Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heavy fighting as troops fight on despite casualties

It rained incessantly for the fourth consecutive day today in the Wanni. Troops continued their operations despite the weather and heavy LTTE resistance.

Heavy fighting erupted on Sunday after 58 Division troops broke through an LTTE earth bund along the Pooneryn-Paranthan road. The 58 was able to advance only 2km when heavy LTTE resistance forced them back. 90 casualties were reported to the 58, 12 of which were deaths.

The 58 had 6km to advance along the Pooneryn-Paranthan road but these 6km is completely open terrain. Like in Sempankunduvillu, Tigers launched attacks from well defended positions. Field Commanders told DefenceWire that they will achieve their objective no matter what.

On that day itself, total casualties to troops was 160, majority of whom were in the P3 and P4 categories. These included casualties from fighting in Kokavil, Murukandi and Weli Oya. This is an indicator of LTTE determination to resist, which is welcomed by the Army.


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merandy said...

Finally you are back. Thanks for the update.

middle path said...

thanks DW

middle path said...

We have to safe guard 3 places and 3 people with-in next 2 days....
MR,GR and SF

Katu APT,CMB Harbour and Ratmalana APT.

phaedrus said...

Great to hear from you again, DW.

Have we planned any surprise parties for the butchers' birthday?

Anonymous said...

DW, Thanks for the update.
Well said, resistance is good for us.
The more they resist, the larger the "catch" will be.
At the same time for the fallen heroes and the brothers and sisters in the three forces, you will be in our hearts forever. Deep down in our hearts, we know that your sacrifice, lets us prevail, not only for today or tomorrow, but for the coming 2500 years.

perein said...

Ammo Dakka Kall.. Kaluda Sududa danneth naha..

Thank you for the latest.
What's the latest related to Kili please?

Unknown said...

The crotch of the half knicker is going to get snipped!

Unknown said...



TigerKiller said...


thanks for the update

Sithsala said...

red bird kuttu has come back.

however he seems to be damn high.

'he he' has become 'hikz hikz'

may be he has gone to visit paiko and joined the tamiznadu kasiya union.

Gringo said...

[Statewide protest in Tamil Nadu demands ceasefire in Sri Lanka - TNUT

Where are the protests in Sri Lanka by the so called 'affected’ and 'suffering' [Tamil] people? Why don't they protest against the government?

The jokers in Toiletnadu must be sitting on their brains!

So long as cattle are around... there will be a sheppard.

Shyam said...

...WISHING YOU A BIRTHDAY with lot of success and whole world is waiting for your next victorious move ...Please make it quick ....

Sithsala said...

hey Sam,

how many do you have in the list? :)

Shyam said...


Sam Perera said...


What is your take on Ranil Wickramasinghe's statement on stopping all the military ops after November 26 due to Indian pressure? Is this true or just a wet wild dream of Ranil

dhanushka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gringo said...



Is there anything new other than wishing about Peelam pie-on-a-platter?

Don't ya worry... Tomorrow Velu will place another IMPORTANT call to Room Service in Hotel International Community and order to bring that much delayed today's special... 'Peelam on a platter'.

dhanushka said...

Check this out...



Real Pottu said...

Defence Column said...

Fate of Prabhakaran - What moda people think.

master copy paster Defence Column pakaya

Real Pottu said...


defencewire is back in action

more bs for the modeya

Real Pottu said...

dhanushka said...

Check this out...



modeya graphics


Sam Perera said...


I have 24 teras in my list. Please find below the the entry for your use.


Gringo said...

[master copy paster Defence Column pakaya

We understand your frustration...

Worship that pig-ass more and more... and get yourself Eelamized... preferably today.

No_MESS said...

Thambala/Pakka-Lanka, Good work.

From today’s Evening Standard.

Real Pottu said...

defence.lk was very sad all these days that defencewire was missing

ugly sisters

Real Pottu said...

No_MESS said...

Thambala/Pakka-Lanka, Good work.

From today’s Evening Standard.


did the events stop ?

moda sinhala

Real Pottu said...


kilinochchi captured

post the good news to sinhala modaya cult :))

LKDOOD said...


thanks for the update

Unknown said...

Amir Coolie,

What do you mean by "Modeya graphics"?

Tamil coolies are exceptional at creating new words that make no sense. Same goes with the word "Sorry Lanka". That is because third grade eelamists who have thier tongues placed upside down can't pronounce a word properly say this unintentionally when referring to Sri Lanka.

The ones who can say abcd twisted it as sorry lanka. Anyway, we couldn't care less.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW.

"Field Commanders told DefenceWire that they will achieve their objective no matter what."

not at all a sign of bravery without the use of SLAF.

if there are well fortified positions, why not use the SLAF??? how many more casualties does it take to stall our operations?

now we have a fantastic opportunity to HARVEST the maximum number of tigers. but we are not doing that. we are trying to grab land when we should be killing. it cannot be done without EXTENSIVE use of the SLAF.

to me, this is totally unacceptable. sorry patriots, i dissent. i got to call a spade a spade.

it is clear now tigers are fighting back, so why not use harvesting tectics that couldn't be used when they were running away in fear?

land grabbing is OK for troops operating in the blue area of the defence.lk map. i'm refering to the battles in red areas. i know about the time frames. but you cannot have such short time frames for the MOST DECISIVE part of the war.

when tigers start to hold ground and resist, our tactics should change to attrition as we did earlier this year.

not publishing casualties, IN THIS LIGHT, makes it worse. now it looks to me the not publishing casualties was planned to facilitate the "no matter what" approach.

Unknown said...

Amir coolie,

What does shemale means?
Btw, haven't you got anything to say in defence of your pathetic coolies.

If I were you (not that I wish to be in my entire cycle of Nirvana), I would at least provide an explaination why this so called great nation of 70 million Nata Hamis can't govern themselves other than squatting on someone else's land.

Real Pottu said...

Moshe Dyan the supreme keyboard commander has arrived

bravery...slaf...casualties...stall our operations...harvest...grab land...slaf...sorry patriots...blue area...red area...hold ground and resist..."no matter what" bla bla bla

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Tomorrow is my Birthday

I have ordered all my amma vuka tigers to celoborate tomorrow. Upon my orders all tamilos have to allowed my monky killers to let their wives, daughters, even grand ma's to intercourse. Because they are dying for my dream and all tamilos must sacrifice something.

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Pottu and Nadesan just called me these bastards are so deseparate without Mathivani.

Soosai is looking for charles Anthony, I just doubt is he a gay?.


Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Amir, Oh my dear after long time yesterday your amma came here. So my 226 monkey killers lambasted her. Party still going on,

please keep on touch.

You illigitimate any clue of your real papa?. Please check online tiger database.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

thanks DW!

Colomblogs said...

It seems something not right in the background.
- Unnecesary hurry to grab the "Terriotory"
- Though expected at this stage, a cosiderablly higher casualty rate
- Sudden lack of air-support
- JHU agrre to CeasFire
- Ranil's "talks" on end of war by 26th
- Lack of news from DW/DN/Defence.lk and even Tanilnut
- Sudden silence of Extreme Eelamists

(this may be too hypothetical)

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Mahen has changed his id to Amir.

This sakkiliya has multiple personality syndrome.

Moda Amir! you are an example of bad genes. Thats why we don't want your kind in our country.

Real Pottu said...

bungu the monkey

fake id's are your favorite pass time

Unknown said...

Amir Coolie,

Just ignore Bungu and sing along:


Or try this one:

සිසිර කුමාර said...

My favorite pastime is coming after you dear!

Now dance you little monkey!.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Come on you can do better than that!

Make me laugh.... say about recapturing of Nachchikuda... or even Mavilaru...

1... 2... 3... go

kevin said...

Are you from M’t Lavania?

Unknown said...

Hi Bungu,

How are you? It's soooooooo funny when you irritate this retarded Amir.

Btw, do you know something? Recently at LNP I read Shakthi ayya's article about a person who gone to Vauniya and beyond using the Uttara Devi railway line. From that moment onwards I am dieing to go and see the North of my country.

Who knows if it's as beautiful as people say we might think of buying some land from the North.

But the problem is there are too many poor people there. I hope you don't misunderstand but we hate poor people. Especially eelamists because they stare at our breakfast tables, they try to rob even a needle they find in our homes and the funny thing is they are always hungry.

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

Yes we are from Mount.

සිසිර කුමාර said...


Keep your fingers crossed... Soon we all will be able to buy lands up north.

Not to worry about eelam kollo and kello. We can get our kitchen/garden work done by them.

kevin said...

Yes I thought that you are from Mt L.
I doubt that you may be able to buy land up there as they don’t like people from the south coming there to live or buy land there. Might take a decade or two to sort the problems there. I just couldn’t drink the water there which is brackish and not suitable for city slickers like us as it is a very dull place for my liking.Any way good luck.

Saman said...

I am 100% with Moshe. That, exactly, was my first thought reading this.

Also it seems to me, DW has done this as "something got to be posted" as boys going nuts.

I now wonder bloody India is laying a trap by putting pressure on GoSL to do THIS, do THAT before THIS and before THAT.

We must fight our own fight and make LTTE play our game. Not the fucking any other way. The casualties over last month are not reading well on home openion too.

SLAF's inactiveness is a major issue. If open terrain – that is their job to soften the enemy before SLA takes over. IS THIS MATCH FIXING?

Also, I have noted only DW reported 300 casualties Jaffna FDL (on the previous posting). I could not substantiate that claim through any other source (including TN). And now come up with 190 here.

Sorry – DW. You have been doing a good job, but I need to put this question bluntly,

What are your sources and why should we believe you?

Saman said...


Good analogy bro. But VP's behaviour has no logic.

kevin said...

Moshe Dayan
You are absolutely right about winning land without a harvest. I think taking land is political wasting them is military. I think latter is what matters and is on now. Our guys are now confronting the real hardcore. I wonder if the inactivity of the slaf due to maintenance or lack of payloads in stock? VP may try to escape by air and there are mercenary pilots who may be daring enough land a plane similar to a C130 and whisk them away to fight another day, as it has been proved that our forces were not capable to destroy those tin cans that raided South several time. These mercenaries only need 40 minutes to get into our airspace and whisk them away. With so much money in their coffers anything of this nature is possible. I am surprised that the tigers are not using foreign mercenaries who are veterans of recent conflicts, perhaps we might encounter them in the future battles. I have seen once a foreigner going north on his own from the Neelavally hotel in Trico. Perhaps he was a NGO or a mercenary reporting for duty.
Good night!

Suranimala said...

Ruwani dont care about amir the Pig. he does not know how to respect the woman at all. may have forgotten kathankudi.
DW really why cant SLA use SLAF in this situation?

gamekoluwa said...

Ardawaneee.. Amir annaaaa,,,
adagena nanawa ne...
dont fuck with sinhalese girl ayya, u and i can send our girls to fight ( we treat them as our toilet cleaners,) as we dont have balls... but sinhala girls are not like our girls..
see anna their men are fighting in wanni and girls support them by looking after their kids and parents. we send our kids and our parents to war and we are here washing white peoples toilets and asses.
that singhala girl is correct, ardawanaee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got it !unfortunately we are coolies.
Don’t embraced us anna… please be nice otherwise its gonna be sing alone with praba anna,,, the
Anna is that true praba anna said about your mama… I know you have know clue of your appa… but praba anna is too much anna he always make fun out of you…don’t worry anna wait till 27th .. then you can put your head on ur ass… well if u have one

Unknown said...

Moshe, I am with you. SLAF should be used to the fullest now.
TERRA concentration is high and killing probability is always high for air attackes.
No need expensinve missiles, fuel bombs are very fine to suck all holes in front lines. Fuel is very cheap in these days and even Bel heli's should be used to drop napam bombs every where. no civilians, so what to worry.

thiru said...

andare u dumb modhaya, the reason the Slaf is inactive is becos the fighting taking place right now is relatively close quarter and the monsoon rains are in full swing...due to the close quarter fighting and the renowned lack of accuracy of the so called "fighter pilots" in the south they are not active fearing either crashing due to bad weather or killing their own "brave hearts" this was one of the ltte's objectives in the first place to bring the fighting to close proximity instead of long range battles to eliminate the threat of the airforce....this might seem too complex of a plan for ur modhaya mind but these are tactical strategies used by the ltte leaderships superior tactical knowledge.

josua M said...

ya I too agree with andare.

It is better if we can kill more tigers now than advancing towards there FDL.

and I don't see a reason to have Lion's flag at Kili exactly on 27th.

DW really had to wait till 5000 comments

Unknown said...

may be ARMY is not using Arti and MBRLs effectively.
These devices should be located, so that any gun can cover several fronts.
there should be concentrated attaks for seleted front at a time, although it can be a difficult task for them.

Air force has become a useless aparatus. I have no trust of timing and accuracy of their bombings.
NO one knows, there can be multi million deals to not to bomb accurately.

gamekoluwa said...

just got the good news... Metro chief call special investigation on what’s going on in side Monkey dance day 28th in ExCEl..(city news room) looks like all blood sucking dumb ball – less terrorists have to jump over the pathway (bridge) next to excel strait to docklands water. he he he monkey dance …

Gota SIR, SARTH SIR please save us…. Please save our kids and parents… please kill all LTTE Blood sucking leeches. All true Tamils will get together and fuck the ltte . wait till our army get in to kili … perhaps on the 27th … my aunt in vaddakkachchi told me yesterday so many ltte rats are running towards mulathiv jungle as they cant face the TF3

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

My pigs in Tamil Nadu demonstrating.

When Anton balaves lived he taught me about Marx & Lenin. He said they always called for Inetrnatunal dumbrise. But they are not racist.
I have requested India CP to support my dream. Make my dream come true. But they vesa punde undi rejected me. Now India election coming soon. They have no man power. They now try to use ceasefire appeal just to get a publicity. Even for that I paid them millions. Amma vuka vesa ballo in CPI. But I'm happy now even marxsexist become racists.

Let's talk about JVP, I saw Tilgin in Paris when Paris singala organize demo against my dream. I wonder if he go for that demo but my mole inside Paris branch Manel kolla informed me Tilgin asked him is it JVP organize the demo?. When Manel kolla said no Tilgin said

"we are against the war. That is why we voted against the Budget just to topple this asshole government. Now they are winning war. If that happen what will happen to our slogaaaan. Tell all members not to support gov. We must do something for Pirba"

This make me happy ever even SL marxistos now racist.

Oh AMMA VUKA Diaspora

We just retreated tactically from Omanthai. Now we have put a puk bunker in Oddusuddan. This is just to stop TF3. Because when wanni entry point is Oddusuddan they cannot attack that point if they do all foods to convey's to my racist nation will stop.

Oh Anitha Pratap on the phone, What does this bloody whore want now?, Sorry I will be back.

Gringo said...

Godsun... whatever you are, your writing is giving me loads of chuckles...

Keep 'em coming.

Moshe Dyan said...

saman, kevin, andare & joshua,

thanks mates for the valuable input.

let me bring another piece of bad news.

our frontline consists of the best bcos we do not send civilians, half trained dumbfcuks, women, children to the front. so UNLIKE the LTTE, we are losing our BEST.

this is fcuking disappointing.

what i mean by losing is losing their services in the batlefield. TF even if a soldier is wounded, he has to go out of service at least temporarily and the battle loses him although the country still have him.

yes mates, like you guys said this phase of the battle is NOT fought to OUR (SL) PLAN. we are doing it according to ANOTHER's plan.

what SLAF can do:

1. destroy LTTE arti/motar positions
2. bombs LTTE gathering points
3. bombs sizable LTTE concentrations
4. destroy LTTE's evacuation systems
5. destroy LTTE's weapons transport systems (they must be VERY efficient)
6. burn down areas tigers can hide (if using fuel bombs it doesn't matter if it is raining or not!!)
7. attack tiger leaders' fox holes
8. provide MORE CAS
9. provide MORE, UP-TO-THE-MINUTE UAV footage to SLA
10. rape LTTE cadre transport systems (to the battle front) that seem to be very efficient
11. run down the LTTE morale by using devastating gravity bombs
12. use cluster bombs in DIRECT retaliation to APMs heavily used by tigers.

Moshe Dyan said...

there is good news too.

SF teams are operating ahead of muhamalai doing HARVESTING operations.

Moshe Dyan said...


welcome to the blog.

have no fear mate. you are us and we are you and we will save you.

thats how things were MAINLY for 2,500 years and thats how it will be. we have proven that we can live/stay in the same street, same team, same restaurant, same village, same city, same country.

there will be no RACIAL boundaries in SL. only the shores shall mark the boundaries of SL. together we should defeat terrorism, racism and separatism.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Today's divaina reports Stanley was killed.

LankaBoy_007 said...

Damn everboy can't wait till VeziPillei last maaveer speach..hope he woudn't cry to beg some attention.love to see Lion flag on k'chi 27th.Way to go SLDF.

Gringo said...

[HRW statement dismissed by government - News item]

Simply fabulous. Courageous leadership dispalyed.

Next time they bug us... we should have more courage... to tell these mfkers that we are no longer going to RESPOND to any of their reports.

We have more important things to do... like... looking after the welfare of our soldiers... and SriLankanizing every bit of NE land.... making sure that the myth of a 'Tamil homeland' is BUSTED.

Rana said...

Good morning to all patriots,

So DW finally came up with something!

As usual Moshe is on the spot.

Sorry, I was not here for a complete day due to urgent and unavoidable work.

Moshe Dyan said...


good morning mate.

Rana said...


After reading each and evry point you made, I agree with you whole heartdly.

Things are not moving the way you and I want. Having said that, you and I do not see the complete picture also, I mean including interventions and political future of the govt etc.

However, one thing is for sure, what MR, GR and SF want to do, is as same as what we expect them to do but LTTP still have some trumps left it seems.

Unknown said...

I heard Sarath telling that Prabha is trying to flee. Just wanted to know wether Sarath is still insucessful in getting a green card.

Anyway all the traitors telling that Sri Lanka is losing billions is a lie. Sri Lanka economy is thriving. Mahindha plans to issue Minh dollars. All people speaking otherwise will be killed, white van etc.

"This is an indicator of LTTE determination to resist, which is welcomed by the Army."

I like defencewire bullshit. I mean all you spinning and finally this. You know as a commander you always hope that the other guy faces the tougher resistance and you get you task done and rest. Look all the heroism ect is different when you wear the uniform and when you are outside.

So all the way Sartah and the army were disappointed that there was no resistance and Mahindha mama was lying. When you do spin doctoring, you can do so sucessfully when there are equally intelligent people supporting your cause. Its like the movie wag the dog. Else you end up looking like Paulson telling the world will come to an end without buying mortgage baced securties, then say they are not doing it and finally announcing that they are.

I once told in this blog that seemingly strong leaders like George Bush look good at the start and falter at the end. mahindha is no different.

Unknown said...


Looks like CPI, PMK, DMK and possibly BJP will ally with Jaya's AIADMK. Sorry to Karunanidhi for trying to stir a fake sentiment.


What happens when the Indian Army lands to "liberate' the Hindus. I mean are you keyboard warriors going to fight. If you think it will not happen, remember the BJP destroyed a mosuqe and caused so much problems. Now they will need a scrafical lamb for keeping them in power for 5 years.


Unknown said...

Commando, nice words. Hope the triple gem bless those who killed sixty thousand youths in the south in the 2 JVP uprisings. If you create a problem today it will make people forget the problems before.

Defencewire why are those heroes killing the youth not venerated. May they attend nibhana.

Unknown said...


Sri Lanka Unexpectedly Lowers Reserve Ratio to 7.75%

Hey anymore schemes to put money in the lucrative finaciers who run away. My god looks like LTTE need not lauch an offensive when you have people like this.

Moshe Dyan said...

govt has found a new money source: TRO!!!!

how fantastic is that?

Rana said...

Where is AGG,

Only AGG can give successful reply to Navindran mama who is hallucinating all the time with big shots and names.

Nivin mama where is Hilary and Obama, now you are banking on BJP and SL reserve ratio, wait another hour, AGG will come and solve your problems.

BTW, what happened to your declaration of independence, bro.

Don't tell me you forgot it!!!

Moshe Dyan said...


pardon me my fellow christians. this although sounds like the carrol "long time ago", is different. it is of the new tamileela sangeetham genre.


long time ago in VVT
so the tamileelawansam says
velu's cumdrop vezapillai
was born on mahaveer day

hey now hear the artillery sing
thalaivar born today
and he will not live anymore
bcos of mahaveer day

while snipers watched their kills that night
they saw a bright new shining arse
when they knew it was thalaivar's
they started bashing it very hard

O thalaivar you came to save our arses O thalaivar
Your very arse you gave us O Thalaivar
you are the sole representative
thalivar! thalai! - repeat.

ravana said...

goood morning...this f. raining sucks here..but dont worry...our troops will give the best ever B' day gift to piraba this year...

Unknown said...

I thought of sharing this information since i see alot of fighting now being carried out in the rain. Now the rain is an extreme irritant for a soldier.

First you get wet and cannot change your uniform for a long time. Secondly everyplace gets muddy and you boots get clumped with mud. Worst still if your socks gets wet. Its no fun to crawl in the mud and wait in wet uniform. You can get trench feet.

Now when it dries you will smell really badly. You need to wash your boots before entering the barracks and its a chargable offence to have a dirty bunk. That does not stop some people sleeping in their uniform.

You will get wierd people from different background and some can palette the smell, dirt and the rest cannot.

The worst is when the mud dries as its clumps for a while then breaks into dust and is blown when strong the winds come. Hence its worst then kids plying in the mud because you always want a clean dry set of equipment. Whether its your uniform or your rifle.

Lastly a hot ration sent to a soldier in a field is worth its weight in gold. It means more then your triple gem etc.

Waija if LTTE loves MR. I mean you are one of the people who actually believe he does something good for the country. No wonder he can win elections.

KillerT said...

OMG am I dreaming...finally a post from DW....anyways thanks for that....but expected a little more coz u kept us waiting for so long..

By da way guys,I also agree that more harvesting shud be done with the support of SLAF.but I think the heavy rain is restricting the use of our gunships.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Oh sorry I just finished my satellitte call with bitch Anitha Prathap.

Ohe very first she greeted me for my Birthday
Next she asked me did I call my dad

Bitch she hinted she knows well my status

During her call one monky killer told me Stanley (Pikudu amman) died, I asked him who else

So Anitha told me:

"Oh My dala Pirbha I miss you dear I still remember when I was in Wanni during 80's how you and killer dala's treated me. Oh those days are wonderful, you are so young, but energiless, donga down always , however Karuna amman replaced you everytime , Dala whatever happen between Karuna and you is just past, You know well how he help you to save your life. Oh Dala Pirbha I know you are in great trembling , what can I do dala?

I still remember her nasty smell, this bloody whore think she is the best Indian Journalisex, Bitch

Anitha: Dala how come you are so successful in India these days waging demonstrate?

I said: Oh Anitho you are wrong. Not India, I am successful in Tamil nadoos, You know Tamil nadoo is a place with full of Racist amma vukas. When you show banana in Chennai, Madras millions will come after you to get it. But in this case I give everyone 10 rupee for participation.

Then she ask : Ok ok then how come in Mauritius:

I said: (Is she a journo or street girl- I was thinking) To tell you truth you know Mathivani and my bunker groups wife's and daughters, Grand ma's all in South Africa now. But on their way to SA they pass through Mauritius. So those who organize the march kept them in three consecutive days. Our poor monky army (all 240) had to sacrifice their bingo to them. At end mathivani told them they dont need any money, instead of money Mathivani ask them to march for my sake.

But I was angry they kept Mathivani for stopless three days and just march few yards for few photos. Bastards.

Anitha wanted what she (Mathivani )sent for my Birthday


SHE SENT ME A DVD HOW SHE IS GANG BANG WITH THUNDER DONGA BLACK AFRICANAS. (For her it's normal, But I wish she will not keep this way as a habit even after my escape)

Anitha and we discuss about diseases afterwards.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Oh sorry I just finished my satellitte call with bitch Anitha Prathap.

Ohe very first she greeted me for my Birthday
Next she asked me did I call my dad

Bitch she hinted she knows well my status

During her call one monky killer told me Stanley (Pikudu amman) died, I asked him who else

So Anitha told me:

"Oh My dala Pirbha I miss you dear I still remember when I was in Wanni during 80's how you and killer dala's treated me. Oh those days are wonderful, you are so young, but energiless, donga down always , however Karuna amman replaced you everytime , Dala whatever happen between Karuna and you is just past, You know well how he help you to save your life. Oh Dala Pirbha I know you are in great trembling , what can I do dala?

I still remember her nasty smell, this bloody whore think she is the best Indian Journalisex, Bitch

Anitha: Dala how come you are so successful in India these days waging demonstrate?

I said: Oh Anitho you are wrong. Not India, I am successful in Tamil nadoos, You know Tamil nadoo is a place with full of Racist amma vukas. When you show banana in Chennai, Madras millions will come after you to get it. But in this case I give everyone 10 rupee for participation.

Then she ask : Ok ok then how come in Mauritius:

I said: (Is she a journo or street girl- I was thinking) To tell you truth you know Mathivani and my bunker groups wife's and daughters, Grand ma's all in South Africa now. But on their way to SA they pass through Mauritius. So those who organize the march kept them in three consecutive days. Our poor monky army (all 240) had to sacrifice their bingo to them. At end mathivani told them they dont need any money, instead of money Mathivani ask them to march for my sake.

But I was angry they kept Mathivani for stopless three days and just march few yards for few photos. Bastards.

Anitha wanted what she (Mathivani )sent for my Birthday


SHE SENT ME A DVD HOW SHE IS GANG BANG WITH THUNDER DONGA BLACK AFRICANAS. (For her it's normal, But I wish she will not keep this way as a habit even after my escape)

Anitha and we discuss about diseases afterwards.

No_MESS said...


Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...



Look like you are living somewhere with benefits or your wife or daughter working in Red light street(Amsterdam) or Boulonge vesa forest(France)
or 42nd street in New York

Hey amma vuka bastard dont spend time writing in this bulsheet blog just come to wanni die for my dream.

Stanely (Pikudu Amman) died few hours ago, Senthi amman died sunday, Kapil amman injured, Rasiah no where, many MIA, many killed by singala army.

We are lack of mens here you amma vuka asshole spending time here.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...








KB said...

Dear Patriots,
Our MI chaps have done it again. Their crack agents have infiltrated fat boy's VOT staff and obtained an advance copy of his looser day speech. Here is a preview of the transcript for your eyes only:

'My dear terrorists and overseas supporter morons,
I am sun god. I will deliver Eelam to you.
What... What is that sound? By Siva, the SLAF criminals have returned!
Ade Appa, what is this world coming to? A murdering psychopath can't even deliver a speech in peace!
Run, boys and girls! Run for your miserable lives!
Boom! Kaboom! Boom!
Amma, Appa, Andawane Saaamy...'

[sudden break in recording]


wijayapala said...

"if there are well fortified positions, why not use the SLAF??? how many more casualties does it take to stall our operations?

to me, this is totally unacceptable. sorry patriots, i dissent. i got to call a spade a spade.

And unfortunately I've got to call a Mushe a Mushe when he continues to play armchair general and questions the competence of the security forces without taking their challenges into consideration. Hopefully he won't get spastic again and hide his ignorance by calling me an LTTE supporter.

There are two reasons why SLAF is not busy these days:

1) Weather: it's hard to tell from the perspective of the armchair, but we're in the middle of a MONSOON right now. That means the SLAF can't fly as often, and when it can fly there's little to see and target.

2) Lack of resources: the SLAF is not the USAF- it cannot conduct round-the-clock sorties because there aren't enough operational aircraft and ordnance to go around. It is also possible that the SLAF's observation aircraft may be non-operational for maintenance reasons.

The SLAF (and the SLA) simply can't afford to drop bombs or lob shells en masse aimlessly. These toys are expensive and that is the basic flaw of the "Mushe firepower" strategy. Kaatikuddupaan himself noted how the SLSF tends to waste ammo unnecessarily. Against an enemy who digs in well and understands concealment, firepower has limitations even for advanced powers like the US.

"1. destroy LTTE arti/motar positions"

How will these be located?

"6. burn down areas tigers can hide (if using fuel bombs it doesn't matter if it is raining or not!!)"

Aside from the previously mentioned shortage of ordnance, DW had pointed out that the SLA is currently fighting in open terrain.

9. provide MORE, UP-TO-THE-MINUTE UAV footage to SLA"

How many UAVs do we have, and how many of them are operational?

"11. run down the LTTE morale by using devastating gravity bombs
12. use cluster bombs in DIRECT retaliation to APMs heavily used by tigers.

Where will we get these munitions?

wijayapala said...



He won't.

CASC said...

As readers of this blog, as we get ready to celebrate Prabhakaran's 54th birthday, which no doubt will be a memorable occasion for him, I would like to challenge the artistic minded among us to compose a poem in his honor.

To give you a flavor poems composed for such occasions, I would like to direct you to the poem composed by the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Kalaignar Karunanidh, on the occasion of S. P. Thamilchelvan's untimely death in 2007.

Condolence poetry by Kalaignar Karunanidhi. Text released by the Tamil Nadu Government Information and Public Relations Department.

Always smiling face -
A mind that sets ablaze opposition!

Young, young, yet a heart of
Himalayan strength, strength!

A commander seasoned in the line
of the old lion Balasingam

The virtuous youth whom with determination
offered himself to the War for Rights -
his soul hasn't gone extinguished
he hasn't gone brotherless

A beloved son who wrote his fame
all over the earth, wherever Tamils live -
where have you gone?

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Gooooooooood Morning boys and girls and monkey people!
My count down for the Mega Monkey Day is almost there!
1 more fcuking monkey day to go! 27/11/08

Just turned up-to work and got late as I went to Dandenong to c any celebrations happening on Tamil shops around. Nope… NO… monkey day celebrations! One of the shop giving free Bananas to any monkey who do a monkey dance in front of the shop!

And then I saw this old dude wearing nothing but a nappy doing a monkey dance in front of the shop! Guess who??? Fcuking Navindran seeya!ha ha ha He was happy like a pig in the shit hole when he got his free AnaMalu kesel gediya! Ha ha ha Navindran seeya, how is the AnaMalu??? Ha ha ha

So, any monkeys read this and like a free banana pls go to Dandenong and do a monkey dance!

As promised here is the English translation of VP’s Mahaweera / Maveerer Speech draft!

Mahaweera / Maveerer Speech (draft)

Dear Mahaweera / Maveerer.

How r u going? Heard u blast the fcuk out of u? Did it hurt? Must be ha? lol Hope all well in where ever u r now. I am live and kicking and eating well and when wife not in the bunker I get to hump a suicide case. Can’t complain, u know!

This is an important day in the history of our monkey struggle. Monkeys like u ferociously fought to save the jungles of the Wanni. I am the Tarzan and u r the Cheeta! I still remember when I kidnap my wife and ran into the jungle holding her on top of my shoulder like a jungle boy and then I hump her on top of hay stack u danced around us like a real monkey.

I even call my wife Jane! Yes, just like Tarzan’s wife. When I take 2 Viagra tablets and start humping like a monkey in the bunker it remind me of Jane and Tarzan hump in the cave. Thanks for the memories Mahaweera!

Mahaweera, as u may know Sri Lanka Army is on my ars@ last few months.

Mahaweera, don’t worry I promise I’ll save my ars@ but I can not guarantee ur cousins’s and friend’s ars@. Look at the bright side, u’ll get ur cousins and friends to join u soon and so u guys can party like 1999!!! Oooyehh oooojaye… Oooyehh oooojaye … bum bum..bum bum! Ha ha nice ha?

Mahaweera, his is the mother of all battles which took place in the jungle. The enemy fought this battle by concentrating all his strength and resources in it. A very large force with sixty thousand troops belonging to six divisions, specially trained elite military units and the Navy and the Police as rear forces, was deployed in this battle. A large number of heavy artillery, tanks, bombers and attack helicopters and Jets of the SLAF which backed the infantry played an important role in this battle. It sounds like “HOLLY SHIT” ha? YES, it is! Believe me I am shit#ng in my pants right now!

What is the military objective and the ulterior political goal of this massive offensive?

The Sri Lankan government says that the aim of Operation is to liberate Tamil people from LTTE terrorists. But this is not the real objective of the operation.

There are very dangerous and destructive motives behind this Operation. SF wants carve a moth@rfcuking SAM missile to my ars@ thereby destroying my cave and my promised mythical Homo Thamiza monkey land.

The enemy's military power is great. His firepower is also great. His resources are great. In this sense, the military balance was in the enemy's favour. Fcuk yeh, we are fcuk this time! But we have one strength that the enemy does not have: that is the Die-Ass-Pora clowns. My most powerful weapon in the jungle battle was the stupid Die-Ass-Pora clowns who sent money to me.

All these tall poppy syndrome Intelligent Tamils and Homo Dravida monkeys and Homo Tamiza people in the west keep sending me their money and other people’s money and credit cards and drugs money so I can spend them on my family.

I know u used to w@nk like a monkey looking at Dawaraka’s picture but sorry Mahaweera, I gave her to a rich fellow who lives in England. Any daddy bumba would do that to the daughter u know. U don’t want to c ur kids getting killed or to be end up as widow. I can not give her to u Mahaweera, hope u understand it as a servant.

The Sri Lankan government, the chauvinists, yes I know, I have used this word so many time I even can spell it now! Wooo Hooo chauvinists…… chauvinists… chauvinists… ha ha here are few more words I know how to spell, regime, aggression, occupation, enemy, government, Cat, Dog, Bat, fcuk.

Mahaweera, in this year long battle, we have lost more than 8,000 teenage fighters. More than 10,000 have been wounded. In this long battle, several specially trained elite units were destroyed, armoured units have been smashed. Armouries, explosive dumps and modified vehicles have been destroyed. The SL Army has captured a very large quantity of military material. Our losses are very great. Despite all these losses, I still believe if more young kids blast themselves like u, then we can reach my goal of racist 2 acres wet dream.

Mahaweera, Mother Nature was also not kind to us in the Wanni battle field. I know, no mother would ever be kind to me and my gang of killers. Our fighters had to bare the heavy monsoon rains. Thank u, die-ass-pora clowns who pray for the Wanni monsoon to start thinking SLA will bog-down on it! U stupid assholes, mongols, c@nts! If u don’t know anything about the war then u should have kept ur mouth and ur arse shut. None of u fcuking keyboard worriers have made any different here in the Wanni.

The SLA stood like a mountain in an unequal military balance. I know we are fcuked! But I will make sure to tactically withdraw until SF stuck a SAM in my ars@. As some of the die-ass-pora clown promised, Obama did nothing, Hilary is too old for any humping and Viako and TN monkeys are fcuking useless.

Mahaweera, I have diabetics and a short d#ck, Pottu had a massive heart Attack, stupid Barber Chelva got vaporized, Sarwam got shot in his nut, Sussai is fcuking useless, Nadesan is a fcuking looser and with out the bristles in his upper lip he look like a fcuking puffta, Balraj got lucky with the heart attack before DPU got him, Anta Bala was another puffta (I am glad he is dead.. fcking moron) and my son Charles Anthony is retarded and suffering from premature ejaculation just like all of the die-ass-pora clowns.

So, Mahaweera, this is it! Goodbye my gay lover. Goodbye my silly. You have been the one. You have been the one for me! (it is always about me ha ha ha).

The thirst of the Prabakaran is for the teenagers of Thamiza!

V. Pirabakaran

Leader/ex leader/dead leader/fcuked up leader/ useless leader/ fcuking stupid leader/Gay leader/big dumb ars@ leader/massive d#ckhead leader of Liberation Monkeys of Tamil Monkey land

Interpretation to English from Homo Dravida Language done by AmmaGahai

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...


He won't.



I,m already conscripted and recorded my speech

on the basis of MY ESCAPE.

Moshe Dyan said...

what a surprise!

my unpaid slut wesa-pala has arrived not without the deep slut miss vijayapala!!

the bitch is trying his best to stop SLAF taking to the skies by giving bullshit reasons on VEZAPILLAI's birthday!!!!!

ade appa. didn't i say so???

VEZAPILLAI is coming from the mouth of VEZAPALLAI!!!!

"SLAF, please don't bomb me like last time, weather, lack of resources, etc., etc."

yeee haaa


kallathonia said...


wijayapala said...

My dear Mushe

"the b*** is trying his best to stop SLAF taking to the skies by giving bullshit reasons on VEZAPILLAI's birthday!!!!!"

Actually I'm doing my best to prove that you're a shrieking dumbass with zero knowledge of military affairs, and you're doing a wonderful job obliging me.

"don't be scared, MoD disregards my "advice"."

That is probably why we're winning the war.

Unknown said...

Guys a good time For the 59 th anf TF3 to break into mulathiw . Cant let their big guns be on the northwest alone . keep drawing them out on different sides .

kallathonia said...

Hi guys I am kallathonia came to Jaffna on a vellama like all peezam LTTP has. not a sri lankan origin what ever LTTP says...we all are kallathonies.

wijayapala said...


"As readers of this blog, as we get ready to celebrate Prabhakaran's 54th birthday, which no doubt will be a memorable occasion for him, I would like to challenge the artistic minded among us to compose a poem in his honor."

I would be delighted to participate. Here is my submission:

Humpty Fat-Ass Thalaivar sat on a wall,
Humpty Fat-Ass Thalaivar had a great fall,
None of Fat Ass's dumbass LTTE supporters
Could put Humpty Fat-Ass together again.

"I would like to direct you to the poem composed by the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Kalaignar Karunanidh,"

Kalaignar and any other misguided TN Tamils are free to write all the poems they like for all the LTTE leaders who get splattered all over the Wanni. As long as they continue their token fasts and protests to give dumbass LTTE supporters the illusion of real support, they will be doing their job.

wijayapala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wijayapala said...

My dear Mushe,

"hey why didn't you answer my question?"

Well you didn't answer my question whether the MOD actually ever told you to fcuk off, or just simply ignored you hoping you will disappear.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


(Moshe, sahodaraya, Meyata nikan inna denna machan)

Ado malli!
Yes I am that Ravana homeboy!
I really enjoyed your two articles bashing the idiotic Mithra Fernando who must have got his doctorate on the Internet:
Response to Glimpses from the Mahavamsa

Continuing Adventures in Mithra’s Lala Land


Glad to see that you are actually an academic in history (I was joshing you to get you to admit it; hope you understand). I have taken note of the references you gave on one of your articles. But I am impatient and cannot wait to buy it from vedam Books etc.

It would be good if you can actually shed some light with your academic expertise regarding some of my questions. In particular, I have not been able to get hold of Paranavithana's monographs that Clarence Moloney referred to.

I would find it an attractive idea to consider that the ancient Pandya empire was actually centred at Anuradhapura (it would make sense since it was the only sizeable city south of Uijjan). That would make us the original Pandyas from whom the South Indian Pandyas broke off. All the more reason to consider a heritage we share with the South Indians and why the othering of the Sinhalas by SL Tamils (and vice versa) is futile.

In this, my strategy would be to convince the people of the country that Raja Rata is thier common heritage whether Tamil speaking or not.

This is where my problem with "Tamil" identity comes and my strategy here and elsewhere to challenge it.

BTW, Tamil-racists have disappered from AT except for Thambi (who is only half-racist) and I am bored (as is my brother Asthiri). That's why we are here. It is a lot more fun. I notice that you didn't take my baits in Sinhala. Are you ignoring me on purpose or don't you read sinhala? I was hoping you would see the sense of humor.

Anyway returning to the subject of "Tamil" identity, I have taken the usual approach of a scientist. That is to consider a delusion (hypothesis) and then try and disprove the null hypothesis (i.e. that the delusion is not true). If the null hypothesis is not disproved then the delusion is false.

In the case of "tamil" identity, such a delusion would be,

"There has been a nation of people called Tamil which has existed for 2000 years"

Operationalising this hypothesis results in a much more wordy experimental hypothesis:
"There was a group of people who called themselves Tamil and were called Tamil by others and created a language that could be ascribed under that name and lived in a demarcated territory that they called their own and left archeological and literary evidence which could be ascribed to them. Such a people had existed continuously over a period of at least 2000 years and identified themselves as such in thier literature and symbols and engineering etc as unique atmps of their existence."

Given that there are so many corrolaries which need to be tested based on the original hypothesis, I as a scientist would then look at the most primary of these corrolaries:

i.e. "There was a group of people who called themselves Tamil and were called Tamil by others and created a language that could be ascribed under that name and lived in a demarcated territory that they called their own continuously for 2000 years"

Why? Because, if this hypothesis does not stand up then no amount of archeology can be considered to be "Tamil". Without such a name, archeological and literary finds could be ascribed to any identity (e.g. Pandya or Chola or Vamana- that last one was a joke ala AGG).

So ultimately the delusion of a contnuous Tamil identity depends on the testing of that primary hypothesis.

The null hypothesis would be:
"There was no group of people who called themselves Tamil and were called Tamil by others and created a language that could be ascribed under that name and lived in a demarcated territory that they called their own continuously for 2000 years"

My problem is that this null hypothesis cannot be disproven as long as the word contnuously is there (even if we assume that continuously could mean that every hundred or two hundred years or so we can find reference to this identity either internally or externally).

Unlike (my) yard stick of sinhala identity the continuity of any Tamil identity appear very broken and mostly depends in the ancient times on its acknowledgement by the sinhalas themselves (whom as we know have always been notorious racists- wink wink- and call anyone names at the drop of a hat!)

This is where you come in. I depend on my conclusions on incomplete knowledge of the ancient records. You could help us by disproving this null hypothesis if you can educate us about the intricacies of the records proving a) a Tamil identity - which the Pandyas or Cholas called themselves b) that such self-identity was continuous.

I hope you don't mind me putting this from a scientist's perspective. We tend to be a bit pedantic about null-hypotheses.

So far as far as I can see, the calling of Lanka as "tamil" has less credibity than as "sinhala".

I take your point that Lanka has been the most prominent name for the country by the countrymen themselves. After all we still call it that. I grew up calling it that even when others were calling it Ceylon (corruption of Sihale, Sihalam). I think all in the blog would agree.

But they have a problem with the attempts by eelamists to Tamilise the sinhala heritage in order to justify a mythical Eelam.

We can accept that we had Pandya origins. Even better, that we were the ruling Pandyas. But not that we called ourselves "tamil" and spoke the "tamil" language when there is not even evidence that "Sinhalas" existed at that time period (BCE).

My fantasy is that "Tamil" and "Sinhala" probably have a common root very close to each other. Could you comment on the reference I found of a Tamil lady academic who points out that "Tamioli" or is it "Tamyoli" means 'mother tongue'?

Such evidence suggests to me that maybe a word like "Tamil" (tamyoli) was used by Cholas/Pandyas to name the language but the resemblance of that to "Damila" happens to be a coincidence. The fact that the first of the ardent sinhala writers called his work (based on Danidn's) "Siyabalakara" suggests that calling your mother tongue exacly that ("siyabas" was in vogue at the time the "Tamil" Pandyas and Cholas identified and used their own language in literaray work. Jains and Buddhists would have encouraged this because, after all they were the ultimate revolutionaries.

Unknown said...

I do agree with Wijaypala that some bloggers continue to bash SLAF not fully knowing the real situ...
And very few defence blogs or any other sources in public domain shares the real situation of SLAF for obvious reasons...
Those who are bit more privvy to what really goes on knows what a great job SLAF is doing under very difficult conditions...
Its downright unfair to bash em when you are in the dark...

Moshe Dyan said...

hari machang.

Moshe Dyan said...


no, mate.

there were/are PLENTY of opportunities for SLAF to do their bit.

the collapse in mid october is still continuing.

however, there may be reasons unknown to us connected to the indian involvement, TAF threat (in retaliation to SLAF attacks), etc.

but facts remain,

1. SLAF attacks were VERY VERY low
2. SLA is not getting enough support from the SLAF

these must be addressed than bashing the SLAF.

mate, you will agree with me if you read my post which was about pointing out than blaming the SLAF.

Saman said...

/"As readers of this blog, as we get ready to celebrate Prabhakaran's 54th birthday, which no doubt will be a memorable occasion for him, I would like to challenge the artistic minded among us to compose a poem in his honor."/

CASC, here I come,

Mewan puthek lath mawa gab gath lesata
Yamak kiyannemi nokiya bari kamata
Siva Lingayata kiri wath kara sath dinaka
Aye bihi kala Bahirawayek Lak Mawata

Mu wadu geima nomale puruwe pawata
Kendare balu wita pudumai hithata
Muge hondama kalaye Senesuru apata
Nakatha hondai yawanata Nirayata epita

Muu mala thanaka Mal kisida nopipewa
Muu ge mihidanath heta wal bihiwewa
Muu kala vipath yali kisida noma weva
Naduwe Katha godaka mu heta panuwek weva.

Lankapura said...

Ela kiri kawiya Saman

Srilankan said...

I dont think we know all the facts about the SLA/SLAF.I get the feeling they are providing support that is not really publisized..i would not worry about it..really..Our biggest enermy right now are horseshit newspapers publishing articles whose information comes out of the reporters arsehole(s).Moshe remember that the SLAF is helping the SLA by transporting wounded SLA etc..

tata said...

Elama kiri... :)

Lalith Kuruwita said...


That is why I said it is not easy to beat LTTE in Killi. It will take another 3 years.

Saman said...

Machags la,

Mage kaviye, anthima pade one num mehemath kiyanna puluwan,

Muu mala thanaka Mal kisida nopipewa
Muu ge mihidanath heta wal bihiwewa
Muu kala vipath yali kisida noma weva
Niraye Ealamak Muu hata himi weva

Lalith Kuruwita said...


Yesterday a lot of people said that Army already took Killi, but it is a secret and will be revealed on Monkey day.

Now DW says that 7 KM to go and huge casualties.

Where are those donkeys who oppsed to me?

Saman said...

Lalith = Brown,

That is fine. You don't have to worry. 3 years is 10% of 30 years. We can wait.

Lalith Kuruwita said...


I agree with Moshe Dyan.

Lankapura said...

Saman , or:
Nirayeth Ealamak Muu hata nolabewa

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Saman

3 years is more ta=han enough for Monkeys to regoup.

Saman said...


Good poetic value bro but my worry is if he does not get it he may return :-) if we say,

Nirayeth Ealamak Muu hata nolabewa

Saman said...


/3 years is more ta=han enough for Monkeys to regoup/

I dont think so. Within these three years we are going to crush their nuts. So that they can't breed.

Lankapura said...

Good point :-D

Lankapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lankapura said...

Here's my poem (along the lines of Salalihini Sandeshaya):

Re paminiya koti Mavil aruwata
Dora wasuniya jala hinduniya gowiyanta
Mala panuniya in hamuda kollanta
Multi barrel gasa gasa yamu nochchiyata

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, SLAF is doing a good job, no doubt.

but my worry is IT IS NOT ENOUGH compared to what the SLA is doing bcos there are PLENTY of things SLAF can do.

by doing these, many SLA soldiers can be saved.

remember SLAF has NO CHALLENGE in the skies. the ONLY force that is UNCHALLENGED IN ITS ATTACKS.

we MUST use it EXTENSIVELY; that is our COMPETITIVE EDGE in warfare.

mongola had said SLAF had dropped 14,400 tonnes of bombs in vanni for the past 32 months or so. subject to validity, this shows what IT HAS BEEN doing.

why not CONTINUE it now????

Unknown said...

ela ela machang :) ohoma yang ohoma yang :)

Unknown said...

the point i was trying to make is that though we think SLAF is fully equipped and upto the task... the truth is not exactly that...
SLAF can't have UAV's patrolling constantly as some have suggested, they don't have the resources to be up all the time on call to assist grounds forces...
There are so much of red tape involved too other than IC, india interventions...
One thing i know for a FACT is that our pilots are one bloody talented lot to be delivering what they are delivering with resources available to them... And also the engineering crew who work around the clock to keep our machinery combat read even at time jerry rigging things up...
So the point is that it's unfair to slaf is not doing enough...
I think they are doing the best they can with what they have... It might not be enough to tackle the situation at hand but that's something the military planners should have addressed sometime ago...
And being unchallenged in air is not that simple mate... Flying into AA fire, taking hits, returning with leaking fuel tanks etc have all been done by our boys...
Also out of public domain...Ltte have supposedly fired AA missiles at our jets few times and thanks to countermeasures we have survived...

And if one ever gets access to slaf docs... they will know how extensively those crafts have been flown...
SLAF is no USAF...can't expect such CAS or round the clock watch with our limited resources...

But i do agree a better equipped and manned SLAF can play a huge role and give us a huge boost in present conflict...

shay said...


"why not CONTINUE it now????"

You obviously don't live here. Take a look out of the window. The cloud cover is thick and at about 1000ft (and thats in Colombo where its not raining as heavily as up north). They will not see anything to be able to bomb it. I already explained to that sakkiliya Peter on a previous thread why they cant bomb under these conditions.

priyashantha said...

Everybody is celebrating Mahavir day.

This is my contribution. Similar to Rev S Mahinda Thero's style.

soliya kodiya daagath ada para kotiya
vanasaa ratak amu amuwe gini keliya
nothaba hetak uge urumaya paha keriya
sunnath duulu karawaw koti hena gediya

illa hadana wita sakkili thamileelam
gulla bayawa hengena bim geyi surekum
billa wesin awudin ratha pela manaram
lanka puthuni bindalaw me mala kolam

Moshe Dyan said...


i was not asking them to do it today or anytime around the heavy cloud cover/rains.

SLAF had PLENTY of opportunities when the weather was clear.

by "now" i meant a broader time frame.

SLAF hasn't reached the pre-october 16 levels.

do it when weather permits so that benefits will flow into when it is not condusive as well.

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, but there's plenty they can do with what they have.

come up to the pre october 16 levels on days when the weather is better.

do the best when possible and then we can see what to do when things aren't supportive.

Hanas said...

The Fall of Kilinochchi imminent. Guys get ready for celebration tomorrow. See for details Daily mirror & Ada Derana

Hanas said...

Yes Shay is correct. It is difficult for SLAF to strike precisely in these weather condition. But Kili will fall today.

Saman said...

Lankapura, Piyashantha,

Ageta liyapu kavi. Bohoma hondai. Bohoma lassanai

shay said...


If you live here, you would know that we had very bad weather which coincided with the protests in TN. After that there was a break in the weather for a few weeks, when jet attacks were resumed. The level of attacks would obviously depend on the targets available/identfied etc. It doesn't make economic or military sense to conduct very expensive air raids just for the sake of it, when SLA has cheaper alternatives such as artillery (people who live/work in the war zone will tell you that the SLA fires artillery very liberally, sometimes non-stop for hours). The weather has been foul ever since the latest phase of the battle was launched after the capture of Pooneryn, so there is little likelihood of air support now.

Anyway, check out specialforces update.


Malin said...

SF in LNP say "kilinochchi fall is emminenet... " usually what he says sticks

Looks like we will be celebrating fall of kili tommorow.. keeping my fingers crossed :)

Vajira said...

Killi fell yesterday. I made that very clear yesterday. Only perein believed. We will hoist our flag 2mrw to ruin there ceremonies worldwide.

Malin said...

Vajira yes you did not taking that away. I just need to be sure. (which i am still not)

සිසිර කුමාර said...


Remember we discussed when and where should the final battle take place?

Battle progress map indicates we are nearing the end as we expected.


B#1 said...

I'm with moshe regarding the SLAF matter.

Before the last TAF attack everyone started to talk the reason why SALF is such long silence is due to bad weather. Bullshit again..

Rana said...


Mate, If you have seen the orbat defence map recently, you may have noitced newly created light blue area (big chunk of former uncleared area south to A34) is marked as "AREA OF INFLUENCE (AOI)".

Could you explain what is meant by AOI?

Katch said...


My humble attempt at a kaviya,

Pin mada koti nayakaya tharabaru
Un sathu lamun billata dey nirathuru
Uge Upatha il masa samaranawalu
Edina katin bathala-kola sitawana waalu

To the SLAF guys Ranil, Shay, Shan, Rover and others,

Its good to have you back. Please don’t take anything said here personally. Your contribution in this blog is much appreciated. Keep up the good work in helping us to understand the role of the AF better. Thanks.


We are still here. As Vajira said, Killi is in our hands! If you don’t wanna believe it suit yourself. The counterattack on Sunday night in Killi has failed. That’s why our politicians are licking their lips.

Hey Rana,
Good to see u. Missed u yesterday.
AOI=Area of influence

Malin said...

AOI=Area of influence

means area controlled by nobody.

Malin said...

when TF3 and 59 link up it would change to area controlled by SLA. at the moment our resources are not used to clear that area. Small teams operate from both faction at will.

Rana said...

Katch, Priyashantha and lankapura,

Ela kiri kawi, mates.

you all are giving life to this blog, keep it up, brothers.

Couple of weeks ago I said that area is infected with our LRRP boys. It seems now the are is infected with LRRP from both sides.

Thanks katch!!

LankaBoy_007 said...

hi meyalaa.. Good morning howz tha B'day bashing goin on..Vezi pillei yet to realese his anual donkey wash pics, to get rid of his bad luck..

Puran Appu said...


TF2 will be deployed in between TF3 and 59 Division. People who worried about he Western flank of the 59th division, now nothing to worry.
I too heard that the troops have entered Kili capital.

Rana said...


Sorry bro, I missed your post thanks for your reply.


No matter what "KAPPAN VESAPILLE" will say on his F**** day, everybody including himself knows that this is the end of the road for peelam.

I would like to have the basterd and Pottu alive, if possible becuase we have lot to clear with international community and T'naadu. Specially we need to get even with f***ing Norwey. We can do that successfully, if we can get the VP and Pottu double alive!!!

Anonymous said...

K'chi south cleared!

180 LTTE dead last two days.
500 LTTE dead last ten days.

LTTE (DPUs) suffered- bodies found

STF gun down 3 LTTE (ex-TMVP) killers of doc. -Baticlo
STF gun down 2 LTTE - Ampara
SLA gun down 4 LTTE - Horowpathana

# Highest recorded rainfall to Jaffna/ wanni after 50 yeras!

Katch said...

Rana, Thanks.

Puran, good to see u again. Thanks for the update on the 59 div western flank.

Hanas said...

I said Yesterday that Kiinochchi is captured and GOSl looking for auspicious time. Guys check out any auspicious time available today or tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Fall of Kilinochchi

Two years ago fall of K'chi was in no one's vocabulary. One year ago we knew it will fall given the performence of SLA we had no idea when, while our diaspora clowns makig jokes after tamilnut's 'SLA offensive reuplsed' punnakku doses.

Now its no one's question that will K'chi fall.. now the question is will it fall on the B'day of the world record holder of the highest number of tactical withdrawls.

SLA is not just taking K'chi. They are taking it on the B'day of thier enemy! WOW Can you believe this?

And for the LTTE...thier objective now is not keeping K'chi..keeping it until the B'day party is over..Ha Ha

Unknown said...

If the taking of Killinochchi is true, may be the SLA waitining to face any counter attacks.

It is highly probable that this time around it could be a tactical withdrawal from the LTTE terrorists.


සිසිර කුමාර said...


This is my interpretation of AOI.

LTTP has unofficially performed a tactical withdrawal ™ up to Oddusudan.

But we have not chased them up to that. So our official positions are shown on the map as usual.

Blue area indicates we can / should move our front up.

We may not know about the new traps they have laid. We we may gradually follow them.

Malin said...

yes looks like SLA is waiting for counter attack ( as SF said) if there is one even if we cant declare kili captured there should high Ltte Casualties. which should be more importatnt. well like the idea of raising the Sri lankan flag in kili tommorrow.. if possible :)

Hanas said...

I just cannot wait for official declaration of capture of Kilinochchi.

We all should take care of our SLDF soldiers and all have given higher citizen award for their bravery.

We salute our heroes.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Later I saw Malin has given a simple definition for AOI.


perein said...

Thank you for sharing that great news with all of us while all of us were waiting.
Theruwan Saranai Appe Sebalunta. Jayen Jayama Wewa.

DoDo said...

Unofficial news of Kili town captured!

Fantastic!!!! Marvelous!!! I'm in 7th Heaven. Oh Bliss Bliss!

So Proud of you boys. Simply proud of you....

Hold on tight for tonight's counter attack.

Our thoughts are with you, Brothers!

B#1 said...


[will it fall on the B'day of the world record holder of the highest number of tactical withdrawals.]

Hak hak ha... :p

That's why they say VP is always clever and also we believe "lowen ekek ek deyakata wei samatha".

Sandun Dasanayake said...

satana iwarai ban...clear karanawa...onna latest...!

habai koti regroup is observed on the eastern flanks and a counter attack is expected...

information thiyanawa un counter attack karai kiyala unta orders thiyanwa to capture it at any cost...nondiya nisa...

api kalpanawen inne...

- Specialforce in LNP

Rana said...


All news are very good.

I can sleep tonoight peacefully, thanks for all.

We did it boys, thanks to MR, GR and SF and countless brave hearts.

If we have secured Kili, rest is academic.

See you all tomorrow, good night.

Anonymous said...

K'chi - auspicious time !

4 more maveerers

Infinity said...

The Security Forces have almost reached the LTTE stronghold of Kilinochchi. Despite heavy rain and the LTTE resistance, Army's Special Forces have advanced to the outskirts of Kilinochchi. Latest reports from the Northern front a short-while ago said the Security Forces are only two kilometers off the Kilinochchi south while the other brigades are around 4-5km from North and North-West if Kilinochchi. Unconfirmed reports said the Special Forces have reached Kilinochchi but a top Army official said those were mere speculations to connect with the LTTE's so-called Maha-Veer Day. "We have no such goals to suite LTTE celebrations. But the Forces are successfully marching forward," he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Keheliya Rabulwella, the Government Defence Spokesman, said today that the fall of Kilinochchi is imminent. Addressing the weekly media briefing in Colombo today, the Minister said the Security Forces are making a steady progress despite Monsoon rains and they would liberate Kilinochchi at any moment.


සිසිර කුමාර said...

Funny shaped cloud formation can be observed up north.

No wonder SLAF being cautious. We don't need to risk a bird at this stage.

Mahen said...

Yeah right Kilinochchi captured! There is more likelihood of finding Elvis alive and well and running a beedi shop in Kili than capturing Kili. Dream on singhala modays. Nice one chena boys!

mboi said...

those clouds r from a tropical cyclone that passed wanni in the last few days. it is now past jaffna and heading towards southern india.

සිසිර කුමාර said...


"it is now past jaffna ..."

good news.

Ra said...


I expect you to give an intelligent answer to this.

If we capture VP alive, what do you think we would do to him?

perein said...

Here is some bbc news...


mboi said...

highly unlikely LTTE will even do a 'tactical withdrawl' from Kilinocchi with a day to go for the fat bastard's birthday. they will be doing their utmost to resist SLA advance into town, it is propaganda knockout if SLA captures Kili on their 'Hero's day'.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Patriots,

Fall of Kili.....Ade Appa...this is maxa news.....can't wait to see the pics.

God bless our forces, and the people who lead them.

Like others said, better be careful and ready for a counter attack. With right strategy SLDF can use the counter attack to harvest maximum number of primates.

Better keep an eye over SL skies for Takarang Birds!

For those Monkeys who were waiting to hoist the PuttyTatt flag on 27Nov over Nachchikuda....here is an alternatives:
1.Sneak in to your toilet
2. Remove the shower curtain pole
3. Tie your undi on the shower curtain pole....you may now imagine this is the puttytatt flag
3. Climb on top of the commode (don't forget to close the lid, or elese you will end up where you belong)
4. Hoist your flag on top of the commode and call it Nacchikuda/ Eeelam
5. Sing praise to the fatso.....

Cheers all

InSight said...

kili fallen!?!
hope u r sources are reliable
we already seem to be celebrating vezas bday in this blog

Ra said...

One could write a book with jokes and funny insulting comments posted on this blog.


InSight said...

IF kili has been captured, i doubt anyone can call it bad strategy.
the best since gud oppturnity to harvest and prop victory

san said...


Colomblogs said...

"Ninja said...
# Highest recorded rainfall to Jaffna/ wanni after 50 yeras!.."

දේවෝ වස්සතු කාලේන සබ්බ සම්පත්තු හේතුච....

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Funny as it is; the record rainfall of water or ammo?

BTW, it is evident that there is a major storm in formation. Can this be utilized by the maniacs for a counter attack?

It's nature's broom given to SLDF to speed up the sweeping process.

OK SLAF, apologies if I was rude to you. See you after stormy days, but watch out, your counter part may not care for storms. Keep you MI24s and F7s ready if so.

Rajini Khanth said...

Hi all u singhala modayas...U must have heard abt me very well..

Panther® said...

Prabakaran's Computer Desktop


Malin said...

yep we have "Rajini the super ponnaya"

Ananda-USA said...


I enjoyed your reply. We disagree only on the interest of non-Tamil India in keeping Sri Lanka unstable. You see a permanent agenda that I see only in the Dravidian South. In North India I see only random expediency.

Otherwise we are of one patriotic mind, brother!

InSight said...

looks like veza is goin to have to make a few changes to his speech..

"SLA will never take kili" to
"kili will be recaptured soon"
looking all over fot the Tepex now..

Ananda-USA said...


I fervently hope that a ceasefire will not be declared until all uncleared areas are captured by the military and Prabhakaran and crew are either captured or killed.

Otherwise, the agony of our people, both Tamil and Sinhalese, will only be extended forvever. It will be difficult to again generate the current level of support both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

I fired off letters of support to the Defense Minister Gothabhaya Rajapaksa, and to the Army Commander General Fonseka, pleading with them not to declare a ceasefire and to continue military operations until all uncleared areas are liberated.

Perhaps similar emails from the patriots at this site would help prevent a ceasefire.

Nisal said...

Aaaah, kalekata passe me kattiyama set wela thiyenne? ela ela, bole mama witharayine adu...

Kohomada danne na aranchiya neda? aththanam baduma thama, heta udeta kiribath kanna puluwan.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the reply mate. always value your input.

agree on bad weather.

bad weather has been affecting SLAF since 16 october intermittantly no doubt but it doesn't explain why only 9 days of jet attacks in 41 days. surely 32 days was not due to rains/overcast.

SLAF jets can carryout limited bombing raids in overcast conditions. definitely not in rain. the best example is when tigers attacked trinco and kelanitissa. especially in the latter case SLAF jets were up in the air searching for TAF in both air and ground. had they found them on ground, they were ready to bomb.

our UAVs can function in overcast conditions. that allows us to plan ahead so that the moment we get a chance, we can spin into action.

a window of opportunity was grabbed.

TN says it was raining since 20 when our gunships were in action

again around this date although not on this date bcos it was raiing there were SLAF attacks.

November 3: Two more Sea Tiger bases in the Vettalaikerny area of Kilinochchi district were neutralised by the by Sri Lanka Air Force fighter crafts., November 6: Fighter jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force neutralised an LTTE camp, about 1-km northeast of Paranthan in the Kilinochchi district. The target was a location where senior LTTE cadres assemble regularly, according to intelligence information.

also it makes sense to upgrade our technology (subject to constraints) to meet some of the challenge of the north east monsoon when tigers are traditionally get too active.

we may celebrate the capture of kili tomorrow but i'm scaptical about a tiger counter-attack in kili. SLAF can be of IMMENSE help in such an eventuality. of course SLAF should not fly in wet weather. but at other times, depending on the requirement, a compromise can be made which needs selecting targets beforehand using ground intel and/or UAV footage.

Anonymous said...

/Rajini Khanth said...
Hi all u singhala modayas...U must have heard abt me very well../

kawda bola me??

Moshe Dyan said...

bungu, B#1 and others,

i pray that clouds will clear for tomorrow and MOREOVER i prey that SLAF has designated targets already based on ground intel and UAVs.

Moshe Dyan said...


do i know you?

ever been to the land of the morning star by any chance????

Mohammed Zubair said...


As I understand, Bell 212 attack helicopters and Mi-24 gunships are suited for all weather operations.

Moshe Dyan said...


yes mate.

we should be on HIGH alert tomorrow. we are going to HUMILIATE tigers BIGTIME and there is a good chance of them doing whatever it takes to avoid it.

B#1 said...

[rajini khanth may be the eastern term for "vagina cunt"!!!]


where is he now?? pls come back with kushpu thangachchi.. :p "kadavule..kadavule..kadavule.."

Nisal said...

Puran Appu said...

....I too heard that the troops have entered Kili capital....


peter ponnaya said...

Rajini Khanth said...

Hi all u singhala modayas...U must have heard abt me very well..

பலயன்க் பகயொ யன்ன

Hanas said...

Rajnikanth has big mouth and cardboard hero. Do not worry about him.

We have to make sure offical declaration of Kili capture. I hope pirabaharan learnt a lesson from MR. That is do not under estimate any one.

Anonymous said...

Vehicle attacked

Ananda-USA said...

In the Vanni campaign, threatening to capture Kilinochchi to tie down LTTE fighters, while the SLA attacks and makes significant gains elsewhere, has been a great strategy.

Have faith and patience; you will be very pleased by what is achieved by the SLA during this period. The thrust, however, will not be what is trumpeted to the media or what everyone is expecting!

Anonymous said...

/Vanni irrigation bunds close to breach, threaten 10,000 IDPs
[TamilNet, Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 05:03 GMT]

Increasing water levels due to non-stop rain the past five days, and the earth bunds critically weakened to withstand water pressure in several irrigation tanks, including Visuvamadu and Udaiyaarkaddu in Vanni, are posing increasing danger to populated neighborhoods and closeby temporary shelters of internally displaced, civil society sources in Vanni said./

How come this inteligent tamizians who build the erath bunds forgot how it will affetc the water flow/ floods in rain and the irrigatioan tanks?

Anonymous said...

1244 civilans came from K'chi/ Mulathiv districs to Vavunia (this year)

5003 deseters come back ! (after pooneryn victory) - This is 2 brigades.

B#1 said...


What will happen if Mr Pirapaharan ask tomorrow like this?

"Will you STOP the WAR, if I eat the cyanide??"

No doubt, MOD will get stuck with this kind of situation.

Asanga said...


Read this. see the frustration of UNP / Mangala party


Anonymous said...

As per LTTE; 22,679 LTTE dead since 1982. i.e. In 2008, 1838 were dead.

I actually thought LTTE release true figures in thier monkey B'day party but it seems not any more. ICRC handed over more than 600 dead tigers this rear alone. You leave behind dead bodies of your fighters only in a very difficult situation - either side. SLA almost every week hand over dead tigers to ICRC if not every day which shows the trend in wanni. (LTTE hand over SLA bodies once in a while only.) Thus I guess at least 6000+ tigers should be dead if they left behind 600+ bodies.

[Well, according to TMVP, LTTE lost 30,000 from east alone prior to pellam war iv. At that time vast majority of dead tigers were from east. Thus total dead tigers may be around 60,000 so far. So, I guess 20,000+ figure is maaveerars only and not all dead tigers become maaveerars.]

Anonymous said...


/What will happen if Mr Pirapaharan ask tomorrow like this?

"Will you STOP the WAR, if I eat the cyanide??" /

We say, if you eat the cyanide we will stop the war. Then the donkey will eat the cyanide and we do the war. ha ha

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

"Ahead of Mr. Karunanidhi’s visit, members of Parliament of the political parties will meet the Prime Minister on November 28 and brief him on the goings-on and seek his intervention, the resolution added. It wanted the Centre not to stop with requests to Sri Lanka; it wanted the Centre to insist in strong terms and caution Sri Lanka to put in place a ceasefire. Since Sri Lanka had not heeded the requests, the Centre has to show more urgency, the meeting said."

The Hindu

Amma vuka this pigs in Tamil nadoos amma vuka trying to bring disgrace to me.

Now bloody singala think I'm a real bunkeer tambi. They think I am afraid to fight. They think I'm atrue asshole. Even all this are true when piblic know my real nature how can I even go to boga toillette. Mathivani know all that. One thing I am happy is my monky amma vuka tigers will never get to know my nature. These illigitimate sons of IPKF never go to school and they does not know hw to read. Only know shoot.

I just came to know Ratha regiment trapped in Killi had kill their own sakkilli to get flesh meat. Look like they have no foods. I dont care as long as I have.

Navindran, Wesapala, Mahen, all diaspora amma vuka what are you going to do for my birsick day?.

You amma vuka sakkillliya waiting today to hear my speech. I know that. at 12.00 still editing. Also you wait my amma vuka's going to colombo with nucleer.

He he he he he hik hik hik

I know I have to do something today, if not I never get diaspora pimpy money.

I an watching Mathivani and Durga gang bang movie

OH gooodness they are

silentknight said...

@ moshe D,
i got an idea, ill say it in our tongue,

ltte eke bara avi nathi karanna, apita mehema wedak barida?.
SLAF eken pupuranna "rig" karapu bara avi rounds crate ekak airdrop karanna unta hamba wena widiyata.mokak hari boruwak dala(wrong coordinates/slaf inacurracy, whatever)......ethakota eva pawichchi karoth, it will blow up!,....

worth a try?,...its not too hard, its just a fancy dressed up bomb.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...


Monky killers, Monky Ladies, Amma vuka tiger killers,
World leaders, Norway ass holes, Punde undi Putthu Sakkili Amman, Whore Mathivani, Diaspora pimps, DEiaspora prostitues, Manpon Sampon, Ranil wickpon, and LTT pimpi pro singala,

First I want to silence for 15 minutes for those who dies and dying for my killer veza eeeiyolam.

I have no watch I think 15 minute gone. All you now listen my live speech. Sad thing I'm in bunker 45 meter down. I only go out to toillette. No toilette here as I dont want to make a toillette because my last bunker had a toillette and each time I put boga many inside bunker died because of my pampi smelling carbon dioxide. So today great day

Another sad thing is Anton Bala no here. 10 silence for bala.

Ok ok before Anton Bala write my speech. this script written by Mathihutti 6 month ago.

You all know I am innocent, I killed singala because my father hate them since he found one singala inside my house. He never call me son. Always told my vesamma I am not his son. I fight I killed. My biggest mistake is I killed Rajeev Gandi and not kill Karuna. My next biggest mistake is not killing Maina Rajapaksa in election. I never tought he come to power. If I met Manpon Samaraweera I make him president. But I could have make Ranil Wickponna president.

I want ceasefire, I want blood peace, I want my tamilos to live in freedom.

I dont have basic human right even to go to toilllette. When I come out side to toillette, Kfir, Mig's, F7 coming and on middle boga I have to run back to bunker without even washing. What a life?

Where is Human rights?

Amnesty pigs I gave so much diaspora vesa money not just to issue statoment. I love peace. But is it illusion?.

I congratuke Borock Obama. I please you sir, Please come for sake of my life. Please cancel green cards of Gotta, and fonseka. They try to kill me.

I have no freedom. Norway son of the bitch, Hansen Baur, Erick Pukheim promised me they will make me king. all bullshits. They try to put Tamil Sakilli amman as a leader. I gave info to SLAF. That para balla gone. I am happy. Since that Norway not help me.

Ramdoss, Raja Vesa balla Vaiko, all pimp Tamil nadoo I have given you million. Please go to Manmon singh tell him I have no human rights, show him photos of singala I killed as tamil pupils. Tell him India is great, Tell him I will not kill him like Rajeev Gandhi. tell him main reason for killing Rajeev Gandhi is Mathivani.

These IPKF kept Mathivani for three weeks nonstoip rape. Now she cannot find where is boga hole and pusa hole. All has become same. When I see that I got cracy. Tell him that.

Tell the world singala coming to take my land, Long tiome ago I watch movie of Eddie Murphy. He acting as a son of a King. I told my illigitimate son Charleees anthony that he will be like him. He can show his vesa GF money note print with my face. How happy?

All become dream

I want negotizatiom , I have no men to fight. Monky army shit everytime they hear MBRL. All pimps in Diaspora must understand I need money. Ceasfire, Peace. Everyting arranged for my escape. Even after you will hear my speech. I told Kurppu amman to make 20 more speech.

Now I have daibete, HIV, Heart disease, Hernia, Kidney,even I have no leg. But I cant go to hospital. No basic human right.

I will ask zilin to go.
I will capture colombo very soon.
I will tell my dada sorry abt me.
I will say no soorry.
I will dREAM


Hip hip horray Veza laaam
Hip hip horray punde laaam
Hip hip horray sakkili laaam
Hip hip horray pimpi laaam
Hip hip horray bunker laaam
Hip hip horray sutthu kudu laaam
Hip hip horray killer laaam
Hip hip horray pirba laaam
Hip hip horray charlees laaam
Hip hip horray Mathivani laaam

Aiyooooooooo Andavaneee


Ex Army Officer Guy said...

Hi Ppl,
Do you want to hear the good news ??
We got Kilinochchi.

kappetipola said...

Thanks DW for update.

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