Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LTTE boats hammered at Nayaru

The Special Boat Squadron and the Rapid Action Boat Squadron Arrow Boats engaged what appeared to be an infiltration attempt by the LTTE off Nayaru Lagoon early this morning. The area is a hotbed of Ratha Regiment infiltration units under LTTE's new overall leader for Weli Oya- Jeyam.

Exact casualties to the LTTE was unclear, although sailors confirm seeing two boats burning and another damaged boat staggering along with the remaining cluster of boats. SLAF helicopter gunships were called in to assist the sailors. The eastern coastal area from Pulmoddai to Nagarkovil is under SBS and RABS protection. As many as 40 RABS boats and smaller SBS boats are deployed in this area full-time.

Military Intelligence has been particularly aware of infiltration and extraction attempts to and from the east using Tamil fishing villages along the Nayaru Lagoon.


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onecountry said...

Wonderful news!!

Hasalaka said...

Good NEWS..

Hey Defencewire

How many Dovra Facs we have in total???

Anonymous said...

# It seems paranthan will fall sooner than we expected!!


I don't with agree most of the things you said. IF you are saying;

1. CFA is better (right now) than war
2. Tamil seperatism started only after 56
3. 'War' started only after 83
4. 'Big' army is not good - no use
5. AnagarikaD didn't fight for independence

then I don't agree with above. I will reply later.

Rana said...

I said the possibility of this few hours ago. It is good that SLN acted fast and furious!

LTTP's only hope now infilterating into east at large scale. SLA and SLN have to be extremely cautious.

උදාන said...

What LTTP? Please Help?

Dinesh De Alwis said...

Five LTTE boats which were attempting to flee amidst the naval attack, were engaged by the Sri Lanka Air Force’ (SLAF) helicopter-gunships, which backed the SBS confrontation cutting off their fleeing attempt, the Navy added.

dhinuksha said...


Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...


Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ponnaland/Monkeyland : ))

perein said...

Keep up the good work.
Theruwan Saranai.

kotiwaenasewa said...

Good job SBS.

SLN should have a dedicated helicopter/s for this type of situations.

Whenever this happened in the past people used to say a diversionary tactic. Now Leading Tamils To Extinction (LTTE) have no way of avoiding detection. Nayuru to Nagakovila is mastered by SBS. The other coast is closed for LTTE.

Lahiru said...

what a nice start for the day

Gringo said...

["LTTE boats hammered at Nayaru]

Tamilnet is still putting finishing touches to their fairytale...

[Two Dvoras of sinhala Navy have been sunk...]

Rana said...


This problrm is going to escalate. This war is different to previous wars. This time LTTP is surround from all sides. They are not going to die wondering or surrender that easily, specialy senior cadres.

They will do anything to escape and blend into civilians or hide in the bush until time is right to regroup. The only option is to escape via sea route or use bush tracks. They are expert on this and they should know all bush tracks like back of their palm by now because they were trecking up and down through these tracks more than 20 years.

SLN and SLA has a Major task ahead. However, first is first. Take Paranthan, EP then Kili and proceed towards Mulative from north.

TF3 and part of 57 proceed from A9 towards east.

We need to release 56 or creatye new division to rear guard land infilterations.

As soon as Peelam shrinked enough TF1 should be sent to east to mop up all infilterated cadres.

If we minimise the number trying to escape, it will be easier after the war.

Anonymous said...


If paranthan is down LMTP will probably withdraw from Jaffna front. If they decide to fight staying in Kilali/ Muhamale/ NK axis it will be difficult for them given that MSR is cut off and getting attacked by even 5 sides (Jaffna, Pooneryn, EPS, sea and air).

BTW, in this Muhamale area no civilians. Why SLAF just do some carpet bombing or continuous bombing in that area?

So LDTP either should fight hard to protect Paranthan or we can assume they will withdraw to Mulathiv north. In such a case SLA has to fight with increased number of hard core cadres and they will defend relatively small area. Thus fighting will be deadly post K'chi-EPS war in east of A9.

Removing civilians is the key point. If GSL can get them SLA will do the rest.

Observer said...


Have we taken the K Point entirely? I am asking this because although it was mentioned that pooneryn was taken, last thing we heard about Kpoint was terrorists withdrew to this area.

It seems everybody assumes that we have taken the area but did not hear any news regarding that, if Im not mistaken.

Your response is highly appreciated..

Katch said...

Can the 59Div move into Alampil as yet? If Alampil is taken isn't the Nayaru lagoon area secured?


Sithsala said...


govt can not utilize the full force - e.g. carpet bombing - because their propaganda machine is incapable of countering the aftermath.

the govt propaganda unit must be all set and armed to teeth when something is about to happen, not after it happened. so they can hammer away ASAP.

so, it will always be the slow, more risky way. DAMN!!!

Rana said...


Machan, LTTP will withdraw from Jaffna but not immediately as media says. Guns taken from Pooneryn is now could be aimed at the same place from somewhere in Paranthan-Mulative road. There is a ditch and a earth bund also to take care off, 100s of our boys died at this bund already. SLA will move if it is safe only, why take chances without being patient.

Ninja, Mate, be patient, give SLA three more days, 53 and 55 will come down by this week end.

Simultaneously you will see 58 at Paranthan.

No worries brother, lions and lion cubs are roring now, they are not marching but galloping to the target.

"Ape kollanta theruwan saranai"
"Sathara waram devi pihitai"

Katch said...


Someone in this blog said that SLAF doesn't have the capability to carpet bomb. So that's not an option. Hopefully the fire finders of the 58 Div will locate the howitzers withdrawn from Poonaryn which will help 53 n 55 Divs to come rolling down to EPS!

priyashantha said...

Ninja & Wesa-balla (LTTE agent),

"This is not true- the notion of "Tamil homeland" did not really exist in the minds of Tamils until 1956. Chelva started his Tamil homeland party in 1949 but nobody voted for him."

This is horse shit.

check this out for yourselves.


Tamil Homeland party got 2 seats and 45,331 votes before 1956 in 1952.

Don't believe this LTTE undercover agent. His history knowledge is totally crap.

Mahen said...

I can see the chena boys in this blog jumping up and down with glee after attacking a few fishing boats and killing the innocent fishermen occupants. Whoppee! Nice one!

Rana said...


You said:

/# It seems paranthan will fall sooner than we expected!!/

What is your source? I don't see any thing to substantiate that news, brother.

priyashantha said...

Lankapura & Wesa-balla,

"The LTTE did not have an army before Black July. You cannot have a war without an army."

Again this is total crap.

Check it out.


"Leader of Liberation Tigers, Velupillai Pirapaharan, took part in a commemoration event held in Vanni Saturday when the three-day long 'Tamil National Heroes Day' remembrance events were inaugurated. From 27 November 1982, when the first LTTE fighter Lt.Sanker was killed, until 20 November 2006, a total of 18,742 fighters have died, all of whom have been declared War Heroes by the LTTE. 818 LTTE fighters, 568 men and 250 women fighters of the LTTE, have been killed in a largely defensive war faced by the Tigers in 2006. The list also includes members of Eelam Revolutionary Organization of Students (EROS) and selected members of other organisations."

Now Wijaya-Hapala has gone really mad when SLA is advancing into his area.

honda honda sellam eliwena jame!!

Puran Appu said...


59th division is just 2km’s away from Alampil, the entire Nayaru lagoon will fall to Security Forces as soon as they take Alampil. There are Sea tiger bases around Alampil and heavy fighting is expected here.
I feel like, 59th Divisions’ next target will be Alampil. Taking Alampil will put more pressure on LTTE, since most of their Sea tiger attacks are been launched from Nayaru lagoon, fall of Alampil will help the troops to launch attacks towards the Mulattive town. Mullative town is just 7km’s away from Alampil.

Katch said...

You live so far away from Sri Lanka that u don't know a thing about the country. November is when the North-East monsoon starts and nobody goes fishing in the eastern seas during this time! They have less reason to go to sea when there's a war all around them.

You are so removed from reality! Have u ever been to Sri Lanka?

Katch said...

Hey Puran Appu,

Thanks for the info. Wow we are so closed to Mullativ! 59 might take Mulativ before 57 take Killi :) (just kidding)

Are u sure that Alampil is only 7 km from Mulativ? I thought We were about 15 to 20 km from Mulativ town?

Mohammed Zubair said...

The junior bloggers here are taken in by Wijayapalam who is a hardcore LTTE agent pretending otherwise. The ones who have been here for long know his leanins. He was exposed by us a while ago as an LTTE agent when I happended to call Charles Anthony a ponnaya, that touched a raw nerve and his true feelings came out and we exposed him. He has managed to convince the junior bloggers with his sheer and utter boring crap that he is anti LTTE, but Priyashantha and Asihtri keep him on his toes, and continue to expose him. Don't fall for his tricks guys. Tigers don't change their stripes.

Katch said...

What's the delay in tamilnet? Was the media unit also sunk in the attack?

Anonymous said...


I was talking carpat bombing only for Muhamale to EPS area as no civilians there. So LMTE can't complain. (Well, tamilnut may put some photos..) And you have a point - propaganda problem.


Paranthan - it was my guess.

So Col. Mahen has promoted six tea tigers to fishermen status. This ind of promotions make my counting messy. Ha Ha This is why its difficult to kill tigers. Once they got killed they become fishermen or civilians. Ha Ha I thought they were from 'Jeyanthan Brgade going to east via tamiz ezaam 'OPVs'to 'retake' east; as per some inside info I got via this blog. Ha Ha Any way dead tigers are good tigers - I like them.

Mahen said...

I have been to Sorry Lanka once, it was the worst experience ever, we were harrassed right from the point of landing to the point of departure, I have never been so glad to get into a plane than the day I left Shit Lanka. I have vowed never to return till Eelam is established (which isn't far away). When we do, we will land in Iranamadu airport, not your Krappynayaka.

Anonymous said...


I don't like 53 and 55 coming down before Paranthan falls. Its due to territory. Once they come down they will show fireworks. I see ZTTP try hard to defend K'chi but I don't see theie defences in Paranthan. Hard to understand. May be I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

/if every thing your guys do is all success, then why the fuck its taking this long to finish it off?/

Please be patient.

Puran Appu said...


Taking Paranthan is not that easy as you all talk. Are boys will take it for sure, but with a high cost. LTTE, started building it's defenses way before are troops captured pooneryn.
Never underestimate the LTTE, it’s true are moral is very high with the Pooneryn victory, but they still have so many hardcore fighters. LTTE knows well that if they loose Paranthan, their days will run-off fast-forward.
1000+ LTTE carders are going through training with Dheepan. I think defencewire too reported this. I really hope and pray that are troops will not step-in to a trap. This happened so many times in the future, when our moral was so high. I am not under estimating our brave soldiers, but it’s the truth. It’ll be a do or die battle for the LTTE. They will have no place to withdraw here after. Expect bitter battles in the future.

Katch said...

The claim was that two boats were sunk. I'm sure you agree that the sea tigers have more than two boats!

Sure, there can be exaggerations in war reporting for propaganda reasons. However, overall there has been significant battlefield progress which u cannot deny.

Don't u think real that if u were in the Vanni, it would be better for ltte to surrender to save the lives of their kinsman?

Katch said...


You are too far removed from reality that I don't think you are truly a tiger any more. Even the tigers don't think that they will get Nachchikuda anymore :)

Perhaps u can be a RAW agent that has been sent here to entertain us :)

Good job anyway!

Unknown said...

Now that your 27th Nov 2008 deadline has been made an illegitimate child by your highly intelligent self itself, would you like to give a deadline for your following assertion??

"I have vowed never to return till Eelam is established (which isn't far away). "


Mahen said...

Face the reality madams. Every single defence analyst known to man has said that the SLA is yet to come acroos the experienced fighting formations of the LTTE, the day will come when the experienced fighting formations will be unleashed and all your gains will be reversed in a matter of days like what happened in Jayashitkuru. Don't believe all the crap written in 3rd party blogs and propoganda defence sites. Think laterally. Now you are calling me a mental case, soon you will be calling me the messiah when the truth is revealed.

Katch said...

I called u an entertainer Mahen.

The tigers may have retained much of their hardcore fighters. However, they are facing at least 7 divisions of the SLA! I don't think even you truly believe that the tigers would take Nachchikuda by the 27th!

You are sending the children of poor tamils in the vanni to fight for your mythical homeland which u will never go to live in! Even if they give a good fight before they go down, they are sure to die!

Don't u care Mahen? If they are truly your people don't u care?

Katch said...

Puran Appu,

Do u think we can get a top ltte leader to defect before those battles? If we could it would surely save the lives of our troops!

Unknown said...

Mate Katch!

your point taken into account.

but in a country where most of the battles won by the LTTE were manipulated as SLDF victory in the past.ie: Killinochi, EP...........and the list goes on.

How an outsider could rely on GoSL propanda to know the truth.so you need sites like tamilnet to bring the news from the other end.

perein said...

Mahen the terrorist-

You are right..We wont believe you at all as you said below....

Don't believe all the crap written in 3rd party blogs

Puran Appu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katch said...

Killinochchi and EPS debacles in the 1990s were referred to as tactical withdrawals. Nobody claimed that we won those battles! The same language of "tactical withdrawals" is being used by the ltte now.

Tamilnet on the other hand is the ltte propaganda website (among many). It's not an impartial news site by any stretch of the imagination.

Puran Appu said...

You M***** F*****, talk about the reality of your F****** LTTP. Your experienced fighters will come, but sorry to say that, (I will not tell what will happen to them, you will see it.)
Never compare the current war with the Jayasikuru times. I should thank your damn LTTE, for teaching us the current tactics are soldiers are using at present. It’s true that their were major set backs in the past, but not anymore. We learnt from those lessons that your LTTP taught us.
Our troops have adopted guerilla tactics and they are using it against a guerilla organization. It’s deadly when it comes to this. Your days are numbered my friend. Next time when you come to Sri Lanka, please let me know. I would like to see your Dick-Face.

Unknown said...

So mate Katch!

i got a question for you.

tell me one unbiased media in Srilanka these days?

Anonymous said...

We had 2 mahens. Which one is this? Whatever this one is the better entetainer. Ha Ha

Moshe Dyan said...


LTTE leader SWARNAM has been attacked by the "dpu" yesterday.

no details available whether it was successful.

kappetipola said...

Puran Appu

thats true. no under estimate LTTE cannibals. and no more over estimate.

looking past history we know this all . last days of Hitler and Sadam (i am personally not agree US war against Iraq) .

i hope 26 th Nov Praba will give a speach "LTTE will attack Colombo" . but 26 th SL Army officially capturing Kilinochchi.

there will be a chance Bhanu,Soosey,Nadesan kill Praba and surrender for political solution. but after long time this all so called leaders will hiding in same underground bunker.

so its looks like praba has 2 options .

1.) kill pottu and eat cynide. (easy)
2.) move to TamilNadu. ( !!! better dive !)

praba's daily dream.
re-capture mankulama ,mallavi,nachchikuda separate north part of SL Army .

bt truly will happen " LTTE tactically withdrawn from Sri Lanka"

Katch said...

I recommend you start with the daily mirror and you can look up defence.lk and tamilnet to get the opposing views.

If u know people in the front lines its even better.

However, as you probably know already the best places are the blogs! Which is why you keep coming back here :)

Are there sites like this run by Tamils where Singhalese can come ?

Puran Appu said...


Reconnaissance teams are working day and night to get these pigs. I think you can remember the news that the Air force bombed hide-outs of Prabakaran, pottu-amman, Nadesan and even they used a Thermobaric bomb against Bhanu. But still they couldn’t make it. They are trying day and night. With LTTE’s area getting limited day by day, we can expect the good news very soon.

Yesterday a LRRP team targeted Sornam, the vehicle were totally destroyed, but he wasn’t there. Keep hope. We will get the good news very soon.
My opinion is that, they should put their maximum effort to delete pottu-amman. He is deadly than Prabakaran.

Anonymous said...


Why should VP eat cyanide? He can go to UK and stay with Mahen. Ha Ha

kappetipola said...

moshe could be true.

praba is circle by DPU tamil brothers & sisters .they all volunteers . ex pillayans supporters and karuna supporters in action . cuz pillayan is in now praba's top list.

Anonymous said...

Both Vezapilla and Potta amman are our assets. They are the insurance policy with India/ Monkynadu. We should kill them in the later stage, not now.

Katch said...

Puran Appu,
Thanks machang. Much appreciated.

It will be interesting to compare Hitler and VP. Hitler also didn't surrender and Germany was razed to the ground! I wouldn't be surprised if we find concentration camps once we capture the rest on Vanni!

Puran Appu said...

The biggest threat that we have at the moment is from the TAF ‘tuk tuks’. They might look for a suicide attack at a top target. You can deploy 1000’s of troops to protect a target by ground. But, still we were unable to protect our air. I think this is a serious threat. With the military closing into the Tiger den, chances for the tuk tuks returning back after an attack is limited. So, They might crash into a top target with a lot of explosives.

Infinity said...

"Every single defence analyst known to man has said that the SLA is yet to come acroos the experienced fighting formations of the LTTE"

For example DW and DN have certainly mentioned many battles with units such as CA. With large casualties in for example the battle for Mallavi. Also many reports of how the LTTE had to gradually reduce its reserve of experienced fighters at Jaffna to defend the earth bund for some time.

The rapid advances during the recent weeks indicates that the LTTE is running out of some vital resource. Experienced fighters, mines, artillery shells, ammunition, morale, or something else. Regardless of what, they now have little possibility of replenishing this after the capture of Pooneryn.

Unknown said...


you simply got it wrong mate.

we come to this blog to see what kind of mentality you guys are still in. and there is no change as yet.

and it doesn't mean we come here coz this is a nutral site. if you say that that will be a big laugh.

and you guys know that by heart.

kappetipola said...

guys whats with TNA now are they with MR.

hope delay payments so no sound !

Anonymous said...

/we come to this blog to see what kind of mentality you guys are still in. and there is no change as yet./

Ha Ha inteligent tamiz have to check modayas every day to learn they have not changed! Ha Ha


Yep, tuk tuk is a big threat. It is now said earlier tuk tuk tour was a 'test'. My only hope is TAF pilot missing the target.

kappetipola said...

Praba still not lay down weapons . trying to Attack SL Army "NO CHANGED" still SL Army has gd moral and big fire power " NO CHANGED"

ha ha ha

Katch said...

If u want a neutral site go to Reuters, AP or AFP which use politically correct language without necessarily giving real news.

I didn't say this was a neutral site but it has real news. It's too bad that you don't like the news you read here.

However, if you're here to check peoples mentality, you are in the wrong site dude. Try LNP or something!

real, u didn't tell me if there are Tamil blogs like this?

And where are u from dude?

Mahen said...

And why do you think the Tigers have retained their best offensive division for laters?

Unknown said...


For your disappointment there aren't any tamil blogs around (that i know).and i dont think there are any tamils who spend their valuble time dreaming and fantacising by twisting real time battle front news as this bloggers.

But i welcome reuters and AP and AFP regardless.

Unknown said...

Because they are the ones who give the best pleasure to Pukaabaran?

Ane yanawa oy yanda! Bambu elite units!

Anonymous said...

/And why do you think the Tigers have retained their best offensive division for laters?/

Ha Ha Intelligent tamizians also have questions and expect answers from modayas Ha Ha.

/i dont think there are any tamils who spend their valuble time dreaming and fantacising by twisting real time battle front news as this bloggers./

Why are we getting non-stop jokes from diaspora clowns today?

Mahen said...

This is the real Mahen. I am not here for your comic relief madams.

Katch said...

"and i dont think there are any tamils who spend their valuble time dreaming and fantacising"

Mahen comes to this blog only for that! As for the way that Tamils spend their time, just visits some of the south Indian sites and you'll see what they're upto. The only difference being that there's hardly anyone that talks any sense!

"by twisting real time battle front news as this bloggers"

You have to come up with examples if you make this accusation dude.

You didn't tell me which country u live in real.

Ra said...

One of Mahen's ancestors (the one with an elephant head) ran around a salt pot couple of times. Then other modayas thought he is born intelligent.

This is the level of IQ of most tamiz in Sri Lanka.

Puran Appu said...


Prabakaran have retained their best offensive division because he loves his life, more than anything else. To protect him self.Not because he loves you. Sorry Mate, your great selfish leader wont be able to do this for too long.
Just Imagine how will it be when the 53,55,56,57,58,59,62,63 divisions, crashing in to Mulattive jungle.
or may be even 51 or 52

Anonymous said...

/ I am not here for your comic relief madams./

Dear Sir/Madam, I don't think we have any Madams here. Ha Ha

Infinity said...

LTTE Ban a Possibility: PM

Yes. Obviously a terrorist organization in a war with the government should be banned. As should front organizations supporting them. Like the TNA who openly supports the LTTE and declares LTTE to be the "sole representative". Would be high treason in most nations. While some nations allows organizations and parties that advocate separation for various regions, they are allowed only if they do so through democratic and non-violent methods. Compare with India, the whole TNA leadership would be in prison and the organization dissolved under their sedition laws.

Katch said...

Agree with you mate. Vaiko was arrested by the Indians for supporting the ltte. The tna however gets away with it in SL (and in parliament if I'm not mistaken)

Unknown said...


do you think any one talk with sense in this blogg?

why people get too personal with the LTTE and its members.

I dont really understand. Some say TAF as Takaran Air Force and then on the same para they say "we need to destroy their planes"

it doesn't tally up mate.this what i meant as mentalities.

just for your info
i live in one of those 25 EU countries but with reglar visit to Srilanka onbehalf of my Gov.

Mahen said...

@ Last Mile,

Why do you singhalas go in your millions to Katharagama each year to worship Lord Ganesh and bathe in the muddy "menik gangey"? Isn't Lord Ganesh the one you mentioned as having a low IQ?

Infinity said...

Katch, agree, no party in TN dare say anything about support for separation or armed struggle in TN. Even Vaiko always carefully states that he is for the unity of India, just against that of Sri Lanka.

In contrast, TNA has on their homepage the treasonous and undemocratic statement that LTTE, a terrorist group in open war with government, is the only "sole representative". What other nation allows something like that?

Katch said...

you get all sorts coming to this blog dude including those who know some genuine stuff.

The guys here get personal with ltte supporters because you guys come here to provoke, ridicule among other things as well as get info :)

"I dont really understand. Some say TAF as Takaran Air Force and then on the same para they say "we need to destroy their planes" "

You said you come here on work. Have u been here when those planes came to bomb us? Of course we want to destroy any planes that come to destroy us!! You're not under the bombs those planes drop dude, WE are !

You said you work for an EU govt. Would you still have a job in that govt if you worked against it?

real, I'm on my way out. If a bus bomb does not get me I should be back :) So let me conclude with you by saying it was nice talking to you.

Puran appu and guys, catch u guys later.

Katch said...

Infinity, Absolutely! Catch u late mate

Unknown said...

Hello all, I am visiting this blog everyday to get the correct picture of the battle field. Even our Tamil friends visit this site for the same reason. If they don’t believe DW & DN, they could just stick to pro LTTE sites (I believe there are over 100s of them). So we owe them some respect for their intelligence to visit the correct site and to have some dialogue with Sinhala people. Unfortunately, some of them use wrong words due to their arrogance (I think it is because they are suffering from some sort of inferiority feeling). Even though the site is mainly to discuss the defense matters (I am not an expert at all), I think we should look for the reason behind all these problems. Without that we cannot even realized at least if we have a problem at all or the solution that we need.

$ තුසිත $ said...

Hay Patriots.
Keep yr eyes open about this blogger Mahen. He says sinhala people go to Katharakama and bathe in Menik Ganaga to worship "Ganesh" !!!!
This is the first time I here that Murugan is equal to ganesh.
This Mahen is either stupid dums asshole or some western or RAW agent.

Sanath said...

mahen needs red bird treatment by VP soon....to his ugly dark a...s

Sanath said...

kotith dakka me wage gonek nam dakke na...

$ තුසිත $ said...

As some bloggers pointed out, even an hardsore LTTE cadre or even Prabha anna do not think of capture what they lost in western coast. But This Mahen guy is thinking of Capturing Nachchikuda and all eastern Province.
Wonder he is mentally retarded character or want to create a fuss here and enjoying.
While I am reading his posts, I feel really sorry for the average Tamil fellows as I can never imagine their fate if ppl like Mahen would become leaders of them.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...


Nalla site den tama dekke

I m living in bunker no. Oh my boys are here Peter, Mahen, Keppetiya all here good good. Oh lot of singala racist writings here. Oh ade appa I dont know why pottu cannot do anything .

These days are hard cannot go outside bloody singala army killing my people, my homo boys, my lesbi gorls. Oh ade appa andavanne

Ade mahen, peter enna dore

Wt are you doing there man I need more men man.come over here. Ade Nov 26 my birthday. come here come here Need blood will coleberate with more blood.

Sorry my engeleeshi is bad. I could not go to school. ade apppa
enna pore puking singalka army ohhh aiyoooo ganwa aiyoooo ammma ganawa ganawa munta no heart aiyoo

Sanath said...

yes td..some sensible LTTE supporters talk here abt the peace and ceasefire and indian involvement. that shows thier intelligence. but this lunatic who had been abused by VP when he was a kid.. still daydreams abt that red bird treatment. god ganesha..give this poor guy some intelligence.. at least to think and understand the reality..

wijayapala said...

Arse-ithri says,

"so you think calling our patriot Moshey here “mushe” makes you a bloody “chandiya” here uh?"

Nope, you're the "bloody chandiya" who can't even open your mouth without verbal diarrhea retching forth.

As long as the Mushe heaps sh!t on the anti-LTTE leader Anandasangaree, I will most certainly continue kicking Mushe around like a deflated football and there isn't anything you can do to stop me (although you are free to continue making an "Arse" out of yourself...).

"you are the same motherfucker who went into a spat with humble OaOA about Sarath Fonseka going through a traumatic experience as a child in the East by being attacked by Tamil racists (which you denied) and when you were proven wrong by the patriots here, yes you just slithered away with your dick in your arse"

I actually offered an apology for calling you a liar. However, I did not apologize for calling you a "dumb-arse" (dumb-arse-ithri).

Only a dumb-arse lacking any sense of southern Sri Lankan geography would bleat about Ambalagoda being in the Eastern Province. It was that ass-clown answer of yours that made your entire story suspect and I have no regrets calling a dumb-Arse out.

What kind of retard would misplace a well-known town like Ambalangoda in the wrong fucking corner of the island???? An "Arse-ithri" sort of retard????????

"Here is a brief excerpt from writings by eminent Prof. Nalin de Silva that amply clarifies that Tamil racism and the grand design for a “Tamil homeland” very well pre-existed 1956:"

Not very surprising that the Arse has to rely on a fellow racist arse Nalin de Silva (who is a mathematician, not a history professor) for his information. In any case, it appears that the Arse did not read Nalin very closely!

The first phase of Tamil racism in Sri Lanka lasted till about 1947. The Tamil leadership was Tamil Hindu Vellala and they tried to manipulate at that centre (Legislative Assembly until 1931 and then the State Council) and have political power over the entire country. The Tamil racist leadership wanted more representation for them than for the Sinhalas at the centre and in this they were assisted by the British.

Three infamous incidents out of many during this period were the demanding of a Tamil representative for the western province by Mr. Ponnambalam Arunachalam and the others in 1917, the opposition to universal franchise by Mr. Ponnambalam Ramanathan and the others around 1929, and the demanding of fifty fifty representation by Mr. GG Ponnambalam in the forties. Universal franchise was opposed by Tamil racist leadership as it would have given more representation to the Sinhala people in the state council.

Nothing in the above shows any move or posturing toward "Tamil homeland" by the Tamil elites. Instead they were seeking to hold onto their old privileges in Colombo during the colonial era, quite the opposite goal from seeking a separate state.

In light of the Arse's inability to disprove my points, I invite him to continue foaming at the mouth and distracting attention from defense matters. We can't expect anything more.

Moshe Dyan said...

another "dpu" attack?


$ තුසිත $ said...

Dear Mr Fernando,
I respect your views so I expect you also respect my view.
There is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. Actually there were; but now no such matter.
The people who claim that there is an ethnic issue in SL are Tamils. But have you seen how many Tamil ppl in any segment of the society, SL has created Tamil ministers, IGPs, Attorney generals, all high ranking government officials.
Any tamil who abey the law of Sri lanka can live in peace in anywhere of the country, Can a Sinhala fellow ??
Tamils are given free education health service and all the other government service in line with all other communities. None is discriminated.
The only problem having in Sri Lanka is poverty. It is commen to Kilinochchi Mannar Anuradhapura or Monaragala. No matter who live there.
In short, Can Mr Fernando or any one in this forum tell me with proofs that any problem Tamils face purely because they are tamils ??
My answer is a BIG NO !!!!
Apart from poverty, Ther present war situation is between the legitimate government and terrorist organisation. So the govt has all the noble rights to defeat terrorism and protect the country. Fullstop.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Oh Karuna ubba tamma mava keva

My boys ohhhh ade appa everyday many bodies. No place to put this aiyooo mahen is there any place for my boy and girliya bodies.

Mahen come here if not send you kids and wife. I neeeeeed more people aiyoooo singala armyiya ganawa aiyooo mahen ubba ohe pukka akaranawada apita minissu ne aiyooo ammaaaa

Aiyooo tamilnadooo human rights human rights vanga vamga vanga aiyoooo vanga mun ta hith papu ne hittiing aiyooooo ammmmaooo singala umbata denwa mama 27 balapannn aiyooo human rights solunga vanga aiyoooo

Oh eric, hansberg, where are u oh somawnse umba matta support good godd ranil thanks malli umba niyma puka tramai

Mama talaivar singala army hit my boys any missionnn please tell any mission

Ei singgala look tokaday My homo boys sunky many many dvro oh no no dvoro many navy missing look my paper tamilshit.com fgor further reference.

Ado singala army 26-27 my birthday mission zlin to colombo ha ha ha aha duvapan

wijayapala said...


"I don't with agree most of the things you said. IF you are saying;"

To clarify:

"1. CFA is better (right now) than war"

That is not what I said. I said that if Mahinda does announce a ceasefire, we should not construe that as a sign of defeat or weakness but rather as an opportunity.

"2. Tamil seperatism started only after 56"

It began after 1956 but did not achieve a critical mass among the Tamils until 1983. In between, most Tamils saw some kind of devolution as a compromise, and only a few saw it as a halfway point to a separate state.

"3. 'War' started only after 83"

As I said, you cannot have a war without an army. Priyashantha does not construct an argument by bringing up Shankar who was one of ***9*** hardcore Tigers before 1983.

"4. 'Big' army is not good - no use"

A big army is necessary now, but not so much in peacetime where it drains resources. What you want in peacetime is a skilled army.

"5. AnagarikaD didn't fight for independence"

Here's what I told Amma-GG last month:


1) Anagarika Dharmapala was a towering figure in the revival of Buddhism in Asia and its dissemination in the West. With the Mahabodhi Society he helped reclaim Buddha Gaya for the Buddhists. He represented Theravada Buddhism at the World Parliament of Religions and gave an excellent presentation. I can say more but for now will leave the positive comments at these things for which he is most well-known and respected among Sinhala Buddhists.

2) Unfortunately, Dharmapala had an interpretation of Sinhala nationalism that was not very constructive and did not prepare the Sinhalese for how to coexist with others in a diverse island after independence. Like many colonial subjects he wanted his people to regain a sense of pride, but he could not break out of the framework established by the colonial system. He insisted to the British that he was not agitating for Sri Lankan independence and that he was a loyal subject. Dharmapala was not the sort of leader who could unite the island behind a common struggle, the way that Gandhi, Nehru, and the Congress party did in India to get the British out. He more or less accepted the racial categories that the Europeans had created.

In some ways I would explain Anagarika Dharmapala as a product of his times. He can and should be admired for his accomplishments as long as his shortcomings are also acknowledged, like any one of us.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Oh aiyoo kawda kiyanawa no ethnic prob

Big ethnic prob in sri lanka

I have no freedom
I have no passport
I have no bank account
I have no house
I have no place to hide
I have no kids (Mathivani kids from kittu)
I have no nationality

Ei singla look when I have no basic right hw u people say there is no ethnic problem. I am a sweet dreamer with full of blood thirsty.

I hate singala because when I small my appa (Daddy) always shouting to my mother about singala pulle andi Why my father work with singala and my appa is a good kasippuwa. Those days before I born some singala come to my house drink kasoiya with my appa. Oh I cannot tell here next day my appa when awake he founda singala sleeping inside. Oh appppaaaa aiyooooooo. My appa hate me because of this singala I born and my appa never loved me. Because of this singala aiyoooooooo appppaaaaa

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Hey singala who is anagarika?

Is it another name for me?.

Is he wigting against singala army?

Who is anagarika (Dr. Jayalath ? Ramil?. Sombavansa?..)

who man anagarikaa?

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Any ipdates on what is happening in M'malai and Kilali fronts over the last four days or so?
T'net says 2 batallions missing.

Thanks for the good work!

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...


enna solunga paityamma enna ongalika sappadu irikiya

Face the reality madams. Every single defence analyst known to man has said that the SLA is yet to come acroos the experienced fighting formations of the LTTE, the day will come when the experienced fighting formations will be unleashed and all your gains will be reversed in a matter of days like what happened in Jayashitkuru.


soon you will be calling me the messiah when the truth is revealed




Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...







Puran Appu said...


There is information that 57th Division have entered Kilinochchi town, and heavy fighting erupted. please check with your sources. My most reliable source is down. Also got to know that heavy casualties are arriving at the Anuradhapura Hospital (This is confirmed).

P.S: I cant confirm this because I got the news from a 3rd Party. Please confirm with your sources.

cable said...

Looks like a lot of things happening in the battlefield and we are also taking a lot of casualities.

DW can you comment on Tamilnet article about the missing battalions?

Mahen said...

Puran Appu,

Now does anyone believe me about the heavy casualties arriving at Anurdhapuram hospital? When I first mentioned it, no one believed me, but as your are a singhala, everyone will believe you. As I said, Singhalas have no capacity for lateral thinking, you cannot think outside the box, even within the box, you are restricted to a certain part of the box. You will never get out of the box with your current mentality.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King.

Defencewire said...

Please await a detailed analysis of the SBS and RABS units and their mission and how the Dvora is used now etc etc.

The 59 is now in 'urban' areas and have access to Alampil by road. We expect them to clear their way to Alampil within the next few weeks.

Sanath said...

p mahen ..its anuradhapura..not puram..and its nt inside ur dreamland peeelam..

Mahen said...

Anuradhapuram is part of greater Eelam.

Ra said...

"In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King."

At last you realized about Eezzam!

Sanath said...

peelam will nt even have mullative and killi soon....go and have red bird treatment frm uncle vp .stop wasting ur and our time writing crap...

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"JAFFNA: COLUMNS of heroic troops, extending their might through the KILALY and MUHAMALE Forward Defence Lines (FDL) were battling hard to pierce the enemy barriers in the past twenty-four hours at the time this report was pasted Tuesday (18) evening. "

Its official. The SLA seems to have launched a largescale offensive to retake the EP-Paranthan axis. This also explains the MBRL and artillery bombardment of Paranthan as reported by TN.The Mankulam attack seems a diversion. But the numerical and logistical superiority of SLA is amply demonstrated here-- its able to keep up 3 high intensity offensives in widely separated areas in one go.

Ra said...

I just confirmed Mahen's report on SLA casualties are correct by calling TamizNut.

How could we do without you Mahen?... you relieve my blood pressure... keep em coming..

perein said...

Thanks DW for the latest.

tissahammi said...

STD man,
how come you have a 360d turn?

Sri Lankikaya said...

Sun Tzu

what's your source ?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

tissa hami,

its your imagination that has taken a 360d turn lol!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

s l,


Of course the deduction is mine.

onecountry said...

I humbly request the bloggers not to use racial slurs like "sakkili". Believe or not, there are many people who read this blog without writing a single word here. Not just Mahen and few other LTTE fans.

Sri Lankikaya said...

Sun Tzu

isn't 58 division that is attacking paranthan separate from 53 and 55 at Kilali and muhamalai. so what is the siginificance of the MBRL attacks to paranthan for the attacks in kilali and muhamalai

i am new here so very little info

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

s l,

I believe SLA is trying to overwhelm LTTE by sheer force of numbers and firepower-- hence it is attacking it simult from Jaffna and Paranthan in a pincer squeeze.MBRLs on Paranthan junction makes sure no reinforcements go up or wounded come down from Muhamalai.

Apino Dannachess said...

BRRReaking NEWS!!!!

LTTE unveils its latest elite offensive division: The Pukairan division.

Well trained and highly motivated, this division is expected to spearhead the much awaited unceasing waive attack to push back the SLDF chena boys all the way up to 2006 boundaries.

With the help of Toththa Baba Brigade and Lakeipuit units, Pukairan division is expected to recapture Nachchikuda and Punarin by 27-Nov(just 10 days), just in time for LTTE's Heroes day.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear onecountry

Thanks for your advice.

Like me most patriots finds it entertaining to bash these Sududlunu stinking, Saambaru eating ThalaThel Monkeys .....ooops....here i go again.

Have a good day mate

Corey said...

bipolar tamil peelamer mahen keeps on hallucinating (don't you have any shame?):

" ...I have vowed never to return till Eelam is established (which isn't far away). When we do,...

Ho ho ho ho hoh hoh hoh..

you wont ever go to Mother Lanka ....go and clean the sides of the roads (used all over as toilets) in tamil nadu, where the bipolar sakkiliyas once tried to create peelam in 1963.... and failed... miserably....


Aney Pavu.....

Hithata amaaruda dan?
Heeeeeee heeee hhhhoooooo

Apino Dannachess said...

And we wonder why these Primates are jumping up and down......Ane Paw....

God Bless Canada....Vadi Kalak Yanna issara wela Canadawatath mun Monkey Treatment eke denwa....Oong Kiwai kiyala hitha ganna.....


Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada ravaged by war in homeland

11 hours ago

TORONTO (AFP) — The picture of a fallen top commander of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels is neatly plastered on the wall of a shopping center.

Not far away, a food outlet peddles a crispy savory pancake, "dosa," named after Tamil Eelam, the independent state aspired by the Tigers.

No, you are not in the stronghold of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in northern Sri Lanka but in Scarborough, the eastern part of Toronto.

This largest Canadian city is home to about 250,000 ethnic Tamils who left Sri Lanka for Canada to escape the country's 25-year civil war.

They make up the largest diaspora from the South Asian country, with Toronto itself reportedly home to the biggest number of Sri Lankan Tamils in the world.

Though actively involved in the business, academic, political and social fields in their new home, many are still sympathetic to the Tigers' cause for an independent Tamil state in Sri Lanka.

Some display their support openly despite the group being labeled terrorists by the Canadian government, which earlier this year for the first time charged a man with terrorism financing for soliciting cash for the Tigers.

Many of the Tamils in Canada have families and relatives in the north and east of Sri Lanka, where the Tigers were experiencing one of their worst setbacks since waging an armed struggle in 1972 to carve out a homeland for minority Tamils in the majority-Sinhalese nation.

"We are psychologically devastated and traumatized by the war because it is in our homeland and there is genocide going on there," charged Canadian Tamil Usha Sri-Skanda-Rajah, the owner of a real estate firm in Scarborough.

"We want the international community to help bring about a settlement to the conflict so that our statehood is recognized," said Usha, 57, who is among an informal group of "concerned" women attempting to highlight to the Canadian authorities what she called "humanitarian catastrophe" in northern Sri Lanka.

Several members in her group have parents and other family members displaced by the fighting and their whereabouts remain uncertain, she said.

Usha's husband, a retired senior banking executive, went on a six-day fast recently to draw attention to the plight of tens of thousands of civilians displaced by the fighting in Sri Lanka.

The Canadian Tamils grasp at any opportunity to highlight the bloody ethnic strife in Sri Lanka.

Recently, when Sri Lanka played Pakistan in a cricket match in Toronto, Tamil groups hired a plane carrying a banner "Stop the genocides in Sri Lanka" to circle the cricket grounds in an aerial propaganda blitz.

Sri Lankan Tamils are "one of the largest growing visible minorities" in Canada, said David Poopalapillai, spokesman for the Canadian Tamil Congress, touted as the largest Tamil group in Canada.

Catering to the bustling community, which has a municipal councillor as its first elected representative, are three 24-hour Tamil cable television networks and about half a dozen radio stations, he said.

The Tamils are aspiring for higher elected offices.

"We consider ourselves as part and parcel of the Canadian fabric and always encourge our people to actively perform their civic duty," Poopalapillai said.

For some however their assimilation in Canada will not be at the expense of foregoing the elusive dream of a Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka.

GoldenEagle said...


Just look at how Mahen destroyed the defence discussion here by just posting one inflammatory comment.

All of you who respond to the Peelamist posters here are taking their bait.

They want to stop the defence discussions here, thats why they come here to start fights and de-rail the blog.

DON'T TAKE THE BAIT. Just stick to defence related discussion. That is what will piss them off.

Apino Dannachess said...

Time is right for the Toy Air Force to take to the sky.....another stunt is required to get the DieASsPora to forget the recent losses.

Hope our guys are ready this time....

Apino Dannachess said...

Taking in GoldenEagles & OneSriLankas advice, I would like to refrain from stoning the monkeys. Any volunteers.

Metha Muditha Karuna...

cable said...

Actually the report sun tzu quoted is in Army.lk not defence.lk

It seems like there is a sustained operation to break the LTTE defence lines in Muhamali. This would mean high casualties to both Army and LTTE
But the battle planners must have real belief that they can break through. Otherwise they wouldn't have made so much effort from saturday. Would appreciate some info on this from defencewire

As SunTzu said taking of mankulam yersterday must have been a diverson to keep the LTTE guessing

Corey said...

President's Birthday Tribute:


By Dr.T.C.Rajaratnam

Dr. T.C.Rajaratnam LL.B(SL)., LL.M(Lond)., Ph.D(Lond)., Solicitor (England & Wales) ., Barrister & Solicitor (Australia)., Attorney at Law (SL/ US)...



Sri Lankikaya said...


another one joining in the 'please don't take the bait'plea

Kithul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoldenEagle said...

Apino and others,

Just ignore what they say. If you respond, then they have accomplished their mission.

A realiable source once said that the LTTE has instructed their agents overseas to keep an eye on blogs that discuss this war. DN & DW were on their lists.

It's since then that the LTTE moron posters showed up here and tried to distrupt this site with their insults. Theu keep changing their IDs so they will not be recognised.

Our fellow bloggers have taken their bait and as result no proper defence discussion is occuring anymore.


We must carry on the defence reated discussion no matter what.

Ruslan said...

I found some interesting stuff.. Underground Tunnels for Air Bases and for Navy Bases.. Interesting!!..

Click Here

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember, someone saying, that the army would suffer at Point K? could that someone please explain..whether the tigers waiting to attack the army evaporated?

Sri Lankikaya said...

Swarnam shot dead at Mankulam???

video clip here

Unknown said...

In this Ranaviru Week if you have Mobitel connection send "Api" to 8877 to donate 10 rupees to the Api Wenuwen Api fund!

Others please post the Dialog, Tig etc numbers for this...

Unknown said...

"Anuradhapuram is part of greater Eelam."

What's the deadline for that?

ravana said...

now only saw all those previous comments from you all...first of all people have different ideas and different knowledge.if someones has different thinking never mean he's a traitor.it is very silly thinking.
what i know about the war & what i dont know is clearly base on what i learn.please dont tell more about war tactics until you read so many books regarding the subject. because few people can understand it from after reading few comments on here.OK to subject
what my point is not about how significant is the poonakeri or mankulam, it is about how we behave.

1.now already 2 days gone.where we are in the celebration now.what happened to so called "ranawiru week"only few documentaries.
2.any one ask for at least 1 minute silent for brave troops who lost their lives in pooneryn.even you people.i am sure about my maths clearly 130 died including 11 officers.
3.for me i know at this point our soldiers are self motivated what it saying to the peak.thats why 26 old 2LT who running 200 meters to no go area to take his injured buddy back to safe place.if the government or any other people want to motivate them please please select their families.who suffering everyday to every single minute about them.
this is not a point just think..
** if you take poneryn its good to take back for few big reasons.
1.it was the take as an arti gun point which can hit jaffna any time.
2.LTTE can easily infiltrate to jaffna using mankudkui lake(actually 25 feet width wise) for ambush jaffna SLA.
3.it has vertical 145' and 180' horizontal angle which w e can use our big guns.
but taking it as a road will not happen quickly because of few obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

To Mahen

"Anuradhapuram is part of greater Eelam."

Yeah that means maybe Somalia is the capital no???

ravana said...

OK now why any one in this site failed to understand about the TF3 move. even DW said next Paranthan.if we move to paranthan it is common sense there is possibility they can hit us from two of their fronts.thats why SLA wants to activate 53&55.
most importantly now sla wants to open road which civilians can flee safely to the liberated area.otherwise we cant use big guns as we did in past.
see next few days definitely TF 2 to more towards A9

Achi said...

Prabha says to Pottu

Mage digata hadata thibunu eelama tika tika kota wenawa

Lassanata hitiya koti-kello tikath tika tika aduwenawa

Ane mokak namuth loku wipathak tika tika siduwenawa

Tika tika man tika tika wayasata yanawa..

ravana said...

(you dont want believe or listen) i got the massage that the with in next few days 59 will be on their way to mulyaweli to attempt make and possible land route for civilians.task force 3 will chooses the A34

Anonymous said...


Chill, the amry's plan is to box them in, oncee this happens there resources which are already at an all time low will also be stretched, everything is stretched, yes of course TF2 & 53 & 55 will be very aggressive, once the Kilaly breaksthrough or Parathan is attacked by TF 1, the FDL's in the Jafna peninsula will all but vanished, or else take the risk of being in no mans land between the clutches of the 53& 55 or the escape rute which has to be through Parathan and EP where theyd encounter TF 1, so in a way the outcome will be ok, they cannot hit all FDL's they know that, out gunned and out numbered.

ravana said...

any way one thing last time so many of you speaks about that LTTE 130 MM which i high lighted.
yes again it can.the destruction it create much more greater than big fire.imagine if they hit 5 round to padavia or siripura.it is and whole new story.and last
winning not mean they cant hit...they can hit..its all about how you react not deact...thanks guys.

ravana said...

since i have lost many of loving people due to war i am telling you guys it not an place to be.since you have not been there you dont know situ. there.its horrible.
but it is the duty and the proud.
when it comes to battle no one likes people who sitting and pointing because its not make any sense

ravana said...

ah about the GEO update,,DW are there any possible to share few pictures with you?.then it will be easy theseguys to have an idea about these places.

Annonymous said...

Fernando said;

Hello all, I am visiting this blog everyday to get the correct picture of the battle field. Even our Tamil friends visit this site for the same reason. If they don’t believe DW & DN, they could just stick to pro LTTE sites (I believe there are over 100s of them). So we owe them some respect for their intelligence to visit the correct site and to have some dialogue with Sinhala people. Unfortunately, some of them use wrong words due to their arrogance (I think it is because they are suffering from some sort of inferiority feeling). Even though the site is mainly to discuss the defense matters (I am not an expert at all), I think we should look for the reason behind all these problems. Without that we cannot even realized at least if we have a problem at all or the solution that we need.

Mr Fernando, this is the exact historical reason why we are all here. The big-womb mother of all the f**king problems is your type of attitude which our lads have held for most part of recent history.

It is correct that we ought to study the enemy, but that is not to give them bread with their desired amount of butter, but to find their weakness and vulnerability.

Tell me your honest opinion. Whether the lion took suppa devi to rock bed or not, Sinhala have been living here at least for 2500 years, and perhaps more. On whatever counts why do we have to treat someone else with "special" request of "homeland". Even if they lived here and we invaded them, in that view, most of the countries in the world should be homelands of others. But every evidence leads to a point that it was them who invaded us. So how bad to call it "their" homeland.

In any case, f**k history, but why do we have to treat someone with specialty. Every ass is the same, that's the base rule right?

Let's embrace those who, anyone, stands for Sri Lanka. But anyone, even a Sinhala, who wants a special treat, is not right. Right now those sinhala who expect specialty does not kill anyone for that. But the tamil home-land maniacs kill innocent ppl just to achieve a symbolical statement that a certain region is their "homeland". Does that term even have a meaning?

Sinhala, like you suggested, have been very generous to this. India jailed Vaiko just for saying that "IF NOT their grievances are heard, they should think of separating TN". Isn't his right of expression? Shouldn't India study and understand the reason for his statement? NO. Not every statement is equally a freedom. You ought to punish anyone who does not think as a "greater nation" rather than separate ethnic supremacy and hence special treats.

The monkeys whom you wanted us to give banana, are not only traitors of SL, but also cold blooded murderers. They have been killing innocent people of both sides. The movement tigers are the used devise but they have been the ruthless killers.

I remember someone asking why we have so many war blogs but still majority of SL are Buddhist. Shit hell, that is the reason for it indeed. The excess and miss interpreted Meththa overdose, which was over-pouring when monkeys smuggled weapons and started the menace at small scale. We should have diffused it then and there, then we could have been having Dhamma blogs now. Everyone, be realistic.

Sorry all Buddhists, but if anyone tells me to spread Meththa to Prabakaran, I have no better word than F**k off. Religion should not enter this discussion, this is a matter of kill or be killed.

Ah, sorry Mr Fernando for my harsh language, but really your post gave me enough dose for such rowdy outflow. And from that rage, now you should know why/how we call the monkeys Mahen, Peter, Thiru, and co f**king assholes and all the rest of "sweet candy" words.

Simple reason is because killing people is NOT a joke or a hobby for an evening tea chat.

Hope you are clear.

Annonymous said...

Guys, this Mahen's picture of SL is not much different to my picture of harry potter. Mahen has just been to SL once. No wonder he is talking utter bullshit.

Mahen, I think, considering your ignorance and lack of any sense, we can grant you a relief from your promise to capture Nachchikuda. If only you accept the weakness and apologize for talking about what you do not know.

If not seven more days to capture Nachchikuda !!!

Mahen idiot, I'm glad they pinched your ass in every corner of SL. Shouldn't that be the way to treat an eelamist. You are lucky to miss a lift from a white van.

In what grounds did you think that you eelamists have any RIGHT in SL. No, you all should be disposed. And if they tortured you, I'm proud of our system.

And go and see in Colombo, there are more tamils than the Wanni population there. Everyone is living and doing well, unless they support the cold blooded murdering. In case of latter, certainly they will and should be annihilated, and it is just a matter of time to get caught from their hide-away.

What is wrong in this policy?

Unknown said...


A few countries are lining up to give a consolation prize to all citizens of Tamil Eelam.

1. Canada is offering to give its entire NORTHWEST TERRITORY for us Tamils as a homeland. The National Democrats and Liberals have promised us NUNAAVET as well provided that we repeat Kent and Dollar farm all over again with the people there.

2. Britain is offering to give us all of SCOTLAND and NORTHERN IRELAND again we have to repeat Kent and Dollar farm.

3. Barack Obama has promised the state of IOWA for a new Tamil Homeland to honor the work done by Tamils for Obama.

4. Norway has promised to give us SVALBAD and JAN MAYEN islands. Both are uninhabited.

Hon. Thalaivar wants all Eelam citizens to let to know their choice.

EELAM WARNING: Vote results are liable to be vetoed by Hon. Thalaivar

Achi said...

In this eelam war I see somthing different from other eelam wars.when ever we went to Ltte's level we defeated them quite easily.

1) SLA went to guerilla war with small teams and prefered to fight in jungles rather than going to big operations with huge army.And they were successfull.So called guerillas had to clear jungles to escape from army.

2)Instead of few costly dvoras navy formed SBS with more low cost small boats and importantly now they can outnumber enemy.That was our weak point in sea fighting.And now the threat of sea black tigers is not a issue since boats are low cost.

And only dumb brainless force is Airforce.They want MIG29 to shoot down LTTe TinCAns.I think SLAF wants low cost heliocopters not necessarily gunships.They have to buy many small helicopters which can carry 2 people in the back.Then we should have 2 gunmans with AA guns in the back. In case of attack we should send nearly 10-15 helicopter units to diffrent locations each unit can consists with 2-3 helicopters.When one unit finds zlins they can call other units also to fight.20-30 helicopters against 2-3 zlins u know who is going to win.We can get support from mi24s and F7s if it's necessary.Most importantly we can fight in low altitudes with these.

Annonymous said...

Of Possible forward march in Muhamalai/NK, well, this is not yet time. A walk in that park is still risky. I know 53/55 can't wait till they join the bash, but tigers don't want a whole brigade to guard. 150 ppl to operate Arti is enough. And that can be done with half of it being "civilians" like the school teacher.

I noticed many suggesting how 53/55 can walk freely, but pls study the terrain, it is an open flat land with tiny bushes, less than 10km wide. An it is modified to their advantage by trenches and bunds. In whatever number, you ought to walk down the open. It is NOT POSSIBLE. Well, possible with 100s of death only.

So far SLA mastered small groups, but here it is not possible. No cover, big or small your groups are clearly visible and bound for arti.

Why not carpet bomb the arti positions? Well I have heard that there were 300 active arti points when we marched last time. They are spread in a stretch of say 8km. It is not simple to carpet bomb. In fact it is not possible to fully eliminate with air power alone.

Best and only option is to capture Paranthan, and give a hell of a time below, preferrably by TF3 and TF2, right in the middle. That will force them a full withdrawal, even that should not be trusted as they might leave few in arti positions.

If 53/55 wants to move, fine, you can land across kilali, after we capture Paranthan and clear the area. We can leave small MBRL staff at our side, in order to subject them with same risk if they charge at Jaffna.

In the worst case EPS may remain as the last bastion, which will end up a liability. For that reason the monkeys will surely withdraw before.

Until then we should only play check drives.

And of TinCans, Nirosh said many "small scale technologies" Sujeewa Kokkawela said shoulder mounted gunners, Moshe wanted powerful radar and now someone has said
why not mount gunner in choppers. I don't know how much sense these mean. I have seen some SLAF looking lads here rejecting them as utter nonsense.

OK smart SLAF guys, we are novices and honestly we don't know how right the suggested methods are, but would you the knowledged, pls tell us how we can actually down the tin cans, as it becomes our biggest worry day by day.

If F7 the only way?

Corey said...

As expected, with the peelam threat vanishing rapidly, Jaffna Tamils took a rally to the streets in jubilation, holding Lion Flags high!:


The innocent tamils are speaking up.. Vezapillai's peelam war V will be against his own tamils in mulativu !!!

Tee Hee Hee !!!!!!!!

Sam Perera said...

All patriots,

Nice to see how Kili is going to get pounded by two of our legendry divisions (57 ad 58) simultaneously. Any idea of Ranil Wickramasinghes talk about stopping the offensive on November 26 (mass murderer's birthday?)?

Sam Perera said...


"As expected, with the peelam threat vanishing rapidly, Jaffna Tamils took a rally to the streets in jubilation, holding Lion Flags high!:"

Where do you see this aticle? can you please provide the link to this article. Anyway, gods bless of Sri Lankan brothers and siters in Jaffna.

perein said...

Is n't 2 LTTE boats destroyed, 6 terrorists killed in sea battle off Nayaru - Mullaittivu [03rd Lead]

Good work Gents. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

WOW see Swarnam has a bed inside his vehicle!!! Now I understand why LTTP leaders like Malithi 'brgade' so much Ha Ha !!

Anonymous said...


It was in lankadeepa.lk

Rana said...

Selvi said,

Canada, USA, UK and Norwey are offering separate homeland for tamils. So, they will have choice of 04 homelands.

Thalaivar is going to select which one to occupy!

That is why pussycats are withdrawing from the battles and trying sea routes with rubber dingys
to migrate either to europe or north america.

This is a good one and shows how desperate is diaspora!

The problem with diaspora is they don't want to establish their homeland in T'naadu but prefer USA, Canada, UK etc.

Larger than life thinking and big talking only.

Who are the "modayas" now?

Rana said...


Has or had a bed?

Is he dead or alive!

Rana said...

When Mahen comes to SL next time, he prefers Iranamadu air port to embark rather than Katunayake.

Tha is not a problem, we can arrange to drop him around that area, if he can notify his travel arrangements to us well in time.

Anonymous said...


Grammar problem. Alive or dead unkown. For sure he 'had' the bed with Malithi 'kali's.

Rana said...


You said:

/I actually offered an apology for calling you a liar. However, I did not apologize for calling you a "dumb-arse" (dumb-arse-ithri).

Only a dumb-arse lacking any sense of southern Sri Lankan geography would bleat about Ambalagoda being in the Eastern Province. It was that ass-clown answer of yours that made your entire story suspect and I have no regrets calling a dumb-Arse out.

What kind of retard would misplace a well-known town like Ambalangoda in the wrong fucking corner of the island???? An "Arse-ithri" sort of retard????????/

How foolish you are to think that Asithri/Amaa G/G, Moshe or even any sri lankan patriot do not know where is Ambalangoda.

Sarath Fonseka spent some time in the east as a child when his father did his duty there. That is where he has seen communal violence.

He live and studied at Ambangoda does not mean he did not visit to any other place in Sri Lanka.

Do not write things without checking your facts, here after.

At least, I respect some of your views, therefore the advise.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Tamil Homeland party got 2 seats and 45,331 votes before 1956 in 1952."

"From 27 November 1982, when the first LTTE fighter Lt.Sanker was killed, until 20 November 2006, a total of 18,742 fighters have died, all of whom have been declared War Heroes by the LTTE."

very well said mate.

but i must warn you this VESAPALA (who is working hard for VESAPILLAI) will NEVER accept this truth.

a tiger can NEVER change its stripes and a leopard can never change its spots.

VESAPALA got pissed off after the SLDFs liberated poonaryn.

i'm sure this SUCK-KILL-AIYA has something to do with national traitors as well. VERY STRANGELY, some of them have ALSO called for a ceasefire with this suckkillaiya!!!!

this bitch also got pissed off when i said the TRUTH that it was a few well-to-do upper caste tamils with NO GRIEVENCES fooled poor tamils WITH grievances to die for what ONLY well-to-do upper caste tamils wanted.

it hit a nerve.

this is the truth. look at vesapillai, that cripple, etc., etc.

also look at karuna, pillayan, captured tigers.

we should save innocent tamils who have grievences as sinhalas and muslims (AND NOT TAMIL ASPIRATIONS)from the likes of VESAPALA.

Moshe Dyan said...

tissa hami,

welcome back, mate.

Rana said...


Yes, identity of the leader is not known, he is injured according to Army.lk and took away by escaping pussycats. The vehicle is a bullet proof double cab.

Therefore he must be an important leader!

Moshe Dyan said...


some sources told me that it was swarnam.

Lankapura said...

anonymous, looks like your warning was a bit too late. According to army.lk 55 and 53 have started marching. Wish the best, but I hope something is different this time.

Moshe Dyan said...


another thing.

putting blame on others is an essential part of tamil elamists.

that is why this VESAPALA,

1. puts the blame of tamil seperatism on the sinhalas when the bitsh says it started in 1956 with the sinhala only thing.

2. puts the blame of tamil terrorism on the sinhalas when the shit-eater says it started in 1983 july.

also note that the first one SLFP and the second one UNP. this means both UNP & SLFP (the main sinhala parties) CREATED tamil seperatism and tamil terroism!!!!

what crap??

it was ultra racists like,
1. all ceylon TAMIL congress
2. TAMIL homeland party
3. TAMIL urine liberation front
4. TAMIL national aliens
5. liberation toilets of TAMIL peelam

are the suckkillaiyas who started all this. of course some stupid idiots in the UNP, SLFP, JVP, JHU help/ed them.

the more the tigers suffer the more this bitch will try to hang here TRYING to get sympathy and fool the gullible.

as i said one day VESAPILLAI will come from the mouth of VESAPALA. how true??

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

G’Day Primates,

Counting down to ur Monkey Day! November 27!

9 days to go!!!!

Rana said...


OK, you have some contacts with somebody in the 59, or your self attached to 59 but not in the front, fighting.

However, your war strategies and analysis are not accurate enough.

We have agreed in this blog that army should progress similar to flood water. Go to their teritory selecting easy paths, when that path becomes difficult look else where.

Then only we gain teritory not harvest.

When we go to difficult places our teritory progress is slow but harvesting rate is good, and our casualties also go up.

Having said that, if want to eliminate LTTP we must kill them, acquiring real state is useless, if pussycats escape to wage guerrilla war from cleared areas.

We may not have army officer training or battle expertise but we are also experts in many other fields. Therefore do not underestimate all key board warriors as dumb arses.

Now, back to strategy:

We must go forward and attack Paranthan and EP and clear Jaffna lagoon completely, simultaneously we can attack Kilinochchi.
57 and 58 with the help of 53 and 55 fully capable of handling the above.

Let TF3 and TF2 go along A34 towards Oddusddan.

Let 59 to go towards Mulative.

You cannot get win by negative thinking. Ask our hero Arjuna Ranathunga about positive thinking and WC triumph in 1996.


Rana said...

Moshe, Asithri and Priyasantha,

This is a friendly fire with no intention to harm anybody and I don't mind getting a return too.

Some people like you, Ninja, Saman, Amma G/G and me ect exhibiting which camp we are in clearly, similar to mrbrown, mahan,thiru or peter on the other side.

However, people like wijayapala is not attacking nilly willy. They give out their perspectives on the conflict with facts as they see it. We need to respect those and agree or disagree as we see them ourselves.

Wijayapala's ideas and facts some times make sense, some times not. That doesn't mean we should wage a war against him.

I cannot see the reason to be so angry with wijayapala!

After all this blog is about sharing views and learning our selves about a major conflict that make out motherland suffer.

Rana said...


There is a good article in the Lanka Guardian about K'nidhi and LTTP.

It says K'nidhi asking for CFA to save himself rather than to save VP.

It also says K'nidhi played a role with LTTP in assasination of Rajive and he is now sweating, if SL capture VP, Pottu or any other senior leaders alive, he might be exposed.

Moshe Dyan said...


it is he who gets pissed off when i or anyone else tell something he cannot agree.

in fact, i totally disregarded him as i disregard mahen, peter, etc. but the bitch comes after me like an unpaid slut and start a fight.

and whenever anyone brings facts or exposes him, he quitely vanishes or go for a fight without a proper argument.

i have had decent discussions even with the likes of sharp, parantahman, as long as they respect my views in turn.

Moshe Dyan said...

"beware of wolves in sheep's clothing"!!!

how true?

Moshe Dyan said...

basil rajapakse, karu jayasuriya; are they alright??

i get this feeling that tigers are after them before the budget process is over.

Unknown said...

Guys, I posted this in DN, I’d like your opinion on it too, thanks!

My personal view is that 30 KIA (and may be more MIA) at national front is too high.

As a non-military person, I have the following questions. It’ll be great if you can provide some answers.

- Why can’t we use our UAV’s to create a very detailed map (including bunker positions, earth bunds, heavy guns etc. of tigers) of the terrain in front of our FDL at the NF? If we do have such maps, what is stopping us from picking these targets off one by one with our heavy weapons before launching an offensive?

- How can tigers withstand our heavy weapons attacks (e.g. MBRL fire)?

- How can tigers hide from SLAF attacks in such open terrain?

- Do we use UAV’s to record every little detail of the battles taking place at NF? If so, then surely we can use this footage to plan future operations.

- If the terrain is flat and devoid of thick vegetation and the battles took place during day time, how can our soldiers go MIA?

And finally, in your opinion, what is the single most important thing that is keeping us from breaking through NF?

I know it used to be heavy artillery positioned at K-point, are these guns still posing a headache albeit from a different position?



Lankapura said...

Parakrama, it would be easy if the tigers and their weapons stay still while everything is mapped out and artillery/MBRL is aimed at them :-)

Unknown said...


Good point mate!

But, NF is flat open terrain and it is not that wide. So the question is how much movement can they have in this limited space without being detected and being fired upon by SLA & SLAF?

Also, from what I understand, they have heavily fortified their position. This means that they can’t relocate these positions very easily.

All these factors should give SLAF enough time to detect and destroy their assets.

At least this is what I think.

Unknown said...


Rajini and Kamal have told their fans not to clebrate their birthday in support for eelam tamils. I guess when the Pro LTTE bloggers used to lament that there are 80 million tamils behind them, now I realise what they mean. I guess this issue is getting too big and at this stage the outpouring of support is unbelievable. I wont be suprised if thousands volunteer to fight. As now I believe there are about 200-1000 who are already involved in the units.

Now Rajani the same guy who called Sri Lankan Soldiers cowards for not being able to defeat the LTTE for 30 years looks likely to join the BJP?

BJP prime ministerial candidate LK Advani's visit to Rajnikanth's house in Chennai has sent tongues wagging. Sources said that Advani wants Rajni to hop onboard and campaign for the BJP in the upcoming elections.

During the run up to the 2004 elections Rajnikanth had declared that he will vote for the BJP, but stopped short of asking his fans also to support the party. The saffron party is hoping that this time too Rajni will indicate his support, even if he does not make a political plunge.

Maybe LTTE should allow the army to make some more gains. I mean remember the Tsunami, First looks like the water is drawn out then slam bang.

wijayapala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


"How can tigers withstand our heavy weapons attacks (e.g. MBRL fire)?"

they run away when MBRL fire is directed towards them. there are PLENTY of places to run to. as you know the "neck" is 8,000 metres wide.

we don't have so many RM-70s that can simultaneously cover a width of 8,000 metres.

our infantry do not get the direct advantage of MBRL fire. where troops are moving in, there is NO MBRL/arti fire from SLA. this is where death traps, APMs, monster mines, ambushes, snipers, motars, RPGs come into play.

MBRL/arti fire hits beyond the infabtry fighting area. in MOST cases MBRL & arti fire is NOT directed at high LTTE concentrations. UAVs are RARELY used. even when they are used, they can ONLY track down STATIC LTTE positions.

Sam Perera said...


Any idea of Ranil Wickramasinghes talk about stopping the offensive on November 26 (mass murderer's birthday?)?

Unknown said...

Just read this. My god look at what Ganesan said. I mean I was reading the signs but did not expect it to be so open. I mean Prabha must build a statue for Mahindha. I mean when i told you guys he F**KED up Sri Lanka's foreign policy, the great defencewire went to his masters defence. I guess is unconditional surrender now acceptable or what. I like the part where he says we are not supporting the tigers and tamils are Hindus. Hindutuva all the way. You know India or the US is helping when the Sri Lankan planes start getting shot down


In its first poll promise to the people of Tamil Nadu, the BJP today said that it would solve the problems of Sri Lankan Tamils, within six months, if the party was elected to power at the Centre.

“Despite, India's opposition to a military solution, Sri Lankan president had announced that he would continue the war against Tamils, who are Hindus. Sri Lanka's refusal to stop the war is an insult to the Indian government.

The island government should announce a solution immediately and India should monitor whether the solution is implemented, since the Sri Lankan government lacks credibility. Successive Sri Lankan governments have not considered Tamils as their own citizens and resorted to aerial bombardment on the people, he said. They had not respected any agreement, including international agreements, providing equal rights for Tamils, he said.
“The island government is claiming that it has conquered the land of Tamils. What it should conquer is the hearts of Tamils and not their land”, he said.

The action of the Sri Lankan government was alienating Tamils and pushing them into the arms of the LTTE, he alleged. “We are not supporting the Tigers. However, we are not supporting the Sri Lankan government like some of the parties, he said, in an indirect attack on the Congress.
He said that the Union government had provided Rs 150 crore to the island nation, which had bought weapons from Pakistan and the influence of Pakistan was increasing in the region, he said. Referring to the military and economic assistance provided by the Centre to the island nation, the BJP leader said: “When the Union government decided to interfere in the conflict by providing military and economic support, it should have ensured equal rights for Tamils.

Moshe Dyan said...


"How can tigers hide from SLAF attacks in such open terrain?"

as i said b4, the "neck" terrain is 8,000 metres wide and another approx 15,000 metres long to the mainland. thi about 12,000 (if 100m x 100m = 1 hectare).

one voley of MBRL fire affects 4 hecaters.

so we need 3,000 volleys. if we deploy almost all our 40 MBRLs in the NF, each need to fire 75 volleys to totally destroy this area. in effcet only about 0.5% of this will happen actually. that means there are 99.5% areas available for tigers theoritically.

infantry, motars, arti, shapnel definitely reduce this space. but still there is a large area to hide.

same theory applies to SLAF bombing.

8 BIG bombs (max MiG-27 capacity) can destroy no more than 3 hectares. if 6 planes bomb simultaneously it will be 18 hectares.

that is why we need precise ON TIME REAL TIME info to bomb tiger positions FOR MAXIMUM HARVEST.

Sam Perera said...


Hang on to the hope that LTTE terrorists will be saved by BJP.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Navindran: Rajini and Kamal have told their fans not to clebrate their birthday in support for eelam tamils.!

80 million eelam tamils are not going to celebrate their B’Days now! So, what is going to happen to:

1) The B’Day Cake industry of India? Go broke
2) The B’Day Candle industry of the India? Go broke
3) The B’Day party planer’s Industry of the India? Go broke
4) The Balloon industry of India? Go broke
5) The Clown and entertainment industry of India? Go broke
6) The Dasy dance/Ponna Dance Industry of India? Go broke
7) The Bombay Sweet Industry of India? Go broke
8) The Chair and Table hiring Industry of India? Go broke
9) The Kassippu/locale alcohol Industry of India? Go broke
10) The DJ Industry of India? Go broke

Navindran seeya, ha ha ha who give a fcuk??? I don’t?? do u? Oooppps u don’t remember what u were talking! Lol

Ooopppsss, I almost forget, u fcuking eelam tamils, I REPEAT, eelam tamils are real tight arses! U don’t celebrate ur B’Day anyway!!! Ha ha ha don’t ya??? U save ur every penny so u can die rich!!!!!!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

"Do we use UAV’s to record every little detail of the battles taking place at NF?"


but we do record them from a high altitude that gives only a bigger (less detailed) picture. may be they will be in public domain when we win EPS.

Moshe Dyan said...


don't belive ranill the PONNAYA. he talks what his boss VP wants him to talk.

there is no such thing.

govt declared the war heroes week AHEAD of crap "mahaveer" week DELIBERATELY in retaliation.

that should tell anyone our determination to fight.

wijayapala said...

The Mushe is getting mushy-mouthed:

"it is he who gets pissed off when i or anyone else tell something he cannot agree."

Stop whining like a little girl, Mushe. If you say dumb things, for example that Anandasangaree is the same as Mano Ganesan, then be prepared to be smacked down by those who know better. Don't run and hide behind your fellow dumbasses' skirts- be a man!

"1. puts the blame of tamil seperatism on the sinhalas when the bitsh says it started in 1956 with the sinhala only thing."

Hey b-i-t-c-h (who can't even spell insults properly!), I invite you to prove me wrong. Show any evidence of mass Tamil support for "Tamil homeland" before 1956.

If you cannot, then please act like a proper b-i-t-c-h and shut yer trap.

"2. puts the blame of tamil terrorism on the sinhalas when the shit-eater says it started in 1983 july."

Au contraire, dimwit, I said that the war began after the 1983 riots. "Tamil terrorism" before 1983 was not strong enough to challenge SL sovereignty- it took acts of "Sinhala terrorism" (thanks to certain idiots in our community like yourself) to push normal Tamils to become Tigers in 83.

"this means both UNP & SLFP (the main sinhala parties) CREATED tamil seperatism and tamil terroism!!!!"

It was primarily JR's government that was responsible for the current situation. The ordinary Tamils would not have had a reason to support separatism if they were not attacked by Sinhala thugs before the war.

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Thanks Moshe!

I understand the fact that 8000 meters is a long distance and we cannot cover every inch of that with MBRL/arti fire. However, what is stopping UAV’s from monitoring tiger movement and relaying this information to MBRL/arti fire crews who can direct their fire towards these targets?

You said “in MOST cases MBRL & arti fire is NOT directed at high LTTE concentrations”, why is that?

“UAVs are RARELY used. even when they are used, they can ONLY track down STATIC LTTE positions.”. Again, why is this? Why are they not used extensively and why can’t they track LTTE movements?

I remember seeing UAV footage that showed heavy earth moving vehicles creating an earth bund. So I think from a technological point of view it can be done. Is there anything else that is stopping us from doing it?

Gringo said...

[Colombo confiscates Tamil rehabilitation funds
[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 23:51 GMT]
Around 71 million Rupees in the accounts of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) in the Sri Lankan banks have been confiscated by the Sri Lankan Government, according to a press release by the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on Tuesday. The move is widely seen as an act of 'structural genocide' against Eezham Tamils, preventing Tamils looking after their own rehabilitation, discouraging individual, organisational and international contribution to Tamil rehabilitation and also as a response of Colombo to the rehabilitation funds being raised by the Government of Tamil Nadu, said a TRO activist in Norway.]

Good move. However, this is long overdue action. There are so many other assets of LTTE terrorist supporters, which we can confiscate and put to good use.

The LTTE and their supporters must be made to pay compensation for human and material losses incurred by the people and the country, due to LTTE's terrorism.

Rana said...


You may ahve a point there, thanks for clarification, mate!

wijayapala said...


"How foolish you are to think that Asithri/Amaa G/G, Moshe or even any sri lankan patriot do not know where is Ambalangoda"

The fool is not me..:


Asithri said...

6) SF is no stranger to the anti-Sinhela racism AND violence from the rabidly racist Tamils. Evidently, when he was a kid of 5 years in Ampara (yes, he was born in Balangoda in our Ruhuney), there were many occasions where he had to run into the jungles with his parents and hide when racist Tamil mobs would descend upon their impoverished Sinhela village - where both his mother and father were school teachers – and loot and set fire to houses.

Now Rana, if you claim that real "patriots" would not make such a dumb mistake as to claim Ambalangoda (or Balangoda) is in Ampara District, you will not get any argument from me! =)

Sam Perera said...

If the editor of Tamilnet is around, here is more material from the fake Tamilnet, the structural genocide.

Sam Perera said...


"Now Rana, if you claim that real "patriots" would not make such a dumb mistake as to claim Ambalangoda (or Balangoda) is in Ampara District, you will not get any argument from me! =)"

What the hell are you talking about? General Fonseka belongs to a clan of ancient warriors who currently dominate Ambalangoda area. His sinhala family name is "Gardihewage" which means a warrior. They treat Ambalangoda as their nativeland regardless of the actual place of birth. That is very normal in Sri Lanka. His parents were working in Ampara when he was a kid and that is when his resident village had to face the Tamil thugs. I hope this clarifies your confusion.

Mahasena-Deviyo said...

250,000 SL Tamils in Scarborough area of Toronto should be sufficient to demand an Eelam in Ontario, Canada. Let the ethnic cleansing of native Canadians begin! Make way folks, the master race has arrived!

Rana said...


It is your reading and interpretation is wrong here, not Asithri's post.

In fact Ambalangoda and Balangoda both in Ruhune though they are about 100km apart.

Therefore Asithri correct and you are wrong to attack him as a dumb arse.

Therefore, if you are a gentleman, as you claim, an apology from you is due.

Rana said...


/Au contraire, dimwit, I said that the war began after the 1983 riots. "Tamil terrorism" before 1983 was not strong enough to challenge SL sovereignty- it took acts of "Sinhala terrorism" (thanks to certain idiots in our community like yourself) to push normal Tamils to become Tigers in 83./

You are completely Wrong, I ndira Gandhi directed RAW to provide training, guns, explosives and money to LTTE before 1983. Indira is the real culprit of starting this war. Infact 1983 incident carefuly planned and orchestrated by RAW with the help of LTTP.

/It was primarily JR's government that was responsible for the current situation. The ordinary Tamils would not have had a reason to support separatism if they were not attacked by Sinhala thugs before the war./

You wrong again and trying to distort facts:

after 1983 tamils were unhappy and most able people got away to Canada etc. Only militants thought about armed struggle. It has nothing much to do with JR. Vesapille is the one force tamil youth to join him. Why can't you remember infamous lamp post killings. Howmany TELO, PLOTE and EDRF militants got killed by tigers. Why Uma Maheswarant ran to india. Any of these things not related to 1983 riots.

It is all LTTP and RAW work.

You cannot distort history, man.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Yesterday My gal kolla Sornam targeted by singala army hi hi hi hi hi

MY gal kollo never use bukeet proof vehicle. We use buket proof only for transport dead. hihi hi hi hi because I want salute dead who die for my sweet dream. Even no dead body how diasporas give me money. When diasporas like mahen, peter give money when they see I am salute dead. I make them happy saluting dead and they give me more money.

This bloody singala not understand that. Even diaspora ladies get wet when they see I salute dead.

Hey Mahen ongalaka paitayama

Anuradhapuram and all lanka part of my dream pukalam(EEEEiyooolaamm or eelam) But now your talaivar or sun god not even have a freedom to go to toilette. I am afraid when my boga fell down UAV will get to know where I, m hiding.

You, diaspora what are you doing there I need more women here. Send yours. You must understand you are there just beacuse I have sent you as refugees.

(Before I born my father had singala friend and he they use to come to my house to drink kasiya with my appa. One day he was drunk slept like a dead. Other day he found singala people inside my house. Oh that story, Since that my father hate singala and he even hate me he never called me as a son. I have grown up like a Avajathaka. I think like hitler hate jews I have a reason to hate Singala, )

Tin-Tin said...


"In fact Ambalangoda and Balangoda both in Ruhune though they are about 100km apart."

You are not really correct... Balangoda is not in Ruhuna (or southern province).. It is in Sabaragamuwa Province.

I am from Ambalangoda and a former Sokian.

Rana said...


mate, Muhamale and Kilali FDL is facing a very wide ditch and a earth bund with bunkers built in (you may have seen photographs of Akkarayan ditch and earth bund). This ditch according to some reports are 10-20 times wider than those.

We had many losses in the past in this ditch. It is not easy to attack with such a open ditch facing to the earth bund with bunkers at regular intervals. Anybody steps into the ditch is a sitting duck for pussycats.

Other than the ditch and bund the area is heavily mined and only LTTP guys knows the safe tracks.

That is why 55 and 53 is pinned helplessly there.

It is much easier, if pussycats withdraw from the area or 58 comes and attack them from rear (from Paranthan side).

Sam Perera said...

More comic relief from greater Eelam:

Dravidar Kazhagam president K. Veeramani said there was no truth in the reports that the LTTE was retreating in the war against the Sri Lankan army. “They are hiding only to launch a massive attack.”


Unknown said...

Sakkiliyange Maalu, Sakkiliyange ange thiya kapeema"

TRO Funds forfeited to the State


Die-Ass-Pora...Hoo..Hoooo !!

Rana said...


I didn't mean exactly in ruhuna, mate. Infact from Balangoda to Deniyaya there is a quite distance.

I was once a CEB area engineer for Balangoda and used to drive to Deniyaya, Nonagama and Udawalawe from Balangoda via Pelmadulla, Kahawatta,Rakwana and Embilipitiya.

I know the area like the palm of my right hand, mate.

However, illustratively Balangoda is in deep south.

Godsun V Pirabaharan (Prabha) said...

Ho ho IT Indians show their support good good why can't they send some money and gultik girlas. Indian IT I need your support if your busy send me your dalas here. My gal kollas will make them happy. These days 10,000 batch training in wanni thick jungle to celoborate my birthday. 28 NOv you can see I salute my dead kollas, Diaspora dont forget to contribute when u hear and see my pics 28 NOv

I have already recoreded my hero speech I have done it when singala liberate Mannar.

(Before I born, my father had singala friends and they use to come to my house to drink kasiya with my appa. One day he was drunk and slept like a dead. Other day he found singala people inside my house. Oh that story, Since that my father hate singala and he even hate me he never called me as a son. I have grown up like a Avajathaka. Like HItler hate Jews I think I have a reason to hate Singala)

Rana said...


LKR 71 million is nothing as an asset. We must get their really valuable if possible. If India can do it for us, LTTP should have very large sums of money in Indian banks.

Moshe Dyan said...


one method to make the maximum use of our RM-70s is to use them in conjuction with a GROUND SURVEILLENCE LONG RANGE RADAR like AMSTAR (i posted details in a previous post).

this can operate in a safe area. i recommend the commader of the brigade should always have it with him (or from a close distance from him for administrative reasons). any vehicle or large flock of tigers can be tracked at 30km to 42 km.

individuals can be tracked at <10km with excat accuracy.

based on this data, RM-70s should be positioned, tunred and coordinated.

MAXIMUM HARVEST is the result.

infantry units MUST take out individual tigers. no substitute for infantry. even the mighty US army had to finally "get down" to it risking the lives of over 3,000+ in iraq.

but this will be VERY easy when they are scattered.


infantry------> scattered tigers in ones, twos, fives, tens

MBRL/arti-----> large concentration of tigers, LTTE arti, LTTE tractors, LTTE wounded, LTTE mobile medical clinics

tigers, on their part, try to mix the two.


SLA infantry----> to be taken on by large number of tigers (and APMs etc.)

SLA MBRL -------> to be withstood by a few tigers (or no one)

what gives SLA the edge

1. timely info and action
2. forcing tigers to the SLA POV (above)
3. avoiding APMs, etc. as much as possible

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