Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Desperate Tigers tear gases Army

Commandos wearing gas masks during a mock Hostage Rescue Mission. Source
The LTTE, in its desperation yesterday used tear gas on the Army in Wanni. No injuries were reported to troops, although an affected platoon was briefly withdrawn due to allergic reactions and as a precautionary measure. It was later discovered that the compound was non lethal.The men were issued with gas masks by last evening. The Army website today confirmed that the compound used was 'CS gas'.

Sources from the front indicated that soldiers, who were unprotected at the time were evacuated after showing signs of exposure to a chemical compound which induced tearing in the eyes, breathing difficulty and vomiting. The operations were continued despite the attack, which was not directed in a large scale and was limited to one particular area.

The manner in which the gas was released is under investigation although it is believed that gas grenades were used to fire the chemical at advancing troops. The Sri Lanka Army's elite Commando and Special Forces units are trained to face CS gas attacks during basic training in specially designed gas chambers.

Although sirens went off in civilian circles, the LTTE's capacity to produce and administer large doses of lethal chemicals and other compounds is highly questionable. Although production of small quantities would be possible, it is constantly challenged by air raids on LTTE installations in the Wanni.

Meanwhile troops from 57 Division operating in Nachchikuda today captured 4km stretch of the LTTE's Nachchikuda-Kokavil line while the 58 Division captured 1.5km of an LTTE trenchline also in the general area Nachchikuda. With these developments, the Army is less than 1km west of the A-9 highway and are 5km south of Kilinochchi town limits.

Despite claims of killing 22 SLA last Monday the Tigers have neither handed over bodies nor shown pictures of the bodies allegedly captured by them during the fight. The Army lost 8 Special Forces to indirect fire and two regular infantrymen were also killed when Tigers attempted to breach the flanks. 20 others were also wounded in the fighting.

The Tiger losses stood at 60 killed with around 60 others injured.


lankanews said...

"Meanwhile troops from 57 Division operating in Nachchikuda today captured 4km stretch of the LTTE's Nachchikuda-Kokavil line while the 58 Division captured 1.5km of an LTTE trenchline also in the general area Nachchikuda."
is for those who dont believe DW.

Mohammed Zubair said...


Thanks for the timely news.

The Tigers have shot themselves in the foot by this gas attack. This is the mother of all shots in the foot and comes from a long line of Faux Pas.

TropicalStorm said...

Very often the biggest challenge in using gas in a war situation are the delivery related problems.

Lethal gas attacks can be effective only when they can cover a large area within a short period of time, to cause maximum damage to a large number of troops. Though advanced nations possess artillery and aircraft which can deliver such an attack, even SLAF does not currently does not have the ability to do so.
The attack seesm to have been insignificant. The LTTE can be bet on to try such tactics in limited scale into the future as well.

perein said...

Thank you, please enrich us with your daily findings.

Unknown said...

This could be a test run by the LTTE f....S.
I think SLAF has the ability. But if you take LTTE,they could try with arti.They can do an experiment. SLDF should think about all the possible senarios our boys have to face.This is a desperate situation for LTTE.So they try everything before they go to hell.As you said they will try to do maximum damage to our boys.

I am pretty sure they must have realized that they are going to loose Nachchikuda very soon.

Go SLDF go. You brave boys can do. We are with our heros.
We have to start night flying and attacks very soon.I think time is right for night missions for SLAF.

Anonymous said...

SamP also wrote about this. If LTTE try chemical attack it will do temporery damage to SLA and permenent damage to LTTE. The best whepon LTTE has is 200,000+ civilians. However UN pulling out happened not jsut becuz of GSL order but due to the approval of UN/IC as well. And this tells what is going to happen.

Bhairav said...

If SLA is only 5 km away from Kilinochi, then LTTE have to withdraw from the Mugamalai FDL.

Kilinochi town--->Karadippoku junction(2miles)-->Paranthan town(4miles)-->Paranthan chemical factory(2miles)--->Elephant Pass base(1.5 miles)--->Mugamalai(2+miles)

From Kilinochi town on, it will be walk in the park for SLA.

Unknown said...


I've taken a look here . The Rupavahini report was made on the 16th. Also Swaranwahini on 16th. Defencewire reported same on 15th.

Indeed Saman is saying about 50 Charles Anthony perished!

I did not see any other news source mention these figures. i.e. ~50 LTTE Charles Anthony cadres killed. Only three sources! 1. Defencewire 2. Rupavhini reporting "from Location" 3. Swarnawahini news

I guess I have to throw in the towel and accept defeat. Hey but I am smiling :).

No offence taken. Appreciate your replies.

Thanks for the links. And no, I was actually doubting the credibility of DW with the publishing of this particular report.

I have to say my confidence in defencewire has reached new heights with this incident! You being honest in this public service got the credit you highly dserve. I hope there are no hard feelings... as you say I would like to see video clips of all these battles and incidents taking place whereas you don't need to. Looking from my angle I think I am justified in questioning about the validity of the report as no other source has come close to your report. I think Defencewire came out of it with flying colours and I think now I can rest at ease knowing that Defencewire is there to give me accurate news of how our brave hearts are doing. I am now quite confident that you are in contact with those at the very front.

This also raises the question "wtf is doing". And to top it off has not reported the figures correctly. Are they being sloppy or is it due to some other reason?

Let me take this opportunity to pay Defencewire a glowing tribute for the great work done (and we expect a lot more in the coming months ;) )

P.S However I would still like to hear about the weapons shown by Tamilnet et al.? There are quite a number of Guns and Rifles there. You have any updates about SLA casualties in that battle?

P.S. You have forgotton to delete one post by one of your imposters.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Use of CS in war is prohibited under the terms of the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention (signed in 1993)...

Unknown said...

This will be LTTE's nightmare,

Defencewire said...


I am not angry with you. It just not make any sense in my head that people have to look here and there for 'guarantees' when everything is given here to the last detail. having said that, I do appreciate that people are more selective and analytical in accepting information now, more than ever. The success of this entire blog is due to that intelligence.

Unknown said...

When i checked the link it says 6 MiG 29's are pending delivery to SL. We need it. This is the equalant of NATO F/A 18 Hornet.
Guys this is superb fire fire power our boys going to get.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

If SLA captures Kili, VP fucked it big time. He has had success in the past, but not a military genius by any standards, unless, he turns the tables. For me, he looks like the mirror image of old days of scumbag Yazir Arabat.

Sam Perera said...


"If SLA is only 5 km away from Kilinochi, then LTTE have to withdraw from the Mugamalai FDL.


From Kilinochi town on, it will be walk in the park for SLA."

I don't think that this is the case. Kilinochchi hosts the biggest civilian population in Vanni. If LTTE holds on to Killinochchi along with civilians, it is going to be a urban warfare. In otherwords, our forces will have to shift the modes of operations for urban warfare. In addition, battles will get harder and harder to fight. Therefore, the perception of just 5 km to go is grossly wrong.

Colomblogs said...

It is time to airdrop thousands of "LTTE CARD DECK" to Wanni. Which is simillar to the one dropped by Pentagon during Gulf War-II.

In addition to what in the cards, we must add a price tage for each pig (e.g : Rs. 10M for the Fat-Boobamba...too much?). And should even include all low-mid level leaders too.

When the ship is about to sunk, rats will run for the self-defence just carrying Greediness, betrayal and mistrust.

There are people inside LTTE worrying about their future after this phase of war. They need money and safe living. So exchange what they need for the pigs. Nothing personal it is buiness!

e.g : it was a rumour that somawansa Amarasinghe leaked the whereabouts of Wijeweera and others in exchange of his safe passage to UK. Theory extends, as that is the reason they supported Janaka Perera who was incharge of the Wijeweera's torture and death. Janaka Perera got a reference from Somawansa for this job as a "token of gratitude".

Sam Perera said...


How Wijeweera was caught and killed is something Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera knows very well. If my memory serves me correct, Somawansa Amerasinghe was in exile for a while before Wijeweera was captured. It was some Herath (not sure if it was Vijitha) who gave away some information under pressure that led MI to find clues of Wijeweera’s whereabouts. Herath, simply led the MI team to a location where they had one of their central committee meeting. However, Herath didn’t know where Wijeweera lived. It was a left over receipt of a sewing machine purchase with an altered Ulapane (Kirulapane) address that helped MI to find Rohana Wijeweera.

Of course that was the story I heard from somebody in that time. One thing I knew for sure is that the Army did lots of searches in Kirulapane area before the capture of Wijeweera in Ulapane. May be a former MI man in this blog can tell us more about that event for everybody’s knowledge.

Anonymous said...

//It just not make any sense in my head that people have to look here and there for 'guarantees' when everything is given here to the last detail.//

Well, Let's see. I think this is all about image when it comes to media. For some people any thing on a printed paper is true, for some any thing on a computer is true, for some any thing in BBC,CNN is true.

If DW or any one else said radar damaged or not damaged or 60 CA KIA etc how can one verify this? Stricly speaking similer story in another place can't be a verification and you better go to Vavnia and do a full investigation about radar and come to conclusion OR go to wanni, stay some where close to FDL and look for LTTE bodies and count. Obviously, this is impossible.

That's why people 'beleive' thier sources. WHile DW/DN has thier own sources our source is DW/DN. And reading other news sources and do comparrision with good logic, past experiance/data, commom sense lead us to some conclusion.

We can see while tigers and others questioning DW/DN tigers never make any doubt about tamilnut reports. When DW/DN said one zlin downed and tamilnut said they are safe obviuosly no one showed a video of zlin downing or both landing safely. But some belive tamilnut and others DW/DN. So it is either you beleive what you like to believe OR you are victim of some good propaganda.


That Herath was a senior JVP CC member. Vijitha was a kid at that time, I guess.

BlackPanther said...

Isn't it time that we progressed from Omanthei. This could shroten the front line considerably and give a chance to advance on A9 from several locations simultaniously. What are your comments DW?

Anonymous said...

Check Lakbima. Another "verification". It says quating NGO employees who came to vavnia more than 40 LTTE cadres were dead in that fighting but LTTE didn't hand over the bodies to parents.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...
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මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

I told you about gas this issue while back, and yes they do have some deadly gas, somewhere underground.

I hope SLDF have everything to take care of the gas matter.

Around killinochie area we may have to use - urban war style, unles UN or IC approve of large Henna-gaedee Kaboom..s.

SF and GR is the best so far, I am pretty sure they get the job done..

All the best to SLDF..

අපේ සිංහල කොල්ලන්‍ට ජය වේවා!
කිලිනොච්චියේ සිංහ ධජය නංවන දිනය ළඟයි

මොරටු සමන්
ෂ්‍රී ලංකා

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

heh what has happend today... all Ltter.s are dead or something....

pretty quiet.....

oh shooot... you guys use way too much Tiger tear gas....

Anonymous said...

//heh what has happend today... all Ltter.s are dead or something....//

LTTE have zlins against SLAF kfirs and migs. Simirely, all the tigers are farting and collecting gas for WMD fart gas bomb attack.

Nihara said...

Moratu saman
heh what has happend today... all Ltter.s are dead or something....

pretty quiet.....

oh shooot... you guys use way too much Tiger tear gas....



Bhairav said...

Bear Sterns,Lehman,ML,and AIG are gone.

Who is next?


We are not done yet, the golden boy of WS,Goldman Sachs is also plunged today with Morgan. With more bailouts, major private owned companies are becoming state owned now, isn't that socialist economy? Mind boggling events are unfolding lately in WS.

What the extraordinary event of today was the negative return on the government bonds, that means you have to pay government for holding their bonds.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Mr. Bhairav BSc Finance. Phd Economics

So, u r a Money man ha? Good on ya buddy! (Or r u a Polee Karaya? Ha ha )

Good to c ur in to money not in to credit cards! Just kidding mate…

I am not an expert on money but I work with other people’s money for living. What ur saying is true for some extent.

Bear Sterns and Merrill Lynch bought/acquisition by Bank of America but AIG bail out by US Gov is bit different.

80 billion US$ package by federal gov does not mean they acquired AIG. What US gov doing is providing funds to Re-Finance some of the debts (mostly short term) AIG have and this 80b is just a safety net only. AIG worth goes to trillion’s I guesses.

Goldman Sachs is the least hit and will get steady soon and so Morgan Stanley. Fingers cross there won’t be too many big boys to go down soon.

And for the sake of LTTE hope MasterCard and VISA will be doing strongly! lol

NOLTTE=Peace said...

This has been posted by "Berty" of LNP. Worth reading this.


The day we heard about the killing of the 13 soldiers in Jaffna I went to see Mr. Premadasa. He was on the phone to the President. There was a lot of tension in the country and we were extremely worried about the way things were moving. Mr. Premadasa turned to me and informed me that the President is planning to bring the bodies of the dead soldiers to Colombo, to be cremated at Kanatte. Mr. Premadasa had been trying to get the President to change his mind when I walked in. When he saw me Mr. Premadasa said: 'Sir, Sirisena is here you ask him'. And he put me on. The President told me: 'Cooray, these people want to bring these bodies to Colombo and cremate them at Kanatte. What do you think?' I said: 'Sir why do you want to bring these bodies to Colombo? These are not people from Colombo. If you bring the bodies here there will be problems'. This was precisely what Mr. Premadasa had been telling the President before I walked in. Afterwards Mr. Premadasa told me that they bad decided against bringing the bodies to Colombo I remember we were both extremely relieved.

That afternoon I went for a wedding at the Shalika Hall in Narahenpita. Mrs. Jayawardene was also there. I was talking to her when she suddenly said: 'Mr. Cooray, you know that they are bringing those 13 bodies to Colombo today'. I was thunderstruck. I said: 'Madam, the President promised the Prime Minister only a little while ago that the bodies will not be brought to Colombo'. She responded: 'No, no they are going to go ahead and bring the bodies here. I do not know whose idea it is'. I had the impression she too was unhappy about it.

This was madness. Like Mr. Premadasa I knew that all hell was likely to break lose when those bodies are brought to Colombo. I just got up and walked to my car. But I had no clear idea about where I wanted to go. I couldn't think clearly. I didn't want to go home and I didn't want to go to the CMC. Finally I went to the Sugathadasa stadium. That was the time we were reconstructing the Stadium. I walked into the middle of the grounds and just stood there. That was when SP Ariyaratne came to me and told me that there was a radio message from the PM asking me to contact him urgently. When I called Mr. Premadasa he too was extremely upset and worried. He told me about the new decision to bring the bodies to Colombo that evening and asked me to make the necessary arrangements. He told me that the President is planning to attend the cremations and he too was expected to be there. He knew full well there would be problems but he had no choice in the matter. The decisions were made elsewhere and he was just informed of them. If the President listened to Mr. Premadasa, the '83 July riots could have been avoided and the history of this country would have been different.

Like Mr. Premadasa I too had no choice but to do what bad to be done, given the situation. The Kanatte is owned and managed by the CMC and as Mayor my tasks were clear. So I went to the Municipal Workshop and made all the arrangements. I also phoned the Municipal Commissioners and told them to come to the cemetery. After that I went to the cemetery. As soon as I entered I could feel the tension. There was an organized crowd present, making a huge show of grief, weeping hysterically. I walked up to DIG Edward Gunawardane and I asked him why they allowed this madness. He and the other senior police officers present told me that they had nothing to do with the decision, that they were just following orders. I warned them that this drama would end with a riot. Though the bodies were not brought yet, the crowd was organised and ready. I realized that if I stayed here I too would be thrashed. Gamani Jayasuriya was also there waiting for the bodies to be brought. I went up to him and said: 'Sir, what are you doing here? Don't wait here. There is going to be trouble'. Then I called Mr. Premadasa's security personnel who were waiting for his arrival and told them: 'Tell the PM that there is going to be trouble tell him not to come here and tell him I said so'. I told the same thing to the President's bodyguard. I explained that amidst the inevitable disturbance even if a stone hits the President it will be humiliating and therefore he should stay away. I was able to issue orders since the General Cemetery came under the CMC and I was the Mayor.

Fortunately the President decided to heed my warning this enabled Mr. Premadasa also to stay away (he would have been forced to attend, even though he was not happy about the whole thing, if the President attended). Once I got confirmation that neither the President nor the PM would be attending the cremations I informed the Municipal Commissioners who were present that I will go and change and come back. Of course I did not go back. And as Mr. Premadasa and I predicted, rioting started immediately afterwards. I later heard that the Army wanted the bodies to be brought to Kanatte and that the President succumbed to their pressure.

It was a terrible time and the worst part was that we were almost powerless. We could do nothing to stop the killing, the destruction. The President made a mistake in putting the Army in charge of restoring law and order. After the killing of the 13 soldiers the mood in the military was a very dangerous one and they were not really motivated in stopping the violence. If the Police had been given a free hand they would have done a better job. During this period President Jayawardene was reduced to a state of helplessness. Mr. Premadasa and I used to visit him every day. That was the only time I saw IRJ being speechless. The Army was not taking orders and I think we were very close to a state of mutiny. That was why the Air Force was called in eventually and they quelled the riot."

Nihara said...

hey Amma Gahai/Gahawi

what happened to your Part 2?
are you still writing

Anonymous said...

ammaG where's the part 2??

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Nihara, machan… part 2 : badu maga enawa! Lol

Machan, by Thursday/Friday everybody in a good mode so don’t need me to tickle them to get happy!! So, I am keeping it for next Monday when guys need bit of humor get them over “Bloody Monday”!! : ))

Nihara said...

Nihara, machan… part 2 : badu maga enawa! Lol

Machan, by Thursday/Friday everybody in a good mode so don’t need me to tickle them to get happy!! So, I am keeping it for next Monday when guys need bit of humor get them over “Bloody Monday”!! : ))


Moshe Dyan said...


what this article tries to say is BS and it is another attempt to put the blame for 1983 on the SINHALA people WITOUT ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY by the then govt which included RW and cooray was a powerful man too.

i read somewhere that it is DAMN BS that the SAME GOVT that,

1. sacked and attacked more than 100,000 govt servants in 1980

2. controlled more than 95% of the parliament and had TOTAL CONTROL of the armed forces, the judiciary, etc., etc.

3. totally decimated the SLFP, TULF, etc. and ALL opposition

got scared about less than 500 rioters!!!!

its a joke mate.

to make thing more intersting, NONE of the rioters were shot, arrested, manhandled, etc. by the govt. of course AFTER indira warned JRJ started shooting.

ppl who lived in kandy told me that riots reached kandy only after 3 days later when CTB bus loads of thugs (SAME guys from colombo) were transported FREE OF CHARGE to kandy.

JRJ, RP, RW NEVER said sorry. (CBK did). they SUCCEEDED in putting the blame on the SINHALA ppl.

there whould have been around 11 million SINHALESE at that time. 500 is less than 0.01% of them!!

if you CAREFULLY look at the claims of violence after the unrest at the cemetery, only a FRACTION of the ppl attended the cemetary created trouble in borella and narahenpita that day. there is NO EVIDENCE to say that those who attended the cemetary WERE THE RIOTERS or the RIOTERS were ACTUALLY influeced by them.

the borella/nara incidents that evening had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with riots the NEXT day.

JRJ, RP died, dunno what happened to nanda mathew; they escaped liability. SINHALA ppl are BLAMED for a crime they didn't commit. they were POWERLESS and SPEECHLESS at that time to defend themselves. MANY newspapers that tried to show this REALITY were closed down.

hundreds if not thousands of bodies were brought to colombo, etc. after 1983 and there were no riots. why?

the riot masters had either died or had learnt the lesson.

this reminds me something that happened to a friend of mine recently in colombo. someone had banged on his car from behind. then the wrongdoer (apparently a thug) had started to shout loud at (and tried to runafter) a car that was IN FRONT of my friend's car blaimng the driver for braking suddenly!!! of course that car went away and had NOTHING to do with the accident. imgine if there were no LAW and no police????

this is what happened to the sinhala ppl in 1983. tamils and muslims also suffered. the govt came out CLEAN!!!

Unknown said...

defensewire, is using your article

"Determined, Dared and Done Again!

Last Updated:
Not available
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 News Source:


[COLOMBO, SinhalaNet 2008.09.17 10:58PM] A Team of Special Forces that crept through a gap in the LTTE defenceline east of Akkarayankulam engaged in a fierce fight with 5 LTTE teams from Charles Anthony and Imran Pandian units last morning killing 60 Tigers. 8 Special Forces died in the fight and 20 others received injuries.

4 Battalions of regular infantry were dispatched to guard the periphery of the area as the Special Forces took on the Tigers. Heavy artillery and MBRL fire was directed at the enemy for almost five hours.

The SF team engaged in today's battle was from 1 Special Forces. Special Forces deployment was increased in the area following the deployment of LTTE 'elite units' in Akkarayan. The decision was made at a meeting between Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, Maj. Gen. Jagath "Choola" Dias (GoC 57), SF CO Brigadier Nirmal Dharmaratne and Brigadier Shavendra Silva (GoC TF-1).

Meanwhile Tigers have started digging another trench parallel to the A-9 from Kilinochchi to Iranamadu via Kokavil using forced civilian labour and heavy equipment captured/surrendered from NGOs. Some of this equipment was destroyed in an air strike yesterday.

The 59 Division operating in the general area Nayaru are set to capture the Nayaru Bridge within the next few hours. The pace of the operations have increased following intelligence reports of a possible LTTE attempt to blast the bridge.

If the bridge is captured, the next towns to fall would be Chemmalai, Alampil and Mulaitivu, in that order.


Related Articles:
There are no related articles.

Unknown said...

Just thought I let you know, defensewire.

Unknown said...


Your newest article
"Desperate Tigers tear gases Army"

is also on

including the picture

Nihara said...

you're right!!
what's going on DW??????

CASC said...

The defence article in Bottomline has been soundly critiqued by a number of people who have indicated that it has been cribbed straight from Defencenet and DW. However, there is a section about a new LTTE runway that is noteworthy.

"Second runway expanded
Meanwhile, the LTTE has built its second runway at Mulliyawalai in Mullaitivu district, although the SL Air Force bombed and damaged the runway. The LTTE reconstructed the runway which is said to be bigger than the Iranamadu runway. One intelligence officer had confirmed that even large aircraft can landed on this runway. What is the intention of the LTTE in building such a big runway? Are the Tigers hoping to hijack a commercial aircraft and land it there? Otherwise, why do they need this large runway?"

This can only mean one thing. Prabhakaran has made a contingency plan to flee by airplane. Hijacking a commercial airliner seems a bit far fetched. There is one country in the world that will still accept him.

Two years ago, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee released some documents that showed a connection between Eritria and the LTTE. In fact, there is a record of a telephone conversation between the head of of Eritria and Prabhakaran.

Anonymous said...


Some has to find from where that part was copied. Actually I remember I read it some where else some time ago but can't recall exactly.

I think SL alos have diplomatic relations with Erithria. Vezapillai probably need to escape but I don't think he selects air route. I don't think its possible to land a big plane with whepons or hijacked one or commercial one without getting detected.

Anonymous said...

sinhalanet hardly do original article on defence news. They so far copy paste from and without refering.

perein said...

Amma Gahai/Gahawi-
Addition to what you have said, HBOS is getting eaten by Lloyds while Russian banks also in crises.
I would believe, No one would be safe at this point until this is fully over... When is the question !!!
Due to some take overs (Meril / HBOS etc.) then others fully gone down (Lehman / Nothern Rock) and those who suffering (UBS etc.) will be lot of job losses.
How would be he upcoming / if not current recession would treat people in Europe / Americas...
Lot of unanswered or cannot predict scenarios are around !!!!

MrBrown said...


This bugger DW now starts to write in some other news channels to earn few bucks..he did not want to accept that. thats the truth..

razor lk said...

hey it true that Obama is getting paid by LTTE?

Anonymous said...

Guys check the site below. The pro LTTE singer MIA has been justifying the LTTE and now one of the rappers from SL has given her the reply. Youtube has banned our rapper due to a request by UMG. please read through and spread the word.

Unknown said...


I don’t buy that the forces are "Ready" to face a NBC type attack from the tigers, the last one might have been CS but next time it could be HCN with a acidic compound which would eat away at the seals in the filter/canister and rubber seals of our gas masks (which are not issued in numbers that are needed).

Saying ready to keep the civil sector clam is alright but we gotta take some strong steps to prepare.

When i told that some thing like this or like kiran could happen in a more organized and possibly a lethal manner to top brass of the army and navy about 8 years back they laughed at it and laughed at the fact that the tigers could carry out a air raid..ahh i guess no one is will be laughing now eh??

I just hope they will take it seriously at least now.

Renegade! said...

The Tiger losses stood at 60 killed with around 60 others injured

er..defencewire.are u sure about that coz even shows around 20+ tigers KIA?..or has there been some sort of role-reversal here?..anyways 60 Terra KIA is a big number for a single encounter,any photos of the 60 Terra bodies??

MrBrown said...


He is working with photoshop and will post the bodies soon..:-). U know this bugger claimed now Rupavahini mentioned 60KIA. what was the funny thing is, there source was DW:-(((((((

Moshe Dyan said...

MOSSAD agent as PM! although there is a lot of doubt she can form a stable govt (not bcos she comes from mossad but bcos the fallout of political parties).

a country faced with terrorism cannot ask for more. IF she can form a stable govt she will follow a more practical, hands-on approach to many terrorism related problems.

Unknown said...

Some action happening off the Nachchikuda coast.. Is the Navy attempting a landing?

Unknown said...

Nice one

India sidelined in Lankan war- Rediff News- 2008/09/18

Lankapura said...

I am still a bit paranoid about these trenches. In some parts they are barely deep enough to even slow down the forces. May be they didn't get enough time to complete the job - who knows. I remember with a previous monsoon season chikungunya hit our troops - another thing to watch out for. These trenches can become a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Moshe, disagree with your theory of Deterrence with LTTE. LTTE does not understand anything other than brute force - if air strikes won't deter them trying to blow up buses with civilians or using chemical weapons, it won't deter them from anything. Israel is a different case - the terrorists are public figures and even hold government. They have something to lose now - deterrence only works when there is a threat of unacceptable damage, not when you are cornered like an animal.

Anyway I don't disagree that air strikes by SLAF is well planned most of the time - it's just after AAB or Vavuniya attacks they seem to go berserk.

LKDOOD said...


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Unknown said...


No body wants to listen to you get the fcuk out of here

PHANTOM-X said...

Heloooooo Mr. Brown...!!!

your beloved Leader "The Fat Pig" and his P Tiger clan is well known for their Photoshop heroics...!!!


Have you ever seen any enhanced photographs here ( DW )...?

ane gono...tho gonek kiyala api monawa karannada...!!!

Unknown said...

Guys looks like 25 sea Tigers have perished off Nachchikuda seas! Also claims 10 LTTE boats destroyed.

Unknown said...

Vannerikulam burning hot..

3km north of vanerikualm tank.... BOOM...

1 km east of vanerikulam tank....

Unknown said...

About this Water Bottle Collection for the troopers on the Frontline....
Just imagine, if Someone Give Water Packs with Poison...
The Recent Suspected Food Poisoning was Later Confirmed to be Cyanide!!
They can use Many other Water soluble Undetectable Poisons & who is going to Check Bottle by Bottle?
So Even Army could have Collected the Money & buy from a SAFE TRUSTED source...
After Collection, it would be difficult to find the Source & Well, after the Damage is done,NO USE in Inquiries to find >


Any ideas?

mulathiev TARZEN said...


umbalata MERVIAAA saranaaii!
gontaabaya pihitaai!

any truth over "25 killed 40 wounded"---tamil net!!

anee kyannakooo! aida inne thavama balaaaaaa!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

i shot the sheriff but not the deputy!
now who's coming to the indian ocean to see this "10 boats"???..aneeeeeeeeeeee enna koooooooooo!

Widana said...

anee kyannakooo! aida inne thavama balaaaaaa!
mage puka danwo!!!

Vigilante said...

From strategypage

Closing In On Kilinochchi
September 18, 2008: Troops are now within five kilometers of Kilinochchi, the LTTE "capital." The air force is now bombing more key LTTE targets, now more easily identified because of increased army patrols and a smaller LTTE controlled territory. This is creating more refugees, with over 250,000 Tamils forced from their homes by the fighting. Many of these people are able to return home once the fighting has moved on, which is happening more often as the pace of the advance increases (with troops advancing several kilometers on some days.) Still, the military does not expect to finally destroy the LTTE in the north until the end of the year. The army is trying to keep casualties down, and that means advancing carefully and methodically. The LTTE still has hundreds of highly trained and motivated operatives who can be used in surprise attacks.

September 17, 2008: The Indian navy has increased patrols in the Palk Straits, the narrowest (64 kilometers) waters separating India from Sri Lanka. The LTTE have been trying to move their wounded across to India for medical treatment. In northern Sri Lanka, many LTTE medical facilities have been captured or damaged in the fighting.

September 16, 2008: A bomb went off in a bus in the capital, wounding four people. Most passengers had fled the bus, after the suspicious parcel was spotted. The LTTE was suspected. Thousands of Tamil refugees have been coming to the capital each month, and the government believes the LTTE has been using this movement to infiltrate terrorists into the capital.

September 11, 2008: The government has ordered the UN and other aid organizations out of the LTTE controlled areas of the north, because it is too dangerous. These aid groups employ 1,500 people in LTTE territory and control large fuel, food and other supplies. The government accuses the aid groups of helping prop up the LTTE, and even allowing the LTTE to use aid workers for supporting rebel operations. The government found similar patterns of behavior in eastern Sri Lanka, after the LTTE had been defeated there in early 2007.

September 9, 2008: An LTTE commando and air attack on a forward air base failed when army commandos spotted the LTTE team sneaking in and destroyed the LTTE force. One of the two attacking LTTE single engine aircraft was shot down and the other turned back by anti-aircraft fire. LTTE artillery fired on the airfield, using up what few shells they have left.

Unknown said...

Aaai Mage Aiyaa AssinRajive

Mage Deiya Tahmai Oyai....

Mangwagema oyath, IPKF ekeng anatha Korapu Tangachchi kenekge Putha Thami...Mata oyaige duka thamai terenawa!!!

Api Fyit thamai koranawa...niyameta...SLDF eka anna muhudelu....Yeka Thami Tambi...TAMILENT Thami Kiyanawa.

Oyai Mamai ekamuthu wela, Api Colombo walath Bomsh Koramu...

Yea yea....Gotawaya api Flats thamai koranawa....

Oyage Net Battle eka Phatashtik meya....

Kawadahari Api Colombo flats karata passe....WEllawatta pathe Shaiwara kadeng honda Lunu Wadei thami kamu...Yeah Yeah

Hadi De Mala

Unknown said...

I am sure the Eealmists will sooner rather than later use chemical weapons at us. Therefore, I urge the defence authorities to make a pre-emptive strike with shock-and-awe and fire Agent Orange gas at the entire Wanni region.

We have to get them before they get us. Mark my words here that a chemical attack on us is imminent. At least we can reduce the impact if we give the Eelamists some Orange coloured backsides (like Orang Otans).

Vigilante said...

Donated hundred dollars to

They received the money but I got no acknowledgement so far.

Hope they are not swindling the money.

Unknown said...

Hi Mr. Brown,

You want Photoshop, check the following link.

The real truth....The Most Talented Suicide Black Tiger Squad Assembled by FATCAT todate....these are to be sent as the last resort....

Mango said...

Dear assasinrajive,

I understand your pain. (Ma-ma obata kiyannanng) I don't wish to intrude too much into your private anguish. You're going through the famous Kübler-Ross stages of grief due to the impending collapse of the LTTE's quest for an ethnically 'pure' state.

“This can’t be happening to me.”

“Why is this happening? Who is to blame?”

“Make this not happen, and in return I will ____.”

“I’m too sad to do anything.”

“I’m at peace with what is going to happen/has happened.”

The only question is, which stage are you at now? Is it Denial or Anger?

Widana said...

aaa hadi, oyage ideas elama thama. ape ranil mama kade danna sallith denawa.

aney me ruwani tath mage amaruwama thama thiyenne. ruwani ithin oyatath wenne mata wuna wage kawuru hari hondata ariy.. ethakota oyage oya amaraukam nethiwela yai. poddak innako ehenan...

Unknown said...

Ane Ruwani Achchi....Good to see you hear again meya!!!

Once again you seems to have stumble across DW blog while searching for Cooking recipe, Gardening and Good Housekeeping blogs....

May I send you some links appropriate to you?

Haramiti Gahagena...Konda Nawagena....Achchi Me Enne.....


Unknown said...

Ruwani My Dear Achchi...

You want chemical attack???
Try this....
Sit NExt to my Bro AssinRajive...
The Thalathel smell, the "SuduLunu" farts ....CS gases are no match for that Stench.......

He is in Wellawatte...not far from dear Granny...

Hai Hui Babi Achchige Bicycle eka...

Widana said...

hadi, let me introduce myself. I am the illegitimate son of a Malathi brigade lieutenant who was captured. I like to use a female name because I don't have the male organs. I like to make stupid postings on blogs pretending to be be Sinhala - well I think I am half Sinhala, not sure about my father.

Unknown said...


Who are you? do I know you? Mey enna epa hondhey methana wihilu karanna.

What I said was the truth, you probably don't care about the safety of us Sri Lankans as you maybe hiding somewhere in the West.

lankaputhra said...


you will receive email from API WENUWEN API fund. I received receipt form them. (With GOTA’s complimentary card)
Please donate anyone who can specially who are in the west..

Unknown said...

My Dear Gran Ruvi,

yeah I'm in the WEST all, right...UK to be precise...Usata Keiyawe....I think its oriented towards west....

If you have seen my earlier post would know who I am...cousin of

ASsinRajive...bustard son of a IPKF solder...remnant of the Egg Shampoo brigade...My bro Ass shares similar parentage....Both of us are still looking for our Appa....

As for you Appa...I can make few deductions from your own profile and mannerism.....

1. He should be around 160 years old....You are 80 and half father crazy wench like you...he should be fully crazy...there for 160 years...get the math?

2. He must be carrying the Parkinson gene...(therefore don't expect him to remember you) ...coz you are exhibiting the symptoms similar to the onset of Parkinson ...hence your forgetful nature and wonderings...

3. As for the missing can be explained by the point 2 simply forgot where to look for!!!....Lift your saggy boobs and you might probably see them...hanging around your knees...

I hope this would be helpful....


PS. How is the wireless connection in Mulleriyawa?

Unknown said...

[How is the wireless connection in Mulleriyawa]

Yanawa yanna. Pissa.

Mei eka nemei ayya,
Do you know what about this Naval battle we just heard about?

Unknown said...

Check this out guys..

MrBrown said...

Hey Ruwani...
I wanna screw u now..feel hot...just wanna get rid off:-)

Unknown said...

Mr brown,
Shut up you vulgar animal.

Eeelamists need a severe beating so much so that they will talk about it in a depressing mood for generations. Something like a 1989 roadside pounding or a Agent orange attack.

After all, nothing like a dumb eelamists raosting upon a Kelani Radial or an Orange back eelamist.

PHANTOM-X said...


PHANTOM-X said...


Widana said...

Aney phantom aiya,
Oya hari nauty.
Mata thama arala thiyenne Piriba uncle witharai. Eyage thel paiyen bata ke mata oyage meeya prashnayak nehe.
Mata call karala ennako, mama mile bala rawula kapala balang innang.

bandaralk said...

"Sea tigers launched a cluster of attack craft to confront the units of the Sri Lanka Navy's Special Boat Squadron (SBS) and the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) which were patrolling west of Walaipadu around 1100 hrs today"

What is the full detail of the confrontation?

Unknown said...


No need of blabbering your vulgar mouth in here. If you know from LNP, you would recall that I had even posted my address there and asked anyone who wants to talk in person to come near our house and start the rhetoric. My two brothers who are 6 footers and over 290lbs will break your bones and dump your irrelevant tsunami corpse onto the Wellawatta canal.

sinhale said...


If you knew Premadasa so well, could u please tell us his involvemnt with general Kobbakaduwas assasination?

PHANTOM-X said...



HA HA HA.... : )

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