Monday, October 13, 2008

Ex-SLA serving in PMCs

A few Sri Lankan ex-servicemen have engaged in what some hastily call mercenary duties as part of Private Military Companies (PMCs). This is a growing trend following successful counter terrorism, counter insurgency and close protection experiences and successes of the Sri Lanka Army in recent times.

One of the first SLA officers to take up a contract with a PMC was Brigadier Peiris from Commando Regiment. Brig. Peiris was a very senior officer in the military, even senior than the present Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka.

Having passed-out from Intake 1 of the Officer Cadet course from the SLMA, Brigadier Peiris soon became an authority on close protection otherwise known as VIP/VVIP Protection. Brigadier Peiris' brother also served in the Army until his untimely death.

Since then a number of officers and men from the Army have take up PMC contracts overseas from Cambodia to Iraq. We have identified around 15 ex-Special Forces who have been in and out of Iraq in recent times alone.

Many of the Officers were junior officers in the Special Forces and Commando Regiments, majority being retired soldiers but also retired Corporals and even Sergeants. Many were fairly young having served 12, 15 and sometimes 20 years or more in the Army. Having joined the Army as young as 18, many of these men know only one thing-- to fight.

They were fairly happy with the benefits they received with each man receiving something equivalent to $2,000-2,500 on average as salary per month. They are hired on a contract-basis and are provided with insurance coverage. Contrary to media coverage of these regions many claimed that their tasks were not all that precarious.

Majority of their duties included protection of private installations and convoys. A number of officers and men from the Engineering Corp have also received assignments in international de-mining operations including the removal of Unexploded Ordnance (UXOs).

Senior Special Forces officers whom we spoke to claimed that the deployment of ex-servicemen was not, in anyway, a hindrance to the Army's reputation. None of these operatives are considered SLA any more and have to engage in these activities as civilians and at their own risk.
It is true that these individuals have obtained training and critical exposure to certain battlefield environments having served in the SLA but the Army no longer has a binding agreement with any of these individuals nor do they towards the Army.

Many of the services these individuals provide cannot be considered as directly assisting the United States or its allies in Iraq. They are now part of a legitimate business to provide security to those who require such and the Sri Lanka Army has no qualms with that.


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lankaputhra said...

It’s glade to hear that something positive has come out of the war as a results also we must see the capability of developing our own arms we need for the country in future. As long as I know there are some projects going on at the moment but this could be good area to invest to protect the country and save the money too. There are so many Sri Lankan expertise work in defense industry in different countries and they could help Sri Lankan government if they need?.

DW any updates in battle field ? I heard some news about Nachchikuda is about to fall any truth about this story?

mulathiev TARZEN said...


sakvithi saranaai!


good article!..(pls don`t delet)

Defencewire said...

Yes we have flanked Nachchikuda. I discussed this yesterday in the comments section. Terra might start fighting or vacating, remains to be seen. We'll update you once something solid happens.

Anonymous said...
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Peter said...

Hello DefenceWire,

You have done a good job making money in Iraq.

Now, you can enjoy a cup of tea and some lemon puffs.

Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

Read this blog post by Sri Lankan writer David Blacker. An interview with a Sri Lankan Mercenary serving in Iraq.

Defencewire said...

tiger killed,

Yes I believe we got this request from some of you following this article by blacker. We wanted to present some background information to the context. Many of you who wrote to us were concerned about this 'lucrative business' that could divert attention of our officers and men. There is not much cause for concern as we have explained here. Its a very few people acting on their own accord. SLA does not wish to judge them.

Renegade! said...

"This includes radars, shells, rockets, missiles, guided bombs, tanks, APCs, spares etc. The government will get these weapons not in a package but on the basis of need, in small installments. This is more information than what we intended to give you but hope it enlightened you more. That's the best we can do for now."

Defencewire could you enligten us on the models/make of these weapon systems-at least give us a link or sumthin to go about, coz we are utterly confused with Nightfox publishing pix of SLAF MIG-29's, various ppl seeing MIG-29's in katu and u stating that the deal is OFF!!./can u show sum clarity pls??

Unknown said...

Well good for them . This is a budding industry in the unstable regions of the world and who better than our heros . I bet they could give good competition to KBR and blackwater .

Defencewire said...


I would like to see these so-called Mig-29 pics pls. I don't know who has seen what but a delegation headed by SD, Dir Planning etc just returned from this country. But the deal was off long before that.

The weapons we procured outside of this deal were the Indra II, additional F-7s, 122mm RM-70 rockets, T-55s and spares, BMPs and spares, WLR from China, 120, 122, 130 152 shells, 60, 81mm mortars from Pakistan and China, maritime radar, Baktar shikan and Red Arrow missiles from pakistan and China respectively and guided bombs. Part of this plan will also involve overhauling kfir and Mig 27s.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Whatever verbal gymnastics may be used, a soldier of fortune whose only/main motivation in killing and getting killed is pelf, is indeed one.
Your article itself suggest money is the motivation; So-called PMCs have been implicated in numerous civilian shootings in Iraq--without punishment as they operate out of the normal rules of law, under the radar.While understanding the compulsion of a demobilised veteran who knows nothing better, mercenaries can be dubbed as one of the lowest in the moral order.At the end of the day they are hired killers.

Apino Dannachess said...

All, see what the "Smart" & "Intelligent" DiAssPora Brothers are doing....

greaaaaaatingssssss! DiAssPora Bros!!

Vaiko saranaai!


One of the greatest contribution from LTTE DiAssPora to world...card scams!!!!

I wonder the smart DiAssP's here will find a way to blame this too on the "Moda" Racist Sinhalaya!!!????
Sri Lankan nabbed with fake ATM cards

By Allison Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 17:48:00 10/13/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- A Sri Lankan who police say could belong to an international syndicate producing fake automated teller machine (ATM) cards was arrested as he was repeatedly trying to withdraw money at the Glorietta mall, an officer said Monday.

Superintendent Manuel Santos said Premarajah Rathinem, 39, who was temporarily staying at Copacobana Hotel in Pasay City, was accosted Friday noon by security guards at the third level of the mall when he was seen taking "too long" to withdraw cash from Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) ATMs.

"He was going back and forth to line up at the ATM using different cards. We recovered eight cards, which were certified counterfeit by BPI," Santos said.

Some P32,000 in cash that the suspect had withdrawn from the ATMs was also seized.

Rathinem is detained at the Makati police station.

The police offer said Rathinem could be a member of a syndicate that steals details from ATM and credit cards with "skimming" devices then reproduces fake cards with the copied information.

He said several lookouts likely accompanied Rathinem as he withdrew money but fled when he was arrested.

"We already caught a handful of Filipinos and foreigners with the same modus operandi, but they would not reveal their operations," Santos said.

The suspect will be charged with violation of RA 8484 or the Access Device Regulation Act of 1998, with BPI filing the case.


Apino Dannachess said...

Dear "Who Who's disciple "
--------------compulsion of a demobilised veteran who knows nothing better, mercenaries can be dubbed as one of the lowest in the moral order.At the end of the day they are hired killers.---------------------

So in that moral order of things, where does a suicide bomber who attacks CVILIAN buses, and freedom fighters who attacked unarmed FARMERS fit in.....?

I'm sure in your scale of moral order they must be ranked higher, higher than the highest I guess.

Seriously want to know this Bro!


Apino Dannachess said...

Philippines is Part of ASIAN and Sri Lanka is participating as observer in the ASIAN forum for Terrorism....

Therefore, ref to the news I posted earlier on the capture of DiAssPora Card Fraudster, Sri Lanka should quickly send a team of Defense Experts to Philippines and start talking to this Jem of a DiAssPora Bro....

How about giving this bro a free air ticket to Sri Lanka escorted by our experts....may be in Sri Lanka we can get him to spill the beans.....

Guys act fast....after all Sri Lanka should reap the benefits of such SMART DiAssPora dudes.

Cheers Wewa!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"hired killers are bad? brainwashed killers, pregnant women and child soldiers are bad too."
Indeed you are correct, though what it has got to do with my argument is unclear.

"If you look at the US Army, a salary of $30,000 or more plus healthcare and university education is offered to poor men and women to entice them to fight for freedom. This too is a hire."

They are hired for their country, which is a legal government expected to take responsible decisions, with a clear line of command, who are answerable to their actions in national/international courts.So they are not mercenaries.
OTOH, use of Gurkhas by British, and use of foreigners by US wherein the applicants to US green card are made to work for the military, are forms of a mercenary slightly on a better level morally. If Govts must use mercenaries, this should be the way( still immoral but they are answerable to law and have good oversight by the Govt).
even the LTTe pays its cadres an allowance with perks such as land parcels etc."
What has it got to do with mercenaries?

"both mercenaries and enlisted military commit abuses, not to mention insurgents, terrorists and guerrillas. so why would mercenaries be so much worse? because they get more money for doing stuff regular enlisted units wouldn't do? please explain."

Explained above. Mercenaries are repugnant,mainly morally but also legally.

Apino D,

read by post before launching into tirades..

Bhairav said...
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Bhairav said...

[They were fairly happy with the benefits they received with each man receiving something equivalent to $2,000-2,500 on average as salary per month]


$2500/month is peanuts for someone taking risk in a country which is still in 7th century medieval rule. As far as I know any civilian jobs/security contractors for US folks in Iraq it pays up from $200k to $500k/year. You know that Canadian army itself pays $40k bonus upfront if you want to serve in Afghanistan.

My point is that these Srilankan officers should get more and they should sharpen up their bargain skills. There are not many skilled folks available for this dangerous hostile environment roles, so take the advantage of it.

Apino Dannachess said...

Our Heero Jayasuriya....Gives The Middle Finger to the Terrorist DiAssPora......!!!! Hooray!!!!

Apino Dannachess said...

Who said that Tamil Nadu is one of the most upwardly mobile India

Check the following link......

Apino Dannachess said...


A Smart Answer to my question he he he.....ahem what was the answer....I'm lost bro in all these SMART answers.


Bhairav said...


Last time I heard 100s of Srilankan peace keepers were sent home from Haity for sexual assults on local Haitian women. What are the chances for ex-lankan army officers behave properly? Given these retired army officers' age, their sex drive may be low. But any future sexual assault charges can't be ignored since their race used to have sex with animals in the past and they still still possess significant danger to local women.

Apino Dannachess said...


Ah finally got it it i think....yep.

So if somebody gets paid and commits atrocities its repugnant....

But any body committing atrocities Pro-Bono, thats way better...better standing in the moral order so to speak.


Thanks Mate.....

Fantastic Stuff we get to learn from our DiAssPora bros.

"Thamung Ahe Pol Parala Thiyagena, Anunge Ahe Thiyena Pol Kendi Horyanna Yanawa"

Sanath said...

bariraw dude..
how abt LTTE goons having sex inside the bunkers wrapping thier cocks with the lunch sheet of the meal pack that they received. cursing the cook for putting too much chillies. how abt that LTTE leader who got caught red handed to thier own militery while performing a gangband with world's most beautiful attactive underaged child soldiers (oppps sorry preedom phitors..) ..
ok SLA soldiers are these great prredon pitors act so wonderfully ..does the uncle thalavir give them something immortral to drink to drink and reduce thier sex drive.. or wuts the big secret.? poddu?

Red_Alert said...

Sun Tzu,

Agree with you that mercenaries such as Blackwater haven't exactly been in the moral high ground in some incidents in Iraq.

However, the stereotyping of all private military contractors under the same banner of being bereft of ethical conscience is probably a bit much.

Security does need to be provided in places where people need it (e.g. Iraq) and the government is not always going to provide that. So in general the service they provide is a consideration as well.

On the other hand you stereotype any soldier that follows his/her govt as being some super human being. I wouldn't say that about a Nazi soldier following his Fatherland.

Whilst there are many contributing factors which make private military contractors more likely to be on the wrong side of the ethical question, not everyone should be painted under the same banner.

Morality depends on the person. Not necessarily the job they do.

mulathiev TARZEN said...


...sakwithi saranai!
...merviya pihitaaI!
...umbala asaranaai!


excellent article!.ammapaa!
what a analysis u r!
it shows u r experience in the kitchens of kothalawala D A!

boys how far to "ki-chi" now! has sarath gone to USA today to collect his doll!..ammapaa!

Sam Perera said...

Great news for us and bad news for JVP.

Sam Perera said...


Please get Collpase Comments installed. All rabid LTTE terrorist comments open up minimized with this treatment. Of course, I can maximize them if I choose to do so. However, LTTE terrorists like AssRajiv and Peter do not clutter my view.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"Agree with you that mercenaries such as Blackwater haven't exactly been in the moral high ground in some incidents in Iraq.

However, the stereotyping of all private military contractors under the same banner of being bereft of ethical conscience is probably a bit much."
Yes only , bit much. You are talking of exceptions, I am talking of rules.

"Security does need to be provided in places where people need it (e.g. Iraq) and the government is not always going to provide that. So in general the service they provide is a consideration as well."

Security for whom??In Iraq it means security for the invaders. You cannot invade and destroy a society, and then offer to provide ' security '.The overwhelming nature of 'service' given by mercenaries throughout history has been negative and destructive, for pelf.

"On the other hand you stereotype any soldier that follows his/her govt as being some super human being. I wouldn't say that about a Nazi soldier following his Fatherland"
Really? Please show where I showed them being superhumans.Re Nazi--again exceptions. Even then, did you notice how they were brought to book, and the common soldiers exonerated due to doctrine of command chain? This did not happen in any significant degree with the numerous militias/ mercenary types the Nazis used.

" Morality depends on the person. Not necessarily the job they do."

Depends. If you choose such a job voluntarily you are entitled to be responsible to be called so.
If an underworld don hires a shooter to execute his rival, would you exonerate the hireling?

IA and AD,
read my post again..this time with glasses.

Anonymous said...

"Ex-SLA serving in PMCs" - great news (for me). [Bad news for diaspora - making them jelous.]

It is true its loss to SLA leaving good soldiers. But as it is legal we can't complian. Its nice they can earn one year SL salary in one month. Ilike to see this happan to many ex-soldiers.

After all its personal contract between ex-soldier and second party. Nothing to do with SLA or GSL. Still diaspora has too many worries.

mboi said...

this is a very common thing these days. you make shit loads of money when working in a contract basis anyway.

Rana said...


Time to time you are giving us very interesting links. Thanks bro, keep doing the good job.

Your link on Nachchikdha is good. We need to progress on A32 without much delay. May be LTTE is pulling out from Nachchi north to concentrate on Kili. Kili and Paranthan is too important for LTTE to loose b'cause the last thing they want is EP getting cleared and 53/55 come down.

As I said yesterday, we need to act fast. Tigers are always good when they have enough time, SLDF is good when they act fast, it will confuse enemy and their coordination is not that good when things are changing fast.

Anonymous said...

Janaka Perera

Moshe Dyan said...

another ground breaking article.

thanks DW.

this is very good news. as mentioned they are not exposed to huge dangers as we see on TV. mainly the iraqi battles are between.

1. factions
2. coalition troops vs. terrorists

this is a good way forward for ex-service personnel.

hope there will be many more opportunities for them in many parts of the world.


Moshe Dyan said...


that was a fantastic reply by sirima whom i thought was a mere housewife landed in the job of PM.

she had showed more political maturity than many others; may be even better than her hubby!!

Moshe Dyan said...


apita sakviti saranai,
thopita SAKKILI saranai!!!!!!

Jambudipa said...

Kumar David gets a good bashing in his debate Victor Ivan in the Island newspaper. Now he switches back to same old stuff that were comprehensively proven wrong by Ivan in LakBima.

Although the claim below is new.

The willingness of Wanni Tamils to follow the LTTE into the wilderness indicates that despite the ravages of war, Northern Tamils are willing to choose the LTTE over the Sinhala state.

- Prof. Kumar David

He already know LTTE has a 'visa' system which only allows one member of the family to leave Vanni. Even this is rejected most times. The father or the mother will never leave their spouse or kids behind. Almost all local Tamil workers of NGOs weren't allowed leave with their organisation to even to Vavunia. In his vocabulary, entraption is 'showing willingness to choose LTTE'.

I had a chat with a Tamil recently. He thought the 2002 peace talks broke down because the govt broke off the ceasefire.

I spoke another Tamil sometime back. I graciously agreed with him 'Sinhala Only' etc were wrong. However he totally rejects Amirthalingam et al was ever at fault. He does not believe LTTE commits terrorism either.

This the quality of the opposition that we have to have any dialogue with. All negotiations with LTTE also take this form. It's arrogance combined with ego noone can understand why because these cunts have fuck all to be proud of.

Jambudipa said...


The Sinhalese leaders made mistakes. But remember this was a country taking baby steps out of colonial domination of nearly 5 centuries. As Srima says, the actions that lead to so called 'grievances', never had any malicious intent. These low life Tamil Vellahla fuckwits knew this also. It just gave them an excuse to run riot. It was their irresponsible behavior's that stole innonce and prosperity of this once promising nation.

Srilankan said...

I really dont give a flying fcuk if "mercenaries can be dubbed as one of the lowest in the moral order".This is a defenceblog and not a "barathanatyum class" blog.FULL CREDIT to our troops for expanding their horizons overseas.ABOUT TIME!!By the way what happened to that GOD U.N sorry LORD GOD U.N report regarding "rape" of children by our troops..what happened to the U.N officer(s) who charged us?.It seems that he is a closet porno freak because he has requested and received more of our troops for "peace keeping" duties..

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Horoscope analysis of: Velupillai Prabhakaran

I am a qualified Astrologer and a Palm Rader.

Just by looking at some one’s palm I can tell whether he is a w@nker or not! If any of the blogers wants to know, pls scan ur right hand palm (if ur a left hander pls scan both palms) and email to me and I’ll let u know how u r going with ur monkey business.

On Astrology, once I went to a joint in Wellawatha where poosary from India would read ur “life book”. Many Intelligent Tamils were there to see whether their son’s and daughter’s will get 8D’s and 4A’s and lot of them interested in finding out whether they will get “Refugee Status” in UK, Australia, Norway and Canada.

Anyway, on that day I found out I have the ability to predict and I am a qualified Astrologer. I paid Rs.1000 and waiting for the poosary to tell me whether I will get to hump Michelle Reimers and is it worth spending Rs. 5 to 10,000 for a 1h on her?

Poosary took his time and as u can imagine I was horney and poosary clearly didn’t had any idea of what I am looking for. So, I told poosary :

AG: Poosary machan, don’t talk fcuking BS. I am not interested in a car accident. Pls give me my money back.

Poosary: I don’t understand Sinhalese!

AG: U fcuking smart ars@, I am talking in ENGLISH to u! not in Sinhalese! If u don’t give me my money back, then according to ur “Star Sign” I am PREDICTING a “Massive Astronomical Object” will go up in ur ars@ soon.

Poosary: (speaking in Sinhalese) machan, pls take ur money and pissoff will ya! (Thambi… give him his money…fcuking pain in the ars@ ) Don’t come back ok?? I have enough customers! …ding…ding…ding…ding… next…

AG: Huk@pan poosariya! (and I took ding-dong – bell he use- with me for the time wasted)

So, as u all can c my predictions were correct! Here are my predictions on VP!

VP: Born on November 26, Pirapaharan is a Sagittarian! Lord of the sign Sagittarius is Jupiter! Number of Jupiter is 3! And it is very important VP to protect his 3 (2 Ping-Pong and the Chinese Roll)

MONEY: As a Sagittarian, VP is careless and irresponsible with money. So better to leave it with Die-Ass-Pora and refugees in the West and Tsunami Funds agencies. The credit crisis going to have a massive impact on funds as lot of people canceling credit cards. Funds for the Dawarak’a dowry and funds for Charles joy flights and wife’s shopping need to be tightened.

EDUCATION: Fcuking hopeless! Only chance of further education looming is in unlikely event of VP manage to catch an Indonesian smuggling boat and drop in Darwin or Perth. Then he can be enrolled (die-ass-pora will pay fees and arrange a Granny Flat to stay) in to do a “Bakery Course” in a TAFE to get PR.

EMLOYMENT: currently unemployed and living on Government Assistant, Tsunami Funds and die-ass-pora funds. Possibilities of changing work environment looming and could end up getting a job as a dummy to test Landmines. I strongly advice die-ass-pora to keep pumping money if u want to keep his un-employment status. Major obstacles of getting a job are his elusive life, unethical work practice, high possibility of fraudulent activities, suicide nature and dumbness.

MARRIAGE: Only possibility is to ask Adele Balasingham or her sister to marry another patient this time chronic diabetes. Current lady keeping in the jungle was not legally married and still have that complain made by her father of kidnap and rape to the police station.

ROMANCE: Planetary positions suggest that he is romantically involved with all women Suicide Cases and VP get an instant BLOW when he heard of them blowing up!

FUTURE: As a Sagittarian VP is blindly optimistic about wining his racists 2 acres. And looking forward to enjoy the day when he get to live surrounded by the Intelligent Tamil race. It is ironic that the Intelligent Tamil race only hope is uneducated VP.

HEALTH: Very superficial and do lot of sacrifices to fcuking monkey god (ancestry of ITR – Intelligent Tamil Race) for better health with blowing up pregnant women, disable women, virgins, young men, children and mass scarifies of men, women and children in public places.

LIFE Expectancy: His eighth house as well as his ascendant (Lagna) shows the likelihood of short life just like the short man himself. His “Best Before” used date already past and expiry date is set to 01.01.2010 unless his ninth house moved to eighth house and some one give real time ground information to SLAF.


Rana said...


Then Dr. Kumar David and Dr.Wickramabahu Karunarathne used to lecture us in Electrical machines and Mathematics in engineering faculty, Peradeniya. Both were very good lecturers but worst politicians.

We used to argu about politics many occaisions. Both of them started politics as a hobby. Once Wicramabahu got sacked from the faculty, he went on full time, doing trade union works. Kumar went abroad for some time as an expatriate.

Today both are pure arse holes.

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

Another good one from you, bro.

Thanks, keep working hard for our cause.

By the way can't you make that expiry date sooner than that. May be 01.01.2009 is a better!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana: Oooppss! sorry my mistake! yes, it is 01.01.2009! Seems like my eighth house is not in order! lol

Jambudipa said...


The left-wing socialist loonies are responsible for most problems in this planet. These commie bastards collectively have perhaps killed more than all 2 world wars combined. I give you few examples -

- Hitler, National Socialist (Nazi) 6 million jews)
- Polpot, Communist (1.7 million people)
- Joseph Stalin, Communist (20 million Russians)
- Vezha Praha, National Socialist (100,000 Lankans)
- Rohana Wijeweeera, Communist (100,000 Lankans)

Kumar and the other fart also followers of the same religion.

Corey said...

Political Ploy Gone Awry:

All Party Meet organized by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on Sri Lankan Tamils, has suddenly become a non-event, when the principal opposition party of the state, AIDMK led by the former Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha made a public announcement that she will boycott it and called it ‘a hoax on the public.’ Also a lesser figure Actor Vijayakanth also said that his party will not participate in the all party meet. In the meantime Dr. Subramanian Swamy in a statement released to 'Asian Tribune' said after the boycott of Jayalalitha , the meeting as it now turns out is a gathering of parties who have been rendered by the Tamil Nadu public as agents of the LTTE. Sources said all those political parties in the pay roll of the LTTE are meeting today at the Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers Secretariat, however this meeting is not taken seriously by the people of Tamil Nadu.

Rana said...

Amma G/G, well done bro.

Panhinda, agree without reservation mate. However, when VP expires it will be more than 100,000 and most of them will be kotiyas.

Rana said...

Some of the TN politicians want VP to suceed on his atempt to have seperate state for tamils.

Why, then they can use Peelam to stage a similar atempt in Naadu hiring VP and Pottu as consultants.

Anonymous said...

AmmaGG - highlights

//It is ironic that the Intelligent Tamil race only hope is uneducated VP.//

Rana said...


Mate, your original thought about Sirima is correct. Probably the letter shown by Panhinda was work of her staff. If my memory is correct SWRD is the worst PM we ever had and Sirima is the one who is responsible for political post election thuggery and violence. She started it in 1970 and Syril Mattive escalated it in 1977. Today what we have is total meyham with political thugs running the country.

I will not give any credit to SWRD or Sirima for any thing, infact those the two PM's took our country backward by decades.

Unknown said...

Defencewire I guess you are Sarath Fonseka because you say the SLA has no qualms against the ex-soldiers becoming mecenaries. The fact is asian servicemen are always treated badly by their white counterparts in organisations like blackwater.

As you said "Majority of their duties included protection of private installations and convoys." This is rubbish work and most prone to attack. A truck driver in Iraq can earn up to US$100000 a year while how much does their Sri Lankan body armour (aka ex servicemen)cost them.

The point remains the soldiers who have served their country with pride do not have gainful employment when they come out. You skirt the issue and if it is standing policy of the SLA to be okay with this, its really shameful.

As you talk about bloating army, next is the ex servicemen also going to be security guards. Any way the Pro LTTE world bank says that Sri Lanka cannot take anymore debt. Guess Sri Lanka may need this money like that of thousands of poor man and women who have to work overseas and suffer indignity.

Rana said...

I remember reading "Tinker, Tailer, Soldier Spy by John Le Carre long ago. However, today we are reading now Fisherman, Smuggler, Militant and liberation leader.

Howcome a proud tamil race of SL ever produce a barbarian like Vezapillei?

He was a gun carrying smuggler at his twenties, saw his limited power as smuggler melting away with tamil militancy with people like Uma Maheswaran etc. He was a ruffian with his father's henchmen and knew before long, he will be out of the seen.

So he created a LTTE with 05 other thugs. Got some more cadres and started bank robberies peddling bicycles. Then Shot Dorei Appa, Jafna mayor and few tamil policemans. Got few more cadres and killed 13 sinhala soldiers knowing there will be back clash and tamils will suffer heavily. Start lamp post killings to create fear psychosis amoung tamil people. Then started eliminating all other youths who opposed his group of people. Got money, explosives and training from RAW. Became a big time liberation leader. Exploit 1983 July atrocities to the hilt. Got tamil Die-A$$-Pora by the neck and extorted them ruthlessly. Asked already wounded Theleepan to stage a hunger stricke knowing well that he would be killed and got his girl friend Maduvadini and Killed Mahaththaya his close ally on pure fear.

Now recruiting children, old women for his dirty fight. Used Die-A$$-Pora money to send his children abroad and operate millions of dolaars in hidden accounts.

Who is he? Satan looks like a two week old puppy compared to this human dog who called himself a Tiger!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Navindran: seems like ur looking for a highly paid jobs. R u had enough with ur cleaning job ur doing now? This a cut and paste from the same page u got ur info”

“You may say that most of the jobs in such areas are risky, as well. However, truck driving jobs in Iraq are among the most dangerous, because they need to drive through hostile territory most of the day, and the terrorist attacks cannot be ignored. On the other hand, other jobs may enjoy far better security, so the risk factor is decreased.”

Ant the other thing, about u repeating world bank cutting funds to SL, YES WE GOT IT! and YES, DW GOT IT TOO! so can u pls cut the crap and may be repeat about ur Obama slippery dream?

Mate, economics and cleaning two different things. Don’t get tangle!

Kithul said...

very interesting clip from the norther front. aren't these guys brave

History said...

Apino Dannachess,

I did read the article you gave..

The article says it is a “HHHUUGEE Protest” by tamils, but I counted only 70 people in the photo.. So it is not HUGE

The article also says, “Empty stands”, I counted 14 people.. so it is not empty either

On the other hand, I don’t see anything wrong with what Jayasuriya is doing (just by looking at the picture).. I just started to think what they are trying to do here.

In the article, it is said that the Jayasuriya's image was captured by their TNS photographer.. mm a prefessional. I thought for a second whether it is "TSN", that reputed sporting news reporters, no noo it is not.

But still, I thought to dig little deeper to find who these professionals are, so I went on to check the meta-data of the jayasuriya’s image and found that it was photographed using Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL and was edited using that free tool called Picasa (given free by Google), so that is enough for me, he is no professional but a newbie.

Well well.. well..... no I see the full picture.. It was pre-planned.. just again.. Tamil Diaspora.. tell me v4v, who can trust these Tamils these days..?

wijayapala said...


Sorry for the long messages, but I’m presenting information that is generally not found on the internet. Given their length, I don’t expect timely responses.

Except I didn’t say “Tamil nationalism” in the quote you were responding to, did I? I said “Tamil militancy”. The two are most definitely not the same thing. You would be drawing a very long bow indeed to blame ‘relative deprivation’ and ‘power hunger’, in other words postcolonial bitterness, for the rise of militancy in the 70s and especially 80s.

I was reinforcing my point. The most direct enabler of Tamil militancy was not state discrimination but specifically state-sanctioned violence against Tamils. State discrimination was one factor among a couple that contributed to the broader phenomenon of Tamil nationalism.

What you previously wrote illustrates the misconceptions that many have regarding Tamil militancy- that “Sinhala-Only” and standardization pushed the Tamil community into arms. These misconceptions lead the conflict resolutionists to the false conclusion that once a “political solution” (i.e. federalism) is reached, the “root causes” of Tamil militancy will be resolved and the LTTE will simply vanish.

I will assume here you mean the All Ceylon Tamil Congress, the Federal Party, and TULF. These were nationalistic in a certain sense, but they were not militant, and they certainly did not advocate secession (until 1973 for the FP, 1977 for TULF).

The ACTC was not “nationalistic” in the sense that it did not recognize a “Tamil homeland” in the N-E, for a very important reason explained below. ITAK (the more appropriate name for what you call FP) did recognize and advocate Tamil homeland, but its members had widely variant motivations and interests. “Federalism” as ambiguously advocated by ITAK was a way to bring everyone together behind a common cause, but the contradictions were such that the younger generation sought a different path by the 1970s.

Perhaps the most glaring contradiction to “Tamil federalism” was what I call the Jaffna-Colombo nexus- the strong interests that Jaffna Tamils had in Colombo, and vice versa. This nexus originated in the colonial era but dissolved when the Colombo Tamils were massacred in 1983. Sinhala nationalist types have been aware of this nexus but wrongly ascribed it as part of a Tamil conspiracy to dominate Sri Lanka (Sri Lankans love conspiracy theories).

The ACTC best represented the J-C nexus; it hoped to preserve as much as possible the privileged position that the Tamil elite had during the colonial era, as shown by the Tamils’ disproportionate representation in the legislature. On the basis of the J-C’s interests, GG Ponnambalam called for “50-50” as many Sinhalese are aware. What most Sinhalese don’t know, however, is that GG was not a “Tamil nationalist”- he saw the ITAK’s demands as unreasonable and correctly perceived that they would lead to a confrontation with the Sinhalese.

ITAK and the federalist cause had very little support until 1956. Even after 1956, there were plenty of Jaffna and especially Colombo Tamils who were not serious “nationalists,” but they thought that federalism could be leveraged to gain concessions in Colombo. They were represented in ITAK by people like M. Thiruchelvam, who held a Cabinet position during the 1965-70 UNP govt., and they were dominant in that period leading to the frustration of the more serious nationalists.

There most certainly were genuine separatists in ITAK, such as V. Navaratnam (whose book The Fall and Rise of the Tamil Nation is my primary source for this info), who were sincere Tamil chauvinists and saw federalism as a stepping stone towards a separate state (as most Sinhalese interpreted all of the Federalists’ motivations). However, most of the ITAK leadership had opportunistic motives like their Sinhala nationalist counterparts- they saw the Federalism banner as a vote-grabber and acted accordingly. Amirthalingam best exemplified this sort of leader, who made promises he couldn’t deliver.

Most of the above leaders were a conservative, insincere bunch who talked a lot about Tamil rights but had no intention of addressing other issues plaguing Tamil society (again, very similar to Sinhala leadership), such as caste discrimination. A really great source for this mentality is in the introduction of UTHR’s Broken Palmyra (, which I personally rate as the best post-independence history of SL up to the beginning of the war. Perhaps the great tragedy of all this was that while the younger generation rejected the insincerity and opportunism of their elders, they accepted the ethnonationalist framework which these leaders fed to their electorate. For example, the student militants were horrified how the lower-castes were treated- how could the Tamils resist Sinhala racism by being divided? They did not consider that the Sinhalese faced similar problems and a disillusionment with their own leaders.

the legislative bent of the 50s and 60s was a blow to basic civil rights, let alone national aspirations.”

Aside from Sinhala-Only, how was the legislation in that period a blow to the rights of the Tamils living in the N-E? What happened in the 1960s?

And that is the fundamental clincher: whereas the mainstream southern parties were cosying up to Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism (Sinhala Only Bill, standardisation etc), and erecting a State on explicity communalist grounds, the mainstream Tamil Parties (ACTC first, then the Federal Party) were not doing the equivalent.

What do the words “Thamil Arasu” in ITAK mean?

But by 1977, Tamil sentiment was clearly in favour of separation,

The unfortunate thing about the TULF’s separatist position (which was basically a means of roping in the Thamil Manavar Peravai youth for votes, nothing more) is that it was interpreted by the Sinhalese as a declaration of war. From that time onward, any attempt by Sinhala leaders to address Tamil demands would be interpreted as appeasement or surrender.

I don’t support the war. But if I did, I’d probably try to find someone who does not spout racist ideas?

Then we have an even more fundamental difference of opinion which would better explain why you’re anti-govt. How should Rajapakse have reacted to the LTTE’s closing of the Mavil Aru anicut? Should he have appointed someone who was politically correct but too militarily inept to solve the problem?

You may not think the latter is important, but the government did spend $millions lobbying for that UN Human Rights Council seat last year, which it lost.

This is news to me. In what way was the money spent? Can you show a news article which details this (I’ll even accept Sunday/Morning Leader bullshit)?

You did not answer my question as to what another country in Sri Lanka’s situation would do. This is where all your analogies of Le Pen and German Romanticism fall flat- wrong context.

Do you think that the war against the LTTE justifies the abduction and killing of civilians, and State repression against political parties that have nothing to do with the LTTE?

Which political parties?

As for civilians, I have to confess that this is where my beliefs rest on weakest grounds, and where I would concede that I may be wrong. Morally there is no excuse for the govt’s treatment of Tamil civilians, and I would be more willing to speak up for Mahinda if things were going better in Eastern Province. However, the LTTE’s terrorist infrastructure in the South is based on civilian support (in addition to help from the Sinhala underworld and corrupt police/SLA). Pablo Escobar, the powerful Colombian drug lord of the 1990s was only weakened and set on the run after paramilitaries decimated his non-combatant support base.

Do you really think the government is just going to give up using the repressive apparatus it has fostered over the last 30+ years, when they have proved to be such efficacious tools against political foes and media rascals?

Before I answer your question, I have to point out that there has been not one “government” in the last 30 years but six (not counting Wijetunge’s short presidency), and each had different approaches towards security affairs. Chandrika dismantled the UNP’s intelligence apparatus and culled the other security forces, and was caught flat-footed when the LTTE declared war in 1995. We all know about Ranil and the Millennium City “confidence-building” incident in 2002.

As for Mahinda, think a little more about the choices he will face. The only way he could justify maintaining the current security setup in a post-LTTE situation would be to find another enemy- i.e. a non-Tamil, most likely *Sinhala* enemy. In other words, the new enemy would not be something that would unify the Sinhalese as the LTTE has done, and Mahinda would be courting a Southern civil war.

Whether or not Mahinda is dumb enough to let this happen, there will be greater opportunities to change things and work with the Tamils with the LTTE out of the picture. Perhaps by then, you and I will be on the same side.

Can you name a country where this has ever happened?

Spain following the demise of Franco. Also Argentina & Chile. The East German security apparatus, far beyond anything that Sri Lanka had or will ever have was dismantled following the end of communism and reunification. Would you like more examples?

Your ‘they do it too!’ defence is as hollow as ‘I was only following orders’ was at Nuremberg.

Perhaps one reason why Mahinda is letting this happen is that he understands that there will be no Nuremberg here. The international community doesn’t give a shit about Sri Lanka. That is why my defense is not, “I was only following orders,” but rather, “Kill or be killed.

And how exactly does 14 years of occupation by the LTTE, justify intimidation and ballot stuffing in an election once the LTTE is evicted?

Even if there was no intimidation and ballot-stuffing (AND assuming that the LTTE remnants would not be allowed to do their own intimidating), the TMVP would’ve won the elections. If you disagree, then please tell me who the loser in those elections was.

The fact is that voter turnout for both the local and PC elections in the east was about the *same* for similar elections in the South over the last 20 years; if the Tamils did not believe they would be given a democratic mandate, they would’ve stayed home.

I am arguing that what emerged in the late 19th century was a new phenomenon in the way it mass packaged a Buddhist-Sinhala political identity, laced with all sorts of ugly undertones (like Aryanism). It was led by wealthy landowners and businessmen such as Amarasuriya, Abeywardena and Hewavitharana, and it was for interest of these layers (+ disenchanted clergy and intellectuals) that it stood.

I’d like to know what your sources are for your understanding of recent Sri Lankan history. I’ve already mentioned Navaratnam and UTHR for Tamil history (Broken Palmyra also has an excellent critique of the Left). My main source for the history of Sinhala nationalism is KNO Dharmadasa’s Language, Religion, and Ethnic Assertiveness: The Growth of Sinhala Nationalism in Sri Lanka, which I consider to be much better than the Marxist scholars/conflict resolutionists’ version because Dharmadasa has a far superior knowledge of Sinhala literature (even though he’s an asshole).

I also consider Lakshmanan Sabaratnam’s Ethnic Attachments in Sri Lanka: Social Change and Cultural Continuity and Nira Wickramasinghe’s Sri Lanka in the Modern Age: A History of Contested Identities to be excellent, original works that don’t simply rehash what’s been said before (Neil DeVotta is an example of this latter unfortunate tendency).

One thing that Dharmadasa says about Sinhala nationalism is that it manifested itself only in times of crisis. Sabaratnam for example pointed out that the Mahavamsa- a text that was considerably more nationalistic than its predecessor texts- was written at a time when the Buddhists in Sri Lanka and India were coming into greater conflict with the emerging bhakti faiths emanating from Tamil Nadu.

If the above elites had packaged a Sinhala-Buddhist political identity, then what was the manifestation of it- what was the political organization/entity that was established to push this identity into political discourse?

here I fear you delve into the realm of psychobabble

Can you specifically cite my “psychobabble?” I have no fear of your own Marxist-babble.

It was not a movement led from below, in stark contrast to mass labor movements, for instance. The LSSP, arguably the most powerful political movement of Labor and the national opposition after the '46 election, had no ethno-nationalist character at all. That groups like the LSSP were able to gain mass support amongst Sinhala working people puts lie to any suggestion that Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism is some unbridgeable constant.

The LSSP had absolutely no ethnonationalist character? Why did it feature “Lanka” in its name vs. “Ceylon?” More importantly, how come the LSSP had no presence in the rural areas? Why did the LSSP eventually sell out and embrace communalism?

The fact remains that whatever Dharmapala et al fashioned, including Aryanism that was borrowed from the Europeans, was built upon a preexisting notion of Sinhala nationalism. Dharmapala himself asserted that the basis of Sinhala nationalism is the fact that the Sinhalese have no other home than Sri Lanka:

“The island of Lanka belongs to the Buddhist Sinhalese. For 2455 years this was the land of birth for the Sinhalese. Other races have come here to pursue their commercial activities. For the Europeans, apart from this land, there is Canada, Australia, South Africa, England and America to go; for the Tamils there is South India; for the Moors…Egypt; the Dutch can go to Holland. But for the Sinhalese there is only this island.

The notion that people like Amarasuriya, Abeywardena and Hewavitharana, and the other layers who were at the forefront of the revivalist movement, were animated by some abstract fear of the Sinhala race being wiped out of existence, is frankly comical.

Really? Buddhism originated in India and used to be practiced everywhere in the subcontinent, from Central Asia to Bengal. Where in India is Buddhism practiced today?

And what were Dharmapala’s material interests?? Doesn’t the word “Anagarika” mean “homeless”?????

In fact, there was a general rapprochement between Buddhism and the European overlords until the 19th century, and heroic tales like that you describe were the exception not the rule – how do you explain this?

I am not completely discounting economic forces- the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka is more or less the history of the Sangha’s patronage relationship with the rulers. But these “silly sentiments,” more so than economic forces, drive history in a broad sense, even if they may not determine specific events. I might as well point out your LSSP example as an exception, and not the rule.

Or do you think that 1983 was merely some historical ‘accident’,

It was an “accident” in the sense that if JR’s government had reacted differently to the killing of the 13 soldiers, history would have turned out very differently. Your argument about economic forces is better suited to explain anti-Tamil violence than Sinhala nationalism.

I honestly don’t know how much I can ascribe Sinhala nationalism to the riots, although we cannot discount the role that Tamil nationalism had played. The best comparison I can offer was the anti-Sikh riots in India the following year which had a similar impact in expanding the insurgency in Punjab. How did these riots take place in a country which valued its plural and secular nature? Was there a history of oppression against Sikhs in India?

The 1977 election demonstrates that, by 1977, Tamils in the North and East felt the only way they could live in dignity was in an independent, secular Tamil state (whether or not this was accurate is another question). The events of 1983 only emboldened this view. As it so happens, the LTTE ultimately emerged as the only group fighting for separation, in other words, the only group fighting for what Tamils demanded in the ’77 election.

You neglected to mention how the Tamils believed that this independent, secular Tamil state would be achieved. Most Tamils at that time, and indeed well into the 1980s, believed that Tamil Eelam would be achieved through Indian intervention a la Bangladesh. They were not under the LTTE’s delusion that they as a minority could achieve a separate state on their own.

In 1987, the Tamils got Indian intervention and the next best thing to a separate state- a merged N-E under the protection of the Indian military with the promise of an elected subnational government. The Tamils showed no sign that they were discontent with this outcome, and that is where the story may have ended if the LTTE did not attack the IPKF in October.

Yes, because they still tethered their hopes to the political process. It was not just the 1983 riots that shattered these hopes, but a wave of repression against Tamils between 1977 and 1983, as well.

Yet that wave of repression did not build the LTTE’s army until 1983. That is why I focus on 1983 more than the period between 1977 and 1983. The fact that they still believed in the political process demolishes the relevance of the Vaddukkoddai Resolution. By about 1981, Vaddukkoddai was largely forgotten by the average Tamil. The Tamils participated in the Presidential election and voted for the SLFP.

It’s hard to say for sure, but with the discrediting of TULF and the decline of militancy (it had not really taken off to begin with), Tamil politics appeared to be taking a leftward turn with the EPRLF and PLOTE working to mobilize the poor. If 1983 did not take place, it is likely that these groups would have eventually linked with the new southern Left that was growing in opposition to JR.

The fact that in early 2001 the country was on the verge of bankruptsy and was suffering a severe balance of payments crisis had much more to do with the ceasefire than the TNA.

Then can you explain why Ranil did not do anything when the LTTE flouted the ceasefire by continuing to build its army and murder dissidents? The common perception is that he didn’t do anything because he was a weak leader, which is true, but I think his dependence on the TNA to form a majority played at least some role.

And in what way do you consider the ceasfire lopsided? It required the LTTE to drop its demand for a separate state, after all.

If you didn’t think that the CFA was tilted in favor of the LTTE, for example allowing the LTTE access to govt territory to conduct “political work” but denying the the govt. same access to LTTE territory, then we might not have any common ground to have any sort of discussion on that topic.

Can you show me the clause in the CFA which required the LTTE to drop its demand for a separate state?

The same processes that have led to similar fringe racist groups rising to prominence across the world (the Christian Right in the US, Hansonism in Australia, Le Pen in France, the neo-Fascists in Italy). Sharpening class antagonisms, grinding poverty, on a background of a decades-old war, foster fascistic tendencies.

???? So the American Christian Right, Australian Hansonism, etc. all arose on a background of a decades-old war??????? Your suggestion that class antagonisms produced the JHU is frankly comical, as they would’ve delivered votes for the JVP, not the JHU.

Let me try asking the question again: how did the JHU win 9 seats in the 2004 election, when it only won one seat in 2000? What changed?

Kithul said...


mercenaries can be dubbed as one of the lowest in the moral order

where do you place 'Terrorists' in your 'moral order' lower or higher than Mercenaries.

scond question where do you place the LTTE in your 'moral order'

don't just vanish and appear to have not seen the poser to you when you have to commit your self to an answer. best opportunity to prove your not a 'wolf in sheep skin' rather yellow skin

Moshe Dyan said...


nowadays you only display your bankruptsy. interesting what the war has done to tamil elam supporters.

1. one group has gone from MILD PRO-LTTE to STRONG PRO-LTTE and STRONG ANTI-SL

2. the other group has gone from MILD PRO-LTTE to STRONG PRO-SL

these are standard behavioural types (among others) of ppl when things go wrong.

the first group is too easy to be identified as pro-LTTE but the latter is INCREASINGLY difficult to be identified as pro-LTTE.

the ability to identify group #2 as pro-LTTE pro-TE is VERY VERY important bcos this is the SAME approach the LTTE and its political supporters will take pretty soon.

but the way to deal with them is not to confront them outright. get them to talk (and work) against their beloved LTTE as much as possible. when they try to put their pro-TE BS, trap them and screww them.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Echola….. Echola…..Did I accuse u wrongfully?? Ask Wijayapala! “but I’m presenting information that is generally not found on the internet”

Echo mate, the crap is crap and if u search crap on Google lot of crap jumps out! And that’s the crap I am talking about!

Wijayapala, Excellent! Thanks for the Broken Palmyra link too! will read as time permits.

Wijayapala, just for my information can u describe “Anagarika Dharmapala” in ur own words? If u think it could be too much for DW then I can give u my email! I have my own version of Anagarika Dharmapala and just want to see the different.

Kithul said...

The Eelam bubble
The Tamil diaspora still talk of winning the "Eelam" war, of seeing "the light at the end of the tunnel of a mythical Tamil state" , even as six elite army divisions strategically lay siege to the Wanni heartland. As it is there is a light, that of a fast-approaching express train that would steam roll the "Eealm" myth to the sun baked Wanni floor forever.

from 'Six Silent Men'

Ra said...

wijeyapalan and his shadow:

this gay couple doing it up side down and down side up!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

The Topic is on PMCs not terrorists, hence my post deals with PMCs aka Mercenaries.Is that clear?
But since you are about to burst a vein i will answer your query
"" where do you place 'Terrorists' in your 'moral order' lower or higher than Mercenaries ?""

Lower, if the mercenary is on killer duties and not on supportive roles( eg Truck drivers, cleaners, cooks).Cos' terrorists kill for their firm belief( even if wrong); mercenaries kill for a price, even if they know they are on the wrong side.The same fellows would fight for the "terrorists"if the price is right.
I am not going to humour your childish questions again.

Moshe Dyan said...

last mile,

you are right.

but don't spoil HIS/HER fun. it is like self-abuse (masturbation). and this is NOT the first time either!!!!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


සිසිර කුමාර said...

These buggers go to some isolated place and hold posters and take pics.

They fear that they will loose refugee status if they show their true behavior.

Moshe Dyan said...

hope this is not true.

"Sri Lankan forces blast bridge on humanitarian access route in Vanni
[TamilNet, Tuesday, 14 October 2008, 02:44 GMT]

Pearaa'ru bridge, located on Maangku'lam - Oddisuddaan Road, which branches off from the A9, the access route which was used by the World Food Programme (WFP) humanitarian convoy to Vanni during the first week of October has been destroyed by the Sri Lankan forces in joint attacks carried out since Sunday. In the meantime, rain has started to fall in densely populated areas in Vanni on Tuesday. Many of the refugees living under the trees were forced to seek shelter in buildings, temples, churches and with the neighbouring houses.

The IDPs were expecting Humanitarian Convoy last Friday.

On Sunday, a Sri Lanka Army DPU team attempted to destroy the 15 meter wide and 10 meters deep bridge, which is located at 9th Mile Post from Maangku'lam. Later, the SLA targeted the bridge with artillery fire. Sri Lanka Air Force bombers also carried out bombardment on the bridge, disabling vehicle transport over the bridge.

Pearaa'ru channels water from Vavuniyaa to Ira'naimadu Tank.

The other access road, which runs thruough Neadungkea'ni from Pu'liyanku'lam in Vavuniyaa towards Mullaiththeevu has been targeted by the DPU for a long time."

it looks good on the surface.
in fact kaati suggested this long ago but i think this is not right. bridges are civilian infrastructure although terrorists use them. given the TN's lack of credibility this may well be BS.

Unknown said...

India's loss is Singapore's gain
This is the difference when you have a Sri Lankan as the chairman of the Singapore Stock Exchange. He was also previously the chairman of the Singapore Central Bank or the Monetary Authorithy of Singapore. Joseph Yuvaraj Manuel Pillai or known as JP Pillai or JYM Pillai.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

I have seen comments by eelamists saying "war will not end after defeat & death of Vezapizzai".

Right now there is no other significant measures by eelamists to achieve an eelam other than holding on the dick of an uneducated, uncivilized, notorious thug. When the thug is killed the eelam "aspiration" will cease.

WAR will end with Vezas death.

සිසිර කුමාර said...


What if it was terras. They could blow up the bridge.

Kithul said...


have you seen this video "Sea tigers suffered heavy losses in Valaipadu, off Nachchikuda"

Api Panna Panna Gehuwa"

Kithul said...


why skip the second question?

can't betray the brothers ha?

priyashantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...


You are correct. This cannot be true. LTTE bases Mankulam and to the south is not isolated because its a complete utter lie by the TamilNitwit.

Also in case the bridge was blown up, the Eelam engineering division can go and easily fix it, because they are very efficient like during the Tsunami.

Nisal said...

A nice speech by by Vezapille

Nisal said... progress map updated.

සිසිර කුමාර said...



Ra said...

priyashantha... excellent mate!

Rana said...


I wish it is true, if Mankulam - Mulative road is down, LTTE supply to Mankulam and Puliankulam will drop to minimu. Civilians will not get food and medicine, if tigers were deprived of food and medicine within weeks they will break.

If civilians want food they should come down to south.

Tigers cannot fight with empty stomach for long.

if the said bridge is not damaged, it is good to see that is destroyed without delay. We cannot win this war pleasing every party in the world. If you can get a decisive win within month or two, we should go for it.

Jambudipa said...


My only concern is the old A9 highway that runs parallel to the new one. All river crossings here including ones over small creeks must be blown up.

Rana said...


true mate, LTTE does everything they want to gain advantage. Our boys can't fight with one hand tied down to their backs. International community, NGO, INGO, India, UN and all other alien forces are against us.

We should do anything and everything to protect our boys and cut this LTTE snake by half as soon as possible. Any delay will only make things difficult. Last 25 years prove that, we cannot miss this opportunity to finish the damn thing once and for all.

Rana said...

For all Eeelam lovers,

please note that your demand of seperate country is not negotiable. Just forget it. As long as sinhalese alive in any corner of the globe, we will fight. It will be much easier to get something from Canada, UK, USA or from India but not from SL.

Only out come of this war is total anihilation to tigers and those who support Peelam.

TamilskillTamils said...

It was awesome feeling that when Jaynatha Mendis grabbed the Man of the Match award (Apartment) yesterday…this is the answer for Tamil LTTE supporters who protested against him he he he …well done sir…Some Sri Lanka LTTE Tamils are Ass****** cricket is nothing to do with bloody politics…LTTE supporters got to understand you showed to the world who you are… what you did yesterday…good for Sri Lanka …this is true colour of Tamil Di-AssPora…

Hohohohoho …..

kaatikuddupaan said...

When I was in Vanni, i used to laugh thinking of everyday when the Kfir jets come to bomb they only hit the bases.

However there is minimal casualties from those airstrikes.

I am happy that atleast now the GOSL has decided to restrict movements to only a few main roads.

It is important to destroy the bridges e.t.c especially in Puthukudyirupu, Visuvamadu areas. LTTE moves heavily in these areas.

Also give some bombs to the road checkpoints of LTTE to prevent constant route clearing and allow the LRRP to move more easily.

Also all the minor roads, culverts e.t.c should be finished off so that LTTE can only move in A35 road and the Mullaithivu - mankulam main roads.

THe Vanni civilians should be pressured so much so as to be forced to grab arms off LTTE and fight it out themselves and cause internal dissent.

Most of the kerosene, food e.t.c is going straight to LTTE bases, even most of the senior LTTE cadres have ration card so they bug most of the food and not allow it to reach the "civilians"

finally, the LTTE hospital near the Krishna temple and SLMM office in Kilinochi town needs to be leveled !!

Many cadres are getting treatment there with GOSL marked medicines.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Wouldn't it be wiser to skip the main cities and capture the "free" stretches between them? If we start doing it at every front, pussycats will run out of methods to track/predict our moves.

It is good to capture towns if; it saves some civilians, or it increases the "harvest". But I think pussycats take saving their cadres as plan1 and forcing the civilians as plan2. Defending/retalliating is not really their agenda. They are awaiting for the next political change to provide oxygen, just like Navindran.

There are two occasions that pussycats came back from eminent defeat by means of "oxygen".

1. In 1987, when they were cornered to the narrow stretches of peninsula they were capable of making India interfer. Hence SL was forced to abandon the victorious battle

2. In early 1990s when they were cornered to Mullativu jungles by IPKF, they deceived President Premadasa, allegedly got material support and also made him send Indians home, again abandoning the battle.

So other than the military victory of theirs in the aftermath of Jayasikuruyi [isn't this the era of worst military leadership?] they have never defeated SLDF militarily. They always depend on Oxygen from some source. Right now everyone has understood them very well. And that's why they don't receive any help [other than from UNP]. You cant fool anyone so many times, and in this war only few parties are countable.

V4Victory said...

Hi Kaatikuduppan,

How are you mate? You have good knowledge of vanni, in terms of location. Have you been there?

THe Vanni civilians should be pressured so much so as to be forced to grab arms off LTTE and fight it out themselves and cause internal dissent.

you must be goodman.

V4Victory said...

Kaatikuduppans is all out.......

Naachikuda is being flanked....

Kilinochi is on the run....

Mullaithivu is vacating......

Australia is considering...

Good news for today

Moshe Dyan said...

rana, panhinda & kaati,

may be tigers blasted the bridges as they did in jaffna in 1995 when faced with advancing troops.

it may help us to blow up bridges in vanni, but i find it difficult to accept as a war strategy.

SLA will also need bridges when these areas fall into their hands. we are heading to the monsoon time and the importance of bridges to the SLA is very high.

Jambudipa said...


one of LTTE's weakness is lack of manpower. they compensate for this by having highly mobile units that cover multiple fronts as and when needed. cutting off routes will severely curtail their movements and supplies.

there is an engineering regiment within the military isn't there? i have seem them having vehicles that carry temporary bridges. there are so many other ways to quickly put up a pontoon bridge for example. imagine all we had to do was to blow up a bridge to end this quickly. should we keep thinking or just take the risk and go ahead? i think we should.

Moshe Dyan said...


i've seen them too. that will provide kind of "selective bridging" only to our benefit.

yea; it seems benefits of blowing these bridges up outweigh costs after all. convinced.

Anonymous said...


It is great if you could post a analysis 'How monsoon rain would affect SLDF and their future operations'.

Srilankan said...

Australia has been "considering" since 1948..They will do nothing.This "considering" takes place whenever there is a discussion with SLankan Fminister.We dont want them to "consider" anymore and waste our money in pointless foreign trips by FM.What we want them to do is to give part of their country to EELAM.Only true beneficieries of this are the newspapers.

Mohammed Zubair said...

@ Wijayapalanthan: Do you know the meanings of the words clarity and brevity?

IntelAttack said...

Interesting build up;
Sri Lankan forces blast bridge on humanitarian access route in Vanni

Pearaa'ru bridge, located on Maangku'lam - Oddisuddaan Road, which branches off from the A9, the access route which was used by the World Food Programme (WFP) humanitarian convoy to Vanni during the first week of October has been destroyed by the Sri Lankan forces in joint attacks carried out since Sunday. In the meantime, rain has started to fall in densely populated areas in Vanni on Tuesday. Many of the refugees living under the trees were forced to seek shelter in buildings, temples, churches and with the neighbouring houses.

Jambudipa said...


LTTE reinforces their kilinochi trench from the 'national front' at muhmulai and vice-versa.

have a look at google maps for the A9 road connecting Paranthan to Elephant Pass. this runs over a very narrow causeway over the lagoon. i am sure we can break the link here with a single air dropped 600lb bomb. there is another very breakable link on the other side linking EP to Weli-Oya at Chundikkulam as well.

we can totally de-link the peninsula at the neck here cutting off all LTTE movements between.

lankaputhra said...

Oct 14, 2008
India - The dangers of Tamil Chauvinism

Malini Parthasarathy

The latest campaign in Tamil Nadu masterminded by a desperate LTTE must not be allowed to undermine the sound policy decision upheld by successive Indian governments since 1991 to stay out of Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

Time appears to have stood still for most Tamil Nadu’s politicians who seem completely insulated from the complex ground realities that mark India’s new political landscape. India’s political establishment and civil society are anxiously grappling with the enormity of the horrific new threat to Indian society — terrorism — fast becoming an everyday reality on the streets. But oddly enough, seemingly oblivious of the contradiction, political parties in Tamil Nadu, led by the MDMK and the PMK, have recently plunged into high-pitched activity aimed at garnering support for the LTTE, a deadly terrorist organisation.

These parties have launched a campaign in the State ostensibly to express solidarity with the Sri Lankan Tamils trapped in the war zone in northern Sri Lanka but the timing of this campaign which appears to have materialised overnight, is a dead giveaway. The Sri Lankan army, just two kilometres away from the LTTE’s administrative capital, Kilinochchi, has successfully encircled the Tigers and their leader who are virtually trapped in their bunkers. For the first time in years, the Sri Lankan government appears to be on the brink of a major success in its battle with terrorism. There is now the very real prospect of the capture of the elusive LTTE chief, Velupillai Prabakaran, who is behind the assassination of a former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi.

Tamil Nadu’s politicians clearly have different standards for India and for Sri Lanka. It would appear that they accept that battling terrorism in India and saving Kashmir from Islamist jihadis are important national tasks but not so in Sri Lanka which has been menaced for more than two decades by the LTTE. It was the LTTE which pioneered terrorism in South Asia and produced two generations of suicide bombers who have claimed numerous high-profile victims. For far too long have the legitimate aspirations of the Sri Lankan Tamils been held hostage to the hegemonic ambitions of the LTTE chief Prabakaran who has consistently sabotaged all attempts to find political solutions to the ethnic conflict.

When Pakistani generals and Islamist militants characterise the separatist uprising in Kashmir as a “freedom struggle,” the collective Indian national consciousness is understandably outraged. Politicians in India are rarely exercised over concerns that the human rights of innocent citizens are often trampled upon in police action against terrorists or their perceived accomplices. There is indeed a broad-based political consensus behind the Indian state when it takes strong steps to root out terrorism.

It is therefore all the more incongruous that the political parties in Tamil Nadu, including the ruling DMK and its principal challenger the AIADMK have decided to work themselves into a frenzy over the alleged violation of the “human rights” of the Sri Lankan Tamils in the context of the military action against the LTTE. Evidently, the game plan of the LTTE and its supporters is to rally Tamil chauvinist sentiment and translate that into pressure on New Delhi to signal its disapproval to Colombo, thereby weakening its moral authority in the eyes of the Sri Lankan Tamil community.

There is a strong sense of déjÀ vu, listening to the rhetoric and speeches of leaders in Tamil Nadu, whose understanding of the Sri Lankan political situation is mired in a time-warp, their images of the ethnic conflict drawing primarily from scenes of two decades ago, particularly the flashpoint of 1983, when the Wellikada prison massacre highlighted dramatically the plight of the Sri Lankan Tamil community and brought thousands of refugees to Indian shores. But after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the Indian national psyche recoiled from a continued engagement with the Sri Lankan ethnic crisis.

Since the 1990s, New Delhi’s policy has been to acknowledge the terrorist character of the LTTE and the imperative of a military confrontation with that organisation, while continuing to offer moral encouragement to Colombo to find a political solution that would provide a framework to empower the Tamil community. Meanwhile, India made clear its utter repugnance for the LTTE by banning it not just because it was involved in the murder of Rajiv Gandhi but because it viewed the LTTE as a terrorist movement that would continuously strive to stimulate the secessionist sentiment in Tamil Nadu as long as Sri Lanka continued to have ethnic strife.

The situation in Sri Lanka itself has undergone profound changes since the 1980s, when it was easier to conceptualise purely political solutions and rule out military responses to the violent dimensions of the conflict. At that point in time, it was indeed possible to sideline the militant groups of Sri Lankan Tamil politics by engaging the political interlocutors in the Tamil community such as the urbane leaders of the TULF, notably Appapillai Amirthalingam, who recognised the key to political empowerment lay in the democratic process. But with the ruthless elimination of every credible interlocutor in the Tamil community by the LTTE which insisted that it was the sole representative of the Sri Lankan Tamils, the space for a political solution has narrowed over the years, rendering null and void the several exercises seeking a devolution of power to the Tamil community.

Yet the Thirteenth Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution which was a consequence of the Indo-Sri Lankan Agreement of 1987, envisaging devolution of power to provincial councils has become a touchstone for the resolution of the ethnic conflict. The Sri Lankan President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, has made it clear that he remains committed to a political solution of this sort. In a meeting with the All Party Representative Conference (APRC) last Saturday, Mr. Rajapaksa emphasised that it was the duty of the Sri Lankan state “to ensure to the Tamil people of the North the same democratic rights as enjoyed by the people in all parts of the country.” He also took care to explain that the military action against the LTTE was against terrorism and not against the Tamil community.

The Sri Lankan President has acquired unprecedented political space for his military campaign against the LTTE. Several factors including the rebellion of the powerful LTTE commander Karuna and the fact that there is now in place an elected provincial council in the Eastern Province have rendered irrelevant many of the points in the earlier Sri Lankan Tamil political platform. That there is a credible and workable political solution now in sight has made it easier for Colombo to launch military operations against the LTTE. It is indeed the sovereign right of Sri Lanka as it is of India to eliminate any terrorist organisation that poses a fundamental threat to its survival as a nation.

The parties in Tamil Nadu which have strong ties to the LTTE such as the MDMK and the PMK are in the forefront of this new campaign which has sprung to life overnight after decades of silence. Their rhetoric is dated and wearily familiar. The MDMK’s Vaiko, brimming with moral indignation, has lashed out at the Centre for allegedly sending military assistance to Sri Lanka which was “unleashing a genocidal attack on the Tamil race”. Likewise the PMK’s leader S. Ramadoss has alleged that “the situation on the island threatens to eliminate the entire Tamil race”.

That the LTTE’s shadow lurks behind this new campaign is evident in the demand of Dr. Ramadoss that the Union government recognise the “Eelam Tamils struggle for their rights.” There is also an implied acceptance of the LTTE’s claim to be the only authentic representative of the Sri Lankan Tamils in the declaration of Dr. Ramadoss that the LTTE is “acting as a fortress for ethnic Tamils.”

As the LTTE has presumably calculated, this binge of competitive chauvinism has compelled Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi to up the ante on this issue, adding for good measure, his own dramatic assertion that unless the Centre cooperates in stopping the attacks on the Sri Lankan Tamils, not only would the Sri Lankan Tamils perish but so also would the “Tamils in Tamil Nadu.” The strategic design behind the campaign to “express solidarity” with the Sri Lankan Tamils that is now under way in Tamil Nadu should not be underestimated.

For the last decade or so, New Delhi has successfully resisted the various attempts made by the LTTE and its supporters in Tamil Nadu to force it to intervene in the Sri Lankan ethnic crisis. If New Delhi were to express its disapproval, even implicitly, of Sri Lanka’s sovereign right to recapture its own national territory from the LTTE, it would weaken the moral authority of India’s own actions in regard to its struggle against terrorism and the separatist agitation in Kashmir. This latest campaign in Tamil Nadu masterminded by a desperate LTTE must not be allowed to undermine the sound policy decision upheld by successive Indian governments since 1991 to stay out of Sri Lanka’s internal affairs

Moshe Dyan said...


got it. actually there are at least 3 crossings near EP. one is A9; there is another road towards the east and another one to the west.

near "chundikulam" palai area there are at least 2 crossings.

some of these waters are shallow and MAY be in low tide they can still cross with ease. anyway busting the 5 crossings would be a big blow to them.

it may clear up the whole stretch to EP for the infantry (subject to the neutralisation of LTTE arti.)!!

if a bottleneck occurs here when there are no roads and LTTE wants to bring in reinforcements, that will be an ideal harvesting ground.

the same problems that affect us to capture poonaryn will haunt the LTTE in that case!!

good pick, mate. this is getting interesting.

Corey said...

Did you also mean to say that the SLMM office is also being used to treat injured people?

Defencewire said...


"applicants to US green card are made to work for the military, are forms of a mercenary slightly on a better level morally. If Govts must use mercenaries, this should be the way( still immoral but they are answerable to law and have good oversight by the Govt)."


Jambudipa said...


some of these waters are shallow and MAY be in low tide they can still cross with ease.

in low tide, they will find it very hard to move thir armour, artillery, mobile ack ack, and towed mortar pieces. infantry maybe but with difficulty.

what about fuel for vehicles and food? i read in a recent article all food for ltte around here are prepared in kilinochi.

im not sure but there must be a way to cut off drinkg water at umaialpuram and iyakachchi also. this is how they overran ep last.


Infinity said...

The most likely way the LTTE can win this war is by international intervention. They cannot win a war of attrition or a conventional war if not the politico-military leadership is grossly inefficient and corrupt. Which is not now the case.

So I think that what LTTE hopes for, unless they manage to kill the top Sri Lankan leaders, is a repeat of Kosovo/Bosnia. For this to happen they need a real "humanitarian catastrophe"/"Genocide".

Stopping humanitarian aid and causing starvation could thus possible help their cause. So I think that the LTTE has destroyed the bride. Looking at Tamilnet article it also looks like they are also preparing to close down the only other major open road.

I think the airforce should start considering the possibility of having to drop food supplies from the air etc.

silentknight said...

@ defensenet,

why is there a lull in the fwd momentum of the troops?

Sithsala said...


I need couple of reviews for CollapseComments, whether it works/useful/need improvement/sucks/..., in the addons.mozilla page so that I can push it from experimental stage to public stage. Once in the public stage, everyone will be able to install it without the hassle of creating a addons.mozilla account.

For those that doesn't know what CollapseComments is, visit

MrBrown said...

DW Macho...

Seems threee of ur mercenaries working in middle east got capital punishment.? is it True??

V4Victory said...

I know tamil boys are sentenced for credit card scams in many countries. At the same way, sinhalese boys are jailed for murder, particularly in middle east.

The former case is understandabe when you you caught by police, you must say you are forced by ltte to do credit scam so that you could make the impression that you are forced to do so by so called deadly terrorist, which is banned in USA, UK and blah blah to save your life.

But why these boys are in killer group in many instances. I dont want to make this as business to justify our cause. Just curiosity.

V4Victory said...

News update:

Tamilnadu tells that 40 MPs will resign from their post unless Indian government initiate a cease fire between tigers and GOSL within two weeks.

what is gonna happen?

Unknown said...

These Eelamish pests are a curse to our nation. Just because these pests don't have a country of their own, it is not our fault. Anyway, sooner or later I hope our leaders come to realize that the ultimate victory in this war it reduce eelamish pests to very manageable and limited number. The only way to do it, is to adopt a 1989 style war stratedy. That is to roast each and every eelamist and cannibalize the vermin.

IntelAttack said...

"Tamilnadu tells that 40 MPs will resign from their post"

Wow! That's great news!

Annonymous said...

v4victory said:

The former case is understandabe when you you caught by police, you must say you are forced by ltte to do credit scam so that you could make the impression that you are forced to do so by so called deadly terrorist, which is banned in USA, UK and blah blah to save your life.

Which crime is more punishable V4Victiory [= V4V = we for we = Api Venuven Api], credit card theft or credit card theft + fund raising for terrorists? I don't think anyone would choose more punishable one for lies. And it was the police who found this link, they have not volunteered to expose it.

Tamilnadu tells that 40 MPs will resign from their post unless Indian government initiate a cease fire between tigers and GOSL within two weeks.

Good. This will remove TN MPs on tiger payroll. India won't mind that

It is fun to watch. Surely India can't make SL do a ceasefire in two weeks. So MPs will be in a dileamma in two weeks. If needed we can arrange a training with MP K D Lal Kanthe on how to wear your clothes after not conducting the promised resignation.

Wake up V4Victory. Stop dreaming.

Annonymous said...

I have been reading for a while before I started writing. I want to tell all you dreamers Navindran, V4V, etc the following.

Don't worry. You know why Vazapillai is not worried at all? Santa Clause is bringing Elam in on 25th December.

So, for the moment don't waste your time on looking forward for US recession, 40 TN MPs invading Sri Lanka, etc. Hang on till Christmas.

Annonymous said...

Can someone tell me why Ruwani appears only when Mr Brown is there? Is Ruwani Mr Brown's wife? And for the rest of the time they're in bed?

Sorry Mrs Ruwani Brown, I didn't mean anything bad. On the bed reading books OK?

kaatikuddupaan said...

SLMM office is not used to treat cadres. Ít's a big hospital to the left of it, adjacent to a Krishna temple.

It's governemnt built but only treats LTTE.

This place really needs to go. They only have one high bunker which can keep max of 30 ppl in.

Unknown said...

Hi Annonymous,

It's just co-incidental.


Sithsala said...

How to export and import blacklist in CollapseComments

Suwaganak said...

Sanath’s finger story is a malicious creation to gain Ealam propaganda out of anything. It is really sad to see such malicious and hatred spreading by Tamil Media. At the time of the photograph, Sanath was talking to the commentator and has been adjusting the sound of his earphone using his first and second fingers. What a load of crap writing just using a photograph to gain sympathy for LTTE terrorists (Ealamists). How cruel and hateful these writers to be so low/stupid to spread such pathetic mud sling on a sportsman like Sanath.

Red_Alert said...


apologies for the delay in replying and aplogies to DW for taking up DW space but hey, has to be done..

You said..
Security for whom??In Iraq it means security for the invaders. You cannot invade and destroy a society, and then offer to provide ' security '.The overwhelming nature of 'service' given by mercenaries throughout history has been negative and destructive, for pelf.

I agree with what you say in terms of security being provided for invaders. I'll go even as far as saying that the US shouldnt have invaded in the first place. BUT the job at hand is to rebuild... thats the end goal.. despite it being hard to swallow, fact is rebuilding Iraq MUST happen.. and for that to happen you DO NEED security.. Otherwise no ones going to come, hail more sectarian violence and Iraq's in deeper S***, so to speak.

You said...
Really? Please show where I showed them being superhumans.Re Nazi--again exceptions. Even then, did you notice how they were brought to book, and the common soldiers exonerated due to doctrine of command chain? This did not happen in any significant degree with the numerous militias/ mercenary types the Nazis used.

With regard to the Nazi's I wasnt talking about the punishment they got. Topic was the ethical position such people took when they decided to fight for their country, not what punishment they got (obviously even a kid's going to cry if his mum catches him stealing sugar)
You don't even have to go as far back as Nazi's.. being patriotic and fighting for your country is fine. HOwever, in many situations theres a fine line between serving the interests of your country and serving the interests of those in power. And unfortunately this is the case even in recent history [e.g. lets free the Iraqi's (actually what I really want is to find some oil in Iraq!) - although some may beg to differ with me on this view]

" Morality depends on the person. Not necessarily the job they do."
You said:
Depends. If you choose such a job voluntarily you are entitled to be responsible to be called so.
If an underworld don hires a shooter to execute his rival, would you exonerate the hireling?

Obviously not! If that person has a heart he wouldnt have taken that job in the first place. The actions of PMCs who go out of their way to kill people cannot be condoned. However.. I believe this to be the EXCEPTION as opposed to the RULE as identified by you. Without hard evidence neither your argument nor mine can be proved. but what can be said based on that is that you cannot jump the gun and JUMP to conclusions they way you did.

I have never needed glasses and I dont intend to have to use them. Again, I suggest don't jump to conclusions.

Anonymous said...


He was saying mercenaries earn more than him and he is full upset about that.

Long - Ranger said...

I have updated my portal. This time I have concentrated on the Tamil Tiger doctrine and on why it is bound to fail.

Take care all.

Rana said...

Long Ranger,

Thanks for update, good material.

As at present we are holding all cards. We can kill them if they attack or couter attack! We can gain ground if they retreat! They will run out of military assets, if they stall!

This is no way out for LTTE. They have dug their own grave. It is a matter of time, from now on!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

I was talking about the US practice of dangling the Green card carrot for those young foreign adult males/females applying for immigration--with the immigration requirements being relaxed , on joining active military duty. These fellows are still not US citizens yet, and their only reason for taking up the job is for material considerations.Indeed some such youngsters have died in Iraq and Afghanistan while their visa aplication was still pending. Hence this is a form of mercenary.

I did not jump to conclusions and there is voluminous literature out there on the evils of mercenary work.Some mercanaries in the past had also had their part in the bloodshed of ancient Sri Lankan civil wars.
My ' glasses' comment was clearly directed at Intelattack& apino d, pl read again.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


now sonny go running to DN and recruit a few supporters. good boy oooo...take a toffee.. here

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Gonorrhea guy, r u upset because I got friends and ur a lonely w@nking monkey in the mango tree?

Are there many donkeys like u in Ulaanbaatar?

So, u got ur Umbrella ready? Ha ha ha

In the future, when DW posts something pls don’t take it personal. I understand die-ass-pora’s like u get hurts and get mad but try keep it tight.

When u get ur emotional part ahead of ur thinking part it stinks. Next time before u pull ur head out of ur ars@ pls think twice. Because, every time u pull ur head out of ur ars@ it is “stinky poo”!

Rana said...

Bugger STD,

When Peelam is crumbling, you have gone crazy. If do not have anything else to do, why don't you go to SL and join with terras. They need more graves to beat Ginne's record of Hitler and Polpot.

TropicalStorm said...

Wow, just $2000? The average pay for US contracters in Iraq is around $100,000 per year. So they get these very experienced warriors for less than what they pay the dishwashers ina hotel.

Anyway, everything in the world is relative and as long as the SL mercenaries are happy with what they get, that's all that matters. At this rate soon SL will become a prime recruitement spot for military contractors like Blackwater.

TropicalStorm said...


Blasting a bridge can be done for tactical reasons, to compartmetalize areas to decimate infra-structure in a local area. This could be a tactic by SLDF to contain heavy equipment until they get to hit 'em.
At the same time SL forces have the capability to assemble a bridge within a very short time. [An engineer tells me less than 1 hour for a 20ft span. Do not know how true that is]

TropicalStorm said...


Green card holders are not sent to the war front since they are yet not citizens of the US and it can cause diplomatic issues with those nations.

The US military offers quick citizenship for any aliens on its soil, if they opt for overseas military deployment.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sun Tzu's disciple said...

I stand corrected. But the outcome is the same--its a form of mercenary work, the onus being more on the US govt here.

phaedrus said...

With regard to the TN reports of bridges being blown up, it may be that they are worried that the army is planning to take A9 from Mankulam to Iranamadu/Kilinochchi, as the GOSL has already instructed the food transport to be directed through these routes. The LTTE may be thinking that if these routes are blocked, the army will stay away from A9 and therefore spreading these rumours or purposely detroying some bridges.

Unknown said...


பதிநைந்து நாட்களுக்குள் நீ ஏதாவது செய்து ஆக வேண்டும்

இருந்து யோசி


Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

TropicalStorm :, Yes ur correct! There is a big different between SL guy’s pay packet and the US guy’s pay packet.

SL guy get paid $2,500 per month. Which is roughly Rs. 250,000 per month. And most probably tax free? I am not sure. Which is Rs. 3 mil per year. If he works for the SLA he may get about Rs. 800,000 per year???

US guy get paid $100,000 per year. He may have got paid $50,000 per year when he was working for the US army??

If I were to apply for a job in a bank in Dubai under SL passport then I will get paid considerably less than I were to apply for the same job under an Australian passport. That’s a fact and that’s reality and life. Life sucks!

But on percentage, ex. SL Servicemen will get a massive increase in his salary compare to US guys modest increase. Yes, as u said there will be lot of ex. SL Servicemen in Iraq in the future and perhaps in Blackwater too..

But, having said that I don’t think SLDM should press the panic button on this. Yes, they will loose some of the few good men. But it is not that every body has lined up to go to Iraq and even if they do then every thing will be controlled by the supply and demand.

Bright side of this story is ex.SL Servicemen get to work with the best in the world and share the experiences and expertise on counter terrorism and VIP protection and ect ect…And that knowledge can be passed in to new bravehearts joining the army!

Other benefits: new bread of entrepreneurs, security experts and lift to the living standards for section of the community.

Yes, there are lots of negative points too. I understand that and that is a different topic all together.

Navindran or his cousins pls don’t jump the gun saying lorry driver in Iraq getting paid more than ex.SL Servicemen in a security firm. Stop and think twice.. why?? ……….Didn’t get it? oh, then ofcoz u can ask me!

Unknown said...

I heard the Prabha was planning to confer a mamanithar award to Sarath Fonseka for pushing tamilnadu to give an ultimatium to Manmohan to resign enmasse from the parliment. I guess the more he talks the better. I should have realised that defencewire published this article so that Sarath can work as a meccenary somewhere else instead of serving slurpees at some 7/11 like Gota mama after this.

Defencewire is always way ahead in publishing the latest news.

Rana said...


Another dream of bankrupt Die-A$$-Pora members. Sarath Fonseka going abroad!

Yes, he will, but not before cleaning the north and eliminating VP and Pottu. North is getting very dangerous for dying breed of two legged tigers. Soon they will be extinct species.

then Gen.SF can do anything he wants!

Jambudipa said...

Hello Defencewire

According to our sources, which are primarily from the defence sector, Indian Central Government has instructed the government of Sri Lanka to achieve its targeted objectives before the 15th Lok Sabha Elections in India next year. The elections will be held in April-May 2009.

I am just wondering when you reveal such things, would not those in the opposite try to preempt this?

V4Victory said...

Hello Anonymous,

Ruwani is a girl by name. If you read his comment you would know that.

And, in my view, What india could do is to be flexible on ltte issue, but should not involve anything into eelam issue. If India can keep away from ltte, that is is the good thing it can do for us.

I dont want anything from India.
1. Stop arm supply to GOSL.
2. Stop informing to GOSL about sea tiger activities
3. Dont interfere ltte sea route.

That is enough for us. Dont make same mistake as you did in 1987.

wijayapala said...


"can u describe “Anagarika Dharmapala” in ur own words?"

Two comments:

1) Anagarika Dharmapala was a towering figure in the revival of Buddhism in Asia and its dissemination in the West. With the Mahabodhi Society he helped reclaim Buddha Gaya for the Buddhists. He represented Theravada Buddhism at the World Parliament of Religions and gave an excellent presentation. I can say more but for now will leave the positive comments at these things for which he is most well-known and respected among Sinhala Buddhists.

2) Unfortunately, Dharmapala had an interpretation of Sinhala nationalism that was not very constructive and did not prepare the Sinhalese for how to coexist with others in a diverse island after independence. Like many colonial subjects he wanted his people to regain a sense of pride, but he could not break out of the framework established by the colonial system. He insisted to the British that he was not agitating for Sri Lankan independence and that he was a loyal subject. Dharmapala was not the sort of leader who could unite the island behind a common struggle, the way that Gandhi, Nehru, and the Congress party did in India to get the British out. He more or less accepted the racial categories that the Europeans had created.

In some ways I would explain Anagarika Dharmapala as a product of his times. He can and should be admired for his accomplishments as long as his shortcomings are also acknowledged, like any one of us.

Anonymous said...

(A well known sinhala tiger, Dr. Jayalath, doing his last duties to LTTE!)

Jayalath J in last ditch attempt to save Kilinochchi
Wed, 2008-10-15 04:09
Geneva, 15 October, ( Sri Lankan politician and one of the leaders of the United National Party , Dr Jayalath Jayawardana MP, has arrived in the Swiss capital in a last ditch attempt to prevent the fall of Tamil Tiger bastion - Kilinochchi to the rapidly advancing Sri Lankan security forces. Reportedly, Dr Jayawardana, immediately on arrival in Geneva, met the head of Swiss Tamil Forum, which is a front organization of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Dr Jayawardane sought appointments with several top executives of the United Nations institutions in Geneva, reliable sources said.

He met senior officials of several International Non Governmental Organization (INGO) Headquarters based in Geneva and appealed to them to mobilize the international community to call for an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka, the sources said.

The sources added that Dr Jayawardana is scheduled to fly to Rome from Geneva to call on Pope Benedict in order to influence the Vatican to issue an urgent appeal to stop the ongoing military operations in Sri Lanka.

Mr K Sivajilingham, MP representing Tamil National Alliance was also in Geneva to meet UN officials and INGO heads on behalf of the LTTE to call on the international community to bring about a ceasefire in Sri Lanka to prevent the fall of Kilinochchi.

Sri Lankan community in Switzerland expressed disgust at the attempts made by Dr Jayawardana. "I can understand TNA MP Sivajilingham who is a proxy of the LTTE appealing on behalf of the terrorist organization," a leading member of the community said. "But, how can a UNP member like Jayawardana who represents a Sinhala majority constituency could act in this partisan manner trying to safeguard the top hierarchy of a terrorist organization that has caused immense damaged to the country and the society?" he lamented.

Sri Lankan community is highly perturbed over the mission of Dr Jayawardana on behalf of the LTTE at a time when the terrorist movement is losing its centre of power. "All Sri Lankans should accept the fact that regaining government control over the north will be the best thing for the country and the people. East is an example. People in the East – Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim – are now enjoying democratic rights and the province is witnessing speedy development in all fronts. Similarly, once the military task is over, the North also will be developed and it will benefit the Tamils of the north. And at a time like this what is Dr Jayawardana's mandate?" an analyst said.

"Is it Dr Jayawardana's strategy or is he acting for the UNP? That is a question, the UNP leadership will have to answer".

V4Victory said...

40% of Indian say they are willing to donate money and material for eelam

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


Do our SOF's use Vs.58P like the indian SOF's? no reply needed if matter is gray :)


Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Wijayapala: Thanks for the balanced quick snap on Anagarika Dharmapala and appreciate. My view on him kind of same and I have high respect for him as a maverick (yes, to me he is a nonconformist) who stood up for what he believe.

The different between AD and Nehru or Gandhi I guess AD was not interested in the political side (at least not to the extent Nehru or Gandhi would have).

Yes, it would have been awesome if AD appealed to the broader community but again in difficult times, drastic actions. But I believe he soften his view on SL or Sri Lankan communities after some time.

GaalleMalli: haven’t seen u here before? Newbie? Anyway, nice to c another Gaalle porak!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Galle Malli was here long time ago too.. if it is the same old Galle Malli, Welcome back!

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro wish!!!!

--------v4victory said...

40% of Indian say they are willing to donate money and material for eelam-----------

Another blatant attempt to distort the real truth!

Might I ask whether India held a referendum to find this out. for God sake 40% of INDIA!!!! Waky Waky......

Actual news item is given below, so that the readers of this blog is not misinformed:

Nice try....shows you are just one of them....5 cents DiAssPora breed.
Indian Express survey shows Tamil Nadu support for LTTE
[TamilNet, Sunday, 12 October 2008, 09:42 GMT]
A survey undertaken in 10 cities in Tamil Nadu by the best-selling daily newspaper The New Indian Express and the research agency C fore has reported that one-third of the respondents favoured the ruling DMK Government to snap ties with the Union Government for arming and training the Sri Lankan military. A clear majority of the respondents wanted India to lift the ban on the proscribed Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and 66% of the respondents said the LTTE is either freedom fighters and/or the sole and genuine representatives of Tamil voice.

More than a third of the respondents claimed that the LTTE was the "sole and genuine representation of Tamil voice in Sri Lanka," another third viewed the organization as "freedom fighters" and 22% viewed them as "working with others to promote Tamils' cause."

The survey, taken in the cities of Chennai, Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Madurai, Vellore, Thiruvannamalai, Thirunelveli, Sivaganga and Thanjavur, also showed a overwhelming emotional bond between the Tamil bretheren: 62% of Tamils in Tamil Nadu said that they would gladly donate money and material to Tamil Eelam, and allow Tamil Nadu to be used as a shelter for refugees from Tamil Eelam.

The New Indian Express reported that "a significant percentage also supported the idea of sending our [Indian] armed forces into Sri Lanka if LTTE chief V Prabhakaran was in imminent danger of being cornered."

The active involvement of Tamil Nadu's leaders in the Sri Lankan issue was seen as logical by the people because it involved Tamil people. The respondents were also supportive of political steps such as declaring a bandh, going on a fast unto death or levying a special tax for the sake of Eelam Tamils.


Unknown said...


In your exchange with Echolalia, you are giving too much value to 1983 pogroms.

I was there in Jaffna and can speak from first hand observations. The killings by police at the 1974 Tamil Research Conference in Jaffna, the 1977 pogroms against Tamils immediately following the elections (many from my village who lived in places like Anuradhapura came home bloodied, losing everything they had), the Army's heavy handed actions, abductions, torture and extra judicial killings in Jaffna in that period, the burning of Jaffna library in 1981, etc., had all made it a sure thing that Tamil militancy would grow.

Many Sinhalese don't know or underestimate how the actions of the State starting in 1974 contributed to the rise of Tamil militancy.

By 1981, the TULF's willingness to give another chance to the UNP to implement something like the DDC had no takers among Tamil youths in general, not just militants. The DDC ended up a farce anyway and the TULF lost any legitimacy it had among the people.

Your claim that Jaffna people voted for SLFP at the Presidential elections in 1982 is also incorrect. My memory is that people boycotted the election as youths as well as the TULF requested the boycott; only the onion farmers, who had benefited during the previous SLFP regime because of import restrictions, voted for the SLFP.

In those days, I knew KT Rajasingham of Asian Tribune as the corrupt Jaffna organizer of the SLFP, and he should be able to tell you how the SLFP got the votes.

Even several months before the 1983 pogroms started, Tamil undergraduates at the University of Peradeniya were attacked by Sinhalese students, and the Tamil students came back to Jaffna with their sad stories, asking how they could continue to study there.

1983 was merely the culmination of this history of racism. 1983 was not spontaneous, but the racists guided by Cyril Mathew, et al. had been preparing to attack Tamils on a large scale and simply found an opportunity at that time after the LTTE ambush.

Though 1983 hastened the growth of militant groups and India's involvement, the systemic racism of the State made it inevitable that sooner or later militant struggle would have grown.

Your emphasis on 1983 cannot gloss over the stark reality that substantial sections of Sinhala polity remain fundamentally racist.

Kithul said...

Hello Nemesis

gls your still here. most of the experst like 'Matara Aiya' et all are not here anymore.

Kithul said...


well he's got into tangles trying to get across his point whilst defending the brothers

In sinhala you say "bade Biju"

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro V4Victoria..........

Another good try whitewash the truth

Blogger v4victory said...

I know tamil boys are sentenced for credit card scams in many countries. At the same way, sinhalese boys are jailed for murder, particularly in middle east.

The former case is understandabe when you you caught by police, you must say you are forced by ltte to do credit scam so that you could make the impression that you are forced to do so by so called deadly terrorist, which is banned in USA, UK and blah blah to save your life.

But why these boys are in killer group in many instances. I dont want to make this as business to justify our cause. Just curiosity.


If the so called "Tamil Bros" are doing it for themselves, where is the millions stolen. Surely the police will trace it back to few individuals. But thats not the case...the money stolen has vanished....and RCMP, Scotland Yard won't make such claims just because the rats say so. They have investigated and found the links to LTTE.

Sure Sinhalese boys are jailed for various crimes in other countries too....just like Tamils are jailed for murdering their own children (uk) and family members. A country cannot be held responsible for such individual acts motivated by personal reasons.

But....But if a group of people are committing crimes following a common MO ( Modus Operandi )...for the benefit of a Terrorist Group (duly recognized by many Western Powers) .....thats a totally different story

Good luck dude....use Pots and Pans too in your fight for Eelam

Your List of Eelam Force Multipliers are getting longer by the day
* 40% INDIAN vote
* TN Political Support
* GSP +
* Sanaths Middle finger
* Global Economic crisis
* Global warming
La Ti Da Ti Da

Cheersma Wewa

Apino Dannachess said...

DieAssPora Bros'

You may count on your INGO bros tooo


C-4 explosive bag found in INGO office - Vavuniya

On information received from a civilian, security forces have found a bag with C-4 explosive and detonators inside an INGO office in Vavuniya last evening, 14 October.

According to the police sources, the bag contained 1.5Kg of C-4 high explosive, 3 m length detonator code and four electric detonators found inside the office of International Organization for Migrant (IOM) which is operating under UN around 6.30 pm.

The recipient of the bag, a staff member of IOM office Vavuniya, has already been taken into custody and he confessed that he received the bag from one of the staff member in Mannar office.

Further investigations are being carried out by the Vavuniya police.


And some more bad news for Sri Lanka for the enjoyment of the DieAssPora.....

Melamine found in Sri Lankan products
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 - 8:28 PM SL Time
Lankan News Replies

The Swiss authorities have ordered the withdrawal from shops of biscuits from Thailand and Sri Lanka tainted with the toxic chemical, melamine.
They say traces of the chemical were found in LemonPuff Munchee biscuits imported from Sri Lanka.



Eeelama Langa Enawa !!!!

V4Victory said...

Hi Apino,

Based on your sources, it says 62% of Tamils in Tamil Nadu said that they would gladly donate money and material to Tamil Eelam, and allow Tamil Nadu to be used as a shelter for refugees from Tamil Eelam.

I wrote what exactly written on the source, that was 40% of Indian.

A referendum doesnt need to involve all of us, but good indicator to show the results. like that, A survey also does the same thing but in smaller scale.

MR got only 51% of Sri lankans support to be a President. What does that mean?

And, for criminal records wise, sinhalese are involved in murder many times, in overseas. I am telling you the facts. I can provide the list. As I said credit card fruad cases name tigers, it goes directly as tamils.

In Uk, one sri lankan muslim said, he was forced to do so in his appeal. This kind of ball throwing may help them to get less punishment. Bcos Uk authorities are told ltte is deadliest terrorist of the world. They might belive that.

Apino Dannachess said...

Bad Tigers ! How dare they let down their Net Warriors who are keeping the SLDF away from the Kili town


The LTTE has accepted that the security forces have reached very close proximity of their heartland

The LTTE has accepted that the security forces have reached very close proximity of their heartland Kilinochchi. At a ceremony held in Wanni yesterday to commemorate their dead cadres the top LTTE leaders has stressed that the security forces are engaged in two kilometres two kilometres away from Kilinochchi. Meanwhile, LTTE international agent of credit card fraud to raise fund for the organisation Premaraja Rathinam has been arrested by the police in the Philippines. He had eight bogus credit cards in his possession at the time of arrest.


Ade Appa !!!!!

Everly Brothers song that you might sing along!!!!

Dre-e-e-eeam dream dream dream

Dre-e-e-e-eam dream dream dream
Verse 1:

When I want you in my arms

When I want you and all your charms

Whenever I want you all I have to do

Is dre-e-e-e-eam dream dream dream

Verse 2:
When I feel blue in the night
And I need you to hold me tight
Whenever I want you all I have to do Is dream

An Idea.....fitting song for your National Anthem ....Howz Dat????

Unknown said...

Got this from LNP. Looks like a anti Mahidha equals to pro LTTE old person writting. Guess the LTTE realised if the people become wiser and bring in the UNP, there would be a chance to face Janaka so they took him out with what i would implicitly imply as from the words below as a blessing from Mahindha mama. Looks like I did not know but Prabha might be Mahindha twin. At least they are both the same size.

Why the double standards?

When Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was a victim of a suicide bomber all the events that were recorded on the spot before and after the attack were shown live and there were no photos that were censored.

But when our war hero, Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera was killed the Defence Secretary restricted the video clippings and censored the scenes citing security reasons. I am a little suspicious about that ruling.

The government s attitude is that, as long as a person is with the government he would be provided the best of security. But the moment he leaves the government security will be withdrawn exposing that person to danger.

Three days prior to the opening ceremony of his office Janaka Perera had sent a letter to the area police. But the police denied that any request was made by Janaka Perera. Before renting a building for his office, the General had requested a government building which the authorities had refused without any reason being given.

When the letter written to the police was tabled in parliament the Prime Minister said that, that was the first time he saw the letter. There is no hard and fast rule to say that all letters written to the police should be directed to the PM s office.

According to some eyewitnesses there were some constables seen on the road near the venue but for a gathering of this importance where the member who got the highest preferential votes more than the chief minister was present, no body-search was conducted and people were allowed to move freely into the premises.

Karuna was the second in command to Pirapaharan who has murdered thousands of innocent civilians and recruited more than 5000 child soldiers. Now he has been appointed a member of parliament.

Karuna served a prison sentence of six months in the UK and the Chinthana dry cleaners have pushed everything under the carpet and he is now a Member of Parliament enjoying a bullet proof vehicle with a contingent of elite STF personal.

I would like if the government would take note of the following.

1. The Defence Secretary s version has been that there was no threat to Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera s life.

2. The police and army constantly say Anuradhapura is a cleared area.

3. Even before the dead bodies were cleared the Police Spokesperson said it was the work of the LTTE.

4. A person of about 16- 20 years of age came from a side entrance. The people have noted the colour of his shirt. He was limping and appeared to be of unsound mind.

5. The people have seen the boy entering, and no one, not even the police, had prevented him from entering.

What a shame. Those in the government are scared to go about in the city despite having bulletproof cars, back up vehicles, and 30 to 40 army personnel.

I can still remember when Queen Elizabeth came to (then) Ceylon I as a school boy took a Union Jack flag and stood waving at the motorcade as it went past. But what is the situation today? Nobody is able to stand on the road when our worthies pass by.

The funny situation is that whenever there is a bomb blast our police will readily have at their finger tips the name of the assailant, age, address, and the places where he lived all this even before the government analyst visits the scene. They also will be able to give vital details such as the weight of the bomb, type of explosive, and the way it was assembled etc.

Why on earth does the government censor a crime scene?

A Disgusted Citizen

Apino Dannachess said...

Aaah My Dear Bro V4V

OK OK, I get your point, so next time, we will get Sunday Times to hold a poll on who should be the El-presidente of Sri Lanka and depending on the outcome we will elect MR's successor.....Man good logic.....

You guys amaze me. May the Indians too learn from these best Practices....after all the Kashmir issue too can be solved over such news paper poll.

I rest my case....your logic supersedes mine.

P.S. US news paper poll ones said that Hillary Clinton will defeat Obama too...guess US polls are not Good as TN news polls....ya mate

Unknown said...

Moshe did you want be to be pro ltte because I am anti mahindha. I mean i actually love mahindha mama and his brothers very much. Thanks for the Pro LTTE tag. I always knew you would come through when i needed you.

Rembember one thing you will only understand the pain of a soldier whether SLA or LTTE when you wear the uniform once in your life.

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro Naveendran

You did not answer my question from previous thread:

Apino Dannachess said...

Naveendran Bro,

Could you please tell me/ us how LTTE will recover from this current situation: loss of east, loss of carders, about to loose their political capital, loss of international reputation ( i.e. front orgs busted, banned as Terror group etc.) ???

If it makes it easy, just cover key milestones on LTTE's road to recovery and creation of Eelam. Forget about Eeelam creation, just tell us how LTTE will return to its Pre-Peace Talk strengths: leadership wise, logistically, geographical coverage etc.

I aks this question, because lot of your fellow DiAssPora bros have foretold how LTTE will trap and decimate the SLDF in Vanni.

Others are welcome to chip in.

Over to you Bro?


Moshe Dyan said...

TS & panhinda,

thanks mates.

V4Victory said...

Hi Apino,


Moshe Dyan said...


"At least they are both the same size."

so you know mahinda "mama's" & vezapilai "mama's" sizes!!

doesn't surprise me. LOL!

"Rembember one thing you will only understand the pain of a soldier whether SLA or LTTE when you wear the uniform once in your life."

for your information, I HAVE DONE THAT!!!! you know i'm not the type to con.

Apino Dannachess said...

Aiy Bro V4V,

Is you Math right:

Accoriding to Wiki, Tamil Nadu amounts to about 5.79% of Indian how can it be 40% of the Indians!!!!!

This is what Wike has to say:
Demographics and human rights

Tamil Nadu is the seventh most populous state in India with a population of 66,396,000 as of July 1, 2008 (approximately 5.79% of India's population).


Apino Dannachess said...

Thambi Naveendran,

Mokada Sadda Nathe?? Waiting for the Global Eco collapse ?

Dendako reply ekak mage question ekata?

Aida inne Ahaka bala?

Cheers Wewa

Jambudipa said...


I was there in Jaffna and can speak from first hand observations. The killings by police at the 1974 Tamil Research Conference in Jaffna, the 1977 pogroms against Tamils immediately

Thankfully there was someone who had no interest in taking sides and witnessed and investigated the events starting from 1972 onwards. Justice Sansoni, a non-Sinhalese and a respected judge at the time who observed the violence had this to say.

The cry for 'Eelam' raised by the TULF was the main cause for the disturbances. He further said, Therefore the first measure I would like to recommend to prevent a recurrence of this type of disturbances is that this claim for Eelam be abandoned
- Justice Sansoni

The police action you mentioned and other violence were rooted in TULF demand for eelam. Here is another part of a report from the Sansoni report.

On the evidence I have already set out, and further evidence which I shall set out, what right has Mr. Amirthalingam (the Deputy leader of the TULF) to claim, when questioned about the usual day of morning on 22nd May 1973, ‘Our action was essentially and fully peaceful, and to the best of my knowledge there was no violence. Our actions did not involve violence anywhere’. Does he wish me to believe that in the face of the prolonged and almost continuous campaign of civil disobedience carried on by the TULF and its associated youth movements which involved murders, acts of arson, attempted murders, bombing, acts of mischief done against public property, forcible prevention of children attending school on the so-called days of mourning and hartals, forcible closing of shops, intimidation of witnesses who could have spoken to various crimes, killing of persons who were brave enough to give information to the Police regarding breaches of the laws of the land, …and, most regrettable of all, the failure of his party members to openly condemn the commission of such crimes or to express their sympathy towards the victims, be believed it was all done peacefully and without violence?”,

- Report of the Sansoni Commission, pages 52 - 53

I know you know all this. Yet you want to con the entire world with your deceptive and disingenuous claims. You will, I presume get what you just deserve as you have thus far. Natural justice demands you get NOTHING YOU WISH FOR.

- Best wishes

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Boys, is it me or u all have noticed that last few months fearless LTTE dim-bats are more concern about the economy and trying to prove that they will win the Ee-fcuking-llam with out a fight?

List of few things these dim-bats used to say about LTTE before MR got pissed off:

• LTTE will disseminate SLA with a one bullet if they cross the Galle road
• VP is a war load and he can shoot a fly in the wall while his head stuck in his ars@
• Pottu is so brilliant he can send a suicide case to have s@x with the president
• Tuk-Tuk pilots are so good they can land a CTB bus on the moon
• LTTE have nuclear missiles
• Susai can hold breath under water for 2 days while planning a mission

These days:

• We are descendent of monkey hanuman god and so we can not be defeated
• Our brother monkeys in TN will invade SL again
• World Bank going to legalize LTTE Credit Card division and close down CB of SL
• Obama is black and so are we. Brother to Brother .. Heart to Heart…Pukata Puka..
• Global Warming will dry the north pole and flood whole SL.. we want the part where Mermaids lives
• Sanath Jayasooriya is Racist and gave the big black finger to the Intelligent Tamils who don’t know what to do when watching a Cricket match.

How pathetic and desperate u guys to throw eggs to the tour buss?

Navindran: “I can still remember when Queen Elizabeth came to (then) Ceylon I as a school boy took a Union Jack flag and stood waving at the motorcade as it went past”

Mate no offence, u r still standing on the same place waving Union Jack flag while ur queen gave u the finger and we all moved on with the time!

U r not happy with Karuna getting rehabilitated? But very happy to dream and wait till VP who killed thousands and still killing to deliver ur racist 2 acres? fairdinkum?

CriMeWatCh said...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 DN
Airstrikes continue as troops inch closer to Kilinochchi

The Sri Lanka Air Force continued to pound LTTE targets north of Kilinochchi to support infantry divisions advancing towards the town. 3 targets located north of Akkarayankulam and Vennerikulam have been raided by SLAF bombers in simultaneous bombing missions. Meanwhile ground troops have been inching close to Kilinochchi despite heavy LTTE resistance. 57 division units are currently only 3.5km from the borders of Kilinochchi town ...

How expensive an INCH?

I was wodering on a general public angle. Hmmm. Imagine IF kilinochchi is this expensive (with have nothing to gain other than apolitical victory) how many thousands of SLDF gonna die in near furure..and the how many died in the past kjust to capture Sakkilinochchi (all may happy). for about 2 months 4KM become 2KM by now. even harder than earlier means another 2 or less months to capture the central town of kilinochch. I would say MR DN was happy while he was writing the artical to publish, he may be thought in a week he can spread another majoy vicory artical (hope that can be achived in near future). Its not my thoughts.

MR and the Family adjoining SF say cost is not the issue (imagine gift that given to their family - a dead body/or Wandhi.) GOVT purchase goods on IOU basis..we the general public have to pay them from next year..

ok I am sure GOVT cannot wipe LTTE by this year even by next year (Budget Planning proves). in that account Even more expensiveest war is poonariyan if that is way far expensive then imafine LTTE's Power plant Mullaitivu.. Is expensive than Poonarin also the Muhamalai, Nagarkovil, EP fronts OMG.. ok as per SF stated 3 divisions are putting their maximum power to capture Sakkilinochchi.. still struggling (U may say cos of monsoon) but IF full forrce is in this struggle the target was November cos of next year budget. remember last year Muhamalai fronts in sake of a budjet how many hundreds died in muhamalai....

so.. Cost of VP = 250,000 SLDF and $Bn worth of equipments (AirCrafts + wessels & Dovra's + MI)+ IOU $Bn's + We have to pay them at any cost to VP.

Is this worth?

VP the $Bn Baby

CriMeWatCh said...

Unlucky Sri Lankans

MY view.. Ltte Fighting for Tamils to gain a solutions for tamils till they achive that we cant expect them a justice. their target is to achive by hook or by crook..

But, What the past government did it for tamils? the past/current govt would have geatherd issues of tamils and sortes the so called issues if so its easy to wipe out the LTTE. because all tamils (minorities) will support govt. unless getting the tamils support u cant run a proper govt.

eg. MR gatherd JVP support to become a president now he achived it and kicked the JVP off.. Last november MR is lack of few minister to win the budjet he puchased an asshole from UNP for Rs. 50,000,000.00 and acive to safe the unstable GOVT. see how.. now to show the world that tamils are also with them MR dont have a choice unless a killer Karuna And pillayan.. SO MF MR some how MR achived that so all tamils will vote for karuna/pillayan so all fall in to MR's account. u got it? then govt can say Tamils are also with us.. Bla Bla Bla.. Is this the write way u think?

i would say NO. all the governments are TRULY cheating their own Sinhalese (M) majority and the Poor Minority (U and Me) onlyto become to power.

Development in east.
Is made not because of falling in love with tamils.. its easy to show the lite kanu and the thara para and get the next election win..

remember current parliment MR team has only 50% of UNFA members all the rest 50% of MP's are Ahinda's MR and the few ppl working harder to achive next election win.. while others banking $Bn worth of generals publics funs by commission. GOVT wont shout as usual eg. Well known Mervin Silva "paing gehuwoth wamarai" thats the reason. 17UNP member are listed in the COPE list... thats why they are hanging with MR not they like MR or WAR just to survive

since there is no proper government to rule the ppl first.. terrorism will continue..

why karuna holding 18 caps in total? why cant SF's give Karuna pillayan security?

Pulli mathu wei da?

hemantha said...

Amma gahai/gahavi,
That's funny man. And this is the funniest.

"Obama is black and so are we. Brother to Brother .. Heart to Heart…Pukata Puka.."

CriMeWatCh said...

Fantastic Pukata puka... keep on..

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


fcuking fantastic!

where do you get all these?

so NOT ONLY bombings, etc., etc. has been there from TIME IMMEMORIAL as far as the ELAM struggle is concenred but also there has been crappy groups that had WHITEWASHED these barbaric acts.

B#1 said...

I heard that VP shit in his pants whenever he received the message from his mole about taking off KFirs from KAB.

-Thevaya indha porattam??? :(

Ithu yaarukaaga........???

CriMeWatCh said...

thala poruththiru... Ikman Ketei.

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...


Amithalingam was running riot with the junior TULF all over the island. I am pretty sure Amirthalingam had a hand in Duriappahs killing. He instigated all the violence starting from 1972.

The Sansoni report was based on the 1977 riots. It was so damaging to the 'Eelam struggle' that they tried to buy all copies to destroy it. They have succeeded in someways because I haven't been able to get hold of one. There have been attempts to print copies but so far not successful for some reason.

Nesan here is typical of these Eelam farts. They don't mind figting for Eelam struggle. Yet they complain when they get hurt. They then blame the secondary effects that were caused by the main problem which is the friggin freedom struggle. My message to them is stop complaining or reject the femidom fight if you dont want to get hurt.

kappetipola said...

- do we have to led humanitarian mission in tamilnadu.

well tamilnadu is more like different country comparing to others states in India.they dnt have any road signs anything in Hindi(official language) or even in english.all shops named in tamil. they dnt support multi language . many people in other 27 states hate tamilnadu policies.

well this is gd time to have a look how india response this issue.. is it same old hindi song ???

kappetipola said...

ohh i forgot thanks DW for the post.. ;)

AG is there anyway to read your "Anagarika Darmapala" version !

Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Rana said...

hellow guys,

could somebody tell me why DW is hiding, he has not given any useful news for more than a week. I am getting fed up with DW. I am sure it is not DW running the show, but his wife. DW could you give us some useful update on defence matters or do we have to search for another site.

I told you several times now, you are too f****g boring now.

Rana said...

Why we are here, we are here for info, and it has to be latest, if DW can't give it let somebody esle to do it.

DW you have to get your place organized mate, other vice, you are at the end of it. I am sorry mate!

Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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kappetipola said...

"Jain Commission created a storm when it accused Karunanidhi of a role in the assassination"

Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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Louie Jacques said...
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NOLTTE=Peace said...

This 'Horey' Lasantha guy has come back!

Louie Jacques said...
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