Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tigers change their 'Kilinochchi Command'

Main street, Kilinochchi
The 57 Division engaged in fierce gun battles with the LTTE yesterday at Iranamadu and Akkarayan, the southern edge of Kilinochchi town. Akkarayan junction was secured by troops on the same day after overrunning the LTTE's earth bund south of this small town. This junction and the surrounding areas were seen only by LRRP teams until yesterday.

Meanwhile LTTE has again changed it 'Kilinochchi Command' as small groups of Tigers have started abandoning the organization. In a hitherto unprecedented move, Prabhakaran appointed Charles Anthony Special Commander Lt. Col Velavan the 'GoC' for Kilinochchi. 'Colonels' Lawrence and Lakshman, who were in charge of saving Kilinochchi, are now functioning UNDER Velavan.

With 13kms left to go for the 57 to capture Paranthan and only 7km left for the 58 Division to reach Pooneryn, the LTTE's collapse seems almost certain. Field Commanders told DefenceWire that LTTE could start withdrawing from Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali as soon as it loses Kilinochchi.

Meanwhile the 58 Division engaged in a series of successful attacks last week in Pooneryn. 2 and 3 Commando units ambushed the LTTE's withdrawal from Nachchikuda along the A-32, at the northwestern edge of Pooneryn. Tractors, cabs and motorcycles were targeted in a series of Claymore attacks. An armour plated Tractor Engine was also attacked. Casualties to the LTTE was not available.

However, LTTE's pressure tactics in Tamil Nadu seems to have had some impact with the Lok Sabha elections set for April-May 2009. The Indian Central Government has requested the Sri Lanka government to conclude its major operations in the North by the end of December 2008.


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TigerKiller said...

thanks for the update

"The Indian Central Government has requested the Sri Lanka government to conclude its major operations in the North by the end of December 2008. "

is it feasible from SLA perspective ?

Defencewire said...

Feasible to reach Kilinochchi and Pooneryn at the most.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


May I know the source of the lead photo ? It appears like an aerial one( or a high vantage like a Cellular tower).
If SLA clears Pooneryn coast west of A9, then, even if Kili and Paranthan, EPS etc are not taken immed, the demise of Tigers as a static force is certain.The most imp reason for that would be lack of warlike supplies from India--Fuels/Metal Ingots/Batteries/even food etc. These are as important as the arms, which they can get via Eastern sea.
Even if West of A9 is cleared, I suppose it would take another year to dislodge them from East of A9 totally. After that it would be back to pre-1983 tactics for LTTE.

Fonseka has boasted recently that 80% of war is over. Though his past boasts have not been fulfilled, he can afford to..he is showing results.

MrBrown said...

..I am looking for ur answer for last TAF attack...

are u still claiming that the weather was bad that night..? and again most of the F7 pilot went home after 5pm..? I would appreciate ur answer..

MrBrown said...

Dont disappear after ereading my questions.. lately Ur articles seems to be written by Fonseka's typist..

Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Infinity said...

"Even if West of A9 is cleared, I suppose it would take another year to dislodge them from East of A9 totally. After that it would be back to pre-1983 tactics for LTTE."

Even if armchair foreign LTTE supporter may find the idea of LTTE fighting to the death the last cadre romantic, the cadres themselves probably see it differently. The LTTE is using many of its best fighters to defend Kilinochchi. With them gone, morale broken after the fall of Kilinochchi, logistics cut, and several now inactive divisions jointing in, the end will come quickly. Wars speed up at their end with territory being taken quickly by the victorious party.

Infinity said...

"After that it would be back to pre-1983 tactics for LTTE."

Now facing an army of 200,000 battle-hardened men compared to a only symbolic army back then. The tamil population also will know that life in the dictatorship of VP was not especially glorious so popular support will be quite low.

Corey said...

brown seems to be still basking in the tin can attack. Wake up idiot - the bipolar maniacs seem to be finally realizing the reality - and running away!!!!!!

Gringo said...

[The Indian Central Government has requested the Sri Lanka government to conclude its major operations in the North by the end of December 2008.

Oh yes.... er... If and when Tamil terrorists blast the proud Sri Lankans into pieces, the 'Centre' could issue another statement saying that 'there can be no military solution'.

After all, Sri Lankans are still kids... they need guidance, mentoring and unsolicited advice.

Not only that... they cannot even find simple solutions within the country.

MrBrown said...

hmmm I know very well..Defencewire bugger dont have guts to accept his fault..
Come on DW dont hide...come on man man..and accept that u were wrong..or challenge me still that was bad weather.. Perhaps it is winter in Sri Lanka..
hmm he would was clear but temperature went to -10C

hemantha said...

"US commends Sri Lanka's war against LTTE

New York, Nov 6 (IANS) A top US military official Wednesday commended the Sri Lankan military for its recent successes against the Tamil Tigers, whom Washington has designated as a terrorist group."

click here.

MrBrown said...

Bugger might come and delete my post... Be a man.. dont hide under ur wife's petticoat..:-)

''We have also obtained information that indicates that the Sri Lanka Air Force had made no response whatsoever to pursue the aircraft sighting bad weather conditions. In fact, most F7 Pilots return home after 5pm. Bad weather was also cited for discontinuing jet bomber attacks on Tiger positions in the north''

This what u wrote here incase if u have forgot..:-)

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


why are you so insecure???!

Prove to me you are also not an 'armchair' tinhead will you?

MrBrown said...

I wonder whther this DW lives in SL.. how come he did not know about the weather in SL.. bugger sitting in US or some where and writing bed time story..

now he may come and say...he meant bad weather means.. air was turbulant so F7 cant fly in turbulant air..but small planes like zlin can fly in turbulant air..LMSAO.. come on a ur guts if u have any..

btw still F7 pilots go home after 5pm to see whther any one is screwing their wives?

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

DW or anyone else,
With so many naval blockades in place, and loss of sea tiger bases, how come the LTTE has so mcuh ammunition left? Is there any idea how much has been stored from the time before? Any indication about shortages in shells and bullets?

Infinity said...

Regarding India, the Congress party is clearly anti-LTTE and so is BJP:

So no matter who wins the general election the major Indian parties will be anti-LTTE afterwards. So this is a TN issue only. I think that TN and even diaspora support for the LTTE will dwindle dramatically once the west coast and Kilinochchi falls. Especially as the collapse starts afterwards. Some people like to support a clear looser and defeats, but most people go on to other things.

Stopping the war is not an option for MR if he wants to keep his coalition together or win the next election. If need be Sri Lanka can go on for a few months without Indian military support until the Indian election is over. If this issue should force early elections in India, then this is only good, as the Center can ignore the pro-LTTE elements in TN again afterwards.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Stopping major operations by Dec does not sound that bad if we continue minor operations.

E.g. Send 4 man or 8 man teams in to Mulative.

MrBrown said...

[ Stopping major operations by Dec does not sound that bad if we continue minor operations.

E.g. Send 4 man or 8 man teams in to Mulative. ] the time ur 4 and 8 men team go and o their work,,do u think..LTTE will be counting starts in the sky?

It is not ur is because u have been reading punnakku from DW for a while.. u will be thinkng 4 man and 8 man only.. Please dont think of inviting 3 other men to have sex with ur wife.. like 4 man game..

Ra said...

Moda brown,

Did sending a tin can help your aspiration ?

Gringo said...

[.....while 12 members of the TNA who were present at the Sri Lankan parliament walked out after the parliamentary group leader of the TNA, R.Sampanthan made a statement.... ]

What a comedy! The proud TASSLs want these elected leaders to stay and fight... and get all what they can...

Quiting is easy!

But the easiest is to call the Room service of Hotel International Community... and order the Elaam on a platter.

hooooo.... hooooooooo.... hoooooooo.

I'm glad that blacks is the US didn't do that... while they did not even have the right to vote!

MrBrown said...


bungu wanted some 8 man team to have sex with his wife.. why dont u go and help him..

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Well well well...

Moda brown likes my strategy... LOL

Harako we are going to chase you away from this land once again! Our ancestors did that in the past... so will we!!!

Corey said...

sicko brown,

you and your mania-sufferers (peter assrajiv) went gung-ho with 'bravery' when that idiot karunanidhi tried to pull a fast one on his own country. Now these 'courageous' ltters have disappeared with their tail between the legs, after that joker was rebuffed by the Indian govt.

if all you can do here is scream and shout at DW's articles, go ahead.... vent till that mania in you subsides.. yeah, vent...from both sides!!!!

Tee Hee!!!!!!!!

සිසිර කුමාර said...

our 4-8 man teams will make sure ethnically pure tamiz eelam is unachievable by diluting their genetic makeup!!! LOL

lets see who fæcks who....

Defencewire said...

Source in unknown but one of our editors who found it said it was a public source.


Please await a detailed analysis of the SLAF's response that night. This will be well balanced. By the way, Fonseka's typist is a girl. I am very much a man and so are the other editors.


Yes this will be a temporary situation but the government will continue its operations regardless. Perhaps tomorrow you will get our latest analysis on this.

Casper said...

Guys. I think we should not reply to this Donkey Brown. Let's just let him bark... and don't just waste your time on him. It's simply worthless!

Peter said...

Funniest part of Mahinda's budget speech: "The number of families that consumes drinking water
has increased from 500,000 to 12,000,000."

Were they all surviving on arack 'till now?

Corey said...


Keep chainging your 'great' commanders.... :) this is all you can do now...? by the way, where is 'peelam war iV' that went to Colombo?

As actual bullets stary flying around them, your 'great' commanders will wake up from their delusions .. one of them will shoot you in the balls (if you have any, that is), and then through that thick skull.....

Tee Hee!!!!!!!!

Gringo said...

[Were they all surviving on arack 'till now?

Formidable LTTrs are seem to be fast becoming 'LITTer'

Good sign. The future looks bright, thanks to MR's leadership.

Peter said...

Sounds like SLFP farm boys and girls are going to be running around in their loincloths:

“I propose to increase the Cess on sarees, sarongs, ready made
garments and material imported for local consumption by 50 percent.”

Peter said...

Even SLFP farm kids aren't spared: they are destined for kiribath.

“I propose to increase import Cess on
Chocolates, biscuits and sweets by 50 percent.”

Sri Lankikaya said...

who is this dunbhead son of a zoo who wants to know about an 'armchair tinhead', go look in the mirror you moron.

BTW if you want the source of your mothers photo don't bother too much, check out any indian low grade porn site.

Gringo said...

[...they are destined for kiribath....]

With tiger-meat curry (make it spicy to get rid of the foul taste), fried fish from Nachchikuda, Prawn / crab soup from Viditahthalthiv... that would be meal fit for a king.

And that meal can be celebrated with fresh brewed toddy from Jaffna... while watching a a Vanni cutie doing a striptease.

Who wants imported junk food?

Corey said...

More on the topic: Tamils are (finally) daring to speak:

"Recently several people, who support Prabakaran's outfit LTTE, were saying in public speeches in Tamil Nadu that Sri Lanka is a racist country and only a Buddhist Sinhalese is allowed to become as the President of the country. This is not true. Remember late Kumar Ponnampalam was a Presidential candidate. If Tamils are not allowed to become a President of Sri Lanka, how was Kumar Ponnampalam allowed to contest in the Presidential Election? Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappah - a great Tamil politician and the best Mayor and Member of Parliament Jaffna ever had, was assassinated by Prabakaran himself as the first military action of Tigers, claiming Alfred Duraiappah was a traitor, which was not true at all. Even a few days ago Prabakaran's outfit claimed that they had completely destroyed a ship at Kankesanthurai Port. But it was not true at all. Prabakaran's outfit is not built on true facts. These lies won't bring any solutions to any problems. Money and power hungry Prabakaran and his outfit know two things, one killing other human beings and collect money from human beings by telling lies or at gun point. Compared to Prabakaran, Idi-Amin was an angel".

Thambiah Sabarutnam

4th Mile Post



SRAF said...

"The Indian Central Government has requested the Sri Lanka government to conclude its major operations in the North by the end of December 2008. "

What right does India has to say this to the Sri Lankan Government? Does our government go around saying to india how to do their business!!!

MrBrown said...

please send a message to my papa

Bhathiya said...

Ha ha ha Fucker mrbrown & Peter,
Same thing can be happened to yall too..

Bhathiya said...

mrbrown & peter,
balless, dark, smelly, peelam tamils,,
Pls get rig of us n join with..

(you may find millions of things to comment...)

Annonymous said...

7km to pooneryn. This will be very decisive.

Annonymous said...

Mr Brown Pant,
[we know why the pants turned brown]

Just heard that you are heart broken as DW took away all attention from LNP and hence you always try to target at him. But in doing so, not only you and LNP become further unpopular, but also you make others talk about you wand indirectly help the growth of DW.

You're just like tigers themselves, whose idiotic siege of Mavil Aru, caused an otherwise reluctant SLDF to take back the gold platter and silver spoon given by Ranil and co.

Nevertheless, you seem to be the guy with defence sense and heaps of knowledge. So tell me the answer to following.

How can the tigers turn tables now?

Many tiger supporters keep on issuing vague and unrealistic warnings of a moving "surprise" which has existed in almost every town but later fled to next. Also they tell us to wait for another few days and the return will come. Navindran thinks if not for Obama, World economic crisis or global warming at least an asteroid will crash and somehow eelam will be achieved.

It is just the sort of village quarrel type statements like "ado umba ape ge langin giyoth ellanawa gahe harida?". I know that they open heartedly agree with me on tiger's inability to even fart loud. And that's why they keep on vanishing after I ask this question.

Nevertheless you're the knowledged boy and only such for the entire tiger support base here.

Be very serious pls. As I am not joking here.

Every tiger supporter, this is an open invitation for you. The million dollar question is;

How can the tigers turn tables now?

Gringo said...

[How can the tigers turn tables now?


Simply 'wait'... 'wait'... 'wait'.. and 'wait'... and continue to 'wait'.

One fine day... Pukhakaran would pull some 'rabbits' from his a*sehole!

At the moment... LTTE coolies are hibernating in that holy place!

Annonymous said...

Hey pete boy,

Out of the bunker? After I MBRLed you? Don't worry today is ceasefire for you. So walk freely [but don't block any sluice gates ok]

Just a humble reminder. MR may have stated not so literally right statements in the budget. Also he may have increased cess on almost anything. But compare it with your lads.

VP takes the dollar/euro a day blood sucking ransom from whatever the little job you find in the places of your asylum. And see the result.

As our kids are paying 50% more cess on chocolate; your kids are not only deprived from items like chocolate [what is it? 1000% ransom on the original price ??] but also given the alternative of C4 and cyanide. C4 and cyanide for chocolate. How about that?

And the huge sum of money that you send him is either burnt on weapons or spent on his family affairs.

Maybe this is why you fail to understand the affairs of an ordinary political system, especially speeches like MR today.

You guys think that sun shines only for 3 hours a day in sky as you have seen the world out of the tiny opening of the underground pit you live in. For that matter VP and Punnakku news have been giving you enough to read and obey for the 3 hour sunshine.

BTW, I found all this in a Mahavamsa chapter. As I asked you before tell me your worst chapter of it, then i will tell you which one I found these ideas from.

I pity you.

tata said...

Maybe we should start writing another fairytale like Mahavamsa. Just to piss off future Tamiz people.... :)

I just love to see Tamiz go chasing their tails over Mahavamsa...

phaedrus said...

Lion flag hoisted in Akkarayan after 20 years

Unknown said...

@All (P)Eelamoids

Read the TAMIL SANGAM first!

Unknown said...

[The Indian Central Government has requested the Sri Lanka government to conclude its major operations in the North by the end of December 2008. ]

OK lets request India to conclude all major operations in Kashmir and Assam!

obama said...

peter and brown,
Couldnt you still understand that you have been a sucker to prabakaran? You countributed to the crime of destroying tamil nation?
Propably you guys are so idiotic you will never understand. Blacks won their rights in USA by democracy. Because they had intelligent people among their race. Where is the tamil intelliget? Vaiko? or your leader has killed all of them. There wont be any in the near future because nobody is going to school.

Wake up from your dreams

Saman said...

Tnx DW for the update.

/Lok Sabha elections set for April-May 2009. The Indian Central Government has requested the Sri Lanka government to conclude its major operations in the North by the end of December 2008./

In 30 odd years of the fight against terrorism we never had the upper hand we have now both militaraly and politically. India has been presurising us all these years. Now is our turn to do so.

May 09 Lok Sabha Elections - It seems leading up to May 09, either major party in TN is politically vulnarable. We can and must use this wisely to our advantage and presurise India to endose a political solution favourable to the country with moderate tamils.

2. Based on their Dec. 08 deadline - we must hit them as hard as we can. Use every means possible. India can not have both -verginity and pleasure of being fucked.

Timing seems to me the most critical factor here. That nicely sits with Obama factor (if any) 20th January.

Boys, let sakkiliyas say what ever they like but next few months would seal the deal.

Infinity said...

Defence Column, Daily News

Ajith said...

I am thinking of going back to Sri Lanka to join the SL armed forces. I might as well join in the bandwagon, when the going is good for the forces why not join in? But, what about the LTTE folks in Canada? Will they go back to join prabha anna's gang of fighter's? I have my doubts.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update.

/Field Commanders told DefenceWire that LTTE could start withdrawing from Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali as soon as it loses Kilinochchi./

Never forget SLA primary objective is to kill the tiger terrorists. I think SLA need to have some plan to kill withdrawing tigers.

/The Indian Central Government has requested the Sri Lanka government to conclude its major operations in the North by the end of December 2008./

This is bad news. However Indian gov. has given few months notice. Thus SLA have time to plan how to 'continue' the war while 'stopping' it for Indian friends in the center.

Also, it is said vavunia radar detected at least one TAF can (DN.) I am waiting to see DW analysis on recent TAF show.

Anonymous said...


Please read this - Geetha Kumarasinghe

Rana said...

Why India is asking us to conclude offensives before end of December?

Their reason probably an internal politics, they need 4-5 months to prepare for the general election.

So, I see it as a request for help, not a intervention.

However, both effectively come down to same!!!

No. Intervention is threatning to use force, if we do not stop by 31st Dec.

Request is a obligation for their supprt to the war against terras.

Agree with Saman, Speed up every thing and make all units including 56 offensive, kill as many as possible, gain teritory as much as possible before the dead line.

Then announce tiger to lay down arms and come for unconditional negotiations providing LTTE either kill VP and Pottu or hand over to GOSL or India as the two are convicted criminals.

If they do not want to negotiate on those conditions, then solidify all areas, give boys a well earned rest before next offensive starts. Complete FDL should be tightly guarded against infilteration, Mulative sea must be guraded tightly.

I am assuming we will clear west of A9 completely before 31st Dec.

If we can capture Paranthan and EP before 31st, so much the better.

During the ceasefire, if LTTE makes any attack military or suicidal then armed forces should attack them quickly and decisively to make the heaviest possible damage.

Finally, just after India's f***ing election is over start the war again to wipe out LTTE completely once and fore ever.

hemantha said...

Troops are at Uruthirapuram. Just 5 km to Jaffna lagoon(East of Nallur).
click here.

Gringo said...

[..This is bad news. ]

Not really.

Proud Sri Lankans' challenge in these difficult times is to create 'opportunities' out of problems. Note the word 'create'. One cannot 'mail-order' opportunities.

That's what our great acenstors did in style for all of us to see.

Now as far as Injuns are concerned... we don't need to worry at their rumblings... Last time I checked with them... they don't even make their chapathies or piss... looking at the south... remembering the burned fingers last time around.

Let's just keep Eelamizing the Tamil terrorists lining up for the trip... and we'll have peace.

Gringo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gringo said...

[The Sri Lanka army after a 25-year protracted conflict is now preparing a ground connection from the mainland to Jaffna peninsula through the LTTE’s last coastal base in the northwestern coast Pooneryn. This will certainly be a major setback to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).


Salute to our brave troops!

The whole world is watching how the award-winning, FBI-certified, mighty LTTE terrorist Mafia empire crumbles.... like Mickey Mice.

This is made possible only through great leadership (often insulted) unshakable determination, sharpened skills and ruthless consistency*.

Let's learn from our failures, think of these achievements and go conquer our stolen Northern Motherland...

*A very key ingredient to reach our target numbers of Eelamization, faster.

Moshe Dyan said...


re: earlier topic.

yes; got it. thanks. i was ONLY looking from a factual pov.

Lankapura said...

Thanks DW for the regular updates, thought we lost you for a while!

While this deadline business looks like an insult to our sovereignty, it is a reasonable request. From our point of view, it is best that the current Indian government comes back to power, so GOSL should do as much as possible to support that. If Killi, Pooneryn, Kilali andd Nagarkovil are cleared, there will be more than enough troops to go in to a defensive mode and hold the tigers within Mulativu from January till the Indian elections are over. The final clearance can start after that.

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW for the update.

but the deadliest battle will be for mulaitivu. clearing WEST of A9 is the preparation stage for that. 53,55,57,58 & 59 will all be free to take on mulaitivu.

SL should NEVER stop military operations, major or minor. as most of us know, the BIGGEST danger of this war has ALWAYS been STALEMATE. it has political and military implications IN FAVOUR of tigers. in defence understanding when one party to the war is a terrorist group.....

ceasefire without decommisioning/laying down arms = victory for terras

stalemate = victory for terras

larger compromise by state than terras = victory for terras

should avoid this stalemate that comes in a different way

Anonymous said...

/'We are hopeful that the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) would be a decreasingly important factor of much less reach than they are and have been in the past,' Admiral Timothy Keating, Commander of US Pacific Joint Command, told foreign correspondents in New York./

/'We are very pleased the Sri Lankan Navy has been able to wage an increasingly effective campaign against the LTTE,' Keating said./

Ha Ha Is he talking about recent sinking of nimalawa, dvoara and hoover craft by tamilnut edotor? Ha Ha here

/However, in the Sri Lankan context, it has become customary for the Army chief and the Chief Justice of the country to make political statements, hurting the feelings of Tamils./

Now US has also joined the club to hurting feeleings of tamizzzzzz. (tamilnut editors feelings were hurt)

My dear di-ass-pora clowns, I am totaly against hurting feelings of any one - specialy feelings of monkies. Ha Ha Please don't get hurt your feelings. Watch some serious LMTP analysis here.

Rana said...

First thing first:

Let us achieve maximum before 31st Dec.

1. Inflict maximum damage to tiger cadres before the dead line. All dead tigers are good tigers.

2. Achieve maximum teritory including vital strategic positions like Pooneryn and Mankulam, if possible Paranthan junction also before the dead line.

After 31st we will have to formulate a strategy for next phase and defensive tactics during cease fire.

Jambudipa said...

I read somewhere Mukarjee said upto 3 months they can tolerate. There will be electioneering from new year onwards till Loksaba elections in May. They will seem care about Jaffna Ezham Tamils until elections. The period afterwards will be back to normal. Whoever comes to power, any kind of intervention that hurt Sri Lankan interests whether politically/militariry or economically is counter productive for India.

So we have 3 months grace period starting from 1 Jan to pretend to care about Jaffna Ezham Tamils ourselves. We pretend we are for serious political changes for them while taking out decapitation strikes using lurps and attrition using small group ops. The Airforce especially must be totally quiet during this period.

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...

They can sustain EP and Poonaryn only if they have Paranthan/Kili. The A9 is totally secured if Mankulam is taken. The key towns that must go are Paranthan/Kili and Mankulam.

Saman said...

Good stuff brothers.

Panhinda, mate I respect your views but I want you to re-think this part - "So we have 3 months grace period starting from 1 Jan to pretend to care about Jaffna Ezham Tamils ourselves. We pretend we are for serious political changes".

Mate, I think we must be as straight as arrows in keeping our word. We must have enough balls to say to the world in no uncertain terms, we are dead clean and serious when we say,

1. No ceasefire with LTTE until they surrender. They are a terrorist organization. If they do not we will kill every one of them. Which in my view a matter of time but may need few more white vans. Like world hunted Natzis even after 30-40 years after their crimes. We must kill or catch those who do not surrender and announce in the parliament " LTTE Terrorist, Lt. Cnl. Pakeer Mile Bala was eliminated 31-Feb 2011, 35, Pealam Road, Wallawatha, Colombo 6".

2. On the same account we must be dead serious, NOT PRETENDING to any one, that we want to create a political environment within which we all Sri Lankans can live in harmony - basically we must ensure our future generations and unborn do not have to carry this burden.

Well, if India requested the so called end of 2008 DL, let be open and get a parliamentary debate/motion - " I was made to undertsand, that GoSL has been approcahed and requested by Mu-kar-pee on behalf of our respected neighbour India, that GoSL sustain offensives agaist LTTE terrorists after 31st December until TNA Lok Sabha Elections. I propose the Sri Lankan government to consider in conducting only retaliatory offensives against LTTE terrorist outfit, to provide a conducive and peaceful election environment in TN". I think Mervin Silva should nove the motion and Karuna Amman should second it. (If Kothalawala was there he should have done the same)


Elected democracies should never PRETEND. They must DECLAIR. After all we are a proud nation.

Jambudipa said...

saman, thanks I have to think about it. i respect your view nevertheless.

උදාන said...


Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Tamil national mysticism:

Good Morning to all Sri Lankans and what-ever to monkeys and fools.

Thanks DW for regular up dates and keep-up the good work.

All the best to SL forces and hope u’ll annihilate remaining LTTE terrorists ASAP.

Intelligent Tamil Peter Ponnayar, Brown hole, Navindran the Obama’s gal kolla and other fools who are trying hard to claim “Indigenous Tamils” of SL are the supreme race, ur nothing but sore losers.

This is not a recent phenomenon. These fools and their forefathers have been doing this for years. These Intelligent Tamil never had their own 2 acres and they are blaming for every thing from rising of Sea level to Sun to Moon to Vijaya to Sinhalese for their calamity.

These Intelligent Tamil fools claim they were the “Master’s of the universe” once. Now, only monkey’s are below them. And according to them they lost everything! But they call us modaya! How fcuking ironic is that??

And they even blame Sinhalese for their foolishness. Who are the real losers? Who are the real fools? Who really failed? It is up to u to figure out.

I did some reading (extracts are below) about Tamil extremists who are trying to prove that they were the masters of the universe. So, all the Intelligent Tamil fools who are allergic to Sinhala literature from Mahavansa to “Hoodi Potha”, pls c/read ur pathetic attempts to claim superiority.

“Tamil Homeland is the Cradle of Civilization:

“In modern Dravidian ethnic nationalist literature, Kumari Kandam was the "cradle of civilization", the origin of human languages in general and the Tamil language in particular. These ideas gained notability in Tamil academic literature over the first decades of the 20th century, and were popularized by the Tanittamil Iyakkam, notably by self-taught Dravidologist Devaneya Pavanar, who held that all languages on earth were merely corrupted Tamil dialects.”

Ha ha ha this fool call him self a Dravidologist! Then I can claim my self a “Pussyologist”!

ha ha ha And root to all languages is Tamil dialects?? How fool is this fool??? Can any Intelligent Tamil give me a Tamil dialect to describe this fool? “Gon namba” ???

“R. Mathivanan, then Chief Editor of the Tamil Etymological Dictionary Project of the Government of Tamilnadu, in 1991 claimed to have deciphered the Indus script as Tamil, following the methodology recommended by his teacher Devaneya Pavanar, presenting the following timeline (cited after Mahadevan 2002):”

“ca. 200,000 to 50,000 BC: evolution of "the Tamilian or Homo Dravida",
ca. 200,000 to 100,000 BC: beginnings of the Tamil language
50,000 BC: Kumari Kandam civilisation
20,000 BC: A lost Tamil culture of the Easter Island which had an advanced civilisation
16,000 BC: Kumari Kandam submerged
3031 BC: A Chera prince in his wanderings in the Solomon Island saw wild sugarcane and started cultivation in Kumari Kandam. “

“In the light of current day science, especially in marine archeology and anthropology, such postulates are seen as nothing more than fanciful imagination. One of the prime proponents of the Kumari Kandam theory, D. Pavanar clamied that the Tamils were a separate biological species known as "Homo Dravida". Such proclamations have confined the kumari kandam theory amongst fringe Tamil extremists with absolutely no scientific basis.”

How fcking funny is that! “Homo Dravida” !! Beginning of the man kind! Ha ha ha I am glad the fcuker “Homo Dravida” went booomm to the open pit toilet! Otherwise we all are going to look like monkeys!

How about “Homo Tamiza” “Homo LTTP” “Homo Sexual VP”!

This is the punakku that has been fed to Intelligent Tamil Peter Ponnayar, Brown hole, Navindran the Obama’s gal kolla and to other fools. So, these Intelligent Tamil are nothing but RATS who have jumped the sinking ship and now trying to claim and trying to occupy some one else land with bogus claims.

Once LTTE terrorists being extricated, Sri Lankan’s have to make sure to record and preserve the LTTE and Intelligent Tamil Terrorism to next thousand years.

Otherwise, in 100 years time some fool might start claiming that king VP ruled Eellam from 1983 to 2009 and bunch of fools like Intelligent Tamil Peter Ponnayar, Brown hole, Navindran the Obama’s gal kolla and others will start sucking his farts!


Jambudipa said...

Good one Amma-G.

Kumari Kandam aka "Lemuria". Don't forget other mythological creations by Homo Dravida such as Tamil Ezham. Maybe Tamil Ezham was part of Lemuria once. Its more like a cradle of clowns.

Rana said...

To all Patriots,

Please read following article, very disturbing, and give comments for the benefit of the people like me who are far away from SL"

Source: Sri Lanka Guardian today.

Article: Kilinochchi Battle will be Archetypal Military Disaster

Author: A Wales

I don't know him, first time I came accros this name but he is giving lot facts and painting bad picture on SLDF.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Panhinda said : “cradle of clowns” ha ha nice!

Kumari Kandam: “cradle of clowns”, “cradle of monkeys”, “cradle of retarded”, “cradle of brain dead”, “cradle of sexually hermaphroditic, egg-laying, mentally undeveloped Tamiza”

Jambudipa said...


"The most significant event was a special LTTE Black Tiger commando’s attacked on the Sri Lankan Air Force Base in Anuradhapuram."

- A. Wales

I wouldn't worry about this article.

Rana said...


My worry is not the article, whether the numbers given in the article is accurate or not.

What ever he says is nothing but if numbers are correct they speaks themselves. For instance army deserters, number of aircrafts destroyed and casualty figures. Also his estimate of LTTE strength.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Hi Rana:

The article was written in the disguise of objectivity. Almost any thing is possible in life. There is a probability that the Sun will not rise tomorrow. At this stage the probability that LTTE may come out on the top has slighlty better odds, but only slightly.

We may look at things and write analyses. Choosing and ignoring facts selectively and using an objective tone we may be able to fool others.

I believe this article is a magnificient example of such writing. Though the outcome of this war is still not certain, I think it is highly goes against
LTTE oppression. But SL forces should be extremely careful until the goal is achieved and even beyond.

The reason I am writing this note is not to assure that. This article gives us an important lesson. Be very careful when you read, talk, listen and think.

Are we taking all sides of the issue into account?

Are we choosing facts just to support our emotions and/or material needs.

To what extent can we jsutify our material needs and emotional needs since we do not live alone?


Swarnajith Udana

Corey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TropicalStorm said...

There is an effort being made to claim that the tamils were the original inhabitants of SL, bfore the sinhales arrived. These guys are so desperate, they think just confusing the issues is possible, just as they themselves generally are confused.

Noever a dull moment with the monkeys around.

Moshe Dyan said...


SELWA who wrote the article as AW(A)LES. also uses...

anurathapura, hampanthoddai, mugamalai, etc.

it's a real TAMILSELWA!!

Corey said...

Some ltte maniac is posing as 'Mr Wales' and trying to paint a rosy picture for the diaspora! 12,000 ltter losers still fighting? gimme a break!!!

the peelamists are so desperate that they have restarted forcing underage children to the fronts as cannon fodder.

peter and his fellow diasspora losers will swallow this baloney hook, line and sinker!!!!!!!! peter, start to pay up , ..........loser!!!!!!!
Tee Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

just spell the name backward,

AWALES - SELWA with an A which is the initial!!!

Saman said...


True, a damning article by A Wales which includes lot of data and convincing case histories.

I picked up the same point Panhinda did "Anuradhapuram" and in the following para he goes back to "Anuradhapura".

To me he is a researcher funded by a pro-LTTE western country. Most likely Norway. The data seem to me direct from LTTE intelligence. So does predictions and conclusions.

Also, his analysis is not supported by (or not correlate with) the intelligence and defence analyses by other sources - Jane's, FBI etc. I bet my last buck, RAW would be very anxious by now, if LTTES reported invincibility and TNA’s race politics combo does exist. They would be more aggressive and tails would be up by now. If this is true, India would never bank on East and a bench mark project for political solution.

This is to me single track research – data – case history – conclusions. His hypothesis does not stand.

Look, I will not worry at this stage and more keen to see next month or so developments keeping this in back of my head. I am sure SF/GR should know if this through India. As I said, if LTTE's status is what this guy claims I am sure RAW and India would be more worried with TN political storm.

In short, A-Wal-es is flying solo while other analysist are flying as a flock in the opposite direction.

Lets see.

Rana said...

Amma G/G (pussyalogist),

Another good one bro,

Moshe, yes mate,

I noticed that, infact that is why I am asking somebody to clarify his numbers becuase whole world can read these articles and get the wrong picture. Somebody has to counter it. If any body has other articles with similar figures, we might be able to do something.

Jambudipa said...


My worry is not the article, whether the numbers given in the article is accurate or not.

The numbers could be true. Alas, this is the cost of quelling an insurgency for which there is no alternative answer. The situation has to be managed somehow until this menace is destroyed.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...



good one mate.

Remember Pamela Decker who claimed Australia was populated by Tamils first?

Haaa Haaa Haaa.

AGG has found another Pamela Decker.

Hee Heee Hee.

Rana, if you can't decipher Pamela Decker, ask Moshe to do it (Hooo, Hooo).

Black Pete, Brown (Hole), Nuttindran, IndianPM-Killer (oh where have you gone?); it's a date! I'll be here, say on the 24th December. Given that you guys are probably going to Mass that evening, I'll agree to meet as early as possible. We'll start as close to the International Date line as possible. Say, early evening NZ time? Don't forget to bring prezzies. DW is sure to have pressies waiting for you. Who knows. You might get a real surprise! I'll have something for you to suck on as well.

Huk Huk Huk.

Seriously though boys, I assure you "Tamil" was invented in the mid 19th century. I bet my black ar$# on it. You've all been taken for a big ride. The ride is about to end in about 10 years. Lanka will be free long before then. Look forward to do Homo Dravida hunting just like the Homo Nazi was hunted earlier. Open Season is coming boyz! In the meantime enjoy calling each other "Tamil" or "Tamiz" as much as you like. We will try not to laugh.

Jambudipa said...

Debt servicing burden reduced - MR

"President said that the debt servicing burden was reduced from 100% of Government revenue to 85%."

Good! Anything >= 100% not good news.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana mate, thanks and I can understand ur concerns about A.Selwa article. A.Selwa lol

It is an article to fool the fools! The figures Selwa presenting is already out there nothing new about them. Yes, they are damaging and SLGOV should be careful not to fuel more fire by negligence.

This one eyed Peelam supporter painting half the picture! Where are the LTTE terrorist’s stats? No casualties? No body ran away? Everything fine in the jungle? Good on them! Keep partying until we crash the party!

Rana said...


Boys 58th division is in the outskirts of Sempankundu and just about 5km from Pooneryn-Paranthan road. I think next week end we can celebrate closing Pooneryn-Parathan road for LTTE.

It is a massive achivement on this war.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

"The Indian Central Government has requested the Sri Lanka government to conclude its major operations in the North by the end of December 2008. "

Time to ramp up Arrow production and buy those 500 zlins and equip them with locally manufactured radar/anti-radar and night vision and GPS capability. If SL is going to pull back on "major operations", it will surely need to beef up surveillance capability( ;>), ;>) )

Until, 24 Dec., Bash Bash and Bash and control,

Pooneryn, Paranthan, EP, Killi, Mankulam,

and dominate,

A34, A35 and Mullaitivu forest.

Control the Western and Eastern Seas.

Let the "Tamil" people deliver VP and his coterie.

Rana said...

The other thing is army air lifted an injured female tiger cadre without realising it until she was recognise in Anuradhapura hospital. Due to her critical condition later she was transferred to colombo general hospital (defencenet). We need to treat her well as a POW and use it as a propaganda material. To show whole world the difference between our forces and tiger forces.

hiru said...

"The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) boycotted President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s budget presentation"


"Very good... Even they stay in the Parliment they won't do any good for tamils but only for LTTE... So better go than staying.."

hiru said...

link for my earlier post

Anonymous said...

The article rana was talking about is the same article crimewatch copy pasted few days ago. Only thing srilankagaurian has done was changing the topic. It was written on Oct 31 2008 by Arush from Wales and seems first pulished in lankaenews on Nov 01 2008.

lankaenews Lankaenews Nov 01 2008

sangam Illankei Tamil Sangam Nov 05 2008 Our "freedom fighter" aka seyon from Goodmayes, UK feeding punnaku dose at Ha Ha

srilankaguardian Sri Lanka Gaurdian Nov 06 2008 Jaffna (huh!)

Rana said...

My next question is for DW or any other bloger:

David Blacker in his book "A cuse untrue" mentioned air mobilisation unit attached to 53rd division. He described is was huge success in 90s retaing Paranthan and EP.

1. Is it true?
2. If it is true, Do we still have it?
3. If so why we are not using it with 58 and 57?

For those who did'nt read the book. This unit goes into enemy teritory just above the FDL (couple of km behing enemy FDL)by air and drop few small units under heavy arti fire. So that they can attack enemy FDL behind and catch teritory faster. This coordinated with troops on regular FDL.

Anonymous said...

/Tamil Homeland is the Cradle of Civilization/

Huk Huk Ha


It seems within 1-2 months SLA will clear west of A9. After that it will be jungle fighting east of A9 towards Mulathiv. And when SLA reach Mulathiv suburbs Indian elections will be over. Also, once K'chi is down it will be civilian influx to GSL areas and in any case there will not be any more civilian displacements in wanni. So this Indian election deadline will not be a big issue. SLAF do not need to use (useless) jet squadron and MBRL/artilary also will be less affetcive in jungle fighting. So small team will do it without much noise. We know how to do that; This reminds me me 'dompeta yana para kiyapan'. SLA will sing in Mulathiv, after end of Indian election; "Kala uddeth nokala lesata dakkada api keruwa".

In short, no mattat what will be the 'word games' there will not be any stopping/ ceasefires until we annihilate LTTP.

Ogre said...

I have with me a very good friend from the 57th Div 3rd brigade another a school friend of mine well this is what we see of the LTTE and what may be needed in addition to the 53rd Div

--- LTTE will hold defenses only until it sees it suitable for its survival

--- The ultimate plan is for LTTE is now survival to fight another day

--- To achieve this, they need to show to the diaspora that they tried their best to hold of SLA

--- two trump cards are played: 1. Humanitarian/Genocide condition 2. Diversionary tactics to allow a well planned withdrawal

--- Take Kilinochchi -- Andankulam - Mankulum Triangle; it consists a large swath of Jungle that LTTE is very familiar with. The jungle has interconnecting land makes the jungle continuous to the south and west

LTTE will hold defenses and try to give worst and bloodiest nose to SLA. But it will come a point when the capacity to hold off SLA will fail and subsequent collapse of defenses. These terra's will withdraw in to this jungle path, I sat down and calculated and this comes to around at least 1000 + cadre in this triangle and splintered around another 2000 cadre in other jungle patches

we will need at least another 3000 special forces / conventional SLA soldiers who are jungle trained to take these terras out, while holding the parameters to prevent them from escaping.

India has said that they will want all the publicity regarding the war stopped around dec-jan. That means all the recruitment will have to be done now, because no more news will flow after December on the vital operations against LTTE.

we think at least another 7000 soldiers will be out because of attrition related to retirement/wounds/death. Another 2000-5000 will try to desert. In addition to this we will need at least another 12,000 to for new brigades. That leaves us with an enlistment goal of 18,000 soldiers during the next 6 months.

Ogre said...

out of the enlistment goal of 18000 we have already achieved about 12,000 only ARMY, so that should not be a big problem.

we are going back to the battlefront tonight, wish us luck. and of i promised...we did take out 180 odd LTTE teras for killing our beloved general.

Moshe Dyan said...


best of luck mate and god bless you and all SLDFs. good to hear 180 LTTE were killed.

kill them all; show no mercy. find more effective harvesting methods.


Bhairav said...

It's a good lesson to VP who was in dreamland until today, well, he and TC set the tone for what to come from their loose mouths, one was from his last maveerar speech, other was on his regular airtime.

Tamils, stop blaming the other external forces for having the hand in this war, the credit should go to SLA. We blew it big time, VP is incompetent leader by big margin.

Anonymous said...



What you said make sense. LTTP have to convince diaspora they are fighting hard at their best to stop SLA. Reasons - obvious.

Indian election - Any election is all about propaganda. yep, so indian friends in center need cut off negative propaganda for tamiz votes; i.e. Positive propaganda for us. No problem, I guess. Propaganda is very importent in this war and yes we are bad at it; LTTP is the best in propaganda, though.

Lankapura said...

Theruwan saranai ogre!

Moshe Dyan said...


nothing wrong with VP (vesike-putha), its the CAUSE that is faulty.

VP has done better than anyone else with this lousy tamill eelam crap cause.

Ogre said...

Dear Rana

I took part in that brigade, which was called Air Mobile brigade

basically the tip of the spear in Jayasikuru--we still have pretty solemn memories and quite a lot of anger at some bitches like CBK for certain things that i cant say here

but i remember the day...when we were lifted and captured Mankulum and when def sec rattwatte came raised the flag, took our fucking chopper and left...6 hours later it broke hell...they took out our leadmen, then rushed us from 3 directions while did not have squat help. we managed to fight, but the brigade was decimated, bodies were sent in 3 lorries, i got out with a gunshot to my leg and flak on my chest. we lost close to 280 odd people. All of those who died fighting and killing at least 5 more. All of them were hero. Today we celebrate and mourn their losses as well as loss of our friends who sacrificed their lives.

Ogre said...

Brown Bando

-the TAF managed to insulate heat signature of zilin, they did trials against the SA7's they have. which are also IR lock missiles. this opens up for sophisticated radar guided missiles which we will soon get. we have a plan, for TAF, from what have heard in intel community, we had hit TAF tin cans couple times as they returned with bullet holes :)

Bhairav said...


Prepare for rest in peace in Mullai which is not going to be rosy for any alien forces.

Biggest challenge would be recruiting for LTTE in coming days as they will be in the catch up against government forces.

hiru said...


Thanks for the great service for our motherland...keep it up..salute to you all


Jambudipa said...


I agree with you there. Velupillai is a highly committed resourceful individual. He was mislead and given a shitty cause to fight for. If it was anyone else, this would not have lasted this long. If he was a CEO of a company for example, with the same effort he would have wiped out poverty in the north.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Ogre said...”we are going back to the battlefront tonight, wish us luck”

Ogre, if ur fairdinkum, then not only I wish u luck all my positive thoughts and vibes are with u day and night!

Fcuking Jayawewa!

Annonymous said...

Good luck ogre,

Our hearts are with you.

I'm sure that you guys have proven that even the most ruthless terror group turn rats in front of rightly organized, greatly willed, noble group of people.

Bring us more good news next time around.


Annonymous said...

Peter, Brown,

Where are you?

I'm still waiting for answers.

"How can tigers turn the table?"

I went to work and came, still no answer from you for good 10 hours now.

Bhairav sweetie,

You seem to sense the Tsunami of defeat. Can you attempt an answer?

See you all tomorrow.

Rana said...

Dear Ogre brother,

Thanks for your reply, yes David was praising air mobile brigade highly in his book.

I wish you and your firends all the best, have fun while harvesting and don't forget to come back, we will be waiting.

Thunuruwan Saranai!
Saman deviange pihitai!!

Unknown said...

[but i remember the day...when we were lifted and captured Mankulum and when def sec rattwatte came raised the flag, took our fucking chopper and left...6 hours later it broke hell...they took out our leadmen, then rushed us from 3 directions while did not have squat help. we managed to fight, but the brigade was decimated, bodies were sent in 3 lorries, i got out with a gunshot to my leg and flak on my chest. we lost close to 280 odd people. All of those who died fighting and killing at least 5 more. All of them were hero. Today we celebrate and mourn their losses as well as loss of our friends who sacrificed their lives.]

I sincerely hope there will be a day that we can speak about those who really effed this country up and also about those great heroes that laid their life down for the country.
It's great that folks like yourself have a forum at least via www to share those stories about those great men so that future generations do value the freedom they have and those who died fighting for it.
our prayers are with you and rest of SLDF brethren

Unknown said...


may you get all the strengths to fight for motherland.

Hope to hear from you when you're back. Godspeed bro

Unknown said...

As per defencewire the command is collapsing etc yet next year the defence budget is so high. Idiots should use your brains for propaganda. I really think you are becoming pathethic. Indian government as stupid as Sri Lankan government. I mean you propose a humougous war budget and the same time tell things will finish by december.

I guess you last post reflects the Sri Lankan army is doing the same. Someone who outpeformed his senior. Really I just told you to inform you buddies in defencenet to shape up their writting. Now you write like the idioit of the internet. Or in same light do i take it that the Sri Lankan army is crumbling. You are shameless, for few bones from Gota you do these cheap tricks. Looks like they are going to loot lanka big time next year.

"The Army Commander has not only promoted but also handed over the reigns of the new Task Force to two of the youngest and most daring officers in the Sri Lanka Army today. Lt. Col. Subhashana Weikala, the young officer who led 4SR and the 57 Division into battle starting from Madhu, Uylankulam, Akkarayankulam to Kokavil has been appointed Commander of the 632 Brigade while Lt. Col. Priyantha Perera who outperformed many seniors inside the Mulaitivu Jungles has been appointed Commander of the 631 Brigade."

Unknown said...

Ninja, you really believe these clowns. I mean feild commanders are reporting to them. Please i believe there are inteligent people out there.

"Field Commanders told DefenceWire that LTTE could start withdrawing from Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali as soon as it loses Kilinochchi"

Rana said...

Moshe and Panhinda,

Sorry mates, I cannot agree on what you two are agreeing.

Vesapille raised his hand without any invitation at the begining. Then systematically eliminate all other militants who refused to join with him. He really took tamil community by neck and forced them to dance according to his tune.

Diaspora used him as a tool to get even with sinhalese becuase of 1983 and many other incidents.

He is not a military genius RAW make him look like genius. RAW were behind all the time with him for more than 20 years. He became addicted to power and money as time goes on.

He is only a blood thirsty vicious killer basterd who has no idea of humanity.

shay said...


Good luck brother.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

The Kumari Kandam theory is a myth in Tamil folklore. Sadly with Lemuria concept it came back with some academic backing.

See all about Lemuria [from Wikipedia];

Though living lemur species are only found in Madagascar and several surrounding islands, the biogeography of extinct lemurs extends from Pakistan to Malaysia. The wide range of the animals inspired the name Lemuria, which was coined in 1864 by the zoologist Philip Sclater in an article "The Mammals of Madagascar" in The Quarterly Journal of Science. Puzzled by the presence of fossil lemurs in both Madagascar and India, but not in Africa nor the Middle East, Sclater proposed that Madagascar and India had once been part of a larger continent.

Sclater's theory was hardly unusual for his time. The acceptance of Darwinism led scientists to seek to trace the diffusion of species from their points of evolutionary origin. Prior to the acceptance of continental drift, biologists frequently postulated submerged land masses in order to account for populations of land-based species now separated by barriers of water. Similarly, geologists tried to account for striking resemblances of rock formations on different continents. The first systematic attempt was made by Melchior Neumayr in his book Erdgeschichte in 1887. Many hypothetical submerged land bridges and continents were proposed during the 19th century, in order to account for the present distribution of species.

After gaining some acceptance within the scientific community, the concept of Lemuria began to appear in the works of other scholars. Ernst Haeckel, a German Darwinian taxonomist, proposed Lemuria as an explanation for the absence of "missing link" fossil records. According to another source, Haeckel put forward this thesis prior to Sclater (but without using the name 'Lemuria'). [2] Locating the origins of the human species on this lost continent, he claimed the fossil record could not be found because it had sunk beneath the sea.

Other scientists hypothesized that Lemuria had extended across parts of the Pacific oceans, seeking to explain distributions of species across Asia and the Americas.

The Lemuria theory disappeared completely from conventional scientific consideration after the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift were accepted by the larger scientific community. According to the theory of plate tectonics (now the only accepted paradigm in geology), Madagascar and India were indeed once part of the same landmass (thus accounting for geological resemblances), but plate movement caused India to break away millions of years ago, and move to its present location. The original landmass broke apart - it did not sink beneath sea level.

Tamils are notorious on getting time-locked. Many in diaspora got timelocked with 1983 event and still continuing their sadistic revenge. Even after all the individuals responsible for 1983 brutality dies, still the anger and vengeance will continue.

In the case of Kumari Kandam[KK] again, it was in folklore. For that matter chinese dragons, fairies etc all are part of folklore. What makes the KK special is that scientific hypothesis of Lemuria which flourished in 1800s gave it a basis. The tectonic drifts were found later and the hypothesis of Lemuria collapsed. But still the "academics" of tamil world are time-locked in 1800s and scientify the total rot.

Tamils time-lock as events that they think as profitable for their sadistic superiority claim. They deny 100000 evidence against it. Shrewd stupidity that is.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana said... He is only a blood thirsty vicious killer basterd who has no idea of humanity.

Rana mate, I am with u on this. VP never dreamed to become the SunGod. RAW and stupid Indira Ghandi fed him and raised him.

JR was too late and Premadasa was simply an idiot and Chandrika should have stayed in Paris.

Just as u said “Diaspora used him as a tool to get even with sinhalese because of 1983 and many other incidents.”

And then monkeys like Peter and Navindran start kissing his ars@ and worshiping him he up-grade himself to FatBlacktGod!

VP is neither military genius nor a good leader. Good leader always do what best to his people but not what make him feel good.

He was just an ordinary guy who got backed-up by India and had lot of luck on his side while opposition was divided and led by shortsighted leaders.

Finally, he met his match! MR! But now VP is too comfortable with his luxury life he ignored the changing political climate and got shortsighted due to power and made the same old mistake many other SL politicians did!

CASC said...

November 6, 2008 8:34 PM
Blogger hemantha said...

"US commends Sri Lanka's war against LTTE

The US Pacific Command seems to have developed a relationship with the SLA. The Army Commander made a trip this year to Hawaii to meet with some people from that Command. Also, there have been several trips to Sri Lanka in the past few years from officials from that Command. A gent who works with me, a Lt Col. who was an ADC to a former head of that Command, said that he toured several training facilities in Sri Lanka. He was very impressed with the training he witnessed. He said that at one facility he witnessed a marksmanship demonstration where a watermelon was placed on a soldier's head and a sniper shot it using live ammo. He said that he was spooked by the fact that live ammo was used. I can't remember whether he said 200 meters or 200 feet, either way it is an impressive feat.

Anonymous said...


/In a hitherto unprecedented move, Prabhakaran appointed Charles Anthony Special Commander Lt. Col Velavan the 'GoC' for Kilinochchi. 'Colonels' Lawrence and Lakshman, who were in charge of saving Kilinochchi, are now functioning UNDER Velavan./

/The Army Commander has not only promoted but also handed over the reigns of the new Task Force to two of the youngest and most daring officers in the Sri Lanka Army today. Lt. Col. Subhashana Weikala, the young officer who led 4SR and the 57 Division into battle starting from Madhu, Uylankulam, Akkarayankulam to Kokavil has been appointed Commander of the 632 Brigade while Lt. Col. Priyantha Perera who outperformed many seniors inside the Mulaitivu Jungles has been appointed Commander of the 631 Brigade./

In LTTP now (as per DW) col.s are under Lt.Col. In SLA its not the case. Lt.Col. got promoted and he is commanding a new unit and no Col,s under Lt.Col.s there.

Your hurry to insult DW (and feel good) has made your inteligent brain working wrong.

/Field Commanders told DefenceWire that../-DW

/I mean feild commanders are reporting to them./-you

For me, I (modaya) understand this as DW guy call his friend in SLA...kohomada machan...and get info...For you the inteligent economic expert, told is reporting. Ha Ha what else I can say?

BTW, why do you worry about DW? As economy is just about to collapse... SLA is to go back...War to be over...

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Ranil,mate don’t go too hard on Navindran. He is an old dude who is retired and got nothing much to do. So, once he finishes writing petitions to local council about bad roads and noisy kids he come to DW to have dig @ Sri Lankans.
As Sujeewa Kolla said he is one of those Intelligent Tamils who got time-locked. He still thinks he is standing in the side of the road waving union flag to his Queen!
Navindran uncle, don’t forget to wear ur nappy before go to bed! Good night! Sweet Wet Dream!
Ok boys, I am off for the day! It is beeroclock and India going beautifully in Cricket Vs Aussies and c u all next week! Have a good weekend to all Sri Lankans and what ever to monkeys and fools!
Good luck to SLDF!

Saman said...


Let me share this personal experience with you mate (true event) now that you are leaving to the front.

We, three work colleagues, sat down for lunch. My Chinese colleague opened up his funny looking cuisine – which looked like a lump of rice & vegies (anapu bath katak) rapped in a leaf (like kehel kole). The other Iranian colleague (she) asked – “hey that looks very interesting, is that a traditional Chinese cuisine?”. Then my Chinese friend took time to tell us this amazing storey, which stuck like mud in my heart. This is what he said.

His remote village in China, closer to Mongolian border, produced one of the bravest Chinese warriors of his time. Served loyally to the Emperor. However, some one instigated his commander against him. Conspiracy worked, warrior was labelled a traitor, killed and dumped in the river.

Apparently voiceless masses of the village got so upset for this injustice and when they saw fishes feeding from his corpse. Villagers organised and fed fishes with this funny looking “rapped lump of rice” to save the slain warrior’s body through love and respect. It has become a traditional feast for the villagers there on.

I asked, my Chineese friend what was the nname of the Emporer and the commander. He did not have a clue.

What amazes me was, commoners' ability to transcend a message - make a legend live generations – without being detected. No Rupert Merdocks, no CNN, no photos, no tabloid – yet here I was sitting with two colleagues never expected to meet – All three of us were thousands of miles from our birth land and thousands of years after the event – got the message crystal clear through that funny looking lumped rice.

This flat ass key board warriors would tell your legacy to their grand children bro. That’s all we can do. Take care buddy.

As Rana says - "hadawathin api uda bime oba thanikale natha kisi dine"

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

Have a nice week end with cricket and beer, mate, I will do the same on the other side of the Tasman ditch.

Saman brother,

Nice story, mate. Always only poor peasants show their emotions openly, other also have the same feeling but rarely show it.

One day, when I was in Fiji Islands, I visted a catholic fiend of mine, and show following message hange on his living room wall:

"If you love somebody, In god's name show it"

The above stuck me like a lightning and I always remember it when I see my wife and children.

Have a nice weekend bro, we are going to polls tomorrow and Saturday night is election feawer.

Thanks for that
As Rana says - "hadawathin api uda bime oba thanikale natha kisi dine"
I love this song, I have many but different video copies of this song and enjoy it over and over for lsat 10-12 years.

Suwaganak said...

See the frustration of peelamists below:

# US commends Sri Lanka`s war against LTTE
[ Zee News ] - [ Nov 06, 2008 11:20:51 GMT ]

"We are hopeful that the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) would be a decreasingly important factor of much less reach than they are and have been in the past," Admiral Timothy Keating, Commander of US Pacific Joint Command, told foreign correspondents in New York. As head of the US Pacific Command, with its headquarters in Hawaii, Keating is responsible for the US military operation ranging from Australia and New Zealand to China, Taiwan and Japan to India and Sri Lanka. "We are very pleased the Sri Lankan Navy has been able to wage an increasingly effective campaign against the LTTE," Keating said. [ full story ]

Comments [ 17 ]:

meikandan from Canada on Nov 06, 2008 12:14:48 GMT

One loser commending another future loser. They cannot even go after Al Queda or for that matter insurgents in Iraq. Now he is talking about tigers. This is the remnants of Bush rule. Just empty rhetoric. I will ignore this.

littlelord from Saudi Arabia on Nov 06, 2008 14:31:23 GMT

Eyes of Military men see war, mouth of Military men talk war, ears of Military men listen war. Such person only went to Vietnam, Afghan, Iraq. What news did they bring back to US citizen? such persons only know how to kill innocent people and justify that killing.

penny from USA on Nov 06, 2008 14:53:43 GMT

It is precisely these kinds of comments around the world that are making us fewer and fewer friends around the world and more and more enemies not to mention hated for our pushy arrogance thinking we can just walk in and understand everyone's problems and tell them what to do!! The Tamil people of Eelam don't need a military solution...would you just continue to recommend more and more innocent civilians…..women and children killed because that is what this army ends up doing…. they can't shoot or bomb straight!! Why can't we guide them to a win win solution with our superior superpower diplomacy and negotiations like the Norwegians were starting to do and use the stick sparingly??? You know when your children are naughty you have to try talking, explaining, cajoling, bribing, pulling rank etc to get them to do the right thing… don’t just beat the hell out of them and kill them do you Admiral??? Don't understand American hate for the LTTE… they are the same variety as Mandela’s “terrorists” Have they done something like Al Qaeda?… have they come to America and killed Americans Admiral Timothy Keating? WHY DO WE NEED TO BLOODY OUR HANDS FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S STRUGGLE ANG GET BLAMED FOR IT…..FAR BETTER TO TEACH THEM TO RESOLVE IT AND MOVE ON, DON’T YOU THINK??? You know set the example be a positive role model to Lt Gen Fonseka….how to win a war with minimum bloodshed especially when you are fighting your own people and mostly work on a livable solution!

Kokuvil from United Kingdom on Nov 06, 2008 16:27:26 GMT

One terrorist government's admiral not only praising another terrorist government's endeavour to eradicate the freedom fight. Heads of Srilankan defence force have been saying for the last 25 years that the would wipe out LTTE within the next six months. Waite Mr. Keating to see the beating of your terrorist friends, the Srilnkan government.

Sumithra from Sri Lanka on Nov 06, 2008 16:44:44 GMT

Mr Keating are you pleased the sl navy killing innocent Tamils ?

MS from United Kingdom on Nov 06, 2008 17:45:21 GMT

Aiding and abetting in the commission of war crimes and genocide committed by SL ethnic military is also a grave crime aginst humanity. Its involvement in Vietnam,Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka and the ground results are proof of old US blunders. It's time for corrective action.

masi from Canada on Nov 06, 2008 19:17:41 GMT

Dear respectable Tamil leader CM, if these people several thousand miles away from Tamils and have nothing to do with suffering Tamils can interfere into Tamils affair, as an elected leader of 80 million Tamils and respectable leader of another 70 million Tamils, surely you can interfere to protect suffering your Tamils only 20 miles away from you with the help of 150 million Tamils.

Maheswaran from Canada on Nov 06, 2008 20:01:44 GMT

U.S. did not make this comment. The comment was made by an ignorant ignoramus Admiral Timothy Keating, Commander of US Pacific Joint Command,while he forgot to wear his G- string and ignorant of world and Sri Lankan politics. This type of stupid and dumb Admirals bring disreputation to U.S.A. This type of stupid statement should have been cleared by the Defence Department & Foreign Ministry and the US President. The Admiral has to put his foot in his mouth before he speaks.

Maheswaran from Canada on Nov 06, 2008 20:13:38 GMT

Admiral Timothy Keating, Commander of US Pacific Joint Command. Go to his biography you will find he knows how to fly a plane etc. But he has not seen or participated in any war yet. To make double sure check his biography.

Eelam_patriot from USA on Nov 06, 2008 20:50:56 GMT

A Singhala terrorist goon known as "Suneth" is surfacing on some forums and venting his/her frustrations here. I know how hard it is to be a Singhala modaya who could not even accept the fact that their "Genius" president hid into bunker during our braved tamil eelam airforce limited operation. These idiots don't even have the guts to acknowledge that their beggar government can't defeat our freedom struggle. For Mr. Keating: Could you please educate yourself about our freedom struggle before making such a comment next time. We were two seperate nations before these "BRUtish" or so called "British" came to rule and ruin us! We hope you understand the pain of freedom struggle don't you?

Mayilone from Sri Lanka on Nov 06, 2008 20:53:08 GMT

I feel that this Navy Commander is still sleeping fully unaware of the change that has swept across America very recently. Such militarists have obviously outlived their times.

Mr.P from Canada on Nov 06, 2008 20:53:23 GMT

We have been calling modayas for anybody listen or believe state terrorist's idiotic statement. Now another one has joined.

Nancy from Australia on Nov 06, 2008 21:22:37 GMT

Mr Keating. By supporting SL navy, you are willingly sharing the responsibilty for the rapes,Tortures,murders commited on Innocent Tamils by the SriLankan Govt forces. One day you will stand trail in courts in Hague for supporting the crimes against the Tamils (Humanity) . Every one knows the quality of SL govt forces.A mass of SriLanka Soldiers In the UN peacekeeping forces committed sexual offences on Haiti Childrens. Don' you know that? Shame you are supporting this kind of army in Sri Lanka. Killings Like Prusothaman's also happening on the eelam Tamils with your help, support and blessings. Your war on terrorism is a war on unarmed innocent Tamils.

Puthir from Australia on Nov 06, 2008 22:19:26 GMT

“Tholviai kandu thuvandu poha koodathu, vetriai kandum poorippu adaiyak koodathu”. “Eladchiyam noki payanam thodara vendum”. “Athu than Thalaivarin vali”.

Nancy from Australia on Nov 07, 2008 1:44:37 GMT

The Great Americans have voted against this type of commendation. The wants to respect real democracy human rights and justice. They do not like war crimes. That is why the want a change and paradigm shift. Mr Keating is trying to cheat American people

Sri from Australia on Nov 07, 2008 1:50:05 GMT

I want to say, oh no, chit him away who is he to talk on politics

JP from Australia on Nov 07, 2008 2:26:24 GMT

This is the final empty bullets these Bush war mongers are letting out, in view of trying to get Obama on side. I sincerely hope that these war mongers are replaced with some leaders who have brain inside their skull. Mr Keating is killing the innocent civilians counted as winning the war? This is what you did from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan. Shall we say a lost war? including the one in SL supported and maintained by you and your clonies? Beside you deliberaletly derailed the peace process by hijacking to USA so that alienating LTTE(=Tamils) in any further future peace talks. Go to hell or shall we say that you are already there..

londonistan said...


Our thoughts and wishes are with you and your team, bro.

Katch said...


Thank you for your bravery on behalf of all of us behind keyboards. Hope to see u here again when u return.

londonistan said...

Mahen said...

Welcome to Mankulam Chena Boys. We have a surprise waiting for you.

PS, see the roads in Kili are much better than main streets in the South. Just shows how much we can achieve once we establish Eelam.

Katch said...

Mahen you're back?

Have a good look at the road Mahen. It's the best road in the vanni! One of the best in the country too! And u know what? It was constructed by the govt of Sri Lanka during the ceasefire. Not only that, it was constructed by construction companies from the south with singhalese labour!

So please have a good look at it and tell me if any of the roads that the tigers built are as good?

perein said...

Sounds like with your Sri Lankan passport you have funded terrorists well.
Those roads never done by LTTE money, it's all done by SL gov.

You are becoming a waste of time for every one. Go and work extra couple of hours and fund your family, if not buy some books and send over to any part of Sri Lanka. Does not matter Tamil or Sinhalese kids will have some benefits.

Ananda-USA said...

Vaiko & Prabhakaran: Birds of a feather flock together. FYI.

The Rediff Interview/ Vaiko
'Indians must celebrate if Jaffna falls'
Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam chief V Gopalasamy, better known as Vaiko, is the rabble-rouser of Tamil Nadu politics. He makes headlines for his provocative and controversial statements, often in support of close friend and admirer, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam chief Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Vaiko's support crossed the limits of provocation last month, when he allegedly hailed the Tigers' attempts to assassinate Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

As the battle for Jaffna peninsula rages in Sri Lanka, Vaiko tunes in to television and radio news every hour these days. His life-long ambition of a Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, on which is based his political campaign, could happen any day now. "The fall of Jaffna will mark the threshold of Tamil Eelam," he muses.

Ever since he left the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam to form the MDMK in 1993, Vaiko has been the most vocal politician espousing the cause and rights of Sri Lankan Tamils.

These days the MDMK general secretary remembers the 24 days he spent in deep jungles and bunkers in the company of Prabhakaran in Jaffna in 1989, when the Indian Peace-Keeping Force and Sri Lankan army fought the LTTE. "We ate and slept together. Those days were the best," says Vaiko, as he sits for an interview with George Iype at the MDMK party headquarters in Chennai.

Last month in Geneva, you hailed the LTTE attempts to assassinate Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga. She says she has four witnesses to your speech and will take action against to you in an international court.

I never supported the LTTE attempt to murder the president. This is a malicious accusation against me in the Lankan press and sadly the Indian press has picked it up. I challenge the president to substantiate the charge against me. If she proves it, I will resign as member of Parliament. Or she should tender an apology. She says she has four witnesses. I challenge her to produce 400 witnesses. I have got audio and video evidence. The president feels so insecure after Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam advances that she is playing dubious and vicious games.

In fact, I have submitted a series of papers against her to the Geneva Human Rights Commission as she recently said that Tamils in Sri Lanka are not the original people of the island nation. The island consists of Tamil and Sinhala nations. They were two kingdoms and two separate people until the arrival of the Europeans. When the island became independent in 1948, power was handed over to Sinhalese and then begun discrimination against Tamils there.

Your submissions before the Geneva Human Rights Commission consist of arguments against the president's statements?

Not just that. Violation of human rights, genocide against Tamils since the entry of Lankan forces into Jaffna in 1995, uprooting of a million Tamils... I am the only Indian politician fighting for the rights of Lankan Tamils internationally.

Do you support the Vajpayee government's willingness to evacuate trapped Lankan troops from Jaffna?

My support to the question of evacuation depends on conditions under which it will be done. If the Lankan government makes a formal request and the LTTE agrees that India can be a facilitator to evacuate the troops, I will support the decision. But an evacuation is possible only if there is a ceasefire. It seems the Lankan government is not ready for a ceasefire. The LTTE agreed to a ceasefire two weeks back. That was a signal from the LTTE that it was not interested in killing Lankan troops. But the arrogant Lankan president rejected the offer.

Now she feels insecure and paranoid. That is why she is frantically seeking India's help.

There is much confusion about the question of evacuation. Will evacuating troops from Jaffna qualify as humanitarian assistance? Or do you think it is some form of a military intervention?

Evacuation can be humanitarian assistance only on one condition. India should get an assurance from Sri Lanka that after evacuation, the Lankan government should not impose an economic blockade against Tamils in Jaffna. My fear is that even after a ceasefire, the Lankan government will regroup its army and use a new offensive against the LTTE and innocent Tamil civilians. In 1995, when the Tamils were suffering from poverty, all political parties in Tamil Nadu extended material support to them in Jaffna through the Red Cross. But what happened? The President of Sri Lanka did not permit the Red Cross to supply medicines and essential food items to the Tamils. No government is as brutal and cruel as the Lankan government.

Some political parties like the Tamil Maanila Congress and Communist Party of India-Marxists in Tamil Nadu say India should sell arms to Sri Lanka.

For many parties like the TMC and CPI-M, the unity and integrity of Lanka is more important than the welfare and rights of Tamils. How can any party in India support Sri Lanka, which is perpetuating a genocide against Tamils? But that is called patriotism in India. When I plead for the cause of Tamils, they say I am committing treason.

Patriotism has become a monopoly of few political parties in India. I love India. I am proud of India.

When 10 soldiers from Tamil Nadu laid down their lives in Kargil last year, I was the first to go to their homes and comfort their families. But for some parties in India, Sri Lanka is more important than our country. If Sri Lanka cannot protect its unity, integrity and sovereignty, it is its problem. If Jaffna falls to the LTTE, it is its problem. If Indians are patriotic they should celebrate when Jaffna falls.

Is the Vajpayee government's approach to the Lankan crisis right?

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has taken a right and commendable stand. He has clearly stated that India does not want to interfere in the affairs of Sri Lanka and that we will not extend military support. I support the government's humanitarian assistance if it covers the interests of Tamil people.

What is the right condition for evacuation?

It should be approved and supported by the LTTE.

You are meeting Vajpayee every week on the Lankan crisis. Are you satisfied with the government's explanation?

Yes, I am satisfied. I have brought to the prime minister's notice that the Lankan government will launch an economic blockade against Tamils soon.

But how can the LTTE be a defender of the Tamil cause when it has killed more innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka than the Lankan Army?

It is a vicious campaign by the Lankan government that the LTTE has killed more Tamils. The Lankan Army has killed more than 60,000 Tamils. The LTTE has not killed as many people as the media projected. The Tamil rebels are fighting for a just cause. It is a war-like operation. It is a Tamil revolution. In war, people get killed. If anybody is interested in knowing why people are getting killed in a revolution like that in Sri Lanka, they should study the history of revolution and war across the world.

Will the Tamil Eelam be secular?


In 1990, when the LTTE controlled Jaffna, Prabhakaran ordered Muslims in the area to flee in 72 hours.

That is incorrect. There are so many intricate problems. You cannot ask me a question as if I am in a courtroom. It is very easy to blame the LTTE for anything and everything. The LTTE is a defender and protector of Tamil rights. From 1948 to 1995, the Lankan government never honoured any commitment it made to the Tamils. On every agreement, it has gone back and betrayed the Tamils. Therefore, the father figure of Tamils, Prabhakaran, concluded that coexistence with the Sinhalese is not possible. The Sinhalese are trying to destroy the cultural identity of Tamils. When I speak for the rights of Tamils, I am branded as a chauvinist. When Kumaratunga tells her army "kill the Tamils as the Sinhala kings killed the Tamil kings", she is widely welcomed. Chandrika has been leading state-sponsored terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Ananda-USA said...

Background on Ramdoss, PMK Leader, FYI

Tindivanam Journal; Seeking Its Share, Rural Caste Tries Disobedience
Published: March 15, 1989
LEAD: From their homes of mud and thatch nestled along country roads lined with tamarind trees, landless rural laborers have been coming out by the thousands to block roads, stop trains and join in other acts of mass disobedience. They are demanding that affirmative-action laws deliver on promises to improve the lot of one of Hinduism's poorest rural castes.

From their homes of mud and thatch nestled along country roads lined with tamarind trees, landless rural laborers have been coming out by the thousands to block roads, stop trains and join in other acts of mass disobedience. They are demanding that affirmative-action laws deliver on promises to improve the lot of one of Hinduism's poorest rural castes.

The new movement of farm workers, members of the Vanniar caste, is being watched all over India. Here, the powerless lowest social groups often suffer discrimination and abuse, according to public-action organizations, whose assertions are supported by extensive reporting in the Indian press.

To some political observers and welfare organizations, the Vanniar movement in Tamil Nadu, India's southernmost state, holds promise as an example to the disadvantaged of success through unity and the strength of numbers. To others, it sounds an alarm, provoking fears of caste-based politics that could further fragment Indian society.

Where the Vanniar movement leads, and what kind of a model it creates, depends to a great extent on the next moves made by its leader and founder, Sanjivikaundar Ramadoss, politicans in Tamil Nadu and foreign diplomats watching the campaign say. Impatience With Politicians

The state has a new government, which Dr. Ramadoss said he had already put on notice. The Government of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assigned a Cabinet minister to meet with him last year and has pledged to study his complaints. [ A newly elected state government in Tamil Nadu has suggested changes in a state affirmative-action program on Monday in response to Dr. Ramadoss's demands, but militant Vanniars rejected the proposals the same day as ''treacherous and an insult to the Vanniar community,'' the Press Trust of India reported from Madras. The Vanniars are reported to be planning more protests. ] Somewhere between his birth into a small, dark hut in the village of Keel Siviri, about 10 miles from this market town of 35,000 people, and his comfortable life now as a physician , Dr. Ramadoss grew impatient with politicians, who, he said, cheated his people of their fair share of a generous affirmative-action program.

Dr. Ramadoss said the Vanniars, scattered in small villages around the town, number 20 million, about a third of the state's population. Federal officials, questioning the figures, say they would like to take a new census and work from that. Shortage of Arable Land

But whatever the final count, there is no doubt among residents of Tamil Nadu that the Vanniars dominate a large area of rural hinterland west and south of Madras, the state capital. There, mostly on other people's land, they labor in the rice, sugar cane, peanut and vegetable fields. Some Vanniars, less than a fifth of them, own a few acres of arid ground.

Their villages, already suffering shortages of arable land, have this year been struck by a drought that has emptied their ponds of water and is beginning to dry the wells.

Dr. Ramadoss, who lives above his private clinic in Tindivanam, said the children in Keel Siviri suffer ''all the diseases associated with malnutrition.'' Affirmative-Action Plan

At a small, ramshackle building that serves as the Vanniar Organization headquarters in Tindivanam, N. Govindarajan sits at a worn desk listening to complaints of Vanniar men and women. Most need help in dealing with authority or financial assistance. Many want to find a way to educate their children or get them jobs.

Dr. Ramadoss, who is 52 years old, said that in the 1960's, when Tamil Nadu's affirmative-action program for the lowest of the state's 570 castes was introduced, 105 groups were listed as disadvantaged. Fifty percent of places in educational institutions and jobs in government were set aside for them.

Eighteen percent was reserved for outcastes, called harijans by Mohandas K. Gandhi. The remaining 32 percent was open to competition among the higher castes and anyone from the lower groups wanting to apply on merit. Rise in Disadvantaged Castes

In 1967, when a forerunner of the Dravidian nationalist party now in power was the government of the state, Dr. Ramadoss said, the number of castes described as disadvantaged rose to 202, an addition of 97 castes.

But the 202 shared the same 50 percent of educational and employment opportunities. Worse, the new castes added to the list were able to take a lion's share of the reserve places because they had come from communities with more advantages. The Vanniars, Dr. Ramadoss said, were pushed back further.

''This Vanniar community has been the most backward educationally, socially and economically for the last 41 years since independence,'' he said. ''The literacy rate of our people is only 20 percent - that state average is 35.'' ''In higher education, in professional courses - medical, engineering, agrcultural science, law -we get only 1 percent, sometimes 2 percent of the places. But our population is one third of the state.''

In 1987, under Dr. Ramadoss' leadership, the Vanniars - a caste largely confined to rural Tamil Nadu - began their acts of civil disobedience. In September of that year, they left the fields to blockade major highways for seven days. Nineteen Vanniars were killed in battles with the police - 11 shot and 8 clubbed to death, Dr. Ramadoss said - and 40,000 people were arrested. Occasional Protest Actions

Since then, there have been sporadic demonstrations intended to keep the case in public view.

Dr. Ramadoss said that to speed up the caste's development, the Vanniar Organization is asking for 20 percent of the places reserved in schools and jobs for the backward castes in Tamil Nadu and 2 percent at the national level, proportions closer to the Vanniars' percentage of the population.

''We have conducted more than 10,000 meetings, had 25 district conferences and many agitations,'' he said. ''If our demands are not met, there will be more.''

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Hey Rana,
Is it too late or are you drunk?

Could you not see that Suwajanak is illustrating the stupidity of Peelamists?

Ananda-USA said...

Both Ramdoss and Vaiko are vociferous supporters for affimative action to help their own caste communities in Tamil Nadu and are strong supporters of the LTTE and Prabhakaran. Recall that a central issue raised by Tamils was that they were discriminated against in education by the affimative actions taken by the Sri Lanka Govt to help historically disadvantaged Sinhala students. How is it that Ramdoss's and Vaiko's efforts to gain govt assistance for their communities is not discrimination, but assistance to needy Sinhala people is discrimination? This is pure hypocrisy...what is good for the goose should be good for the gander as well! Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Castes benefit from affirmative action in India. Many Indian castes struggle to be classified as OBC's and this is resisted by existing OBC castes to avoid competition for funds. In fact, an Indian Supreme Court judge has stated that nowhere in the world do so many communities demand to be degraded in caste just to gain access to government benefits as in India!

Unknown said...

If we talked Tamil Vaiko would embrace us with the same vigour right?

Apino Dannachess said...

My Dear Mahen,

We may be Chena boys....but our guys never went cleaning your bloody toilets. Same cannot be said about your guys...can you my dear friend?

Seems like you are stuck in a time warp man....and we have moved on leaving aside the cast systems and other forms of discriminations.

sorry to disappointed you mate, now days people are promoted and given responsibility not based on who their parents are, nor based on what school they studied in, but based on individual capabilities and deliverables.

If you are not convinced, follow the news channel called CNN (Cable News Network) and you will realize that the USA* president elect is a black American who rose to this high position from nowhere. ( F.Y.I. USA = United States Of America : A country currently known as "The" superpower, and a century ago black Americans were nothing but slaves)

so my dear friend, welcome to twenty first century!!!! You too will be surprised.


P.S. Chena boys' ancestors left trees many many.....many moons before your ancestors stated climbing down from trees. I sincerely hope your guys will complete the migration from treetops to tera firma and get accustomed to the bipedal gate like rest of the modern humans (AKA Homo sapiens )

Peter said...

Troops who reached the town of Tunukkai and its environs have surrounded the town of Mankulam from the Western, Eastern and Southern flanks.

Tunukkai is located between Mallavi and Vellayankulam, west of Mankulam.

The loss of Tunukkai will be a major defeat for the LTTE while the recapture of it is a major achievement in the efforts to re-capture Mankulam, he added.

The Mankulam town has now been surrounded by government troops on three flanks from Kanagarayankulam in the South, Tunukkai in the West and Olumadu in the East.

Troops who moved to Palayamurukandy junction, have taken full control of the Mallavi-Tunukkai by-road.

Troops came under heavy LTTE fire when they (troops) reached Mundimuruppu and Ampeigamam.

However with the troops advancing the Palayamurukandy on the Mallavi-Tunukkai by-road, terrorists in Mankulam are facing a situation where they have completely been cut off from supplies from Mullaitivu.

The terrorists will have no alternative but to flee the Mankulam town, if they do not receive supplies from outside, the official said.

Apino Dannachess said...

Whoaah Rana, calm down calm down my fiend....

These DieAssPora primates making occasional forays in to this blog are like that single mosquito disturbing your peace on a cool & calm Friday night.

But lets try to understand these Quadrupeds.

You and me can go to Sri Lanka and express our varying views and opinions out in the open. Any day I can go Galle Face Green(GFG) and shout out loud that whole of Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese ( may I say Sri Lankans).

But do you think any one of these DieAsspora primates can go GFG and say North-East Sri lanka is their traditional homeland and its the rightful place for Eelam? HELL NO man....they don't have the balls to do so!!!!

Instead they have to hide behind miles and miles of fibre optic cables, servers, computers and utter these "Pora Talk"!!!

This is the only way they can vent their frustrations. Mind you historically speaking these primates are really good in crash landing in others' territories and behaving as they were the rightful owners.

So, I'm not surprised if one these primates will soon declare that DW is a Pro-Eelam site and we Sri Lankans have no business in posting here.

Good weekend to you bro

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Individuality is something the tamils missout heavily. I am not accountable for a bad deed of yours, no matter how closely related or bound we are.

As I always state most of the 1983 criminals are dead now, and the rest are in deathbed. The people who die today out of eela-mania were mostly kids on those times. The Intelligent race fail to recognize that these people are not accountable for the crimes of their previous generation anyway.

Lack of individuality is found in the stories of many tamil films too. Same mental syndrome causes the caste system. Also many other "superior" systems which they maintain.

Perhaps Homo Dravidian did exist, and built the most abnormal and insane culture and civilization. Aryans brought sanity to them.

Maybe our Intelligent friends should read Mahavamsa thoroughly, for it contains the way to recover from the sadistic mentality.

Mahen said...

At least we "monkeys" and "toilet cleaners" do not send our girls and boys as housemaids and houseboys to be molested, tortured and killed by rich arab Alla worshippers.

Mahen said...

We have no itention of reading a long, boring, dry book such as the mahavamsa. We have much more sophisticated, intelligent and entertaining books in Tamil. I think Wijayapala before has highligted some Tamil literature, at least he is non biased and educated unlike you Chena boys.

Mahen said...

We have no itention of reading a long, boring, dry book such as the mahavamsa. We have much more sophisticated, intelligent and entertaining books in Tamil. I think Wijayapala before has highligted some Tamil literature, at least he is non biased and educated unlike you Chena boys.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Bro Ogre,

Like all other Patriots here, I wish you all the very best and safe return.

We keyboard warriors are humbled by the service done by the likes of you.

God Bless you brother.

Peter said...

Lol! I've been cutting and pasting a story I plucked from The Island of ten years ago.

SLFP farm boys will never learn. Their attention span is about almost 2 secs and memory almost 5 secs.

Once again, the farm boys want to foray into Mankulam. Once again farm boys will become fertiliser for Vanni rice.

Will fit in nicely with Mahinda Maama's budget plans.

Katch said...

Dear Mahen,

I'm delighted to hear that you are educated. I'll take your word for it beacause from your behaviour here, I can't figure out what you're educated in. Maybe because I'm a modaya and a chena boy!

Still can't find u in Mankulam Mahen?

Apino Dannachess said...

My dear Mahen, Mahen

Cha Cha Cha.... all those Thangachi's and Naatamis with Mottu and all I sea on emirates going to Mid-East !!!! Are they Sinhala boys and girls? Don't tell me dude they are indeed Tamils, but going for a holiday in Duabi and staying burg-al-arab!!!

But man the smell and the content of the chatter tells me otherwise.

Cheers my friend

Unknown said...

Amma Gahai
tks mate...
sorry for the outburst against Navindran..
I've actually liked the guy until his recent idiotic set of posts...
It's unbelievable that even "intelligent" folks can't comprehend basic simple facts and logic...

I too find it tough to believe certain stuff on defence blogs these days but you gotta see how info filters down... DW can make mistakes and it's unfair to quickly label DW.

awaiting your article on SLAF response on kelanitissa bombing.
I have serious doubts about the 5pm story that you published that day but hey maybe the info i got that day as the Zlins were still flying and guns were still firing was wrong :)

Katch said...

Peter is back as well!

Tell me Peter, why do u promote suicide terrorism? I know I'm touching a raw nerve for you when I mention suicide terrorism, but I would like to hear your justification.

Apino Dannachess said...

Peter the Great!

Although I'm not, any day I would be a farm boy, a chena boy, than being a

Naatami who will:

A) Make ChaW ChaW noises while partaking in meals
B) End of a meal lick their fingers scraping of any food stuck between their fingers making Whoosh Whoosh noises
C) Smell a concoction of ThalaThell & Sudulunu

Man,.... I have seen these being done by your educated intelligent DieAssPora Formal dinners

All to do with the recent migration from tree tops.....he he he

In Sinhala we say "Mutha langadida gahen basse?"

P.S.In fact I plan to spend my retirement as a Farm boy.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Katch,

I appreciate your attempts to reason out with a Primate with a keyboard. ( have you heard the saying "Vanduarata Dali Pihiya Hambawuna Wagei" its changed to "Peterrrta Computerayak Hambawuna Wagei")

Check out the following links and you will understand why Suicide Terrorism is an acceptable way of life for the Peelamist:

Remember, all humans are closely related to Chimps (we share 94 something % DNA with them), but looks like their ancestors branched off very resonantly.


Katch said...

Peter Peter,

There are more than a million tamils that are living outside the northern province. The singhalese don't kill them on sight and send them to Jaffna or vanni in garbage bags!

So why do u do that (or dream of doing that) to our boys when they make a tour of the country side where tamils are the majority?
After all they going about seeing places in their own country!

What is in it for u to murder Sri Lankans? You are writing from the safety of a foreign land! You are no longer a Sri Lankan? Are u?

Katch said...

Thanks Apino,

Appreciate your comments. My philosophy is that we mustn't hate them back and respond in kind when they say the most provocative things. Have observed some good posts from you as well and glad about the restraint you've shown many a times.

Mahen said...


He he he, nice one bro! You got the chena boys jumping up and down about a battle (which they lost) 10 years ago. The same fate awaits you this time around house boys/ house maid.

PS, The Tamil girls who you see going abroad to Middle East are in fact Muslims, not Tamils, shows the extent of your prejudices, cannot even distinguish between Tamils and Muslims.

PSS, I see more Singhalas in Shanthi Vihar than Tamils, why is that? Tired of eating Pol Sambol and Paan all the time are we? Just shows that even our cuisine is superior to yours.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Catch,

You reminds me a Discovery Channel program where the Great Comedian Robin Williams was trying to communicate with a bottled-nose dolphin.......

Chances of you getting a reasonable answer from this Primate is good as Robin W getting a "How Are You" from a dolphin.

But what you will get is lot of radio clatter. I'm sure, as I write this note the primate is busy typing away Gybrish.

Mahen said...

Mr Apino,

It is you typing gibberish, learn to spell mate. Why did your Sinhala only policies back fire? Your grandfathers could speak and write English better than you!

Katch said...


Yes, I can't help being amused at some of their replies :)


The reason that singhalese people go to Shanti Vihar is because they can appreciate something that is good in another culture without being prejudiced.

Do u think the same can be said of you?

Kithul said...

anyone knows a site i can upload an image and provide link for patriots to see.

Apino Dannachess said...

Ampa Mahen dear,

You surprise me man.....So now Muslims guys are wearing Mottu.....Ampa.....

suggest you read the following link:

What are you talking about Shanthi Wihar man .....Hell there are more Chinese restaurants in Sri Lanka than in China....and we Sri Lankans love to enjoy good food be it Vadai or Foo-Young-Hai or Hu-Flung-Dung.

But a Good Poll Sambole, Hallmasso baduma, Kos Malluma and a Rathu Kakula bath is still the best.

Whats the fun in eating the same old Parippu Wadai for all 3 meals man. Can you blame me?

You guys need to come out of that well you have fallen in to.

Apino Dannachess said...

Shan, you may use

Mahen said...

No I cannot appreciate your food, what's so great about it? Even a monkey can be trained to make it. Boil some coconut milk, add whatever vegetables or meat and chilli powder and curry powder and boil again, that's about it, sounds complex doesn't it?

Although I cannot Alla worshippers, I do sometimes enjoy their food, same cannot be said for Singhala food. PS, half you cusine is stolen from Portugal and Holland and India anyway.

WAATS said...

British left Ceylon/world in a mess?

What do you say???

Tamils would never have had a chance to say that there was a PEELAM .

Like any other country (who was not under the British Empire) if there was an Ethnic uprising that would have being settled far far back. (Being benign for more than 100 years has not served well for either the Sinhalese or Tamils in Sri Lanka). This struggle for supremacy in Northern land would have occurred a long time back if at all if it was meant to happen.

Being under the British rule for more than 100 years (several generations), Tamils and Sinhalese were bought up as equals, servants to the British rulers and spoke the common language English. So during the generations which went through the British rule Tamils developed the false impression that they are first class citizens of Ceylon if not for British. This is the root cause of this conflict, if not for the BRITISH we would have settled this issue long time ago.

If not for British rule…
Imagine PeeBa working as a Manager for a 5 star hotel in ArugamBay in peaceful Sri Lanka with a happily married wife and family :-) and Tamilselvan as his assistant.

Peter might be still in Sri Lanka, if at all he had the genes to resist the urge to "wipe white ass"

Katch said...

Sorry Shan,
Don't quite know of anything though yahoo geo cities used to allow at one time.


This is not an English language learning blog, nor is English the first language of everyone who participates here.

Your English is ok, but I can't quite give u an 'A'. I'll give u a 'C' this time. Maybe you will do better next time :)

Apino Dannachess said...


Well said about Shanti Wihar !

Actually my favorite place is Greenlands and their is another place where they serve "Lunu Wadai".

Wow I like those sweets too man.

But I'm sure soon we will get to taste these goodies going all the way up to Kili.....not as a bloody as a bloody humbug tourist in a foreign land.....but as a simple Sri Lankan enjoying its ethnic diversity and splendor.

Cheers mate

Katch said...


Thanks mate. After all this is over we can invite Mahen to try our red rice with a Polos-maluwa, kirikos, pol sambol and karawala. He will not eat anything else after that!

And thats only part of the best :)

Cheers Apino!!

Kithul said...

Apinodanna Robin Hood,and Katch

thanks mate.

do you guys rememeer where the photos of the LTTE potesin Canada during T20 Cricket matches were published.

I had one e mailed today with a nice caption and would like to shere it with others

Mohammed Zubair said...


I am in fits of laughter with your "Hu Flung Dung" dish!!!

Mahen, you have a massive massive inferiority complex. Why don't you go comment in TamilCanadian where only pro LTTE comments are allowed, better yet, go comment on Peter's blog.

Peter said...

Will any modaya be able to give link to stats on departures for toilet cleaning by ethnicity?

Probably not, because they wouldn't want to reveal the truth.

Katch said...

Apino, Shan, guys

I'm out of here. Hold the fort and keep the home fires buring!

Take care

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Mahen

I never said that My English is good. i stand corrected mate. And I never said Sinhala only policy is good. If you read my earlier post you will know that if I get a chance I will shoot that Banda in the anus and allow him to bleed to death.

See mate I have no superiority complex. Neither do I say our SLDF guys are invincible warriors. But what I do know is that we Sri Lankans have stood the test of time, have learned from our mistakes and marched forward. And soon we will do so in Kili and Vanni too.

But you are right on one count, both my grand parents from both sides spoke/ wrote better English than me, coz they were educated by Missionaries.

But be a good sport and stick to the topic rather than shooting around the country side.

And.....Dude, its not easy to type this long in a Iphone......while being driven around 120km/hr in a not so good toll road.

Peter said...

I love kiribath, pol sambol, polos curry and let's not forget the melamine laced lemon puff.

Mohammed Zubair said...

Katch, stop it! Your mention of red rice with a Polos-maluwa, kirikos, pol sambol and karawala is making my mouth water, its making me want to get the next flight outta here and head to my parents house, my mother makes the best red rice with a Polos-maluwa, kirikos, pol sambol and karawala in the whole wide world!

mazeB said...

ogre may god protect you and your mates.waiting to hear from you again.thx

Peter said...

Mahey ammey! Forgot about good old arrack.

Mohammed Zubair said...

And the Kirokos, Polos and Pol are from our own trees, that's organic for you! People here don't know the meaning of organic, organic here means bought from a supermarket with an organic label, only in Sri Lanka we get real organic!

Peter said...

"2 Civil security personnel and a Policeman who were providing security to paddy farmers at Kohilaela area, Tampitiya in the Ampara District were shot dead by LTTE gunmen today (Nov 7) at around 1.40p.m."

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro Shan,

I too got that email and with that caption. You may share it with the rest of the patriots.....however it will send the primates here in to a if somebody threw petrol to their genitalia.

shay said...

Mahen and Peter Sakkiliyas,

Whose wife or GF is this? Is this Mahen's or Peter's?

Go back to cleaning your toilets you filthy animals... or go marry an animal. Try marrying a monkey next time, they're more closely related to you. You only need to look at pictures of LTTE cadres, they all look like monkeys that still live in trees.

Shanthi Vihar would be bankrupt if Sinhalese didn't eat there. The reason being that Tamils are a very very small minority here these days, thanks to people like you. Not that anyone is complaining about it...

Apino Dannachess said...

Mohammed Zubair & Katcjh,

Same here man. Those were the exact thoughts that came to my mind and my mouth watered too I wrote the menu to entice that primate.

My current country of residence has very little that resemble Sri Lankan food ( when I say, that includes good old Wadai too)...I really missed it man.

I sued to have a maid who could cook Sri Lankan food (thanks to my Mom who was here), but lost her when I changed my place.

Man I would give anything for meal like that right now.


Saman said...

Here is "Tamils for Obama" congatulation letter for Obama.

Tamils for Toilet cleaning
Tamils for Karunanidhi ball licking
Tamils for Ealam
Tamils for Viko's pleasure
Tamils for CC fraud
Tamils for suicide
Tamils for people smuggling
Tamils for Hilary Clinton
Tamils for contract murders

What a shame. Lucky they are not Sri Lankan tamils. Only Ealam scum.

Dear Mr. President,

Noted and best wishes.

I am a Tamil from Sri Lanka who came to America 26 years ago.

We Tamils from Sri Lanka, and organizers of Tamils For Obama raising funds, working with and
supporting the Obama campaign in the primaries, opposing "Tamils For Hilary" in the East coast,
want you to be one of the best Presidents America has ever known.

We want you to aspire to be "That One" as Senator McCain pointed to you, Mr. President.

We would also like you to work with all the 13 year old and older as the campaign should begin for the Re Election of Obama in 2012. All my young nephews and nieces have been supporting you despite the fact they would not even be old enough to vote in 2012.

That was how I knew that you would win the nomination and Presidency last year. My young children who are over 18 now, told me, and argued against my prejudice that a black man will never be elected as President in America. They said 95 % of the white friends supported you. I was thrilled.

The world and Asia looks up to you being the most powerful man in the world.
We all pray and hope that you will be as wise as King Solomon and you have the best counsel. Your wife, Michelle, which is also my eldest child's name. She will also become an attorney, like Michelle entering law college in 2010. Right now she is studying for a year in Florence, Italy.

There needs to be an urgent need to have a paradigm shift in creating a good image of America, overseas. Yes, You can do it.

We all wish you the very best and remain safe for the sake of America, and the world. Our prayers are with you, and we would not give any advise to your team.

Yours Sincerely,

Donald Gnanakone
Tamils For Obama.
Los Angeles, California.
310 404-4701. - Sri Lanka Guardian

Mohammed Zubair said...


Are you UK based?

The menu we mentioned is the one I am going to ask my mom to prepare for the first meal after I land, no fancy pansy western or eastern food can beat that.

Kithul said...

Why LTTE doesn't play Cricket

Guys you must see this

I wish Defencewire uploads this image with the caption on the blog

Peter said...

Modayas' speciality:

Almost puked at the sight of it.

Apino Dannachess said...

Bro Mohammed Zubair

Glad you liked the "Who Flung Dung" part...

Here is another one.....

One day a Colombo-7 lady went to Flower drum and ordered some Chinese dishes. In a matter of minutes the dishes were served to the delight of the lady. Then the lady asked good steward "may I have some Chopsticks too" to which the steward answered "I'm really sorry mam, we don't have that in our menu....but we can do some chicken drums sticks if you like em"

Cheers mate

Unknown said...

Gnanakones are the primary LTTE leads and fundraisers in the US. This needs to be brought to the attention of the authorities. No one has still been able to answer how Gnanakones ended up with a Sinhala name.

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Shay,

good to see you again. Nice pick the Primates must be getting horny.....


silentknight said...

@ Ogre,

Godspeed my brother.
Dont take unnecessary risks.

you also confirmed my suspicions on the TAF masking its heat signature.

Apino Dannachess said...

Mohammed Zubair

Hell not mate, I'm no way near UssAtta Keiyawa (UK)....I'm in the Asian region ...

Almost near my home.....

Ok to stop the stoning the primates.........

DW, pardon me for utilizing your web space FOR mONKY bashings.



WAATS said...

British left Ceylon/world in a mess?

What do you say???

Tamils would never have had a chance to say that there was a PEELAM .

Like any other country (who was not under the British Empire) if there was an Ethnic uprising that would have being settled far far back. (Being benign for more than 100 years has not served well for either the Sinhalese or Tamils in Sri Lanka). This struggle for supremacy in Northern land would have occurred a long time back if at all if it was meant to happen.

Being under the British rule for more than 100 years (several generations), Tamils and Sinhalese were bought up as equals, servants to the British rulers and spoke the common language English. So during the generations which went through the British rule Tamils developed the false impression that they are first class citizens of Ceylon if not for British. This is the root cause of this conflict, if not for the BRITISH we would have settled this issue long time ago.

If not for British rule…
Imagine PeeBa working as a Manager for a 5 star hotel in ArugamBay in peaceful Sri Lanka with a happily married wife and family :-) and Tamilselvan as his assistant.

Peter might be still in Sri Lanka, if at all he had the genes to resist the urge to "wipe white ass"

Moshe Dyan said...


good one mate, amidst all this bullshit going on in the forum.

Moshe Dyan said...

the mankulam battle is on.

heavy fighting is reported NOW. govt has renewed the call to surrender to LTTE.

toiletnet reports something intersting. it claims SLA has blocked food & medicine supplies to vanni which is BS.

"One of the supply lorries was carrying medicines to cure malaria, anti-asthma and anti-diabetic drugs. The medicines are urgently needed in hospitals of Mullaiththeevu district."

yeee haa!!!

guys, it is november 8th!!! november 8-15 vezapillai will die but not directly due to SLDF actions - one astrologer said recently.

Sanath said...

navindarn, r u the person who had a civilized unbiased views in these blogs last year or an impostor? the old one was a true highlight of tamil voice, unbiased, intelligent, accurate in commenting and 100% a true tamil gentlemen in his comments with a vast knowledge and understanding about the ground realities of the conflict. This new one is a VP ass licking diaspora fund raiser who will even do the least respected tasks to fulfill eelam. If the old one has changed to this status , its really sad.

Mohammed Zubair said...

It is the same Navindran, as we get closer and closer to Wanni, the "true highlight of tamil voice, unbiased, intelligent, accurate in commenting and 100% a true tamil gentlemen in his comments with a vast knowledge and understanding about the ground realities of the conflict" all changes to Tiger stripes. Expect more of it as we march towards the final goal - setting fire to VP's arse.

Mohammed Zubair said...

They could do with a bit of weight loss:

kappetipola said...

TamilNet reporting SLAF attack abt Paranthan.

but many people smiling each other on the pictures !

saw the dead live stock .looks like SLAF pilots shoot by pistols . no sign for Air Attack.

well done ! nice try ! keep it up genius !

Mahen said...

He he he Chena boys, walked right into the trap did we?

Now do you believe the plan I was talking about? Its being executed to perfection!

Jambudipa said...


Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention.

11 Tmvp + 4 STF dead this week in the east. Attack in Yala too. This situation has to be bought under control before we have areas we cannot safely venture into anymore.

When was the last time STF actually arrested/killed any LTTE? There is something structurally wrong with STF.

Mahen said...


This is all part of the plan nitwit. Didn't you all boast that the East was retaken? You never took it madams. We just resorted to guerilla tactics as we are a guerilla organisation, we have no interest in controlling towns and villages, that is not what we are good and nor our strategy, we have resorted to the proven method of guerilla warfare and now you can see the successes.

Jambudipa said...

Heylo Mahen, thanks again.

Mahen said...


Go get a life matey. Time to stich some white flags chena boys!

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