Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Special Forces does it again

The details of a pretty elaborate plan to take-out the Radar by the LTTE has come to light thanks to a team of vigilant Sri Lanka Army Special Forces. The plan had three components. The first was a ground infiltration followed by Artillery fire topped-off by an aerial bombing by Zlin 143s to demoralize troops.

The first plan to infiltrate the SLAF base was given to a team of 12 Black Tigers who were to infiltrate the Army line from the side of the Irattaperiyakulam Jungle. Once the team breached the Army line, they were to move stealthily across to the SLAF base dressed as SLAF personnel. Then the signal was to be given to fire artillery and the planes would take off from an undisclosed location in Mulaithivu.

By the time the planes reach Vavuniya, all eyes will be on them and the Black Tigers would have plenty of time to destroy the radar station before the air-raid was over, thus effectively destroying the capability to detect any flying intruders from Mannar to Weli Oya.

Unfortunately for the LTTE a Team of Special Forces were on to it. The team detected the LTTE intrusion but remained calm, observing their every move. The Special Forces allowed the Tigers to creep in through the SLA defence-line but gradually encircled them without their knowledge. Once the intrusion went ahead unchallenged, the Tigers had called in the Zlins and the operation was on.

Unfortunately, the operation was over as soon as it had started. The Special Forces swung into action at the most opportune time killing all 12 members of the team but the Artillery fire had killed 12 soldiers from the regular forces and one member of the police and injured a few airmen.

The elaborate plan to fire artillery soon fell into disarray. 80 shells were fired by Tigers from inside the jungles but the WLR systems homed in on the battery destroying at least one canon.

Further pleasant news awaited the Security Forces. The Radar system was still in tact. Contrary to initial reports, the Radar station was able to track the planes before they descended and an F-7 managed to down one with a single missile shot.


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Lankapura said...

Elakiri! Thanks DW.

Moshe Dyan said...

according to tamil sources SLAF has almost completely destroyed the puthukudurippu TOWN area @4:30 am following the tiger attack.

most affected is Parantan to Iranaipazhai junction.

sounds massive.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

yakoo!!mee DW Kiyana suranganaa kathaa..!!

hariyata meeka balan unnaa wagee!

Moshe Dyan said...

SLAF has carried out yet another raid this time in mulaitivu.

i love retaliation attacks but today seems to have the most VIOLENT of all SLAF attacks EVER.

well done SLAF. don't give them a breather.

perein said...

Thank you DW for that update.

This is like a film. Wow.. Look a the skills our SF has to watch those movements while terrorists trying to reach the target/s.
I bow you sirs. you are truly remarkable.

perein said...


i love retaliation attacks but today seems to have the most VIOLENT of all SLAF attacks EVER.

Let's get those going... Let those terrorists see the hell.

Unknown said...


You seems to be doing extra work today. This is called fashion rather than anything.

Unknown said...

These guys are our heros . Hopefully in time they will be recognized .

I liked the idea of renaming all the squares and streets named after donkey english governors after the real heros of Sri Lanka .

Unknown said...

Thank DW..

perein said...

Did we managed to get a clear picture where these Planes got air born or (remaining) got landed?

perein said...


You seems to be doing extra work today. This is called fashion rather than anything.

Pissu namee kellina eppa. While DW is here, let him get going...
If you remind the over-time, his family might ask for a loan with his extra pay :)

Pundeyeelam said...

What if we change defencive into offencive in Muhamali and Nagarkovil fronts ? I think it's time to move in, Then LTTE will have a huge manpower Problem.

Any Ideas ?

perein said...

Pundey Eelam-

Mate, theme is "we won't die for our land, let them die for their's"

Greg said...


Please correct the heading to "SPECIAL FORCES DO IT AGAIN"

"does it again" is gramatically wrong buddy. Just thought I would point this out....as lots of people read your site.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"Once the team breached the Army line, they were to move stealthily across to the SLAF base dressed as SLAF personnel"

Dead tigers are shown in full SLA dress; in addition half of them were females, so I dont think they could pass themselves off as regular personnel, at 3 am, with Torpedoes in tow?
From the circumstances it appears their main purpose was to walk in artillery--and for 80 shells to slam in bang on target( ie without civilian casualties in a built-up area)shows their prime purpose has been served.It appears in the confusion some of them would have hoped to rush in to high-value areas and complete the havoc--this part seems to have been foiled to an extent.
The story of letting in the Tigers and corralling them etc etc sounds too good to be true, in addition to being tactically naive( more like a movie script:)

Nevertheless it was only a partial success for the Tigers(or even a failure by black tiger measure). Perhaps they wanted to exert psychological pressure on SLDF by this action (ie attack at rear/home base)? Are they building up the tempo b4 ....or is it desperation?

chamal said...

Good to hear that the radar is still intact, and also the timely and intelligent actions of the SF team that 'saved the day'. Defencewire, has any UAV footage been taken of the crash site?

SL RealEstate said...

VP with Black Tigers

Mohammed Zubair said...

New article in Tamilnut:


They are making it seem like a total success, and idiots like Shyam, Sharp etc. are buying it.

Continous air raids today, keep it up.

PHANTOM-X said...

after hearing that one of their takaran plane got hit, one hardcore LTTE sympathiser said

"shit hit the fan"

Ha Ha Ha.....

lankaputhra said...

I hoped this is the true picture see these pictures they all over place in Vavniya.


IntelAttack said...


For SL Guys - [http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.tamilnet.com/img/publish/2008/09/09-09-08_700_71655_445.jpg]

The picture is an edited one.

- 3rd man (top row) from right face is a clear example of (BAD) face copying from another pic.

- The background of the picture is a default pattern comes with photoshop.

- The whole picture is dark. This means it has been hard to balance all skin colors to a single picture.

- The picture size is so small and ridiculous to be published as a team photo.

So this concludes;

- Either Prabha is not in SL.
- Or Noone allows to photograph/ meet prabha anymore. (Atleast the Black tiger crew who's doing the greatest work of all time for Tamil Eelam.)
- Or they had nothing to show to the Di-Ass-Pora and created a pic on the fly with lot of errors and put in the article.

The whole operation was a massive destruction!

chamal said...


"Dead tigers are shown in full SLA dress; in addition half of them were females, so I dont think they could pass themselves off as regular personnel, at 3 am, with Torpedoes in tow?"

They seem to be dressed similar to SF or commandos, and such weapons will not be unusual with them. Since SF teams seem to have been in the area (maybe for security purposes), and it was the SF HQ for Vanni I don't think many suspicions would have been aroused, especially in the dark.


""does it again" is gramatically wrong buddy. Just thought I would point this out....as lots of people read your site."

Not really, as in this context it is taken as the SF regiment and not 'special forces soldiers'

Lankapura said...

Who killed the cow? Black Tiger or Flying Tiger?
Not funny but ROTFL.

Lankapura said...

chamal, I also thought Special Forces can be used as a collective noun :-)

Shyam said...


Mentioned 12 tigers have sneaked in to the base and the SLPF have watched every movement of the tigers...... Are they waited till the LTTE call for air support and destroy the RADAR 2 aircrafs and the ammunition dumb .. .

how 12 black tigers came in to action VP sent only 10 ..who are the other two ..Ranil and Wikramapahu Karunaratne...?

what happened to ur UAV's video footage ...they can easily video te crash site but they never do coz there wasn't any as you and defence.lk says....

A funny little thing the defence.lk claims that a innocent cow have died due to LTTE arti fire and express their condemn on this attack ..but these guys kills innocent people....

Maverick said...

Bravo SF and all defence forces. Good tactics, let them come in and get them all. But need to keep changing tactics. Keep vigilance always, as next time we may not be lucky.

DW, thanks for the update. Any news about the bunch of rats who infiltrated Padaviya area towards end of last month. Did we manage to track down the rest of the lot, who SF managed to hammer out initially. Or are they still at large?

Defencewire said...

Tamilnet's biggest lie todate! No photos of the pilots.

Greg said...

From the Tamilnet pic...

in the back row, fourth from the left - TOTAL FAKE. The dude's head has been pasted on!

in the back row, fifth from the left - The woman's head has been pasted on.

cud these two be the dead ones?

perein said...

I think you are on the wrong blog.
Why do not ask terrorists the remaining 2 bodies while our forces provided the 10.
Related to the flying tins... Ask your buddies to give some pictures all the way from jungle...

As for now, go and try to find the lost ball of yours. That could help your next generation.

Sinhalaya said...

Thanks DW

Defencewire said...

Yes the attack team could be 10 but what about the scouts? How come the SLA found 11 bodies then?

Mohammed Zubair said...

Shyam, our cows are more valuable than your LTTE pigs, that's why we are condemning it.

PS, why not publish pictures of the aircrafts landing safely to prove that both DN&DW and the entire world is lying?

Greg said...

hi chamal,

have to disagree with you mate.


'Russian forces' do it again is gramatically correct.

'Russian forces does it again' is gramatically incorrect.

'Special forces do it again' is gramatically correct

'Special forces does it again' is grammatically incorrect

If you say the sentences out aloud you should be able to pick out the erroneous ones.

Jambudipa said...

- 3rd man (top row) from right face is a clear example of (BAD) face copying from another pic.

Here's a close up


The face pasted from somewhere else. Its a cut-n-paste.

Greg said...

again the tamilnet pic... if the uniforms are supposed to be the same, why are their variations of shade?

Defencewire said...

We are not sure if the F-7 has an onboard camera although we initially received some news that it may have been possible. The entire mission was radar guided, not UAV guided so the chances are the UAVs weren't around at the time. Anyway, UAV's are good at attack footage taken on static targets. I doubt whether they can chase a UAV and an F-7 and observe an air-to-air engagement.

Lankapura said...

greg, off-topic BUT:
Special Forces is not the same as Special forces. Subtle difference mate. It sounds wrong, but I think it is correct. Like if you say Hogan's Heroes does it.
If it helps, SF does it again sounds right.
Anyway, not the time for bickering :-D

Jambudipa said...

why are their variations of shade?

As intelattack pointed out, the funky background also seems fake. They have tried to make the entire photo dark thus hiding different shades of various bits of images. They have also passed it though a Photoshop contrast filter to make it darker.

Bhairav said...

[The team detected the LTTE intrusion but remained calm, observing their every move. The Special Forces allowed the Tigers to creep in through the SLA defence-line but gradually encircled them without their knowledge.]

SLA is known for spraying bullets all over the place in panic when they face any suspicious object, so you really think that they allowed the black tiger build up for eventual annihilation? As STD said, it's too good to be true.

One thing is for sure that it's a failed mission from LTTE's perspective since the proportion of black tigers used here haven't inflicted any significant damages on enemy forces.

Some news say Indian forces are stationed in key SLA installations.

chamal said...


I was thinking about footage of the crash site from UAV's, not about footage of the attack. No doubt that is impossible without a camera on the fighter itself or from the ground.


"'Russian forces does it again' is gramatically incorrect."

Right. But here, 'special forces' is 1 regiment (in other words, same as Special forces regiment - NOT the same as 'Russian forces'). In that sense it is OK. But who cares, we are not here to discuss grammar ;)

chamal said...


Do you really think that a highly trained SF soldier who can wait patiently for hours or even days waiting for his target and the right time inside enemy territory, can't wait a few minutes to observe and lay out a proper attack? We are talking about SF here, not Makkal padai

Greg said...

I'm sorry guys "special forces does it again" is so gramatically wrong to be funny as in if international English journalists saw it they would smirk. I would certainly not hand that in to a uni professor or high school teacher! The only reason I suggested the change is because defencewire is widely read and I wouldn't want the post to sound like it was written by someone who hasn't learnt English properly. If it is one regiment, chamal, then there is no doubt that "special forces do it again" is the grammatically correct wording. 'DO' is used as the first person plural.

Why not just change it to "SPECIAL FORCES STRIKE AGAIN"

And no, "special forces strikeS again" (with the s at the end of strike) would NOT be grammatical :)

Defencewire said...

We don't yet have conclusive evidence that a UAV was sent to survey the crash site. SLAF guys were jubilating when I rang them up. Its their first A-to-A attack you see.

About the SF,

I have no words to explain how people can be intelligent and unintelligent at the same time sometimes.

Special Forces are the epitome of patience. I wish i could take you guys out for a SF field lunch sometimes, then u will see for yourselves!

Greg said...

I cannot believe the shoddy job the LTTE photoshoppers did with the man in the back row. What an amatuerish attempt!

Is there a translation of the SLAF pilot's interview? I think the SLAF needs to come up with some sort of proof that it shot the plane down. Not that I doubt they didn't, but because the LTTE is going to town claiming that it was a total success.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...


Thanks DefenceWire...

I had good sleep, thats why i'm bit late...

SLA, SF, SLAF... way we go....

GOD Bless you all...and We always love you ... no matter win or loose..

you loose = nation loose
you win = nation win

I can't thank enough.. MR, GR, SF we love you!!!!

Ela..Ela Elama kiri...

Greg said...

defencewire, was the pilot 100% sure he shot down the plane? Not to second guess him or anything but did he see it blow up and fall out of the sky? Is he able to at least reveal the coordinates/location where he shot the plane?

Defencewire said...


We are not international journalists or university or high school students. People come here for accurate, unbiased information. besides, there is a poetic license for us to give any heading we want. As long as the English is readable and the content comprehensible, we are not concerned about the language on a 5-word headline.

Lankapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Defencewire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lankapura said...

greg, give it a rest mate.
Does 'United States goes to war' sound incorrect to you?
You keep saying 'special forces' - check the DW post, it is Special Forces. Proper noun, one unit.

Defencewire said...

Yes of course. They radioed it in immediately. The F-7 missiles are not very large ones but the pilots confirm seeing a fire. immediately afterwards the plane started losing altitude. This was observed by the radar operators as well. The jet pilots are unable to pin point where it went down. radars can't cover the descent after a certain altitude. So we have a proximate guess where it crashed and it is well ahead of the Mulaitivu FDL. The area is full of thick jungle. It is unlikely that a small plane like a Zlin would flatten a large jungle patch or burn bright for hours. So it will be tricky to quickly find the crash site. Let's wait and see what SLAF has of the incident. But take my word. They don't need any proof.

Greg said...

Sure defencewire, if you want to sound like an uneducated git, please go ahead as it is your blog afterall. I'll keep my mouth shut the next time you make fantastical errors that actually detract from the content of the post and pretend not to care when others (non Sri Lankans) laugh when they are posted in other forums. Lots of people have commented on how amatuerish the reports at the army and defence.lk websites are, with a wish that they would improve their writing to acceptable standards... so I don't think this concern about the standard of writing is unique to me.

Yes lankapura "Special Forces" is a noun but it is a PLURAL NOUN. Thus "Special Forces does it again" is grammatically wrong.

But yeah, back to the war.

Greg said...

Thanks defencewire for that info! Appreciate it. I needed that to take on some of the Tamil dieASSpora nationalists at some forum online who have been hooting and running amok with no control claiming that no plane was shot down lol :) I think the SLAF do deserve to celebrate over their victory because as someone said it is the first time since WWII that SLAF (okay SLAF wasn't around then but the island's airforce) had air-to-air 'combat'. I'm pretty sure the pilot's name is classified? But hope it will come out in the future once the war is over so that he can be celebrated! Maybe we can name our airport after him instead of having the Bandaranaike clan name greeting folks arriving at our fair island.

Achi said...

[I'm sorry guys "special forces does it again" is so gramatically wrong to be funny as in if international English journalists saw it they would smirk.]

Fuck off the English who cares about the grammer we need only the meaning.

Greg said...

The Indians have picked up on the news that two of their nationals have been wounded:


From the article:

"Two Indian technicians, who are here in Sri Lanka for some time for routine servicing and maintenance of radars, have suffered injuries during the Tuesday attack on the Vavuniya military base," Indian High Commission spokesperson Dinkar Asthana told IANS on phone.

Asthana said the wounded Indian technicians were now undergoing medical treatment in one of Sri Lanka's leading hospitals.

Other sources said that their injuries "are not life threatening ones".


I'm guessing they are not just technicians, but actively involved in examining how the Indian product is working?

BlackPanther said...

Guys stop celebrations enough. This is going to be LTTE stratergy until it dies off. It will go after high profile targets to inflict max damage.

Probable targets.

Ratmalana SLAF base
Katunayaka Base.
Oil refinary
etc etc. keep guessing and BE READY.

cb90 said...


Thanks for the good new DW.

Could you please tell us whether
F-7Gs of 5th Jet Sq has the Night vision capability for such an air 2 air attack in the dark? If so,Is it built in to the helpmets they (pilots) wear or a screen in F-7Gs?

I initially thought, the purpose of MIG-29 deal (which due end of this year) is to full fill the night vision capability we dont posses.


Achi said...

I have a doubt.Did they manage to land other aircraft somewhere on the way?May be on to a some road.And later they might have tken it off after F7s flew away.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mulathiev TARZEN said...

..haara modak..sorry mate i mean

DW dw dw dw dw dw dw,

why can't slaf send a uav to crash sit in mulathive and send us a video footage?

or can sl-af produce a voice footage of the fighter pilot who shot the tin?

Unknown said...

Greg ..

I hope u understand people dont come here or for that matter to the web for english grammer lessons . They come here for good accurate information as accurate as they can get , and form my surfing DW is the best . So unless there is uneducated babble keep ya grammer to ya self . please .

While It can be argued in the context of the Sri Lankan SF it is a single entity and therefore singular is appropriate . but it is a redundant argument .

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..kiyannakoo ath-tha anee , ai da inne thawama balaa??

who`s coming with me to mulathive jungle??..

..ath-tha wagee boru kiyanna koo!!

u shoot one, and don`t see where other 2 landed?

Greg said...

Hi ali, please do share your preaching with the countless others who have, at this blog itself, pointed out the shortcomings of defence.lk and army.lk

Special Forces is a plural noun. It would be a singular noun if it were Special Force. Do they not teach grammar at Sri Lankan schools anymore?

assasinrajive, I see you escaped from the zoo again? What's the matter? The zoo keepers didn't feed you the pigs trotters they usually do?

Unknown said...

assainrajiv ..

ombey mole honda nathda ? onnang nattath ussang palayan Mulathiw walata .

mulathiev TARZEN said...

...boru ahanda aaasaai!
...kiyanna kenek naddoooooo?

dakka wagee boru kiyannakoo>?

so who`s coming to mulathive jungle with me? do not forget to bring your camera!!

Unknown said...

Greg ..

Take your eskole mahattays katha to the last century dude , there are better things to do than your grammer crap .

Achi said...

Hey Greg r u a retired English teacher ?

TamilskillTamils said...

Tamilnut says 10 black tigers died …if SLF found 11 dead bodies …Tamilnut is definitely lying on their dead carders who were killed for their dreamed eelam…so whatever Tamilnut says has no gravity to be believed.
Also many of them Tamil girls? why? That because they are easy to be brainwashed or they have no option but to become black tiger carder as they can’t get married, looking at these girls you can assume that really suffering too much with their appearance as well as culture (Dowry matters) (may be common to many Sri Lankan women) and having problem with finding partners…so the other side of the story is to see how to find suitable partners for these girls in Vanni… (these vanni girls really need to enjoy their life even though they too ugly to marry and now they are frustrated bcos they have no sex only Vanni after all)
Ok, people who believe tamilnut should expect more attacks from Tigers as we have no radar system in Vanni…people who believe DW or DN can enjoy, .. well yes finally good job done by SAF…

mulathiev TARZEN said...


thanks! some tin can drop some left over bomb at zoo, so doors were open, so i got out! any probs?
in a zoo animals are well protected! the prob is are u lot portected from above??

btw who`s coming to mulathive with me?

Srilankan said...

The piot saw the LTTE plane burning..Did the missile not blow the plane up..And bro please please adjust that single word O.K.I am sure it was a simple typing mistake that went unnoticed.These LTTE buffoons in thaamil net pride theirselves on their standard of "english".why should we be 2nd best to these LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons.Their time to have "fun" is just starting both in SLanka and overseas..

mulathiev TARZEN said...


ath-thawagee boru kiyamu malee!
send some uav to mulathivee!
or come with me to jungle!

Srilankan said...

theirselves=themselves sorry:):)

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..yakoo, api prashnayak ahawwoth umbalata thadawenawaa needa?

..api q-woth boru! mung q-woth ath-thaa!
some body pls come with me to the jungle!!

Widana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Widana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Widana said...

Time to learn some English for yourself and shut up.
Proper nouns like Special Forces and United States as someone said before, can be used with singular and plural verbs.
Please read this for your own education:

perein said...

Give some break to Greg. I do not think he has worked on bad way at all.

We have to deal with the terror. Let's work on the terror while leaving those minor issues.

PHANTOM-X said...

Hmmmmm...He knows that his days are numbered...He knows that the death is not far away...first he tries everything he can to hold off...but when everything he does become failures...His mind becomes uncontrollable...sweat will start to pour...becomes an insomniac...He will start to ignore his closest associates...His normal calm head will give up...He will scream in rage...Horrible dreams starts haunting...this stage he will even hit his beloved wife madhi...His body guards get body blows whenever they come in contact with thalaivar...His body guards and associates try to escort him from one safe house to another...but for no avail...He sees bodies everywhere...He smells death...waving from a far...coming towards him slowly...everything becomes slowmotion...His associates meets death and he becomes isolated...The man who terrorized millions is seeing his final daylight...He is weak, The man without a face is here to meet him...excruciating pain wraps him...He gets to see all the Horrible things he did when he was alive...it...(oops, (he) tries to eat his capsule but soon he gets to know that his arms and his feet are unmovable...He is alone...shivering...Suddenly a stray dog comes running...It urinates on its face...ooooh oooooh ooooooh he breaths for the one last time before he rots in hell...The dog turn again and does the same thing again...that is urinate on thalaivars dead face.

Achi said...

Master you are bad.You chased away a valuable guy like Greg.I don't think he will come back to this blog again ;)

PHANTOM-X said...



Thambapanniya said...

er DW,

you said 12 LTTE? Defence.lk says 10 LTTE.
which is which i expect defence.lk to exaggerate but not u?

+ is there are any video footage/pictures anything? any satellite images im sure there must be something we can actually see... because as some one pointed out

this is still same as LTTE shooting a Mig down?

PHANTOM-X said...

ADO ASS-IS-IN-RAJIVE...machan andanne nethuwa hitapan ko...oya oya aaye andanawa...

oooi ASS-IS-IN-RAJIVE... hari hari api umbawa wishwaasa karanawa kiyala nikan aathal ekatath ekka hitha ganin ko...api DW boru wishwaasa karanne na...umba kiyana dewal eetawada credibility eken wadee ne neda...aaka hinda api umbawa wishwaasa karanawa...

Defencewire said...


Why then is army.lk saying they recovered 11?


Theraputtha said...

LTTE is taking multiple photos of their units participating on attacks. each photo taken has different number of members. once they found how many dead, they published the photo with that number and edit faces with those who were killed.

Kithul said...



has images of 8 dead cadres

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..dakkaa wagee,
api kiyamu boruuu!
...api "donky" wagee,
ahamu boruuu!

UAV. ekak aralaa vedio koranna koo,wattapu tin can ekaa!

yaman bando tin-can balandaa,
ganin bara baage badinnaa,
mulathivee kalee wesak balandaa,

mooda harak, umbalata boru kiyanawaanam, wata welaa ahang indee! kandath epaa rendath epaa!!

Unknown said...

ass rajiv

umba danna deyak thiyenawanm kiapan nathnam katai pukai wahagena hitapan booruwa

Ruwani said...

Look what is happening in the East. Without much blabbering and boasting here, tell us how come 4 more soldiers have been ambushed. Looks like the Tigers are increasing hostilities in the East.

I know seeing my comment there will be many fools here baying for my blood. But you fools, don't you at least now realize that the east would have been 100% liberated if we killed every stinking Eelamist on sight.

Don't think so huh? yeah, wait for more attacks or god forbid Tigers taking the East again for the numb nuts here to realize that setting fire to every eelamist on a Kelani Radial is the only solution to this conflict.

Achi said...

Guys did you try to compare Tamilnut group photo with dead bodies.All the guys in the TN photo are dark.But there is a fair guy(1st pic in Defence.lk) almost same as the sungoat's color.I think this also another poor photoshop shot as their safely returned tincans.

PHANTOM-X said...


ASS-IS-IN-RAJIVE is the one who's telling the truth...!!! This donkey is a very reliable...It is NOT the official mouth piece of the LTTE...!!! so guys dont hesitate to believe this Honking donkey...!!!

get a life pal...!!!

TamilskillTamils said...

thanks DW again,

I trust you now as never before...

TamilskillTamils said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PHANTOM-X said...


This Ass-IS-IN-RAJIVE bugger is the Vesapillai Ponnakaran's official joker...!!! and he is a hired blogger working for Vesa..let him Honk...

Malin said...


How do you differenciate between a elamist and normal tamil?

(Please mind mt spelling)

Lankapura said...

lankanews, thanks for the video link.

booru-rajiv, radar eka dakkada?

Thanks for the link Master - are you a Tuition Master :-) Greg - truce, let's move on.

Rover said...

"why can't slaf send a uav to crash sit in mulathive and send us a video footage?"

Finding crash sites for even larger aricrafts is difficult. And sometimes it takes a couple of days, to find crash sites of even passenger planes.

If the TAF plane crashed into a forest with hardwood trees, even if the missile strike did not totally disintegrate the plane, it would have been sheared into smaller pieces.

If there was a canopy, it would be fairly hard to see through it.

Lot of locals still practice slash and burn agriculture, and it would be a bit hard to distinguish between this and the plane crash site, if the plane totally disintegrated.

However, there is a fair chance that a UAV might pick up the crash site, if the LTTE does not obscure the telltale signs of a crash, given that we have the proximate coordinates of the site.

The best chance we had was to send a UAV early last morning with thermal imaging capabilities to scan the crash area, when the plane would have been still burning, and the heat signature would have been prominent against the cold forest at night background.

I don't think the F-7s have onboard video capabilities, unless they retrofitted a video camera.

No need to ridicule and gang up on Greg, he was trying to show something that he thought should be amended to improve the quality of the output (there is always room for improvement). Respect what DW and Greg has to say, and leave it at that.

TamilskillTamils said...

here the best joke forever!

from Tamilnut...
Mission on Vanni SF HQ successful, Tiger aircrafts safe - LTTE
[TamilNet, Tuesday, 09 September 2008, 13:24 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) has claimed that their Black Tigers destroyed the Radar installation inside Sri Lankan military's Vanni headquarters at 3:05 a.m. on 09 September, Tuesday. Thereafter, Tamileelam Air Force (TAF) aircrafts and Col. Kittu Artillery formation targeted the Sri Lankan Vanni HQ with the coordination of the Black Tigers, successfully carrying out the operation, the Tigers said, adding that the LTTE aircrafts safely returned to their bases after completing their mission. The communication facility with its tower, engineering facility, anti-aircraft weapon and the ammunition store at the Sri Lankan base were completely destroyed, the LTTE said.

hoo hoo

mulathiev TARZEN said...

...kohomath oya tin-can`s land koranne mulathivee kaleema thamai!

"landing site" eka hoyaa ganna bari eung kohomada "crach site" ekak hoyaa gannee .. needa moda-harak!!

umbalata salakanna thawa thawaath "mervin silva" laama bihiwenna oonaa!!

tata said...

There's only one way to find the truth regard to what happened.
Wait and see for two weeks.
If tin cans take to flight during the next two weeks in the areas covered by this radar in question, then I'll be a believer of T.Nut.
If not, it further proves what we knew all along.

Rover said...


What could you see in a SF field lunch?


mulathiev TARZEN said...


haada morak! sorry i mean mooda harak!

umbalage durwala kamak pennalaa dena ung-ta umbalaa salakanne mehemada!
"long live mervin silva and sons"

next time this tin cans will land in katunayaka , refuel and fly back to mulathive!

Apino Dannachess said...

As usual thanks Rover for explanatory commentary. Agreed that we need not gang up on Greg. He meant it well, when he requested the change. Sad to see some people cannot take constructive criticism well.....

DW, thanks once again for the update.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..hanna porak..!!sorry i mean "p... harak"..!!

this is how u have already killed piribha several times in/by your trusted media..! no..!

this is also a beginning of that kind killing/shooting down tiger tin cans!!

one down! i am sure your media will certainly shoot down more tiger tin cans than ltte actually possessing!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..haada morak..eat "piduru" well!
..kiyamuda boru ath-tha wagee!
..apita kanda epaa bonda epaa pacha-my oonee!

..who is brave enough here to come with me on a expedition, to search for a tin can in a jungle!


Apino Dannachess said...

This goes out to all intelligent people,

Do please ignore the rants and rumblings of the Diaspora Pinocchio's whose names are not worth mentioning. Do otherwise and you will play unto their hands.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..BYE for now boys..!!

i will be back! asthala visthaa!!

to tease u all like kids!!

untill then keep crying!!

Apino Dannachess said...

Breaking News
By the way, SLDF have finally identified the MOST POWERFUL HIGHLY EFFECTIVE gravity bomb used by POWERRRRFUL Zlins

Product Name: D2TE1 ( Drop 2, To Explode 1)
Manufacturer: ESMI (Eelam Scrap Metal Industries)
Guidance System: Gravity & Wind
Source: Pinocchio De Eelam

Achi said...


Guys take your time to sign the petition


Rover said...

Hey Apino,

Sure, you are welcome.

"Sad to see some people cannot take constructive criticism well....."

Asians are really bad at this (something we need to improve on). One time, a guy I knew burst out crying when he got comments from his academic adviser on a research paper he was writing. He still maintains a grudge against his adviser, just for that forthright criticism, that ultimately helped him to improve his paper.

Earlier, I was trying to talk to some of these morons, and I found that I was thinking like them after talking to them for sometime. So I now don't talk to people who sound like morons. So your advise on ignoring the "you know whos" is a good one.

mulathiev TARZEN said...


umbal maha loku weerayo!
..join me expediton mulathivee!!

kiyamuda thawa boru tikak ath-thawagee!!

...u have killed piribha several times now,
....this is the first time u shot tin can dawn by media,
...brave boys! more shoots and dawns are to come to u by u r media!

amma-paa! umbalata "MERVIN" saranaai?

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi There Rover,

Glad you too see it that way. What happened to Greg is like "Wandinna Giya Dewale Ihe Kadang Watuna Wagei"

Or to put it like Dinggi Mahathaya of Kopi Kade fame, " Wandinna Giya Dewale Whala Kadang Waticha Minihata Gona Anna Wagei"....

Its 3.54 AM here and time to hit the bed....have to get up early....

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi There Rover,

Glad you too see it that way. What happened to Greg is like "Wandinna Giya Dewale Ihe Kadang Watuna Wagei"

Or to put it like Dinggi Mahathaya of Kopi Kade fame, " Wandinna Giya Dewale Whala Kadang Waticha Minihata Gona Anna Wagei"....

Its 3.54 AM here and time to hit the bed....have to get up early....

perein said...

Apino / Rover-
Fully agreed guys. Just cannot believe the way reaction towards to Greg.

Mate, I think please join us with some contribution towards the blog when possible.

Lion777 said...

You are right.

Best thing is to ignore these stupid comments. Why don't we restrict this site purely for Defense News?

Thanks DW. You are doing great...

Achilles said...

Security Forces crush major terror attack at Vavunia
Wanni Operation 09 th September 2008

Lion777 said...

Latest update :

Some operations were going on even this evening...

More than 12 have come for the attack and other group retreated, but trapped in surrounding area.

More news to follow ………..

Ruwani said...


Thanks. I signed the petition. Mine is signature #1744.


මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...


looking like lot and lots of LTTE pundaie getting cooked everwhere...

LTTE Dravida Punda kara-kuttann

news brefing

SL RealEstate said...

LTTE Artillery formation targets Vaviniya Air Base again

SL RealEstate said...

LTTE Artillery formation targets Vaviniya Air Base again

Jambudipa said...

DefWire why not fix the title? As Greg says, many refer to this site. You should embrace any advise on improving quality of your work.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

you mothr..cale bomba-blut..cloth..I gonna boom your a55..

nice english...

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Must Watch:Canadian Minister on Tamil Tigers/WTM Ban Part2

Moshe Dyan said...


from a tamil friend who has links to the red cross in SL. but I get the feeling he is getting SOME info from a tamil web page.

is there any way I can upload pics?


yes mate. thats the idea.

DETERRENCE is the key to tackle this type of attacks. prevention, mitigation, recovery are too risky and too late. retaliation is the best form of deterrence in today’s setting (where SLDFs have the upper hand).

however i must say ('cos some ppl JUMP to conclusions) that RETALIATION is not a kneejerk reaction. it is a carefully planned unemotional thing aimed at achieving an objective.

thiru said...

ltte has fired artillery at vuvuniya air base, details are still sketchy. On another note, if the SLA and defence.lk, defencenet, and defencewire are so keen on saying that the radar installation is still in tact then why doesn't ur government publish a picture of the radar installation showing it intact?

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Never seen pic of what’s happening in Wanni!


Aus said...

thiru said...

why doesn't ur government publish a picture of the radar installation showing it intact?

Yes Thiru, the MOD is going to publish pictures of the radar installation with it's technical specs and the GPS locations to it...

You stupid fu*k, what makes you think any government in the world would publish pictures of it's military hardware after a failed attack by the enemy?

Soo ...now LTTE will have to do the guessing game...have they still got it or not???

Send another tin-can that way and you will find out.

thiru said...

UNP says radar installations are totally destroyed, and Your PM says there are 155 SLA deaths and 983 injured for august! WOW, that's how much he admits which means the real number is significantly higher and when you count the deserters and the MIA, that's a pretty heavy modhaya toll

Thushanthi said...

'No need to ridicule and gang up on Greg, he was trying to show something that he thought should be amended to improve the quality of the output (there is always room for improvement). Respect what DW and Greg has to say, and leave it at that.'

Agree with you there!!!

chamal said...


"why doesn't ur government publish a picture of the radar installation showing it intact?"

Actually, the radar was shown on channel eye news at 9.00pm yesterday. And let me assure you, it is still intact and not in 4 pieces as you believe. What else do you have to say? Maybe you want to see the missile that hit the tin can to make sure it's real?

Moshe Dyan said...


check the following ROUGH calc. sorry for the distorition.

detection time 1 326
detection time 2 331
take-off time 2
Initial rate of climb 400m/min
take-off to detection time 0
bombed vavuniya camp 345

if bombed by the first plane, it has traveled (min) 21
it has travelled (km) 82
max speed 235km/hr

if bombed by the second plane, it has traveled (min) 16
it has travelled (km) 57
cruise speed 215km/hr

time SLAF shot down the crap 355
time for TAF crap to travel from vavuniya to mulaitivu jungles 10
distance travelled 37

remaining distance (min) from crash site 21
remaining distance (max) from crash site 46

F-7G min speed (km/h) 950
boeing777 average cruise speed 885km/h

F-7G max speed (km/h) 2100
distance from KAB to mulaitivu jungles (approx) km???? 300

minimum travel time 9
max travel time 19
take-off time and take-off clearence (minutes) 10

time from detection to shoot down 29

minimum delay (minutes) 0
max delay (minutes) 10

1. tiger landing strip may be 21km - 46km away from crash site. (assumption-radar and HIGHLY SKILLED personnel detected TAF planes upon ascend)

2. TAF landing strip is somewhere in mulaitivu area NOT iranamadu/A9
(only 1 bomb each was dropped; mighty hurry to get back; so used the FASTEST way)

3. SLAF lag time was from 0 minutes to 10 minutes which is acceptable (assumption - take off related time was 10 min)

suggestions for correction/refining are MOST welcome.

where can i find the detection times of previous TAF attacks?? i have attack times; moon rise/set times

Thambapanniya said...

DW pardon my reservation about the whole thing regards to figures even with figure of 11 1is still missing? This pose questions on where did it dissapear

Jambudipa said...


is there any way I can upload pics?


try - http://tinypic.com

Moshe Dyan said...



any suggestions abt my previous post?

sinhale said...

I want to add my two cents worth..
Special Forces though sounds like a plural is actually single. So Special Forces does it again is gramatically correct just like United States does it again. But who cares about these little things.. We Have bigger 'Kotiyas' to worry about

Unknown said...

I gather from two sources on the net who are Pro Goverment that one the pilot possibily locked on to the TAF plane and fired but whether the plane was taken out is not known. The other is that the plane was not taken out. I guess its hard to take out the Zlins as they have low heat signature. Hence when intial sources said it was shot by the gunfire, i had more confidence in that possibility.

I hope that there are people in the political circles who are not putting undure pressure on the Air Force. None of the guys want to fail.

KB said...

Dear Patriots,
Lets talk about more important things than wet dreams of ZTTE goons. How about the design of the kill flags for our fly boys jets. I think given that the death cult doesn't represent an actual country with a recognized flag, we should use an image of an ape or a monkey to represent a single air-to-air kill of a tin can. What say you?


Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I am suprised that the special forces did not react earlier. If they knew that the tigers were going to infiltrate, then they should have taken them far from the base and it would have saved at least 10 soldiers lives.

I do not think the Zlins came before Black Tigers had started attacking like in anuradhapura and definetly not to take out the radars. The fact is that the LTTE begin arti fire also shows that the Spotters were able to give a reasonable assement of the ground and coordinates. Hence I am actually disappointed with the special forces. If they had taken out the black tigers alot of things could have been prevented. Taking out the LTTE aircraft could always be done on a later date as they cause realitively less damge then the arti attack. Further they could have also put small teams ahead of the base to take out the LTTE mortars.

The weapons captured also are much like that of standard section weapons. The banglore torpedos are actually getting outdated for mine/obstacle clearing. They are just too nosiy and I guess the LTTE cadres were keeping it as a last resort if they were detected earlier.

In hindsight alot can be said and the armed forces did a better job then before. Putting the Army to protect the Air force looks to be a better solution.


The guerrillas had told the latter of the progress of their attack. It is only thereafter; some 45 minutes after their infiltration, that two Czech built Zlin Z-143 aircraft of the LTTE flew in to drop two to three bombs.

Jambudipa said...

tiger landing strip may be 21km - 46km away from crash site.

From your calculations, both had flown between 16-21km. So the upper end of the range must be somewhere closer to 21 km. This means they took off from somewhere within that range from Vavunia. Somewhere around Pulliakulam perhaps.

I think they randomly pick a stretch of road somewhere and take off. This means we can only hit it after its airborne and just a few mins after landing. They also want the be flying the least amount of time. They must be taking off somewhere closer to their side of the FDL and shortest range to the intended target. This is why they seem to have taken off from Puthukudurippu for Trinco and from Pulliakulam to attack Vavunia.

Unknown said...

Few interesting points,
*This attack on Vavuniya air base is the biggest such attempt by LTTE since their successful seige on the Anuradhapura Air Base last year.
*The bomblast in Pettah previous night seems to be a deviationary tactic.
*This attack targeted the main comand & coordination centre of the present Vanni offensive.
*this has some resmblance to the attacks carried out by LTTE which dismantled the Jayasikuru operation.
*We can safely assume that LTTE planned a strong attack on advancing forces in Vanni subsequent to this had it been successful.
*Clearly the SLDF were victorious in this incident.Therefor they deserve a lot to be written about them and their bravery.
*However they(SLDF) will not get even half of what they deserve(Praise) where as they would have been humiliated and insulted had LTTE been successful in this attack mainly by the journalists like Iqbal Athas and polititians like Ranil and Laxman Kirialla
*Army by successfully repulsing this attack has also denied Iqbal Athas of opportunity to critisise SLDF for the next 6 months.

TropicalStorm said...

tamil"thwart"nut is busy inventing happy medicine for the manic depressive diaspora with erectile dysfunction.

deborak said...


Thanks for the info. As everybody says I guess anyhow we will have to have some of the footage regarding the debris of tiger planes. However if you do not mind I wish to bring to your notice what Greg was trying to say. He said it in a "GOOD HEART" and in fact most of the readers do read your blog. If none reads your blog no point of maintaining this blog. Then I guess you have to appreciate that on of your customers has given you an advice see that how you shoukd respond it. Your response was bit aggressive to me. (ONLY to ME). Also I am working in a foriegn company out of my dear beloved country, and I know the value of presenting things grammatically correctly. People will start recognizing your ability as well as your reputation will rise too. They will come to you for news. I see some bloggers are shitting this valuable blog with unnecessary comments. Very specially the people who are dreaming of an eelam. This too affects the level of the blog. Finally a very sincere request, to all the peace loving patriotic Sri Lankans, please stop using foul language as that shows our level.
This is only a request a very sincere request.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Moshe, you have amazing math skill, my math knowledge is null compare to yours.

But here is an idea...

I don’t think those TinCan pilots have the entire lighting, signal posts, marked runways LSI computer landing system install at ltte Sardine (tin-tuckeran) Air Base. Most probably someone with an Eveready flash light giving signal to land.

If our ground force or SLAF can spot that – then one bullet two birds (tin-can and runway) and whole nine yard will blast for good.

TropicalStorm said...


Iqbal Athas is not an adversary, even though many people have now seen thru his cover and don't believe a word the guy writes. for a man who struggled hard to build up a career as a journalist, loss of credibiolity at this level is totally counter-productive.

Ranil is a non-issue as well.

CASC said...


Thanks for the interesting calculations.


Given the short window of opportunity that the SLAF has to shoot these planes and the fact that the F-7s need to be scrambled from Katunayaka, I don't understand why the SLAF does not station some piston engine planes or attack helicopters at some of the sensitive areas like Trinco, Jaffna, and Vauniya, etc.

I believe some of the helicopters are faster than these crop duster planes.

On another note, there is an interesting photo in Ebay of a Barrage Baloon in then Ceylon in 1943 (Ebay item number: 160279391340). These baloons were widely used to deter low flying aircraft. However, these types of defences are probably impractical in this day and age.

CASC said...


Many thanks for the frequent updates. The ground situation seems to be evolving as we speak. Hopefully the end is near.

TropicalStorm said...


You raise interesting questions. I've often wondered why we don't have at least a couple of old Sia-Marchettis with guns in either Vavunia or A'pura as a deterrent.

Only complication is in the event of a similar chase by jets, there needs to be effective IFF systems(identification Friend-Foe) on all airborne assets.

Upul said...

What DW claims and what appears in the ruphavini video and what Hindustan Times claims doesn't match at all.

One of the reports now claim, an Indian technician manning the rader had shrapnel jammed into his eye socket and second one had thigh cut by the shrapnel.


Surely if the operators were this badly injured then is it surprising to think that the radar is undamaged.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks panhinda, casc & moratusaman.

16 and 21 are minutes NOT km.
they come to 57km and 82km.

i agree that take-off point and landing point can WELL BE 2 different locations. IF it is so my calc goes for a six.

Upul said...

Why doesn't ruphvainni show the control tower at least ? Surely there is something to hide. If speacial forces ambushed and killed the LTTE cardres, where are they in the ruphavainni video ? They went into hiding right after ??

While I think the damage to vavuniya base may have extensive as claimed by the LTTE, I am not sure how this gives an advantage (if any) to them in the overall war.

As DW and DN has constantly been reinforcing the fact that the SLA has super high morale, desertion are not a problem etc. So surely there is nothing for the govt to worry about. By there accounts the whole operation was stopped (still born). Arti hit LTTE arti, LTTE plane shot down and all Black tigers were killed.

Unknown said...

Navindran - you are disappointed of the SF ?? .

I think SF did the best possible job . If they started shooting at the first detection they wouldnt have been able to get them all and also the TAF wont be down .

They could not have realized that the fcukers were giving coordinates for Arti .

Sorry about my french .. but there are bigger things to worry about in our country than English grammar .

And may be I am different to not call a F$%$ what it is is more filth than anything one can say .

Upul said...

But I also have to ask, why all the independent sinhala media outlets have been forced to tow govt. message ? if there is nothing to hide why summon editors of major newspaper to mahinda's office for tea ? If things are going great, why bother with attacking journalists, attacking media institution, imposing unofficial censorship rules ? As ISN security watch claims, there is definite reason to believe the losses for the SLA is not as they seem.


Unknown said...

Upul revy .

Do u want to send that info to ya ztte friends lmao .

Actually the SLAF should not be searching for any debris to satisfy diasspora donkeys . They may set up a trap there .

Upul said...

But judging by the conduct here, there is a don't care attitude. There is don't care attitude for the truth. There is a don't care attitude for grammar. Anything that makes the standardization-patriot crowd happy is spewed, provided the poster doesn't get caught with his pants down (DW I'll forget about the Vannerkulam incident. The losses you claimed while completely out of synch with the final numbers confirmed by ICRC... So its ok man, you can make up facts as you go along.)

Upul said...

So remember folks, this site doesn't provide facts or any resemblance of reality but infotainment.

Moshe Dyan said...

SF should have captured a few black tigers alive especially one of the 5 female tigers.

they could have been VERY VALUABLE sources of info into the MOST secretive and RUTHLESS operatives in the world.

this was the IDEAL opportunity bcos this was when we COMPLETELY overpowered them.

there is no problem interrogating them. there are ways and means that can make ANYONE talk.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Homebrew Fire finder radar

Attach tiny but very powerful microphones to a tennis ball and mounted on a tripod, then all those mic should attach to a laptop computer via interface card. Laptop must run OS like real time OS ex. Linux or UNIX and using simple C/C++ code can display where the fire (bullet) came from.

Moshe probably can do the math here.

Mic will detect the sound – then send it via filter (C code can do that – or hardware filter) then calculate and find the direction 1st heard 2nd heard etc.

Something like this help to find a sniper for sure.

Low tech – High impact

My English ain’t that good, but get the idea please.

Upul said...

exactly mushy,

if special forces were lying in wait. why not throw large net over the black tiger animals and cage them to get the`truth' out. Hmm, such a great idea but your higher ups couldn't think of it and react on time ???

Upul said...

Considering defence.lk, army.lk and other defence sites are written by a third grade english student, should I expect any additional professionalism when it comes to presenting the truth ? Same here. DW and DN have imploded into defence.lk mirror outlet.

Moshe Dyan said...

this is what makes me hug the TN editor's thangachchi.

"Meanwhile, the SLA has closed the Omanthai exit point in Vavuniyaa, on Tuesday, after the LTTE attack SF Vanni HQ, which is located in Vavuniyaa town."

didn't i say so??? at last.

overrun it.

vimansa said...

The SRL video footage/army.lk photos show a good quantity of the ammunition for RPG (2), grenade launchers (1) had brought in. The Banglore torpedoes are also among the items recovered.

This suggests they were not able to use them. This in turn confirms DW report that the damages were due to the artillery and tigers on the ground were hunted even before they started what they were suppose to do.

Unknown said...

upul madayan ..

If u are that unhappy with dw why dont u get ya news from tamilnut or better still tamilnut.tv .. We are here cus DW publishes the best defense news he can get . u are here for what ?

out_sider said...

Moshe Dyan said...

"SF should have captured a few black tigers alive especially one of the 5 female tigers."

I read that the black tigers carry suicide capsules to prevent capture.

Apino Dannachess said...

Well interesting comments and ideas from lot of people. Thanks.

Check out the following link: looks SLAF had hit something big...from the tone of it.


DW, good if you can get more details on the above. Thanks in advance.

Ref the people who want to show proof of success/ damage, I have to say 3 things.
A) DW or any patriots writing hear should not endeavor to provide such proof

B) Have patience and the forthcoming outcome of the war will provide all such answers

C) Patriot writers should spend their energy om more constructive topics: i.e. like what Moshe is bringing up hear....others should contribute and develop such interesting discussions...

Keep up the good work

deborak said...


As Upul says I guess there must be some sort of damages to the radar station. Imajine that when 70 or more artillery fell into the air-force base don't you think that the radar could have got hit atleast by one motar. Simple probability. After all tiger who came to attack never expected to go back and they knew they are going to die anyway. The most important thing is that they were unable to execute their mission which was prevented by the Special Forces. And this is WIN for the SLDF. (Unlike in Anuradhapura.)B'cos the SF could reduce the distruction by half from the ltte expectations. But the arti did the damage. And can you guess or know how come the tigers came so close to Omanthai point and directed artillery fire. Very bold of them to do without getting caught to Intelligence. I am baffeled by these accounts and the Army commanders accounts. My other concern is we don't have anything to prove that the T-Plane was down and to refute the claims of Tamilnet. Do we? No!!!! and that is going give a very bad impression on the general public who are supportive of defeting terrorism in our country. Also I believe the ant-ltte media too hides things from the public and we can't do anything about it.

By the way Upul,

It is not possible to catch the tigers alive as all of them were equipped with suicide jackets. so once net them they will definitely detonate themselves by killing the soldiers. So moshe I think it is highly unlike to catch a tiger alive, of course you have to have the best skilled soldires for that.

Upul said...

Btw, if you think the ruphavinii footage shows the radar working at the site of the incident. Think again. There was some careful cut and paste footage from past and present put together. The footage that pans from the radar to the road site doesn't show ltte dead bodies. ruphavini sure has improved video photoshopping. but at the same time, I do have to add the tamilnet picture had some sections photoshopped.
I suspect there was a third row of black tigers in the photo and that had been erased using the texture, but with one of the faces moved from the third row to the second one.
I suspect some of the black tigers escaped

Apino Dannachess said...

Speculation can be finally laid to rest: Here is the proof

For those of who want to see the extent of the damage to Radar stations, Control tower, etc, please checkout the following links. A Tamil news site has finally published the photos taken and uploaded by the Balcktiger team using their satlinks.


Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

10 SL Army look a like uniforms Rs.5000

60 Arti shells Rs.18 million

1 Crashed flying Tuk Tuk Rs.100 million

5 male black tigers and 5 female black tigers doing a one last group s@x orgy knowing they are going to get killed by SL SF next morning….. F#@...ing ……..PRICELESS!!!

Jambudipa said...

Hey Upul,

If the radar is damaged, we will most probably get another one from India asap. Please remember that Sri Lanka is in a 'symbiotic' relationship with mother India viz-a-viz LTTE.

Moshe Dyan said...


""SF should have captured a few black tigers alive especially one of the 5 female tigers."

I read that the black tigers carry suicide capsules to prevent capture."

yes; i know. they had suicide vests too. a pic is found in lankaweb. although it refers to DW, i can't see that pic in DW.

but there are ways to OVERPOWER them. we don't have those guns used by the US police, etc. we also don't have what russians used at the opera house incident.

but SIMPLE AVAILABLE (at hospitals)chemical agents (you know what i mean) could have been used IF required.

i know one bastard who used it for sexual offenses. works faster in females bcos their bodymass is roughly 20% less than men.

Upul said...

Panhinda, Actually I honestly agree with you. The result of the attack, assuming it was devastating alone is unlikely to change the direction of battles to come. Yes the radar can be replaced etc.

Upul said...

Bandara said:

to Amma Gahai/Gahawi
begging and getting the Radar from the india = FREE
recruited those innocent Singlalese armies who died in that HQ = around Ruppe 5000 each heads

having those mercenaries from india : Around 50000 ruppees each month

getting ass wooped by the LTTE by their attack ...PRICELESS

:: rfol

Unknown said...

I got the feeling Vavuniya attack unit was not as well equipped and strong as AAB attacked unit. It can be seen from both size of the team, weapons captured and formation of team members. If you compare the both attacks it is carbon copy of each other. But the resources invested by LTTE for Vavuniya attack is far more less than AAB attack the way I think. I am still puzzled and what is the exact reason behind this difference. These are the reasons comes in to my mind.

1. Over confidence of the team commander and since this time they give the artillery support additionally than AAB.
2. LTTE wants to keep black tigers for the more important future operations. May be LTTE didn't have high expectations as previously.
3. LTTE had wrong assessment or intelligence on the Vavuniya and thought this small team is enough to carry out mission they expected.

Is there any other reasons comes to you guys mind ?

Unknown said...

samantha the arti was the main force, the black tigers where there for arti correction. Why waste resources when you arti can do the job. Thats why no heavy weapons and big team. You needed the team to infiltrate to ensure the arti was correctly aimed to the targets. Its no use launching so many rounds if you do not hit the target. I still have suspicion that these guys were killed after the arti fire started and only for them to take out the firefinder in the base.

Ali in hindsight what was the various commanders doing knowing of this impending attack.

Nishanthe said...


I smell lot of plagiarism here. Either both writers are same or Nation writer steals the copy from DW.

Jambudipa said...

They had immediately informed Director Operations Air Marshal Harsha Abeywickrama, who in turn had informed the Commanding Officer of Squadron 5 which comprised F 7 fighter jets.

Why the indirection? If the call went straight to pilots, few minutes can be saved. The call from the radar room need no further filtering. Its a reliable call. Why all this red-tape?

kumar said...

Hi Dear

Our success. all radar systems were eradicated by our TAF team with support of BT.
No one fear us. we are always strong .
you see what next!!!

We are tamils. we will make own country as early as possible.
we are like Esrels

lankaputhra said...

/Btw, if you think the ruphavinii footage shows the radar working at the site of the incident. Think again. There was some careful cut and paste footage from past and present put together/

Upul, can,t you see some bead tigers laying on the road side moving his hand and asking something from soldier? Can you see on the footage? Tigers never die ..there are all alive …that footage is fake man don’t believe …so what …tell you guess to execute another mission…lol…

mulathiev TARZEN said...


who will be brave enough to come with me to mulathive jungle to look for tin cans??


yesterday i shot down a f16 and it went down to Indian ocean!!

Unknown said...

command structure is aboslutely necessary and relaying messages directly to pilots might seem like faster but i doubt that will ever happen. don't think any air force in the world do that for right reasons. admittedly we have to make the process a lot faster... at least get the jets airborne and then decide on the next step...

I dont think ts fair to say this op wasn't well organized by the tigers. just that sldf were better prepared and ltte didn't have luck on their side. one thing for sure is that TAF pilots seems to be getting better each and every mission... Had their payload landed smack on the radar units this would've been a huge success for them. we were the victorious by it was a very close shave...
though 11 tigers were killed chances are the raiding party would've had over 20 easily and the rest were just fire support and maybe for arti spotting/correcting etc and those guys have managed to get away knowing the mission was not going their way... black tigers anyway come to die so that loss is nothing much for the ltte... good thing we managed to kill them all before them doing the full damage...
and someone was saying these guys were not well armed...
looking at what sldf recovered from these guys... they were bloody well armed to take out what they came to take out... If not for SF folks detecting the raiders, story could've been much different

Srilankan said...

the mechnics of their death doesn't matter.the fact is 10-12 blck tigers are dead.Good video showing close up of the radar still intact..minimal shrapnel damage.

DavidW said...

[Tamilnet reported their planes returned safely which brings MCNS into a big challenge about the Shooting down the TAF plane]

Folks, let us assume if we didn't get such a news from MCNS, how the SLAF will be scolded by the disappointed and frustrated patriots.

Still I believe 50-50 chances the story to be a true.


On the other hand LTTE cannot claim this is successful attack when we consider the resources they used and the damage they could do. 10 suicide carders getting killed before they reach to the target, they may have spent millions of $ to train them and plan it.

Jambudipa said...


Process flows involved in enemy aircraft detection, indeed all other critical processors must be analysed so that areas where efficiencies and time can be gained is identified as much as possible.

Process engineering is used in a wide array of disciplines and fields. There are standards and methodologies already available that cater for most kinds of situations. It needs someone who is open for new ideas and innovation.

Unknown said...

Kumar Dear,
Do you have any sources to substantiate your claims?

Srilankan said...

These LTTE buffoons are here to have some "FUN" after a hard day of money making..Notice that they are here for a very short time but expect us to respond..why dont we stop responding..?

mulathiev TARZEN said...

i shot the sheriff but not the deputy...!!

hanna -potak, sorry i mean p***harak"...!!

haaramodak! u now what i mean..!

only nation in the world who cant shoot flying object!..must be fanatical disorder!!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..yaman bando wesak balandaa!
..ganig bara baage badinnaa..!
parra dige hari kalabala.. mulathivee wala tin can aatha..!

han gorak! umalata bari wadeee mokakdaa..?
umbalata puluwan wadee mokak daaa?

perein said...

Bro, I wonder it's the LTTE Terrorists or UNP terrorists.. yet again is there any difference?

B#1 said...

Certainly Black Tigers are not for DO or Die but for DO & Die. But it seems in the yesterday attack, even Black Tigers ran for their lives (defence.lk) which leads to extra work for Photoshop expert of Tamilnet Team.

Historical !

Unknown said...

Someone please stop this mad cow from emitting so much CH4. It's really bad for Global Warming.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

££..paagala yaamuko hatee!!..&&
££ api..dakkawagee kiyamuko boruu..&&

daily "piduru" from poiticianse..!
daily "punnakku" from "*>>*&£!*"..!

amma-paa mehew "hangorak"....!
shoot the massenger if u cant shoot the "......"..! and gulp more "piduru" samaga "punnakku"..!

..£$..apita kanna epaa.*&&$..bonna epaa,.."......." my oonee!
cow-the mage rat-tharan heleenaa!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

DW, DW,!

I DONT THINK dw will shoot the massenger!!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..expedition jungle mulathve is on!

any one care to join me?..

ammapaa , ahaw-merak!

ibbek paara cros kolaa,
kolloo uuwa mus kolaa...!

B#1 said...

assasinrajive said...

[.... han gorak! umalata bari wadeee mokakdaa..?

....umbalage gon hamudawa mage ammawa dushanaya kalaa....!

..£$..mata kanna epaa.*&&$..bonna epaa,.."..paliya.." gannamai oneeee... $.. mage angeth duwanne umblage blood_ma ... thamai...]

Oh! dear, when was it happened?? What is your age? are you a girl or a boy or a ___?

Please let us know your life story.

Srilankan said...

Bro..i have no idea..:).I wish i did..these fellows in the UNP are trying to run this country accrding to political science classes overseas.This cannot be done in SLanka because w are basically an agricultural country.We cannot destry our country for the benefit of a few..these is nothing wrong with business but excessive greed leads to disaster for us all

Unknown said...

Guys are you enjoying this :)))
Mad cow disease on the spread..

mulathiev TARZEN said...

B#1..boru epaa yakoo mama ehema q-wada?...
see how u pple fiddle with the truth!!

ibbek paara cross kolaaaaaaaa
kolloo uuuwa mus kolaaaaaa!

amma-paa ,umblata brideyak nahaneeda??
yagadhaa wen pharagasaa muuda debaa keruwalu kolloo..!
wali mirikaa wathura gath-thalu sinhala kolloo..!!

PHANTOM-X said...


huththige kollo...mama kamathee umbath ekka mulathive jungle ekata gihin wetchcha de balanna...camera ekakuth gennam...habai eka condition ekaka thiyenawa...

mama umbe bellata chain ekak daanawa...karapatiyak ekka...umba ballek wage mulathive jungle eke hamathenama ekkan yanna oone...mama inda hitala umbata mahansi wunahama pain gahai echcharai....

mechcharawela umba hoya hoya hitiye umbath ekka mulathivu yanna ne... api yanawa mulathivu...

ane gono...!!!

kappetipola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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