Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TAF bombing update

It is now confirmed that two low flying Zlin 143 light aircrafts that bombed Thaladi camp last night had been proceeding towards the President's House at Fort when they were diverted by heavy Anti-Aircraft gunfire.

The two planes, one of which had emptied its cargo in Mannar, had flown closer to the Colombo harbour and attempted to enter the air space directly above Pettah. Their direction, informed sources claimed, was towards the President's House.

This area is highly fortified with AA batteries placed on all high rise buildings, including the Hilton Hotel, World Trade Center Towers and the Bank of Ceylon building. Heavy concentrated AA gunfire directed towards the noise of the oncoming planes may have effectively averted an attempted LTTE 'decapitation strike' on the President.

We have also obtained information that indicates that the Sri Lanka Air Force had made no response whatsoever to pursue the aircraft sighting bad weather conditions. In fact, most F7 Pilots return home after 5pm. Bad weather was also cited for discontinuing jet bomber attacks on Tiger positions in the north.

It had taken the two planes 20 minutes to reach Colombo from Mannar. Throughout this 20 minute flight, the two planes had been popping up and down on the radar screen. This is ample time for the SLAF to have readied an appropriate response.


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Sam Perera said...

A few question.

1)Do we have moles of LTTE in the Air Force high command?
2)Where did these flights originate from?
3)To where did they go back?

MI needs to find answers on Q1 ASAP.

Unknown said...
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lankaputhra said...


I do like to repeat sam perera's questions

where they came from and where they went ?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Why did the other fellow risk unnecessarily once emptied cargo?

The last attack Zlin was supposed to have been chased and shot down in heavy downpour right?

For the tigers to take such an open risk suggest they knew it was a safe flight?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update DW!

I renew my call for air chief to step down!

This is a good lesson to those who said that TAF hasn’t been able to engage any high profile targets. All this shows is that they are not desperate enough yet to try and somehow score a decapitation strike on the president.

When they are really desperate, they’ll come with all their aircraft and while some of them divert our attention elsewhere, one of them will strike their real target.

I simply cannot believe that SLAF let their F-7 pilots go home after 5pm. Also, it is beyond belief that they let TAF get away with this even after detecting them on radar.

What I don’t understand is how TAF is able to operate in these weather conditions when far superior (at least they think they are) SLAF cannot.

This is pure madness. If SLAF chief doesn’t go on his own accord, then it’s time for the president to sack him because air chief’s incompetence is putting everybody at risk.

I’m really sad that we missed a golden opportunity to shoot down 2 TAF aircraft.

And I’m really pissed off that now SLAF is going to drop a lot of bombs into the jungle in order to destroy TAF aircraft.

Come on Mr. President, please take some action now.

Helaya said...

If what you reveal about the unpreparedness of the SLAF to meet a challenge like the one that arose on October 28 night is correct, it is high time the President find a new Chief for the SLAF. The President should summon the present Commander and let him know that the next time a thing like that happens he would go home.

Defencewire said...

We believe the planes origin is Mulaitivu. The air defence officers of the SLA will reveal more details in the days to come.

SLAF's problems are systemic. Removal of Commander will not resolve them.

Infinity said...

Obviously it is not acceptable if TAF can bomb freely if the weather happens to be bad. There are several months of such weather ahead.

The fall of Nachchikuda is big. Seems that a lot of land has been taken in a single day. Hopefully this will improve logistics in this bad weather since now the A32 can be used.

For some reason things seem to speed up after tank bunds are captured. Hopefully the capture of the Akkarayankulam tank bund will have the same effect for the 57th.

san said...

sun tzu,
"For the tigers to take such an open risk suggest they knew it was a safe flight?"

san said...

sun tzu,


Unknown said...


With all due respect, I don’t think keeping the current chief in place is an option.

As you said, SLAF’s problems are systemic, therefore, SLAF needs a full system overhaul to address these problems.

The very first step in this process should be to appoint a man with a vision into the top post. He can then look into the problems and find solutions.

Corey said...

There will be more of these so-called air strikes in the near future (so said a senior Ltte agent in NY). There is no radar operating in the country's central area. India has informed the Ltte about this, and they (Ltte)know how to take advantage of the situation.

Incidentally, this morale-booster for the Ltte has inspired another round of donatin-collecting in the US and Canada.... Surprisingly, many Tamils here are cursing this ... the recession here has hit everybody hard, and they dont seem to want to part with any of their hard-earned money.

But the capture of Jeyapuram and Nachchikuda (hope spelling is right) is really big. This is brilliant strategy by the SL forces. They are cutting off Kilinochi from all directions. This is a war strategy - eventually, people held as hostages will rebel against the rebels themselves.

Next stop will be Pooneryn.

Corey said...

What's with They published pictures of captured Nachikuda... but, a few minutes later when I checked, the pics were gone, replaced by a map.

Are pics being censored too?

PHANTOM-X said...


Renegade! said...

well..looks to me like our SLAF bunch of lazy shitters were enjoying deepavali sweets and watching a hindi or tamil movie while mayhem was unleashed from the TAF aircraft!!

Gimme a break..even after investing in advanced 3D Radars,dedicated interceptors,etc,,we CANNOT stop the invincible TAF..utter shame!!..

Those friggin SLAF pilots should hang their heads down in shame and disgust!!.and the SLAF ass=hole should pack his bags and go home and retire and continue playing golf(which is the only thing he is good at)..puhhleeeeze!!!

millions and billions of taxpayers money spent on hi-tech weapons just for nothing!!!..seems to me the government is engaged in a scheme of grand cover-up and MASS corrption in weapons deals courtesy GOTA the GUTTER DOG!!!

Rover said...

"For the tigers to take such an open risk suggest they knew it was a safe flight?"

Yes, STD, seems very much like it.

It was almost as if GOSL/SLAF was inviting an attack to justify continuing the air raids (which were effectively stopped due to Indian influence).

But then, SLAF could have got them en route or after their mission. The act of flying over GOSL territory would have been enough to justify continued areal attacks.

If there was no such move (ie to allow an attack), it is a catastrophic failure on GOSL part. (Back to the drawing boards boys).

Anyway, MI will have a lot of interesting data to work with after the operation. Of this I am sure.

Renegade! said...

My gut feeling on the current ground conflict is that SLA ground troops are suffering very heavy casualties,both KIA and WIA, not to forget the ever-present MIA' wonder the government wants to censor stories..reminiscent of the days back in 2000 when Elephant pass complex was overrun by the Tigers.

Anonymous said...

there is one thing that has to be done, either the investment towards newer more sophisticated air power..

but then there is one stupid question left to be answered, if a Zlin can fly in those conditions,why cant a damn supersonic do that.Looks to me that either the Airforce chief is holding aircrafts down due to a threat of intervention by an out side entity, which at this point to me is the most plausible.

Come on a damn tin can worth a coupl hndred k's can fly in bad weather but the damn million dollar supersonics cant, there is something wrong somewhere.

Achi said...

Its clear what LTTE is doing when there is a bad whether condition they carry out airstrike bcz F7 find it hard to detect under bad whether conditiions.So what we need is ground to air missiles, not that man portable missilees.We need something which can be fired from radar control room as soon as they detect aircrafts.

Anonymous said...

It maybe that the F7's carry weak radar systems, but in the skies of Colombo, the air chief at any other moment would have sent F7's in defence. Its very clear, someone outside Sri Lanka is forcing the grounding of the air force, I think this situation makes it very clear.

tata said...

There's something very wrong with the whole episode.
There's obviously something more to the story. I am sure all these reasons we come up with, weather, guys on leave, etc. are not the real reason.

When you say 'systemic', do you mean the system within SLAF or the system out side SLAF?


Renegade! said...

DW, guys

I feel that this is an inside job by the government..NO ATTACK EVER TOOK PLACE..IT WAS JUST ON EOR 2 OF OUR OWN SLAF TRAINER AIRCRAFT CREATING A DRAMA, in order to gather support for the war, which is nearing a massive climax(ground,sea) and to a lesser extent on air.also some bloggers pointed that the indian pressure factor,by covert threatening gestures in stopping assistance for training,maintanance of radars and Mig-27's,etc,,would have contributed to this so-called attack!!

Achi said...

What about using helicopters instead of F7.May be F7 are too fast for attacking zlins just like using shot guns to kill mosquitos.We are slow learners it took 20 years for us to deploy small boats and SBS,knowing Dvoras are too much for Ltte fishing boats.

Anonymous said...


I do not know if you saw, but during one of the discussions in the Blog there was a video of the attack on YouTube.This is no hoax, the cooler really went and double AA batteries also were blown.
If it was an attempt to do what you say, it would have been planned in such a way that the air cheifs name was not spoiled, due to this the air commander, the deffender of the Sri Lankan air airspace, failed to protect the commercial capital Sri Lanka Colombo from a rebel tin can, because the F7 pilots were sent home.Its well known that the F7's are the SLAF's counter to Zlins, why were the pilots sent off early, when they should be on stand by, this will bring shame on to the air commander I beleive, will force a step down.

Rapa said...

It is easy for us to say that we can shoot the planes but difficult to implement. Our jets are too fast and we are forced to use low quality radars.

We must also remember that such attacks by the LTTE are mainly for propaganda and have no military motive.

With time we will improve. Time means patience!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rapa

An F7 will not wait for a Zling to come to it as slow as a snail, it will move ahead and intercept it, the issue is that the Zlings popped on the radar, but when they popped on the radar the pilot was at home, so the biggest joke is after years of having an active air force, there is not a pilot in the camp who can fly a F7.

Maybe a F7's top speed is Mach 2.1 but that doesn't mean that from the word go it flies at Mach 2.1, it can fly without going supersonic, thats how it intercepted the first Zling,Radars we need to fix, with jets we need to upgrade.I beleive at this point the Air Force will need to call an audit, to fix all the holes they have.

Anonymous said...

Nachchikuda falls

May be this explains well timed TAF tour.

I know many people believe inside SLAF, LTTE has moles. It is said they get info when jets fly.

We have a great SLA and SLN. SLAF is just below the standards.

Anonymous said...

I believe we cannot just say the Air Force is below power and shut our gaps, The Air Force is a vital part of a countries defense or offense against any threat against that nation.The Air Force needs to be audited by a foreign body to find the flaws,we need to be better equipped against any threat against are soil from outside Sri Lankan air space as well as inside our air space versus threats, maybe after this war but for now we need to reshape the structure of leadership to restructure and have tighter pilot schedules, air patrols maybe which will give us some visibility in blind spots, more standby aircrafts and most importantly the air force should not be preasurised by any foreign entity.

Peter said...

Main weakness is the high percentage of Burghers. They get paid either as tuition fees for their children's university education, or as 'special reduction' on properties in UK, US, Aus or Dubai. Payments never cross GoSL radars and the dudes are never investigated.

Corey said...

Peter said...

"minor damage" video

thiru said...

Check out the explosions caused by TAF!, this camera was fixed to the TAF aircraft...if the link doesn't work go to and click the first link, the one with brackets in it's title.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

kaapiyaw punnakku,+ piduru!!

nachchikuda fals!..aoii, from a tree?..ammoo!..
every time tiger visit in a tin-can,something have to fall

Anonymous said...

A must read comment:
TAF's first use of air crafts was to sprinkle flowers over the cemeteries of the slain LTTE cadres in Mulliyawalai during the annual Heroes Day celebrations. Then they hovered over Palali firing rockets, attacked Katunayaka airbase, Palali again, Colombo on Cricket world cup night, Anuradhapura,Welioya, Trico Harbor, Vavuniya, and now they are back in Colombo giving us blackouts and trying to kill our President. They have improved, that's for sure. We, on the other hand, have a variety of birds and can't get them to at least put a hole in a Zling 143 (I've never seen pictures, smoke nor have heard explosions of SLAF's claim on shooting down TAF Zling143).

When are we going to get serious about our air space and defending it?

We have many MI24 variants, recently upgraded with/to intercept aircraft by adding radar, electronic warfare systems, FLIR, fully functional helmet mounted target tracking systems, and AAMs. These bird fly at 335 km/h (range is about 450 km) while Zlings fly at 266 km/h.

When we knew they came from Mannar, 20 minutes is ample time to get few of them MI 24's airborn to scan the skys.

Didn't the authorities sleep while we were up at night? President's life is way too important but he should value every citizen's life as if it was his own.

I'm so proud about our battle progresses that we gain on each day. I should thank the authorities and the administration for these, special thanks to our heroes in battle front (I'm sure most of 'em have, even, never ever rode on an SUV or a 4WD).
In the mean time we could have avoided what happen that night and take our defenses to new heights.
All we need is unity, alertness, a bit of common sense and to go the extra mile while carrying that "always smiles" smile.
Let's not fail again.

Jaya Shri.

Corey said...

Nice videos guys!

-Looks like the terrorist was shaking with terror. Terror for the terrorist!!


Corey said...

On a more serious note:

This 'victory' of the ltte has given rise to a massive fund-raising call in the East Coast of the US. It is very surprising... most of the 'supporters' are actually cursing this 'victory'

Tee Hee again!!!

Peter said...

Lol! We are cursing. Credit crunch is biteing us so hard. Looks like modayas' worst enemies are fellow modayas who claim to be able to read Tamil minds.

Tamils ain't stupid to hold on to real estate investments until a recession hits. Last year, the sale of Eelam House in London was covered widely in SL media. Bumper profit was GBP 1 million. Incidentally, at the same time, during the peak of the UK housing market SL HC decided to buy a top notch house in Swiss Cottage. Whose lose?

As for US Est, I was in Wayne for the weekend. None of us have any more than two properties there. Most are docs and accountants who are not really affected by the downturn.

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet reports,
"SLA blocks oxygen cylinders urgently needed by hospitals in Vanni"

if true this is very good. at last. there is no need of so many oxygen cylinders for civilians!! it is obvious that these are going to save the shitt lives of terrorists.

if TAF had tried to attack MR, that means our earlier attack on tigers had been successful!!

BTW does the president live in the president's house or the temple trees?????

Corey said...

Just curious... How much have you donated so far?

I have many Tamil and Sinhala friends (real good, faithful ones). It is also the opinion of our Tamil friends that those who scream and shout about support for the Ltte are doing just that. They have to be forced to pay up.

Moshe Dyan said...

cut all medical supplies MAINLY used by combatants.

fell the bridges to the kili hospital and make the roads unpassable. this way we can creatively cut supplies to the LTTE. this can convert more LTTE injured to dead without any additional violence. they are running low on numbers and we should do EVERYTHING that can deplete their numbers fast.

there is no need of oxygen for civilians.


Rover said...


Our food, and our medicine to fight us. Now ain't that funny Moshe?

Yes, I can understand your frustration. But the things we have to do to prove that we are civilized (and the LTTE is not).

lankaputhra said...

Troops capture Jeyapuram. Wanni Operation 29 th October 2008

Peter said...

Supplies are actually provided by the UN; and soon enough, they will be provided by the state government of Tamil Nadu. GoSL's only leverage is that its military can limit convoys by causing nuisance at the land border.

Corey, I am in a good mood today. If you are kept happy by the belief that LTTE's manpower is abducted and material power is extorted, I really don't wont to ruin your day.

Anonymous said...

This is for you Peter,

I think you are lost or ignoring important facts on purpose.

Buddy, we are in Killinochchi and if we hoot now, your hero Pukekaram can hear us quite clear and loud. We just don't do, cause we don't like little kid peeing in their pants man.

Good luck.

Corey said...


Peter said...

In November 1996, SLA captured Killinochchi; we all pissed our pants; and the rest, as they say, is history.

In November 1998, SLA will capture Killinochchi; we will all piss our pants; and the rest, as they say, will be history.

Current Vanni Op was launched on 02 Jun 2007. Sixteen months on, not even Killinochchi has been captured. Then there are the small matters of Pooneryan, Paranthan and EPS before the war for the heartland begins. In relative terms, Jayasikuru was far more successful.


Corey, no probs!

Anonymous said...

Yeah live your fairytale.

I think your mama haven't breast fed you but gave you Tiger milk.

Touch your behind and see if you are growing something that feels like a tail or something..

Watch this champ.. next, Poonarin will be ours and then the game begins for Elephant pass. You can stay in Mulathivu jungle man, for a few weeks, can't you? Then we'll send you in a redcross truck to where ever you want us to..

Where would you suggest?

mulathiev TARZEN said...


JAATHIKA WEERAYA,roshan goothilaka rakapyaaw!

hoooooooo, hooooooooo, hooooooo!

Unknown said...

For god's sake.. stop using TAF term for a wild terrorist bunch's hit and miss parade. Yes that'd be a good name for it. They will dance till the end is met. What is the point.. where are the pictures on tamilnet? They used to post them immediately after the previous attacks but now, they seem to have lost the Kilinochchi internet connection but picking items from other media, and posting as theirs. As the saying goes, Once a whore and always a whore, hey.

mulathiev TARZEN said...


jaathika weerayaa! rhoshan goothilaka!

....kurum batti walata api baya nathoo! hoooooo hooooooo!

jaathika ponnayaa, jaraa pakshaa!

jaathika moodayaa, gontaabaya!!

hoooooooo, hoooooooooo, hoooo!

mulathiev TARZEN said...


jaathika weerayaa! rhoshan goothilaka!

....kurum batti walata api baya nathoo! hoooooo hooooooo!

jaathika ponnayaa, jaraa pakshaa!

jaathika moodayaa, gontaabaya!!

hoooooooo, hoooooooooo, hoooo!

mulathiev TARZEN said...


tin-cans walata api baya nathoo..!
adoo koti ponnayoo, hoo hooooo!..
thopee kurum batti walin daana bomba hariyata watune nathoo!!
hoooooooo1 hooooooo"

IT IS OK, you tigers to violate our air space, but shame thing is u "ponna koties" cant bomb accurately
hooo, hoooo,
..hoo hoo, ponna air tigers have no lights on their air-tin-cans..hooo, hoo what a shame!

Peter said...

Interesting reading; certain facts are between the lines.

"The Kelanitissa power station is a vital installation and we produce power for the entire Colombo city"


"Facing heavy resistance the LTTE light wing air craft dropped two bombs at the Kelanitissa power plant. The LTTE may have aimed at a major target"


"The LTTE attempt to create a disaster was foiled by the Security Forces resistance ... minor damage"


"The GT7 machine was used as a spare machine which can produce 110 MW. This machine had been used when there is a necessity or requirement. This machine can be repaired in Sri Lanka and it will take for six months. Since it is a spare machine used on requirement, the CEB will purchase a new machine in the near future."

"Around 530 MW is produced at the Kelanitissa power plant and the GT7 was producing only 110 MW"

mulathiev TARZEN said...

ponna pribooo! adoo!
it is not a big deal to violate our air space, but u r tin-can bombers cant bomb accurately like we do on kilinochchi and mulathive schools and hospitals, and recently on cesspit-covers!..hoo,hoo!

look,u big fat ponna priboo, when we momb u r area at knight we keep all lights on our bombers, and that's a very brave thing to do! but when u come to bomb us,u all ways come with out any lights on in u r tin-can bombers,that's call cowardliness, at least be fair on a game like this,next time plze put all lights on.other wise we wont be able to shoot at u!!


Rana said...

I have never seen a joke like this:

Our national security take off at 5.00 PM for deepawali and flying cans, brooms and everything else could come to colombo and bomb vital installations.

I thought two F-7 are 24/7 ready to take off in an emergency. If it is not we need to examin what other measures have been taken to safe guard major towns and infrastructures.


I am not sure but Ithink oxygen cylinders can be used to produce improvised explosive devices too.

It is better we stop kerocene and surgical medicines and tools like anesthetics etc etc.

Corey said...

Time to block gontabaya ...
This guy's going bonkers!

Whoever did it last time - Please send script. (I'm no cptr expert).

mulathiev TARZEN said...

peter broo!

first to bomb the spare generators, then after we go for the main power

this sinhalees are "lanu kanna weerayoo," !duwanna soorayoo!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..corey bro!!

is it legal?..why do u take me seriously! i am just a koti supporter/minority,..haven't done any harm to u or any one here, is OK u guys to insult thalivarr our leader,but for me it is illegal to insult
is this how u treat minority by blocking them??

mulathiev TARZEN said...


don`t u thing blocking me is a act of terrorism?? ..

u cant get you r air-farts to shoot our tin-can down,but here u behave like a weeeraya to block me! dose it help u in any way to shoot a tin-can next time? if yes,then don`t bother i will block my self..!

mulathiev TARZEN said...



Corey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Corey said...

Gontabaya Bro,

What are you doing in this blog? Don't you have enough sense to even see that this is an anti-terrorist blog? Don't you terrorist supporters have blogs on your own? Or, aren't you welcome there as well?

You are showing your true colors - meddling where you clearly dont belong, causing unnecessary rumpus intentionally, and then having the audacity now to ask whether it is illegal to block you from this blog and mewing about being a minority!

Aren't these very similar to the foundations of how your imagined 'discrimination' and the 'eelam cause' grew on?

You are very, very, foolosh, brother, so stay away, without insulting decent Tamils the world over.

We have blocked several Sinhalese terror-supporters like Lasantha W etc. We don't discriminate peace lovers, be them Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese. We discriminate terrorists.

Go get a life.

Rana said...

I agree with Corey, I don't mind any tamil coming here and support terror outfit without being mentally retarded clown and act like a naked moron.

Rana said...

Guys for your info.

We do not have 110MW GTs in Kelanitiss. We have only 10MW units and number of them. The total capacity was 110MW, when I left CEB. We also have 50MW but derated now steam plant. Bombing Kelanitissa or any other power station cannot make heavy damaged to the station as they have been built to be safe in natural disasters which are much more severe than a bomb.

Unknown said...

The moles are either in the air force hagh command or are some air traffic controllers who know the coverage of these radars . How did they know kelanithissa is safe ?

Corey said...


hemantha said...

"Piqued, wounded, frustrated and desperate, the Tigers won't baulk at anything in trying to turn the tables on the military. Their planes will do risky sorties over the southern parts and key military installations in the North to avenge their losses in the North and they may not even hesitate to use chemicals on the army, if they possess any. They will also attempt high profile assassinations and perpetrate heinous crimes against civilians to provoke a backlash with a view to mobilising support in Tamil Nadu and western capitals. "
Editorial-The Island

click here

Moshe Dyan said...


"But the things we have to do to prove that we are civilized"

no mate. this is not a criteria of "civilisation".

if so MOST of the world are uncivilised which is not true!! coalition forces didn't allow medicine into taliban/muktada, etc. controlled areas. more examples come from iraq/palestine/vietnam war/WW2, etc.

SL trying to be whiter than white which is a sign of weakness. there aren't many civilian needs needing oxygen in vanni.

Moshe Dyan said...

bring the SLAF under SF!

and see the tranformation. the SLAF chief need not have alot of technical knowledge. there are ppl for that. we need to pump up the SLAF in line with the SLA.

Peter said...


1 plane? 2 planes? You decide!

Moshe Dyan said...

if gotabaya was like a previous defence secretary, these losers will not call him names. this shows he is screwing tigers in all body holes ncluding extended nostrils!!!!

to repeat what URINEPEE PONNAYAS told about RUN-NIL the pansy ponnaya in their own dialect.....

...ape gona apata Onthaa!!!!!!

lol! lol again!

Sam The Man said...

I was reading this blog since day dot zero. Very interesting comments about the WAR and how to fight the WAR have been published.
Thank everyone for those.
There will be no "ealam" that's the last word from me as well as millions in Sri Lanka. Tigers and their supporters please note you are wasting your time, money and lives of your younger generation. In fact one generation wiped out due to your war, is this your liberation? Is this your freedom struggle? Think what is the ratio of Tamils to Singhalese in SL = 1:10. At the end of this madness who do you think going to win.

I know many di ass pora argued about 1983. but think back who saved thousands of lives of Tamils in Colombo from Singhalese thugs?. My parents saved two families hiding in our house. I was young and did not understand any of those at that time. They still having contacts with my parents and sad about all the things happened after.

My question to those ealmists is what is your problem, what hardship you are having simply being a Tamil in Sri Lanka ?
We all have problems, we all have hardships in Sri Lanka. Actually being a Tamil you have more rights than ordinary Singhalese. Land rights, can a Singhalese buy a land in Jaffna? You have special lows to deny land ownership outside your race.
You ask your people (Tigers) to stop the war, you will see what I am talking right now.

kappetipola said...

Thanks DW for update.

guys resigning SLAF Commander will not the answer for failed to stop hired air attacking to Sri Lanka. ( i dnt like to say "TAF !" if the pilots are foreigners and air planes are purchased by non sri lankan citizens). SLAF commander and his juniors are well trained in the world. if he resigned LTTE will LAO .so dnt say stupid things ever .its good if next commander will buy radar system to cover up whole SL by his own money. so dnt stupid.

and we should understand what is Air Force in a country its a most costly expensive government organisation. it cant just maintain.GOV should invest expensive items.
Their all instrument expensive than SLA & SLN .most probably 1:1000.
u guys know even US failed to shoot down Air Plane came to pentagon .im not saying always compare wit 9/11 .

Terrorist attacked Mannar & understood Air Defence system not working at all so they attempt second nearest target and again tried president house.

so in my point of view they just try president house and note down all the AA guns locations and how is SLAF response . so im 100% sure they will attack president house and Military head quarters according to current circumstances.(they are nt stupid enough to attack WTC.wht da fuk ! dey dnt want listed with al-queda this time).

So im higherly concern about Air Force Radar System and manipulate with Attack air crafts. Sorry to say this in this Public forum , even for SLA it took ages to buy proper GPS system they used Fishing GPS system it was inaccurate ,error was 2-3 Km. so hope they have proper GPS for 4X4 SF & Commandos. So its not something with Management . SL need money to invest those things if they could open up Bank Account or any system .Sri Lankans in overseas could donate money for buy these systems.

Lankapura said...

SLAF strategy and planning weaknesses are a real shame. All three aspects - detection, interception and defense - against TAF have been exposed time and time again.
The ADS around Colombo are a joke. They have to shoot towards the sound of the planes??

hemantha said...

"bring the SLAF under SF!"

Good idea. SF has to be appointed as the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

FreedomFighter said...

Sam the y are saying hard ship is the problem tamils facing ?
what sort day dream are u having ?

Read this firt and do some reserch about what tamils are going through
before starting an argument.


FreedomFighter said...

Eelam already exist and its just it borders have to be expanded and
world have to recongnise us which will happen sooner or later.

"..The Sri Lankan President, Chandrika Kumaratunga, has said that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has established a "de facto separate State" in the north of her country and in parts of the east since entering into peace talks with the Ranil Wickremesinghe Government..."

Tamil Eelam - a De Facto State

hemantha said...

"guys resigning SLAF Commander will not the answer ---"

I agree, but due to a different reason. People who might replace him would most probably be no better than him. A friend of mine suggested of importing a foreign person for the job. (He says it's rotten to the core. He had some bad experiences with SLAF around 25 years back. SLAF had shattered his dream of becoming a SLAF pilot. So, his views may be extremely biased in this regard)

Unknown said...


Man, what planet are you from? Read DW's post before you comment on it! We had them on our radar screens for 20 minutes but SLAF did nothing. So, it is NOT a problem with the radar system, it is a management problem in SLAF! The boss is responsible for these management issues.

Moshe & Hemantha,

I'm with you guys!

Unknown said...


“People who might replace him would most probably be no better than him.”

We won’t know until we try will we?

Raves said...

Bring the army commander as the joint chief of staff? Fire the airforce commander?

How about the Navy commander then? The tigers sank the invincible right inside the harbour. And right inside the HSZ in Jaffna they managed to smuggle 3 or 4 suicide rafts and almost succeeded in sinking two cargo vessels. And two sunken cargo vessels within the harbour limits TOTALLY cripples the harbour since no other naval ships can dock there and this includes the jetliner. Making us totally screwed.

You lot make me laugh.

hemantha said...

"---(LTTE) has established a "de facto separate State" in the north of her country and in parts of the east----"

"Eelam already exist and its just it borders have to be expanded "

The funny thing is that the so called 'Eelam' is expanding inward through out last two years (i.e. contracting rapidly). This freedom monkey thinks it's expanding. The dumb is living in the anti universe. Everything happens backward there. If you throw him in a cage (where rabid monkeys belong) he would think he achieved the freedom. Pretty stupid even for a monkey.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

To all SLAF pilots:

Dear brothers,

Yes ur pilots but ur soldiers after all! Just like ur SLA or SLN brothers fighting in the same war regardless of rain or shine!

Being a SLAF pilot is not a privilege but it is ur job!

It is ur choice to be a soldier and it is ur responsibility to full fill ur duty. It could be hard and what u do is dangerous then again u should be smart enough to find a way around it not hiding behind it.

So, get off ur fcuking high-horse and be men! If u can’t, then ask Bandaiya from Monaragala to fly the fcuking thing and I bet he won’t land until he shoots down the fcuking flying brooms!


P.S. Sorry about the language! No, I am not a key board worrier and actually I against the war! But again LTTE fcukers are nothing but w@nkers to me. I do have a job and I d take my responsibilities and I do utmost to fulfill my duties too. All I am asking is to change ur attitude and do ur bit!

Peter said...
“None of us have any more than two properties there”

Intelligent Peter Ponnayara, fcuking trailer-park trash! U got two properties? Who cares u dim-bat! We know u Intelligent Tamils are such a superior race and hates everybody else because they all have a peace of land to call it theirs. But all u have is two trailers to call urs!

“Tamils ain't stupid to hold on to real estate investments until a recession hits.”

Yeh, so all the Intelligent Tamils sold their real estate investments? Get real moron, u r not as smart as u think. Would u like a list of” not so Intelligent Tamils” running around Mortgage Companies trying to re-finance properties so they can send money to VP’s farewell party?

Peter utter fool, we all is rich in many ways! So we don’t want to know how rich ur or ur Intelligent Tamils are. Keep it to ur self but try not rip-off normal people with Credit Card scams!

When Tsunami hits SL there was this Tamil family with two young kids wearing T-Shirts saying “Collecting funds for Tsunami effected” in English and Tamil collected money for days in Burwood shopping Centre where 24h Kmart is. One of my Tamil friends said this family bought an Investment property or two after the collection! Where did u do ur fund raising for ur Investment Trailers Peter?

B#: Sorry about the friendly fire yesterday mate! My radar system was not working properly! Lol Hope u accepts my apologies!

Rana said...


You sounded like SLAF officer trying to cover up your inabilities to support our valliant SLA and SLN. Any way your point is taken.

However, it is "KAPPETIPOLA" not Kapptipola. If you can't write a sinhala name properly as it sounds, how can you protect our air space? That is the question we have for SLAF.

Raves said...

[We won’t know until we try will we?]

Why not fire thr defence secretary as well? Afterall the airchief NEEDS and consults the security council every tuesday on what he's up to. If not where does he get his funding from? His own?

I say fire them all.

History said...



How are you... ah..

After loooong time..

How is your sister and mother doing??

Rana said...


If your pilots required to go home at 5.00 during a war. Tell them not to come back. Their service is no longer required.

Higer few free lancer chinese who can fly F-7s and make sure they on roaster for 24/7 with atleast three F-7 fuelled and ready to take off within 10 minutes of alert.

You don'y need rocket science to do that.

You better clean your house too because you have informers inside, may be paid informers (traitors)at higher level.

kappetipola said...

Parakrama ..

first i mst tell u this is public forum and i cant justify what i knw and confirmed here.

yes DW will say it was in screen 20 mins. i will not going to correct the numbers i heard it could be more than that or less. i dnt care even its 5 mins if we have proper fighter jest flew away withing minits . hope you have some understand how long it take to bring out F7 from yard and basic Test and fly specially with this 15 years old jet.and not condemn SLAF fighetr jets.

Man im in same planet you are in but different is i knw what is the capability in SL budget & expenses. make sure this is SL Air Force not USAF or Indian AF and not a james bond movie. this is real war with terrorist. only in Sri Lanka in the world.

yes if you think remove the commander do it and lets see what will bring the new commander.and u nt happy abt him remove him too ! .

thats not the point we need high purchasing power to maintain our SLAF. we should upgrade our systems. we should buy WAR RADAR systems not the commercial radar systems ..

so thats my hint. enjoy your rest of day.
may the forece with you !

hemantha said...

"You lot make me laugh."

Any body can laugh if he is a human. It is irrelevant weather he is stupid or intelligent.

"Bring the army commander as the joint chief of staff?"
I made that comment. Like to hear what is laughable in it. (For your information, the possibility is not negligible)

History said...

Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

I bet he won’t land until he shoots down the fcuking flying brooms!

That is the one we need, that is the energy we need. I am sure right now who ever we need, is working for SLAF, and is crying while seeing these...

Find and pick the right guy (may be two pilots) and make them the owner of this mission, 24X7 they have to be ready. The code is simple find and destroy the fucking zlin imediately after we notice them on air.

The decide when to start he mission when to end the mission, where to find it.. and for them to take up the flight no lengthy approvals..

Either way, SALF need to show some realistic plan here, if chief.. you cannot do that, please step down..

Believe me it is not far that LTTE going to use their full strengh to attack/ destroy a key figure in the GOSL.

That will just turn this move in 180 degrees..

Rana said...

This F***ing lawyer Bruce Fein, a greedy bastered has send letter to Bharatha Janatha Party president with the intention of educating him on conditions prevailing in SL.

What a joke!

Moshe Dyan said...


welcome back, mate.

"SF has to be appointed as the Joint Chiefs of Staff."

even better.

History said...


I am sorry, calculations and numbers make me sick..

Go and find view/ or read the conversation President Roosevelt had with his militant when the Pearl Harbor was attacked..

I can give you many examples.. but people like you… if I am to pick few commonly known

Cricket - 50 runs in 17 balls is not possible
Medicine – SL medicine budget is a medical wonder

The same people some time back said that it is not possible to attack toppigala, and so on and so on… common, you don’t visit this blog that often, people who visit this blog have talk this over and over.. here impossible is what is possible.. again your point are all over too..

Rana said...


Not only commander, you your self is also go home, without waiting for the letter.

You want more money, higher purchasing power for what? to have a higher commision.

If you just hand over these old mig 21, mig 27,mig 17, F-7, MI 24 what else, to LTTE they will take over whole country within few weeks.

Only SLAF can't shoot down a small plane within 20- 40 minutes.

Do not try to white wash SLAF or cover up your arse because you didn't do your job.

Unknown said...

Constantin Demiris,

Don't be daft mate. GR & MR has the balls to carry on with offensives against all odds. I don't know what their intentions are in the long run but hats off to them for getting us this close!

We are all human and we all mistakes, navy chief and other people in our security forces are no different. However, the difference is that SLA & SLN seem to be learning from mistakes and moving forward.

This is the 9th time that TAF has been in action. Security lapses in SLN or SLA doesn't even come close to SLAF's blunders (e.g. AAB attack, TAF attacks etc.).

Nine times man, nine times!

Also, don't talk about things you don't really know about. How the f*** can you compare SLN's security lapses with SLAF??

SLN has to deal with hundreds of fishing (and other) boats every day and there are many opportunities for LTTE to mingle with them and attack. So, just be thankful to the SLN that there hasn't been many more of these attacks.

In my point of view, SLN is doing a great job. I've seen, with my own eyes, what kind of stuff the navy has to put up with and believe me, it's not easy.

Now think about SLAF. If there is an aircraft in our airspace and it is not a commercial jet or SLAF aircraft, then it can only be TAF. You don't get hundreds of people flying everywhere over SL airspace do you?

Can you see it now? Believe me, SLN chief & SLAF chief's are worlds apart!

Unknown said...


Fine, I don't know what you know and if you know something sensitive, you should not disclose that in a public forum.

However, my point is that SLAF should've at least tried to shoot them down. As far as I know (and as pointed out by some bloggers here), Mi-24's are more than enough to deal with Zlin 143's. So, why didn't we see any Mi-24's in action last night?

If SLAF budget is so tight, why do we waste millions by bombing jungles?

I'm no military expert, but from my point of view SLAF has enough equipment. They just need to pull their fingers out of the arses and get down to work!

Moshe Dyan said...

the position was created in may 2008.

possibly there are few issues to be addressed b4 appointing someone.

the de facto tamil elam state will need penis enlargement pills now!!
bruice fein's pump would also help but results will be temporary. might lead to bleeding though.
or else it can start jelqing!!!!!

whatever method used it can only achieve inches. give up this guys. what's the point in killing ppl for a dream?

if achieving the tamil elam sweet dream requires killing thousands, that's a nighmare my TE friends!
give it up.

Unknown said...


Thanks, it's nice to be back!

Corey said...

Where was this news before:

Tuesday’s failure to shoot down a single LTTE aircraft despite timely detection by radar has jolted the SLAF into investigating its limitations amidst evidence that the enemy has acquired a capability to neutralise the threat of a heat seeking missile attack. An authoritative source said that Chinese F7s launched from Katunayake air base had failed to zero-in-on the enemy aircraft. "Their (F7s) missile systems failed to ‘lock on with the enemy aircraft," the source said. This would necessitate an overall review of the SLAF’s strategy, the source said. The military asserted that the LTTE could try to exploit the situation. The initial detection had been made north-east of Mannar at 10.18 p.m. by 2D radar installed by the Government of India at the SLAF base at Vavuniya. Thaladdi had come under attack within minutes after the detection, the source said. Both the Indian radar and a Chinese 3D radar station located in the Western Province had detected the enemy aircraft but interceptors failed to carry out a successful missile strike. 2D radar provides direction and the distance of a target whereas the Chinese radar provides even the altitude of a target. Last September, a heat seeking missile fired by an interceptor brought down one of the two LTTE aircraft returning to their base after attacking Vavuniya air base. Although the LTTE denied the SLAF claim, a senior military official pointed out that the LTTE had deployed only one aircraft to carry out Tuesday’s operation. Each previous raid directed at military and economic targets had involved two aircraft, the official said. "May be they are now left with one aircraft," he speculated. But the possibility of their having additional aircraft couldn’t be ruled out, he said. .-Full Report-(The Island-30/10/08)

Rajah said...

Sam The Man,

"I know many di ass pora argued about 1983. but think back who saved thousands of lives of Tamils in Colombo from Singhalese thugs?. My parents saved two families hiding in our house.".

Actually we don't have problem living with Sinhalese.but it's very hard (almost impossible) to live with govsl. sl politicians need attack minority to survive.

98% Sinhalese are very good people. unfortunately this good people mis leaded by rest of 2%

my family also saved by on of the good Sinhalese family in 77 and 83 (i have witness) in kirulapanne.

don't forgot during 83 riots ALL Sinhalese who worked in Jaffna was saved by Tamils.

83 is state sponsored riot. police and army helped mobs and remove people who fight against mobs. it have took action to stop riot after 3 days due to Indian pressure. hoe can you trust govt attack against you.

Sri lankan politicians successfully build big wall between Tamil community and Sinhalese community. so far no political solution. don't blame ltte. if your read this blog u will realize how thick is wall.

by the way some jaffna Sinhalese also joint ltte.some worked in jaffna under ltte administration.

I always thanks Sinhalese family who saved Tamils during 58 ,77,83.


Rana said...


No, I have a better suggestion. We will give LTTE what they want becuase according our SLAF they have old stuff and no money given to them and bla bla.

So what SF and others have accomplished so far is amounting to nothing, if next time LTTE use even their single plane to carry out a suicide mission over president's house and destabilise the whole war.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Info defencewire, specialy about giving the locations of the AA

"AA batteries placed on all high rise buildings, including the Hilton Hotel, World Trade Center Towers and the Bank of Ceylon building"

so next time if the Hilton Hotel, wtc and boc were attacked, you won't cry that LTTE is targetting the innocent civilians and public buildings right? obviosuly they are not if the have AA fixed :) it becomes a potential target for the enemy by default.

keep it up! no wonder why the LTTE is superior in its intelligence :D

you modaya fools :D

Rana said...


I agree with you to certain extent. My experience in 1981 riots in Ratnapura/Kahawatta/Balangoda area and 1983 what I saw in Dehiwala/Ratmalana area same.

We majority tried to protect innocent tamils but police did not interfere with that. Only thing they did was allow some hooligans to act like mad dogs.

However, you cannot say after 83 all govenments try to prevent back clashes and they were successfull.

I think you can agree to that.

Unknown said...


Superiors minds didn't know about our AA gun positions until modaya's spelled it out for you....hmmmmm….interesting. Not so super after all perhaps???

Rover said...


"But the things we have to do to prove that we are civilized"

I meant this to be sarcastic.

Even before the war for Iraq, hughe numbers of children died of famine due to Western sanctions.

But, on the O2 issue, civilians do need O2 in many instances such as myocardial infractions and hypoxia.

Anyway, they can produce their own O2 if they really need it. Not an issue.

Nihara said...

SLAF Chief should be stood down for a blunder like this.
He's playing with the lives of Sri Lankan leadership as well as with the civilians.
It's just a matter of time & matter of selecting a location for LTTE strikes back again.

It's regrettable to say, that our civilians wouldn't be able to depend on our well equipped and sophisticated AF when it happens as usual.


Pl. don't say my comments are rude and aggressive as this is the truth and truth hurts!

Rover said...


"Thanks for the Info defencewire, specialy about giving the locations of the AA"

LTTP already knows this and everybody working on these buildings know this.

History said...


That is an interesting news,

So F7 has failed.. after manner.. what SLAF did when LTTE comes to colombo..

Okay, I understand the heat seeking missile is not working now. They have Blackbirds now.. that is okay but in WW II heat seeking missile were not there, but planes went down??..

My question is, did we gave it a try with our MI 24??

This news (if this is not one of those sky born story) made me further question about the people who take desicion at the top..

We don't need expensive weapons to bring down this cheap planes. Buy 10 cheap planes with a small radar unit and a gun (no F7, no MIG, no MI nothing), If they can fly twise the speed of zlin that has to be more than enough.. then when LTTE plane are in colombo bring up all 10 planes at once and do a random check with the added support (minor) of the ground radars and see if you cannot find and gun down these tin can..

To me improving radar units, and fixing AA guns in all buildings are just the plan B, we are missing the plan A here..

Unknown said...


Well said mate. I'm very sceptical about this report in Island, it sounds to me like pie in the sky stuff!

Say that they have acquired this magical ability to evade heat seeking missiles....then the implication is that F-7 jet/s managed to locate Zlin 143 but couldn't get a missile lock. In that case, F-7’s should've followed them back to Wanni and called Kfir or Mig-27 over to bomb the place where Zlin's land. I'm pretty sure those bombs on Kfir & Mig-27’s don't need radar locks ;)

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Puthinam video:

The target seems to have been caught totally without warning Bcos' :
-there are no Ac-ack tracers, none
-All lights are on

Anonymous said...


Never forget: asking tuk tuk downing (in GSL areas) is the maximum we ask from SLAF. However they delivered the minimum though I am not sure who is controlling security in strategic places: SLA or SLAF. LTTP drop bombs in K'thissa becuz they couldn't go for the best targets harbor/BIA etc. It is AA firework (ya all over the sky) which prevented tuk tuk victory so far though we didn't hit them.

LTTP know when to do the show so that diaspora don't get upset when LTTP bases 'tactically withdrawn'. So you can see diaspora clowns here celebrate this "scenic tour" with quickly boosted (key board) moral.

As I understand it seems it is quite hard to detect them when they fly low in dark. t is said this time even almost no noise and even less heat emitted. So things will be even harder later for SLAF. I think we seriously need to update 3D radar from China or Israel. But even that may not warrant downing. We need to understand that we blame on SLAF on something difficult to do.

Guys, a person should resign if it is his personal fault. What we have is something different. Resigning GR/MR/etc will not solve LTTP problem. I remember how SLFP demanded RP to resign when LTTP overran Poonaryn. And all the time they demanded UNP to resign becuz at that time SLFP had no idea how to come to power. I see the same thing now.

Resignation is traditional gentlemen thing. This terrorist problem is 'out of the box' thing. Traditional practices are not the answer for modern day terrorism.


Your questions are every ones questions. Its the challenge MI is having now.


/"bring the SLAF under SF!"

Good idea. SF has to be appointed as the Joint Chiefs of Staff./

SLAF for sure need a leader like SF. I don't think JCOS is a big position. SLAF problem is much bigger than replacing chief.

/I say fire them all./ And then?


/B#: Sorry about the friendly fire yesterday mate! My radar system was not working properly! Lol Hope u accepts my apologies!/ LOL

----Multiple identity disorder---

Common disease among diaspora clowns. Widely seen just after LTTP tin can show, suicide show or any LTTP propaganda.

I did some research on seehalasthani people and peelamasthani people. Results:

#1. Even after 100 victories one thing goes wrong seehalasthani people demands resignation. Peelamasthani people never demand resignation from the wrold's highest serial loser - from mavil aru to nachchikuda.

#2. What ever said by seehalasthani government is subjected to criticism and questioning of seehalasthani people. Whatever said by peelamasthani government (aka tamilnut etc) are accepted 100% by pelamasthani people

#3. Peelamasthani people are able to celebrate even 100% failed mission. Seehalasthani people are unable to celebrate even 100 successful mission.

#4. Seehalasthani people can't wait 3 months until their army goes to K'chi. Peelamasthanai people can wait even more than 30 years to establish peelam.
#5. It is very hard to satisfy Seehalasthani people when it comes to defence related evidence. Peelamashani people can be easily satisfied even by a simple Photoshop work.

I found one similarity also.

# Seehalsthani people forget even after 30 years war still no peelaam. Peelamasthani people also forget even after 30 years war STILL NO PEELAAM.

Well, all this for my side. Now this for our intelligent enemy.

/bandara said...
to tigers supporters:
please dont write any posts in here and waste your time, whatever u says its not gonna get in to the singala modayas heads, so leave this blogs , if you do then they dont have anyone to argue, sharp left this blog for good, many of the tigers supporters left this blog for the same reason. if u post here , u are encouraging more modayas to "think" that is not good, so leave them as a dumb asses, let them be.
so please stop showing your tamil patriotic ways or courages in this blog for good. thank you/

Huk huk ha

Finally after one year genetically superior intelligent tamiz have found other tamiz modaya are making modaya intelligent. I know it is funny how a modaya say don't blog while blogging. LOL.

hemantha said...

"The Tamil leadership made no overtures to the Sinhalese. They did quite the opposite. Unlike the Muslims (whose minister Marikkar proposed the Sinhala Sri Letter on car plates), the Arasu katchchi used every opportunity to polarize the two communities. "

-Sebastian Rasalingam

click here.

wijayapala said...

"Current Vanni Op was launched on 02 Jun 2007. Sixteen months on, not even Killinochchi has been captured. Then there are the small matters of Pooneryan, Paranthan and EPS before the war for the heartland begins. In relative terms, Jayasikuru was far more successful."

And once again, Eelam University dropout Pete misses the mark.

He doesn't quite understand that the SLA's strategy is NOT primarily about territorial gain but rather on killing Tigers. The SLA advances only after killing all Tigers in a given area. This explains why the LTTE has not been able to effectively stop the SLA's progress in the same way it did in Jayasikurui.

This strategy bodes poorly for the LTTE because it has a limited recruitment pool to draw troops from. It no longer controls the East whose youth fought and died in the Wanni to entertain diaspora LTTE supporters like Pete during Eelam War III. To put it in simple terms, the SLA is bleeding the LTTE dry.

Here's another way of looking at things:

In the 16-month period that Pete cites, the SLA has created 5 new division-sized forces (57-59,61 Divisions + Task Force 2; DN mentioned a Task Force 3 but I'm not counting that). If we take DW's figure of 7000 soldiers per division, we would have 35,000 new soldiers in this timeframe, AFTER calculating for casualties and desertion.

Thanks to these numbers, the SLA can secure both its rear areas and flanks, unlike previous fighting. It can hold onto the territory it takes. People like Pete will have to accept the reality that the LTTE will not be able to regain what it has lost due to its limited resources.

Perhaps if the LTTE bootlickers in the diaspora had any balls, they would match their empty words with actions and go to the Wanni to defend what they claim they believe in. Alas, chances are that Pete the "Oil Boy" will be in his oil rig and won't hear about the LTTE's fall until he comes back.

I will take Pete's predictable silence on this crucial topic as evidence of his acceptance of this grim reality the Iyakkam faces.

Unknown said...

DW ..

in the island ..

[An authoritative source said that Chinese F7s launched from Katunayake air base had failed to zero-in-on the enemy aircraft. "Their (F7s) missile systems failed to ‘lock on with the enemy aircraft," the source said. This would necessitate an overall review of the SLAF’s strategy, the source said. The military asserted that the LTTE could try to exploit the situation.

The initial detection had been made north-east of Mannar at 10.18 p.m. by 2D radar installed by the Government of India at the SLAF base at Vavuniya.

Thaladdi had come under attack within minutes after the detection, the source said.]

If this is the case your claim of not launching in time is inaccurate , may be the di asspora paid to buy some sort of radar jammer . it is time we found our before firing the Air Fore Chief ..

Moshe Dyan said...


sorry, mate. took it literally.

Unknown said...

Dudes monday morning quaterbacking by people who know nothing is no gonna solve it . The SLAF and their experts need to solve it . remember if they cant get a radar lock how the fuck are they gonna see the plane in the dark ? by hanging a fucking monkey from the F7's fuselage ?

Corey said...

Hi Guys,
I am just curious: Do any of you know of a blog done by die-hard ltte supporters?

I am concerned: we, the 'anti-terrorist' people are giving away too much here.

Does DW or DC have access to all email addresses (as blog initiator) of all patriots who can be obviously identified through this blog? Would it be possible to start a separate communication channel among trusted people?

Saman said...


I have been reading passionately all the responses. From those who do not want country devided and as well as from few tail's up Ealamists celebrating at our expence.

1. The most hilarious of them all, to me, is the attempts to white wash SLA blaming weather, systemic errors and the offencive capabilities etc. Excuses in these situations should not be entertained. It is as simple as that.

2. The fact remains that the LTTE managed to fool the system and accomplished their objective. As mentioned before, gurrila wars do thrive on symbolic attacks. That is what they wanted.

3. I was waiting to see the head line "SLA chief is asked to step down". It is a matter of accountability, if nothing else. He should not be given any more chances.If we do, consiquences could be drastic. We will have plenty of opportunities to get in to the bolg and "yap yap.." just to kill time.

4. I have already sent a letter to Sec. of defence with CC to President. Bolggers can think of establishing a way to collate some good idears comming through these forums to reach the decision makers.

5. I wish to see people and media in SL ask for action and MR respond to that. To me SLA has been the weakest link - both in strategy and implimentation. We heard long enough this tin flys can not be taken in air for what ever the reason. In my view, we have had enough capability and time, in this event, to locate where it lands. It is an insult over hurt if they flew from Manar -an area declared as in full control of GOSL.

6. Also, why is this Zlig which droped the cargo proceeded close to harbour along the coast and heading towards Presidential palace. Is that a DRY RUN for a bigger catch.

7. For the first time I tend to feel, whether the claimed "Cleared" areas are really clear from terror instalation.

8. One other concern I have is why Sarath Fonseka did not appear in the media lately. I wonder some monkey business is going on.

History said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
History said...


Does DW or DC have access to all email addresses (as blog initiator) of all patriots who can be obviously identified through this blog?

When you get registered, You and DW are with the same previllages.. DW is only the blog owner.. he cannot see the email, know manage us in any way, except deleting a comment we posted on his blog post..

The main blog site owner admin has the full previllages.. but that is not DW.

Blogging is not mend to be private.. even the Personal Blogs are public..

Unknown said...


“remember if they cant get a radar lock how the fuck are they gonna see the plane in the dark ? by hanging a fucking monkey from the F7's fuselage ?”

You made me laugh there!

But back to business, read DW’s post first.

Also, Island says that they made the initial detection at 10.18pm using a 2D radar at SLAF base in Vavuniya.

So, who says anything about not being able to locate Zlin’s? No need to hang monkey’s out of the fuselage mate….the truth is that we had them on our radar.

So the questions are:

- is there any jamming system that is capable of preventing missile locks while being visible to a normal 2D radar?
- Is it possible that tigers managed to purchase one of these systems?

However, these things are too far fetched for me. The only real reason for them getting away is the incompetence of SLAF, nothing else!

Rana said...


If look at the cyber defence map and use the 8km scale given in the map. You will find that under the area controled by LTTE presently is about 25X25km.
It is equivalent to 625sq. km. Out that also most of the areas are not good enough to hide run ways and high ways that can be used as a run way.

When you do 6000 sorties over that is 10 bombs per 01

If you can't find the tin can or cans becuase they are well hidden. Then iar force should bomb all straight portions of all high ways inside their teritory. At least that will make mobilisation of heavy equipment near impossible/difficult.

Mulative jungle is almost taken over by 59. In rest of the are, it is not easy to hide run ways. We already knows it is not in Kilinochchi, like that by eliminating obvious places our target get easier.

What we can't afford to do is wait until they stricke again. We must do all we can to see that this zling thing will not happen again.

I don't think it is a big task, requiring all sophisticated new equipment. What all we need is couple of jets which can fly and innovative thinking.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Wijayapala: Good one, as always. I don’t think Peter can do any reply soon. He got his both hands lubricated! Wink….. Wink…

Can Kaavalan the Intelligent Tamil stand up and do a reply behalf of ur retarded or eellam university drop out Peter? Ohhh… sorry … Kaavalan is busy with the monkey! Wink …wink..

Defencewire said...

what a load of BS! Such radar jammers would cost more than the entire Zlin 143 fleet.

Corey said...

At least Peter is pretty civilized and talks about facts unlike some others who try to create a backlash (typical terrorist tactic). Let's give him (Peter) a break shall we?

History said...


what a load of BS! Such radar jammers would cost more than the entire Zlin 143 fleet.

I don't buy that news.. I mean if a F-7 able to track the zlin then, there are many other questions to be asked..

But given the money that LTTE is having, I am not surprise if they purchase a radar jammer too.. that weapon is becoming dangerously effective....

Ananda-USA said...


Is there any possibility that the TAF planes are taking off and landing in Tamil Nadu? They could cross the Palk Strait undetected and then follow the West coast to Colombo? Any comments?

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

My point of view is LTTE is getting hammered really well and they can’t face this kind of beating, and game is almost over, so. They have to do/show something at least to scare people in Colombo.

It is completely ok using zlin or anything, what our GOSL should do is take this opportunity and hammer all those wanniyans for good.

Don’t forget LTTE tincan attack will shut those who pouring crocodile tears and open big brothers eyes (they hate suicide pilots)

Here is a little video clip how our guys playing the game Link

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Diaspora don’t worry about zlin attack, now it is time to worry about your self and your brothers in Wanni, today your Boss (V.Pakayakaran) ordered to kill all the carders whoever running from front line and bunkers…

Saman said...


I found this link. Travele back on time - through the work of one of the greatest son's of SL - to see how simple and peaceful the country has been and what it has become. Hope you and others would enjoy.

Nothing to do with the topic we are on or the war.

Rana said...


I also asked the same question previously but if you look at the map you will that distance id too much for Zling to go back!

this radar jamming talk is nonsence, Katunayaka radar picked it time to time. Some times they lost it due to obstacles.

Only way F-7 to miss it is either range is too much (more than 40km) or using radar confusing tactics (like creating or releasing lot of aluminum pieces while flying).

Rana said...


Your link is to the home page? there is nothing much to read. I do not have time to search all.

Could you please send me the correct link. I am a very much fan of Mr. Wickramsinghe, WA Siva, and Sirisena Maitipe and Arther C clerk.

Thanks bro!

Rana said...


"At least Peter is pretty civilized and talks about facts unlike some others"

You wont say this if you have read all his postings or go to his own web site peteratnam or something. He is one of the worst cases.

I will give such a credit to Wijepala but no body else amoung the known LTTE lovers.

kappetipola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kappetipola said...

thats gd question for DW, Ananda .

there are possibility so how come it will not appear on TN radar system ! . even after won North SL there are possibility to air attack from TN.

but it will not effect our mobile radar systems we got from India. cuz LTTE must know the error reading and they must study those radar systems years ago.

i saw nice post from Ali ,yeh "mavil oya" to "Akkaraya wawa" we had numourous air support from SLAF . if we didnt have that we cant go this much.
even removing "thamil selvon,balraj" is big impact to current status.

MI24 is not a car . u cant just start it and go .hope some guys have some knowledge abt this except few bloggers (buggers !) .but there are possibility it will cost lucks of Ruppee for a day to keep it available 24 hour.

i never knw western sri lanka has any MI24 operating site. hope even LTTE is knw this. they must knw how many MI24 we got and how many MI24 pilots and where are they.

and cuz of the pre basic test hours even its in north SL . SLAF cant just fly it like a trail bike ! and like in a movies you guys watching !

we had once ,remember bell crash .so SLAF not movie directors they work on less most terrible scenario.(censored !)

saw somebody’s post about “cannot locked radar” ,it’s a joke man. Lets think how far these heat missile run . hope not more than 50Km so why F7 didnt chase it even its cannot locked the press button !

Best thing is guys dont forget past very fast (common saying in sinhalese).

Yes I agree there are some disappointing things in SLAF and I believe we have all the fighter planes we need (no need much power and expensive planes) but we should maintain it up to date.

And guys make sure if SLAF missed its failure and civilian attack but if Terrorist missed attacked doesn’t matter they are in our territory its still attack.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

"I will give such a credit to Wijepala but no body else amoung the known LTTE lovers."


Good one!

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Sam Perera

"Do we have moles of LTTE in the Air Force high command? "

We may, never trust one of those tamilian unless its a picture.

Rana said...


I will ask you again to change your name to "KAPPETIPOLA" please don't mis spel our heros pat or present.

"Mavil oya" what is that, it has to be either mavil aru or weli oya, if I remember correctly.

"Akkarayan wewa" again either akkarayan kulm or akkara wewa.

Please don't tell us how difficult it is and give us excuse after excuse.

Your (I am sure you are a RG's catcher or AF officer) job is to make sure that our air space is secure for the sake of every body.

dsk said...

can the air force lift its planes without letting them come on friendly fire from ground AA batteries? can someone explain?

wijayapala said...


"I am concerned: we, the 'anti-terrorist' people are giving away too much here."

And what are we giving away??? Our over-emotional responses to these kinds of setbacks???

wijayapala said...


"I was waiting to see the head line "SLA chief is asked to step down". It is a matter of accountability, if nothing else. He should not be given any more chances.If we do, consiquences could be drastic."

A few points:

1) SLA stands for "Sri Lanka Army." SLAF is the Air Force. Next time you write to Uncle Gotabhaya, make sure you have the correct service in your letter.

2) What should the current SLAF chief have done to stop the TAF? Please do not give vague answers like "shoot down the TAF." We need to know a) what would be the best weapon to shoot down TAF b) which country would be willing and able to supply this weapon and c) what sort of training we would need to use this weapon.

Currently we have 2D radars supplied by India to detect the TAF and F-7s to shoot them down. So explain where we went wrong and what we should have done?

3) Who is a better candidate to replace the current Air Chief? Do you have someone in mind who will do a better job?

"The fact remains that the LTTE managed to fool the system and accomplished their objective. As mentioned before, gurrila wars do thrive on symbolic attacks. That is what they wanted."

What the LTTE wanted was not to cause much physical damage (since the TAF is fairly weak) but to freak everyone out. That is what terrorists do. The last thing that the LTTE would want is for nobody to give a damn.

wijayapala said...

Dear Mohan,

Welcome to this blog. I agree with almost everything you say except for one thing.

"Sri lankan politicians successfully build big wall between Tamil community and Sinhalese community. so far no political solution. don't blame ltte. if your read this blog u will realize how thick is wall."

You are correct that the politicians messed things up, and that there is a wall between us. No argument there. However, the LTTE is very much a part of the problem.

Many Tamil youth originally joined the LTTE because either they or someone they knew were victims of violence. The LTTE realizes that if the "wall" dividing us disappears, then the LTTE will decay and also disappear. That is why the LTTE is keenly interested in keeping this "wall" up.

Why else would the LTTE murder nearly 180 Buddhist pilgrims at Anuradhapura in 1985? Why would it bomb the Sri Dalada Maligawa? Why would the LTTE kill moderate Tamils like Rajini Thiranagama and Ketesh Loganathan?

Unless you can answer these questions, the rest of us here will most certainly blame the LTTE.

Unknown said...

DW radar jammers is not that expensive(dont have to be) . I already have one which I use to make sure the cops in the US dont give me speeding tickets (for less than 200$). essentially what is does is send erroneous signals that confuses the radar receiver . It is perfectly possible that the jammers does not have the range to confuse the ground radar but does confuse the aircraft bourne device due to differences in attenuation .

I am not attempting to defend the SLAF but if their story is true as per the island (I am not saying it is) there can be a logical explanation to it .

Also just because the ground radar gives a pin point it will be extremely difficult for the jet to locate the bogey in the night if such jamming device is used . It will be akin to asking the pilot to fire blind to a target given by an external source .

V4Victory said...

Everyone sleeping, wake up guys, Good news for all!

LTTE has acquired the capability to neutralise the thread of heat seeking missile, The Island reports.


Unknown said...

I too agree with your sentiments but at the same time... we have to find a way to stop TAF..
giving excuses all the time aint getting us anywhere don't you think?

we all know slaf is on a tight leash in terms equipment and funds...
But the fact is that we got so many dedicated interceptors, 3d 2d radar stations etc solely to tackle Zlins...
and a professional sir force can't forever walk away giving excuses for not being to tackle this threat...

I beginning to think that SLAF equipment isn't as good as it's advertised...
I doubt that we even posses proper night flying capability... especially when it comes to intercepting another airborne target...

Maybe it's high time we get proper land based AA missile batteries or guns that works with a radar and keep them in high profile locations...
Might be better than investing on dedicated interceptors that can't chase down a bloody turbo prop..

Ruslan said...

S300 Is the Answer.. Stationed the Damn Thing in the midle of the country.. eg: Sigiriya area..

Unknown said...

well on the time it takes to launch a hind or a jet...
If this is time is way too much and is not fast enough to hunt down the zlins...
why the hell did we buy more interceptors???
why not explore another route of taking down zlins, Air force folks are the experts...why the hell did they spend millions of dollars on jets if they take a long time to be prepped up???
I can understand if the zlins bombed only northern parts or even some of the central parts of sl since the flight times are much shorter...
these guys came all the way to colombo and returned back unchallenged... that's just disgraceful!

Moshe Dyan said...


russia will NEVER sell us the S-300 (or C-300 as it goes).

given its HUGE range (200km??) and the ability to engage 100+ targets will pose a SERIOUS threat to india although we are friendly countries.

the only solution to TAF is.

monitor vanni airspace/ground/sea closely. anything moving out without permission-destroy it. doesn't matter civilian, LTTE, UN, etc. any large scale activity within-bomb/shell immediately.

TAF landing strip is in mulaitivu.

as someone mentioned IF TAF can come and go to colombo, many flights WOULD HAVE been made to/from vanni to outside destinations (TN) and/or within vanni.

Moshe Dyan said...

if required burn the mulaitivu jungles. better done during the dry season though.

that will aslo help the farming/colonisation plan as well.

it will be massive no doubt but will save MANY SLA lives and bombs. LTTE infrastructure cannot be kept hidden.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Boys, about this Island report : it does not make sense to me. As far as I know “lock on with the enemy aircraft” and “neutralizing the threat of a heat seeking missile attack” are two different things???

Am I correct?

“lock on with the enemy aircraft” depend on the SAF pilot ability and his radar system.

“Neutralize the threat of a heat seeking missile attack” should comes AFTER SLAF pilot lock on with the enemy aircraft and once a heat seeking missile fired. Then only u can neutralize the threat of a heat seeking missile attack by jamming diverting missile path to another object.

Correct me if I am wrong!

So, either Island reporter got it wrong or I got it wrong or V4Vaporized had a premature…… u know what!!!

Rana said...

Moratu Saman,

probably they have some tamils very close to Katunayaka air force base with a cell phone to inform if fighter jets take off. Then leadership in Wanni goes to the rat hole because it takes at least half and 20-30 to cover distance between Katu and Mulative.

Other moles may not necessarily be tamils, we already know there were many sinhala defence officers who sold their mother for right price.

Unknown said...


[LTTE has acquired the capability to neutralise the thread of heat seeking missile, The Island reports.]

While I have doubts over the Island report itself, there can be several possible reasons for F-7s being failed to acquire a lock(if they ever on air) on Zlins.

1. For heat seeking missiles – they may have applied a special thermal coating to minimize the heat dissipation. But as I think even without that Zlins are still giving out very small amount of heat that may drastically limit the range of IR missiles.
2. SARH or ARH missiles –they might have acquired ECMs. This is most likely.

With this kind of (pathetic) lack of response from SLAF – thank god we put down Mig 29 deal without wasting money. (In that case it could have been Mig-29 pilots gone home after 5pm)


Mate….. India will go nuts if we setup a S-300 here. :D
Cant imagine whether we’ll ever managed to get hands to S-300 system from Russia(or Chinese version) given the pressure from India regarding the 3D radar systems not to mention the cost.

Besides it’s like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Moshe. “if required burn the mulaitivu jungles. better done during the dry season though. “

Lol nice one! Not bad! I have a better and high tech idea! This is Alian technology!

How about this to prevent future ATF attacks?

We have to find 2 massive d#ckH@ads like VP and we erect one in Pollonnaruwa and other one in Galle. And then put a massive net on top connecting two erected massive d#ckH@ads!

Did u get the picture? No? yeh, me too! it is a hard one! : )) I need a beer! Is it Friday yet?

Anyway, if anyone interested in Cricket IND going nicely 320/3! Woo hooo!

Unknown said...


not sure about the F-7s. But Russian interceptors like Mig-29, Su-27 etc.. have a different mechanism(EOS) to lock on to airborne targets using their thermal signature. With that the intercepter can avoid using radar(thus the enemy wont get any warning from their RWR(radar warning reciever) until the missile launched)

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Tin: thanks mate! Appreciates that! Make sense too!

Unknown said...

[Besides it’s like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly.]

killing the fly seems to have become quite difficult now though...

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Talking about Heat Seeking Missiles! I do have one too! My Heat Seeking Missile would never miss the hot spot! Could not fool by anything that looks like the hot spot!

But, only once it missed the hot spot and hit just below the hot spot and mannnn…. It exploded like BOOOOMMM! The carnage…. Massive!! Every where!!!!

DW, sorry about trying to be a clown! Seems like very body is sleeping!

Rana said...


if you look at orbat map you will see ships and boats guarding sea around nouth. They also have radars, specially for low flying objects.

Why can't they inform SLAF as soon as this tin can take off.

There are many ways to tackle it, if you have a will.

Do I smell some thing not correct here. it is like SLAF is not happy with other parties b'cause they didn't get the equipment they want.

If you read Kapptipola posting some sort of a grudge is written between lines.

If that is the case, last thing we want right now.

Unknown said...

Ohh.. AGG,

I missed this :)

“Neutralize the threat of a heat seeking missile attack”

There are two basic ways of avoiding incoming heat seeking missile.

1. Using missile evading maneuvers(and all the luck) to make the missile go astray.

2. Using countermeasures/decoys – specially flares!! Missile may be fooled by the heat of flare (Chaff is useful against radar homing missiles.)

Hope this little info will b useful.

Kithul said...


Supplies are actually provided by the UN; and soon enough, they will be provided by the state government of Tamil Nadu

is the oxygen supplied by UN or TN?

there's no LTTE for you to fund if the Sri Lankan government didn't provide them food,medicine and medical care plus pay salaries to non working government servants.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Tin:”Hope this little info will b useful”

Thanks again! Ofcoz it is useful. Any info other than about the Intelligent Tamil Race is always priceless.

Boys, it is about time me to go home and have beer and watch some cricket! You all have fun and be happy!!! Don’t let recent incidents effects u and get depressed and get suicidal! That we have to leave to LTTE terrorists!

Moshe Dyan said...



but i was serious in saying so. these MASSIVE UNKNOWN jungles will be HUGE death traps.

BTW what you say makes some sense!!!! yes!

in WW2 brits tied cables to balloons and made it into a net against german aircraft. but not so wide spread as you suggest! and didn't have dickheads though!

may be it originated as a casual suggestion

oh maccain you've done it again!!!!

Unknown said...

B#1 said...


[B#: Sorry about the friendly fire yesterday mate! My radar system was not working properly! Lol Hope u accepts my apologies!]

:) Its ok brother. I didn't take it serious. Fortunately you are not the Chief of AF :) lol

You know when I travel by bus speaking in tamil with my friends, some sinhalese was telling "demallu, koti etc". like that but I have never changed my mind to a traitor because of that.

I always love my country.


[----Multiple identity disorder---]


Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

b#1 : u r a Gentlemen and thanks! I was just going along the die-ass-pora bashing and made a wrong turn! My bad and sorry! Have good one and be safe!

Moshe: do u think I can cash on my idea? Lol

Anyway, got to go boys! This chick with massive b@@bs promised to sit on the same spot in the train as yesterday! Don’t want to miss that for any war! : )) just kidding!

N said...

It’s a damn shame, I see some in this blog have mentioned that it’s not an option for the Air Force Commander to resign, and then what’s the other option? Wait for another 2 years and jeopardize the security even in Colombo? Please look at the bigger picture. Isn’t it better to give this chance to another as it may change the SLAF for better, and the worst case scenario wouldn’t be any worse than now? There was ample of time for the AFC to come up with a better strategy to encounter this menace. It’s a big potential threat though right now it has no significant impact. But, what if they come on kamikaze missions first sacrificing a couple of takarans to distract the attention and then sending a few more on 9/11 style mission? Definitely LTTE possesses at least 5-6 more takarans.

The most embarrassing and costly military setbacks were due to incompetence of the SLAF, one recent instance was AAB. One can argue the success in targeting Thamilchelvan but it is like hitting 6000 stones and hitting one big bird. Hope you will not misinterpret what I’m saying, I’m not talking about the brave pilots but the top brass.

After all these SLAF sorties the LTTE artillery is still intact and so is their mobile military infrastructure. Knowing that they move their heavy artillery from one place to another, the SLAF should have identified and destructed the roads and bridges to prevent such movements. Then SLAF doesn’t have to physically capture and deploy troops to man the roads and bridges.

B#1 said...

Moshe will be happy since SLAF has started again.... :) I mean bombing...

N said...

Hi Rana,

Sorry mate I was very busy. No I have not changed my name.

kuttu said...


As at UTC 0600 (1130) 30 October 2008

Pottu Amman Led Suicide Black Tiger Training Center Strafed

MULLAITTIVU: LTTE Intelligence Chief POTTU AMMAN’s discreet training center for Suicide Black Tigers, about 6 km northwest of PUTUKUDUIIRUPPU in MULLAITTIVU District received a surprise aerial beating Thursday (30) morning at about 10.00 a.m. as the weather turned to the favor of Air Force pilots.

Ground troops on specific intelligence received from different confirmed sources had directed the Air Force to take the target precisely. Pilots said the target was accurate

Nisal said...

Finally, SLAF resumed their operations!

Nisal said...

I think SLDF has missed the target. No civilian casualties in Tamilnut.

Sam said...

I see a lot of comments blaming SLAF after DW's misinformed facts about SLAF pilots. If you have someone who know these guys would feel ashamed of yourself how much they are sacrificing and about your 'great appreciation'. I'm not going to elaborate.. you guys including DW need to be correctly informed before pasting comments that dissatisfies a handful of great guys who sacrifices their youth.. their lives for the love of country instead of a bunch of fools that does not encourage their commitment. At last.. find facts correctly before comments..!!

David Blacker said...

The main prob is that the SLAF pilots have zero experience in air-to-air combat. It takes many years of training to be competent, and long hours of constant exercises and actual combat to be good at it. You can have the best aircraft in the world, but it's no good without experienced pilots.

Unknown said...

David has to be the case , we need to up the training of all the pilots , my guess is that they probably have a few competent ones and not the others . They could hire some pilots form other countries till ours are trained .

Anonymous said...


/We have to find 2 massive d#ckH@ads like VP and we erect one in Pollonnaruwa and other one in Galle. And then put a massive net on top connecting two erected massive d#ckH@ads!/

Man I think this might work. Seriously, but we need few hundreds people located across a line from Trinco to Mannar with few hundred feet tall big strong nets. No need of MIG29/F7/radar ect and pilots can go home 5.00. If we are lucky we can get zlins to nets one way. Or for sure return trip. If you plan this properly this will work.

Also, according to my high school probability knowledge I found this formula after hard and deep research.

Pr(TAF hitting target) = Pr(SLAF hitting TAF)

Any comments from experts?

/Finally, SLAF resumed their operations!/

Lets do it. SLAF may not hit any thing valuable. But its bad to reject TAF invitation. We have paid a lot for Kfirs etc and pay for pilots. So we just need to bombing as much as possible. Atleast probability laws need to work.

N said...


That's very thoughtful of you to think that way but remember constructive criticism is very healthy. You mean that we should criticize the SLA & SLN for the blunders by the Air Force Commander? Or one should not criticize at all? What do you mean? Just by mentioning in a blog that SLAF made a blunder does not make a division.

Anonymous said...

/You know when I travel by bus speaking in tamil with my friends, some sinhalese was telling "demallu, koti etc"./

Now this is the problem with real sinhala modayas. If some one speak in tamil he = kotiya. Irinocaly real 'kotiya' speak sinhala fluently.

B#1 said...

We should not waste more money in vain for this TAF threat. Best solution for this is speed up the offensive in North. Let them to attack 10 more times using light air craft and try to manage with the existing SLAF resources.

Dumindak said...

today says SLAF carried out air attack on tiger training facility.
I sincerely belive Air Force is misguiding public, it say many times pilots bomb so many places and destroy enemy lines. These are utter lies and we can not verify these facts. they fail the only test we could verify i.e Taf attack in colombo.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the Oxygen topic:

I think we shouldn't supply terrorists with oxygen.
They are always good at manipulating things. Our gates are open for anyone to come through at Omanthai, so even if Pukekaram needs Oxygen on medical grounds, let them cross to Vavuniya or Mannar.

Oxygen plays a vital role in steel industry (Bessemer process).
Also for aircrew on high altitude missions.
But the dangerous fact about providing Oxygen to terrorist is that they can use it for respiration in submarines and
use as an oxidizer in the fuel systems of large rockets.

I think LTTE is on to something here and our Intel is doing the job but NGOs are trying to do their job too as always and earn their (UN)usual living.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Vesapizza can easily escape using a tin can. How are we going to get him and potta if we act like this?

B#1 said...


Once we take control of puthukudippu, we will get you there and show you the holes. Until that please be quiet.

Anonymous said...

On the issue of Air Chief:

I think he deserves some credit on what he has done so far. Maybe it's our inexperience or lack of research.

I think giving at least 3-4 MI24s (a capable version with night attack ability) to SF is a very good idea. Then the army can position them (1 or 2 at army HQ, 1 at Panagoda and another at Diyatalawa ) properly and get them up on time.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

I have a theory on why SLAF didn't try to intercept koti tin can. (Stupid one though)

We knew in advance that tin can is coming. We didn't try to intercept it intentionally. We were expecting tin can to crash by
- an act of god/devil ( like lightning, bad weather etc)
- taken by AA batteries installed at secret locations like Hilton and WTC
- not having enough fuel to get back
- unable to find way back


It is insane to say SLAF didn't try to intercept because of bad weather when they see an imminent threat to national security.

On the issue "Air chief should step down":

Stepping down from a position willingly or by force is not part of our culture. We have seen how MR handles such people ( Lalith Weerathunga and Mervin Silva are good examples). So no point in discussing on that :-)

Anonymous said...


Arguable theory. But that night we had perfect clear skys over Colombo and no excuses can be made on weather conditions (maybe a little away from Colombo).
However I don't think that they allowed those planes to enter Colombo limits on purpose. Chances of coming to an agreement on such discussions amongst top brass are 0.1%.

Raves said...

Someone said to make fonseka the CDS, does that person even know how the military structure works? CDS has to be the MOST senior person in the ENTIRE military including the navy and airforce. If that person (hemantha) wants to make SF the CDS first of all he should resign as being the army chief. And then uncle Gota needs to OVERLOOK Karannagoda because he is the MOST senior of the lot.

You all pretent to know everything and follow every word of the blog like the pilots leaving at 5. How dumb are you people? If so how does the the island report of F7s flying? And this radar lock failure wasnt the first time, it happened before in Trinco due to BAD weather. The last time the F7s were up in just 8mins!! which is EXCEPTIONAL.

If you want the neck of the SLAF chief then might as well fire Uncle Donald as well. Jeezz, you all forgot him didn't you? He is the CDS and he was the former airchief. See how rational you all are? Probalem with our country is EVERYONE IS AN EXPERT.

kumudini silva said...

Thisis so DISGRACEFUL,and disgusting . How come the LTTE plane hit the target in Bad weather?PLASE TAKE ACTION AGAINST ALL THOSE INVOLVED FOR THIS DISASTER.

I beleieve this is the 7 th attempt to embarasss the army .It is a huge Moral Boosting excercise for the LTTE . Who is responsible for this blunder?

kumudini silva said...

Thisis so DISGRACEFUL,and disgusting . How come the LTTE plane hit the target in Bad weather?PLASE TAKE ACTION AGAINST ALL THOSE INVOLVED FOR THIS DISASTER.

I beleieve this is the 7 th attempt to embarasss the army .It is a huge Moral Boosting excercise for the LTTE . Who is responsible for this blunder?

Rana said...

Constantin Destroy,

What is the f**k you are trying to play now! don't talk about details, if you wants to white wash air force talk about f***ing failure of SLAF idiot. Do not try to mess up things more than where it is right now.

The truth is not karannagoda seniority or any other f***ing thng, SLAF's ineffiency. If you can give it to a Bandaiya from Monaragala as Moshe Dayan said he will do a better job.

Bro, Karannagoda may be senior, and we have seen enough f***ing seniors who have not given able juniors a hance b'cause of greedyness.

We will be the judge by observance. SLAF chief is laughing stock internationally, you or I cant change that. He may be Harry Gunatilake's son but he is f**king inable basterd, and he has to go. He is naked in front of international communuinity.

Just think about it.

Bottom line is SLAF failed, don't try to white wash it, you better rather F**k off, mate.

Raves said...

rana, making names are we?

Funny you didnt make a name for defencewire earlier for not giving updates as you please. Couldn't think of one?

Rana said...

Kumudini Silva,

o' Hellow, I rememeber cupping you some time back (for the sake of others cupping is going between tightly pressed legs to protect virginitty). I love to do the real thing beauty!

Plaese don't f**k with real things. These are matters for men, we will take care of that. why dont you sleep with another dick head for change honey?

Anonymous said...

Rana just chill man,

Constantin Destroy is a typical political minded person who looks at thing only in one angle.

Let him prove himself and just ignore him. I'm sure he will try his best.

Anonymous said...

good to see some Estrogen rushing through this blog. I kind of agree with you Kumuduni.

One thing for sure, this time TAF targeted the President and the power plant. Multiple targets. Maybe next time they might surprise us with some chemical warheads.
I think we gave them another opportunity to carry on their research and experiment. It better if responsible people admit their misfortune and take necessary precautionary measures to prevent further tryouts.

V4Victory said...

Hi Amma Gahai,

Be ready there will be another surprise news on the way.

Nisal said...

The News is this:

v4v is going to hide his head in sand soon!

Observer said...

I do not like to buy this todays Aristrike story.

If this is a Suicide training camp of LTTE and if the SLAF knew it was there all this time, why didnt we attack it earlier ?

Do we have to wait till those tin cans fly to bomb suicide training spots ? Its equally bizzar that the training activities suddenly increases a day after the tin can flight.

SLAF should get their act together and otherwise I guess its a good idea to give some flight trainig to our SLA brothers ( yes. DW was right, we should get those sons of Banda of Anuradhapura :-) )

To the sakkiliya, who said that all the high rise buildings are legitimate targets..

Did you LTTE barbarians, look for legitimate targets all this time? Is that why you blow up bus loads of innocent children ?

V4Victory said...

Ltte in the preparation to shoot down your BIG man. I am not sure it is going to be done with any Missile or so-called ZLin.

Peter said...

Today, in the wee hours, valiant Sri Lanka Air Force bomber jets raided a suicide training base attended by terror chief Pottu Amman.

Intelligence sources said: "Since today was a bright morning, Pottu Amman thought it would be nice to have suicide training."

Based on the accurate ground information, SLAF jets completely destroyed the base.

Aerial surveillance confirmed that the terrorists suffered heavy damages.

Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!

Unknown said...

A good analysis of the Kelanitissa attack here..

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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