Monday, November 3, 2008

58 on a roll

Amidst moves to increase troop strength of the 57 Division, the Sri Lanka Army Commander has given instructions to the 58 Division to progress swiftly to Pooneryn, giving little time for the Tigers to construct any defensive structures (bunds and trenches) in the area.

With the 57 Division laying siege to Kilinochchi and holding down a large number of Tigers, the 58 Division's progress has been swift in the northwestern coast. The 57 is acting both as a buffer and a shield for the 58 and in a surprising move, could position itself to the rear of Tiger units in Kilinochchi in the coming weeks. The 58's aggressive fighting style also suits the Commandos spearheading the operation.

On Saturday the Division surrounded, overran and ambushed fleeing cadres from Nachchikuda. 17 bodies were recovered, 6 of which were in pieces and decomposed. The bodies included 5 male corpses while 12 were female.

Meanwhile the LTTE has dismantled the Kumulamunai bridge in Nayaru. The Bridge connects Nayaru with Mulaitivu. The Army is now forced to take the land route to Mulaitivu. As mentioned earlier, the 57 Division's 16 Units (4 Brigades) are to be replenished as casualties removed about 500 men, many of whom will be out of the battlefield for several weeks.


Fourier said...

DW, Thanks for the news update.

In, it was reported that "Army Task Force 3 comes into action; pounds LTTE positions in Mankulam"

How large is the newly deployed TF3?

CodeRed said...

Thnx for da update DW,

As 58 rushing towards Poonaryn, Its time to eye on Killi nw. dont get surprised if Paranthan fails b4killi. This news came to me frm da spearhead of 57s.

san said...

Welldone!!! MIGHTY SL Forces

perein said...

Thank you DW for the latest article.

How big is the Kumulamunai bridge? Is n't there a way commando units can air born to the other side and build temp bridge by Army?

Kithul said...
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Corey said...

You're giving away too much. What matters for us is getting rid of all the maniacs of the lte. Updates of things that have already happened are OK, but it would help the SF's if their 'surprise' moves are kept that way (secret).

Kithul said...

the happiest to hear of the evening SLAF attacks will be Moshe and මොරටු සමන්. will hear from them very soon, any moment now..

අයුබෝවන් මොරටු සමන් මහතානෙනි

ලගදීම සිංහ දජය කිලිනොච්චියේදී ලෙල දෙයි.
එදාට අපි ජයපැන් බොමු.

අම්බානක බොමු.
වැටෙන්න බොමු.
හිටගෙන බොමු.

ප්‍රබාකරන්ටත් පොවමු.

Peter said...

SL army is still 20km from Sangupitty. Still poor performance compared to Jayasukiru, which after 16 months was less than 7km from accomplishing its target.

What happened to Killinochchi? Last month army was only a mile away. May be the BBC was lying as usual about the one mile claim.

Unknown said...

everyone knows ltte is targetting 57div

so 58 is having fun

perein said...

Have to disagree with your opinion.
If you see what DW historically wrote and this article does not have much difference.
All you have to do is wait for a week and compare this article to the actual war front. You will see SLA has taken a different plan to this.
Not to forget situation keep changing. LTTE is fully aware where about SLA. However they can only delay the forward run, THOSE TERROR CANNOT STOP THEM.

Corey said...

nice video! shows ltte creeping through the jungle all the time. Big show of 'training' strength. Wont scare us.

Where are all these maniacs in full uniform? most pics of the dead maniacs are in civilian clothes! The uniformed cowards are cowering behind the trees and shooting their own poor bastards who try retreat? Boy, that's bravery for you@!!!


chamal said...


"Is n't there a way commando units can air born to the other side and build temp bridge by Army?"

Airborne landings means guaranteed heavy casualties, unless the enemy is drastically weakened. We can't be sure of the success of such an operation either, because of various factors. Remember that if the slightest thing goes wrong, they are alone and the only external support they can get is artillery and maybe gunships (which alone will not help them survive against a large enemy force). I think taking the land route will be better and safer, rather than sacrificing our best men needlessly.

Unknown said...

if ltte beats SLA

government will go on peace and never come back to war

if ltte loses

government will give a fair political solution, because they do not want another ltte starting

either way TAMILS WIN

Defencewire said...


Do not worry. We know what we are doing.

58 has around 10km to Pooneryn. no significant earth bunds exist upto now along the way.

The last para operation we did was a disaster. LTTE shot and killed Commandos in violation of all conventions. This is suicide.

TF-3 is not a new phenomenon. We will give details later.

perein said...

I see your point mate, we should avoid the casualty figures. However there should be a way we can keep the cross over options depending on how big the water slide.
That will improve the options for the land route driven SLA capabilities.

chamal said...


"either way TAMILS WIN"

Who said we want Tamils to lose? Nobody is against a fair political solution for Tamils.

Unknown said...

defencewire says:
corey do not fear, we know what we are doing

we are bunch of old sinhalese dudes, just want to wipe out ltte

we will never want another ltte2 rising, so we will wipe out ltte1 and provide a political solution to tamils

most of what we say are made up stories from our experience and the SLA defence latest news

we do however time to time get some details stories from our friends who work in SLA

but we are fabricating most of the stories a bit in order to keep the high morale, it is working so far

Jambudipa said...

heylo first

either way TAMILS WIN

when the army pull out after some settlement, old scores will need to be settled. whatever we do, tamils will go on killing each other. we will then be forced to send in the troops again keep the situation calm.

so i rather think its either way tamilslz lose with or without political solution.

chamal said...

Kata bima ula gattha nam meeta wada hodai. Sorry for the earlier comment guys, I shouldn't have posted that at all. I didn't know things were this bad again, since I didn't visit the blog for a long time. Sorry about the load of rubbish I had started.

Pottu said...

you are not my first and wont be last either...
now be good and bend over... I'll show you the solution.


Unknown said...


thats right, actually i do agree with you

SL is a failed state, lets get back to our own stuff, rather than wasting time on this gay issue

SLA is funding karuna faction, u never know when they will turn against you, they won't turn against you as long as you let them kill some Tamils they do not like

Kithul said...

corey and others

sorry folks the wrong link on my post. that was link posted by someone on the previous thread.

the correct link on SLAF attacks is this

once gain, i do apologise.

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...

heylo first

thats right, actually i do agree with you

thank you.

Kithul said...


once again, i do apologise

my post is regarding an slaf attack, so the link is obvious mistake. i am Sri Lankan to the Core' (copyright tropicalstorm)

Sam Perera said...

Ok, another LTTE terrorist blog thrasher called first goes to my CollapsComments list. He was not the first and he won't be last either.

Red_Alert said...


Everyone knows ur right in saying that LTTE made a point..

but at what COST!! things were never this bad before for ppl in the Wanni.

I'm not against people standing up for their rights. I respect people who do. Thing is, in doing so, one has to respect the rights of others. Tit for tat violence gets you nowhere..

Thats something that you immature keyboard heroes won't understand. Chamal makes a fair point which isn't the least bit inflammatory and then you go all 'wannabe schoolboy hero' mode. Just because you learn to cuss doesn't make you a wise man. just shows what an immature prat you are!

Corey said...

Ok brother. No Prob!

Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

the army could shure use some pontoon bridges or some thing like the Indian AFFS :) but im sure the Gen's might have given it good thought and gone with the best option.

Ogre said...

New Developments ! ! !

Navel engagements by LTTE were distractions to accomadate LTTE withdrawal from Nochchikuda - large number of LTTE manged to escape to South India as a result.

We also noted another development
-new barrier being built flanking A9 south west of kili

-LTTE preparing multiple barriers along Kili-paranthan-Mulativu roads facing westwards.

-LTTE has moved all 130s 152s 122s behind these barriers.

-In Nagarkovil - LTTE expects full thrust, they are helpless against a seaborne landing on Poonaryn but again can use 120 mortors against troops.

As I have informed you before TF3 is now operating

There are over 1000 injured that will soon join our troops.

In addition newly trained batches of soldiers should join multiple fronts.

Good News for Div..soldiers, Anurapura houses are being built with a goal of 50,000 houses for soldiers, more on the way...

Once this mess ends, we will need homes to heal our wounds...please feel free to contribute towards the ranawiru funds, thank you very much

Jambudipa said...


.please feel free to contribute towards the ranawiru funds, thank you very much

please fix the credit card facility in to accept non-local credit cards.

tata said...

Thanks for the info.

I tried to use Donate link in but it failed (I used a mastercard.)

Is there any other way of donating money? I prefer using a credit card as it's convevient (as opposed to bank transfer.)

ps. I have successfully used this credit card to pay other bills in SL using

TigerKiller said...


<<< I tried to use Donate link in but it failed (I used a mastercard.)

Is there any other way of donating money? I prefer using a credit card as it's convevient (as opposed to bank transfer.) >>>

I have used couple of times site to donate some money . I used visa . I didn't have any issue . I am not sure what the issue you have . please send a mail to regarding the issue they have

MathaMathica said...

The media cameramen/reporters must show uttermost respect to our fighting men and valorise them to the maximum. All the video footages show the opposite.

Ara game magul gevalvaladi video karane “kerumo” vagei me reporters la vadekeraneva paenne.

If I could, I would make each reporter touch the feet of the fighting men before filming.

Unknown said...

"Fifteen-thousand soldiers have deserted the Sri Lankan military. "

ஓட்டம் தான் ஓட்டம் தான், ஆமி இங்கே ஓட்டம் தான்.

Thereafter full scale search operation would be launched for nabbing deserted soldiers, media sources quoted defense ministry.

ஆமியை தேடி ஓர் கூட்டம்...

அவனுக்கு பின்னால் ஓர் கூட்டம்...

ஓட்டம் தான் ஓட்டம் தான், ஈழத்தில் இருந்து ஓடம் தான்.





Kithul said...

here's where most of the die-ass-pohora money goes

Donations used for pizza outlet – SL Consul Gen. Toronto

The Consul General of Sri Lanaka in Toronto, Bandula Jayasekara claimed that a strong LTTE supporter in Toronto is to have a grand opening of his Pizza depot shortly using the money he collected from unsuspecting Tamil / Canadians. Tamils in Scarsborough have complained that the alleged had collected over $ 80,000 under the pretext of building houses in LTTE held areas in Sri Lanka According to the Consul General the money is now being used for his pizza outlet.

here's the link

Gringo said...

From Strategy Page:

[...November 1, 2008: The army captured the village of Nachchikuda, on the northwestern coast of Sri Lanka. This coastal village was used as a base for the "Sea Tigers" (smuggling and suicide boat bombers). ]

The keyword here is 'smuggling'.

Our Defence folks and leaders must now get busy brain storming... and put fool-proof plans AND action in place... to make sure that never ever again Tamil terrorists and their coolies would be able to smuggle in men and material to our country.

Our target must be to achieve zero tolerance of smuggling.

It's an open secret that smuggling has been THE major facilitator for the Tamil terrorists. I believe the hands of SLN and SLAF must be strengthened.... with the ability to hit the violators hard.

At the same time to add insult to the injuries suffered by the Tamil terrorists and their coolies, systems and methods should be introduced to SRILANKANIZE the spectacular beaches, blue sea and rich fertile land of the great North... much before the LTTE is totally (and happily) crushed. There are so many land-less families of soldiers who paid the ultimate price fighting for the country.

The suffering of the great Sri Lankan nation must be ended with a bang..... and loss of everything to the Tamil terrorists and their coolies who are responsible for promoting and aiding terrorist attacks against our Motherlanka who is still standing proud and tall... with grateful thanks to those to protect her from harm.... OUR TROOPS.

They have never let us down. Let’s never forget them.

Malin said...


Dude keep counting how many will leave from the army i know that is your only hope. :)

And when SLA has no more men let us know til then we will beat the shit out of LTTE Asses..

Corey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rana said...


Why you want to touch the feet of a dead pig before filming?

Corey said...

first is showing a typical type of confusion.... common to the ltters at these stressful times....

So....another mania sufferer has joined this blog. They can't seem to keep their noses away from anything, cant they? They want to be part of everything.. otherwise they feel 'discriminated'.... and 'want a part of it' for themselves.

This mental phenomenon is called 'inferiority complex'... and has led to the development of mania in these people.

Lithium carbonate (Eskalith) is the medication for this condition. First, want some? I have free samples... send address...

If only we can cure all these madmen.. this terrorist problem would be OVER, for ever!!!

Peter said...

Lol! they need another division just to secure the west of Vanni.

How many more division would they need to venture into Pooneryan, EPS, Irainamadhu, Vaddakatchie, Nedunkerni, Oddusuddan, Puthukudiyiruppu, etc.,

This race is a little slower than Jayasukiru. I hope the dominoes don't fall any slower this time around.

Where is Ratwatta nowdays? Didn;t he want to capture VP while SLFP farm-boys were hotting him on.

Malin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MathaMathica said...


I’m surprised. Are you in the media business ?

BTW, my handle is not mathematica but MathaMathica.

Rover said...

Good move by the Army, and nice write up by DW (very much unlike that article on locally manufactured gas masks).

I very much like the fact that LTTE is defending position of little military significance (Kilinochchi), while having to give up on a position of high military value (Pooneryn).

This is excellent terrain for warfare using mechanized units. Hope 53 and 55 join in soon to wreak havoc by doing "thunder runs" into Kili and out.

Moshe Dyan said...

SLAF attacks ST bases.

well done. it was reported even b4 yesterdays attacks that SLAF had stepped up attacks following 2 ST adventures.

this is very good RETALIATION.

but retaliation achieves certain defence objectives ONLY (psycological and military). proactive attacks are also important to reduce LTTE fighting capability.

good to see SLAF SLOWLY gaining pre-october level attacks. still there seems to be something holding them back. he frequency is not so high.

Moshe Dyan said...


someone told me what he heard from a political commentator (a good one).

he had questioned how the world will see a military victory over the LTTE. IF the world sees it as a repetition of englishmen killing red indians and robbing their land, SL will be in deep trouble.

unfortunately tiger media has made it look like this in some countries. govt should have a system to address these issues B4 a complete victory.

Annonymous said...


Corey said...

True, SL should show that this is a fight against mindless terrorists, and not against innocent Tamils (& human shields). Gotabhaya's statement a few months ago reflected this.

This and other articles by Tamils themselves will help to set the record straight. the ltte can fool some people sometime, but they cant fool all the people all the time:

"Welfare of Tamil people furthest from LTTE policies "

( ):

and :
"Urge LTTE to free Tamil civilians - TULF leader tells TN"

( ):

"Tigers are the traitors to the Tamil cause (by Satchi Sithanandan)"

........and many others by Sebastian Rasalingam, Anandasangaree etc., will show what the real situation is.

Innocent Tamils who have been afraid to talk out are beginning to speak out, as they see signs of the ltte threat waning. This will increase with time. The next army Pissuballai will have to face in Mulativu will be his own people who he used as human shields.

Relax, and wish our troops the very best!

Rana said...

Good Morning Lions and vultures!

When I came to the blog in the morning good number of vultures were here with their long curves beaks, picking on dead corpses and left overs by lions, Good hunting for lions!

Now being serious:

This is what me and few others were telling all along about taking Kili!

The type of war we are witnessing is different to conventional wars you have seen elsewhere. You cannot have a fixed plan like taking Kili in this one.

Strategic plan has to be flexible and not entirely decided by one side.

SLDF requires to change their plans dynamically to suite the ground condition.

At the moment it looks like Poonaryn first and then Nallur and Paranthan to attack kili from front and back but who knows, we may come back to Kili, if LTTE moves large numbers Poonaryn.

I can see all vultures who visited here lately are scared. They think if LTTE is going to come back, this is the time! There big come back that is expected by diaspora.

They have still not given up their big dream but with Poonaryn falling, who knows, we may not see vultures for a long time.

Rana said...


There are many differences in our battle and red indian ones. There english were invaders from foriegn land and they acted like barbarians.

This is a fight between two brothers. One wants a toy exclusively for him and the other wants to share it with all.

If other countrie are ignorent, very little we can do.

Rana said...

Good News!!!

Newly created task force 3 started harvesting near Mankulam, yesterday!!

Annonymous said...


Pity that you couldnt come up with another daydream for my response on your fist one. See the posts few mails before. You have my answers.

Lol! they need another division just to secure the west of Vanni.

Indeed. Further they enter into tiger den more they will need as they are genuinely in control of the liberated land. But LOL from me too. More divisions they have more death and destruction on tigers. Tigers couldnt hold up to three offensive div [57,58 and 59], but now we have TF2 and TF3 too. I hear a hell-break-loose scream in pain behind your post.

Don't worry the numbers wont diminish at this end. For once we're the majority, and again we are not loosing our population for forced war and forced foreign labor. I suppose numbers are a concern in your end for sure.

How many more division would they need to venture into Pooneryan, EPS, Irainamadhu, Vaddakatchie, Nedunkerni, Oddusuddan, Puthukudiyiruppu, etc.,

More and more. Look here, 250000 strong SLDF can afford to have any number. Note that 53rd and 55th are licking their lips for a good bash.

As time goes, deeper they will go, smaller the cat den will be, more divisions join, existing ones swell, more fronts will be open, more parcels are sent via ICRC to poor wanni parents... do you see where it leads to. You guys call this eelam, and rest of the sane world calls it a daydream, doom and genocide indeed. Be ready.

This race is a little slower than Jayasukiru.

Slower and steadier. You missed the latter word, but I know that you wholeheartedly feel it. Pity you.

I hope the dominoes don't fall any slower this time around.

They'll fall like never before. It is a certainty, just the order is my concern. I mean the domino fall of, Pooneryn, Pranthan, Mankulam, Nochchi, EPS, Mullathiv etc.

Tigers are finding it hard even to breath. Stop daydreaming on 5000 tigers starting ceaseless waves on 10times strong SLDF frontline [with another 8 times in waiting in peninsula].

Whole point of ceaseless waves is to sacrifice the goats in the first lines. But the whole of 5000 will not suffice to fill even the goats needed for sacrifice in order to overwhelm the strong army divisions. So forget about retaliation.

You think 98 will just repeat, but the fat pig cat knows better. He knows that there is no military way to save his ass. He's some sense than you expat daydreamers.

Where is Ratwatta nowdays? Didn;t he want to capture VP while SLFP farm-boys were hotting him on.

For us, Ratwatte gave in all the great victories for corrupted penny. So in total he is a traitor fitting to be held cuddled by die-ass-buruwah. But his mistakes gave the boys of today a lesson of life time. And that is why the fat pig cat is no longer interested in war but practicing marathon and diplomacy.


You're not the first such idiot to come here. There are countless daydreamers from die-ass-buruwahs. Find a better rank.

if ltte beats SLA
government will go on peace and never come back to war
if ltte loses
government will give a fair political solution, because they do not want another ltte starting
either way TAMILS WIN

There is no "if ltte beats". Even if they conduct decapitation attacks of MR, GR, SF etc it will just delay the loss of eelam by another decade. So it is always a matter of time that SLDF will win.

SL is a failed state, lets get back to our own stuff, rather than wasting time on this gay issue

So eelam is a success, ha?? Get a life. I wonder why you fail to win over the state that is already failed. You're double failed you dingo.

SLA is funding karuna faction, u never know when they will turn against you, they won't turn against you as long as you let them kill some Tamils they do not like

It's killing or being killed. Those "some tamils" being killed by Karuna are not saints. They are blood thirsty assholes who kill innocent tamils for a madness. So Karuna has an obligation in interfering. After all, THIS is a tamil-tamil affair. We sort of see it as rather a "gay" issue like you said. We will not interfere your right for self annihilation.

What is this now?

You first said that in either way tamils win and a big hopeless hooray. Then you accepted either way tamils loose and huge cry. What's up you idiot?

You waged war on a legitimate nation. Some idiot rulers of all time helped you out all this way, but the crush was always in the cards. Now when we crush you, stop calling for rights. There is no right for a right violator. Otherwise you can argue that capital punishment is murder.

The true ppl to complain here are SL tamils. You guys keep on sending money to a madness and tamils of SL are compelled to die for them. There must be some genuine support among them, but even if they dont, what can they do? They have no choice.

I think even a kill-kill scenario by two tamil factions is a win for SL tamils compared with the pit fall they live right now. So whatever the outcome, be it seperate FED state, complete 13th amendment, partial 13th amendment, prov councils under TMVP, kill-kill tamil factions, military hard rule, complete surrender, submission, forced labor, or forced sex labor [LOL] or any other situation is always better than starving under the tiger den being their toys, fullfilling maniac dreams of psychos living abroad. Tamils will love any wayout.



Which city is this? Pooneryn, paranthan, Kili or Mankulam. Anyway, make sure you have enough gluecose during this marathon, Fat pig cat doesnt seem to have enough gas to run to Mullathiv. And maybe you may have to turn back halfway. Who knows. 59th may take the lead while you run in madness.

All in all, we feel the pain in you. But next time when you counter-argue pls have some sense in your arguments.

Rana said...


K'nidhi, kept those letters to himself to watch how things will proceed but when he saw it is going to burn his fingers, he changed the tune. All those resignation letters are already burned, I think.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

SLDF has a degree of flexibility which brings a lot of comfort. We can see the strategy of isolating pockets of LTTE in the capacity to change tactics rapidly. With the deployment of TFIII such strategy is clear. It is too late for LTTE to do anything about it now. SLDF just keeps shifting it's tactics. As I have said b4, there must be good chess players at HQ.
I have also had trouble with Mastercard at This made me doubt the security on the site. They should be making multiple modes of donation possible with adequate security.
Bloggers should keep in mind that our boys are fighting to rescue our cousins. This is something that the psychotic LTTE mole/racists do not understand.
SLDF cannot be withdrawn after the war. The strategic points can never be left alone again. I hope MR will not make that mistake. There must be an affirmative strategy of wiping out racism by mixing the populations so that children can mix. Hindi should be introduced as a compulsory language. For that gesture India (centre) will always look after our back. But we can never trust any other country to look after SL. It's all up to us. Above is just a small part of a strategy to ensure that Tamil-Dravidianist racism never raises it's head again.

Corey said...


Here are more Tamils speaking against false propaganda: (this type of thing is now catching up in speed):

EPDP Advisory to Free Media Movement

“The conundrum here is in understanding how the Free Media Movement can pair itself with a media aberration that is freely fascist and moves for blood and damnation.”

by I.Victor


Rana said...


If you look at cyber map, you will see Akkarayankulam tank bund are is still not cleared. I thought we have it already! Either side of the bund we are going forward but the bund area?

Can anybody say something?

How a grade 8 dropout became a dream saviour for a murderous clan call themselves LTTE?

One secret of his success is smuggling experience he acquired from his father. The other is the instinct for kill. If you have read Jim Corbet's Man Eating Tiger of "Rudra Prayag" and "Man eating Couger" "Kuma Oan" (sorry, I ma not sure about exact names)you can understand the name tiger and his killer instinct.

When our army tried to fight conventional battles with tigers who are traditionally used to jungle warfare using guerilla tactics, we were not successful. However, during last decade or so VP thought they can win conventional battles too. Operation Jayasikuru and Riviresa fought along main highways were reversed. Lately LTTE is concentrating on conventional battles. Their new cadres do not have much guerilla training. On the other hand SLA mastered jungle warfare using guerilla tactics and now fighting in jungles avoiding highways.

This is a major surprise for tigers and they cannot face it now.

GoldenEagle said...

We have to approach the Russians and asked them for the license to build BMP-3 turrets.

We can fix these turrets on our BMP-1 and BMP-2 vehicles. This will vastly improve the mobile firepower to help our troops in the front lines.

Plus we need to produced and equip all our IFVs with SLAT armor cages to protect from RPG attacks.

GoldenEagle said...

If we do the above mentioned, it will make the like of the front line infantry troops better.

China already produces the BMP-3 turrets under license for their ZBD 97 vehicles.

The 100mm main gun and 30mm cannon on the turret will give hell to the LTTE cadres on the frontlines.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the EMPATHY mate.

as they say there is no point running inside a bus even if you are late!

but i like to see a PARALLEL media war by govt targeting EACH developed country IN PROPORTION to its SL TAMIL DIASPORA.

Moshe Dyan said...


"If other countrie are ignorent, very little we can do."

no, mate.

we MUST do something to change this. otherwise things will become very difficult for us. we need heaps of loans, aid, equipment, etc. from these countries with a HIGH TAMIL DIASPORA.

if LTTE can do it, we should be able to counter it.

SRAF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rana said...


Yes, mate, You have a point there.

However, If we eliminate LTTE successfully and implement some sort of normalacy in the country, Then they (western nations)also have very little to do.

We need to counter LTTE propagand while we are fighting, agree fully.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update.

Rana said...


Thanks, mate.

Yes, I remember very well reading that article where DBS. Jeyraj mentioned Maduvadini being the girl friend of Theleepan diring his university time. Vesapillei asked already weak theleepan (due to gun shot wound in his lungs) to fast and refused water when he was dying. Then abducted Maduvadini and raped her along with several other girls. Then later, becuase she was good and attractive married her.

What a basterd this veaspillei, close resemblance to Idi Ammeen.

Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Infinity said...

Regarding operation Jaya Sikuru, it itself during its 18 months, if not counting the operations before and after, only captured the A9 up to Mankulam and not much else. Kilinochi had been taken before that during operation Sath Jaya and for example Oddusuddan at a later date during operation Rivibala.

In contrast, now the army took about a year to go to Kilinochi after capturing Silawathurai last September. At the same time capturing much greater territory than Jaya Sikuru. So the speed is much greater now.

Could instead compare the whole Eelam War III to now. At most the army controlled the territory south of Oddusuddan - Mankulam - Vidattalativu and the territory north of Parantan but excluding Ponneryn before the November 1999 offensive. So if only looking at area in the north, the army may have controlled somewhat more then than it does now. But very importantly, much of the much more densely inhabited eastern provinces were then lost due to troops being moved north.

The army could not find recruits, could thus not control captured territories, morale was low, had no good answer to LTTE's ceaseless wave attacks and guerilla jungle warfare tactics, LTTE logistics with India continued without problem, and the leadership was weak. This is not the case now.

Bhairav said...

[DBS. Jeyraj mentioned Maduvadini being the girl friend of Theleepan diring his university time. Vesapillei asked already weak theleepan (due to gun shot wound in his lungs) to fast and refused water when he was dying. Then abducted Maduvadini and raped her along with several other girls. Then later, becuase she was good and attractive married her.]

I believe this is utter fabrication from DBSJ as usual. VP may be the reason for many unwanted deaths but he is hardly a womanizer. If VP had flaws in his character just as former PLOTE leader, Uma Maheswaran, who used to have brothel in Mumbai, and former TELO leader, Savaratinam, who had many affairs with Tamil actresses in TN, the LTTE won't be as big machine as it is now.

Moshe Dyan said...

what idiots are these discussing mathivathani's gadgets now?

now it is the era of dwarka!

dwarka -

vital stats - 32" 26 36"
height - 5' 4"
weight - 53kg
colour - very fair, yellowish
avg time to orgasm - 9 minutes @ 110 TPM * 9"-4"
MC - healthy, normal
SXDrive - healthy, depends on the war situation
favKSposition - the serpant
katpu - #n/a
STD report - #REF!
fertility - #VALUE!

SRAF said...

Defencewire team,

Thank you for keeping us updated,by the way if it doesn't breech security restrictions can you provide me with the details of the LTTE's Armoured Units strength? I know from reliable sources that during their attacks on Elephant pass, pooneryne and Kilinochi back in the 90's they captured some T55's, Unicorns and BMP's. Are they using them or have our BS and Red Arrows and Hinds taken care of them?

see pic

History said...


The type of war we are witnessing is different to conventional wars you have seen elsewhere. You cannot have a fixed plan like taking Kili in this one.

Strategic plan has to be flexible and not entirely decided by one side.


Be like water.. that is what it is all about..

Rana said...


Thanks for the reply, however, you are trying to white wash VP's past.

Vesapille killed or caused to be killed senior LTTE cadres like Aruna, Victor, Radha, Ranjan lala, Kittu and many more. He personaly killed and dumped Mahathaya on Decenber 28, 1994 according to Adele Balasingam's book. Mahathaya saved VP in 1987 when he was sorrounded in VVT by Gen.Kobbekaduwe'e forces. He risked his own life, penetrated the army and brought VP out. Later when VP was in a Hotel arrested in Delhi, Mahathaya refused to sign the accord until Prabaharan was released and air lifted to Jaffna. Again when VP was chased from Jaffna by IPKF he sought refuge at Wanni, which was under the control of Mahathaya who knew the nook and corner of the terrain. Once established there VP felt Mahathaya was a threat to him(not to the Tamil cause) and executed him. Karuna was marked to go next but he sensed it turned the table upside down for VP.

These from the same articles, I have read many years back.


Absolutely, mate.

Bhairav said...

[Once established there VP felt Mahathaya was a threat to him(not to the Tamil cause) and executed him.]


Mahathaya was bought by RAW, and he was instructed to kill VP when the time was right. The plan was to use the one of VP's bodyguards, who happened to be Mathaiya's buddy, to kill VP, unfortunately it didn't workout for these traitors. Mathaya wasn't an angel by any means, and he was the reason for kittu's death by giving tips about him, both used to have power struggles between them as who was going to be second in command of LTTE that time.

I may not agree with VP in many issues, but he was right in Mathaiya's case. There should be no place for traitors. Karuna was sold for few houses, some cars and cheap Sinhala pussies.

If you treat current LTTE commandeers as they are bigger than life by giving high-end escort girls, mansions and unlimited cash for their expenses, these folks will be sold overnight. That's the difference between VP and other leaders, he can't be sold for materialism.

Infinity said...

Bhairav, "That's the difference between VP and other leaders, he can't be sold for materialism."

You cannot be serious. VP is the biggest materialist. He owns a dictatorship with all its people and material goods there that he plans to inherit to his son.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Prabhakaran is a name I do not even wish to utter out of contempt. As we are forced to breath polluted air and be subjected to daily doses of commercial vulgarism (in that case we have a choice to look other way turn off- but sometimes still it is like air-just enters into our senses –(think of bill boards)), uttering that name is unavoidable and sickening.

I do not know the truth about raping of girls by Prabhakaran but LTTE carders may be of guilty of this heinous crime and it may have been already been well documented. At least in the past our Sinhalese soldiers might have done it. Who ever does it whatever the circumstances are I condemn that crime to the tilt. Even a LTTE woman carder should not be subjected to rape for any reason. That is our respect for humanity, womanhood and human sexuality.

My post is not about this. Even though I do not know the truth about Prabakran’s involvement of this heinous crime, I will only be surprised if he has not done it. A person who advocates suicide bombing and indiscriminate killing (Anuradhapura killing and many others) is capable of any crime. I cannot understand how anyone can consider such a person to be worthy of leadership of any group.

When I was in KSA, I used to argue with Palestinians and other Middle Easterners: I told them I was in support of their Palestinian cause even since my very young school years, but I did/can never support their terror tactics. They tried to justify. Those justifications only showed me how inhumane they are. But, Still I support their cause.

I say out loud here. Majority of us do not tolerate or sanction deliberate killing of human beings (or penguins for that matter). So any one of you support suicide bombing deliberate targeting of innocent civilians, in whatever form, I do not notice you and I do not hear you. Even to notice you, even to feel about your existence make me sick, really sick. That is my opinion and emotion.

For some of you, may be even feeling about existence about this kind of abhorrence to inhumane acts is sickening. I understand that, but I do not notice such people. So you may say any thing you want but I do not hear. Did you hear?


Swarnajith Udana

Bhairav said...

[A person who advocates suicide bombing and indiscriminate killing (Anuradhapura killing and many others) is capable of any crime. I cannot understand how anyone can consider such a person to be worthy of leadership of any group.]

VP has too much blood in his hands to get credit in Tamil's history, and he may be vilified in Tamil history later on, only the time will asnwer.

Rana said...


Give me direct answers for following questions:

1. Why so determined leader of eelam send his family to Sweeden when surrounded by IPKF? He wanted to protect his family! That is itself materialism.

2. When he send his children to UK, Ireland for education while forcefully recruiting children from other families for his eelam wars? That is itself materialism!

3. Why he is having diaspora money in foriegn banks? That is itself materialism!

4. Why he spent diaspora money to make 05 films in T'naadu? That is tiself materialism!

5. Why he was a smuggler during his teen age? That is itself materialism!

6. Why VP and other tiger leaders have luxury houses build in exotic locations during CFA? That is itself materialism!

I will wait for your answers.

Bhairav said...

Truth of the matter is that Tamils needed a tool which can match the evilism of government forces is VP.

Rana said...


Well, well, well.

So tamils found a monster to execute their plans and nurture that monster to achieve their goals.

Interesting! However, I think the monster found tamils and got them by their neck. Unabling to resist gun culture and fear psychosis created by the monster, some tamils gave in, ofcourse their hate on sinhalese due to 1983 riots also helped.

Am I correct?

Bhairav said...

<1. Why so determined leader of eelam send his family to Sweeden when surrounded by IPKF? He wanted to protect his family! That is itself materialism.>

As a father, he did what he supposed to do it.

[2. When he send his children to UK, Ireland for education while forcefully recruiting children from other families for his eelam wars? That is itself materialism!]
He made an investment on his kids on the hope of getting the return when the Eelam needs his kids most.

[3. Why he is having diaspora money in foriegn banks? That is itself materialism!]

To run the org you need to have cash all the time, especially foreign banks which into major currencies are good investment.

[4. Why he spent diaspora money to make 05 films in T'naadu? That is tiself materialism!]

To make awareness of Tamil struggle s heard everywhere, you have to have good marketing strategy.

[5. Why he was a smuggler during his teen age? That is itself materialism!]

Most questions you asked here are off the mark, the fifth one is really absurd q.

[6. Why VP and other tiger leaders have luxury houses build in exotic locations during CFA? That is itself materialism!]

If the houses are built in Wanni, it is fine.

Rana said...


Another self styled Lt. Col Iilkoon of tiger ground forces met his timely death in Kili'chi.

Rana said...


Your answers are just passing shots.

Anyway, DBS Jeyaraj is a promionent journalist for english reading community in SL and world over. You said he is fabricating things against LTTE, being respected tamil, why he did something like that?

He went to Canada like many other tamils and started news paper called "PUSPA MAJAREE" and reported SL matters specially about LTTE in unbiased manner. First he was threatened by tiger stooges and then broke his leg and damaged his news papaer office and press.

Those tamils cry about tamil journalists like Tissanayagam, did such terrible thing to DBSJ why?

May be b'cause they value freedom of speech!

That is a double standard LTTE worshippers follow everywhere.

Am I correct now?

Moshe Dyan said...

yes, DW is right again.

SF has agreed that 58 should march fast towards poonaryn cutting off a very vital area for tigers.

they should keep a watch on their eastern flanks. retreating terrorists can cause alot of harm.

SLAF should start targeting poonaryn and poonaryn to paranthan movements ASAP.

things are hotting up in 59 as well. 59 is moving towards mulaitivu town which is a MAJOR MAJOR advance. but not likely to reach soon.

when will we bridge nagarkovil and nayuru?

will it be VERY LATE after mannar-poonaryn link up or swiftly thereafter????

that is the end of STs, arms supplies, escape routes. TF STs will do their UTMOST to show that they are there.

then its meat grinding; wish i were there.

what a way to end a 'civilisation' based on racism and terror!!

Saman said...

/That's the difference between VP and other leaders, he can't be sold for materialism./


No one want's to buy VP. In fact all want him dead.

Only, he can be sold to Ealamist Tamils. Surely, they have bought him. Not only he and his kith an kin were provided with meterialism no grade 8 drop out knowing only one language has ever been able to achieve. Not only that, Ealamists paid a premium pice for this killer, rapist and phycopath and brought up to Godship within tamil culture.

Make no mistakes, we want him killed - Not be bought.

Saman said...


Apperantly, VP has spoken through e-mail.

Nothing much of a change although he is trapped. Perhaps worth discussing few very fine prints.

Rana said...


Bridging Nagarkovil and Nayaru is far far away.

First we need to take Poonarun, Nallur and Paranthan then secure EP and bring 53 and 55 down.

Then attack Kili'chi from south and north.

Then 58 should start offensives along east of A35 while 55 or 53 protecting its west flank.

Task force 3 should cross A9 above Mankulam and proceed towadrs Oddusudan.

By the time 59 will be should be in outskirts of Mulative......

However, these plans can change. See my earlier post where History agreed that we should flow like water. From anywhere easy go down to the target.

Unknown said...

good attempt but you're asking a terrorist supporter to admit to the fact that he and his clan is nothing but moronic ruthless terrorists...
you will not get a clear answer :)

Rana said...


I know mate, but one of the aims, we have here is to beat terra suporters in their own game. When they cannot find a reasonable answer, they have to vanish and start thinking.

That might make them think twice, at least some of them!

Unknown said...

Like orge said we cant have these bastards escaping to india . They will be back . They created a diversion on the east side to draw the navy . dammit .

wijayapala said...


Sinhala racist- believes that there will be peace if there were no Tamils
Tamil racist- believes that there will be peace if there were no Sinhalese

"NOT QUITE CORRECT. Can give 2/10.

I gave a simple answer because you had given the impression that you couldn't handle detailed answers. In any case I'm not interested in a grade given by someone who believes that 95% of street-sweepers in India are Tamils.

"the most common and widely accepted being that members of one race consider themselves intrinsically superior to members of other races. In fact it has nothing to do with who lives with who. Most racists like the perceved inferrior race to be around simply for bulling purposes."

Not a very useful answer given how racism in Sri Lanka (and many other places) has expressed itself in violence. You don't commit violence against those whom you don't hate.

I give your answer a 2/10.

"a)How do you know a person is racist"

By what they do and say. Same process to determine whether one is a dumbass, or for that matter a racist dumbass.

"b)Is "mono ethnic" ideology racist or not."

By excluding people who are different from you (which necessarily implies hatred) it is racist.

Sam Perera said...


"Then 58 should start offensives along east of A35 while 55 or 53 protecting its west flank."

Fifty three and fifty five are equal or better than 58. They have our army's elite soldiers with lots of combat experience. In essence, it will be devastating to LTTE if we get either of division below EPS. Hopefully, we will reconstitute 54th to take control over EPS.

wijayapala said...

Dear Amma-G,

Thanks for your encouraging words.

"I live in someone else country and I am hell-bent on when it comes to my rights. If I didn’t get equal opportunity I will tell them it in the face then written complain and I would follow it until I get an answer or satisfaction."

Some people see things differently.

Some of us who have experienced discrimination in western countries have come to the conclusion that it should be ok to discriminate against minorities in our land of origin. Some Sinhalese think this way but the same goes for pro-LTTE Tamils who whitewashed the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Jaffna.

Rana said...

Sam Perera,

If we look at the big picture, this war and its complexity can change within weeks. Therefore any long term planning is not sensible. Having said that, still we can pursue tha plan we agree on general terms and change day to day battles according to the prevailing conditions. Any where easy we should penetrate and harvest. That is why I don't like 56 at Vaunia front being defensive. I think they should attack and draw some tiger cadres to that front too. The general Idea is to occupy all tigers in various places to make their density is too low to counter.

Puffy said...

Even I was thinking in terms of Paranthan being the next possible target of 58 Div...

Instead of marching all the way upto Pooneryn, they might cut across from few points and march forward in a north eastern direction and cut the Pooneryn-Parantha road, may be somewhere between Nallur and Periyaparanthan, thus isolating Pooneryn and also threatning paranthan, EP etc.
Like in Nachchikuda, the LTTE will be waiting to take on the SLA head-on in Pooneryn... so lets see!

DW or anyone from the MoD,
Can you please be kind enough to upload the full video of the speech Lt.Gen. Sarath Fonseka made during the 25th Anniversary of the Gajaba Regiment!
That is one great speech he made... Truly a fearless General!!!

CriMeWatCh said...

@ MrBrown said...

[ i know u as well... from moratuwa? ]
Well I am sure You dont know me..Some of my post might have lead you to thing that I am from Moratuwa.. yes u r right.

UR name is C B right? ex army soldier

B#1 said...

Hak hak hak..

Padama oatturinga.. ??

DavidW said...

"UR name is C B right?"

What do you mean brother? "Cow Boy"? "Capan Beepan"? or "Cari Balla"? I was confused mate. :(

Ananda-USA said...

I don't write very often to this blog, although I read it frequently. Today, I am motivated to speak out on two subjects.

First, we Sinhalese should conduct ourselves in a gentlemanly way when writing to this blog for all the world to see. In this public forum, we are representing the Sinhala people to the world. To gain global support for our cause, we must be worthy of it. In the many years I have resided in the US and argued for a military solution to the LTTE menace at considerable personal cost, this has been uppermost in my mind. Let us stick to the issues, discuss new ideas for defending our country, and argue cogently in defence of our motherland, but let us never use ugly words and insults against others, no matter what the provocation is, for we will be judged accordingly. We often see LTTE agents using the vilest language in this forum to demean and degrade the Sinhala people, our leaders and the Govt of Sri Lanka, mainly to provoke a like response from us and get us to descend to their level. Please resist the urge to reply in kind, for you will only fall into their trap, as the Sinhala people did win the 1983 riots which were preceded by 4 years of hit and run attacks. If you must respond to them, do so in a cultured way that points out the fallacy of their arguments, that teaches, clarifies and supports our views. Please remember at all times, that we are representing our people on the world stage, and no nation, no people can survive in isolation.

Second, I am greatly concerned that devolution of power to regions on the basis of ethnicity will permanently embed ethnic divisions in our governmental structures. I hope that the devolution of power to minorities urged by India, and apparently being considered by our Govt., is not just the handing over of power to former terrorists and walking away, wishing that all will be well. Contrary to the superficial image of an economically and technologically resurgent India, India is now in the midst of utter social chaos, because they have not eliminated endemic discrimination based on caste, creed and race and have not uplifted their people to the extent we have in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is laughable that India haughtily lectures to Sri Lanka about intolerance and violence in SL when India itself neck deep in both in its own territory. The root cause of some of India's problems is that the governance of India is firmly wedded to a regional ethnicity and caste based model centered on ethnically demarcated states. An extreme example of this is Tamil Nadu: a Tamils-only state that hates and discriminates against non-Tamils ( . Adoption of similar a ethnicity based model of governance for Sri Lanka, following blindly in the footsteps of an India that is falling apart as a result of it, would be a death sentence for Sri Lanka and a prescription for the ultimate breakup of our beloved country. Devolution of power to people who have violently tried to divide Sri Lanka in collusion with foreign powers, enables them to continue the concentration of their ethnic minority and consolidate their power. It prevents the free movement into and settlement of non-Tamils in those areas (a freedom they currently enjoy in non-Tamil areas) and will only grant them in peace what they have failed to win in war: an apartheid state. Fortunately for Sri Lanka, we are a small nation that can be easily governed by a single central government without a complex government hierarchy, in which all military, police and judicial functions are vested, while local government at the district, city, town and village levels handle commercial and non-security related civilian matters. There is no need to setup local provincial kingdoms in Sri Lanka that will govern those regions solely for the benefit of mono-ethnic groups. If that happens, Sri Lanka will in time become a single nation in name only, but not in fact. People will be confined to regions walled off from one another, national development projects cannot be implemented without getting permission of provincial hierarchies at logger heads with each other and the central it is in India today.

What we should strive for is a country in which the people can freely move to and live wherever they wish, be treated the same under a single legal system, and are empowered to vote for their representatives in central and local governments free of racial and religious bias. None of these local governing structures should be large enough to challenge and prevail over the central government...for a weak central government is a prescription for instability. Then, in the fullness of time, the demographics of the population will evolve to a spatially homogeneous mix of people who share the same values and are truly Sri Lankan and have no desire to live apart from one another.

An important measure to ensure that this end result is achieved, is to make sure that the defense forces of Sri Lanka are not reduced in size. Instead, they should be grow in size and capability, consisting of a permanent force ( > 500,000 )and a frequently trained reserve force (4,000,000), that includes all citizens of the nation between 18 and 80 capable of bearing arms. In doing so, we will be emulating the example of several other small countries (eg. Israel, Switzerland, and Taiwan), living in dangerous neighborhoods and treatened by large and numerous potential enemies, that have learned how to survive as independent and free nations. It is essential, that the permanent core defence force is large, is stationed permanently around the country, and partially offsets its cost by contributing to national development projects, to military research and development for domestic use and external sales, to environmental conservation and energy production, training civilians in civilian aviation, merchant marine, civil engineering and disaster relief. Such a peoples defence force, will inculcate a sense of patriotism and common purpose in the people, and preserve our nation by transforming our country into the unconquerable Fortress Lanka of old.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

You have intorregated Bhairav with consummate skill and got him to admit a vital piece of info. These Dieasspora have used VP all these years and when he is captured or killed they aim to try other tactics. Cutting the head off is not good enough with these weeds. We have to go after the roots.
VP has said that Eelam will be achieved if it takes 100 years. Well, it was declared in 1918. I guess that leaves us 10 year to poison the weeds so that the racists do not raise their heads again.
Your discussion with Bahirav should be archived by DW to remind all about how the caste-ridden racists think. It should give us the impetus to keep fighting the psyops for another 10 years. We cannot rest until their dream of World Domination is destroyed. We destroyed the Chola empire at its roots because of the threat it posed. I think we need to consider Tamil-racism in the same light. It clearly poses a vital danger to the Sinhala when we consider the hidden message of Bhairav.

Rana said...


You plan is not bad at all on first sight.

However, on second thought, let us consider following facts:

1. Tamil diaspora is expecting a major counter offensive from tigers very soon.

2. VP has said in his recent interview via emails that taking Kilinochchi is only a dream for Mahinda Rajapakshe. He won't say some thing like that without a plan.

3. My personal view, if tigers want to survive in going onslaught and to keep their hope alive they must do every thing they can now. If they wait until SLA crear west A9, they are doomed.

The above three factors make me nervous and utmost caution should be the modus operandi.

Now, if I tiger troop numbers west to A9, decision is easier. If I don't have that piece of intelligence, safest way for 58 is to go straight
north while securing west coast. Then they are not vulnerable from west flank. If major attack comes from east 57 and air force help them to survive or they can retreat to south-west.

Suppose we follow your plan and aim for Nallur or a point inbetwen nallur and Periyaparanathan or peryaparanthan itself. We already know north of Akkarayan kulam is heavily tiger populated, not just tigers but their elite forces like Charlse Anthony/Imran Pandian/leopard. If they want to trap 58 for a attack covering both east and west flanks, they may have already moved sufficient cadres to the west. They let 58 to go and take Poonaryn-Kili road and then attack from both flanks driving wedge cutting off 58 from the rest to ambush those trapped.

A disaster!

No I will not take that plan unless, I know the tiger number as at present west to A9 and Poonarin. tigers may shift their cadres at the last moment too. Too risky for me.

I will take the Poonaryn and west to A9 first.

Do you know, the other major factor.

This is the first time I heard about Puffy or Buffy the vamphire!!! Therfore I will be cautious about you too, b'cause you may be a part of a major plan to uplift the down falling masses of LTTE!!!!!!

Unknown said...

The elite SBS and RABS combination has proven deadly against the LTTE sea tigers by inflicting continuous defeats which have been proven in the Nachchikuda attack. The two elite boat formations complement each other well with greater efficiency and deadly accuracy under the watchful direction of the Naval High Command.


Puran Appu said...


Dont forget that, as soon as the 58th division takes over Pooneryn, strength of the Thannankillappu FDL can be reduced and they can be deployed at the areas where it needs more strength(May be Kili). Our forces have strengthen the Thannankillappu FDL becoz there is a huge threat that the LTTE may Infantrate Jaffna from Pooneryn. So as soon as we take Pooneryn this threat will be eliminated. Navy too will be able to release it’s pressure.
51st or 52nd Division can be deployed as a Defensive Division at any location in the Wanni theater as soon as Poonaryn is liberated. The strength here will be around 12,000 to 15,000 elite soldiers with lots of combat experience. Artillery threat to the Jaffna Peninsula will be eliminated and are forces will be able to dominate the so called National Front of the LTTE from Pooneryn (Nagar Kovil, Kilali FDL) . We can do what LTTE is doing now from Poonaryn. Don’t forget that still we didn’t use the deadly Mechanized Infantry Brigade
and the Air Mobile Brigade, which is attached to the 53rd Division. 53rd Division and 55nd Divisions will start their march simultaneously. Just imagine the possibilities what will have after are guys takes over Pooneryn. What will happen to LTTE’s supplies from India? Happy Days are ahead guys. What I find it’s difficult is to kill the time. I think taking over Pooneryn will be a big victory than taking over Kilinochchi now.


Rana said...


You got it by the horns, mate. This problem is not going away by eliminating LTTE or VP! It is going to haunt us for some time. However, LTTE, VP and Pottu must go, first is first. Then we should have a system which will allow any body to live anywhere like in Australia, new Zealand, UK, USA or canada. Our country is too small to have federal f**k. We are smaller than smallest federation in India or any other place. We must say to the whole world our small island welcomes any body who want to live with other peacefuly but country is belongs to SIHALESE and I repeat SINHALESE, no negotiations on that mate.

Unknown said...


The country belongs to Sri Lankans period . not any particular race .

Unknown said...

Nothing to say ah ? . it is racism like yours that has caused this problem .

Rana said...

Ali, Ali, Ali,

I know where you are coming from! I didn't say sri lankans, I said sinhalese. Sinhalese are the majority of this country, like england, Russia or Chine ect, ect.

Sri Lanka island is belongs to Sinhalese in black and white not any body else. Others can live there as long as they obey law and order of the country, like all other developed countries.

Now, what is your problem with that, ALI! ALI! ALI!

Rana said...

God night evrybody, see you all in 09 hours time.

Thanks for a entertaining day!

Mohammed Zubair said...

Feeling abandoned are we?

Eelamish peoples, you have been had.

Peter said...

Dear Modayas,

Can you please let me know which newspaper/ magazine VP gave his "recent interview" to?

I would like to read it, but can't find a link anywhere.


CriMeWatCh said...

brown ur so funny

i mean c brown

B#1 said...

Peter, this is the link

Peter said...

Personally, I would like Mr Obama to win.

However, having spoken in-depth with some of my friends in the US, I have taken a punt on Mr McCain; at odds of 6/1 he seemed a worthy risk. Sadly, a small financial gain for me might be a major disaster for mankind.

Pottu said...

If you win send the money to my account as usually you do.
Else go and do some extra work and send the money.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Battle for Pooneryn is going to be a difficult one. The pigs have their main arti and mortar units stationed there, remember most of our casualties are from arti and mortar fire. The threat of arti and mortar fire needs to be neutralised before we send the forces to Pooneryn. The navy can do its bit with a surprise attack and the air force needs to make pin point strikes on arti and mortar positions, CAS is also imperative once we get closer. Good intel is paramount. I have utmost confidence in our forces to do adopt the right tactics.

lankaputhra said...

As usual Tamil parties in Tamil Nadu fighting against each other …..BLOODY POLITICS …….
He he he ….

who is he?

He has been in controversies ever since his induction into the council of ministers as health minister. He is well known for his bitter fight with the AIIMS director Prof P Venugopal.Ramadoss is a sympathiser of lankan "tamil" cause and "struggle" for homeland.

He was also called by a fellow congress Member of Parliament as minister for Venugopal affairs and by another Member of Parliament as "like a bull in a China shop," pointing to the damage he had done to India's premier medical institute's image.[1]

He has also defied court orders in pursuit of his fight with Prof. P Venugopal by axing him against court orders[2]

He was also severely criticised for using AIIMS/AIIMS money for his fight with Prof. P Venugopal[3]

lankaputhra said...

Tamil Nadu Drama

The Hindu

Sri Lankan issue a diversionary tactic: Jayalalithaa

Chennai (PTI): AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa on Tuesday charged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi with using the Sri Lankan Tamils issue to "divert" public attention from various problems including the spectrum allocation issue "rocking" the Union IT Ministry headed by A Raja of DMK.

In a release here, Jayalalithaa said "at a time when the people were disgruntled over the DMK government's handling of price rise and unprecedented power crisis, the Sri Lankan Tamils issue came as a Godsend for him (Karunanidhi) to divert public attention to a relatively distant issue."

She also alleged that the issue came in handy for the DMK leader to "divert attention" from the spectrum allocation issue which was "exposed" by the media.

She criticised Karunanidhi for his latest pro-Sri Lankan Tamils measures including creating a fund for them, and asked why was the DMK "silent" when the Centre was reportedly supplying military equipment to Colombo, shared defence expertise and imparted training to Lankan army personnel, and demanded his resignation.

She also claimed credit for "first raising the issue of the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils."

Vigilante said...

Well said Ananda-USA..

Keep them coming.

Hope people in right places read your stuff...

MrBrown said...

Defencewire wrote..
''We have also obtained information that indicates that the Sri Lanka Air Force had made no response whatsoever to pursue the aircraft sighting bad weather conditions. In fact, most F7 Pilots return home after 5pm. Bad weather was also cited for discontinuing jet bomber attacks on Tiger positions in the north.''

Yo..defencewire arsehole..
U see how you lied bugger..
U said that the nigh LTTE attacked by air was not clear sky ..this is why SLAF did not take any effort to chase them.. what the fuck is this.. did u read all sunday newspaers.. personally I know it was clear sky.. and all the news papers meentioned about the clear sky too.. were u drunk that night ? dont shit here .

did any other arsehole try to question this..rather than eating his shits.. what a moda race.. did u guys beleive all of the F7 pilots go home after 5pm. while even in some government office people work late.? DO u guys really beleif this guys is a real defence analyst or some fake dw made that report.. did this fellow atleast have some commonsense?

Only this you arseholes say Thanks DW for the report, As ususal it is great report/analysis..what the fuck is this..

MrBrown said...

It seems my duplicate/twin brother is around here..keep up ur good work.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..jaaathika weeraya!
rhoshan goothilaka!

..jaathka ponnaya!
jaraapaksha! modaya!

anee i-thing thopi roth-thata mee tnung saranee saranaai!

....jaathika prash-naya!
why we still can shoot at a flying object!!

natanda baa polowa adaaai!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

...kilinochchi expess ekeata mokada unee!??

...jaathika prash-ne wisadanne kohomada?

...ponna piribha tin can ewala weera yoo okkoma duwanawoo!..anee i-thing thopi roth-thata mee thung saranee saranaai!

dan i-thing kiyaapiyaaw.." natanda baa polawa adai" ..kiyalaaa!
api pribhata bana bana i-dimu needa weera kollanee!..

Puffy said...

Few answers to your 3 points;

1. We have all, SLA in particular, been waiting for a major counter offensive from the LTTE for sometime now. You know something, the LTTE has actually carried out several major counter offensives, but the SLA has beaten back them successfully. Sadly, SLA has no way of proving this since the LTTE pulled back most of the bodies of their dead cadres.

2. How else can VP keep the support coming from the stupid pro-LTTE tamil diaspora? This day dreaming story is to only please them. Of course, the LTTE will dig in and wait for the SLA to march towards Killi... but that is not going to happen just like that!

3. There is nothing that the LTTE can do in the battle front to reverse the current progress of the SLA. Their only hope is taking on VVIPs and key economic targets in the south, thats it!

I have several reasons to believe that Paranthan would be the next target...

1. LTTE will dig-in and put up stiff resistance to save Pooneryn (if they decide to hold on to it), just like they did in Nachchikuda.
They might build a strong earth bund like we faced in Nachchikuda and Akkarayankulam. Thus, a forward march would mean unnecessary casualties for the SLA.

2. Due to the geographical nature, a flank attack is not possible on Pooneryn. Therefore, the best way to make Pooneryn fall is to starve it from supplies.
Currently, the LTTE has only few main roads that can bring supplies to Pooneryn from Killi, cutting them off, may be between Nallur and Periyaparanthan, will result in it falling by its own,
saving many SLA lives and resources that can be used to fight bigger and more important battles.

3. There is a huge hype that is being created by the MoD on Pooneryn lately, this might be a Psy-Ops... ;-)

4. If the SLA manages cut off that road, may be somewhere close to Periyaparanthan, then Paranthan will also be at risk of falling to the SLA. This will be very dangerous to the LTTE since Killi will be vulnerable from both north and south. Who knows, since the LTTE is hell-bent on stopping the 57 division from reaching Killi from the south, this might be the real intension of the SLA.

You talked about elite LTTE cadres being around Akkarayankulam... SLA has already started to clear north of Akkarayankulam... :-) check map;

What's more interesting is that, troops have progressed upto Chunnavil along the A32 and are even carrying out attacks to the east of A32... :-) Check map;

Anyway Rana, this is just what I feel... let's wait and see what surprises the great General has in store for all of us.. ;-)

"This is the first time I heard about Puffy or Buffy the vamphire!!! Therfore I will be cautious about you too"

Dont worry, the feeling is mutual!

Corey said...

Coming Soon...

After Five Years of Research.....

"The Abuse of an Islands History - To Propagate a Myth"

Keep Tuned.

ceylon said...

Also make a note that a huge fraud by LTTE terrorists has already been exposed. Give us few more days, we will expose it to the world. Sorry for VP and his henchmen, you will have to cry when this is done.

Rana said...


Please read "SOKO"s comment which was posted before your last post. That will explain my position also clearly!

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