Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heavy casualties to both sides at Sempankundu Villu

Heavy fighting was reported last evening between the Sri Lanka Army's 58 Division and the LTTE at Sempankundu Villu. Reports indicated 30 Sri Lanka Army dead and another 50 injured in this fight as troops edged to within 2.5kms of the Pooneryn-Paranthan road.

The firefight occurred in open terrain and 11 SLLI troops fought against defended LTTE positions killing at least 30 cadres. LTTE supremo has appointed Stanley, a field commander that served under Karuna who is also a Jeyanthan 'Brigade' Cadre and a group of LTTE 'Commandos' from Batticaloa to guard this area from the Army.

Stanley was heard informing his cadres that this fight was a do-or-die situation that could either make or break the LTTE. But 58 Division Commanders were confident of reaching the Pooneryn-Paranthan road within the next 7 days.

Meanwhile troops of the 59 Division today captured the strategically important village of Kumulamunai situated in the general area northwest of Nayaru. From Kumulamunai, the buildup areas begin and span all the way upto Mulaitivu Town. The drawbacks of fighting in a buildup area is the limited artillery support. But the Army is glad to leave the jungle behind them as the Malaria season draws near.

It is likely that the 59 Division will now march eastwards to Alampil and then to Mulaitivu--a 13km journey. The LTTE still uses Alampil for sea Tiger activities. The advantages of fighting in a buildup area is that the Army now has access to an elaborate network of roads. As a result, the mobility of the 59 will increase drastically. It is also difficult for the LTTE to bury large numbers of mines and booby traps in buildup areas, like they did inside the jungles.


TamilskillTamils said...

You die for this country and it will be there forever but not mine..

well done boys clean all sakkiliyas...Develop the nation...

Peter said...

Dear Patriots,

I urge you not to buy into the lies posted by the pretender DW.

He says 30 SLA are dead.

How can brave lion hearts, protected by the might of the triple gem, die?

He does not know who he is lying to.

For real news, check DefenceLK. The truth is, no proud sons of mother Lanka die in battles.

san said...

according to some internal news from Srilanka 32 SLA and more than 40 ltte died and ltte retreat further infront of SLArmy's massive firepower

Corey said...

Hallucinating peter:

Tamilnut: " Tigers reiterate consent to ceasefire" -

Ha ha, BLOODY ha, ha !!!!

Where are your cardboard warriers (aka peelamists) now? Kinda' feeling a bit jittery these days, eh?

Run... Rabbit, RUN!!!

Go tell your sun goat vezapillai to consent his ass to karunanidhi, and go begging again to the Indian Congress to stop the "GEEEENOCIIIDE by Lanka!!!

By the way, where is the big peelam war IV these days? In Colombo????

Hoot!! Hoot!! Hoot! Hoot!!

Casper said...

Peter you are getting so desparate now it seems.
And although you condemn DW, you keep one eye on his blog always don't you. He he. Always among first 10 to make a comment. Mind you, more news on it's way which will make you nutt (You already are BTW).

perein said...

One of the bloddy days...
Let's hope those terrorists will see the hell soon.

Bhathiya said...



Bhathiya said...


Thnks 4 keeping this blog funny...

MrBrown said...

My haert goes with those 30 valiant and brave soldiers who died in the battle. I really feel pity for their family specially their wives and children..

MrBrown said...

Whther we like it or not.. most of our soldiers joined to feed their family and to give better life to their dearest.. but it really sad to see them back in wooden boxes.. some of them never return..Very sad Indeed.. My heart really cries for their beloved ones.. Guys close ur eys for a minute and just imagine losing beloved ones in ur family..isn't it terrible? dont u think thier beloved alos feel the same.. do u think they also wait to read DW report and ask questing like how many Km's left to Kilinochi and Paranthan...and will they captire this weekend or not.?

Peter said...

Thirty more widows to whore around liberty plaza?

MrBrown said...


'' Thirty more widows to whore around liberty plaza? ''
Its very sad you are talking like this. Its ame story in LTTE's side also. DO u think Col shankar's wife is ... I am sure not.. so please...dont insult..

razor lk said...

peter, hey peter dont listen to them and lose your 'morale' im here to help you...so I would like to appoint you as my official arse washer..You wont find it very difficult to do as I shit only once a day.

cable said...

Hi DefenceWire

Isn't 58 rather than 57 Div troops attacking Sempankundu? Or is Sempankundu Villu a seperate place than Sempankundu

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Moshe, Saman, Rana, Panhinda and other patriots;

Regarding the pussycat howitzers being moved, I am also compelled to leave the blame with SLAF. And I heard some v bad news that suggest against regular use of UAV, and I feel very depressed about it. Nevertheless due to THIS bad event, we will be relying on expensive imported UAVs and will not be able to have a lot of them. W/o 40-50 UAV fleet it is v difficult to keep a constant eye on the movements everywhere. I'd be more happy about something like 100 UAVs in constant watch, locally produced like arrow boats. Seems like it not to be, due to THAT reason.

Pussycats need one chance and especially in nights they utilize the opportunity at best. SLAF is a long way from rational means of which SLA and SLN flourished in recent times.

Regarding the lack of harvesting, I'm also worried. Pussycat strength has to be re-calculated now. With ~200000 "prisoners" under their mercy and lots of moral boosts in both sides of straight, there can be increased support and man power. So it is very important to keep the counts ticking. In the early part of push towards kili, I saw an average of ~50 a day. I dont wanna know the numbers as long as it is close to that. But is it?

Ppl talk about cities like Kili, Mankulam etc. My idea is that only the surroundings matter. It is always good to keep them occupied in towns. Let's say pussycats have strong 5000 cadre force [with another 15-20000 forced/lightly trained pawns]. We need to either harvest them, or keep them occupied while we plan for the strategically important regions. Need to make them have places to defend unless we reduce the numbers in great bulks. I am unable to comprehend how a 5000 strong unit is going to hide in Mullathivu jungle. It will explode at any point. Either we reduce numbers on regular basis or make them be occupied until we get a chance for prior.

To me, the stretch between Mankulam and Kokavil is more important than both end points. Also if we can bring a flank towards Nedunkerni from east of Vavunia and plan to meet the 63rd around Oddu Sudan, that would give tigers much to think. I am with SLDF for taking Pooneryn and Paranthan, but I am not very much interested in Kili, Mankulam, Mullathivu town and Puliyankulam. Also I'd hope to see EPS falling due to pressure than the thrust of 53rd and 55th. EPS is a place where these maniacs are waiting for their version of harvesting. The danger is not over until you take Paranthan and assure that 90% of the force and weaponry at EPS is either destroyed or moved down. Until then a movement there would be costly. Comfound the idiot leaders who lost that important fortress.

As I said before, we need to make sure that 59th is added up with another offensive division. While 59th is moving along shore we need another moving on land aiming Nedunkerni/Oddusudan. I think that attention will soon move there when we capture Paranthan.

And few more facts are worrying me right now.

- lack of harvest
- [if] we concentrate capturing towns, the pussycats loose everything to defend and become idle.
- not enough defence in mid-eastern line
- Inability to penetrate Oddusudan from down.

All these facts leave us with further insecurity for Trinco and below. The much waited "surprise" can come on between 59th and 56th. If successful, the east becomes open and heavily vulnerable. Among the 100s of 1000s of eastern population pussycats can find the needed 5000 fools to sacrifice as cover for their units, in case the border breaks.

I wanted to state the fears of mine, not to say our forces cannot face it. Better know the danger before its coming right? Now let's ignore the orgasm of Mahen and Peter for myself predicting their much waited "surprise". Those monkeys are yet to recover from the shock they receive when exposed to daylight after eating daily dose of punnakku.

And I wish my concerns are false.

Corey said...

Time for another tin can attack.....

peter and his fellow mania-sufferers are desperate for some good news, it appears...

looks like only the tin cans can do it......- The cardboard warriors of tamil peelam are too busy running away... with tails between their legs!!!!

Meanwhile, peter, keep hallucinating-up great peelam victories in your mind... that'll help to ease the anxiety.........

wah haaaaaaaaaaaaaah haaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!!!!!

Gringo said...

["Heavy casualties to both sides at Sempankundu Villu"

Well... never forget... we are dismanteling a 'de-facto' terrorist state... which was over-pampered and allowed to bring in shiploads of weapons and LTTE terrorists received military training overseas.

The road is going to be rocky... but we have got to take it.

When the going gets tough the tough is going.

The fight must go on... on and on.... killing more LTTE pigs(at any cost) and achieve more!

Simply put, there is no other salvation for the Sri Lankans.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Moshe, Rana;

Following is what I think as a solution for the tin-can issue. It was posted here before, but thought of repeating. Like Nirosh's it is a simple plan with little technology, but much redundancy.

"I have this funny idea, and throwing here for you guys to play with. [I'm no defence specialist so it is OK to take it for a joke].

Why dont we spread ground forces, say shoulder mounted gunners [even SA-missiles]. We can have these gunners everywhere need to be protected and can have a mobile team for VIP protection. The cost is lesser compared to the high spendings of SLAF. We can even have a brigade of 500 of them. Have them directly linked to radar centers in coded communication. Get them night vision and keep them 24x7 ready [by keeping 2-3 men per each gun]. So any node can be alerted upon detection and the operative is ready to engage immediately. Fire 100 shots to miss but get one in, it is worth the effort. I just wonder why this whole hell of fuss for Mig, MI24, F7, radar locking, heat sensing etc etc continue."

BTW, Rana, Nirosh is a fellow patriot who visits this blog often. And I am very glad to read his posts. Even his own blog is a must read for SLAF.

Observer said...

Pee-eater and Mahen are behaving like rabid dogs in the blogs DN and DW

What else can these sakkiliyas do when all their janitorial wages given to terrorists over past 30 years are now going down the drian.

Just try to do some math if possible to know the full amount.. he he.. Im sure they will eat cyanide if they realize the full amount..

Ah.. btw make sure that you continue to send money in the coming months as well.. one more thing.. Dont forget to give some to Bruce Fein as well..

Dream on sakkiliyas..

razor lk said...

MrBrown, yes that's why army is only recruiting unmarried youth as soldiers. their parents must be feeling a great pride exceeding the sorrowfulness they have. their brave sons did the greatest sacrifice for their country and for our future...soon we'll become a nation that belongs to a truly peaceful and well developed country. when that time dawn we should not forget all our saviors who fought for us.

Defencewire said...


Yes. You are correct. It was our mistake.

silentknight said...

@ DefenseWire,

i dont mean to sound pessimistic or condescending,..but i have a doubts based on the actual battlefield kill numbers.

they almost seem too good to be true??,........

especially the tally's during the past week with TF3 getting into the thick of things

mind you im only inquiring about the estimated kills and not the bodies recoverd.


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Corey said...

Time for another tin can attack.....

peter and his fellow mania-sufferers are desperate for some good news, it appears...

Hmmmmm... these remote controlled puppets will have to hold their expectation by another two weeks. Tomorrow is Poya day.

BTW, it is likely to have a "surprise" attack in moonlight or even sunshine. Pussycats know that our "high" technology is too high that it is impossible to do anything even if we see them. We have radar, heat-sensing and everything are blind to visible light. What a pity.

I am very worried about the following [imaginery] scenario. I wrote this here before, just copying.


- Sea pussycats start a dare devil run on Trnico or KKS. Heaps of suicide boats and SLN is heavily engaged.

- Vavunia detected blips flying out of SL air space off Mullativu in day light.

- This is about five hours before MR appears in some public event [say parliment]. I doubt that flying off mulathivu will be interlinked by our SLAF with MR in the back of a serious battle in the sea.

- Some bombs dropped in the naval battle site, supporting Sea pussycats.

- Kfir, and F7 fly straight there.

- several hours later tiger planes enter from modara along kelani river, in clear daylight. It can be same one, or a diff one to what dropped bombs at naval battle.

- SLDF detect them off shore, but remaining F7 are unable to radar lock [I dont know what happened last time, but I have no faith that it is a one off event]

- From detection at Modara to parliment there is less than 20 km. Flying at 200km/h, it takes 6 mins to reach there. Yeah mere 6min. MI24, even airborne just after detection, still can't get there from current location.

- So everything will depend on remaining F7s being able to lock in mere 6min and engage. Cant miss too many. Only 6min left even for most efficient pilots, who gets airborne immediately.

- Target: MR in the public appearnace site [parliment]. Payload: upto 750kg of explosives.

- In a termination attack, they can spend 5 hours to get to col and a distance of 1000km, and that is fair enough to leave mullathiv, bomb KKS move to deep sea and enter from Modara.

We have to settle this tin-can issue as priority one here.

perein said...

Deep condolences mate.

Ignore those unwanted comment writers mate.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


Thanks mate. I just get pissed off when these guys pretend that the war is not affecting them. By their actions, they condemn more and more people to untimely deaths. They think it’s only SLDF’s who gets killed, but these idiots are responsible for deaths on both sides.

Anyway, I know there are a lot of people (even in this blog) who have experienced effects of this war first hand. The bad news that I’ve got for tiger muppets is that we don’t think in the way that you wish we thought!

Your days are numbered, we will be in Pooneryn, Killinochchi and Mullaitivu very soon!

Sithsala said...

"If you are going through hell, keep going."
-- Winston Churchill

give hell to 100 bastards for every son of mother lanka.


parakrama, i'm really sorry to hear about your loss.

Sam Perera said...


Lets take this moment to pay our gratitude to 30 Sri Lankan brave hearts who made the ultimate sacrifice for our tomorrow. These are the best and the bravest of men we ever had. Unlike the LTTE terrorists, every single loss of our brave hearts is a true loss for us. Our brave men and women are not expendables like LTTE terrorists. We mourn for them and try our best to take care of their loved ones, the true owners of our homeland by the virtue of selfless sacrifices made by them. Let’s not forget that they gave their precious lives to make our tomorrow better. We should do our best to make their sacrifices worthwhile. The way to do that is to develop our nation with the same courage and determination while eliminating the remaining LTTE terrorist scumbags in the safe ferocity these brave hearts used to do. Our motherland is not perfect, but we can make it perfect if we take our personal efforts to do so. Do whatever you doin the best possible way so that our country is a paradise of peace and prosperity in the near future devoid of LTTE terrorists. Contribute today to a war hero fund of your choice and be a helping hand to the loved ones of brave hearts.

Bless the Brave Hearts of SL Armed Forces!

May they be reborn in our great motherland in a time of peace and prosperity before attaining nibbana!


Gringo said...

If LTTE pigs and their masters think that full-blooded Sri Lankans would hesitate to sacrifice themselves for the country... they only have to read our history ... and correct their miscalculation.

Armed or unarmed... young or old... men or women…. peace or war... when it comes down to our beautiful little country... the bravery of our people is legendary.

Bring on the fight.

Admin said...

wow... good going!

Unknown said...

To all those who think a political solution is like a magic wand to end all problems in SL.....

Identify the problem, before formulating a solution

S. Akurugoda

The solution is simple.

Annihilate the LTTE vermin.

Rana said...


Just broused through your postings with bed tea, we will discuss those during the day, mate.

Thanks for your contributions.

Unknown said...

Soon the LTT(P)E will make another spectacular "tactical withdrawal" from Devils Pt.

Hope our (P)eelamoid friends Mahen, MrBrown (an insult to Mr Brown of Mind Your Language), etc. etc. will have a nice explanation to stop losing investor confidence in LTT(P)E INC.

Annonymous said...

Parakrama my sympathy, and salute to the great hero who sacrificed the life and you also for being able to stand straight on the back of it. Also my salute for the SLDF who sacrificed their lives. I am very much hoping that they will manage rough terrain w/o more casualty.

And Parakrama's sharp knife stabbed BrownPants and we never heard from them. Lol.

Mr Brown macho, although we sit in either side, I do respect your vast knowledge in war related topics and your sources which out perform DW by a big margin. So kindly pls tell me; how are the tigers gonna turn tables from here on? Please don't take this for a joke. I want to know a very good detailed analysis from a pioneer in war reporting.

Peter, how are you? Looks like your wife opted for you today, instead of the usual gang-ho with Sinhala boys. And that makes the Sinhala boyz here missing the gang-ho on you. Very broad thinking modern homo-dravidians you two are.

Mahen, pls pls tell me your big secret. I'm dying here with curiosity and fear. I have heard that a "division" of 46 people from Batti joined the frontline [coming by bus some with 1/2 tickets]. And the moment I heard it I started shivering. Not that I am scared of the 5x divisions in front, in fact I have already ruled them out. Pity them, they'll fall like puppets. I'm scared of the eminent loss of Panagoda camp. If luck is in our side we may save Boossa camp. Huh.

The fact that Mahen/Peter doesnt want a ceasefire shows the real who-drives-who of the tiger menace. Thele-bara and his gang always want to live the latter part of their lives freely. They know that shortly their home-land will be an elder's home. But Thele-bara and the clan has taken loans from wealthy shy-locks for past 25 years. And the monthly installment is paid in blood - mostly homodravidian blood. And that is why they are compelled to continue with war. In their hearts it says that CFA is their only savior. But the maniacs of die-as-beruwah never feels that bit.

Another fact is shown up here. The amount of false propaganda that the die-as-buruwahs hear suggests that there is no need to go for a ceasefire. Firstly East is well and truly under their control. And SLDF is fighting a limited operation in Wilpaththu, with all six divisions deployed there. So why cease-fire, if not for sympathy on SLDF. But the actual news creators know which version of photoshop was used for pictures and how the creative writer ducked under passing bullet while typing the fairytale.

Anyway it is a business with you [die-as-buruwah] and Nadesan [Tigers]. We always leave tamil-tamil conflicts untouched and we do not violate the right for self-annihilation.

Anyway, Mahen, you are showing ever widening gap of reality and dis-as-buruwah imagination. You are gonna capture east and close the anicut again. Thele-bara who feels the [under]ground truth here knocks his head on wall twice a day - once for Rajiv and another for Mavil-aru. History will prove that this anicut closure has been the costliest such act ever, to the toilet and drainage boys who tried to promote as irrigation controllers.

Pity you.

Bhairav said...

[Lets try to stick to the high quality defence discussions.]

it sounds to me as high quality porn movie. LOL!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


I agree that our discussion shud not be disrupted. But the blog is heavily colored with the maniacs showing their own asses here. And DW shud be thankful to them for supporting the blog by getting more and more sinhala people. One big secret of DW success is them.

However, I like to see you guys analyzing the sadistic minds of die-as-buruwah here. Their presence gives us a great moment for a hand-on experience about the true architects of the genocide of their own, in the anger of 1983.

Nevertheless, I enjoy reading many lads taking a free run at them. Myself wont spend much time on that. But AmmaGG Asithri & clan, keep on die-as-buruwah bashing. It is fun.

Unknown said...

Ape weerodara hamudawate theruwan sranai.

May the soldiers who scrifice their lives for our country attain Nibbana.

Unknown said...

Btw; the easy way to get rid of the peter buruwa is just ignore him. No comments about him or not even mentioning about him.

phaedrus said...


Lakbima says Devil's Point has been captured.

Has it happened or is it a forecast?


Any info, anyone?

Gringo said...

[Reports indicated 30 Sri Lanka Army dead and another 50 injured in this fight....]

One more solid reason to go after the LTTE with redoubled vigor and determination and wipe them out.

LTTE terrorists are the world-class grade. The pride of fighting them, killing them, defeating them and dismantling their de-facto state is all ours. Nope... not with the yankees... not with the Brits and not with the Injuns.

Let's take pride in our missions.

GoldenEagle said...


You guys are falling into the trap of the LTTE coolies who post here

They don't want to discuss any issues, they just come here to disrupt the blog with insults.


Just stick to discussing the defence related matters. This is exactly what the LTTE moron posters here don't want.

GoldenEagle said...

Ignoring the LTTE moron posters here is the best way to piss them off.

If you respond to their insults, you fall into their trap.


Rana said...

Hi Sujeewa,mate,

Regarding howitzers, we cannot win all in a battle like this, the secret is to keep more wins to us while denying any wins to enemy.

Agree with your UAV suggestion, it can boost up ground intel However, ground intel will not do much unless SLAF improve on their accuracy on targets.

When you say "lack of harvesting" and even Moshe also mentioned this b4, I can't understand why? MOD is not releasing numbers but I think 58 has harvested easily more than 100 during last week, 57 also managed at least 40-60 while 59 is felling 20-30 per week.

In addition 53 and 55 also with their random skirmishes manage at least 20-30 per week.

If we managed to get total harvest close to 200 per week, it is good to me because at that rate by Dec 31st (6 weeks*avg 150) gives us 900-1100, that is not a bad figure at all.

It is going to increase tremendously when we surround Paranthan and Kili'chi.

Your concerns about tiger break away around Oddusudan area to get dispersed in the liberated east; I have mentioned this number of times, infact, I suggested one time to use part of 56 to attack and hold Nedunkeni area as a support to 59. Shape of our FDL is like letter V, it makes FDL longer than necessary. May be it is a tactical move by Gen.SF to streatch tigers more and more.

However, east of Vaunia-Mankulam streatch of A9 is highly vulnerable for surprice attack with the aim of sending 200-300 tiger cadres to Trico area.

yes, Mankulam - Kokavil area is important, but I think east coast is more important to deprive tigers from supplies.

That is why Paranthan is important. If 58 goes to Paranthan around 10th of Dec and then clear EP with the help of 53 and 55, they can swiftly narrow down the east coast freedom for tigers. Then their ability to infilterate east will be reduced.

caturing towns are important to drive tigers to the bush. Then they will not have civilians. Our boys are now experts on guerrilla type bush warfare. If we separate civilians from tigers then Indians and IC have nothing to protest. Even we don't have to hurry, harvesting can go on, without telling anyone (news blackout) about the battle.

I have a meeting at 10.00AM and will be back in an hour to discuss these issues further, mate.

Colomblogs said...

Whoever Mr. Brown is, whatever his intentions are, the point he mentioned on the Death of SriLankans (from both side) is a sad truth need to accept.

Patriots and hard core eelamists who are thousands miles away from the country, fight here in cyberspace and then go to a pub for a pint!

We handover 6-7 LTTE bodies everyday,which are probably end up in mass graves without seeing parents. SLA soliders atleast get proper burial with honors.

It doesn't matter which part of the country these young herts going to bury. What's matter is; when they were small they had the same innocent smile as your kids!

Peter : Being an LTTE, diaspora it is hard for you to be a humane. But VP, and Diaspora bastards like you must be erased for making a nation with tears and spoling tamil culture with suciders.

SLA soldiers sacrfice their life to prevent these barbarians taking more SriLankan lives .

Unknown said...

sithsala & annonymous,

Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update. Sad to see 30 SLA KIA. (But I didn't see this any where else.)


/Just as Mushe mislabeled me as LTTE supporter, you have mislabeled me as not being pro-Tamil. I see myself as equally pro-Tamil as pro-Sinhala. In fact, anyone who is pro-LTTE is contributing to the destruction of the Tamils in Sri Lanka and can never be "pro-Tamil."/

In fact, this diaspora have little or no sympathy towards tamils in SL. What they have is anger against sinhalese and what they need is happiness via revenge. [They become happy whenever they see sinhalese get killed and tamils getting killed (LTTE cadres) are totally irrelevent.] They come here for mental satisfaction and we see they are now toataly upset with LTTP perfomance.

Rana said...


Please accept my deepest condolences, brother.


Exactly, bro. However, not all diaspora guys. I know many of them do not like VP, tigers or their barberic acts.

The others are mentally disturbed and sick basterds with unending hatred. Don't worry about them, they are going to suffer more than dying tigers.

Unknown said...


Here's something to think about....it is obvious now that LTTE has moved it's heavy guns from K point. When these guns were at K point, they were within range of Palaly, Nagar Kovil & Muhamalai. It is in our interest to learn their new positions.

Has anybody got any information about roughly where they are now? I am not sure if somebody has mentioned this before already, but if it was up to me (i.e. if I was a LTTE planner), I would not leave these guns anywhere near Kilinochchi. I'd probably move them a fair bit away from Kili on A35.

Obviously, they will keep them in range of NK & Muhamalai. So the question is, can 53rd & 55th break out of their defences knowing that those guns are still pointed at them albeit from a different area? Also, 57th Div (if it wasn't already), TF2, TF3 & 59th Div could become new targets of these guns. How would this affect their progress??

Anonymous said...


Of course, when we say diaspora we don't mean all of them. For me, I usually write diaspora for those migrated SL tamils and support LTTE.

Moshe Dyan said...


" lack of harvest
- [if] we concentrate capturing towns, the pussycats loose everything to defend and become idle.
- not enough defence in mid-eastern line
- Inability to penetrate Oddusudan from down."

exactly my concerns as well, mate.

tigers will resort to more desperate tactics to save at least a small sea access in the western coast.

Moshe Dyan said...


annihilating the LTTE AND keeping it that way is only 90% of the solution.

a political solution based on ethnic integration will make it 100%.

Unknown said...


Thanks mate.

Moshe Dyan said...


as you know i have stopped responding to this VESAPALLAI suck-kill-aiya.

when it comes to LTTE and tamils, it is a FACT that LTTE does represent a large number of tamils, unfortunately. this was said recently by basil rajapaksa as well.

you can awake a sleeping guy, but you can NEVER awake someone PRETENDING to sleep!!!

why we need a political solution is to bring these mislead ppl into the mainstream. you can ignore their "tamil" aspirations but you can never ignore THEM.

but the tamil dispora can be RELATIVELY easily be ignored than tamils in SL.

Moshe Dyan said...

political observer,

cheers mate.

i will continue to contribute matters of military affairs (and a 'other stuff' as well!!!).

i don't think the other handle you refered to CAN contribute anything DEFENCE RELATED.

the best patriots can do is to drop this controvercial matter and move on, just like me!!!!! there is war going on there fought with flesh, sweat & blood!!

Rana said...


If, I am to planning for LTTP, I would like to keep those guns in a position to guard following roads, Paranthan to Muhamalei, Kilali, Nagar Kovil, Kili'chi, all four roads. Since they have 4-6km range, I will keep them few km away from Paranthan, on Paranthan-Putthukkudiyirappu road. Then it is easy to move also.

Selva said...

I appeal to both sides to stop this futile war. It has been 30 years of heartache, death and destruction. Countless regimes have tried to find solutions to this problem, be it war, ceasefires, peace talks, constituitional amendments, foreign interventions etc. Nothing has worked in this island of tears. This is what the Cleghorn Minute had to say:

"Two different nations from a very ancient period have divided between them the possession of the Island. First the Sinhalese, inhabiting the interior of the country in its Southern and Western parts, and secondly the Malabars who possess the Northern and Eastern Districts. These two nations differ entirely in their religion, language and manners." (Malabar meaning Tamil).

Now is the time for seperation. It has worked in Kosovo, Serbia and USSR. It is time for seccession, let Eelam be established and we can peacefully co-exist as good neighbours. We tried to co-exist, but look where it has left us. It is time we all face reality and fulfill the aspiration of the Tamil Peope.

Today is also remembrance day, I appeal to all likeminded Eelam Tamils to remember the fallen cadres and light the lamp of sacrifice.

Saman said...

single, brown – Fuck off.


These valiant solders died not for us to weep or have pity on them or their kith and kin. They were not conscripted like LTTE baby brigade. They took a noble decision and they are Martyrs (jathika weerayan).

The worst we can do for our motherland and those brave hearts were, to fill you hearts with sorrow and pity. That is not the reason they have laid their lives for. If you do that their sacrifices are in vain and little place for the feeling of appreciation.


Fill your hearts only with pride and gratitude. That is all you can do. Like I do in temple, what ever the religion you follow – keep them in your prayers – day night – as your own. Organize an alms-giving or a pooja in their name. Donate to future of their kids. Write a poem, read literature and poetry written about them. Just be focused and single minded in these situations (I am not saying this as a flat ass key board hero. I mean it).

Every word of your pity is tonic for fukking Skkiliyas. And positive energy for Vezapille.

Moshe Dyan said...


the MAIN problem facing sri lanks IS NOT WAR.

yes, the MAIN problem facing sri lanks IS NOT WAR.

the MAIN problem facing sri lanka is SEPERATISM (no matter how non-violent, innocent it may come at times).

using war to RAPE seperatism and seperatists is a GOOD thing; that is EXACTLY what we should do.

IF you REALLY don't want this war, DROP SEPERATISM. finish! end! done!

you can BOTH eat the cake & have the cake. decide what you want SOON. otherwise you may LOSE BOTH!

Moshe Dyan said...



you can't BOTH eat the cake & have the cake. decide what you want SOON. otherwise you may LOSE BOTH OPTIONS!

Peter said...

Modayas are lucky that there has been no rainfall in Vanni since the start of November.

But that luck won't last for long.

Heavens will open sooner or later.

And at beginning of Spring, when modayas are all worn out, the crouching tiger will pounce.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the quick reply. I've been reading your posts with interest, keep them coming!

Just one question, I thought their long range arti had a range greater than 20Km. Am I wrong?

I agree with you, what you suggested is the most likely place that they will keep these big guns. Hope SLAF takes this into consideration when they plan their future recon missions.

Also, what about the new fire-finder radars of SLA? Hope 57th Div has few of these babies as 57th Div is the most likely to be able to put them to good use!

Saman said...


You beauty!!! 200% with you.

As always, to the point and single minded and focussed on the task.

Only change I would like you to consider "you can't have the verginity and having the pleasure of being fucked". I do not eat cake.

Malin said...

Peter Anna says,

Oh god where thy rain has gone... Come rain come so that that we can wash our asses..

Rana said...


"Selva" like people come here and trying pursued us to leave peelam alone, only when they are in trouble. When they score a military or terror points, all of them jumping up and down.

When only they are surrounded and anihilation is going on, they want ceasefire and negotiations.

It is not new, leave the bugger alone.

I usually like to ignore them and discuss issues with known patriots.

Bhairav said...

rana potato is in action as usual. These modayas think that repeating one too many posts make their views right. In fact they consume more alcohol even after reaching the good buzz feeling, then they poop and vomit on the floor due to their too much consumption. Either way it is good, one we exploit them to the melting point, second they clean the floor with their mouths.

Rana said...


Yes, their range is high but accuracy going down with the range. I am not a expert on guns but I think,
they can be very accurate up to 7-8kms. Beyond that is good for indiscriminate shelling on a certain locations.

Yes, SLA has fire finder radars, SLA use those when black tigers attacked Vaunia camp recently.

I am not sure 57 div got it, but definitely behind 57 and 58 got the MBRL and arties with those FF radars. It was stationed somewhere north-east of Vellankiulam, some time back, now they may have relocated it further north.

Bhairav said...

[Thanks for the quick reply. I've been reading your posts with interest, keep them coming!]

LOL! Once I thought this para-rama has some rational thinking behind his modaya gene, now he has become fan of another tier-3 modaya.

One thing I'm sure the sporadic intellectual views never will transform as they have successfully passed the test of modaya state to stable state.

Colomblogs said...

Saman, I have the right to be wrong as far as it is ethical.

For the record pl. note that I am totally aginst the VP and LTTE. And hate "Sakkili" like Peter.

But that not stop me thinking what if I was the father of one of 30 killed either side yesterday.

It is hard truth you can't erase terrorists without losing lives. All these theories and patriotism (eelamism too) can't compensate parent's sorrow. Can they?

Unknown said...


So you are in fact the same guy who, some time ago, admitted to me that LTTE is a terrorist organisation and that they engaged in ethnic cleansing!

As I explained to you before, I am completely and 100% anti-LTTE but I am not a racist. Also, your rant about "sporadic intellectual views" goes to show us how delusional you really are!

Anyways, those of you who display "continual intellectual views" as opposed to "sporadic intellectual views" make me laugh.

I mean, I have never seen such a superior bunch like LTTE. Their accomplishments are legendary. Think about it, who else in this world is smart or brave enough to kill an Indian premier and then boast about it? Who else is smart enough to get some muppets in TN to say that if India doesn't help LTTE, then LTTE, with the help of those muppets would start a "freedom struggle" in TN?

You really are a bunch geniuses, no argument from me on that! Just keep on going, you’ll be fine ;)

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

I thought rana potato can come up another gem from his role models of cricket commentators to analyze the national issues, too bad, he is not showing up. Instead of him, another full-blown hoe, Moshy, fills the void with his usual rantings.

Corey said...

peter says"

"And at beginning of Spring, when modayas are all worn out, the crouching tiger will pounce."

-keep on hallucinating, loser!!!

Where in your make-believe world, is peelam war IV these days?........ In Colombo???

Waaaahhh Haaaaaahhhhhhh Haaaaaah!!

Moshe Dyan said...

from lankaweb.

"Smart Investment
M Mahendraraja Thavady Jaffna

Smart Sri Lankan Diaspora is silently buying lands, buildings and houses in Jaffna. They expect within 15 months the war will be over and prices will at least double and in Jaffna Peninsula it will increase by over five fold.

Also once the war is over there will be a shortage for local tradesmen, and the labour cost is expected rise significantly.

When the war is over, with the influx of capital from Sri Lankan Diaspora, the country will see a huge leap in the economical progress. Winning the war in near future is going to be win-win situation for the present government."

actions speak louder than words!!! ha!! ha!!

whatever tiger crap says SL is going to win the war soon.



Bhairav said...


It has been a year since I quit LNP, i wonder any former and current LNP bloggers are available here? Even though DW aunty cooks news, she is fairly good housekeeper compared to one power hungry arse,Mr.Brown,from LNP.

I know few old LNP users here- assithiri, Vinivida...

Plz hands up if you're former LNP user or current ones? I simply found DW is good enough to update the Lankan issues given my hectic work schedule.


Rana said...


I cannot stop laughing with your poking posts, You got a big lump of clay instead gray matter inside your head.

Tell your brother Peter that:

"Rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain"

So that;

"Rain in Pooneryn stays mainly in the lagoon"

I have some work to do with another dead line on COB tomorrow, I blog while working you know. So you can bugger-off now old man.

However, I will send a lengthy post, if can explain the following:

1. Why VP the thaleivar hiding 30' underground while others are getting killed?

2. Why VP is giving so much trouble to iinocent tamil people in the name of Peelam?

3. Why VP can't lead the battle from the front?

4. Why Pottu got T. Chelvam killed by passing his location to SLDF?

5. Why senior tiger cadres still not shooting to theirv so called leaders?

OK, only 05 Qs, if you answer these with some seriousness, I will do what I promised as soon as I go home from office!!!

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

[OK, only 05 Qs, if you answer these with some seriousness, I will do what I promised as soon as I go home from office!!!]


I thought you will ask sixth question as why your role models, cricket commentators, never say that one over has 7 balls.

If you find the answer for the sixth q, i will answer other questions.


Rana said...

"beeri" rav!

They got 08 balls/over earlier but they saved 02 for match referee to fondle while watching the game!

You got your answer, now come up with your answers using your limited wisdom!

Anonymous said...


-lack of harvest

I don't think this is the case. defence.lk and first stopped giving (of course over estimated) LTTE casualties. [And later stopped SLA casualties as well]

I think DN/DW now should give LTTE casualties (and SLDF) on daily basis or as possible.

I don't know if you guys trust GSL or not on LTTE casualty figures. If you guys made your conclusion due to 'lack of propaganda' LTTE has partly won their strategy via tamilnadu. (LTTE used TN to influence SL to stop the war and LTTP got stoping war propaganda from SL via India.)

Well, it is better for sure to continue the war even with no propaganda than stopping the war. However, such no-propaganda favours LTTE.

- [if] we concentrate capturing towns, the pussycats loose everything to defend and become idle.

SLA is doing the right thing. They do both. Capturing vital places and killing tigers.

LTTE has no reason to sacrifice all their cadres at Adampam or Kiranchi. They will fight at each place thus getting killed at each place. We expect last tigers to die at last place SLA going to take and LDTP going to defend.

- not enough defence in mid-eastern line

Not sure.

- Inability to penetrate Oddusudan from down.

I think LTTP initially has set mines, traps etc heavily in this area. But now it is of less importence this area to tigers thus unlikely they will fight hardly to defend it. Resulting less harm for enemy and more casualties for SLA. I don't see any quick necassity to advance here but small teams better be deployed and active.

Nisal said...

Over 30 SLA died, but TamilNut is still silent? Why?

Elara® said...

Bhairav thambi,

[Plz hands up if you're former LNP user or current ones?]

Que? Moi? Er....

*Whistles innocently*

By the way, thambi, do you still like BEAUTIFUL BROWN SKIN?


Anonymous said...


/as you know i have stopped responding to this VESAPALLAI suck-kill-aiya./

Well, it up to you. For me, I never miss any post from wijayapala and I hardly find any thing to disagree. (I pointed out when I did.)

/when it comes to LTTE and tamils, it is a FACT that LTTE does represent a large number of tamils, unfortunately. this was said recently by basil rajapaksa as well./

I don't think so. We better accept this if we have done some referondom. As per my experiance very small % of SL tamils support LTTE. ( I am not what do you mean by 'support' though.

LTTE may represents majority if diaspora tamiz but not SL tamils. In last election LTTE wanted tamils to boycott the election but majority of tamils under GSL areas (except Jaffna) voted for UNP.

/but the tamil dispora can be RELATIVELY easily be ignored than tamils in SL./

After the war GSL need to go after those who funded LTTE. I don't think after you paying banned outfit to kill thousands of civilians you have a right to stay in the socaity freely, specially in the west.

Anonymous said...


Yep, if true, tamilnut should be the first to say 60 SLA KIA, 200 injured!!!

Anonymous said...

/I appeal to both sides to stop this futile war./

Another inteligent tamiz think it is this blog who runs the war. Ha Ha

/Heroes day speech 2006 - the liberation struggle would be determined by WAR./ Ha Ha

Bhairav said...


Mr.Brown is your sugar daddy?

Anonymous said...

MD and others


My guess is Wijayapala is probably tamil; He know tamil langauge, tamil history better than sinhala history and more importently he does not use "sinhala patriotrism" to back any of his arguements making it difficult LTTP coolies to counter attack him.

But his ethnicity doesn't matter for me.

Its good to suspect some one as LTTE but it is of no use in a blog. You know peter is LTTE but nothing you can do about that. While we suspect one who speak tamil or non-fluent in sinhala as LTTE we don't suspect one who give us good deel for renting house or selling a vehicle!!!

@Federal vs Unitary

In my 'theoratical' way we don't need any so called policial solutions or devolutions. What we need is equal oppertinuty for every one for personal success, equal rights, and economic development covering every segemnt in whole SL. But 'practicaly' due to India/IC etc GSL need a so called political solution and it MUST should be such that;

1. NO merging of N and E
2. NO "interim" bodies
3. NO special rights for one ethnic group
4. No mono ethnic homelands

For me, I don't care about words. Now our constitution says its unitary but 13th amendment is mostly make it federal.

@ AnandaS

Seperatism is two fold; non-violant and violant. Right now we need to defeat violant part. So we get help even from non-violant anti-LTTE elements. (This non-violannt i.e. acedemic/ political etc) part was already defeated. If necassary we can and will defeat it again, if it rises.

I don't know about AnandaS's past but in present he supports our side.

# This blog has little or no effect to battlefield operations. Blog is for discussions.

Anonymous said...

/Thirty more widows to whore around liberty plaza?/

This shows what kind of tamiza is this! (I don't oppose any one going to a prostitute though.)

History said...

IMHO every one has a role to play and "Bhairav" here playing his role, and nothing wrong with that..

Out of curiosity, how do you make sex with your wife since you have 9 month pregnant belly?

Freedom Fighter sold his mother sister both to Rana a while back.. can you now to answer his questions..

Elara® said...


*Mr.Brown is your sugar daddy?*

Would you too like to take it up there with the ultra-f*ckable MrBrown? :-D

Moshe Dyan said...


i think you still didn't get me.

what i said was not to discuss about this vesapallai.

shall we end this at least now????

it's not worth it. i will hibernate until action is required on this.

Saman said...


/Saman, I have the right to be wrong as far as it is ethical./

Well, you may have a right to be wrong but you have no right to pity our heroes or their kith and kin. I do not think that is ethical either as the fallen soldiers have never given their consent to any one of us to pity them or kith and kin. Get it. They want us to hold them in high esteem.

/For the record pl. note that I am totally against the VP and LTTE. And hate "Sakkili" like Peter./

If so, show it. Such sensitivity does not serve the purpose they fight. I am as hurt as you are. Showing ramose to above fuckers and giving them lot of positive energy is not on. It is as simple as that. You and I die. Our heroes/Martyrs don't. That right is not given to them they have earned it. They live in hearts of people and become immortal. Just shedding a thought or two a tear in private is one thing. Showing it to Sakkiliyas is another. Therefore who ever do that openly is also a sakkiliya to me.


Only time will tell. If you stick long enough.

Rana said...


Machan, leave the old bugger alone. I kept him busy for a while.

The rport we enjoyed yesterday - I agree with you,we will have good discussion on that in near future with Nirosh.

I have to keep my nose above the water today and tomorrow with a dead line, bro. So I am coming and going from the blog without spending more than couple of minutes.

Moshe Dyan said...


"-lack of harvest"

what i meant was the fact that harvesting opportunities were lost as reported by DW and discussed yesterday.

this is a genuine worry. the solution is NOT reporting daily casualty figures!!!!!

"- [if] we concentrate capturing towns, the pussycats loose everything to defend and become idle."

this is EXACTLY what is happening. pretty soon a "nothing to lose" situation will arise for the LTTE WITH MOST OF ITS CADRES INTACT!! needless to say how dangerous that is.

"- Inability to penetrate Oddusudan from down."

i have told this many times b4 though without been SO specific. we need a plan to get this area under control. it is not a heavily tiger infested area, true, but the vital road links can help the GOVT determine in detail where food, etc. goes.

where food/medicine is, there is peoples' power in vanni today. pardon my mossad thinking, but, we should use them as tools of war to reduce civilian casualties and to "shepherd them to safety". hope you get my drift?????

PHANTOM-X said...


did you watch Ava-Mangala Samaraweera's speech in Parliament yesterday...? and the (Defence watch ) press conference he held about one week ago...? Maaaaaaan...This low life is doing everything to stop this war. He criticized everything under the sun and he tried to tarnish the image of our defense forces and the country.
This time period is very very circuital for us. This impotent rabid Rat, knows that very well. I got to know that he gets all the support from TNA, UNP seniors and NGO's. shame shame shame...He calls himself a leader from the south but he is in the same LTTE, TNA boat.

You LTTE Pests remember this...we are NOT fighting a war against Tamil People...We are fighting against LTTE terrorism...!!!

Saman said...


With a heavy hart in the name of those gave their lives as this posting said, I have just written this poem.

Ekek mara siyayak be ra ganuma
Pawak lesin salakai num kima aruma
Me man malath yam dina venuwen derana
Mawath puthuth hamu wemi yam dina nivana

Rana, I leave you to translate the above to English.

History said...


Will do.. I am looking forward to..

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, single is one of us AFAIK.

own casualties is a shitty issue we always like to avoid, in reality and in discussions.

i'm scared to think what will happen to the ppl behind the numbers. i pray that they will not be abused by the cruel society. once a basrtad (curse his family) told that he is getting friendly with married SLA guys' families so that he can screww them after their breadwinners' death!! fcuking his own mother is better for him.

i (following what i read) have proposed to ********* to arrange to give SLDFs family members PREFERENTIAL consideration for university admission. reduce their entry marks BEFORE applying the district marks.
the concept is not mine, but i agree that this got to be done soon. otherwise another 87-89 might happen in future.

if it creates another war, fcuk the troublemakers. we can raise dignified armies AGAIN & AGAIN who will not be a burden on the society and further screww grievance striken TERRORISTS.

Infinity said...

This seems to give some more details to the DW report:

"According to military sources heavy fighting erupted in the Valayakudiyurippumoodai defence line located some four Kilometres East of Chempangundu on the A-32 road as troops in an unexpected move crossed a huge open terrain at an unexpected moment in the early hours of yesterday.

“Heavy fighting continued there for hours until troops fully captured the area killing over 30 Tiger cadres,” a senior military official told the Daily News. The Tiger cadres operating there strongly held this defence line located four and half kilometres east of A-32 road and five kilometres south of Pooneryn-Paranthan road as it paves the way for the troops to advance towards Pooneryn and also towards the vital Pooneryn Paranthan road which is the northernmost supply route linking the Western coast to the A-9 road."


Moshe Dyan said...


"Ekek mara siyayak be ra ganuma
Pawak lesin salakai num kima aruma
Me man malath yam dina venuwen derana
Mawath puthuth hamu wemi yam dina nivana"

elama ela!!!

thanks for using simple words.

Unknown said...

Moshe - I agree with you - the soldiers children should be given preference not just in University admissions but in other areas of education . The University intake in Fields like engineering should be increased .

The best solution against another 87-89 is a larger well disciplined army . I dont take this huge increase of the MI as a negative to Sri Lanka , it is good to get these kids employed and given proper discipline . Once the war is over we should keep a large enough military lest this happens again but also retrain the remaining soldiers .

Anonymous said...


I don't know "how'. I think GSL/ foriegn missions should convince western countries do that. This should be done by government uathorities in west. Of course, this is their least priorities right now and some even support LTTP behind the screen.

But if you give money knowingly to some banned group and they use the same money to buy explovives and kill civilians then are you not guilty by any law in this earth?

I know its difficult to track them and even prove it in a court. But I do believe GSL should demand justice from west soon after we end the war.


ok...you don't have to talk about wijayapala (or as you say wesapala or whatever.) I just said my view.

Yep, leaving a lot of cadres alive and getting land is dangerous. Also, (at least when looking at the map) its nice if SLA can get north-east vavunia part. But, I don't blame on SLA. I do believe they do best possible thing to do and I do have faith on SLA/SLN unlike our SLAF.

Anonymous said...

/The best solution against another 87-89 is a larger well disciplined army/

What?? 87-89 was due to JVP and JRJ/UNP stupid politics - nothing to do with SLA or their discipline.

I think its already done 'giving priority for SLDF members' in goernment issues except university admission. But I don't know how well this happens in practice.

Rana said...

Saman, You wrote:

/Rana, I leave you to translate the above to English./

Not now macho! I am busy with another f***ing dead line but soon I will go home then with a couple of stiff JWs, I will translate it, bro.

It has a good literral meaning!

Unknown said...

I guess it comming to the time when one can says the war is over. I think most people eventually will come to realise that the LTTE has won the battle.

Rommel knew in Africe even when he manged to push the Allies so far back and anhilate them along the way that the war in Europe for Germany is lost. I guess even though he was so patriotic and exceptional leader and soldier Hitler could not except that they would be defeated and forced Rommel to kill himself due to assasination attempt on Hitler.

An empire can decline like Spain and become the beggar of Europe and decline gracefuully like the United Kingdom. The island will split and what remains of Sri Lanka will be a mess that will be very difficult to overcome.

Elara® said...


Fully agreed! The Sinhala state is well on the way to oblivion and Eelam is just around the corner! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Saman said...


I can't believe the story you just told. Shame one him. Once, I heard about a person who in the name of "helping ophens of war" (especially from boarder villages) runing a business in picking them as servents for rich families in colombo and those who seek to adopt. But, this bastered even sonds like more sick. Guns are made to get rid of such scum.

Good forward thinking bro. Positive discrimination is a very powerful tool modern societies adopt in reaching equality. Great idea about the University entrance. I know they give priority in school selections. I felt GR/SF is relatively pro-active in looking after the welfare side. To make sure change of govenments do not ignore the servivors of these soldirs a mega benevolant fund must be created. I think api-wenuwen-api is like that. Yes.

Achi said...

[Plz hands up if you're former LNP user or current ones? I simply found DW is good enough to update the Lankan issues given my hectic work schedule.]

I was visiting regularly there before my old account was banned.Now I visit there rarely those south Indian idiots who are in LTTE payrole make me sick such as chennaiguy.Bloody baster is writing top to bottom crap but still he has got senior member status.

Bhairav said...


What's your old id?

Bhathiya said...

Visit this blog,

Very interesting....


Saman said...

Na-vin-d-ran = NO-VIN-DA-RAN

/I think most people eventually will come to realise that the LTTE has won the battle./

Hey, did you take your medicine today.(haraka kiyala mu maruwama karathe bandinne kawuda)

Moshe Dyan said...

saman, ali,


but a lot got to be done. i'm particular about universities for a "shrewed" reason.

war heroes children, if at all, going to create trouble (due to disrupted families, economic reasons, marginalisation, etc., etc.) will create trouble when they reach 15+ (roughly). if there is an easier way for them, they will be captured at this age and put in the right direction.

i agree that they should be looked after at a younger age too.

my main priority is to avoid youth unrest from a potentially VERY dangerous/large/violent source.


a connected issue.

1989 - 18 = 1971 (c)

get it???

JVP was formed in 1966 (?).

1989 - 1966 = 23 (c)
1987 - 1971 = 16 (c)

16 - 23.

copyright moshe dyan. LOL!!!!

in a lesser note (bcos the number is less and scattered over 25 years)

1983 + 16 = 1999

if the war ends in 2009, a difficult time until 2032. SL's largest recruiter MUST be replaced with economic enterprises. otherwise...........

copyright moshe dyan. LOL!!!!

for coutesy sake only.

on a previous occassion when SF's ampara adventures (riots when he was AROUND 5 years old) came up, i said,

2008 - 55 + 5 = 1958!

one son of a fcuked up slutt BITCH a covert LTTE sympathiser quoted it as if he found it! screww his mom & family.

priyashantha said...

Moshi Dayan,

Stop it machang. You tell others to stop talking about "that fellow" but you continue to bash him.

Don't start abusing me, but you need to grow up friend.

You have excellent analysis skills, I think the best in DW and DN from bloggers, but you have to correct your weakness.

I can keep silent but this is a friendly advice. I don't give a rat's ass if you start filth talk against me. If you do that you prove I'm right.

You are great, keep that greatness.

kiri kalayata goma binduwak damanna epa.

Unknown said...

Navindran Sakkiliya

I told you not to sleep with those pox infected whores . Look where that has got you now . Syphilis is affecting your brain in your final stages of dementia - just like that peelam you are pining for .

Unknown said...

With Ministers like this why do you need enemies. Too much of swimming in one own vomit.


Environment Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka yesterday told parliament the security forces were marching forward victoriously on seven fronts in the Wanni operations, and their performance was much better than the US army’s fight against the guerillas in Afghanistan. The minister who spoke during the Budget debate said nobody could stop the

forward march of the security forces. He said the United States with a defence budget of US$350 billion had failed to crush the Taliban guerillas with their artillery guns and aerial bombing but our security forces were successfully blunting the military prowess of the LTTE.

Saman said...


Your explanation by numbers, getting your points across, is fascinating. Also, credit is yours for not only analysing the war but also you are thinking ahead and planning post war SL. That put you in a class of your own. However, before responding I need to clarify I am getting what you intending to say. If answers to my statements are negative, I have not got your point and my writing here may not be relevant.

1. you are talking about JVP insurrections and their post war political role as a danger
2. you are suggesting, in a vacuum of post war opportunities, engaging youth in university education to buy time, as a solution (I think we can gain 4 years/generation)

Answers to above are YES, and then I am in the grove. Even not keep reading and I will try to be as brief as I can.

In retrospect, the circumstances within which the two JVP insurrections were created have two different causes and they never represented wider community.

1971 - Yes, they formed around 1963-64. They had five classes. They were from non-soviet camp (more inclined to China) and a group of young people fascinated by Che’s and Fidel’s Cuban success (first successful Menshevik revolutionary model). They worked their asses out to bring Sirima to power in 1970 after last term of Dudley Senanayake. Their target was first to become the strongest leftist party in SL to win harts and minds of masses. When they saw SB/NM (70-77) will not provide that they got so impatient (I think average age of the politburo was 23 or so). Took up few shotguns did a one night revolution. Crushed in no time – a popular elected government with a strong leftist movement in their first year in office. So dumb. Proper trial was conducted – all in the politburo but one was jailed.

1977 – JR released all of them to hunt down left. Took away SB’s civil rights. Traditional left movement was crushed. JVP evolved as a democratic left force with Wije Kumaranathungas SLFP.

1983 – JR let country burn for two weeks. First state sponsored communal riots. JVP was proscribed all gone underground.

1987 – 1989 – one of the darkest eras of the motherland. Weakest two years of JR’s political career as well. JVP came up again as an anti-Indian nationalistic movement. 1990 RW was caught + JVP politburo members were killed (I think Janaka Perera and Lucky Algama came to prominence through this). No trials.

Again, JVP under a new leadership (if you wish to call it that) emerged and worked flat out to bring CBK and then MR.

So the point I am getting at is - the ups and downs of JVP and their insurrections has little to do with the class struggle. Rather can better explain through political conspiracy theory than youth unrest due to class struggle.

Predicting them under post war scenario is a conundrum.

The other point is – Universities are the hot beds and cradles of leftist movements. If we were to look in the light of keeping them occupied (not making trouble) may be a fallacy.

Love to discuss – POST WAR SRI LANKA – with you guys.

Nisal said...

Now you can receive latest updates from defence.lk, army.lk, DN nad DW to your google talk.

Just goto the following address and subscribe for the service.

to subscribe:

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks mate.

jvp had its own 'reasons' to create trouble. but jvp leaders alone couldn't have done ANYTHING.

jvp was formed around mid 1960s and by 1971 its journey ended.
a large number of mainly youth were killed in one year.
children of those broken families grew in troubled families.

a large number of them became (or were) young adults by 1987-89. (refer to my calcs.) this gave jvp (AGAIN) cadres, enough of them.

the average age of tens of thousands killed in '89 was lower than 1971. as a result most of them would not have had children.

1989 + 18 = 2007!!!

but not to worry, the other ingriedients are also not there.

the rest you got right. SLA families with children have a hard time. chances are that these kids have a higher chance of going astray than others. we must build a better future for them. after all they sacrificed their dads for us.

what i hear is encouraging. on AVERAGE, kids of SLDF families are doing above average in studies. that's why i want further encouragements by letting these LARGE group of single-'mom' family kids EASIER access to uni.s

as to the nasty story... the worse part is it came from well educated buggers.

Moshe Dyan said...

"Universities are the hot beds and cradles of leftist movements."

yes & no.

true they create "leftist trouble" at uni.s they should be controlled.

but very few actually go to the extent of causing 'national trouble'. those who create nation-wide havoc, have seperate causes than universities.

in almost every country uni.s have a MORE leftist thingy than its respective society. dunno why.

Unknown said...

Moshe ..

I was in the middle of the 89 jvp hotbed during my university days . They got what they deserved IMHO .

There is a unique set of opportunities that a post war Sri Lanka will have I think that we did not have during the 70 and the late 80's . The emergence of India and China as global super powers will lead to a lot of opportunities in that part of the world which will help Sri Lanka instead of Hinder it . the US and the west will have a lot less say and sway and I think if there is no war we could really take advantage of these opportunities .

But we need to finish this cancer first bro's period

Rana said...

Hi guys,

I have come up with an answer to a certain puzzle, we have discussed here number of times without an answer.

Why our top military brass is keeping 56 Div on defensive guard while keeping east FDL below Gajabapura as a void?

Now, do not laugh at me, if I am wrong!

My theory says Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) or
Deep Penetrating Units (DPU) is operating there. In fact
they enter/exit to/from the tiger land from that area.
So it should be free from offensives, if we start offensives
tigers has to defend the area and LRRP do not have a entry/exit

Our top brass also knows area is secured because LTTE
shit scared to LRRP. In short bush area below Oddusudan is
a gost jungle for tigers.

So our small scout/patrol units usually 4-8 brave hearts
with at least tow snipers, trained explosive handlers,
communication and intel man doing wonders for the
country silently.

LTTE already knows this, but too busy at the offensive
FDLs to care and shit scared to check.

Therefore when you see that bulging area in the middle of
peelam is infact already secured by the SLA.

Ingenious, isn't it?!!!!

What do you all think?

Annonymous said...


"rana potato is in action as usual. These modayas think that repeating one too many posts make their views right. In fact they consume more alcohol even after reaching the good buzz feeling, then they poop and vomit on the floor due to their too much consumption. Either way it is good, one we exploit them to the melting point, second they clean the floor with their mouths."

Talk about repeating the same meaningless words. That is just what you did here. Tell me anything new to be found in above post [and many other such psots by you].

Talk about your Vellar displeassure in the fat pig, but still you support separatism. Talk about a way how Eelam is created but VP is NOT its bandit king.

Or talk about snakes of Kilinochchi, whom soon will be liberated.

Mr Selva the High Commissioner of Eelam,

I appeal to both sides to stop this futile war. It has been 30 years of heartache, death and destruction.

Well, this is a good appeal but wrong address. This should have reached the maniac leadership of tiger organization and its architects living abroad with you.

But the rest of the things in your post suggest that you do not understand the real reason for the war. All your historical evidence and other arguments about two separate "nations" is wrong. If you study history, archeology etc w/o the bias, you will notice that tamils came recently chasing the sinhala kingdom further southwards. Even after tamil and sinhala are mere ethnic groups in one country, which was ruled under several regional kingdoms on different times. But let's say that the compassionate sinhala nation allow you to divide the island for whatever reason. Then after it will be a border war, at a higher scale. The eelamists know nothing about peace. And this island is too tiny for two countries to exist. THIS is why the separation is rejected by majority of our nation - not ionly sinhala but also TAMIL, muslim, burger and others.

And all you diaspora eelamists, do you think that LTTE stands for a separate country? No they are standing for the hard earned money of yours. The best thing they can have is a stagnant war. And that is the best way to make you invest more and more money for eelam.

Wake up eelamists, firstly your bloody daydream will never be allowed by SLDF. Secondly the monster you created no longer wants to take you to your destination, but it is eating your own siblings not so lucky to leave your damned "homoland".

Annonymous said...

Peter two months ago [when the sky was gloomy]:

Just wait till the rain comes. Surprise is in waiting.

Peter right now [when the sky is clearing]:

Wait till the rainy days are over. Surprise is waiting.

Peter babe, I know the sickness that you suffer from. It is called "balagiri dose". No medicine found yet. So come back to Wanni and fast to death, the cure your Thele-bara prescribes for terminally ill nitwits like you.

Rana said...

Dear Annonymous,

What a energy, you have, bro! I don't like to waste my energy much on these basterds.
Any way, you did an excellent job, brother!

Annonymous said...

Navindran, You are writing Odyssy3010, the fifth of the trilogy which Arthur C Clarke could not write. Let me write a introduction for your novel.

"In a distant future day, the american economy is in tatters. Mohommed Obama, the great grand son of historical Barak leads the troubled nation by Quran words. Tamil diaspora after millenia of "leeching", owns 90% of housholds of the west. Openpit Shitbucket Karunanidhi, the great grand daughter of Muthuwel effectively owns all the households of the street which Mohommed Obama rents one.

Mahinda Rajapakse and his successors kept on destroying the SL economy that there is a huge pit at the place where used to be its central bank. GOSL is in debt to Martians and Jovians by trillins of dollars.

Globalization has resulted an Earthquake in the southern coastlines of SL. And global warming has filled all its irrigation reservoirs with saline water. Famine and hunger continue in south.

All kingdoms have collapsed and turned beggers now. World is ruled by Emperor Rathole Prabhakaran, the unofficial great grand son of Pottu Amman from his underground bunker [100s of years of tradition has turned homo dravidians live below ground]. He has Daydream Navindran as the Minister of Economy, Sp[ra]yload Brown as minister of Intelligence, Surprise Mahen as military chief, and Peter-the-pee-eater as clown of the palace."

Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Infinity said...

The more delusional LTTE supporters still believe that LTTE can win a military victory. A popular story seem to be that increased LTTE activity in the east will cause a massive withdrawal of trooops from Kilinochi.

Looks like there could be yet another miserable surprise for these supporters. The 59th seems, as DW predicted, to be picking up speed. 21 bunkers captured in single day according to the MCN yesterday.

It will be the LTTE who may be forced to try to shift troops to the east.

Annonymous said...


Thanks and my pleassure.

In fact some say to avoid bastards. But I think you ought to give them what they deserve. I am not gonna explain them in school classes. These assholes know better, but cunningly pretend as not. So I think one way the shut them up is to MBRL. Not only myself, but AmmaGG Asithri and few more has done great in this line.

If we avoid them and keep on discussing our topics we will see one meaningful post in 10 shitlot by the maniacs.

Alas, do we have so much defence stuff of our own? Right now the war happens behind a curtain, which I prefer. War is not for the silver screen. As long as we win, I am fine with whatever minor details. If we loose, what is the point of discussing details in this neutral blog.

But bashing the assholes of diaspora and capture them from their psychological defects is not a total wastage indeed.

Have fun.

Moshe Dyan said...


of course.

Saman said...

I am very concerned about MR's safety in India attending a technical and economic.

It may proven very costly if something happens. India is a country which could not provide security for two of her leaders (Indira & Rajive) and legend like Mahathma Gandhi.

Obviously, he would also take the opportunity to brief Manmohan Sing.

Wish for his safe return.

kappetipola said...

i am regret to remind your mother at this moment. we know she also a one of innocent mother who was pregnant and delivered someone like you. but if she know you are wiping dog ass she will think you are a mistake.

Peter and other LTTE diaspora guys , whole world understand racial discrimination against LTTE Tamils . in Canada,UK,USA,Eroupe there are 1000 of cases filed by your relatives against English speaking Locals.

so whole world know you guys are not friendly nation even with your own nation. always talkin abt discrimination where ever you guys live. always panic and paranoid .

helaya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Selva said...


Resorting to filth and personal attacks when I express my views is a base instinct and I request you to refrain from it, it shows lack of character and bad upbringing. I only want to highlight the suffering that both communities have gone through in the past three decades. We need to reach a negotiated political solution, and the end objective should be peaceful seperation. We can live as good neighbours. This formula has been tried and tested in Kosovo and former USSR. Why would not it work in Ceylon? I would like to know your thoughts, but please be polite.

All please keep checking British Tamil Forum for events of 27th November. We need to use Heroes day to highlight the plight of civilians and out brethren in the Wanni, we need the highest turnout ever at this significant juncture. Also please do not turn the events of 27th into a party, at the end of this we should quietly contemplate the sacrifices made by our boys and girls in the past three decades and the daily suffering endured by our brothers and sisters living under trees.

Infinity said...


USSR? There is much more conflicts there after the dissolving the union then there were before.

Kosovo? Serbia was a dictatorship with little rights for anyone, ethinic minority or not. Sri Lanka is a democracy fighting against a dictatorship. The tamils have no right in VP's dictatorship except to be his serfs.

And no, there is no human right stating that every ethnic group should have their own state. Obviously also impossible since ethinic groups usually live more or less mixed together except in ethnically cleansed areas like VP's dictatorshp.

Selva said...


Let's face reality. What would happen when you capture all the territory. Do you think the insurgency will end? Our boys will revert to guerilla tactics and no civil administration will be able to function with daily guerilla attacks. You maybe able to capture territory, but you will not capture our hearts and minds. Tamil Eelam is the aspirations of our people and nothing can distract us from the path we have chosen for ourselves and which path Honorary Vellupillai Prabhakaran is ably leading us in.

Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Infinity said...

Selva, now there is a a more than 200,000 strong battle hardened army with excellent leadership unlike the only symbolic army that were there in the beginning of the 80s.

The tamil population will now also know that what VP brings is not an utopia but his own totalitarian dictatorship with no rights of any kind. Sorry, popular support for the LTTE will be quite low.

Moshe Dyan said...


this selva is talking about this.

from defence.lk...

"As per the information provided by surrendered LTTE cadres and civilians escaped to liberated areas, LTTE leader has ordered the armed cadres to launch the planned offensive while forcing large number of civilians to the front with them."

i'm very happy if this happens.

we have to harvest not only hardcore tigers but also battle trained civilian forces. otherwise these pawns will carryout guerilla tactics with minimum leadership after SLDFs had substantilly won the war.

we can't be fighting forever although killing LTTE and suspected tigers will continue.

TF the best option is to kill both hardcore and civilian armed terrorists.

SLDFs especially SLAF should not have any hesitation in HARVESTING the maximum in such a case.

according to the bugger from wales, there are close to 50,000 armed civilian fighters.

kill them all. don't leave anything for the next generation.

Infinity said...

Moshe Dyan, genocide will certainly bring some form of international intervention. Those under forced conscription are not a threat once the hardcore are defeated.

Selva said...

Thanks Infinity for recognising what Moshe Dyan is proposing equates to genocide. I am not being sarcastic, truly I owe you one.

Infinity said...

Selva, I am glad that you admit that VP wants a genocide of his own people to save his own dictatorship.

Infinity said...

The army seems prepared:

"As per the information provided by surrendered LTTE cadres and civilians escaped to liberated areas, LTTE leader has ordered the armed cadres to launch the planned offensive while forcing large number of civilians to the front with them. The intention of the terror chief is to get large number of Tamil civilians killed during the attack and to win international sympathy over their dead bodies, they further revealed. Also, the psychopathic terror chief has called his latest order an ideal punishment for the Tamils who failed to support his cause, they added.

According to the senior defense officials, the security forces have already taken measures to prevent any situation that would cause civilian casualties. They said that the LTTE has lost all their civilian supporters in Wanni and therefore it will soon lose its ability to hold the civilians as a shield. However, they refrained from making further comments over this issue due to operational security reasons. "


Moshe Dyan said...


no, mate. it doesn't amount to genocide! far from it.

these guys will definitely carry out the trouble further. this is how the LTTE started in the 1970s.

iraq is another example how civilians are used by deposed terrorists VERY successfully. there is not much required in a guerilla war. plant a bomb here, attack army/homegurads patrols, etc.

these civlins terrorist must be killed.

if actually LTTE launch it, there is NOTHING SLA can do other than,
1. killing them
2. surrendering to them.

Infinity said...

Moshe Dyan, Iraq is not Sri Lanka. There are no outside insurgent supporting nations like Iran and Syria. The US army there was quite small compared to the population. The US made a lot of mistakes, allowed wide scale looting, no development, no law and order etc. Not likely to be repeated.

Now there is a a more than 200,000 strong battle hardened army in Sri Lanka with excellent leadership unlike the only symbolic army that was there in the beginning of the 80s.

The tamil population will now also know that what VP brings is not an utopia but his own totalitarian dictatorship with no rights of any kind. Popular support for the LTTE will be quite low.

Moshe Dyan said...

a civilian instigated terror attack will be the ONLY instance SLDFs can invoke the saying...

kill 'em all, let God sort them out!

that's exactly what the SLDFs will be doing. otherwise LTTE will make it a habit and they will use the same tactic everywhere and get everything back.

a prewarning to all concerned is very good thinking by MoD.

if it happens.....we said so....

Kithul said...

looks like the plagiarist defence columnist of the bottomline who kept copying from DN, DW, Long Ranger and ET Bailey has been taken off.

the column has not been in the online edition for weeks so on curiosity bought a copy today, the column isn't there. will check next week as well.

plagiarism and piracy should not be condoned

Moshe Dyan said...

true iraq <> Sl, but guerilla tactics are the same everywhere.

they don't need reasons; they first start the trouble then find reasons to justify it.

this is exactly what happened in SL in the 1970s and before 1980s. there were NO terrorists then. ONLY civilians with arms.

LTTE has a bigger arms network than iraq "insurgents" and terrorists!!!

Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Infinity said...

Regarding a human shield offensive, there is a lot than can be done. If the civilians are informed about VP's plan, then they will not march to the front voluntarily, unlike if they are believe they will only remove equipment or wounded etc. So use leaflets etc to inform.

If the front troops know that a lot of unarmed civilians are coming, then they can fire warning shoots instead of aiming to kill, which will probably scare the civilians off.

Lots of other possibilities.

Moshe Dyan said...

mate, warning shots and reasoning with these civilians won't work!!
SLA will NEVEr know it is civlians that are coming!!!

tigers will be leading them. they have done it b4.

their loved ones are in tiger custody.

if they don't perform, their loved ones get killed!!!

read about the govt teacher turned a terrorist in defence.lk????

what can she do?? her brother and sister are in the LTTE. by now LTTE would have definietely taken them to war!

unfortunately civilians have no say in vanni. we are dealing with the most ruthless terror group in the world.

we have to kill all fighters civilian or hardcore.

Moshe Dyan said...

SLA uses MBRLs for any impending danger. infantry units are not the first line of defence.

vp is getting to what i expected.

the "nothing to lose" stage MAY BE coming.

SLDFs can either,
1. kill them all, OR,
2. suffer jayasikurui.

according to what i know the decision has been already reached to use heavy arti, MBRL, cluster bombs and gunships.

i propose large scale tactical burning (to chase away as many as possible) and FABs (to kill as many as possible) also.

Moshe Dyan said...


Mahen said...

Hope SLA kids are playing in up north white Sand. Is n't it cleaner than what usually find in Colombo?

did you like the development work we have done up there?

Infinity said...

Moshe Dyan, Iraq is not Sri Lanka.

1. There are no outside insurgent supporting nations like Iran and Syria. The diaspora is not comparable to the resources and technology available to a nation state.

2. The US army there was quite small compared to the population. Now there is a a more than 200,000 strong battle hardened army in Sri Lanka with excellent leadership unlike the only symbolic army that was there in the beginning of the 80s.

3. The US made a lot of mistakes, allowed wide scale looting, no development, no law and order, the government and services essentially broke down, tribal groups took over power etc. So the people do had reason to be disatisfied. Not likely to be repeated if we look at the situation in the eastern province

4. The tamils do had genuine grievances in the 70s. But the tamil population will now know that what VP created was far worse, not an utopia but his own totalitarian dictatorship with no rights of any kind. Popular support for the LTTE will be quite low.

5. In most cases a defeated population do not start a major insurgency. Look at Germany, Italy, or Japan after WWII, all who had been exposed to a racist education. Or more importantly, the eastern provinces, considering that large tamil population little disturbances and what there is seem to be mostly be exported from VP's territory.

Peter said...

Kopi Kade was better than this cr%p. They need to get a better script writer.

All modaya stories are as juvenile the Mahavamsa.


Peter said...

This is funnier:


kappetipola said...

Selva machan ,

"at the end of this we should quietly contemplate the sacrifices made by our boys and girls in the past three decades and the daily suffering endured by our brothers and sisters living under trees."

sorry machan if you guys (british LTTE diaspora tamils (not all tamils) ) hurt what we r discussing here.

above sentence more realistic if you re-type , Thamil Girls and Boys we (LTTE diaspora british tamils ) murdered last three decades placing them somebody else war and making them suicide cadres.

Selva you will deserve it soon .

North East Thamils realizing it now.

History said...


The translation.. my first try..

Ekek mara siyayak be ra ganuma
Pawak lesin salakai num kima aruma
Me man malath yam dina venuwen derana
Mawath puthuth hamu wemi yam dina nivana

Killing one to protect a hundreds
Is not a sin and a surprise to think as a sin
One day, if one such son dies for his country
Both son and his mother may fulfill their course

kappetipola said...

Guys ,

near future you will hear.

Sri Lankan Thamil Brigade against LTTE Terrorism .


History said...



When you say funnier for that.. it tells all about you..

If you know what I know.. muuta paw ban

kappetipola said...

Prabakaran never educated North Thamils . he seen thamil mens as black tiger with cynide capsule with T56.

he seen thamil womens as suicide womens with carrying un - born childs.

he seen kids as child soldiers with claimo mines.

celebrate it NOV 27.

Celebrate for day fuck all tamils in the world

History said...

Hi All,

We had a chat about tin-cans a while ago.. we had many argument about how to gun them down but any of you still have missed this great article read it...

Gun down TAF with their "Low Flying Aircrafts

Written by a fellow blogger who visit this blog at times.. I have seen it posted here before.. but to whoever missed it.. it is a must read..

Infinity said...

A large scale slaughter of unarmed civilians may well in fact give VP what he wants through a foreign intervention. So if for no other reason it should be avoided.

VP has to work through his cadres and has to make them believe he cares about the tamils. Put simply, if he started openly ordering a genocide of civilians to die unarmed in large numbers at the front by threatening to kill their relatives otherwise, then most of the cadres would refuse or kill him. So he has to work though deception to bring the civilians to the front. If the population is informed, then this will fail.

If unarmed and not hardcore people know for sure they will be killed if they go forward, though a leaflet or warning shoot, then they will try to escape. Conscripts may go to front if they believe they are armed with some small chance of survival, but most not to a certain death.

Mahen said...


Nice try defence.lk. Dress some fugly dark SLA women as female cadres, cook up some names, yarn a tale about an English teacher, take a few pics and post on the website. If ever there was a Nobel Prize for "the most creative propoganda site", defence.lk will win it.

Peter said...

Ex female Tiger cadre donates to Gontabaya's Helping Ampanthodai fund?


kuttu said...

Selva brother,

This is what has happened to Tamil Sisters in VP's Peelam Land please read this Selva

Peter said...

Better we keep reading this:


Peter said...

When we get bored, we can read the modern version:


Mohammed Zubair said...


If you don't shut up, we will soon be reading your entrails. When are you going back to your "oil rig", are you missing your Filipino lady boys, you must be frustrated, I guess they look better than your wife even with male genitals.

peter ponnaya said...

Now we can read this

peter ponnaya said...

We can watch this also

Colomblogs said...

"Nice try defence.lk. Dress some fugly dark SLA women as female cadres..."

Truth is, even for a cookup we can't find such a disgusitng looking, ugly, black "Tala tel" Badu.

That is why they ended up nicely in SLA dinning room, rather than in a jungle bed with boys. Prabably Mongala/Ranil may be interested on them.

In couple of weeks, when they publish your mother's and sister's photos after liberated from LTTE you can say the same story.

Mahen said...


I thought Ranil and Mangala were interested in each other?

Rover said...

"Environment Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka yesterday told parliament the security forces were marching forward victoriously on seven fronts in the Wanni operations, and their performance was much better than the US army’s fight against the guerillas in Afghanistan. The minister who spoke during the Budget debate said nobody could stop the

forward march of the security forces. He said the United States with a defence budget of US$350 billion had failed to crush the Taliban guerillas with their artillery guns and aerial bombing but our security forces were successfully blunting the military prowess of the LTTE"

Someone should tell this Ranawaka moron to shut up. Needless comparisons with the US army at this point. As I said earlier, he is starting to show his true colors, MR should get rid of him before it is too late. Hardliners, facistst and theocrats should not have a place in a democracy.

Historians will analyze the war more lucidly and profoundly if and when the LTTE is truly finished.

Rover said...

Ranawaka depicts himself as a brilliant guy with a first class in Eng. But he dropped out after his first year from Katubedda, getting too involved in Nationalistic politics.

Even if he is a first class eng. graduate, he should not be a part of a democracy if he is a fascist.

DaraSingh said...

Shit Peter

You buggers do not have any history to speak of except that written by the spin doctors of the "tamizh nation"

You have however managed to make the word "tamizh" so abhorred that at each and every air port or entry point anyone bearing a "tamizh" sounding name rarely escapes a strip search.

So you can look back and say you have made history.

peter ponnaya said...


you have forgotten about this couple

DaraSingh said...


Agree with you 100 p.c mate.

These buggers should be given a crash course in managing the world press - a good dose of Israeli P.R in Gaza should point the way

Rover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rover said...


N said...


Why are you so tempestuous about Chapmika Ranawake? This comment has no significant value and the USA is going to get cross over this. The facts are true anyway. Were you so mad when Robert Blake made comments about Sri Lanka interfering in our internal matters or when the TNA MPs made public statement in favour of LTTE? Remember Chamipke Ranawake is on our side; your finger pointing and insults giving extra ammunition to these LTTP numbskulls. At this point we should be united instead of fighting with each other.

N said...


Sorry mate, correction; ...USA is NOT going to .........

tata said...

I too believe (as someone else pointed out some time back) that JHU is a natural consequence of LTTE.
I also believe that JHU was a major catalyst in creating current support for the war effort.

I also believe, whatever they are, all religious/racial political groups should be banned in the new Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Peter Pan of Neverlands here again, hmm..didnt VP give in your ass last night, oh bad..bad..gues he was too busy working out a strategy to save your neverland that he couldnt do it.

Rover said...

n, mate,

"Why are you so tempestuous about Chapmika Ranawake?"

Reasons were given. He is a fascist (this in itself is enough justification, but will continue). We can't really make the Sri Lankan Tamil and Sri Lankan Muslim populations to think as Sri Lankans as long as theocrats and fascists are within the ruling party.

"This comment has no significant value and the USA is going to get cross over this."

It was made by a putatively responsible minister from within the walls of our parliament. And this is not the only comment he made. He made incendiary remarks against the Muslims as well.

"The facts are true anyway."


"Were you so mad when Robert Blake made comments about Sri Lanka interfering in our internal matters or when the TNA MPs made public statement in favour of LTTE?"

Yes I was mad. Two different episodes, needing two different reasons.

Robert Blake - I was mad for our incompetence in still not fully being able to convince even this decent guy to think otherwise. Anyway, he gave us a forewarning of things to come, and that we should adapt to the new global political perspective on carrying out wars against terrorism. In this way, I respect him for suggesting as to what we could be doing (he didn't force us to do anything did he?). After we win the war, we will need to do something to prevent another terrorist problem. This is what he said, diplomatically. Nothing wrong with that.

TNA statements - These guys are the LTTE. And I consider them another facist, racist, terrorist group. And as long as LTTE uses terrorist tactics to get at a political goal, I will support anyone to defeat them.

"Remember Chamipke Ranawake is on our side;"

This is the problem. He should be relegated to being on his own, with his fasicist ideas. New Sri Lanka does not need this, we have seen enough blood.

"your finger pointing and insults giving extra ammunition to these LTTP numbskulls."

I don't think so. LTTE could very well say, citing Chamipka as an example, that PA (run by MR) is a fasict party. This can hurt us very much more than a lone blogger's tired writings.

Why doesn't LTTE target any of these JHU guys, but try to kill people like Gota, SF, and MR? It is because, these are the people who are really hurting the LTTE. Not people in the JHU.

Facists with opposing ideas should be made to battle it out themselves, if they really want to or someone should make sure that facists exist in very small numbers. But right now, everybody is paying for problems of fascists.

Not only are JHU making Sri Lankans look bad, but they have hijacked Buddhism to justify their fascist agenda. LTTE supporting diaspora is already denigrating us (and Buddhism) citing JHU tactics.

"At this point we should be united instead of fighting with each other."

Exactly. Not only Sinhalese, but all Sri Lankans (and the whole world) should unite to fight the LTTP. People like Ranawaka make it very much harder for that to happen.

GoldenEagle said...


How could you guys be so stupid?

Don't respond to the LTTE coolie morons who post here.

They are just trying get you guys mad, you can never change their brainwashed minds no matter what you say.


Don't take the bait, stick to defence related discussions.

Riyaz said...

Thanks DW for bringing us news which I feel is balanced reporting.

The western Kili front is rapidly changing now. can anyone tell us whats so signficant about Devil's point? Is it so because it has a great viewing point or is there more to it? and the way things unfolding DW will have his work cut out posting new articles almost everyday.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Pillayan's secretary Kumaraswami Nandagopan shot dead in Athurugiriya.

- Daily Mirror

Sandun Dasanayake said...

"The chief minister has also been criticised for having a secretary who allegedly has links to the LTTE.

The TMVP suspects that this secretary has been planted by the LTTE to spy on party activities and create problems, sources said." (DailyMirror 2008/09/26)

So... This is a work of Karuna's men ??

Vinod said...

The accompanying photograph is labelled 'BMP.jpg', but the APC in it is in fact a BTR-60.

DoDo said...


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