Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LTTE prepares for final push before Kilinochchi falls

source: defence.lk
Signs are the LTTE is planning for one last massive push before the Army breaks through to Kilinochchi. A number of counter attack teams have been assembled under LTTE leader Lawrence in the general area Akkarayan. Fighting could start any moment now between these teams and the 57 Division.

Sources indicated to DefenceWire that if this push is successfully beaten back, there is nothing standing in the way of the Army reaching Kilinochchi. Frontline field commanders aknowledge that Lawrence is the best in the LTTE for the counter attack having observed him at Vilattikulam where he was in charge until now.

Meanwhile rumors were ripe yesterday and today that LTTE's 'Colonel' Bhanu has been killed at Mankulam. Unfortunately no evidence exist to suggest that this is the case todate. Yesterday rocket attacks were launched on four identified positions at Mankulam based on ground intelligence. The target was indeed Bhanu.

Volleys of FuelAir rockets were launched which can ignite and incinerate an entire area by drawing oxygen from the air coupled with highly inflammable materials contained in a special warhead used by the Army. The casualties to the LTTE in this attack is not known as of now.

Bhanu has been busy in the Mankulam area trying to counter attack troops engaged in operations at Mallavi. He is one of the least capable 'commanders' the LTTE has ever produced. His demise, however, could have an impact on the morale of the Tigers.


Dileepa Rathnayake said...

Thanks for the regular updates DW, Keep it comming.

lankaputhra said...

Thanks DW..
It seems a lot of fire powder is on the way...I hope this could be the last battle for killi to crush the terrorists

Sam Perera said...

Bless our soldier, blesss our commanders. I hope that we have adequately reinforced the 57th. Tonight will be a sleepless night for me. Probably, I will check the news sites every hour. What ever it is, my heart is with my SLDF brothers and sisters.

Bless Armed Forces of Sri Lanka!
Bless Sri Lanka!!

perein said...

Thank you DW.
Looking foward to some commentry every few hours from you.

Go on guys... Let's finish the game..

Observer said...

Its great news if Bhanu is gone..!

We need to get this Theepan monkey the same way as well!

Btw guys, I was just wondering what if these stupid tigers kept their air capability under cover till this moment. If they managed to pull out a surprise at this moment, we might be in a bit of a difficult situation. Then we would be burdened with the added need of defending the air.

In a way it is fortunate for us that the ztte idiots staged the strike much earlier, so that we are kind of ready for an air attack with Radars and F7s in place. Especially when the ground fighting escalates. phew ..!!!

Unknown said...

the coming days will definitely decide the fate of Sri Lanka... best luck to all of you!

make sure you define a path for escape route as well ... as the 57th division and all other SLA will start to RUN for their life...

remember LTTE is capable and has in the past started from ground 0, so even if you take out Kilinochi, do not think its the end of it you fools...

Unknown said...

YES!!! At last we have got the FAE rounds our boys have been asking for!! Thanks DW, Wish i was there to see the place go up in flames.

Gringo said...

Losing LTTE coolies.... this is the ideal time to say your Sunday prayers in advance for the LTTE bastards who are just about to be Eelamized.

As for our world-class SLDF fighting forces... May the triple Gems bless you and protect you from any harm... but be assured we shall never forget you and your loved ones.... You will indeed be re-born in our great country... with all the blessings of your fellow Sri Lankans.

The whole world is watching... how the Sri Lankan forces decimate the most ruthless terrorist force ever to roam on earth....

Never forget.... Our raw Sri Lankan patriotism goes 'in' before the bullet comes 'out'...

kuttu said...

Kaavalan brother,

Are you ok, I think you are day dreaming. You better get up now and joined your VP before it is too late.
Poor guy hi hi.

PHANTOM-X said...


hmmm...you diaspora people seem so nervous, tension pouring out from you...!!!
We don't underestimate our enemies...we know what they are capable of and there weaknesses, so don't worry kaawa-lan !!!

BlackPanther said...


It is not yet over. Worst is yet to come.

Just to pose a question to your selves. Are you doing anything actively to help our heros (SLDF)who are fighting for us other that posting on this blog? If not its not late. At least visit the injured heros in hospitals. There are many who are in pain, wounded and crippled. Just speak and spend some time with them.Please don't ask war stories from them.

Just a thought......

GY said...

this is good news. then there probably wont be a house to house battle and civilian casualties will be much less.. like someone posted earlier we can make a good "harvest".

Gringo said...


Well suggested.

Real, full-blooded Sri Lankans don't hesitate to reach out touch our fighting men and women... and loved ones of the dead and injured.

Mere 'talk' is not enough.... and also... there's no point doing something 'later on'...

Oh.... that moment of truth is now... Not tomorrow. Choose from many programs described on the websites of our forces.

Please do it TODAY!


Recent US research has established that one of the 'things' that makes human beings 'happy'... is seeing another deserving human being having a better life using his money.

As for me... I'm VERY HAPPY!

gamed1956 said...
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gamed1956 said...

Thanks DW

I treat these brave soldiers almost every day. They are injured, but not broken. My heart cries out for them as I treat each wound they have suffered. They are the true heros of this country. I urge my fellow countrymen to read DW, and be aware of the sacrifices these anonymous bretheren are making for us. May god bless them and keep them safe.

Sudesh said...

Getting a 'least capable' commander to do so much of work at this crucial moment shows their desperation.
As their grounds shrink, so is their places to hide. Few decapitating on their remaining leadership will fizzle out the organization.

Apino Dannachess said...

DW, thanks once again for keeping us updated....Before I start work this is the first news site I read now....it used be Defense.lk...that was before I found you site.

I have said this many times...but I will say it again. I think time is ripe for the TINCANS to do a more daring attack....may be targeting the last place we expect them to hit. I don't think this time they plan to return to Vanni...So I hope relevant counter measures are well placed to meet such an event.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates.

Haha our boys with night flying toys.Good no sleep for bloody terrorists.Finally MIG29's with our boys.Now ltte will have real night mare. Army is using Air/Fuel bombs from land and SLAF using AF and bunker busters from the air.

Go boys go. You terrorists don't go closer to the sea SLN is ready with home made arrows.

This time no escape for you ealamists.

Your all surface bunkers will get air/fuel bomb treatment and under ground bunker with busters followed by air/fuel bombs.You fat ass know what is air/fuel bomb and how Russians/US forces used them in afganistan.Our brave bros are better than those US guys.

You bloody terrorists now you can not count your bodies.You have to collect your bones and pieces of skins all over.

Apino Dannachess said...


Thanks for the update....... Guys... NEWS!!!!
Air Force Jets raid hideout of LTTE kingpins- Kilinochchi .....

Few questions:
a) Is it the first time SLAF did a night bombing raid in the recent past ( I mean not just blind drops)?
b) Does this mean we have acquired night flying capabilities?
c) Are the Mig 29's in action already?
Hope a knowledgeable person can update this civilian Joe

Sam Perera said...


I asssume that KAB, RAB, AAB etc are busy like beehives these days. If time and other factors permit, can you please get a photo of SLAF activities. Such images will be very siginificant for future students of this historical war. Just an idea.

Apino Dannachess said...


Hats off to you my brother. If I was in SL, I would have acted on your suggestion. But I will do what I can. I agree that most of us can do more and should do more.

And thanks for all the Patriots...like Samp Perera, Perein and many others....yes our thoughts are also with the brother fighting for our future. God bless and guide them to safety.

Cheers All

Maverick said...

Thanks for the update.

May the noble tripple gem bless and protect our war heros.

I hope our frontline have been informed about the build up and forthcoming threat, and they're adequately armed and prepared.

We need to get maximum close air support from AF and artillery units.

Looks like they're reading for a do-or-die battle. Once our brave hearts decmate that, we should be on our way to Killi, sooner rather than later.

Nisal said...

වට පවුරෙන් සැදුනු පොළොන්නරුව සොළි ලේ රැඳී
වැවක් බවට පත්වන තෙක් හුස්මට හෙො ඉඩ නොදී

මහ යුද කළ විජයබාහු රජු වෙනුවෙන් දිවි දිදී
රුහුණු සෙනඟ ගිය පාරේ පැසෙයි කුඹුරු කිරි වැදී
(නැගෙනහිර රුහුණෙදී පැදි පෙළ)

වසර 953කට පසු දැන් යළි එළඹී ඇතිතේ උනගේම පවුරු හා අගල් උන්ගේම ලෙයින් පිරවිය යුතු මොහොතයි.

PHANTOM-X said...

Hey...Ruwani the whore...

where were you all these days...?
where's your lover (Mr. Brown aka Dulith Herath)....?

Mr. Brownmada danne na...me wesi widihata acting paara daannne...???
mama nam hithanne ehema thamai.

Srilankan said...

Kavalam..or whoever ..wants some entertainment during his tea break..lets not give him that by entertaining his posts.I just hope our airforce is ready.

Lankapura said...

phantom, mama hithanne ekama ponnaya thamai gahanu pirimi maru wewi liyanne :-D

Apino Dannachess said...

This is to All LTTE supporters like Kaavalan, AssinR, Ruwani et.al.


We the Sri Lankans, sure do hope the SDLF will be victorious soon, and the LTTE will be decimated beyond resurgence.

I'm sure you guys must be thinking the exact opposite...right.

Only time will tell who is right and who is wrong....and bly me non of us got a Crystal ball/ time machine...guys don't tell me you can do that too!!!

And there is nothing much we can do by scratching each others' "NET EGO" in this Blog.(Yes, I fully acknowledge Behind our laptops we can be Rambo, Fantastic Killing Machines etc, but in real life some of us may be pot bellied accountants, stock brokers, Geriatrics, Invalids who's biggest problem is to find a way to get up from the chair we are sitting in)

BUT what we CAN do is to meet in this blog in 30 days and take stock using OVI's ( Objectively Verifiable Indicators)
a) How many dead fighters ...photos to substantiate...err not the best, but will have to do
b) Ground lost...videos with land marks to substantiate
c) Key military bases captured...as above
d) Key Civilian infrastructure lost...as above
e) Key assets lost (Aircraft, Ships if any, Boats etc)...may be difficult to verify...but videos can do and the absence of future use of the assets can be the best indicator
f) Relevant leaders killed ( Please lets not include Chokka's here)...as above
g) Increase/ decrease of the civilian population left under the control of the relevant party.....we may be able to take INGO figures...at least they are not biased towards Sri Lankans.

Over to you guys!


For those patriotic realist here...now now...don't gang up on me for the above suggestion...no harm trying to reason with them....I do know Denial is the Best Friend of all Losers.

For those LTTE supporters, one more thing I would like to say. If you noticed majority of the bloggers here are SRI LANKAN supporters...so no use in calling us fools just because you don't like what is being written here. True or false...we write our wishes, believes, hopes etc.

What you can do is to find a blog, where you LTTE supporters are the majority...and I'm sure we won't crash land in that and make wild accusations....SRI LANKANS wherever they go will peacefully cohabits with the majority. In such a place, you can do all the name calling, glorify what you think is right and....we will be the happiest for you.

May peace be with you and all of us.

Lankapura said...

Guys, specially UK residents, you can write to the Labour party against this guy's speech:

Also, would be great if a UK citizen can start a campaign against terrorist front organisations infiltrating the party:

Political Observer said...


If I got your points about the two phases correctly, I concur.

I am not sure of this comment of yours though.

"this is a REAL concern. IF we had FIRST concentrated on mula (than kili) then these phases would have worked in clock-like precision."

We are perhaps underestimating the targeting of Killinochchi over Mulativu. The key element of any strategy is surprise, and I think the move to Killi has stunned pretty much all observers, including me.

I like that about the current SLA.

What I do not like is the over reliance on the 57th alone.

My sense is the LTTE realizes the need to blunt the 57th and it now going to do a proper job on it, or so they think.

In terms of your point above, I think the key to the success was to go after the weaker areas of the LTTE. Eastern province first, then the softer areas in the West Wanni, help the civilians into Vavuniya, etc.

However, there is another reason to do this that is strategically essential: drive the LTTE into an area with few civilians and no escape route to India.

I think the SLA will love to have them all in Mullativu and the area, particularly the dense jungles West of Iranamadu, where the 59th is waiting for them.

It is in such terrain the LRRP and the Special Forces excel. They fare less well in open terrain with mortar fire raining on them.

In war it is also about demoralizing the other side, as you know. I think Killinochchi coming under SLA siege has shifted the perception of the Thamils at large, and also brought other voices into play delegitimizing the LTTE.

Capturing the capital is crucial in this first phase.

Now you make important points about the second phase. I think some lessons have been learned in the East.

However, the East is not the North. It will not be as easy to run a provincial level system. So there has to be innovation. Else where I make the case to go a district at a time with full devolution, for which I have been “shelled.”


LKDOOD said...


thanks for the update

LKDOOD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LKDOOD said...

Blogger Sudesh said...

Getting a 'least capable' commander to do so much of work at this crucial moment shows their desperation.
As their grounds shrink, so is their places to hide. Few decapitating on their remaining leadership will fizzle out the organization.

Lawrence is one of LTTE's most senior members

he has been around for sometime

so far no info on Bhanu getting whacked

aqua said...


Thanks a lot for your updates and your time.
I dont comment much just come here ever so often to get the latest from the front lines and you have been doing a great job.

thanks a lot again and keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

thanks Apino for your well thoughts and recommendations accepting that

"...we write our wishes, believes, hopes etc."

best wishes for your wishes, belives and hopes!

Carry on with your wishes!

don't you agree that all of you are just bunch of fools?

Here is anohter article that you want to see, you wouldn't be able to read it, but for sure pictures worth 1000's words :) so enjoy!


Gringo said...

[...don't you agree that all of you are just bunch of fools?

Oh yes... we are fools...or Modayas... On the other hand, Tamil die-ass-pora (aka LTTE coolies) are always slighly better than us, above us and way above the law!

We have to change ALL EXISTING laws, systems, norms, traditions, HISTORY and also the CONSTITUTION... in order to accommodate, appease and escape from these all important, all powerful, VVIP LTTE coolies...

Or else.... KABBBBOOOOOMMMMM... right?

Corey said...

Perhaps the US and its allies can learn from our forces. Here's what a US Navy Research Professor Thomas Johnson said on what went wrong for the US in Afganistan:

NEWSWEEK: What is flawed about our approach in Afghanistan?
Thomas Johnson: It's the same problem the Soviets had in their engagement from 1979 to 1989 … The United States, just as the Soviet Union, controls all the urban areas and especially provincial capitals and Kabul. But this is a rural counterinsurgency, just as the mujahedin's conflict against the Soviets was also a rural insurgency. And you don't win a rural insurgency from Kabul or Jalalabad or Kandahar. You win a rural insurgency by maintaining a presence and insulating the villages in the rural areas. And that's what we don't do—unlike what the mujahedin did in their battle with the Soviets and unlike what the Taliban are presently doing in Afghanistan today, where they operate on the village level on a 7/24 basis, either intimidating or winning the allegiance of the Afghan people. That's what it takes to win an insurgency and that's what it also takes to win a counterinsurgency.

Sri Lanka appears to be doing just what the US didn't do: Their forces are going right into the heart of the problem. Impressive!

Gringo said...

[Sri Lanka appears to be doing just what the US didn't do: Their forces are going right into the heart of the problem. Impressive!

The difference is great SLDF are fighting in their own territory... they know every nook and corner of their MOTHERLAND.... They know every jungle... they know every montain... and the joy of killing cowardly Tamil terrorists like dogs is immense... All that for the beloved Motherlanka.

To bring a smile to my face... Desperate LTTE coolies weep in front of bewildered foreigners... classifying us as invaders....!!!

He... he... he...

As if they can do anything BETTER THAN US!

perein said...

Srilankan -

Kavalam..or whoever ..wants some entertainment during his tea break..lets not give him that by entertaining his posts.I just hope our airforce is ready.

Here we go bro.... Forget about the Tea... They cannot have the dinner either
Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets launched a nighttime raid targeting a well guarded hideout of high profile LTTE cadres in Kilinochchi, said the Air Force sources.

Anonymous said...

70 LTTE dead within 4 hrs fighting (uncomfirmed- SF/LNP)

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Thanks Defencewire for amazing Hot News.

Gringo (Vini) nice to see your smile...

LTTE is getting Atti Haleanna..of course its time to kick their ass.

LTTE Base in Vannivilankulam captured by SLA. Wanni Operation 23 rd September 2008 Link to Video

හදවතින් අපි යූද බිමේ ඹ්බ තනී කලේ නැත කිසි දිනේ

GOD...Bless all of my SLDF Brothers..

Theruwan Saraniee...

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks for the update DW.

"Volleys of FuelAir rockets were launched which can ignite and incinerate an entire area by drawing oxygen from the air coupled with highly inflammable materials contained in a special warhead used by the Army."

one of your your dreams (mine too) has come true.

the planning element of SLDF op.s in terms of weapons deployment is SIMPLY AMAZING.

we should not forget that other than REGULAR consumables, other stuff takes a long time to arrive. so you need planning ahead. right weapons for the right phase of the war. marvelous.

Moshe Dyan said...



i guess i should NOW stop this kili-mula argument as SLDFs have made the choice and approaching kili AGRESSIVELY.

however, contrary to these victory expectations, i MUST insist that capture of kili will NOT be the end of LTTE's conventional war. (according to SF LTTE lost its conventional fighting capability some time ago. i don't buy that.)

politicians and others should NOT give too much hope to ppl. the WORST part of conventional war (LTTE style conventional war of course) will come after kili.

Jambudipa said...

Hello Corey,

Your letter to the British Labor Party has been forwarded.

Corey said...

Hi Gringo and others,
I think some of your comments are too harsh at this moment. The time is not too distant when the whole country will be liberated from terrorism and the healing process between both sides will have to begin. It must be hard for the people who supported the LTTE to watch the current proceedings. Let them vent. This will help in the long run during the healing process.
Best Regards,
Elias L. Corey

Corey said...

Hi Panhinda,
Thank you!
With Best Regards,
E. Corey

Corey said...

Interesting move by Canada:

Pro-LTTE Sinhalese leader's visa to Canada rejected:


Is this guy really pro-LTTE?

Rana said...


Entering into Kili is not a good plan without taking Nachchikuda, Kiranchi, Valappadu and Poonaryn first. Our aim should be maximum damage not political headquarters. If we take above bases first, we will silence those sheeling capabilities to Jafna, also we can surround Kili easily. What do you all think.
Also Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne is a crazy fellow, I know him as a student from Peradeniya campus!!

Moshe Dyan said...


"Our aim should be maximum damage not political headquarters."


but capturing kili (and possibly paranthan thereafter) puts ENORMOUS pressure on LTTE positions towards the WEST of A9. SLA will create a BARRIER that splits EAST of A9 from WEST of A9.

thereafter maintaining nachchikuda, poonaryn will be ALMOST impossible for the LTTE. the recent DEVASTATING SBS/RABS attack on tiger boat movements would have taught them the SERIOUS LACK OF OPTIONS even to escape!!!!!!

paranthan to EPS stretch is not at all enough to feed LTTE positions west of A9 and this stretch will be targeted by SLA MERCILESSLY after capturing kili.

i hope SLDFs will HARVEST the MAX number of tigers trapped west of A9.

AGAIN the remaining LTTE positions WEST of A9 are NOTHING compared against what they have towards the EAST of A9.

Rana said...


Good reply! However my point is to silence guns that are attacking 55 and 53 from Poonaryn. If we can do that 53 and 55 can move down through EP though EP is heavily mined. Then even Paranthan become helpless. We must make 55 and 53 comedown from their Muhamalei and Nagarkovil positions. Then only SLDF can stregthen attack to Kili and further down. I also think SLDF wants to take Poonaryn first but due to earth bank that was constructed delayed it. That is why SLDF has to go around Akkarayan. Even now SLDF can attack directly North towards Poonaryn while holding Kili front.
I wonder what DW thinks!

Rana said...


Further to the above, If we attack Kili as it is now. We will be fighting with both right and left flanks exposed to the enemy. It can maximise damaged to our forces. My worry is that.

However, Thanks for your post.

Srilankan said...

Thanks for the comment bro.Fully agree with you.These LTTE buffoons have done what they have been doing for the past 30 yrs..that is depending on GOD IC for their salvation.LORD GOD IC is not going to assist them now it seems.

Defencewire said...


All in good time. No need to worry.

Moshe Dyan said...

"We will be fighting with flanks exposed to the enemy. It can maximise damaged to our forces."


i highlighted this b4. the broad movement of 57 and 58 until nachchikuda stopped as 57 spearheaded while 58 was more or less stuck. kili made it EVEN more attractive for 57 to move.

true srilankan said...

Solheim... Poor You...
Norwegian Minister Solheim Told Peace in North will Emerge with Death of Terrorism Soon

Moshe Dyan said...

obviously DW knows more than he tells us and he has GOOD reasons to say no need to worry.

i respectfully dissent.

there are 2 different issues here (again!).
1. b4 capturing kili
2. after capturing kili.

LTTE presence in all those areas (west of A9) is a THREAT to NUMBER 1 but an OPPORTUNITY when it comes to NUMBER 2.

DW reported yesterday how bypassing the LTTE earth bund/trench turned a THREAT into an OPPORTUNITY. this is similar.

true srilankan said...

Who’s the Next Hindu Priest on LTTE Murder List?

Rana said...


OK, I will wait. There is one more thing. When we bomb places away from FDL, Places like VPs frequent visiting places, SLAF say it had ground info from MI. However, why we can't get accurate damage assessment from the same MI sources without delay?
How come?

Unknown said...

Looks Like Mahindha Mama wants to talk to Nowergians.
a)I thought he was convinced that a military solution will be the answer (maybe the answer for his survival
b)Maybe the bloated civil service can no longer be supported
c)The credit crises is worsening even with Paulson trying to save his former company Morgan Stanely (where he was CEO for 7 years). Suprisingly he lets Lehman Brothers fail and proposes 700 billion as rescue for the market.
d) GSP+ and other priveleges being stripped by year end.
e) A bloated armed forces and defence expediture which cannot be sustained.
f)Not more expensive capital markets to raise cash at exhobitant rates
g) Likelihood of Dwindlings remitance and Investments to Sri Lanka
h) Massive failures like Minh Air and lack of place to loot
i) People no longer willings to dump 100000 rupees for 5000, 10000 rupee intrest
j) Aid money curtailed thanks to his and families weird ideas (numerous to state) and the financial toll on former allies and their own internal problems from Marriot Hotel Bombing in Pakistan to Tainted Milk Disaster in China (13000 children in Hospital after few dying plus massive ban of china made milk products around the world including Nestle and Oreo)

I always said Mahindha is a handicap for the war effort. Guess like Bush he is another fine example of why people with no intelligence should not lead the country. Guess like Iraq now not taking centre stage in the US, In Sri Lanka the economy is going to fast blow up.

The problem became worst thanks to JRW mismanagment of the economy. He saw the tamils as clear scapegoats to his economic failures. The fact that his prime minister and other leaders were against allowing the 13 dead soldiers ceremonies to be held in colombo. The fact that they were not from colombo. The fact the he overidded them knowing very well this will cause problems.

So based on JRW logic, the next time a Sri lanka of one ethnic group kills another there should be race riots. Ironically punish the innocent and on both side the murderers are still on the loose.

Unknown said...

So is Mahinhda mama a traitor now if he ask the nowergians to negotiate peace or that only applies to Ranil. Or Mahindha mama wants to show the world he wants peace but the LTTE does not want it. Anyway the world is not stupid or generous at this junction to worry about these politicking.

Sam Perera said...

Ok Navindran is back with his baseless assumptions and hypothetical scenarios. Take this 2 cents and buy a few clues before acting the moron next time. At least learn ABC of SL politics if you want to say something useful

Rana said...

My other worry is when VP get cornered badly, he might decide to send a tincan full of C4 to Vavunia or Trico camp as a suicide mission. We know atleast they have one more tincan. Therefore our camps near FDL are in grave danger as our losses can be enormous!!

Do we have any plans agaist such a suicide attack. B'cause LTTE is quite capable of such things. VP is master of sending other people to die for him.

wijayapala said...


"Perhaps the US and its allies can learn from our forces. Here's what a US Navy Research Professor Thomas Johnson said on what went wrong for the US in Afganistan:"

There's a big difference between Al-Qaeda/Taliban and the LTTE. Kaati told us here (or in DN) that unlike the Islamist "do it yourself" terrorists, the LTTE is highly centralized. You can't fart or wipe yourself without Fat Ass's permission. The key to victory is destroying the central command of the LTTE. This will not work for the Islamists because their central command is God.

Gringo said...


Diplomacy is telling someone to go to hell in such a nice way... they would actully look forward to the trip!

Judging by your posts... you seem to have zero ideas about such tact!

Take another closer look at the face of Erik in the photo... It tells the whole sorry story!

As for Mahinda... he promised he would tear the CFA... and boy... didn't he do it in style!

Sam Perera said...


Can you please post your profile ID so that we can quicky locate your impernators. May be you can do something similar to DefenceNet.


wijayapala said...

This is a response to the previous thread on civilians:

The great challenge facing the govt. will be to ensure that Tamil IDPs are well taken care of in the camps near Vavuniya. Unfortunately, in the past these civilians have tended to get swallowed by the system.

For example, their ability to travel outside the camps in the 1990s were highly restricted, requiring a travel pass as described by Indian journalist Nirupama Subramaniam in her book "Voices from a War Zone." Let's say that you had to travel to Colombo for something urgent. The process for getting a travel pass to Colombo would take 2-3 weeks. However, the travel pass would only be good for 14 days. Any Tamil caught without a pass could be jailed for up to 18 months without being charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Here are the official directions for getting a travel pass back then, as cited from Subramaniam's book. If anyone can translate the below into readable English, I'm all ears:

The Procedure Which Is Now Followed To Issue Passes In Vavuniya Division (To Enter Vavuniya, Stay In Vavuniya and Leave From Vavuniya).

For travel pass a surety is compulsory and permanent pass of the surety will be retained as surety. A photocopy of the pass duly certified will be given to the surety...

Computer pass will be issued for travel to the South with the photograph and details of the pass holder and a lodging pass for the period he has to stay will be prepared and sent to Colombo Information Technology Division and through that it will be referred to respective Police. In case of station outside Colombo, the lodging pass will be sent by fax by the OIC in charge of division. It will be referred to the relevant Police Officer by him. The person who travel with the travelling pass, after reaching his destination, should report within 24 hours to the relevant Police Station and obtain that pass. The pass, which he carried, will be kept at the Police Station. After the necessary period is over he should produce the lodging pass to the relevant Police and return before due date.

When an application is submitted for a travel pass, it will be referred to the Police where he intend to go for a report regarding person mentioned in the address given in the application and only after this, travel pass will be issued...

Sam Perera said...


I just read your poem. What do you mean by Eastern Ruhunu? From where did you get it? At a glance, the tasks Prince Gamini and Prince Kitthi had in their hands seem to be bigger than our current leaders have. However, the Eastern Province was not something we had to fight those days and it was called Digamadulla. Just a minor digression folks.

Sam Perera said...


After that bombing run at LTTE "hitech" center, flow of photos from Vanni seems to have stopped. Somewhere else I swathat VOT has falled dead. Hopefully the same will happen to the band of LTTE terrorist soon.

KB said...

[For the final two days in Kilinochchi we spent much time in our bunkers as the artillery and air attacks intensified in and around the town. The sound through these days was tremendous, everything would shake and the air implode as the shells landed. In the near distance we could hear the terrifying sound of helicopter gunships, firing rockets.

Dear chaps, behold the whine of LTTE loving swine. Our chaps are frying the death cult goons day and night in Killi it seems. Couldn't have happened to a nice bunch of wretched fellows, eh?
But with regards to these 'aid worker' fellows, they have tucked their tiger tails under the NGO skirt and and have now come to Army controlled areas. We need to interrogate each one of them to discover what they handed over to LTTE thugs before they left. Guilty parties should be shot for treason.


Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


"Dear chaps, behold the whine of LTTE loving swine our chaps are frying the death cult goons day and night in Killi"


further exerpts...

“Day after day, the constant rumble of heavy artillery got closer and closer. Twenty-four hours a day my office, bedroom, kitchen and bunker would be shaking with the thumps of shells landing. The sensation of the approaching doom was all too real with this kind of warfare…………………………………

but as the days went by and the army approached Kilinochchi, the distant rumble of artillery rapidly escalated into a constant roar of shells raining down, in and around the town………………………………………………………….

The security situation spiralled to emergency levels; artillery and air attacks on Kilinochchi became a frequent event………

I remember one morning when an air attack happened very close to me. I managed to get into the bunker quickly and narrowly escaped being hurt. I will never forget the noise of that fighter jet, the unbelievable sound of the engine as it swooped from the sky and the explosions of the bombs dropped close by…………..

We drove through the site of a fresh air attack on the A9 road and once again saw the devastation it caused and understood what may come for Kilinochchi………………”

my concience was demanding me answers when i read the SAD part. but i found answers!!!

this article didn't create an overwhelming sadness or pity; it actually created a GREAT sense of PRIDE, THRILL & EXPECTATION.

pulverise the LTTE AT ALL COST. i don't give a damn. even IDPs have their share of support and sacrifices for their country SL. its shame that those who badly need tamil elam are not there in vanni. HOPE THEY FEEL THE PAIN.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Boys, Thank u all for 5/5 rating for my latest book!!

I read this absolutely garbage from a dim-bat called Culture Columnist Ak-azs-haam in TN.

As always, I don’t like BS so did my research with Brahmi inscriptions found from the time of Playboy Ravana!

Result: very sounding and concrete and even Mr. Paranavithana would be raped!

Eezham >>> Eas-ham >>> easy-ham >>> lazy-ham >>> Lazy-Pig

Thamizh >>> Thamisa >>> Thamusey

Thamizh Eezham = Thamusey lazy pig >>>>
In proper Sinhala: Thamusey kammali ura

How to use these words in a sentence:

Sinhala: Oii, Thamusey kammali ura puka denawada?

Tamil: Oii, Thamizh Eezham a’nal kodu?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Find Nava!

Stupidity at max..! Who is leaking these info to the newspapers?


PHANTOM-X said...

Wijepala = MIA = Iqbal Athas

ILHAM - The Boss said...

SLAF sources say the Mig-29s have arrived in Sri Lanka and will be deployed soon.
The Mig-29 is a much sophisticated aircraft which has yet to prove itself in real combat, even though it has demonstrated superior handling compared to even the US built F-16. A few years ago, a contingent of Indian Air Force personnel surprised USAF air combat teams by beating the Americans at their own game with Mig-29s on a training course at TopGun. Nevertheless the Mig-29 has no real combat record and is of doubtful significance to the Sri Lanka's immediate needs. Additionally, the SLAF will have its own learning curve with these aircraft, while the need of the hour is for aircraft that our pilots and maintenance crews are familiar with, and which are suitable for our own unique situation.
For More Info - http://srilankaairforce.blogspot.com/2008/09/mig-29s-arrive.html

Jambudipa said...


Wijepala = MIA = Iqbal Athas


MrBrown said...

This Bhanu story had been created by the fake DW ..it seems it has been spreading very fast. I noticed some fool in my LNP also were talking about it.

Sithsala said...

We are kept in the dark about the bloody battles going on for the past week or two.

General public should get to know the real sacrifices made by SLDF, specially SLA. Many are dieing, losing limbs, eye sight, hearing, etc... for a worthy cause.

People know that fights are raging, but they don't feel it from inside, from their heart.

These details can not be exposed due to the political vultures lurking in the shadows.

I just hope that these men will not be forgotten when this war is over, not by the authorities, but by the public.

Stories about our generation of valiant sons of Mother Lanka should be taught to every school kid.

This is the best opertunity to bring up the 'Nation before self' attitude which will be the only way to develop this country.

Sinhalaya said...


Rana said...


MIG 29 is very sophisticated fighter aircraft for air to air defence. It can attack ground targets also depending on which model we got. It deliver nasty guided missiles from 60-200km range. Even without bombing, if it fly at very low altitude that is enough to make tigers shit in the pants. Though there are unanswered questions about MIG 29 as you pinted out, I have my confidence on SLAF for their nowladge and experience on MIGs.

shay said...


I shall try to answer your questions.

"Few questions:
a) Is it the first time SLAF did a night bombing raid in the recent past ( I mean not just blind drops)?"

No its not the first time. They have been conducting more night attacks recently and also early morning (when its still quite dark).

"b) Does this mean we have acquired night flying capabilities?"

We always had night "flying" capabilities as anyone living near Ratmalana will confirm from the noise of the transports coming in. Night "bombing" is another matter. The Mi-24/35 have FLIR which allows them to operate at night (even though the latest Mi-35M which is specially suited for night attack might not have arrived yet). With the jets the pilots can use NVG's and flares to acquire and bomb targets at night, but this is not particularly effective. To be effective at night you would need targeting pods which allow IR imaging etc. Since they seem to have been making more precision attacks recently its possible they have acquired some new targeting pods, there was some talk of getting LANTIRN or similar pods for the Kfir's.


"c) Are the Mig 29's in action already?"

Yet to be confirmed.

MrBrown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrBrown said...

[["b) Does this mean we have acquired night flying capabilities?"

We always had night "flying" capabilities as anyone living near Ratmalana will confirm from the noise of the transports coming in. ]]
What a moronic question and answer..:-) I never have seen it in LNP even..:-(

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi My Friend Shay,

I was hoping you would answer my questions. Thanks once more. Ooops, sorry when I wrote night flying, I actually meant night bombing...but you have covered that also in your answer ( it was late at night when I wrote this probably my mind was already asleep)
Cheers Mate

Apino Dannachess said...

Ah MrBrown Mahathayo!!

Thousand Apologies...if I offended your superior intellect.

Pardon me your eminence, I'm but a ordinary civilian Joe prone to make such mistakes. Hence my name Apino Dannachess (Api Nodannachess) ..which reflects my knowledge about these topics. Well I know who I am, but Who are you? No offense meant, but really like to know your qualifications that gives you the right to speak with such authority.

But please don't take it on Shay, who was merely trying to educate me....and I'm sure he wrote it to suit my wavelength if you know what I mean. I'm sure he would not have written it for your consumption.

"Kaapu Bipu Welawata, Punchi "Mistake" ekak keruwata, Raalahamila wage Aya...Ganan Ganne Ganne Aiyada Sumitura....old Gypsies song come to my mind.....

May you find peace .....

Apino Dannachess said...


Thanks for accepting the suggestion...and I'm counting... its T-29 days as at today.

Sorry mate, like I said, you can do all the name calling etc....But you won't get me to reciprocate...

Have patience, fellow human....time will tell who the fool is....Can be you can be me/US

I must say its tempting to call you few names and emphasize how great our dear SLDF is,but I will not go that way...

There is nothing you or I can do to effect what is happening in Wanni...the actions of the REAL people on the ground will decide the final outcome.....I cannot...but if you can, you won't be spending time here...would you...???

Trust you will find peace...

Apino Dannachess said...

Check this out

......Lord Malloch-Brown, said: “There are political parties representing the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The LTTE is leading the armed struggle. The government in Colombo represents a democratically elected government. The UK government would not support a Tamil government in exile”.

full text: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sinhala/news/story/2008/09/080916_malloch_brown.shtml

So, are the Di-Ass-Pora already making contingency plans for the forthcoming loss of their pseudo statehood...in Sri Lanka???

For MB to react this way, some dreaming eelamist would have made some request already ...he he he

Too bad it will come to nothing...

Guys, get ready to catch/ decimate the Putty Tatts when they run for cover in the WEST.....

BlackPanther said...


Nice comments. I like your sarcasm.Keep it up.

Defencewire said...


This is because if the target is taken, there is no point risking your sources in inspecting it right away when LTTE cordons off the area.

Three locations thought to be hiding VP were bombed within the last week. Most attacks were by lazer-guided bombs.

Everyone wants to bet on the winning horse. This is the bottomline!

Defencewire said...

It is done.

A quick update on the situation. The LTTE did not attack last night as expected but the buildup continues. Tonight or tomorrow morning could be a possibility.

Jambudipa said...

Tamil Guardian was at one time owned by Jayadevan. It was later forcefully taken over by LTTE. TG editorial accurately reflect current LTTE thinking.

The importance of standing firm and united on Tamil Eelam

..Thus, the second and most important lesson for the Tamils from the successful freedom struggles of the recent past, is to stand united behind a single goal: an independent Tamil Eelam. Being flexible on the right to self-determination does not impress powerful states and find favour with them, it only breeds contempt for us. Being 'reasonable' and prepared to compromise will count for nothing as these states, including the liberal democracies of the West will not stand up for principles of popular will, democracy, justice and so on - unless it suits their strategic interests.


shay said...

Slightly different topic.

Has anyone seen this. Documentary of the SLN Arrow boats. Shows the boats firing, looks fairly stable for a boat that small.


Check out 8.40 to 8.42. It looks like a large gun boat under construction. Is that a SLN yard or is that somewhere else?? If the SLN can build gun boats by themselves that would be awesome.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear DW,

You are right...about betting and winning horses.

But this Joe will always bet on one horse ...so to speak ...that would be SLDF...

This is a free world...others are welcome to bet on any horse, tiger, primate, humanoid etc....or even mythical beings and Cryptids.

Cheers and do please keep the good work

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Black Panther,

Thanks mate...but I really meant it when I say "may you find peace"....

One should first find peace with oneself....then with others....

All this sloshing ( remember the old proverb about the half filled Kalagediaya???) and thrashing about is a direct result of "them" not having inner peace....

Now now don't get the wrong Idea that I'm an enlightened being...but at least I know I'm NOT.

Ok ok...enough of this higher plane talk ...time for me to comedown to Eearth...THUDD!!!!

Cheers mate

lankaputhra said...

Api Wenuwen Api:

Sri Lankan Tri Services Cultural and Musical Shows


Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Shay,

Thanks for the Gunboat link...great stuff....If I remember correctly...in late 90's a friends of mine working in the Colombo Dock Yard mentioned that they use to build Gunboats for the SLN based on th Dvora template....

Just a memory only and it highly possible my mind is playing tricks on me....

Hope this will not cause the Elementals and the Beings with Superior Intellect to descend from higher dimensions on this poor mortal...


Puppet Mask said...


If we can see the buildup, how hard is to do attack from air before they make a move?


shay said...

Hi Apino,

Yes, CDL does still build FAC's for the SLN. The work horse of the SLN FAC fleet is the CDL built UFAC III's, which everyone just refers to as Dvoras. They are similar to Dvoras/Shaldag.

However the one shown under construction was a large gunboat (much bigger than FAC's), similar to Shanghai II/Ranasiri or Lushun class. These have never been built at CDL as far as I know, certainly not in recent times. I couldn't hear out what exactly he was saying and whether they were being repaired or built (and by SLN or CDL).

Dont worry about the our superior individuals. They will talk more bullshit as they get more desparate in the next few months.

Unknown said...

Apino & Shay,

Bollocks to the so called "Superior Intellect" let the poor chaps bugger off!!

you are right, the CDL used to and still do make FAC's for the SLN, But the one in question in the video is a Shanghai/ransiri Class FGB, The slip way it is shown on could have been at Colombo, galle or even Trinco. Our boys do a great job keeping those old faithful rust buckets going, much like the airmen who kept the SF-260’s running. But the boat yard which makes the arrows also make the MKII IPC, which mounts either the formidable shredder - twin 14.5mm HMGs in a naval mount or a beastly 23mm ZU Cannon along with some good old 12.7mm HMG's/ 40mm AGL's & PKMS.


Unknown said...

By joe!

it seems that shay has beaten me to the post! Good job shay.

Unknown said...

Hey..Hey,last time I heard you scolding someone as they had taken the humanitarian mission as a rasist one,but now seems to me Kaavalan is VP's Bitch!

Dude, Im telling you looking at military history, do you know that when the US got involved in the 2nd world war, great expectation was given on there military capabilities, but unfortunately it was a flop as the german's were tactically advanced, the commandership was given to a Bradly guy, he did not get scared at any tactic the german threw against him, he sheerly overthrew the germans read this, out of numbers because of "NUMBER" of soldiers in the battlefield, he lost allot of soldiers but he beet the British to take over the whole of Africa and south Italy in a matter of months.

The LTTE's demise will be because of the lack of man power, equipment to fight a war,the moral is down to the dogs, learn through history man..

perein said...

Three locations thought to be hiding VP were bombed within the last week. Most attacks were by lazer-guided bombs."

Looks to me VP's living days are closer to count from 2 hands if not 1.
Amount of attacks lazer guiding to dumb heads are heavy. Sooner or later rat get roasted. From every once sake, let's think it's tonight !!!

Unknown said...


It is not always easy to destroy their full capability by SLAF attack. still significant damage can be done. Moreover, long range multibarrel and artilary attacks can also do the same damage. I am sure field comanders must be doing that now. This is how SLDF targeted Bhanu last night by rockets.


perein said...


It is not always easy to destroy their full capability by SLAF attack. still significant damage can be done. Moreover, long range multibarrel and artilary attacks can also do the same damage. I am sure field comanders must be doing that now. This is how SLDF targeted Bhanu last night by rockets.


DefenceWire Profile ID is 06358848115700373983.
Above got posted by fake with 06866582607283496307 id.

Unknown said...

Lord Malloch Brown...

The GOSL should approach these people. Thank them profousely for the services rendered to Sri Lanka. Enlist their support further and make new contacts to consolidate the position of GOSL.

This aspect of the battle will be required for decades if not centuries to come...

perein said...


"Further to the above, If we attack Kili as it is now. We will be fighting with both right and left flanks exposed to the enemy. It can maximise damaged to our forces. My worry is that."

Let's get the Terrorists to do the guessing game and get some where else !!!
I'm sure time will tell.

Unknown said...

Saw what looked like a PT-6 doing a low level run around colmbo, the lights probed the sky looking for it! but no flak!! may be it was a drill.

Unknown said...

Guys few quick updates.

It is reported that our comando unit landed by sea in pooneryan this afternoon and now attacking back words and soon it will jojn with nachikuda SLDF. It is learn few LTTes artilary and moatr postions were captured.In Aakarayn front few batteris of artilary and multibarrel have been moved early today and our forces are ready to teach lesson for the LTTE's last push.

Thanks Dw

lankanews said...

fake DW has lot of strategies. lolz

perein said...

Weldone mate... fake DW having a bad day today... both events got caught behind... or more like a LBW after trying to cross :)

LKDOOD said...

the fake virus has come back

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Shay & Nemsis,

Thanks for validating my vague memory... about the CDL's work...and for the additional info provided.

For me mate any gun boat is Dvora...on a lighter note ....hell if Ikka Athas can make mistakes, well then I sure can too...LOL....

I have always been a proponent of local solutions to local problems concept.....and I'm really happy to hear the recent strides made by SLN in developing these crafts...

I only hope SLAF too will make similar efforts. I'm not talking about big stuff like fighters and bombers....but at least UAVs.

Well if I'm not mistaken, Israelis were the first to build and operate UAV's in real combat...that's a samll country too. And the US took it from there...now we have the Predetors that are expected to make the manned flights redundent.

If only we can break the self imposed mental barriers.

Like I said, its good to sea these developments....

Cheers all.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

umbalataaaaa SUCK-WITHI saranaaaiii!

ammapaaa!..punnakkunam any time any where any amount!!

....this buggers don`t even know where ki-chi is yet happy to "nakadeepusee" ¬¬!!

this suck-withi and edwin ariyadasa may be found in mulathvee if tried harder!!

Apino Dannachess said...

See what Robvert Blake has to say.......

>>>>>Sept 24 (CP) Colombo- Abductions and extra-judicial killings and other security challenges must end in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka to attract private sector investments to develop the region, the U.S. Ambassador Robert Blake said..........>>>>

OK OK, I suppose we are to follow what US forces are doing in Pakistani border regions....do "surgical strikes" using "Precision weapons" to eliminate "possible" targets and kill many civilians too....and call them "Collateral Damage"....soon followed up by a investigation, apologies and compensation.

Ane Ampaaa...we have to listen to this stuff ne....cost of Satellite Intel and deep Sea refueling for blue water ops I guess.

Widana said...

I am going to Kilinochi, we are helping to move Kilinochi so that you buggers will never reach it.

true srilankan said...

Honda wede Mekata......
Bahu's visa to Canada rejected

IntelAttack said...

Fake DW,
Thanks for the update!

Oh! By the way, Watch your back! ;)

Widana said...

me, umbala dekkada fake DW karayata ingrisi spelling bari hati? assassinrajive ge lede utath thiyenne.

Apino Dannachess said...

He he he TrueSriLankan , cannot agree more....Pissu haraka...A.J.Ranasinghe types...

By the way do I smell Thalathel Sudulunu mix??? Looks like somebody is here after saambaru treat.....

Apino Dannachess said...

Gentleman, what has happened to TamilNut.....Hulang Bahala wagei....

Like somebody said earlier, may be their Goebbels Brigade was badly hit by the air raids...

No action photos and now they are resorting to Tamil Cultural/ Linguistic programs to fill up the gaps...

Some of the Thalathell & Sudulunu Brigade guys masquerading here can go and lend some helping hand....to keep the muck flowing....

IntelAttack said...

(a) engaging in an act of espionage or an act of subversion against a democratic government, institution or process as they are
understood in Canada;

(b) engaging in or instigating the subversion by force of any government;

(c) engaging in terrorism;

(d) being a danger to the security of Canada;

(e) engaging in acts of violence that would or might endanger the lives or safety of persons in Canada;


(f) being a member of an organization that there are reasonable grounds to believe engages, has engaged or will engage in acts referred to in paragraph (a), (b) or (c).

Not only Bahu, but also all other maniacs who support terrorism should be treated like this.

Do we have such kind of strong law for Supporters of Terrorism in SL?

Widana said...

ammapaaa apino, umba matada kiwwe?
prabha uncle indala hitala mata thel ganawa thamai, habai sudulunu? umba hari kinky porak thamai.

Corey said...

Brilliant speech by the SL President at the UN:


Oh, by the way, for those who did not see this, let me include this one last time:

What is Really Happening in Sri Lanka Today?
A blood-thirsty racist group led by a group of Tamils called the LTTE is terrorizing against the Government of Sri Lanka and its people, irrespective of their ethnicity, with a purported intention of carving out a separate state that they can ‘govern’ according to their whims.
The truth is there is no conflict as such between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community (which consists of 18% of the total population), live in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese (74%) and the Muslims (7%) throughout the country, apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka.
The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population that used to live in the Northern areas for centuries were either killed or chased away by the LTTE. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is able to live freely in Jaffna due to the fear of being killed in one of the ever-frequent ‘ethnic cleansing’ rampages by these terrorists.
However, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo in peace with the other communities. Based on 2001 census, the Tamil population in Colombo district is 12.1% (see 2001 census).
So, who is discriminated? The Tamils, or, the Sinhalese? Do you need more evidence?

Sri Lanka:
According to the 2001 census ( http://www.statistics.gov.lk/index.asp ):
• Population: 19.7 million
• Sinhalese population: 74%
o Sri Lankan Tamils (not including the Northern Province): 4.3%
o Indian Tamils (not including the Northern Province): 5.1%
• Estimated total Tamil population (including the Northern Province): 18%
• Muslim (Moor and Malay) population: 7.0%
• Others (Burgher etc.): 1%
• Sinhalese and Muslims currently living in the Northern Province: 0%
• Tamil population living in the South: 12.1%

Kithul said...

fake DW has a lot of strategies and a lot of typos

true srilankan said...

Sri Lanka tells U.N. won't be hostage to terrorism

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, i think part of your comment (or something similar) should be included in documents to the IC in place of BBC's/AFP's/Reuters, etc, classic ending phrase (.....over 70,000 died ....)

"What is Really Happening in Sri Lanka Today?
A blood-thirsty racist group led by a group of Tamils called the LTTE is terrorizing against the Government of Sri Lanka and its people, irrespective of their ethnicity, with a purported intention of carving out a separate state that they can ‘govern’ according to their whims.
The truth is there is no conflict as such between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka."

John D said...

What ever happend to Swarnam, who almost got killed in the East? Wasn't he in the Wanni too recently?

Prasanna D said...

have a look at this....

this is what we all r talking abt baby.... awsome stuff from sl army

Prasanna D said...

have a look at this....

this is what we all r talking abt baby.... awsome stuff from sl army


Can this war be a well calculated withdrawal plan from LTTE side. That mean LTTE withdraw, while we are attacking, until we finish our money in our government treasury? Because even if government can corner the LTTE, they can still hide themselves among civilians and escape. So they can buy time as much as they want..

It is going to be an interesting future... But at the end if north settle down to a provincial council unit like East. It is no matter who comes to power in Eastern or North those two chief ministers are going to be the government most loyal ministers. That is given that weapon used by ltte would still hang around every corner of these two provinces..

Just the my view point :-)

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