Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time is right for Bhanu to defect and save lives

The recent battlefield success of the Sri Lankan Security Forces has dramatically changed the ground realities and dynamics of the Sri Lankan conflict. The Tamil Tigers have been dislodged from areas they dominated militarily for many years in the North and East of the island.

According to latest reports the Security Forces are less than 2km south of Kilinochchi, which is considered by the Tamil Tigers as the de-facto capital. The fall of Kilinochchi will have symbolic value to the Sri Lankan government. However, in terms of strategic value the Paranthan junction 5km north of Kilinochchi will be the jewel in the crown.

The fall of Paranthan junction will cut supply routes to Tamil Tiger defence localities in Poonaryn, Elephant Pass and Muhamalai.

The success story of the Sri Lankan Security Forces has been built upon the combination of six critical events coming together at the right time over the last twelve to eighteen months.

a) For the first time in the history of the Sri Lankan conflict, the Sri Lanka Navy embarked on deep sea missions pursuing Tamil Tiger merchant vessels in international waters. The success of the Navy in completely destroying nine merchant vessels of the Tigers between March to October 2007, is in my opinion the single most significant factor that changed the tables on the Tigers. The supply chain capability of the Tamil Tigers was completely destroyed crippling the induction of weapons and supplies. Many have argued that the tide changed for the Tigers with defection of the Eastern Commander Karuna Amman. While this paved the way for improved intelligence on Tamil Tiger procurement and logistics operations, the destruction of the nine merchant vessels by the Navy is by far the crucial game changer.

b) The defection of Karuna Amman as the Eastern Commander and disbanding of young combatants in the east set the stage for the complete eviction of the Tigers from the Eastern Province. The expulsion of the Tigers from the East has prevented the Tigers from opening up a new theatre to thin out the Sri Lankan Security Forces engaged in the North. The inability of the Tamil Tigers to open up several fronts has greatly assisted the Security Forces to concentrate on the Northern battle ground.

c) In the recent fighting the Sri Lankan Security Forces favoured a strategy of capturing coastline on the North Western and Eastern coast. This strategy of progressing along the coast had a twofold impact on the Tigers, firstly it constrained the supply channels especially regular inflows from India, and secondly the Sea Tigers became redundant due to the lack of operating space. Furthermore the Tigers had always expected the Security Forces to advance along the A9 highway (MSR) and much of the Tiger defences were constructed at Omanthai and surrounding areas along the A9 highway. The Tigers had not anticipated a coastline assault.

d) In May 2008, the Tamil Tigers suffered a significant blow to the command structure. The Overall Commander of ground operations Balraj died due to illness. Balraj was the senior most military commander within the Tigers with overall command over all infantry units. His demise created a major vacuum in terms of military planning for the Tigers.

e) Over the last twelve months the international network of the Tamil Tigers has been significantly disrupted in five key fundraising countries. In the United States, FBI operations busted two procurement cells and also arrested the head of Tamil Tiger fundraising in New York. The US Treasury also clamped down on fundraising activities of the TRO. In France the arrest of 17 Tamil Tiger operatives completely unraveled the fundraising and fund transfer operations in France. The arrest of head of Tamil Tigers activities in the UK and two others has curbed overt fundraising activity. The death of a key activist and three arrests in Melbourne and Sydney has disrupted the Australian operation. The banning of the Tamil Tigers and the WTM in Canada has disrupted fundraising operations in Toronto. The authorities in Switzerland and Denmark are also pursuing investigations on Tamil Tiger activities at present.

In addition to the setbacks to fundraising activities, the Tamil Tiger propaganda machine also faced major problems in Europe. The Tiger satellite TV channels were shut down in France and uplink facilities for satellite broadcast were terminated in Italy, Serbia and Israel. The Tamil Tiger satellite TV channels are facing stringent scrutiny of content by Telecom regulators in Europe.

f) with regard to the international community, there is a sense of “LTTE fatigue” globally. The argument is that the Tamil Tigers had a run for two decades without achieving much for the Tamil people. Leader of the Tamil Tigers Velupillai Prabakaran will remain intransigent to any alternative other than a separate State, therefore the current situation may open up opportunities for moderate Tamil opinion to be heard and have a place at the table.

Furthermore, the international community has also been otherwise engaged over the past twelve months with a devastating cyclone in Burma, earthquake in China, elections in Zimbabwe, elections in Pakistan, Georgian conflict, an assertive Russia, nuclear aspirant Iran, Iraq/Afghanistan, US presidential elections and the financial meltdown in US/Europe for little Sri Lanka to get much attention.

The combination of these six factors coming together at the same time has had a devastating blow to the Tamil Tigers. This together with the re-energized Sri Lankan Security Forces have steadily advanced into Tiger dominated areas. The new offensive divisions and special forces created by the SL Army have demonstrated superior ground tactics in the current fighting. The fall of Naddankandal and Illuppaikkadavai is testimony to innovative ground tactics adopted by the Security Forces that baffled Tiger defences.

It is unlikely that the Tigers will be able to mount any major reversal to the offensive operations of the Security Forces. At present the Tigers have hedged all bets on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi in India to save them from the Security Forces onslaught.

Recently politicians of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) a proxy of the Tigers agreed to the annexation of Kachchetivu island by India, which is comical given the Tigers are fighting to establish a separate State of their own. The Tigers are counting on Karunanidhi to flex political muscle with the central government in India for Indian intervention to save them from collapse.

If the Sri Lankan Security Forces are able to reach Paranthan junction within the next 3-4 weeks, the senior leadership of the Tigers will need to re-assess their own future and that of the young combatants.

The Security Forces presence in Paranthan junction will also increase the vulnerability of Prabakaran. It is suspected that the primary hideout from which Prabakaran operates is approximately 10 km east of Paranthan, interior from the Paranthan – Mullaitivu Road. In the past DPU teams have not been able to access these areas north-east of Kilinochchi and also had limited human intelligence from such high security zones. With the displacement of combatants and civilians into these areas there will be better human intelligence on such localities and provide cover for DPU teams to operate.

The Tamil Tiger military hierarchy consists of five senior commanders namely Pottu Amman (intelligence), Soosai (Sea Tigers), Bhanu (Overall Ground Ops), Jeyam (Western theatre) and Theepan (Northern theatre). In addition, the Political unit, Finance unit, KP department and the International Secretariat provide supporting roles.

In a “Post-Paranthan Scenario” (PPS) the options for the Tigers are limited, they can continue fighting with the loss of lives, or transition to a political entity. Both Prabakaran and Pottu Amman are political liabilities given the indictments by the Indian courts for the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Sea Tiger head Soosai cannot gain the confidence of infantry combatants. Theepan lacks a charismatic personality and not popular within the group. Jeyam is originally from the reconnaissance units and not from infantry. He is also the junior most member of the inner circle. Some have suggested that Charles Anthony the eldest son of Prabakran is being groomed to take over the leadership, unfortunately age and maturity are not in his favour.

The only plausible option to save the lives of young combatants is for Bhanu the overall military commander of ground units to defect and disband all units under his command. This will provide an opportunity for options other than Prabakaran’s separate State to have a real chance at a political process.

Bhanu is well regarded within the organization as the artillery expert who inflicted the highest number of casualties among the Security Forces over the years. At present he is placed in the right position and commands the confidence of the rank and file to take a decisive decision and prevent further bloodshed to his people and have a real chance at peace.

The Tamil diaspora has been informed in advance of the heroes day theme this year, the theme is expected to be “our land may be taken but our aspiration cannot be defeated”. The international secretariat of the Tigers has sent out instructions to country representatives to organize the largest ever gathering of Tamil people in each country on 27 November to astound Western media and politicians. The theme indicates the Tigers have shifted from a real territorial model as seen in past heroes day speeches which used terms such as defend, attack and de-facto administration to accepting a virtual reality model.

Submitted to DefenceWire by Shanaka Jayasekara
Associate Lecturer, Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (PICT),
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia


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Peter said...

Haha! I am heartened by how little even the so called experts know about the LTTE.

Infinity said...

"Vaiko has been charged under Section 124 (A) of the Indian Penal Code (waging seditious war against the government) and under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act for supporting the LTTE,”

A court sent him to 14-day judicial custody. MDMK presidium chief Kannappan was also arrested from Coimbtore district in the evening and sent to jail.

Meanwhile stupid Tamilnet is celebrating some unrest and violence in TN. New Delhi is not soft on Indian sedition of any kind and will probably crack down hard. Hopefully MDMK and other pro-LTTE groups will get banned now. Should suit the other TN parties just fine.

Gayansphotography said...

about the Bhanu defection...nice id it happens,,,will have a domino effect on the rest...but highly unlikely... but we shud remain hopefull and dangling carrots...

Pottu said...

Anee apppoi.. My name getting mentioned again and again...
Why did you missed out Ranil Wickramasinghe from LTTE list.

Pottu said...

Ahhaa.. My love son Peter... Your Charlie Anna was looking for you. He nearly went to moon by hanging on to India's mission to moon.
However Mr.Brown amma shown her "Madakalaupwa" while she was bending to dig the rat hole. That plus
as Appa I had to explain him, that you are on the European mission and do not worry about your future.
Since you are my second love son, keep up the crap work and start the collection.
Do n't forget I would need some safe passage to get to your location too.
So I can re-unit with my second love son PETER.

Anonymous said...

Well DW

Not to defy you, but Karuna had his reasons to leave, unlike Bhanu.Bhanu is someone you may need to throw a few gifts, Peter that is the structure of command, there are less important leaders in the chain of command, it may take a week or 2 to replace Bhanu if he leaves, but by the time regrouping and restructuring, the SLA will have taken a large part of the remaining territories, due to the power vacuum created in the LTTE ranks.

Rover said...


"In the recent fighting the Sri Lankan Security Forces favoured a strategy of capturing coastline on the North Western and Eastern coast. This strategy of progressing along the coast had a twofold impact on the Tigers, firstly it constrained the supply channels especially regular inflows from India, and secondly the Sea Tigers became redundant due to the la
ck of operating space."

Actually, I would argue that capturing the NE coast had a threefold impact on the tigers. Agree with your two points, but in addition, importantly, the refugees have been discouraged to run over to Tamil Nadu, which would have given Vaiko and Karunanidhi additional impetus to put pressure on the Indian Central Gov.

Good to know that people from outside your entourage can send in articles to be put on your blogspot.

Peter said...

I had read this several days ago on AsianTribune

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

DefenceWire thanks for this amazing news...


what else can we ask from are better than CNN.

හදවතින් අපි යූද බිමේ ඹ්බ තනී කලේ නැත කිසි දිනේ

අපේ සිංහල කොල්ලන්‍ට ජය වේවා!
කිලිනොච්චියේ සිංහ ධජය නංවන දිනය ළඟයි

මොරටු සමන්
ෂ්‍රී ලංකා

Observer said...

If my memory is right Bhanu is not the arti expert in the LTTE. It should be Theepan isnt it ?

Even DW once mentioned that Bhanu is one of the least capable.

Therefore it appears that the article writer has got the name of the terrorist wrong.

DW, your input in this regard is appreciated

MrBrown said...

ahaa hahaha..
u see..very little u know about write as if he knows the names through his own inteligence services. these are the names normally comes in news papers.. there is most senior leader Col SOrnam. He is the one led the attack on poneryan in 1993. He is still kicking well. and again Col Athavan and Col Kapilamman..and in the east Col Ram and Col Keerthi.. but there are so many unknown people are there..

Peter said...

Didn't Karuna say something about VP, Pottu, Dinesh and KP

Looks like the expert had a rough day.

No mention of Janan Master either.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Dear Shan

"there is a superb title given to a youtube clip

මුහුදු කොති හොම්බෙන් යයි

හහ් හහ් හා ..."

Good Job brother, I am glad to see you are writing in Sinhala..

* * *අඟීත වීරෝදාර සෙබලුනේ ගහවු දෙමල කොටීයන්ට ඇටිටී හෑලේන්න* * *

අඟස්තී යෝද බල ඹබට ලැබේවා !!!

MrBrown said...

ahaa hahaha..
u see..very little u know about write as if he knows the names through his own inteligence services. these are the names normally comes in news papers.. there is most senior leader Col SOrnam. He is the one led the attack on poneryan in 1993. He is still kicking well. and again Col Athavan and Col Kapilamman..and in the east Col Ram and Col Keerthi.. but there are so many unknown people are there..

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

ආඬෝ බ්‍රවූන්

"there is most senior leader Col SOrnam. He is the one led the attack on poneryan in 1993. He is still kicking well. and again Col Athavan and Col Kapilamman..and in the east Col Ram and Col Keerthi.. but there are so many unknown people are there.."

yes they are there, all of them having shit kicking...time.

tata said...

The author talks about some 6 facotors of success as if some stroke of luck.
No, I think the most important factor is the resolve of Sri Lankans (thus Sri Lankan govt.) to get rid of this menace.

"Luck only favours those who strive."

Gringo said...

[No, I think the most important factor is the resolve of Sri Lankans ]

Tata... well said.

Only the present leadership displayed that they had a plan, the resolve and consistency in killing the terrorists.

Corey said...

What a low-life karunandihi is:

He is now trying to distance himself from his own 'soda-bottle' outburst, and has ordered vaiko to be arrested!

Double-faced, low-down scum.

Obama took Tamil Tiger donations said...

What does it matter? Obama has been bought already by LTTE. Sanctions to follow. No money left for SL military operations.

In March 2008, hopeful presidential contender Barack Obama accepted campaign contributions from the leadership of a terrorist organization that helped blow up the World Trade Center. Even more shockingly, Obama accepted the money from the same terrorist leader, Mr. Ram Ranjan, who was removed from a fundraising role within the Clinton Presidential Campaign at the end of last year after his terror links were exposed, according to the Clinton presidential campaign’s senior foreign policy advisor, Andrew Shapiro.[1]
The terrorist leader and Obama fundraiser at the center of the controversy, Mr. Ram Ranjan, was identified in the January 22, 2005 issue of the Seattle Times[2] as being the leader of the New Jersey branch of the banned Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (T.R.O.). In November 2007 the U.S. government banned his organization and designated it as a terrorist front for the Tamil Tiger suicide bomber organization. As a result of the ban, it is illegal for U.S. citizens to transact with the T.R.O. A U.S. Treasury press release dated November 15, 2007 asserted that the “T.R.O. passed off its operations as charitable, when in fact it was raising money for a designated terrorist group responsible for heinous acts of terrorism,[3]” according to Adam Szubin, Director of the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. Director Szubin went on to say that “T.R.O. has raised funds on behalf of the LTTE through a network of individual representatives[4]” including Mr. Ranjan, as an embarrassed Clinton presidential campaign learned the hard way last year.
Furthermore, on January 10, 2008, the U.S. F.B.I. homepage ran a cover story titled “Taming the Tamil Tigers[5].” The F.B.I. article described the Tamil Tigers and their network of front organizations in America as being “among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world … we’re determined to stop them, using the full range of our investigative and intelligence capabilities[6].”Another FBI report[7], dated March 27, 2007, detailed the Tamil Tigers involvment in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, according to the Asia Times[8]. In addition, a thorough investigative report documenting the Tamil Tigers’ many connections to al-Qaeda and many other Islamic terror groups Tigers was published by the world renowned Israeli-based International Institute for Counter Terrorism in April 2008. [9]
Just as puzzling is Barack Obama’s connections with convicted felon Vaiko Gopalswamy, an Indian politician. Vaiko is the most vocal supporter of the Tamil Tigers in India. Vaiko has been repeatedly arrested and served jail time for his violations of India’s Prevention of Terrorism Act. In July 2008, Obama was photographed hugging Vaiko at a donor’s meeting according to an article in the leading pro-Tamil Tiger terrorist website. [10] Soon after this meeting, veteran Sri Lankan observers noted that Obama had begun to use Tamil Tiger slogans in his public discourse and stance on the conflict. For example, Tiger propaganda constantly makes use of the slogan “responsibility to protect,”[11] a reference to a hoped for foreign military intervention which will lead to the creation of an independent Tamil state. Obama has publicly used the phrasing “responsibility to act,” a shockingly similar phrasing. Many observers are now wondering what Obama plans to do in relation to the conflict, especially since he has publicly embraced jailed terrorist leaders in addition to accepting documented, and possibly undocumented, funds from the Tamil Tiger leadership and their fundraisers.
It appears that Obama is being used by the Tamil Tigers for what Canadian government intelligence agencies described last year as an “intensive propaganda campaign”[12] being waged in the Tigers’ efforts to “lobby western politicians”[13] in order to cripple (via ill-premised sanctions) the democratically elected Sri Lankan government’s counter terror campaign. This is not the first time that the Tamil Tiger terrorist organization has tried to influence American politicians with money. U.S. Congressman Rush Holt is known in Sri Lanka as a “patron saint” of the Tamil Tigers, having publicly accepted tens of thousands of dollars from the Tamil Tiger leadership.[14] Also in 2007 Holt helped engineer the cessation of all U.S. military and counter terrorism assistance to Sri Lanka on the basis of one-sided premises fed by his terrorist financial patrons.[15]
It is quite puzzling as to why Barack Obama would partner with suicide bombers who are allies of al-Qaeda and who also have a history of assassinating heads-of-state who partner with them. History abounds with examples, and here is a particularly disturbing one: in the 1980’s Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi succumbed to Tamil Tiger political pressure and gave signals that he would lighten up on them. After Prime Minister Gandhi came to his senses and withdrew his subtle support for them, he ordered over fifty thousand Indian soldiers to hunt and destroy the Tamil Tigers. After Prime Minister Gandhi changed his mind and went after the terrorists, the Tamil Tigers sent a suicide bomber after him and, in 1991, they blew him to pieces.
The families of the thousands of victims of the suicide bombers that Obama took money from cry for justice and relief. Obama should promise that he will never allow America’s foreign policy to be influenced by the criminal money and the racist propaganda of the Tamil Tiger terrorists. If Obama refuses this decency, then at least one ray of hope remains: the indictment of U.S. Congressman Mark Siljander on January 16, 2008 by the U.S. Department of Justice for essentially peddling influence and taking money from al-Qaeda[16], serves as a warning and as a first step in restoring the faith of non-terrorist supporting citizens in their elected officials. It is hoped that, barring Obama’s severing of his ties to the Tamil Tigers and their Islamic partners, all relevant authorities will crackdown on his acceptance of support from this banned terrorist organization that the F.B.I. has pledged to dismantle.
[1] Fernando, Philip. “Clinton Office Rejected and Returned Campaign Funds from LTTE Supporters in America.” Asian Tribune. February 10, 2008.
[2] Ismail, Raviya. “Tsunami Disaster Hasn’t Mended Sri Lankan Divide.” Seattle Times. January 22, 2005.
[3] U.S. Department of Treasury. “Treasury Targets Charity Covertly Supporting Violence in Sri Lanka.” U.S. Treasury Press Release. November 15, 2007.
[4] Ibid.
[5] U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations. “Taming the Tamil Tigers.” F.B.I. Press release. January 10, 2008.
[6] Ibid.
[7] Singh, Ajit Kumar. “Global Hunt for the Tigers Assets.” April 25, 2008. Asia Times.
[8] Ibid.
[9] Jayasekera, Shanaka. “Tamil Tiger Links with Islamist Terrorist Groups.” June 2008. International Institute for Counter Terrorism (Israel).
[10] Tamilnet. “Yes, we can” Vaiko tells Obama.” July 13, 2008.
[11] Gamage, Daya. “Defining Barack Obama: Part Five – Combating Terrorism, Human Rights & Foreign Policy”. October 10, 2008. Asian Tribune.
[12] Bell, Stewart. “Tamil Tigers trying to influence politicians: CSIS report – Group waging a ‘propaganda campaign’.” November 6, 2007. National Post.
[13] ibid.
[14]Leelarathna, Hassina. “US Lawmakers with ties to LTTE money.” February 11, 2008. The Island.
[15] Leelarathna, Hassina. “US Lawmakers with ties to LTTE money.” February 11, 2008. The Island.
[16] Shenon, Philip. “Former Congressman is indicted over ties to Islamic charity.” January 17, 2008. New York Times

Infinity said...

I would like to see a link to a reliable article stating that Obama has received any significant amount of money from anyone connected the LTTE. There was none in the article above.

Obama raised more than $600 million, $150 million during the last month alone. He has no need of LTTE money.

Obama is no terrorist lover. While opposing the Iraq War, he for example wants to increase American troops in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...


This is my honest opinion. Please don't post other people articles in your blog; It will downgrade the blog. If that guy wanted he could have posted it here as a comment. Besides it appeared elsewhere while aho. Further I beleive you have more knowledge, facts and info regarding battle field than some one live abroad.

Sam Perera said...

Finally, India seems to be waking up to the reality of secessionist movement in Tamilnadu. The more the racist LTTE try to get India's support, the more vocal the Indians get against LTTE. This is a direct result of Mad Velu's brilliant plan to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi. Where is our friend AssRajiv?

hemantha said...

Chanaka Jayasekara is one of the few professional experts we have on this problem even though he lives in Aus(And Rohan Gunarathna lives in Singapore). So, I see nothing wrong with posting his articles.
But this article is few weeks old. If DW can avoid posting old articles (I guess this is the first time), that would be great.

Infinity said...

The capture of Gajabapura is interesting. A start to linking up with the 56th division in Omanthai?

Infinity said...

Defence column, Daily news. Forces brave incessant rains, breach Tiger obstacles in march towards Kilinochchi

Lankapura said...

DW, this article is wishful thinking. Bhanu, Soosai, Pottu - anyone defecting would be good for everyone except VP.

TheTruth said...

Hey guys I need some help. What unit do these guys belong to? I don't recognise the emblem on the hat.

Moshe Dyan said...


"The capture of Gajabapura is interesting. A start to linking up with the 56th division in Omanthai?"

yes. we are closely following the next move here.

Moshe Dyan said...

good article by shanaka.

but there are/were MORE important factors than these. in my opinion (no education in military strategy though yes in defence studies) the following are IN ADDITION and IN PRIORITY helped us.

1. the "win-each-day-every-day" approach with consistency. it was like the aussi cricket team's GENERAL attitude that was displayed from our "peasent" SLDFs. LTTE was never allowed to enjoy a victory. any tiger "victory" would be U-TURNED by unprecedently ferocious retaliations. as i say always retaliation is not a knee-jerk reaction but a well planned attack carried out at the right TIME so that it can have military, political PLUS psychological effects on the enemy.

e.g. after approx 5 years later SLAF bombed LTTE posisiotns around trinco on 25/04/06 in direct retalitaion to the attack on SF. this underlied the govt's next move in the area!!!

for this broader approach unconventional methids of fighting were used. terror was matched with terror. LRRP/"DPU" attacks are nothing but what terrorists do around the world. clean-up operations were carried out elsewhere using unconventional tactics with remarkable success.

2. proper 4M planning. men, materials, machines and methods were very well planned unlike b4. fitigue didn't set in as b4 and every phase of the war was planned ahead in detail.

e.g. taking the east first exhausted the LTTE of many cheap cadres, a 400km+ coastline, flexibility, etc.

this also includes destruction of LTTE's 4Ms. less cadres, less supplies of consumables, destrucion of LTTE equipment/ships/infrastructure, reducing options for the LTTE (IN COMBINATION). fantastically better than b4 BUT there is a LONG way to go.

3. security in the south. one can argue that this may be the biggest reason. in 2001/02 SL surrendered to the LTTE not bcos of a direct military defeat but bcos of the KAB attack and fear of similar attacks. using unconventional and heavyhanded counter-terrorism methods this was reduced. govt should maintain this diregarding human rights BS.

the moment people are fatigued, there cannot be any war.

thiru said...

ahhh, i have to say this is a pretty nice copy and paste job by defencewire from Asia Tribune, (although asia tribune is also another balls sucking website in it's own right), u ppl are talking like u've already won the war and defeated the ltte, the real war is just begginning dear modhayas....this is wat is interesting abt u guys no matter how many times u guys underestimate the ltte and get ur asses handed to you, you keep coming begging for's okk a few more thousand modhayas to fertilize our soil won't hurt.

hemantha said...

Please have a look at the following video. Troops are moving forward towards the Northern Kilinochchi district. Jaffna Lagoon (Nallur) is just 12 km away (may be less). LTTE is retreating without destroying the infrastructure as they used to do in Vidathalthivu etc. I would love to know the reason. Concentrated resistance cannot be expected until the troops are closer to the lagoon. Then it would be too late for the LTTE. Only thing they can do is, counter attacking with everything they have and hope for the best. But I doubt this is going to be the case. Are they giving up Poonerin gradually? I think that is the case. After the earth bund is penetrated things are moving in a rapid phase. Evolution of Northern war so far was very interesting. We could always observe a qualitative jump followed by a slow quantitative decimation. So, the earth bund is conquered. Qualitative jump should be expected. The prize catch might be Pooneryn and Nallur.
It looks like that 58 div is not making a concentrated effort on capturing Nachchikuda. I thought it would make more effort in that regard due to logistic reasons. May be it has other means of transportation (other than using I-32) and are making maneuvers for a bigger fish, as a result Nachchikuda will automatically fall on it's lap.

It looks like we are going to weather the Tamilnadu storm. Interesting and decisive times are ahead on the war front.
click here.

Prasanna D said...

I didnt hear any exciting operation from the Sl air force for last couple of weeks, is there any reason? does anyone know the answer for this? im wondering weather this is a tactical decission or the influence from India?

Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Infinity said...

Tamilnet in an act of incredible stupidity is right now committing political suicide and threatening India with TN secession.

Moshe Dyan said...



but i suggest 58 be more mindful of the landmass (toward the east of their advance).

LTTE may be incapable of a counter attack. or they may not be.

Moshe Dyan said...

i have highlighted thE slaf MIG/KFIR/F-7 "curfew" too many times by now. had enough.

starting from yesterday, i thought until SLAF is going to carryout heavy bombardments on LTTE positions, i'm going to bombard the MOD authorities including Gota with carefully written e-mail pleas to resume SLAF jet attacks. BOMB OR GET BOMBED!!!

if there's a genuine problem, just manage it without depriving the SLA with VITAL air support.

each e-mail is carefully written and i have been in contact with them anyway. therefore shouldn't amount to spam.

Jaya2008 said...

Interesting Article:

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Tribute to Sri Lanka Army




Sri Lanka Armed Forces - Never Forget Our Fallen Heroes Link

hemantha said...

"but i suggest 58 be more mindful of the landmass (toward the east of their advance)."

Agree. But the swollen river (from Akkarayan to Jaffna lagoon) due to monsoon rain would be advantageous.

"LTTE may be incapable of a counter attack. or they may not be."

Yes, I agree. We should always consider the possibility.

Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Infinity said...

Defence Column, very interesting article about Rahul. Not "I have accepted and moved on..." or something like that. He is waiting. This probably means that his family especially his mother, the real power in India, has not forgotten and is still waiting.

History said...

Theepan = Leader of Charles Anthony

Bhanu = Artillery expert and the best student of Balraj, who replaced him after his death

Bhanu is no where near Balraj, even among LTTE he is not respected

Unknown said...

Hey defencewire, Pakistan is begging the world to save her. Is Gota going to send a ship of punnaku every 10 days. My god I cannot help laughing at pakistan looks like the pakistan miltary might ask sri lanka for support before they are annihlated by the taliban.

You lucky buggers are going to work for Gota and his 7/11 franchise. Looks like at least a billion dollars was used so far to defend the rupee. So how long more before Sri Lanka runs out of bullets thanks to mahindha mama.

Time right for Bhanu to defect is continuing to show that the Sri lankan goverment and miltary are desperate. You should think before posting these articles. You tried this propaganda yourself and came out looking like fools and now you post it by someone else. Honestly you shameful conduct is not helping sri lanka or the war effort.

History said...


I am not fully disagree with you..

WTF, why we expect Bhanu or any other fucker to defect, we should just defeat him.. let he or she decide their right/ wrong time to defect to save lives or kill life.

To an organization who maintains a suicide bomber squad, advising to desert their run (mission or whatever you called it) is a joke.

In a way this is like begging professionally..

I don’t get it, frankly.. This is like day dreaming

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

This article has no evidence, direct or otherwise, to back up the premise of its title.
It also does not take into account that getting even low-rung cadres to defect is a near-impossibility, forget hardcores.Even Karuna had wanted to fight for a separate country, only VPs refusal pushed him into SLDF for survival.
In other words, its a simple wish-list of the author. He could have replaced Bhanu with Pottu, VP, Soosai or Nadesan in the title and it would have remained the same.
However, if and when LTTE ceases to control any ground in the future, some mid-rung cadres may choose to work with SLDF if proper incentives are given.

History said...

Sun Tzu's disciple,

I hate you all, but still I am in agreement with certain things you are saying...

But one thing is clear, people can write what ever they want but none of these going to the battle field.. the one who beat the death controls the WAR.. in the battle field, it is man who hide in the rat hole vs man who beat the death.. Thank god, he knows what he is doing..

Bhairav said...

This news is cold one, and I saw it weeks back somewhere.

DW has become recycle of garbage when the recession hit it hard. DW aunty, can you post my article, after all, I'm Princeton educated, CEO of virtual enterprise? LOL!

Shyam said...

Check it out MR in his real color ....

Bhairav said...

I found this woman is attractive given her position which mainly dominated by baby boomers or senior citizen

Indians are increasingly moving to top management positions these days; ie: CEO of Pepsi, City Bank, Vodafone?,...

Rana said...

Hi patriots and traiters,

Didn't go to office, went to hardware store and bought high powered water blaster. Last three hours, was cleaning my drive way.

Lot intelligent people are here today after sinking two ships using their keyboards!

We don't have to wait for Bhanu or anybody else.

Moshe, I am also very much concerned about silence of SLAF at a time we most want it. LTTE have defence against air attack, when it is proven, we cannot progress quickly without it.

Bhairav said...

[The prize catch might be Pooneryn and Nallur.]

Ado idiot Hemantha, why do you want to capture Nallur which is already in your control? If you want to check yourself for brain dead, go to nearby elevator and press the same floor button where you stand again and again until you go to top. LOL!

Jambudipa said...

Those who watched "my daughter is a terrorist" would get some sense of the prevailing culture under LTTE. I found the way the 2 women so casually talk about committing suicide fucking disturbing. I was looking to see what model this thing fits into. The one that even comes close is the psycho-pathological model of cult described here;

Those who want people saved from this cult, would want to understand first the psychology behind their indoctrination methods. Bhanu will only desert if one manage to break through this with very good counter brain washing. This involves giving him a sense of reassurance he will be safe once he leaves his comfort zone. I really don't think the prevailing level of sophistication with propaganda even comes close to doing this.

History said...


when I see the amount of messages being posted in this blog after LTTE attacking our ships.. if you take a pecentage of pro-LTTE vs other and also check the agressions our tamil friends shown.. the way they try to take control.. If you also remeber the time when pottu and nadesan were under attack, what happen during those days. These tamil were no where to be seen even..

So it is more and more obvious that killing is the only solution with LTTE.. We should kill all the LTTE and if possible all di asses too.. till that happen these keyboard hero will jump like pop corn in a frying fan.

After the war, the solution to this problem should be, if you ask 100, they will tell 100 different ways.. so it has to be the president of the country who decide, what the best solution is.. then no matter how dump/ good that solution is .. I will stand for it..

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Perhaps this speaks to our recent loss of three brave-hearts (whose bodies were later recovered)..,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=11&cntnt01origid=60&cntnt01returnid=51

The answer to this kind of trench warfare is FABs.

hemantha said...

That is an older video. My be two to three weeks.

Bhairav said...

[There are more than one Nallurs in the northern Sri Lanka.]

I did not know that there are multiple "Nallur" places in North, okay, my fault. Next time if i find any fault in your post, I will check twice before doubting your info. By the way, you seem very serious person here, is your wife ran away with Sam Perera? Well, losing your wife to Sam will prove that you have no balls since Sam does not have any balls. When you lose your woman, ask her find someone who has balls so that you can hide your short-comings.


Bhairav said... can find me here from Thursday night on to Sunday night and if you want to be in touch base with me, feel free to shoot your questions, I may or may not answer your questions that time.


Asithri said...

OK, chew on those bones you filthy LTTE=RanilW motherdoers…until poppa OaO Asithri comes back tomorrow to castrate you!



OaO Asithri

Lanka Leaks said...

Shanaka who called he is Expert of the LTTE like Rohan Gunaratna in Sing. But they never gone to off Trincomalee or never meets any LTTE ground level cadres. But those men in the western called Expert of the LTTE. But person who knows how to steals details from Person who known LTTE very well. Those fellow are Academic thief not in the an expert of the Tigers. Foolish world think those burgers are believe those copy cat Sargent's words and opinion. Just joke...but rubbish business..

hemantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Apino Dannachess said...


So much for the Indian intervention!!!

Big brother is wise to the tactics of a terrorist group and its stooges in ThalathelNadu....

Sri Lankan bros.....please make allowances for our DieAssPora salamanders making noise here....after all they have only few ways to get back at us...and making noise in this blog is one such way.

India rules out stopping military aid to Sri Lanka

Against the backdrop of demands by political parties in Tamil Nadu to stop military aid to Sri Lanka [Images], India today virtually ruled out that option saying the island nation's security is "connected" with its security and it would not like "international players in our backyard".

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in the Rajya Sabha that there is no military solution to the raging ethnic conflict and again urged Sri Lanka to find a peacefully negotiated political settlement.

Mukherjee also took the opportunity to stress that India does not want influx of Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka into its territory, saying it is the "responsibility" of that country to provide food and shelter to civilians displaced because of the hostilities

He was replying to clarifications sought on his suo motu statement made in the House on the Sri Lanka situation.

"In our anxiety, we should not forget the strategic importance of that island and it is not only their security, it is closely connected with out security," Mukherjee said.

About the visit of three Indian officials to Sri Lanka, Mukherjee said "we told them that we can meet their security requirement provided you do not look around".

"What type of security arrangements should be made, what type of assistance they will require and what is their security requirement, there should be some common assessment because it is so close to us," he said, adding "Surely, we would not like to have the playground of international players at our backyard. These aspects are to be kept in view while making an assessment of the situation."

frackster said...

Defencewire ,all of a sudden why is there a very low use of aerial bombings !!! by SLDF

is it bcos

1.bad visibility due to weather viable or solid intel lately


3. TN factor !!!!!

Rana said...


There is more than military aid here! India has asked us to stop air attackes using jets, it seems. They also don't want us to get help from any other foriegn nation.

Those are in the web, ther can be more that that. Now it is 08 days without ariel bombing and f***inl LTTE top brasses are coming back to Kili openly, it seems.

This fucking India is not letting our boys to win. GOSL must ask India to fuck off and ask China to protect SL from India while fight is going on.

Wicky said...

Very true Rana. India is our real enemy. They don't let us finish this cancer. All they want is to keep us in the dark forever and don't want to see SL developing.

They gave birth to this LTTE f_kers and trained them to make a mess in SL. But now it has backfired. In a way we should be happy for what India is facing now from TN.

This is what we call 'Ditta Damma Vednaiya karmaya'

Rana said...

If we (SL) is located at least 3000km away from the bigining, then:
We were free from malign cancerous tamils. Then we would have being from f***ing India.

If we can't win this war, we should fuck the whole world. Why? let me explain.

F***ing "weasi" Indira Gandhi started this to destabilish SL by giving training, arms, explosives and money to LTTE. Ei huththige putha "Rajive Gandhi" tried tied our hands got killed by the tiger basterds.

So f***ing India is responsible for all our civilians deaths but still crying and growling to save MF tigers.

Is there any justice on this. Inter nationa community is also f***ing without helping us.

This time "come or go chicago" we have to finish this with India or without India.

Saman said...


I asked the same question couple of days ago as to why arial bombing was holted. I got an answer "it's weather". I don't think so. Ground realities, high moral of our combatants apart I smell a rat here. One would have thought, when the going get hard on ground one way to make them guessing would be to conduct air sourties.

The split between Karuna and Pilleyan may or may not be a mere coincident.

Sinhalese fought Dravidian invations to occupy this beautiful island thousands of years. Two facts remain true in all cases,

1. When ever this land had weak or weakened governance they screwed us (although fighters were brave)
2. When ever the the above conditions reveresed Sinhalese pushed them back or they accepted to be ruled by us.

We must never foget - these basterds are NOT claiming (and international community including India is buying) North-East SRI LANKAN Tamils' home land but they clain NORTH and East - Traditional Tamil Home Land. There are 77mil tamils around the world.

India would do all in her capacity to twist our arm to keep that claim/ideology live - even if our army wins this war this time.

India need this "beggers wound live". Dravida seperatist movement did existed even in early 1900 (when Gandhi landed from South Africa to lead independence movement).

India can now see how TN extremism starts to boil when these basterds were beaten on Sri Lankan soil.

Rana said...

yes mate,

I am reallt pissed off now, this is the only country we have, if we are driven against a blind wall, we have to fight.

Now where we fight, we should fight with f****ng India, ok it is not easy therefore, we get the help of Pakistan Chine Iran or any other. We cannot win this war without fighting f***ing India.

We should do it now, with the help of China and Pakistan, ther will be more other countries joining us later.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to point out the fact that Sri Lanka isnt the only country that suffered from the ego of eelamist separatists trying to cut out a peice of land to call there homeland, they have in the 1980's tried to invade the Maldives as well, during this operation the Indian Air Force and Navy had to intervein to stop the invasion of Maldives, this I feel is a taste of things to come.

Once the Eelamists fail to catch a peice of Sri Lanka, they might try to capture Sinngapore or god knows which country.

Saman said...


After all India is not a bad country mate. That country have people with strong values and principles (in some cases better than our folk). Law and order is under control. A fantastic constitution (one of the best in the democratic world developed by people like Gandhi and Nahru). But Tamil seperatism is their problem too. In other words, we bcame meet in the sandwitsh.

Giving Kachchathewu to us, Sirim-Shasththi pact are two good examples to show India used to be a good big Brother.

What, india did bad to us as a country was, in late 70's, RAW manage to pass the buck to us - meaning the epi-center of tamil seperatist movement slowly planted in north. Now, VP is India's Osama.

For this to happen, JR and then government rub India (Indira) on the wrong side. We never recovered since.

But what we need now is,
1. Cruch LTTE (with or without India. But I think India want to get this done too). If we have inteligence that LTTE big six on the open, India approves it or not Kfs must strike.
2. Then find a way for all Sri Lankans live with mutual respect and dignity (like in most western plural societies)
3. More inportantly, develop an economic model where all regions (N,E,W,S) of SL have healthy trade balance and indutrious interdependance.
4. To be a good neibour to India and become a small but proactive/influential member within SAARC.

Do not foget. We were tipped to be the 2nd Singapore by the WorldBank in around early 80s. Then all hell broke out in 83.

I do not like any political party in Sri Lanka. But MR,GR company is managing this issue better than anyone thought, I must say.

Mohammed Zubair said...


No I don't find that woman attractive, her styling and hair is from 80s, maybe she should get a makeover, how about an appearance on the "Swan"?


Yes I supposed DW publishes garbage whereas your Ultra Truthful, 100% Accurate and Non Biased Tamilnet publishes insightful, relevant and upto date news.

Vambutu Puli,

Where are you? Is Puli in fact Kuttu in disguise, Kuttu we missed you, welcome back, there is no love lost.

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro Saman, well said mate.

Rana, agree with your point. But I believe things are under control. Coming weeks will surely give us more clarity.

All SL Patriots need not worry about DieAssPora salamanders howling about teeny weeny events with little or no effect on the overall forward march of SLDF. Ok, lets say one ship was sunk, so what the f**k?, Is that going to reverse all the gains SLDF maid???
Lets wait and see guys.


Apino Dannachess said...


Like the DieAssPora Salamanders in this blog, ThalThelNadue Politikkas cannot keep to agiven topic.


Noisy scenes in LS as MDMK member raises Tamils issue

New Delhi (PTI): The Lok Sabha on Thursday witnessed noisy scenes when an MDMK member raised the issue of alleged atrocities on Tamil population in Sri Lanka.

Participating in a debate on a bill seeking to make placing of academic performance and and annual accounts reports of Central Universities in Parliament mandatory, MDMK member C Krishnan condemned the arrest of party leader Vaiko while protesting the Sri Lankan government's actions in the island nation.

He claimed that the Sri Lankan government was using the arms and ammunition supplied by the Indian government against the Tamil population of that country, which was condemnable.

DMK members strongly objected saying the House was debating an academic Bill and the issue had no link with the matter the MDMK member was raising.

They prevented Krishnan from further raising the subject which enraged the MDMK member, prompting him to come to the well of the House.

However, Krishnan was pacified by other members and the Chair and persuaded to conclude his speech.

Apino Dannachess said...

Poor big brother India! Looks like they have bigger problems to solve.......

Ade much for the support from the cousins over the pond......


Tamil Nadu separatism talk will not help Tamils in Sri Lanka

Those who speak of separation of Tamil Nadu are opposed to the Tamils in Sri Lanka, L. Ganesan, President of Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) state wing said today in a press release.

The BJP chair, commenting on the day of MDMK leader Mr. Vaiko and others being arrested, added that people of Tamil Nadu seeing these separatist maneuvers by certain leaders will distant themselves from the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. This is will be harmful only for the Tamils of Sri Lanka, he said.

BJP Tamil Nadu State leader L. Ganesan reiterated it is true that majority of the public in Tamil Nadu sympathize with the plight of suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka. But separatism has long been dropped out by DMK in the political sphere of Tamil Nadu since its early days in the 1960’s. He said few leaders are now trying to make political mileage and re-ignite separatism issue in Tamil Nadu.

He said BJP stands for Tamils of Sri Lanka to live there with equal rights, without any misery and difficulties and wants the Government of India to reiterate to the Government of Sri Lanka to take measures towards this.

PTI reports the Mr. Vaiko was arrested on Thursday Oct 23, based on the speeches at a party meeting on the Sri Lankan issue in Chennai on October 21. Mr. Vaiko warned that extending help to protect Sri Lanka’s integrity would jeopardise the unity and integrity of India. He said he would be ready to take up arms and fight for the Tamils in the island nation. Mr. Kannappan, who presided over the meeting, warned the Centre not to force Tamils in Tamil Nadu to struggle for a separate country.

Peter said...

Modays like to pretend that India has little control over their sorry state. What have your MIGs and Kfirs been doing since DMK threatened to resign from central government?

Unknown said...

Peter the intelligent,

Ohh.. man seems you are missing Kfirs and Migs a lot.

Don't worry bro they'll come soon. SLAF is just singing "rain rain go away..." :D

V4Victory said...

Summary, still 2km to kilinochchi.

Why you need to write this much to say, still 2km.

It is like Kumpakarnan story. I think for two months, you are saying 1.6km, 1.8km, 1 mile then matter of hours to Kilinochchi.

Keep it up:)

InSight said...

this is stale news
one would expect more from this blog esp now since the going just got tougher.
it would seem an opportune moment fot the LTTE to stage a counter attack because of the weather and absence of air attacks

Peter said...

These photos made me laugh.

Also, the thought of rain bringing down MIGs and Kfirs just confirmed my already held views about modayas.

InSight said...

any news abt the flooding in akkarankulam, vannerikulam area?
perhaps the SLA foresaw a situation like this so they made a dash to capture the earth bunds before the trenches get flooded

Unknown said...


This is not the fist time SLA slowed down in wanni operations. We've been waiting in places like Adampan junction (in Mannar front) more than this.

If we can wait that long for Adampan definitely we can be more patient for Kili. So 2km is not a big problem.

Peter said...

"The MiG-27 features advanced nay attack systems allowing all weather operations"

V4Victory said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the photo links.

Actually, they looks like real terrorists if I say frankly.


You are right, 2km doesnt matter in the war. But here defence experts are saying ltte is on the run, come on Banu, surrender with your guys.

One day they are saying we are fighting with a bunch of sarong guys, next day, saying inching towards that means definetly heavy resistance.

If you are familar with west of vanni, you would definetly understand the coming months.

Jambudipa said...

Heylo Peter,

Modays like to pretend that India has little control over their sorry state.

It must have come as a rude shock to you when the Tamil Nadu threw a hissy fit, no one gave a rats ass. How does it feel now that you know you always overrated yourselves? Also why bother with TN anyway I thought the eezhyam tamil are so powerful so on so forth?

Unknown said...


"But here defence experts are saying ltte is on the run, come on Banu, surrender with your guys."

No offense for the defence analysts. But as for my personal view asking Banu to surrender is a joke if not a day dream. If he's capable and loyal as they say he'll fight till the end.

Asking the low level cadres to surrender is more practical. At least we can save those kids.

V4Victory said...


As you said, it is practical to ask the low level cardres to surrender.

One thing, you cannot believe them even if they do so. You may remeber to what happened to Premadasa. The assasin was a visitor for Premadasa. Premadasa knew him well. so you cannot expect any welcoming from GOSL if you are one of them. They would feel suspision atleast and will put into prison-like house.

Most important thing, in 1998, SLA captured completly Mannar to Mankulam to Oddusudan. In the north side upto Kilinochchi was under control of SLA.

No one want to say or think the past.

In my view, Now LTTE are tactically and strategically more stronger than in 1998 situation.

Unknown said...


Mostly agree. But not with this

"In my view, Now LTTE are tactically and strategically more stronger than in 1998 situation."

I think otherwise mate. They have lost so many experienced cadres, capable leaders, international support and lacking resources.

Unlike 1998 SLA is completely different force now. Army is far more superior in quality of the leadership, training, fire power and most importantly battlefield tactics.

To make things worst for LTTE, SLAF and SLN are much stronger and more collaborative with ground forces.

Mohammed Zubair said...


What makes me laugh is that in an earlier post you claimed to be an investment banker and in another you claimed to be an oil rig worker. I thought investment bankers work in glass towers, not sooty old oil rigs? Or due to the credit crunch have investment bankers changed jobs?

shay said...

Peter Sakkiliya

"The MiG-27 features advanced nay attack systems allowing all weather operations"

"All weather" in military parlance means "light rain/fog". It does not mean tropical thunder showers, you moron.

Actually very little equipment is able to deal with the kind of adverse weather we have. Satellite TV for example here does not work half the time when its raining even though its the same technology/sat dishes they have in Europe etc (where it also rains a lot).

Since you don't live here you would not know the current weather conditions. I have not seen the sun in almost two weeks since its been so overcast.

Even if the jets can fly in this weather the pilot still needs to get visual of the target to get the CCIP onto the target for most types of bombing missions. He woudn't be able to that much with the clouds/weather we have been having. Low flying Mi-24's, possibly..

Wait until the weather clears and then we'll see what the SLAF does or does not do.

Sam Perera said...

"v4victory" = "welcome to vanni"

Please welcome another LTTE moron double acting as "v4victory" and "welcome to vanni." The closer SLA gets to Kilinochchi the more lunatic he gets.

V4Victory said...


I dont need to be double-act moran. Actually, I tried to play with the blog where I changed the display name, i didnt know it was going to change my name aswell. Then I changed it back.

I hate the people lieing. One of the reason I like VP for honest behaviour. He could have said We didnt do anyhting with some sensitive killings, but he didnt.

You may be right in the argument wise.

Sam Perera said...

This link is for those who are interested in weather in Sri Lanka

Sam Perera said...

v4v said,

"I hate the people lieing. One of the reason I like VP for honest behaviour. He could have said We didnt do anyhting with some sensitive killings, but he didnt."

Say no more. This joke is good for me to get through the night. You need lots of help. Please check with the nearest lunatic asylum.

Unknown said...

So did the Nimalawa sink or not?

V4Victory said...


Thanks for your advice. Can you first discharge yourself to admit myself there :)

Mohammed Zubair said...


The RAF Tornado is an all weather ground attack aircraft, it claims to fly (instrument flying of course) in zero visibility and I sat on the cockpit of one and have seen them in action in the Gulf War and in an air display, a great aircraft and one of my personal favorites. I saw a video of it flying in a zero visiblity dust storm and an RAF pilot told me that they routinely flew low and bombed positions in Iraq and Kuwait in zero visibility conditions. A uniqe aircraft! So how is this relevant to this blog? The MiGs are not designed for poor weather operations and hence your point is completely valid and Peeter's point is completely insane.

Welcome to the club, I haven't seen the sun in 2 and a half years.

Mohammed Zubair said...

v4victory: Don't worry, there are plenty beds in IDH. They recently expanded their wards to accomodate the likes of you (i.e. peelam supporters suffering post traumatic stress).

Sri Lankikaya said...

about the nimalawa

depends on whom you ask

tamil diaspora - yes the nimalawa ank within minutes with a load of military hardware

tamilnet - nimalawa is still sinking

ltte - to the world,our mahaveers sank nimalawa that was carrying a load of military hardware-

within themselves - oh we tried to sink the nimalawa and sacrified three people in vain.

over enthusiastic patriots - just slight damages only.

SLN - the nimalawa's hull was damaged and temporary repairs were done on site. Cargo was unloaded and the ship is being taken for repairs to the hull

about the nimalawa

depends on whom you ask

tamil diaspora - yes the nimalawa ank within minutes with a load of military hardware

tamilnet - nimalawa is still sinking

ltte - to the world,our mahaveers sank nimalawa that was carrying a load of military hardware-

within themselves - oh we tried to sink the nimalawa and sacrified three people in vain.

over enthusiastic patriots - just slight damages only.

SLN - the nimalawa's hull was damaged and temporary repairs were done on site. Cargo was unloaded and the ship is being taken for repairs to the hull

Sam Perera said...


Discharge? I hear that junior LTTE members discharged on you every day before you escaped to Switzerland.

silentknight said...

sldf should skirt around kili for now,

TF1 and 57D should pierce the middle and flank the ltte positions on the west of A9.

that way, TF1 will be effectively attacking pooneyrin whilst flanking nachchikuda.both will fall.

57D i feel, should also maintain just one attacking brigade towards kili, and skirt around the west and flank kili. then they can effectively target paranthan as well.
this way , ltte will have to decide on which they want to hang on they will have to give up 1 no matter what.
any chess players out there, will recognise this maneuver a "Fork".

V4Victory said...


Thans so much for your geneorsity. I pray for you to get well soon.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...


"If we (SL) is located at least 3000km away from the bigining, then:
We were free from malign cancerous tamils. Then we would have being from f***ing India.

If we can't win this war, we should fuck the whole world. Why? let me explain.

F***ing "weasi" Indira Gandhi started this to destabilish SL by giving training, arms, explosives and money to LTTE. Ei huththige putha "Rajive Gandhi" tried tied our hands got killed by the tiger basterds.

So f***ing India is responsible for all our civilians deaths but still crying and growling to save MF tigers.

Is there any justice on this. Inter nationa community is also f***ing without helping us.

This time "come or go chicago" we have to finish this with India or without India."
Yes Indeed, if we are not allowed Air Attacks, then its time to create some trouble in India then they will allow us to do almost anything.


we must find other methods to bangg Killinochie, can we use robot arm (tamil karuna type) terrorist and counter-terrorist technology and tactics just like so...

@this point SLDF need some terrorist like thinking brain.

we must change the way LTTE is operating, we must be the leaders of LTTE and attack andia if needed.

I may be wrong as usual....

All the best!!!!

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Our guys near Killinochie must keeps their masks ready, because LTTE sakkiliyas planning to release some deadly gas...

I don't know how true/false?

one of my sakilie friend told me this, however I do not underestimate them unless they are in a picture frame or dead.

Peter said...

"As well as MiG- 23B, a plane MiG- 27 intended for actions on the stationary and mobile ground targets. Bombing was carried out even during absence of visibility of the target, including during complicated kinds of maneuver."

Unknown said...

Jaffna Tamils rise against the LTTE Terrorists!!!

Unknown said...

I've heard from a source that Jaffna Tamils are now resenting and lamenting promoting armed struggle which created a monster who took their own children to be sacrificed.

Unknown said...

Guys, any pictures available from the London exhibtion of the atrocities of the LTTE terrorists?

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Decision of one party is not the decision of India: Scholars

Anna araa yakkou monawada dodawanawa... then why no Air Support in Sri Lanka?.

Peter said...

Monsoon comes around every year. Knowing this, some modayas went and bought a couple of bomber jets that can not operate during the Monsoon. Hahah! This reminds me of the modaya comic strip we used to draw back in school days.

Unknown said...

This is a well known fact..

"Sinhalaya modaya kevum kanda yodhaya"

But those who pick a fight with modayas and can't win for 30 years must be a super size king modaya!

Hariyata Balagiri doshaya wage..

Unknown said...

Also it follows modayas don't know when to stop fighting the war.. haven't known for millennia..

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...


"Guys, any pictures available from the London exhibtion of the atrocities of the LTTE terrorists"

Link to LTTE photos

thats not london photo show but the same thing, visit each and every link.

Unknown said...

Oh cool! Let's see what the intelligent have been upto!

Kithul said...

Moratu Saman

how do you write T in sinhala - what keys? when i use the T key it types tha not ta.

Jambudipa said...

Anurahapura Hospital that looks after a majority of the injured soldiers are on strike. Trade unions have launched strike action because according to the health minister,

If the administration moves to implement regulations on overtime and punctuality, some elements will go on strikers. That is the trend now.

Can’t instill nationalistic feelings in strikers: Nimal

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

ආභීත සොල්දාදූවනේ තව ඞිංගයී ඹහොම යං

"Moratu Saman

how do you write T in sinhala - what keys? when i use the T key it types tha not ta."

ටී = TIE you must hold shift while typing that "tie" this may not work with some application/keyboard, I find notepad is the best to type sinhla.

you can copy and paste my tie ටී ට්ටාටිටූටෙටෝට ටෞ ටෲ ටෛ

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

I don't know මෙලොව දෙයක් - සීංහලනං ඹ්න දෙයක්

Kithul said...

මොරටු සමන්, හරි හරි වැඩේ හරි

ටක් ටක් ගාලා ටයන්න ගහන්න පුලුවන්

බොහොම ස්තුතිය්

අපේ වීරෝදාර කොල්ලන්ට ජයවේවා

Rajith said...

In my view, there are few ways that our win can be reversed.

1. If tigers succeeds to assasinate MR.
2. Influence by International Community
3. A change of political situation in SL

shay said...

Peter Ponnaya,

Dont try to talk about things that are too complicated for a toilet cleaner like you. Your ignorance is showing.

"Bombing was carried out even during absence of visibility of the target, including during complicated kinds of maneuver"

Does it specify if the target was not visible to the pilot or to aircrafts sensors? The former is not a problem as many types of bombing does not require visual. The latter is a big problem.

In air-to-ground combat the aircraft has two main sensors and/or means for acquiring the target apart from visual ID. The multi-mode fire control radar and FLIR and such systems on a targetting pod. Radar will only work on large/moving ground targets; trucks, tanks, ships, mobile missile launchers etc. You don't have any of those. FLIR will have difficulty penetrating heavy cloud/rain conditions, so will the lasor designators for guided munitions. Furthermore, the UAV's which are used to acquite targets use mostly optical sensors which will also have limited use in these conditions.

"Knowing this, some modayas went and bought a couple of bomber jets that can not operate during the Monsoon"

So tell me smart ass, which aircraft could they buy which is effective during the monsoon, keep in mind what I have said above?

If you cant even win a war against modayas after 30 years, that would make you sakkiliyas the biggest modayas.

Mohamed Zubair,

Yes, like I said above, if the target is something which can be acquired using the radar it can be attacked even with zero visibility. FLIR and other sensors are more tricky in bad weather. In a conventional war for which these aircraft are designed you can find enough such targets. Finding a few small bunkers/hiding places in bad weather is much more difficult.

Shyam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shyam said...

shyam said...
2 hot news for the Sinhala Diaspora....

The 64 Km highway filled with the Eelam supporters in India which make the party leaders to discuss ...

The second one is with the y'days attack ...The Ship Nimalhe(Or wt eva) totally damaged while the other one is not totally distroyd, SL says..Looks like the have posted some fakes as what they do in the past ..

Defencewire said...

This was a good experiment for us. Yes the article was sent in weeks ago (apologies to Shanaka). I think his argument is to target the weakest link, which can sometimes be the strongest as well. Bhanu is not particularly skilled. That does not mean he's a coward either. The overall strategy of encouraging defection is good. There might be a ripe moment for this following the fall of Kilinochchi and Paranthan. Military Strategists must keep an eye open for it. Bhanu's arti expertise is referenced here. This is due to his contributions at Mulaitivu upto EP. Theepan's arti expertise is more recent, in the northern FDL, which I will describe in more detail below. Shanaka's analysis of the void in the military command structure, post Balraj and Karuna is also good.

About the LTTE 'Commanders'

1. Sornam- Yes, Sornam is senior to Bhanu. Has a good commanding stature but hails from Trincomalee. His battle record has not been all that awe inspiring, starting from Mavilaru to Mutur etc etc.

2. Theepan- Highly exaggerated after Muhamalai and Nagarkovil attacks. Both were blunders by the SLA command. he is not a man for the current Vanni-type attacks. His work in Jaffna is similar to what the 300 spartans did for a brief moment. highly exaggerated but in reality, only a blimp in the expansion of the Persian empire.

3. Kapil Amman- From Trincomalee and is an Easterner. This is problematic. VERY fluent in Sinhala and head of internal intelligence. Not really renowned as a field commander though. Good intel operatives make very weak commanders. To be an effective field commander you need strategy, management and a strong command.

4. Ram - A former Hardy Institute guy, Ram grew-up among Sinhalese. Again VERY fluent in Sinhala and very much the ideal choice for counter-insurgency type of operations in the East. He is NOT your man for the Vanni.

5. Keerthi- Now back in the Vanni, Keerthi is into intel mostly and is again an easterner. I have very little faith in his ability to command northern troops at a high profile level.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Shay....I know you meant well when you tried to educate "the" Peter Sakkiliratnam about fire and forget munitions.

For all I know Peter S's brain must be toast after reading your discourse using all that acronyms....

Stupid retard had not progressed beyond WWII target acquisition methods....similar to their much celebrated TAF technology. Whats the point in trying to bring that RipVanWinkle up to date???

You might as well try to teach a poodle how to use a blackberry!

Let the retard showcase his stupidity....good entertainment for we Sri Lankans although a waste of blog space.

And they call us Modayas!!!!

What to do bro, with the advent of flushable have these S'killiays experimenting with computers.

Cheers mate

Defencewire said...

Bhanu- a steady commander who has demonstrated the capacity to work with a team who are more skilled than him, almost like an interface. In a long drawn out conflict like this, the guys who are steady are the ones who are most dangerous in the longer term.

Jeyam - the LRRP/DPU expert. Very Loyal. Chances of defection very low.

Shyam said...

hey Guys the pic which are shown in the London Exhibition, Most o them are done by the JVP but not the blasts ... so you guys simply added everything on LTTE ..god sake that Sinhala Diaspora didn't accuse the LTTE for the dead Dogs ....

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Bro Sham!

Thanks for sharing these news....

My personal take on it:

a) More the ThalathelNadu guys make noise, faster the Greater India will realize whats heading their way in the future.....another separation and carnage....
b) So what.....make it two ship sunk....come bro tell me its going to reverse the LTTE losses.

If it gives you any comfort, there will be more and we as realist will expect them.

May you find comfort in anyway you can


tata said...

Shay, Apino,
I think shay's reply is the type of replies we need here. ie. debunk a cooked up theory while being quite informative as well.

The rule of thumb when replying to sakkiliyas should be: Will my reply benifit others?

Because we all know these die-ass-pohora are boyond repair.

Corey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter said...

End result is that modayas spend a lot of money on an SLAF which for one reason or another is not operational during the Monsoon, which, incidentally, is the time ground troops find the going getting tough.

Anyhow, all modaya antics are good news for me.

Also, this defence wire dude is avoiding giving an opinion on Dinesh.

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro Tata,

Never doubted the education provided by the likes of Shay.....

I stand corrected mate...yes their is greater good done even when dealing with a Sukillia....


Infinity said...

India continues crackdown. Tamil movie director arrested on sedition charges

Shyam said...

As in 1999, the LTTE's true fighting capacity is not known with certainty. That they have not resisted the SLA more strongly thus far is being interpreted as weakness. Yet it can also be argued that the LTTE strategy is more in line with a protracted 'war of the flea', with a strategic stalemate as the goal.

EVENT: The Sri Lanka Army is poised to capture the key rebel town of Kilinochchi, an army spokesman said yesterday.

SIGNIFICANCE: The army has advanced along the western coast to within two miles of Kilinochchi, the administrative centre for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The capture of Kilinochchi would inflict a significant blow against the rebel group, prompting the government to say that it may soon win the three-decade civil war.

ANALYSIS: The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has been significantly strengthened since the last phase of the conflict against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which resulted in a battlefield stalemate. It now says that the rebels are on the verge of collapse. The government in Colombo, which since mid-2006 has made crushing the LTTE its priority, also says that that the Tigers will soon be wiped out and the war over.

The recent advances follow two years of intense campaigning -- first in the island's east (in 2006-7) and, since 2007, in a four-front offensive against the LTTE's northern stronghold. The rebels have been running a mini-state from the town of Kilinochchi, the largest town in the Vanni region, for over a decade. Its capture would be a major blow to their cause.

Yet the LTTE show distinct signs of resilience, and a more realistic outlook is for further protracted and sustained conflict. The government's planned increases in defence expenditure and the military's fresh recruitment drives suggest that preparations for this eventuality are under way.

Questionable claims. Government assertions of imminent victory are based on equating the military's recent territorial gains to LTTE weakness. However, the SLA has made similarly impressive territorial advances before without conclusive results. The Tigers have appeared on the brink of defeat on other occasions, notably in 1999, but later proved able to blunt the state's offensive and inflict serious defeats.

There are a number of reasons why government hopes of an impending, strategic victory are unlikely to materialise:

1. Tactical difficulties. To destroy the LTTE, the military must achieve several goals:

It must steadily advance into the rebels' longstanding jungle base areas in Mullaitivu, in the eastern Vanni.

It must maintain effective control over previously captured territories -- including the sprawling eastern province and the Jaffna peninsula.

At the same time, it needs to protect Colombo and the south from bomb attacks.

A conclusive victory would require fulfilling these objectives simultaneously, which is a tall order.

2. Prior experience. Given these tactical needs, the military's recent territorial gains are inconclusive. When the LTTE launched a counter-offensive in 1999, the military controlled more of the Vanni region than it does at present. It held the ground from Kilinochchi's northern outskirts through Elephant Pass and all of Jaffna, and was advancing steadily up central and western Vanni. The LTTE then controlled only Kilinochchi town (which it recaptured in 1998, having lost it to the SLA in 1996) and part of Mullaitivu district. Nonetheless, in that limited space the rebels were able to mass sufficient troops and material for a significant counter-offensive, recapturing the entire Vanni area and going on to overrun Elephant Pass and southern Jaffna.

3. LTTE tactics. The SLA has significantly expanded in recent years, both in terms of numbers (from 100,000 to 160,000) and firepower. Yet the LTTE have done likewise. They had just two artillery pieces in 1999 but now have several more, as well as a large number of heavy mortars. They have also expanded their naval wing and acquired a rudimentary air force.

As in 1999, the LTTE's true fighting capacity is not known with certainty. That they have not resisted the SLA more strongly thus far is being interpreted as weakness. Yet it can also be argued that the LTTE strategy is more in line with a protracted 'war of the flea', with a strategic stalemate as the goal.

Resilient LTTE. The military is already facing significant troop shortages. Casualties and desertions are increasing, especially in key front-line units. Civilian hospitals in Colombo and the SLA garrison towns of Vavuniya and Anuradhapura are handling a steady stream of seriously wounded soldiers.

At the same time, guerrilla attacks and bombings are increasing in government-controlled areas. Although each individual attack may not be serious, large numbers of military personnel are tied up in efforts to pacify and/or protect these areas:

A recent attack in Anuradhapura killed a prominent former general together with 30 civilians, demonstrating the LTTE's ability to strike a key logistical and operational town for the SLA.

There are persistent reports that hundreds of guerillas have re-infiltrated the east, from where they were driven out after a year of campaigning by the SLA.

There have also been regular attacks against troops, police and Sinhalese civilians in the south, including occasional (albeit small) blasts in Colombo.

Difficult terrain. The military has had to work unusually hard to secure territorial gains on the northern battlefronts. In principle, its new assets and simultaneous assaults (on the Mannar, Jaffna, Vavuniya and Weli Oya fronts) should have delivered quicker gains.

Moreover, it is significant that Mannar is the only front where the LTTE have fallen back. A marshy area that is short of drinking water, prone to flooding in the monsoons and parched in the hot season, it is particularly harsh terrain for a protracted war. Until the LTTE's strongholds in Mullaitivu are captured, the SLA will need to hold Mannar -- especially since the government has made much political capital from its gain there.

Rebel staying power. The Tigers are suffering casualties, but the numbers are much lower than the government claims. More importantly, they are neither unprecedented nor intolerable for the rebels, who have previously demonstrated an ability to sustain high attrition rates:

The government claims that the LTTE have suffered 8,000 casualties this year. Yet examination of the data together with local press commentary and LTTE statements indicate that this is an exaggeration. A more credible estimate of LTTE losses in 2008 is approximately 2,000.

Even in 1997, the most intense year of the earlier phase of the conflict, the LTTE lost almost the same number. This represented more than 10% of the rebels' numerical strength that year. They nonetheless proved capable of a major counter-offensive in 1999 and 2000.

Crucially, while the military's 'teeth' units have been campaigning relentlessly for over two years, the LTTE's core forces have yet to be committed to battle. In the past year of resistance, the rebels have mainly deployed units of new recruits, including those withdrawn from the east, stiffened by a few experience cadres. Where core units have been committed, especially in Jaffna, SLA advances have been quickly stopped, often with heavy losses.

CONCLUSION: The military has made impressive territorial gains this year, but this does not amount to a strategic weakening of the LTTE. Similar territorial gains made in the late 1990s against a much weaker LTTE were swiftly reversed in a year-long counter-offensive which the exhausted military could not resist. In assessing the LTTE's capacity for survival, the rebels' present territorial confines should be compared to those of 1995-1999, rather than that of the 2002-2006 ceasefire period. A swift victory by the military is highly unlikely.

Apino Dannachess said...

Here is a good link for the consumption of our DieAssPora bros....

I'm not joking.....its dance done to celebrate your origins .....

May it make you happy during this not-so-happy times....

Farewell our brothers stuck over yonder.....

Apino Dannachess said...

DieAssPora celebrating the sinking of Sri Lankan ships.....apparently the last remaining ships....SL is doomed now!!!!!

Infinity said...

More stupidity by LTTE supporters:

India will just increase their crackdown. Sorry, creating violence in TN and threatening an insurgency will not make India pro-LTTE. A bully should not target someone much stronger than themselves.

Apino Dannachess said...

Menna Wada!!! Denna Wada!!!

DieASsPora payback to the Idian Big Bros.............

And can we blame the Indians not wanting refugees flooding in .....

Yeah YEahh...SMART alright!!!

Lankan arrested in India for credit card fraud

A Sri Lankan, who along with his accomplice, a city-based software professional, used fake credit cards to make purchases worth Rs 2 lakh over the past two months was arrested by the Police in India today. The police are yet to nab the software professional.

Senthuran, a Sri Lankan who lived at Madipakkam, India, and Kumar, a software engineer, forged credit cards and used them to buy mobile phones and several other valuables. They also created fake PAN cards, which were used as ID proof while swiping the credit cards at retail outlets.

Times of India

Apino Dannachess said...


Vaiko produced in courts and remanded

MDMK general secretary Vaiko, who was arrested at his Anna Nagar residence yesterday, was produced in a city court in India and remanded to judicial custody till November 6. He is lodged in the Puzhal Central prison.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Dear Shyam,

Thanks for posting the 100% Accurate, Totally Non Biased defence analysis.

Corey said...

A Show of True Colors that Lie Underneath:

Chennai, Oct 24 (IANS) Unidentified people damaged a statue of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in the northern suburbs of this city Friday. In a separate incident, the office of the Janata Party was attacked in Madurai, official sources said.

S. Manoharan, a spokesman of the Janata Party spokesperson attributed the attack on their office to ‘anti-Indian elements opposed by our leader Dr Subramanian Swamy’.

‘Over a hundred people claiming to be lawyers broke every chair, table and tube-light in our office. They also assaulted me brutally. Since the police picket posted here for protection was removed, we were defenceless. For whatever it is worth, we have filed a complaint with the police,’ Manoharan told IANS.

Unknown said...

" His work in Jaffna is similar to what the 300 spartans did for a brief moment. highly exaggerated but in reality, only a blimp in the expansion of the Persian empire."

DW, you know that the Spartans, while loosing at Thermopylae, eventually won the war - and thus kept Greece free ;)

Nice comparison though, LTTE and Sparta

Infinity said...

India continues crackdown. Another film director arrested for sedition.

Pottu said...

Who invited Ponna Ranil ?
Why is he having hands covering his public (No longer Private) place ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Shyam

Very good description, do you want me to show to you another cheif difference between 99 and today, then let me pose this question, who not figuratively but realistically is leading the LTTE today, at the driving seat.

Bhairav said...

[1. Sornam-

2. Theepan-

3. Kapil Amman-
4. Ram -
5. Keerthi- ]

DW aunty,

Who you like out of all 5 for a fuk? Sornam, Theepan and Ram are intellectually weak, and got pot bellies too, I do not think Ram is fat. They are in 40s, and good fit for your need. If you look at Theepan's face, he seemed to be in juice( steroids). Out of 5, Theepan may have involved in the foul plays against his own cadres, especially female ones. Regards to Kapil and Keerthi, I have no idea who those folks are.

Corey said...

According to a high-ranking SL friend here, a major suicide attack on the Army camp at Diytalawy has been averted. The attack has been tipped off by a person from Mulativu.

Can DW comment on this please?


Anonymous said...

Hak Hak Ha Our new defence expert shyam reminds me Wikramabahu Karunarathne who writes political column in which the SL "working class' is just about to chase this capitalist government. click here for shyam's "original" post

Anonymous said...

//Haha! I am heartened by how little even the so called experts know about the LTTE.//

Haha! "the modaya" has spent time on reading an article by an "expert" just to realise "expert" is "the modaya" and "the modaya" is the "expert".

//Didn't Karuna say something about VP, Pottu, Dinesh and KP //

It seems even the intelligent tamiz has questions for "modayas"!

//Modays like to pretend that India has little control over their sorry state.//

India jhas FULL control over the tamiz state. Vaiko modaya was already arrested. India will send other tamiz modayas also to the same jail soon.

//What have your MIGs and Kfirs been doing since DMK threatened to resign from central government?//

Our MIGs and kfirs love this stupid tamiz nadu government and do not want them to resign and become jobless.

//Also, the thought of rain bringing down MIGs and Kfirs just confirmed my already held views about modayas.//

Now even the genetically superiour intellibegt tamiz also having confussion. lol.

//These photos made me laugh.//

Laughing while "genocide".lol.

//Monsoon comes around every year. Knowing this, some modayas went and bought a couple of bomber jets that can not operate during the Monsoon. Hahah! This reminds me of the modaya comic strip we used to draw back in school days.

End result is that modayas spend a lot of money on an SLAF which for one reason or another is not operational during the Monsoon, which, incidentally, is the time ground troops find the going getting tough.

Anyhow, all modaya antics are good news for me.//

When SLAF bombs diaspora clowns come here and cry "genocide, genocide...tamiz trees are destroyed...tamiz cattle destroyed...etc. When SLAF don't bomb diaspora come here and cry " bombs....

//Also, this defence wire dude is avoiding giving an opinion on Dinesh.//

Oh DW please give your opinion soon. This modaya has to make a importent decesion about "dinesh".

Gringo said...

Every, I mean EVERY patriotic Sri Lankan, living in the western world... MUST write to their MP and ask two important questions:

"Why do some of our citizens (so called Tamil-Diaspora) are allowed to covertly collect funds to finance LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka? How would we react... if other nations do likewise?"

Action... folks... action.

These questions go a long... long way... in helping out Motherland.

Peter said...

Who would read all my time passing posts here?

Only a modaya.

Bhairav said...

Peter..good going chap. You have great stamina and endurance. LOL!

LKDOOD said...

Military solution in Sri Lanka very difficult: U.S.


Peter said...

I used to enjoy reading the numbers given by DefenceLK. It just made modayas look even more stupid.

Now I'll have to depend on Lady DW for all the figures. Of course he/she is rain soaked on the front line in Akkaranyankulam with a lap-top and a satellite net link, posting regularly to keep Mahimda maama's cheerleader squad motivated.

Bhairav said...

[Mahimda maama's cheerleader squad motivated.]

If women cheerleaders are around, please stand up ladies. I want to see your acts together when DW can't entertain you at times.

Well, you are not the first ones who into lesbian acts, many cheerleaders have done it in the past, most notable ones, the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders who showed what they got last year.


Bhairav said...

I like lkdood who often posts balanced news links here.


Rana said...


Military solution is possible and the only way to solve this problem. LTTE must be wiped out from the earth.

Only problem here is India and their dirty destablishing tactics carried out in neighbouring countries and so called western nations interferance.

If these interfering saints can keep their hands away from SL matters, we can eliminate LTTE once and for ever.

Rana said...

One thing is for sure. Sinhalese will never ever give part of our country to any other buggers. We will die before that. If this war is to drag for another 5 years, there wont be any problem becuase by the time tigers become endangered species and then extinct from the earth.

Keep fighting until the final day.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

I guess rana moron went to park with his 4 dogs. good!

later guys!


History said...

well well well....

look at these tamils.....

they are so happy....

Once someone talk about Lasith Malinga, he said, when Malinga holds the ball, every one want to see wickets flying around, every one want to see him controlling the game..

Same here for SLA, we were dominating this fight continuously from the very first day it was started.. so people want to see it all the time... for Tamils, when they don't see that regular flow of dead bodies not coming, they think that it is the victory..

Buddy, just wake up it is actually your mind is playing a game with you...

It is said that there is a silence before the start a storm.

You can cheat your mind as long as you can. You can hope that you are going to get what you want as long as you want. But be carefull, soon you will hear the laughing, our boys are making, while looking at the coffin of your dead leader..

Diplomatically, Militarily this government is far superior to LTTE..

oh I forgot, economically even it is far superior

Moshe Dyan said...

when karunanidhi and other idiots in toilet nadu pressurised india, toilet tiger supporters thought this is it!

india had no intention of interfering in SL. now the tide has turned.

tiger supporters are arrested like nobody's business.

i call this the invitational gang rape of tamil elam! they asked for it. they begged for it in 1987, got it and they wanted it again.

why can't the SL guys do it so that there's no need of indians'.

it is unfortunate how tamils destroy tamils. at least people of other races should protect them from inviting trouble in the name of 'liberation'.


"Rape by Indian Soldiers

From time immemorial, plunder and rape have been considered the spoils of war. A form of ‘psychopathic liberation’ resulting in looting, rape and heavy drinking is reported to follow major stressful events (Kinston and Rosser, 1974). Although the total number of rapes during the Indian army operations are not known, it seemed to reach epidemic proportions. It has been verified that quite a large number, ranging from young girls who had just attained puberty to old women well past the menopause stage, were brutally raped.

What is said about violence in general is applicable to sexual violence. However, aggressive sexual assault has its own unique characteristics and consequences. Thus,

Rape is a violent crime in which sexuality is used to express power, anger and aggression, with a core meaning of devaluation, humiliation, sheer terror and most intimate violation of the self for the victim. What is translated to the victim is the life-threatening nature of assault, her helplessness, her loss of control and her experience of herself as an object of the assailants’ rage (Mezy, 1985).

Rape became common in the context of total war as it obtained in the months of October to December (1987), when all the customary discipline and restraint operative in the army disappeared. As discussed earlier, there appears to have been a policy decision to apply terror in the face of early losses and frustration over the prolongation of the conflict. The public was seen as being too sympathetic to the Tigers, harbouring and helping them against the Indian army. Thus terror became an instrument of control, a punishment for the lack of support and a lesson to the public. The army hierarchical structure worked to allow the jawans to carry out the acts on their behalf, although at times lower-rank officers also vented their pent up frustration in this way. But rape was much more gruesome as it was aimed specifically at women. It was carried out with considerable brutality and impersonality, where the victims were publicly defeminised and destroyed.

Rape can be seen as a loss-event for the victim where she loses her trust in others, self-respect, sense of security, chastity and virginity, social identity and becomes liable to secondary victimization due to social norms and values. The psychological reactions to rape have been described as a three-stage phenomena with an initial state of ‘shock and disbelief’ with disruption of normal behaviour. This may be followed by feelings of guilt, self-blame, and physical complaints. If the resolution to the psychological trauma is incomplete, long-term consequences include depression (40 per cent of victims), psychosomatic problems, sexual dysfunction, specific rape-related phobias, impaired task performance, social maladjustment and risk of suicide attempts (Mezey, 1985).

In our cultural setting, sexual violence takes on a more serious significance and has a severe psychologically traumatizing effect on the victim and her close relations, including her husband. Chastity is traditionally considered one of the supreme virtues of women, to be safeguarded with the same diligence as their life. The screams and pleading of a young, attractive girl, whom three soldiers were trying to rape at gun point, still echoes in my ears. She fell at their feet and begged, ‘Please, brother, shoot me, but don’t do this…’ Fortunately for her, her pleading got through to an officer who took pity and let her go, after slapping her. A young rape victim in Tinnavelly immediately attempted to commit suicide by jumping into a well.

Loss of virginity in a young girl even if against her will, meant that she could not aspire to marriage in our society and if already married, there is a good chance that she will be abandoned. All rape victims are socially ostracized and this usually extends to the family also. It is not surprising that rape victims were not forthcoming to report such incidents and usually swallowed the suffering and injury silently.

These incidents of rape, the lack of protection for women and the rumours that spread, created great fear among the women of Jaffna. The threat to womanhood was very real in the months of October and November. Most women experienced sexual anxiety and felt exposed and vulnerable. Many fled to areas they felt were safe, a large exodus reaching Colombo in December, when transport became available. Those left behind started acting with circumspection by following the well-meant advice of sympathetic, Tamil-speaking jawans of ‘wearing saris, putting poddus and staying indoors’.

Moshe Dyan said... AGAIN imitated toiletnet.

when toiletnet started political analysis, followed it.

and now stopped reporting casualties after it was pointed out by BRAMAN that toiletnet doesn't report casualties.

anyway this is a good move. the figures they gave were never accurate. but annihilation of tigers must continue. land grabbing is of secondary importance.

Moshe Dyan said...

how good the SLA soldiers have been even to LTTE cadres.

they should appreciate it b4 it is too late.

keeping SLA in the north instead of IPKF is a thousand times better for the tamil community UNLESS pro-LTTE tamils have other desires only the IPKF can satisfy due to their relative barbarian immoral conduct..

History said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
History said...

I saw news about MR meeting Ranil.

Meeting Ranil is not a bad tactic, but getting a helping hand from that bugger is very unlikely.. but still it is worth trying..

I am sure that there are many other UNPians who from their heart want to stand as a one at this moment..

Ranil need to understand that he is not the leader nor his way is the only way.. but for some unluckiness of this country, that idiots is not getting it

Rana said...

Moshe and History good morning, here we are just enter into the afternoon session. I just went to our temple here, as they are having "KATINA PINCAMA" today. Just before going to temple I tied down my two dogs Bhairav and Peter as I don't want to have a "poottu" while I am away.


Ranil cannot support MR b'cause that will be a "harakiri" for him. Ranil fellow knows deep down MR is correct in every angle. The ponna Ranil has no guts or leadership ability to get organise like MR. He does not have good people around him too. It is better for him to give reins to somebody else now.

Rana said...

Oooops! my mistake, earlier post should be address to History, sorry mate.

Rana said...

Premasiri Khemadas passed away... One of the best, if not the best musician, who has done so much for Sri Lankan music.

Rest in Peace Sir.

Thanks for all the joy you gave us for years and years. My daughters love your music and always follow your melodies.

What a loss to SL!

Rana said...


According to the book (A Cause Untru) written by David Blacker:

UNP and Ranils govt got caught to India in a bad way after a partially foiled international terrorist attack staged by SLDF to discredit LTTE.

This must be a fiction or Davids own creation. However, if there is some truth involving India forcing GOSL to accept Norway peace deal to keep everything away from IC, then nobody can blame Ranil for signing CFA.

If read the above book you will understand but I don't know how far it is true.

May be David can explain, some times he posts here, I am sure he is reading our posts time to time.

History said...

Oh Premasiri Khemadas,

He is really a lost..

May he attain Nibbana.

He was superb, but lately he move in to this Opera music, and I know he go deep in to it but I am not sure he really identify the SL version of it. But his contribution to Sri Lankan music industry is unmatchable..

History said...


This is how I see the two..

Ranil tried to and Mahinda trying to achieve the same goal as far as settling this problem is concern but they both are taking two totally different paths, MR seems to have the public support..

Ranil, is like the good student of the class teacher, always listen to her, when something bad happen in the school, teachers always talk to him looking for some clues. But he is always friendly with the bad guys too.. he always stay around with bad guys but tried to attack them behind the scene.. that is the caliber that Ranil practice.. Simply he is the guy who bend his back to thugs but attack from behind

Mahinda, is opposite of Ranil, he is like the strong student who stands toe to toe with the bad guys. Tough guy who openly attack, openly fight with the bad guys. He don’t care whether it earn him troubles he never like to go down.. that is his caliber..

More importantly public likes Mahinda’s way..

Anonymous said...

//Who would read all my time passing posts here?

Only a modaya.//

//Peter..good going chap. You have great stamina and endurance. LOL!//

HukHukHa One modaya has found nother modaya lol

Rana said...

Itb seems, once again political ambitions of GOSL have slow down the war. Unnecessary hype of Taking Kili, admin town of defacto capital of peelam have lead to massive interference from India and others concerned.

Why GOSL make a slip on other wisw perfect strategy on everything?

I would say again (Itold it many times before)forget about Kili, clear west of A9 first. If we have Poonarin then attack Paranthan, secure EP and Bring down 53 and 55 to surround Kili.

Kili'nochchi is nothing freiing A9 and Jaffna is too important before we stop the offensive due to some unforeseen reason.

Then at least we have accomplished half of the mission!

Well what do you think patriots?

Bhairav said...

[Well what do you think patriots?]


Patriots bandwagon says that you should go back to the park and collect the poops of your dogs which you haven't forgot to collect on the way back.


History said...


I had a great faith in SLA military moves as well as GOSL diplomatic moves..

But if you are to change the plan and direct the offensive to somewhere else, that has to be done with the cost of moral of our soldiers.. It has to be carefully evaluated.. That decision involve too many options to consider.. What I think is we should hold our position till the monsoon is over..

In the mean time we should try to attack key LTTE military figures one at a time.

We can hold the operations as long as we wish, LTTE will not start an offensive given the current political situations.. but they will try to use their suicide carders in big time.. we should have a plan for that.

LTTE will break our supply lines, not just food, but soldier, weapons etc.. Don’t be surprised if they attack a commercial ship that carries weapons to Sri Lanka, or a container that carries weapons to north..

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Hey brothers,
I've been indisposed for a while. Yes this article is a bit dated but quite relevant right now in terms its principles.

Heard about the TN film director "Semen" who was arrested for making a seditious speech supporting VP. The name is apt as he appears to a product of Prbha's 30 year long wa*k.

I've been observing the interactions within an Indian discussion board and it is interesting. The Indians have very strong feelings about these Tamil separatists. They basically hate the Dravidianists. They are also onto the heavy numbers of Sri Lankan Tamils who are spreading their hate on their site. The hate includes accusing fellow (peaceful) Tamils of being Brahmins to openly suggesting that TN will go for independence if LTTE loses this war.

Looks like there enough sensible people in India that they are now beginning to take steps against sedition.

Hopefully the Dravidianist-Tamil Fascism (cf. Aryan-Nazi fascism) will be laid to rest once and for all. We can only be there encouraging this process. I intend to do my part.

My my, our eelamist brothers are having a huge tantrum. The end must be nigh. It suggests that the author is onto something. I hope MR's agents will be offering lots of very attractive incentives. Importantly MR has demonstrated his credibility in rewarding appropriate behaviour by giving positions to Pilliyan and Karuna. The diasporic "seeyas" who thought they were ever so smart 30-40 years ago when they started the Master Plan (when we were just cutting our teeth on protecting the mother land) must must be pissing in their nappies with rage, confined to nursing homes as they are, and their grey matter being shed on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with censoring casualties. GSL do this probably to avoid int. media reporting "scores killed in bloody war" daily which implies the worlds most problem is happening in SL. And GSL expect TN/India to be calmed down by noy issuing xx tigers dead every day.

However, this create space for misinfo and false propaganda whch will effect adversly in the long run. GSL had to work hard to beat LTTE propaganda in int. front and this "giving up" is no good.

History said...

Defence Column,

What you think about your poll result now..??

Bhairav said...

[that TN will go for independence ]

I always thought that TN will search for independence from India down the stretch, but haven't thought it would be in 2 or 3 decades as it looks now. If TN gets one strong charismatic leader as VP in near future, lets say in 2 or 3 decades time, they can easily become independent country. When you have prosperous lifestyles as TN folks have now they will have less time to think about any nationalistic stands. India has very delicate model, one side Kashmir, other side Asam..list goes. This delicate model will favor Tamilians in TN down the stretch if the Indian central government makes any blunder.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Re : Censoring casualties.

I think the biggest reason of all for above decision is-- the Tigers caualty figures started to get embarassing.It was no longer possible to explain the huge number of tiger deaths( exceeding official estimates of total Tiger strength) and their continuing resistance;)
Other lesser reasons have been aired by others here( eg IC/TN/SLA deaths,etc).

hemantha said...

"I had a great faith in SLA military moves as well as GOSL diplomatic moves.. "

Keep that faith mate. Earlier, Madhu was the stated target. But Palampiddy was the military target. During the process, the fall of Madhu was automatic.

The same process is being repeated here. We should choose the path such that 'minimum casualties to us and the maximum to the enemy'. To me, Kilinochchi is just a distraction.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

"how good the SLA soldiers have been even to LTTE cadres.

they should appreciate it b4 it is too late.

keeping SLA in the north instead of IPKF is a thousand times better for the tamil community UNLESS pro-LTTE tamils have other desires only the IPKF can satisfy due to their relative barbarian immoral conduct.."

Moshe is 100% correct,

Listen Tamilians, do you want that polthel(coccanut oil) drinking Indian Army insted of SLA...

unless you guys like to pet indian babies...

well it's no misstake make the right choice..


thiru said...

so looks like the GOSL is now too scared to "walk"in to killinochi now, what happened to the bravehearts, is the rain giving them the sniffles? I also wonder why the GOSL now all of a sudden is hiding casualties, what happened to their usual 100000 tigers a day dead and 1 soldier with a scratch stories, i gues they realized the world is looking at them as a bunch of fools who can't anyone except the modhaya population. On another note in the fighting that happened last week in the wanni, there is alot that didn't come out about the SLA casualties even in tamilnet and puthinam for obvious reasons. However my sources confirm that the SLA suffered over a 110 killed and massive amounts of weaponry was captured. You modhayas don't have to believe it and pass it off as just another post from ur enemy but i really don't care and am just sharing information, it's up to you what u do with it.

Jambudipa said...

If the following video weren't shown in Tamil nadu, the current situation would not have developed. Karunanidhi was shown this video by his daughter and this is what is rousing emotions in TN. The truth is, Tamil Nadu weren't really concerned with LTTE but welfare of Tamils mostly. I always maintain the propaganda by govt is not good enough for these reasons. The good work by troops can be easily lost if these other fronts aren't intelligently handled. The LTTE video below is very good. Countering this requires professional input perhaps PR company in TN itself.

Whats stirring shit back in TN

wijayapala said...


"If premadasa "gon thadiya" did not sent IPKF back and denied the life line for LTTE."

Premadasa sent the IPKF back after coming to 2 conclusions: 1) IPKF had no intention of destroying the LTTE and was planning on staying for 10+ years and 2) Indians didn't give a rat's ass that their presence was fueling the JVP insurgency.

If you want to blame someone, blame JR for allowing 3000 Tamils to get murdered in one week and paving the way for the Indian intervention 4 years later.

"If Ranil "ponnaya" did not signed the CFA and gave another life line to regroup and rearm the LTTE."

Ranil is a lousy failed leader but he did not have many options when he came to power. By 2002 there was a clear military stalemate between the SLA and LTTE and the economy was a mess. To fix the economy Ranil needed international aid. He would not get such aid if there was fighting going on. He needed to cut some kind of deal and the Tigers knew that they had him by the b@lls. If there's anyone to blame for Ranil coming to power, it would be Chandrika and Anuruddha Ratwatte for messing up the war effort through cheap politics.

The LTTE however wound up as the loser after Karuna defected. Karuna would not have defected if the war had continued. Of course, Ranil would've handed Karuna over to Thalaivar if he had remained in power, but fortunately the people voted him out in 2004.

So in the end everything had worked out- LTTE lost the east thanks to Karuna rebellion, it is now losing the north, and Petey is sh!tting in bed every night thinking whether Fat Ass will survive to the following morning.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන අයීයා

Good one නීයමයි

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Panhinda that is true, but we do have more worst pic/video than that.

Bhairav said...

[I think the biggest reason of all for above decision is-- the Tigers caualty figures started to get embarassing.]


You are right on the money. Given said that they(Govern) have made grounds on LTTE which has stopped glorifying its any military battle lately unless there is a significant advantage.

Don't you think that LTTE gets severe beating lately? What I upset about LTTE is that its leaders went out acted irresponsibly in their public meetings in Kili as no one can capture Kili. Every time VP gets credit for whatever military victories achieved in the war fronts, now he should be blamed equally for this blunder. I really do not think he can win the separate land for us, may be, federal solution which can be achieved 2 decades back - Prema would have given Tamils federal solutions if we only asked for it.

wijayapala said...

Dear Thiru,

"so looks like the GOSL is now too scared to "walk"in to killinochi now, what happened to the bravehearts, is the rain giving them the sniffles?"

I think you and your fellow LTTE "dodos" (explanation below) like shyam and Petey might have missed what the SLA's true strategy is.

The goal is not simply Kilinochchi or Pooneryn, and in the past it was not primarily Madhu or Palampiddy either. Fonseka's primary goal is to kill Tigers, otherwise known as attrition strategy. He chose Mannar as the starting point because it is furthest from the LTTE heartland in Mullaithivu and would stretch the Tigers' resources the most. If there were no more Tigers to kill (i.e. they made a "tactical withdrawal"), then the SLA would advance.

The SLA is taking heavy casualties but you're missing the point that the LTTE is taking heavier casualties, and unlike the SLA the LTTE can't replace its losses.

In this sense it is great that the LTTE is sending forces forward to defend Kilinochchi and get slaughtered, rather than hunkering down in the Mullaitivu jungles hiding behind civilian human shields. After all, the more Tigers get killed at Kilinochchi, the fewer there will be in Mullaithivu to finish off.

Now I owe you and fellow LTTE-dimwits an explanation about the "dodo" label. The dodo bird went extinct due to its failure to adapt to a changing situation. Specifically, the dodo was too dumb to continue to exist.

I feel that this label is quite appropriate for you and your fellow "losers." You don't even see your own extinction coming. You, Shyam, and Petey have your heads so far up Thalaivar's Fat Ass (which can easily accommodate your puny small heads) that you can't see that he's walking off a cliff with you still attached!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


I am the wrong person to be asked this question. But its good to know alternate Tamil opinions are around.
At the same time, I feel at present there is no place for fencesitting-- both parties are in for a all-or-none gamble .Only one is gonna come out with heads high this time.And neither will VP listen to you, nor will MR. To me both are made from the same stuff:(

wijayapala said...


"What I upset about LTTE is that its leaders went out acted irresponsibly in their public meetings in Kili as no one can capture Kili."

So sorry that you're upset. The question is are you going to sit here in DW crying about this (with the patriots here laughing at you) or are you going to do something about this?

Sam Perera said...


I am little bit intrigued by the current military strategy you mentioned the other day in dealing with Indian side. There is an apparent lull in the military front. I know that the monsoons, India, and induction of the new division to the front can be among many reasons. Can you please keep the readership enlightened about the current state of affairs?


Bhairav said...

[or are you going to do something about this?]


I believe in cycles, roman empire lasted for 7 centuries and 700 years old capitalism many especially from West said that it will last longer, what's happening now? We may lose it now, but not for too long.

Anonymous said...


GSL at least need to do counter propaganda in TN. I heard in TN some people have build a kovil to living actress and worship her. So when they see this kind af video it is very effective.

GSL need to convince them how the 'liberates of tamil people' use the same tamil people to save their ass from SLA. How they killed innocent tamil people who oppose them. What those who came to vavunia say, etc.

If you remember the bus bomb happened in Mannar. Just after 'DPU bus bomb' quite close to fighting area at that time LTTE had a video team and cops there. LTTE themselves were highly suspected for this attack at that time.

OTOH GSL carried 5000+ arial attacks and collateral damage is less than 50 I guess. I know, I don't have to say this to you. But our gvn. need to work on counter propaganda as we already ignored propaganda in TN.

Anonymous said...


It is GSL made K'chi a grand target probably for political reasons. But may be even SLA was behind it as part of a big plan. Even tigers don't know what is SLA's next step. Then how can we expect to know every thing?

My guess is SLA is following a big plan which may be subject to adjustments of un-anticipated events such as economic crisis, elections etc. We are not the people SF to say how to fight a war. Let's see what SLA has DONE so far. Then predict the future.

Bhairav said...

[Can you please keep the readership enlightened about the current state of affairs?]


DW aunty is on vacation, and I'm going to fill in for her, so please shoot your questions.

Here it's the updates- Obama's hands get stronger in US election,Congo where everyday women get raped by men like you, big 4 hold the standings in EPL, stock markets are plunging around the globe due to poor Q3 results from some global companies and the financial crisis, Goldman sachs South Asian analyst says SLR will dive as 200 Rupees for $1US in next 3 months..what else you want to know half-breed?

Anonymous said...

As Wijayapala pointed out SLA is not in a mission to get K'chi. SLA need to minimize own casualties, maximise LTTE casualties or finish them off and zero civilian casualties. Getting land is an automatic consequence.

However I disagree with Wijayapala when he said LTTE is going to extinction. It is SLA trying hardly that happen while LTTE is struggling for existence. I don't think LTTE will send all their fighters one by one until the last one to defend K'chi.

While SLA overall plan seem to be taking west coast (Nachchikuda, poonaryn), clearing west of A9, taking Mulathiv, taking civilians out, encircle LTTE into limited area and annihilation. Well, this is my guess, order may be different. Now what is the LTTE strategy?

LTTE strategy

1. Slow down SLA progress to K'chi by trenches etc. Then expect Indian influence via TN and go for CFA. Then LTTE get into usual cycle.

2. Use black tigers for moral boosting attack in south; An economic target (harbor/KAB etc) or SLDF base. We note that after arresting 'tamil youth' it is now revealed LTTE plan on attack on Diyathalava when the parents of soldiers are present. They managed to go inside after cutting the wire in the fence to gather intelligence. (see rivira) Failed attack in KKS could be a part of this strategy. (BTW, according most reliable up to date news source in the world one ship is still sinking.) TN support also moral boosting for uneducated emotional fighters. Next step is a massive counter attack in a selected front. LTTE may not expect a total reversal like jayasikuru but at least a CFA and into the usual cycle.

3. Another option is to withdraw to jungles. However if LTTE like this then no meaning of delaying it, they can do it even now while mixing part of cadres with civilians. If LTTE failed to do (1) or (2) they will do this sooner or later. This is my guess.

Jambudipa said...


It is GSL made K'chi a grand target probably for political reasons.

There is nothing political about this offensive. The move to Kilinochi makes strategic sense because doing so essentially divides the battle field in half thus restricting LTTE to a smaller area. The LTTE will have to chose which side they have to be in. They will inevitably move to the east. The army caught them by surprise as well considering hectic moves in creating earth barriers everywhere. They were not ready to defend Kilinochi at this at this early stage.

There is a resemblance of a lull in activity purely because of enforced news censoring for tactical reasons. Monsoon rain impedes areal recon and accurate bombing raids. Kili town apparently runs for over 7km along a9 making it one the longest spread towns in the island. The troops seems to have reached Iranmadu area which is 1-2 km from Kilinochci town border. There will be further 3-4 km of urban house to house fighting to reach Kili proper.

Bhairav said...

My uncle and his wife, Peradeniya grads, went to SL on vacation few weeks back, they say life is good in Colombo. They have decided to move back to SL in one year or two. He says that as an engineer in Colombo, you can make about 2 laks/a month and if his wife, doctor, starts a clinic in Colombo, life would be great. These are the folks who are doing great in foreign country wanted to go back home.

My heart is still in SL, not sure whether I will go back.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

DBSJ has made pointed fun of the ' Race to Kilinochi ' post:)

He himself is inconsistent though-- one day predicting annihilation, another day stalemate?

Bhairav said...

[He himself is inconsistent though-- one day predicting annihilation, another day stalemate? ]


He is a good story teller, many folks fell for it. In his every article he knows who is going to be his target audience, then rest is fiction.

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