rate of these fellows getting killed, dont think I can attend to all... care to share the honors? ;-)

I heard from somewhere about the death of a high ranking LTTE fellow called 'Sooriyan Master' (or something) and was wondering whether DW was referring to him, that's all...

Srilankan said...

And for how many years Navindran..the next 1000 yrs?.

perein said...

btw, did any one hear the some LTTE memebers who got arrested in Matale couple of days ago?

perein said...

wow.. looks like you have watched a pretty movie...
You are talking about the part 2 as well.
Good thing is you are very positive about war will be over soon.
May I ask who would win the next election ... Is it the Gonn Namba? who does not have a clue that world fuel crises is lifting the prices of goods?

Srilankan said...

Many thanks for your kind comments.I just cannot imagine what it is like to be in Hon Presidents shoes.As a small country we have to be friends with as many countries as possible.We should not really bother about trying to right all the wrongs in this world.Our problem is this murderous LTTE menace first and foremost.I am very pleased that there is a growing number of SLankans of all communities in the west now.Sadly we are not rich enough to transport by plane vast numbers of people to join these so called "protest meetings/marches" overseas starting with those held in Lord God U.K.

perein said...

Bro, you should share the details about UK based protests here. So those in UK should be able to play apart.

Unknown said...

I remeber seeing something related to one Kumaran Master. But couldn't locate a reference for this..

Unknown said...

Guys latest news from

Advancing Troops Smash Bunkers & Move Forward

WANNI & NORTH: CONTINUING confrontations in the WELIOYA sector focusing ANDANKULAM area killed seven Tiger terrorists and injured thirteen more on Wednesday (13).

Troops advancing deeper into jungle areas conducted those operations, despite resistance of the terrorists.

Meanwhile, two soldiers serving ANDANKULAM and KUDUMBIMALAI areas laid their lives when Tiger terrorists opened mortar fire towards confronting soldiers on Wednesday (13). Three soldiers also received injuries during confrontations and mortar fire.

Meanwhile, two more soldiers were injured in another round of fighting in KALVILAN area, MULLAITTIVU district Wednesday (13) around 1.00 p.m..

In the meantime, troops captured one LTTE bunker and two trench lines Wednesday (13) in PALAMODDAI area. During the confrontations, troops killed four LTTE terrorists and injured seven more terrorists.

In JAFFNA troops after confronting a few terrorists in the general area of MUHAMALE Wednesday (13) at about 10.15 a.m. killed one of them.

Meanwhile, a soldier received injuries due to explosion of an anti personnel mine on Wednesday (13) around 2.20 p.m. in the same area.

What the hell is happening at Kudumbimalai??? Is this thoppigala? Hey haven't we liberated Thoppigala?

Unknown said...

Kuda Dimbulagala is a large area,
I guess few terrorists have infiltrated to create diversions.

But yes please some update on this is appreciated!

Unknown said...

Sri Lankan there are alot of people who are today in Sri Lanka today because of the British like the Indians in the Tea estates and Malays. Kannada mecenaries for the dutch who call themselves sinhalese. Hence stop throwing the bull that politicians say about being coloized etc when most politicians have foreign blood in them.

Why did SWRD have 1200 hectares of land. How was he discriminated. Lets stop believing spin doctoring of people who have continously looted the country.

Mahindha like India wiping out 70 000 core loans to farmers are looking at the vote bank. Never mind the rupee and economy have plunged in India becuase of this, they are looking at the world bank. Futhermore in India many people even amithab bachan can be a farmer.

Unknown said...

Mahindha first could have instituted policy changes that would have brought real change to Sri Lanka. Economicaly he should have planned well and not run the country like his village and leave his family in charge.

In fiji, when the Indian minority community came to power, the local fijians revolted. The best joke was the fijian leader started giving preferential treatment to his own tribe. This infurated the other tribes and collapsed the military junta.

Mahindha, should have reformed the goverment service and rein in corruption. He has failed in all aspects of good governance.

George Bush is noted as the worst president of the United States and the hatered towards United States has increased by many fold. Most Americans are ignorant of the CIA and their back dealings in third world contries.

Unfortunately September 11 gave him a lifeline. However in time the republican greed has shown its hand. Oil prices have sky rocketted. The mortage crises in the US has nt ended even after 1 year. Maybe Gota should think about getting more houses in the US.

Today the US economy is in taters. The best job IRAQ has an 85 billion dollar surplus while the US continues to spend 10 billion a month to try to solve the "IRAQ CRISES". After Vietnam, Americans have still not the lesson of not getting involved in other peoples affairs. India has after Sri Lanka. However the BJP is a different thing.

Unknown said...

Perien try raising money from bonds in today's market, wait till it comes time for Sri Lanka to repay or default. Do not underestimate Sri Lankans. Often people think is what if no mahindha then a donkey. However as educated people in the Blog, why do you not want to take the next leap to change Sri Lanka.

A stoic foreign policy is necessary. Nobody trust Sri Lanka and Iran is desperate for a buddy.
Georgia had a pro russian dictator before having a democratically elected president today. If you hear him speak and see the developments georgia has had its okay.

However just like India Russia did not like its tiny neighbour being too pro US/NATO/EU. Hence using an ethnic problem its blow it up to give them citizenship and trian their "freedom fighters". Today russian army has stepped into these areas. Dejavu India in Northeast of Sri Lanka.

As I say LTTE needs to wait till the end of the year. Obama, BJP and the economic problems will change the world in the next few years.

Kithul said...


appreciate if you would give us more insight to the terrain in that area with your knowledge of that area

Unknown said...

You were wrong about Sinhala Koti weren't you? Are you big enough to admit it?

Let's see whether your luck will change come end of the year.

perein said...

You've got your wires crossed mate. Once you were talking about SL gov going bankrupt near future, now you are talking about debt issue will take SL to cleaners...
Do you understand simply those debts happened to be a investment from other countries / inverters point? If they think there is any sign of bankruptcy, would they put the money forward?
Gone Nambataa Deyangema Phitai ... Thanks to the way you are thinking...

I'm sure you will soon say Sri Lanka's high fuel prices is due to the government ruling ?

perein said...


why do you not want to take the next leap to change Sri Lanka.

Whom you going to nominate here? Please do n't say The Gons Ranil or Prabakaran?
Find a person with some realistic policies which will wipe out the terror as the first priority with a plan. Do n't forget the timeline too.

TropicalStorm said...


You make it appear that you are qualified to judge the Prez., and his performances. Why do you think he has his job and you have yours? Generally and typically it is because that is what we are individually suited for, and wanted as well. So our own individual skill set would be different.

MR may or may not be an economic miracle. SL for a long time needed someone who would fight a war like it should be faught. MR and his etam have turned up to be the people to do the job.

The economy and everything else is small potatoes by comparison. Given the cash flows SL has for its size, once the war is gone and rampant inflation subsides, economic growth will happen almost immediately.

Even right now, we see a siginificant economic interest in the 'risk taking' investors buying up stock in SL companies. I am currently working with a group of venture capitalists who are salivating over the prospects in SL. If you have the money and the skills, think of investing in SL stocks.

TropicalStorm said...

It's the BIG picture that always works guys.

If you can't see it....well join the multitude of bottom feeders.

perein said...

Thank you for putting those words in very detailed (Hopefully) understandable format.

TropicalStorm said...


Interesting analysis.

You are correct mostly, but International support still goes a long way in this issue, all the while becoming less significant with each square mile acquired by the SLA and each kill. Conversely, SLG's ability to go it by itself comfortably grows at the same time.

India may flip-flop in the interim period, though support from Sino-Pak sources will be more than adequate to sustain the military thrust. With sea-denial complete all the way on both sides of the coast, and Pooneryn fallen, the LTTE will be suffocating and slowly strangling. The very logical fall out will be an inability to hold back junior cadres and civillians, a situaiton the SLA should anticipate and motivate. 'Shoot your commander and get a new identity and a life on the beach...!" the ad should say to the raw Podiyen and Letchumi.

Srilankan said...

Think you missed the point i was trying to make.First of all lets limit this conversation to SLanka..not fiji not U.S, not lord god u.k/canada just srilanka and srilanka alone..As for the farming community do you watch Slankan news?.An honest answer pls.It is well known that the british favoured the tamil community during their tenure in SLanka.Now my point was that we can have a very large chip on our shoulder about this and blame the british for the next 1000 yrs which will be a waste of our time and really pointless.Simiarly the tamil community should not stick to this bull of getting EELAM and dividing the country but consider themselves to be citizens of SLanka and forget about this massive "EELAM chip" on their shoulder.The way i see it in future Slanka is not the playground for anyone who lives overseas in "security" and plans the future of 20Mil people over dinner.However Navindran your point that lunatics ruled Slanka is well taken.Hopefully this will change in future.Your also correct that some Slankan politicians have roots elsewhere.

Jambudipa said...
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