Thursday, April 23, 2009

LTTE's grand finale before 1st May?

We have received reports that indicate Velupillai Prabhakaran, the LTTE supremo is still in Mulaitivu. 4 days ago his son Charles Anthony was spotted by now defected LTTE cadres. If Prabhakaran has the guts to face the Army he will not live to make another Heroes Day Speech.

The Mulaitivu battlefield was fairly calm today. The 55 Division and 58 Division linked up two days ago and have started consolidating the area north of Puthumathalang. The clearing operations were spearheaded by 2 Commando Regiment and the Mechanized Infantry of the 55 Division.

The 3rd phase of the rescue mission could begin within the next 48 hours as the objective is to destroy the LTTE by 1st of May and to secure some 50,000 civilians thought to be still trapped inside LTTE areas south of the A-35 in Vellamullaivaikkal. Fresh SF troops from SF 3 and 4 have been brought to a nearby location in case of need.

DefenceWire would like to take this opportunity to call on all Sri Lankans to organize at the village level, possibly around religious places of worship to collect garments for the rescued civilians. Food and other essentials are being provided by the government but there are still some shortfalls.

An act of kindness by the people in the south can go a long way in terms of repairing ethnic harmony in Sri Lanka. Soon after the Tsunami in the East, ordinary Sinhala villagers voluntarily collected and distributed their belongings to Tamil and Muslim villagers along the coastline. This was the first wave of relief that reached the people in distress.


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OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Thanks DW!
When the people from the south send these material, it should be written in tamil that these have been donated by the people in the south, the sinhalese, tamil, muslims, without any religious and racial discrimination. There will be many people who will try to apply the LTTE agenda and not let the people know these are kind acts of the people from the south!
I am certain there will be big turn out and also certain the foreign media or tamil net will not utter a word!

HM said...

This is a great opportunity for the people in South to show our love towards our brothers and sisters in the North!!!

Sri Lankikaya said...

Thanks DW

your appeal for supplies to IDP's is timely and very impotant.

The warmth and hospitality of the Sinhala people (not being racist here but terminology is such since it concerns the Tamil and Sinhala people)should be felt by the Tamil citizens of Mother Lanka. This will heal even the most sore wounds and show the proper situation to thos ewho have been brainwashed.

So let's all contribute with conviction, not only the extras but let's sacrifice some of our creature comforts in this hour of need.

Our forces have sacrificed their lives so why not us, let's forego a bottle of beer, a scotch or a dinner out, any extras is all we need to miss for a day to make a difference

Puffy said...

when you say VP is in mullaitivu, you mean in vellamullivaikkal area within the NFZ, right DW?

Don't worry mate, all Sri lankans in the south are already in full gear organising stuff to be donated to the rescued tamil civilians. The whole world will see how we treat them!

I think the GoSL has fought the war alone, monetary wise, for too long and now it's our time to step in.

Like I suggested before, why don't the GoSL create a special fund to collect money to use on the 100,000+ tamil civilians rescued?

'Wanni Maanusheeya Aramudala'

ranilb5 said...

When tsunami hit Sri Lanka, all the Sri Lankans showed who they are. Sri Lanka used to be known as 'Dhamma Deepa', and end of this war should be the start of revival of that great past.

I hope all the Sri Lankans will do their best to help our borthers and sisters in the north, who have entrusted their lives to the rest of Sri Lankans when they left ruthless terrorists, LTTE....

Hope there will be an international scale mechanism so that even us can help, the same way we did for Api Wenuwen Api. I am proud to say that in Texas along we Sri Lankans raised over $60,000 (SLR 7.2 million).

Unknown said...

Thanks DefenceWire for the daily update..!!

Really appreciate what You & Your Team is carrying out over here..!!

Without your valuable, up-to-date information on the proceedings,
We would have been just a bunch of people who are looking at
daily media published on Net, News and on TV..!!

Thanking You & Your Team Once again..!!

My personal opinion is that you should not fade until
the whole operation is over.

Whole operation by the sense, the 'Humanitarian Operation'.
We need to know what's happening to the areas that we cleared
out from LTTE. What our government is doing on those areas etc etc..!!

Getting back to the current scenario, I think the whole
country is waiting to hear the 'Good News'.

For us, we do not care whether VP is taken ALIVE or NOT [Better NOT].
But he should be taken care..!!
Including the top 05 leaders. Rest of the leaders should be taken alive.
We can use those to search and track the loads of weapons hidden
all over the areas.

Without ARMY finding those hidden weapons [From the smallest bullet to SAM's]
it is too risky to allow the civilians to come back to their native places.

If the weapons go in to wrong hands, we might have a War within the people. [Like those situations in some African countries].

So let us all pray for a better SRI LANKA from this moment onwards.
Our Forces and Officials made us to be PROUD SRI LANKANS..!!

We can walk with our head high with such a pride that we are the
ONLY nation on the whole world who defeated a complete Terrorist Org.

Jaya Wewa..!! Jaya Wewa..!! Jaya Wewa..!! Jaya Wewa..!!

May the Triple Gems Bless Our Mother Lanks..!!

ReallyCold..... said...

Very good call. Direct opportunity to access Tamils without LTTE brainwashing.

Rupavahini, please organize a food and clothing drive. Sri Lankans should develop an NGO like organizatioin within WITHOUT getting any foreign personal in Sri Lanka. I think that is what India did after Tsunami. We should only get help to train our people on how to manage disaster relief.

"An act of kindness by the people in the south can go a long way in terms of repairing ethnic harmony in Sri Lanka. Soon after the Tsunami in the East, ordinary Sinhala villages voluntarily collected and distributed their belongings to Tamil and Muslim villagers along the coastline. This was the first wave of relief that reached the people in distress."

Apino Dannachess said...


Thanks for the update....

Raata Raata baratama wada wagei obathuma....

Good suggestion to start sending our northern brothers some form of aid from the south....

It will be good if Sewa Vanitha can give us an address where to handover such items....


Apino Dannachess said...

Good suggestion from HondatamaSeethala (ReallyCold)....

Yes, we should show this INGO's that we can look after our own people.

I hope this will be put in to action soon....

Arala thiyena Linden lu ne Kawaruth Wathura ganne!

Puffy said...

wanted to say this before but forgot...

Don't you dare do the vanishing act on us!

When this war is over, we need to read detailed stories of all the countless daring operations carried out by our boyz...
specially by the SPECIAL FORCES!!!

Thanks in advance!

CASC said...

Thanks for the update DW

I hope you will stay around after major operations are concluded.

The only comprehensive archive of operations conducted by the Sri Lanka forces exists in this blog and in DN.

Perhaps down the road, some academics or writers will write a full account of the eelam wars for the sake of posterity.

As Puffy has pointed out, we hope to learn more about our heroic forces even after the grand finale is concluded.

hemantha said...

"UN to send team to Sri Lankan `no-fire zone`"

This will complicate things if allowed to happen.

ServeSL said...

Thanks DW.
It is great of you to call upon all Sri Lankan citizens for a humanitarian response of magnitude equal to that of the aftermath of the Tsunami. It has great impact when it comes especially from you. I believe that you have a very wide reader base, particularly among those who want to see things as balanced as possible. We believe that it is very important to allay any prejudice, fear, and doubts in the minds of these battered civilians. We must give them hope and confidence. It is in fact crucial for lasting peace. We must do it now. Let us come out in force, like during the Tsunami, and show that the Sri Lankans in the South care deeply for them. We thank you and salute you for making this urgent call. We feel that if you could post these sentiments under a separate heading it would have a greater impact. Thanks again.

silentknight said...

DW,...I second puffy's comment!!!!!

Sam Perera said...

Good call DefenceWire. It breaks my heart when I see the escaped hostages and the ordeal they went through. The best we can do is to settle them in their original homes as soon as possible after taking care of their absolute minimum needs of food, cloths, and health. This is a moment of truth for Sri Lankan patriots.

mottapala said...

{he court in Paris imposed imprisonments of seven months each to 70 Tamil agitators that were arrested while behaving mischief. These 70 persons had no valid document pertaining to their stay in Paris. The authorities in France have decided to discuss with the government of Sri Lanka about the next step to be taken following the seven month punishment. ]]

This particular news item gives me more pleassure than capturing VP. Back to Colombo, back to reality for these mother fuckers.

Welldone France.

hemantha said...

France, US and UK are trying something. I think it is time to wrap this up. Soon they will start threatening the SL government if not already. (I hope I am wrong in this regard)
India would have been a strength for us if there were no elections there.

Suranimala said...

Mottapala machan . ekanam ela ....
:)))anik ewunta una ganei:)))))

chamal said...

I don't see how any foreign government or organization can stop this operation now, until some kind of miracle happens that will put the army in a major drawback. Reports say that our SF and Commandos are inside the NFZ, and there's no way we are going to stop the operation without getting them out of there. That means we have to finish up the rest of the LTTE or attack again and get the remaining civilians out as well (not that the two things are unrelated). I'm sure Russia and China will be on our side if the Europeans and US start trying to be the 'big brother'. They are our real friends, not India. Anyway, we have proved now that the LTTE is keeping civilians by force. If anybody wants us to stop the operation, then they must also find a way to free the civilians. With the UN also having ordered the LTTE to release the civilians, I don't think any country, however powerful, has any choice but to let us continue or finish the job themselves.

3Sinhala said...

Really Cold:-

"We should only get help to train our people on how to manage disaster relief."
Totally agree with Really Cold. We need to step up helping the government to provide for the displaced innocent tamil people. Now is the time for the Sri Lankan expatriate communities to show the generosity, again, just like after the Tsunami.

Just like Really cold says - we need outside support to train on disaster management. We really do need that. Everything else, we should be able to take care of.

DW - Thanks for bringing this up and posting the idea for the public.

sldf said...


Thanks for the update. I think LTTE has good 500-600 hardcore cadres including the fame black tigers alone with their leader. And another 1000 inexperience conscripted cadres. The Army commander said today that Army knows where Praba is hiding. Which is contrary to my earlier belief that that the leader has left the Island. Let's hope he commit suicide or get killed by the army soon. Capturing him alive would complicate the situation. Soon this ends better. We can save the lives of our soldiers and civilians.

sldf said...


Our brave soldiers have paid the supreme sacrifice and done their part. Now it’s our time do ours. Please do whatever you can in your respective countries to help our poor Tamil civilians:

Items needed:
1. Clothes (Kids clothes, Housecoats/Sarongs), towels, Blankets and tents for shelter
2. Soap and toothpaste
3. Anti-biotics, Medicine, Vitamins
4. Milk powder (Lakspray, Anchor etc)
5. Water purifiers

Anonymous said...

/Soon after the Tsunami in the East, ordinary Sinhala villages voluntarily collected and distributed their belongings to Tamil and Muslim villagers along the coastline. This was the first wave of relief that reached the people in distress./

And those youth from Welioya who organized this donations later (in CFA period) were killed by he sole reps of tamils, together with few other farmers.

Anonymous said...

/France, US and UK are trying something. I think it is time to wrap this up. Soon they will start threatening the SL government if not already./

France, UK and US.. Canada, Auz,.. all was threatening us for quite a time.. They threaten.. MR shows the middle finger, Rathnasiri lift the sarong and shows ****,.. diasspora jump up and down, peelaam is coming to its end.

mottapala said...

If all these western governments are really concerned about civillians what they should do is to help us looking after the 150,000 odd refugees already with us. It is ridiculous to ask for a ceasefire now.

I think they are just making noises for the sake of it, knowing very well that we are not listening. Probaly to appease to the diaspora.
At the moment these countries are in debted to the tune of trillions and econmies has still not hit the rock bottom. You switch on the TV all you see is doom and gloom with thousands of jobs been lost everyday.
As far as the general public is concerned they dont give a monkies arse to what happens in SL, India or Zimbabwe.
Nobody gives a fuck about Milliband or Brown even in their own country. People are fed up of these idiots meddling with the rest of the world.

3Sinhala said...

You guys are right. This has been reported in an Austrialian news magazine:

UK and France plan sea rescue mission for Tamils
(The Australian)

BRITAIN and France were last night considering a dramatic ocean rescue of thousands of civilians caught in northern Sri Lanka's bloody war zone as the UN Security Council joined the growing numbers calling for the Tamil Tiger rebels to surrender.

Both countries said yesterday that they were pressing for more international help for trapped Tamil civilians, including the possibility of sending boats for an evacuation mission.

Read the full article here

mottapala said...

Uk is not going to do anything active. Well they cant. Brwon explained that they cannot intefere with another democrtic country disapointing Pro lTTE lobies. Dont worry Bro's. Let MR sought the problem.

See for your self!

mottapala said...

Menna me huththa weerayek wela. Moota puke arala maranna thyenne!Moo wage ponnayek. 'ane kale wane wase'

[Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe questioned in a rally held in Gampaha if the 24-hour grace period to surrender was given to Prabhakaran to let him to escape within that time period. He further asked the governemnt to show cause for declaring such a grace period. The Opposition Leader further said that defense spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella must resign from the post if he has taken this action without the government approval]

hemantha said...

It may be not as simple as that (again I hope I am wrong). China and Russia can block any UN resolution. That's all. I think these countries (Uk, France,...) are seem trying to go around the security council. Due to the situation in Tamilnadu India might end up on their side too. There is a small possibility that they might try to enter the no fire without our permission.

Ban Ki-Moon said today:
"I intend to immediately dispatch a U.N. humanitarian team to the no-fire zone. The purpose of this humanitarian team would be to first of all monitor the situation and support humanitarian assistance and try to do whatever we can to protect the civilian population who are caught in the fire zone."

PTI reports:
"Unhappy over continued killings of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka and worried about its fallout in Tamil Nadu, Union Government on Thursday decided to rush National Security Adviser M K Narayanan and Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon to Colombo on Friday to press for immediate end to "all hostilities.

French foreign minister:
""We will try to launch an operation," Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told a radio interview, adding he would discuss the plan with his U.K. counterpart David Miliband.Kouchner said French and U.K. boats could be dispatched to help the tens of thousands of civilians who have fled the conflict zone "because these people are on the beaches and some are drowning at sea."

""You know there have been a lot of relief operations and unfortunately, people are a bit tired of all that, as are governments," he told France Culture radio.

He also said there were no plans for a military intervention.

"We have certainly not reached that point," he said."

Gringo said...

[BAGHDAD – A previously undisclosed Iraqi government tally obtained by The Associated Press shows that at least 87,215 Iraqis have been killed in violence since 2005.

An in-depth AP review shows the total for the entire war exceeds 110,000 Iraqis. That figure is based on the government tally and counts of casualties from earlier years from hospital sources and media reports.


Who is responsible for this?
Why is HRW is silent on this?
Where is UN?
Who created this situation?
Where should affected loved address their grievances and ask for compensation?

Or are we talking about peanuts, pecans or walnuts here?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Fully agree with ReallyCold. I wanna donate the stuff that I can find, but how? I mean, I have a list of phone numbers of NGOs delivered via mail. But when I give my used cloths, will they deliver them with a Bible? Or deliver them in return for a dissenting comment forced from a refugee? Or will they deliver gelignite and batteries wrapped by my cloths?

I'm not joking, am I?

Bottomline is we need a trustable movement. I am hoping that Rupavahini or PNM will start a genuine humanitarian move.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


I seriously support hon RW. He is one of the most significant elements of this war. His contribution, mostly unintentional, may perhaps be the actual turning point of victory.

What has he done?

By stating absolutely lunatic statements together with his negotiation motives. End result is a total repulse of public from him, and hence the negotiation camp. Everybody rallied for war and RW is the main reason for that.

Earlier the previous negotiation champion of CBK could rally some ppl to accept negotiations as a means using her popularity. Popularity is all what RW has not got. So he has repulsed them also into war for peace movement.

Otherwise how did SF recruit four times more than then existing army? CBK challenged Elle Gunawansa thero to find 1000 ppl to enlist in army if possible. Why? As CBK killed the motive and fooled the nation in a socialist's type negotiation mood. But now these guys found ~200,000 unprecedented recruitment, despite being in the height of war. Thanks to RW, I believe.

Why do we have ALL the sensible politicians joined into govt. This is why MR is running a better house there. A balanced one. Not biased to cronic ideologies of SLFP. RW chased all the good men and chased them to govt, and Wimal Weerawansa stated that it was RW who broke JVP too. All the better.

So RW as opposition leader is the best thing for our nation. That comes with the assurance that he will never be anything else. MR is having a free ride in politics.

So you can sodomize RW, and he will never say no to you. But for heaven's sake do not kill him or work on sacking him. We want him for another decade at minimum as our long living opposition leader. May he survive.

Cheers for our opposition leader.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Let us evaluate the possible fate of Fatpig. Going with what I think as best to worst.

- Pork BBQ. Of course do not even leave a bone. We don't wanna know where it happened or who actually did it. Also we don't even wanna know that it did happen as long as it happens.

- Killed by his ppl. Fine as long as it happens. But how can SLDF verify?

- Escape by his own. And live in exile. SL/India constantly demanding for his arrest and hence he cannot appear in public. But he tries to control diaspora and whatever remains of pussycats, hence avoiding another leader shaping among them.

- Escape in the hands of powerful nations - a rescue in other words. SL can sore its diplomatic relations with that nation and force for his hand over for eternity. And that naturally avoids his chances within SL. He will have to live out of SL and die as a symbolic leader.

- Capture by SLDF, publicly, hence punished and imprisoned in SL. A captured Fatpig will make the day of all HR and NGO vultures. How good he's fed, what facilities he has and how many chinese goddesses he gets per month. All that on our tax payer's cost. Many doing kidnappings to get him out of jail. A Mendela of Fatpig.

- Capture and handed over to India. Super prison facilities, for few years, and pardon.

- Lay down arms and surrender to SLDF, publicly. SLDF can spell out its conditions, but still the Fatpig will have his chances in politics after the surrender.

- Lay down arms and surrender via UN or ICRC. This is a winning point to him. We will have to accept him in politics.

As you see I never mentioned Cyanide, did I?

ConspiracyTheory said...

There is a long term risk these Western countries and India forcing us against
military victory at this crucial hr. Since China and Russua are only powerful countries openly supporting us in this war it may end up SL with more and more Chinese influence. I dont mind Chinese influence in my country to
balance Western and Indian interference but I dont want to see SL come to same level as
Myanmar, Zimbabwe, or Nepal. China has virtually surounded India with Pakistan, Nepal and Burma from West North and East.
China may really need SL to encircle India from South. With SL strategic location for China
SL may be more important than others. I don't know whether Western world and India has understand this ground realities before
forcing SL government against military victory now.

Colomblogs said...

Sri Lankan Missions worldwide should extend this collection outside the SL.

They should call All Sri Lankans and people love Sri Lanka to donate the materials.

If any one has contacts with the Foriegn ministry, please ask them to initiate this ASAP.

Then we can see how Dispora helps

Unknown said...

Mother's Tear - No medical facilities - 23rd April 09

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Prayers are answered...

National programme for assisting rescued civilians
Government and Private media institutions were informed and instructed

The national programme to be launched island wide to facilitate fleeing civilians from the terror-grips with the essential items and Government and Private media institutions were informed and instructed to corporate with this effort with immediate effect by the Minister of Mass Media and Information Anura Priyadarshana Yapa at the special Conference held with the Government and Private media heads at the Ministry of Media today (23).

Each and every Sri Lankan, well-known for their hospitality, has been moved by the plight of their own country men fleeing from the terror-grips and wishes to join ranks with the Government and armed forces in extending a hand towards them. It's high-time for the people to join hands with the President's efforts in sharing, caring, and resettling these civilians totally misguided and disoriented by a terror regime for the past 3 decades, and such efforts will not only improve the quality of life in the North all parts of the island making it peaceful

Media organizations can inform their arrangements though they channels well before the collection procedure. Business community and the general public are encouraged to contribute with items in use.
Items to be collected:

Fresh milk

Bottled water

Dry rations

Food items (biscuits)

New clothes

Other sanitary items........ ect
Kindly requested to handover your items at following locations Colombo and suburbs -

BMICH Colombo and all the Divisional Secretariat offices in the country and to relevant media institution with there identify location.

Courtesy: Government Information Department

nuclear said...

I smell a strange writing in your post. Understand your plight. Are you not allowed to let us know the real truth! So sure do not go out of your way to tell things that should not be told to public.

But let me guess what will be the end result of this situation.

What ever said and done, if VP is not going to be KIA, RW is going to form the next Government sooner than later. He will bring VP to Parliament like Karuna. And we all know what will be the next.

RW and group will find 1001 excuses to put the blame on MR. RW have already started to accuse MR for truce period. He will get VP or a spoke person to say that RM allowed him to flee.
Our SL people are so tangible and so easy to convince this fact.
You got to worn authorities on this danger please.

But I wish I am wrong.

Colomblogs said...

There is a strong possibility that India/UK/France may do some last minute stunt under the cover of UN.
- A mid night UK/French ship evacuating Civilians along with VP
- VP and team surrendered to UN who come by ships

In any case, there may be severe suicide attacks on us. Hope and wish we have counter plans to them.

Majority of this left people or Mahaveer families. So not trust any of them.

nijp said...


First time user

I like what I see from Sri Lankans on this blog.

Hope this war is gona finish soon. Can not bare to hear that Indian and other EU countries trying to stop the war.

We must end this asap hopefully tomorrow.

Please do not forget VP balla is hiding behind Mahaveera familes. I might be in trouble for saying this but Whether you like it or not they were proud of their sons and daughther for killing Sinhala, Tamil and other kind of people. And we need to worry about them by supplying food and cloths????

Tell you what I would rather send (Money, cloths, food whatever) that to a Ranaviru family!!!!!. I know we need to show Tamil people that we care. I think we have done enough by getting them out of the LTTE camps etc... But we need to look after number one..... SAVIOURS OF OUR MOTHERLAND.


MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Well said DW and everyone else regarding our brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces. I will be in touch with a few people I know today.

BTW brothers, please note that I have dropped the word "Tamil" when I refer to our brothers and sisters. There is no need for an adjective unless you say Sri Lankan.

KB said...

Bugger! While terrorist pigs are shooting poor Tamil civilians to prevent them from escaping fatty's hellhole, the rest of Lanka is responding magnificently to their plight. Bravo, patriots, let's show the world we know how to take care of our own and don't need their fake sermons.


nuclear said...

Is this true?
SLN crafts encircle ICRC ship in Vanni

Kushan Perera said...

I am sure the only plan for VP is thru foreignn intervention and as we can see from the intl pressure showing at this moment clearly shows that VP is in NFZ.
I hope Navy is geared for any submarrine detection...from under sea ..and we need to think all the posibilities
* foreign helicopter can land.
* ICRC and etc ships can come to NFZ
* underwater submarrine..
please guys we should this finish and need to help everyone

agree- we need to say - and need to change our attitude to Sri Lankans rather than Sinhala, Tamil, etc

Sam Perera said...


It is very unlikely that UK/France would embark on such an act because;

(1) The presence of a extremely powerful navy of a friend of Sri Lanka.

(2) Potential military losses to these countries and black mark they would get forever trying to save the worst terrorist of modern time.

(3) Gross violation of sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

Migara said...

This is a good opportunity for those who crying for civilians all over the world.

They can show whether they care about the poor Tamil civilians or the WILD TIGERS who kill innocent people.

I’m pretty much sure that the people who protests all over the world for WILD TIGERS won’t give a penny or a cent to establish the lives of these poor people.

So friends shall we get together and help our relatives, who escaped from the VAMPIRE PRABHAKARAN.

Anonymous said...

/Mother's Tear - No medical facilities/

DiASSpora doctors are coming.. medicine in the vaanga machan ship.. please wait.. wait and see(TM)

Anonymous said...


US, UK, EU all think they are the leaders, rulers, controllers, cops, judges and policy makers for the whole world. War is closing to the end. After it ends these western powers will be out of one opportunity to show the world that they are the world leaders. I think that's why their hurry in issuing statements.

If I am wrong they are definitely planning to rescue VP and other LTTE leaders. And further they want to protect any evidence left with VP regarding their assistance to LTTE via INGOs. And it will be fun for them let tamils demanding peelaam and them demanding federal while VP etc living abroad similar to Dalai Lama scenario.

Kushan Perera said...

Correct Ninja
This LTTE issue was capitalize by int'l community and India

This is what is happening almost all the countries of like us, where these US & EU countries are trying to show they are Big guns..

see US simply shows a failure that we(small country) with courages army won the war against the most babaric terrorist orgnisation in the world.. so ... they US is simply lost and EU the same.

we sri lankans has to understand that there is a whole world is funding this LTTE to continue for them...

its only Russia and Paksitan, china really helping us..

Lahiru said...

any news regarding Jeyam?

Lahiru said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajaratasurfer said...

DW, Saki 'n single are on money here ! There is a covert op to slip fatss VP,Pottu & CA to UN convoy or ICRC off Puthulatan.That's why the 2 Dayamaster & George surrendered...think abt. it fellas...only ltte highups to give up are the.....propaganda chiefs ? Are we stupid folks....these 2 want access to UN delegations to run the scam. That's why the French & UK are positioning assets just in case fellas ! You need to know there are many players in this conflict !

But,Hemantha is so right SLA need to wipeout VP this week.. think abt. it....more images off these poor tamil refugees folks...tables turn. It has happened before, remember the IAF air An 32 drops into Jaffna ? That's why my kudos to Gen Fonseka, forming a hunt squad ! We have th right Mil op. leaders & let them finish this now.
I saw that SLA Red Arrow missile at work & one has FatassVP's name on it !

Even though GOSl was threarened with IMF loan cutoff & indicments for Gen. Fonseka,Defence Min &'s Sri lanka that has to wake up veryday to face terrorism from the ltte NOT these westerners .
BTW: Good post DW.Now lets talk turkey....ok ! How many are left in the NFZ.

dogooder said...

I think everyone's going crazy thinking about various ways of how VP could flee the NFZ. But these brave soldiers have done a magnificent job so far and they need our full confidence in them. They WILL get the job done. May these brave men and women of lanka be blessed every step of the way.

Washburn69 said...



GOSL hasn't commented on this yet, afaik ?

Am i right in understanding that this is going to happen regardless of what GOSL says?

Is this a show of force?
Is the SL Navy/forces just gonna let them come? (I guess they will have to?)
Will there be ships only or also planes?

Can GOSL monitor what comes/leaves NFZ?
if yes, how?

I think the best thing now is to accelerate the operation and finish it off BEFORE those clowns get to SL.

This doesn't smell good, guys. Looks like they totally disregard GR's rejection earlier today.

will they REALLY try to help/save fatpig? would they risk something like that?

Unknown said...


I think SLDF have to go ahead with the last phase of the rescue mission immediately. India, USA, UK and France are at least a week away from a position of being able to physically threaten Sri Lankan NFZ. They can not use their Air Weapons against SLDF as there is no cause for them to use it. Their objective is to save the civilians. I doubt whether these countries will go even that far of any physical interventions.

So, I think SLG has a window of one week or more.

Go for it SLG, SLDF…….

Ofcourse there should be no hesitant in treating the IDPs with passion and humanity, after all they are Sri Lankans too. It is the time to break the barriers, both mental and physical and thinks as one nation. Then the world will come around.

Unknown said...

Further, Why can't all these countries and UN airlift supplies that so much needed for the rescued civillians under gOSL care, instead of 25% left inside NFZ?

What logic is the UN having in helping 25% over the 75% civillians that are rescued?

All what they should do is to ensure that who ever that are saved, 'are saved'.

Anyone has a link to the SAT pictures taken by US during the rescue operation which prompted this change of heart?

Washburn69 said...

Here's the link for the sat pic:

Unknown said...

Washburn69 said...

Thank you, Mate!

Washburn69 said...


This April 2009 US State Department image

Feb 2009:

Observer said...

New Zealand's Sri Lankans (of all races and creeds ihncluding sudhas)have already sent two container loads of goods tobe dispersed, and will ensure many more are sent. Now is the time to cease using old labels, like Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, etc., and start thinking and talking of ourselves as Sri Lankans. Then we can go on to see our country/homeland become the true heart of Asia.

Unknown said...

Washburn69 said...

What I can not understand is what is making them so nervous in these pictures. This had been the situation for the last 6 weeks. Now GOSL has taken 60% of the civillians away. Suddenly that has made all these countries chilled? Is India trying a proxy here to save it's creation (VP & LTTE) Are the western countries becoming pawns and blind to the truth? Or am I missing something here?

Washburn69 said...

"Is India trying a proxy here to save it's creation (VP & LTTE) Are the western countries becoming pawns and blind to the truth?..."

I have a feeling it's "Yes" to both ...
Can we monitor what comes in and what goes out? can ANYONE from GOSL be there with the UN team to see that nothing "fishy" happens?

..and why haven't the GOSL made any statements about this? wonder what would happen if we said something like "..anyone who threatens to enter our borders in a threatening manner without authorization and proper inspection will be dealt with according to SLDF protocol" or some wordy thing...

or is that overkill?
I mean there's no MILITARY presence in these "teams" right?

Unknown said...


UN will not have any military personnel for sure. To get military in to it UN will have to have Security Council approve it, but China and Russia will veto it, so not much of a chance. Even if they approve it individual countries need to approve the troop deployment.

On the other hand any contry can send troops to a another country for wharever reasons, then it will be an act of war.

We are monitoring all the things thatgoes in and out of NFZ. Even if the UN comes in all that they could do is to remove the civillians out NFZ. (This is what GOSL wants too)

But whole situation will get dragged for months and years as every one will be fingering us, while LTTE will be looking for ways to create counter attack, killing of UN personnel and blaming on GOSL and carrying out other terror attacks.

We also should worry about the outcome of the Indian elections

Washburn69 said...


Thanks for easing my mind a bit...

I wonder why tamilnet is not jumping for joy at this news of UN coming to SL NFZ ...I guess because they don't think it really helps LTTE, if all UN does is remove civilians, which actually EXPOSES fatpig, et al, right?

instead, they now have this ridiculous report on front page:

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for regular updates.

a timely call.

thambala and srilankikaya also made this ("negam: - visiting relatives - to the north) some time back and glad that there is a formal program by the govt.

govt alone cannot do it.ppl's participation is a must.

this will prove to the IC who are friends of the vanni ppl and who are their blood-suckers.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

OK Diasporas, we did what we have to do, now stop jumping up and down, now feed your staving relatives send some cloths.

items req: denim pants, sarong, bed sheets, kids clothing.

no need Canadian made pinky/red thongs.

"Don't let your left hand know what your right hand give"

don't expect credits.

don't expect free homelands.

Thanks in Advance.

Moratu Saman

Mango said...

The EU will not extradite fugitives to countries where they may face the death penalty.

If VP manages to escape, his best destination will be Norway or UK. The court proceedings and everlasting appeals in the UK in particular, will make it almost impossible to get VP to SL or India.

None of these legal safeguards apply if the fugitive is wanted by the USA or France. They don't give a damn about local and International law and kidnap at will. But then, its different for superpowers.

If VP is captured alive, I'm sure that MI would love to have a long chat with him over a nice cup of tea. But the longer we keep him, pressure for his release will get stronger. If he's caught alive, I guess he'll have an accelerated chat -- sort of 'No Sleep 'till Eelam".

For SL's sake, VP must be allowed to draw his last breath on the Eastern coast under the tender care of SLA MI.

After seeing these heartbreaking scenes of fleeing civilians (especially the children and old folks), what's being done to fundraise in the West from SL expatriates? Rather than letting the INGOs (many being proven collaborators of the LTTE) dictate the relief effort, the GOSL should immediately initiate a Sri Lankan diaspora relief effort, spearheaded perhaps by a team of religious leaders of the main faith groups in SL?

Rajaratasurfer, how would the two recently surrendered LTTE leaders get access to the ICRC to arrange Fatty's escape? Surely they're going to be kept very busy by MI for the next few months?

We're definitely under the cosh here. This has to be ended sooner rather than later. There's a limit to how much pressure MR & Co can bear from our hypocritical Western 'friends' - especially given our financial situation.

re., the UN team, SL should insist that it includes Pakistani & Chinese officials. That'll keep the Western hypocrites in check.

Moshe Dyan said...


another excellent poem. is it at all possible to write military songs? (rana gee type songs in

the war may be ending but military op.s will continue. there is a need to keep up the popular support.

link to the same page

Unknown said...

Washburn69 said...

Thank you for sharing your opinion

Quote: Defense Column said...

Link# Sri Lanka's war Dark victory.........

This Economist article is trying to warn SLDF and GOSL not to allow the triumph to be made to a disaster. It clearly is showing a lead to what UN and other western countries are trying to do.

GOSL obviously do not have such a favorable opinion among these Countries or the agencies. On the other hand it is up to the individual countries to decide what is good for them and it's citizen and not to get bamboozled by Countries who does not understand the whole truth or the picture.

While the above may be true GOSL need to worry about winning a battle and loosing a war for not only Tamils but for rest of the citizens too.

Our job should be to safeguard the citizens of the country irrespective of who they are. (excluding the terrorists, ofcourse)

As for the Tamil Net, Mate... They are BS...

Jaya2008 said...

Thank you so much for your contribution. Hope all Sri Lankans will get together and help our Tamil brothers and sisters. At the end our country is renowned for hospitality and tolerance.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Ninja, Wasburn etc
I think you guys are right to worry. I have posted my comments on Asian Tribune under my other (heh heh) name "ravana". The articles are by Janaka Alahapperuma and Rama Rao.

They are definitely panicking. Maybe SLDF should secretly apprehend VP while pretending he's been killed and take him to a deep dark location and "let the fat lady sing".

The info maybe valuable to keep and use when necessary.

Thusitha said...

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...
Ninja, Wasburn etc
I think you guys are right to worry. I have posted my comments on Asian Tribune under my other (heh heh) name "ravana". The articles are by Janaka Alahapperuma and Rama Rao.

They are definitely panicking. Maybe SLDF should secretly apprehend VP while pretending he's been killed and take him to a deep dark location and "let the fat lady sing".

The info maybe valuable to keep and use when necessary.

Exactly, I think Prabha would have lot of connections to Raw and other spy agencies, politicians as well as Terrorist. I think people who are worried the most are the politicians and the Intelligence agencies. We would be able to black mail quite a few if we capture him an tell the world he must have escaped to Malaysia.

Pandula said...

Graphical presentation of the civilian rescue.

BTW, what happen to our big hovercraft ?

Pandula said...

I would drop some hardcore porn to this vihilupunde's bunker, so rest of the makkals know there is a life outside eating cyanide.

also we need to get those two Masters to expose the truth how VP molest the kids when he was at his supreme power, and send VihiluPunde those tapes before he dies.

Thusitha said...

Island Editorial

There has been a great deal of backstage manoeuvring to have a UN resolution passed against Sri Lanka's war. That the US is behind those moves is only too well known. So, the position the Security Council has taken up on Sri Lanka, as spelt out by Heller, could be considered a defeat for those who sought a UN intervention to rescue the LTTE. Ambassador to the UN H. M. G. S. Palihakkara and his team must be commended for a job well done.

Yeah, who ever got Heller to our side should be commended. A job well done. I think the next month it would be Turkey who would be chairing the U.N. I don't think there would be much problem there as they have the same problem like us with Kurdish Terrorists.

Washburn69 said...

I think Palihakkara and co. should request an immediate meeting with US officials, esp the ones who're affiliated with H. Clinton, and/or Blake and do a similar briefing.

Gringo said...

[OTTAWA — The two-week long Tamil demonstration near Parliament Hill cost Ottawa about $800,000 and the federal government should pay for it, says Coun. Eli El-Chantiry, who chairs the municipality's police board.

El-Chantiry said a final accounting of city costs will be tabled at the board's next meeting Monday, but rough estimates put the police bill at $600,000, ambulance and fire services at $100,000, and other services at $100,000.

El-Chantiry said the protesters' beef was with the federal government, not the municipality, so "there's no reason the taxpayers of the city should pay for the protest."

The protesters, who quit Wednesday, were calling on the federal government to intervene in a decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka.

El-Chantiry also said the city is still waiting for $2 million the Tories promised the city yearly during the election to offset increased costs of policing the nation's capital, for things exactly like the Tamil protest.

© Copyright (c) Canwest News Service]

Canadians... ask the Tamil terrorist membership to pay this $800K... they have money in reserves for terrorism. Ask the French, if in doubt.

It is ridiculous to ask Canadian provincial taxpayers to foot this bill.

Sam Perera said...

Lankadeepa says that SLFP Central Committee has decided to make Karuna a deputy chairman of the party. This is a another good step in the right direction in establishing a true Sri Lankan identity.

Gods Bless Hon. Vinayagamoorthy Muralidaran!!

ReallyCold..... said...

[The two-week long Tamil demonstration near Parliament Hill cost Ottawa about $800,000 and the federal government should pay for it, says Coun. Eli El-Chantiry, who chairs the municipality's police board.]

Let's organize another mass Tamil protest in Ottawa. The 2nd one will drive the city in to bankruptcy.

Moshe Dyan said...

we bisected the NFZ into two (inequal parts). by yesterday the northern piece has been cleared fully. refer to news reports and the map (may be a bit outdated).

as i pointed out b4, the NEXT round will be more difficult of the SLICE/SPLIT strategy. yet i recon that is the way forward. (slice the next piece into two)

but looks like SLA is trying a north to south move. according to bbc, the LTTE bund running along the western border of the NFZ extends almost to the full remaining NFZ under LTTE.

breaching this would be difficult and there is an expanding waterbody (towards south of where we breached the NFZ) making things difficult for a similar strategy.

refer the mapthere is another intersting thing which i'm SURE our battle planners looked into. it has something to do with the MOON!!! yes.on sunday 19, monday 20, tuesday 21, wednesday 22, the difference between the low tide and the high tide became smallest. this definitely helped civilians and forces alike.

look at the low/high tide figures from sunday 19 to wed 22.


mon-low-0.6 (morning & evening)

tue-low-0.5 (morning & evening)

wed-low-0.5 (morning & evening)

this would again happen in about TWO WEEKS!!

the difference may reach a high of,

on some days and would have affected our plans if we didn't plan properly. but planning was perfect!

historical use of tidal movements in war...

The tides of war; D-Day's lunar connection - moon phase and tide considered in planning of 1944 Normandy Invasion((c) md(j)) lol!

Saul said...


Once this ends, assuming this ends, there is a distinct niche that you can carve for yourself. As a result of the SL - LTTE war, the SLA is probably one of the most battle hardened armies in the world. I am sure there are valuable combat lessons, strategic/ tactical evaluation of battles and plain boots - on- the - ground stories.

To my knowledge no one is really doing this for the SLA. I think there is a very clear opportunity for you to occupy that space

Long ranger does it, but he is quite theoretical, and it is obvious that he does not have a lot of military contacts.

You can transform this site into a respected military journal, a place where veterans share their stories, or a combination of the two.

Think about it. You will attract a readership from across the world.

Saul said...

To add to what I said above, this blog may be a sideline for you, but assuming you invest the time, it could grow to a respected journals with a limited, print based business model.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

It is time for 59 to advance from the South (or bring in 53 to do the same while 59 holding).

SLARMY should mount pressure from all sides which would thin out the terrorists.

Our grand-masters would surely do the right thing when the conditions are right.

However, we have to aim to finish off this face by 15th of May, as many monkys around the world want to have the slice of the pie in various forms.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Fat pig surely would strap 50 Kgs of C-4 around him when we get closer to him.

So, it is no point discussing capturing him live.

We should have concerns of,

1. Not to let the pig escape
2. Protect our troops from pigs final moments.

Pig would never be captured live, unless we use something similar to Chloroform!

NOLTTE=Peace said...


We have to shoot diplomatic bullets and keep them at bay.

Being a peaceful nation, we do not want to resort to hostilities with any other country how small or big they are.

We should be using our diplomatic resources to avoid any nation poking into our affairs.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Guys does anyone know a way to communicate towards Ms Hilarious Rotten Clinton? I believe we need to communicate to her, especially with a bulk of emails on this topic.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


In the contrary I fear[ed] that he'd misuse a surrender to survive. We still have no solution if he does so.

I do not think that he will commit suicide, as any survival will bring glory to him. He knows it.

Washburn69 said...

i wrote an email to SL embassy in US suggesting them to forward some articles to US state dept.

never heard back. LOL

but seriously, we really need to get a top level DPL team together to brief HC and other officials...

just read that RB is gonna talk to Kouchner about his remarks soon.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


It is a great thing that expat Sri Lankans send these items for Wanni IDPs. BTW, these events should be covered by local [popular] media of those countries. The base population will understand who really is caring for the Wanni ppl.

I saw lot of media talents among SL Expats. Time for them to use those skills. Volunteers can provide news to media, at places like CNN iReport.

I'm sure tamil diaspora will not send a penny, calling them traitors.

Ananda-USA said...

What? I don't believe it....the SUPREME THALAIVAR, the SUN GOD, the ALL POWERFUL CHOLA WARRIOR, the very personification of the Greater Dravidian Nation...NEEDS TO BE RESCUED? BEGGING ON HIS KNEES TO BE RESCUED? SHAME! He should come out and fight now...CYNANIDE CAPSULE in hand....with TWO SUICIDE BELTS wrapped around his rotund Waist! He brings SHAME cascading down upon THE PROUD TAMIL RACE! This Ferocious Tiger has turned into a Terrified Pussycat, hiding behind women, old people and children! Why is this COWARD still being LIONIZED by the Tamil Nadu politicians like VAIKO, RAMADOSS, THIRUMAVALAVAN and the Global Tamil Diaspora? This is not a MAN but a MOUSE....shame ON YOU PRABHAKARAN...LET YOUR PEOPLE GO! I suppose you can't abide by the rules you apply to your own followers? Your life matters, but other people's lives don't, AS ALWAYS in thy selfish philosophy!

Unknown said...

hello dear brothers,
Lets organize a donation campgain among DW commuunity.
I think SAM can lead it finding some more patriots from Sri Lanka. I can connect really good guys to help you to organize it.

we have done similar, when thunami hit, and were able to collect 300K with in three days to send some essential items to Trinco.

I believe DW community can collect millions to donate some essential to start make living.

our embasy in this country has arranged similar and we will participate to that as well.

If we can, lets try to be different and I would suggest to go to camps and select 1000 families and get details of what they want to start someting to make money , such as Mason kits, carpentry kits etc to supply it.

I do not think DW reveal his identity, but people like SAM can lead.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Andare; I will be a part in it for sure.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Ah, under one condition, I want the same program to continue for ranaviru kids. Honestly my priority one is ranaviru kids. Pardon me idealists.

Unknown said...

yes sujeewa,
there is a mechanism already established for ranaviru famillies and our first priority should be that

LRRU said...

According to News the Ban Ki Moon Team is an agreement between Mahinda R & that means we don't have to worry much

Washburn69 said...

That is sort of good news...

where did you read that?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Tale of two Masters

Funniest thing is they have taken their pension salaries as well.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Ranil, Ranil, Ranil Please please keep the trap off. Open the mouth comes the hee haw.

Ananda-USA said...

LTTE Cadre Running Like Headless Chickens!Oh, My!

The game is up for the Tamil TigersNEW DELHI: The game’s almost up for the LTTE. It appears that the Government of India is giving the separatist organisation not more than a week of survival.

Sources say that the number of civilians remaining in the fighting area ranges from 15,000 to 25,000, not more. Most are relatives of hardcore LTTE cadre who are prepared to hang on at the beach front till the end.

The government sources say not more than 500-700 LTTE hardcore cadre are left, but they are demoralised and in disarray. Command structures and communications systems have crumbled. There appear to be no instructions on fighting the battle in the last days; thousands of civilians are in need of immediate medical attention and there are reports of violence for food, in a sliver of beach twice as wide as Chennai’s Marina Beach and less long than Delhi’s Patparganj.

The LTTE has dug bunkers and extensively mined the approach routes to their last hold-out which has inhibited rapid progress of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces (SLAF). But, sources say the SLAF is not in a hurry now that they have the luxury of time as well as improved intelligence.

It would appear, say sources, along with the two relatively high-profile walk-ins, Thaya Master and George, roughly 200 cadre have also surrendered. The intelligence picture now emerging suggests that for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s ‘’friend’’ Tiger chieftain Velupillai Prabhakaran, it’s nearly curtains.

Prabhakaran is reportedly resisting pressure from diaspora Tamils to make a getaway through a mid-sea amphibious rendezvous that the LTTE arms procurer and logistics maestro, Thailandbased Kumaran Pathmanathan, may set up. The SLAF are using helicopter gunships and long-range snipers across the Mullaithivu lagoon to pick and choose their targets and create havoc among the remaining LTTE cadre. It is an each-tohis/ her-own situation.

Sinhabahu said...

we can come out of this situation and help our fellow citizens we have done it before and we will do it again

Humanity of Sri lankans lets lead by exampleDinky winky

Washburn69 said...


This was under that linked article as a comment:

"...URGENT Appeal from the Supreme Thalaivar: Dear Vaiko, Ramadoss, Thirumavalavan...we need you here in the Wanni now. All of our frontline leaders are dead and we need a few good men to replace them. WE WANT YOU THREE HERE right away. Write your last will, cash you assets and donate to the nearest LTTE office; we will send a FISHING BOAT for you. What, you don't know how to fire weapons? That's OK, you can SHOUT back at the Sri Lanka Army....we know you are good at that...we just need more bodies to hide behind. Also, we are having trouble motivating our suicide cadre now, and we know that you have experience getting people in Tamil Nadu to IMMOLATE themselves; that experience is just PERFECT for our line of work here in the NO FIRE ZONE in the Wanni. We need more people to serve as CANNON FODDER and no one seems to be interested anymore; Yes, they are all jumping ship..the cowardly RATS! PLEASE come right away! Your UMBILICAL CORD BROTHER, Velupillai Prabhakaran...."

Nisal said...


Please leave your comments here (a bbc site).

Bandaiya said...

Please watch the following link

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Good thing is, hideout seems to be in lagoon side. Even if anyone comes in rescue, it makes the operation harder.

Ananda-USA said...

THE GREAT RESCUE! Sri Lanka Army RESCUES 105,000 & COUNTING! EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT....Tamil Diaspora LTTE supporters! Way to go, Sri Lanka Army! WE LOVE YOU! While all of our enemies, these PUSILLANIMOUS PUNDITS, NATTTERING NABOBS OF NEGATIVITY, are criticizing and denigrating your world class accomplishments, you are quietly without fanfare ACHIEVING OUR NATIONAL GOAL of rescuing our fellow Tamil citizens, the unfortunate prisoners of the LTTE and REUNIFYING our country! There is NO OTHER ARMY IN THE WORLD that can match you for your PATRIOTISM, your SACRIFICE, your COURAGE, your SKILL and above all your HUMANITY towards our TAMIL CITIZENS held hostage by the LTTE. GO FORWARD and NEVER LOOK BACK, BRAVE SONS OF LANKA!

Ananda-USA said...

What "Political Solution" is there in a DEMOCRACY, except EQUAL RIGHTS & EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES as citizens? Sri Lankan Tamils had these before this conflict began over three decades ago. Now they want exclusive rights in a mono-ethnic racist aparthied state reserved only to themselves. That will never be allowed in Sri Lanka. You Indians give different caste, race, language and religious groups different rights in your own country, and destroy it from within, but we Sri Lankans will never allow that. India is beset by 13 major insurgencies, endemic caste warfare, separatist nationalist movements, and religious discord, yet you PRESUME to know how to advise Sri Lanka! What IDIOCY! What HYPOCRISY! INDIA HEAL THYSELF before you breakup into many warring vulnerable nations! Your illiterate & destitute citizens need enlightened leaders following in the footsteps of the Lord Buddha, Dharma-Asoka & Mahatma Gandhi NOW!

Saman said...

/NEW DELHI: The game’s almost up for the LTTE. It appears that the Government of India is giving the separatist organisation not more than a week of survival/

What the F*** is this - the Gov. of India giving week of survival.... - No sir not the GoI but GoSL is doing the job.

Washburn69 said...

LOL ; I noticed that too.
But I think "giving" was used more as a figure of speech there, as in "assuming" or "guessing" ...

Ananda-USA said...

Taliban Taking Over Pakistan Warns Hilary Clinton!There are National Security Implications of such a takeover for Sri Lanka! I discussed that in an earlier post at DW.

"Holbrooke meets Pakistani top brass"April 24, 2009

US special envoy Richard Holbrooke Thursday telephoned Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari to discuss the ongoing war against terror as America's top military commander continued his meetings with senior military officers here.

According to a presidential spokesman, Zardari and Holbrooke, the US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, also discussed the regional situation and the president's visit to the US next month.

During the telephonic conversation, Zardari said Pakistan had been a frontline state in the war against terror and the world community should address the country's concerns and reciprocate in economic terms, Geo TV reported.

Holbrooke responded that the US would not leave Pakistan in the lurch and both countries would take fight against extremism to its logical conclusion.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has told Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, that material support by the international community, particularly the US, to its security forces was crucial for the success of the war against terrorism, Dawn News channel said.

Mullen held separate meetings with his counterpart, General Tariq Majeed, and Pakistan Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal Qamar Suleman and discussed matters related to the war against terror.

During the meetings, Mullen was briefed on the requirements of the armed forces in fighting militancy, the channel quoted military sources as saying.

Lauding the role of the Pakistani forces in fighting terrorism, Mullen assured full cooperation of the US in overcoming the militants operating along the Pakistan-Afghan border.

Holbrooke's call and Mullen's meeting came as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused the Pakistani government
of "abdicating to the Taliban" and warned that the deterioration of security in the country poses a "mortal threat" to the US and the world."

I think that the Pakistani government is basically abdicating to the Taliban and to the extremists," Clinton said in an appearance before the House Foreign Affairs Committee Wednesday, her first since being confirmed.

Warning that Pakistan is in danger of falling into terrorist hands because of failed government policies, she said the deterioration of security in nuclear-armed Pakistan "poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world."

Clinton's warning came as Taliban militants, who implemented Islamic laws in Pakistan's violence-plagued Swat Valley last week, have taken control of a neighbouring district just 100 km from Islamabad.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Thanks Pakistan, Thanks Taliban.

Washburn69 said...

check out this pic: (Daily News / SL)

Saman said...


If our Hilarious Clinton is such a good operative how come she could not intervene before Monica went on her knees before Clinton.

Ananda-USA said...

George Master is ONLYA PAID EMPLOYEE of the LTTE; Forgive Him Guys!Vellupillai Prabhakaran will claim that he is ONLY the paid leader of the LTTE, and deserves only to be rehabilitated himself! He only followed orders to kill people from Tamil Nadu; forgive him TOO.

LTTE keen on a BJP victoryBy Sunil Jayasiri

The LTTE is now keen on a Bharathiya Janatha Party led government coming to power in India, as the current Congress government had failed to meet the expectations of the outfit.

George Master (the translator who worked with slain LTTE political head S.P. Thamilchelvan) who surrendered to the military, with former LTTE spokesman Daya Master, had told defence officials yesterday that the LTTE now wanted to see former Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa Jeyaram taking over the reins from Chief Minister Karunanidhi who, ironically, had referred to LTTE leader Prabhakaran as a friend of his.

A senior defence official told Daily Mirror yesterday that George Master, who is a retired Post Master of the Sri Lanka Postal Department, had said this to the defence authorities during interrogations soon after he surrendered to the military.

During the interrogations, George Master had revealed that Norway had been keen that the LTTE give up its armed struggle.

Accordingly, the Norwegian facilitators had repeatedly asked the LTTE to be more flexible at the negotiating table and had reportedly told the LTTE that there had to be a bit of ‘give and take’. However, the LTTE had not heeded any of these requests, the official said, quoting George Master.

He had said that the LTTE had not been serious about the any of the talks, either with the administration of former prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe or that of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, despite international pressure.

According to George Master, he was not a member, but merely a paid employee, of the LTTE.

He had said he had charged Rs. 300 per translation session in the Wanni, while at international fora, such as the Geneva peace talks, he had charged Rs. 3000 per session.

He said that the LTTE considered him an employee and paid him for his work. He functioned mainly as official translator for Thamilchelvan. After the death of Thamilchelvan he had stopped working for the LTTE.

hemantha said...

CCTV news on Sri Lanka (Video)

click here.

hemantha said...

ABC news (Video)

click here.

Suranimala said...

Just go to this link

What will we do to these fools after the war ?Will we let them to set the foot on our soil ?They think that they are the citizens of imaginary peelam .
we should cancel their srilankan citizen ship and let them to stay wherever they want .

hemantha said...

This war screwed the credibility of many so called experts. See what is happening to Ashok Metha (Video).

click here.

One man who was always correct in this regard was "Paul Harris". His friend Bandula Jayasekara (current high commissioner in Canada) must be a happy man now. LTTE kicked both of them out of Wanni. Then Ranil kicked Paul out of Sri Lanka. I heard that he would be coming back in the near future. We should welcome him.

Colomblogs said...

ear India,

Tamilnadu trying to decide your future in this election based on Sri Lanka.

Don't fall in to LTTE trap. India's future and its government should be decide 100% on the best interest of India. Welfare of your people, development etc..

Not based on a support on a person who killed your PM.

If you fall in to that trap, you have no come back. It willbe agian a pupet government controlled by terrorists.

By helping LTTE, you will move Sri Lanka more towards China and Pakistan.

nuclear said...


How come this guy put 250,000 as the total amount to be rescue in Vanni?

Thusitha said...

Here it says there are only 10-15 thousand people left.

And U.S and most other agencies says more than 150,000 thousand remaining according to their satellite images.

Who is telling the truth.
If SLA is right, why don't we talk to U.S and tell them to give proper estimates. The U.S. numbers are being quoted by many news agencies.

Ananda-USA said...

Indian Gen. Ashok Mehta Declared in 2008 that "The LTTE CANNOT BE Defeated Militarily!"

Today, this Indian Military Expert is Singing a Different Tune! LOL!


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

I don't think GOSL given numbers are right. We have no way to measure, other than the incoming ppl.

But I do not mean that US and other parties are correct. Most parties use the number as a political statement.

The key element is preparing for ~75000 ppl. Had we done that in the last occasion, we'd have handled the matter better.

Unlike last time, this time we will get active pussycats and civilians mixed. We need proper screening in order to avoid catastrophe. If they start a battle among rescued civilians we will be helpless.

Moshe Dyan said...

wonder what the 2 indians are doing in SL???

some ppl sepculate they are trying to stop the war. i doubt it. but they are up to no good.

Pandula said...

So many blogs so little time

I think we need to start some roster :)

Pandula said...

Blogger Moshe Dyan said...

wonder what the 2 indians are doing in SL???

When this war finish we have to isolate from these guys for a while.

there are far too many Ram Rams, Sais and Bajans

Even the friggin accent is turning to indian

Anonymous said...

15,000 or 150,000?

I think GSL better be prepared to handle 150,000 since no one has exact number. Better be prepared to the worst case.

Unknown said...

I just heard through someone that Prabha and the rest of the top rung has escaped, most probably to Malaysia .. Can anyone confirm this ??

nuclear said...

Please read this.

SLDF website “opinion page” at Last modified on: 4/22/2009 9:36:36 AM publishing an article by Prof. Sunil, indicating 250000 trapped in NFZ.

Same website at Last modified on: 4/24/2009 11:29:39 AM say “Sri Lankan security forces are continuing with calculated multi-pronged maneuvers intended to liberated an estimated number of the remaining 15,000 -20,000 hostages from terror clutches.”

Accordingly number liberated from NFZ has to be in the range of 230,000 to 235,000?
Is this correct?
No one can tell or predict exact number of innocent civilians dragged as hostages by the LTTE. But this error is too large to ignore.

On a later date when we cannot show balance people in our Transits Resettlement camps, LTTE and IC may frame SLA for Genocide. Already some videos are out to show unaccountable number of deaths/kills inside vehicles as left over are only ashes.

Can some one request the webmaster of for a possible correction if there is any!


Apologies if I have made a mistake.

PHANTOM-X said...






OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

We need to go through the archives and collect statements from the 'experts' that said the LTTE cannot be defeated militarily! Then thorw it at their faces, like how the stalingrad comparison was thrown (with power) at the face of B. Raman!
Even Col Hariharan is keeping a low profile these days.

PHANTOM-X said...








අසනි said...


// I just heard through someone that Prabha and the rest of the top rung has escaped, most probably to Malaysia .. Can anyone confirm this ??//

I can confirm that he is on the way to Mala asia.

This is the (n+1) th time you asked this question.

අසනි said...

Phamtom machan,

Something wrong with your keyboard?

Suren said...

You guys did you hear one Bansal,an defence analyst from India said over the Aljezeira today?
This is what I said too earlier in that India await MR winning a grand election after winning the war to implement changes (Whatever India wants with twothirds majority twisting MR's hand)That's why I said SL patriots should allow some JVP (RW not at any cost)
seats (not because you like JVP) so that not to give MR the twothird majority India & West banking on.Please understand India is a tiger waiting to pounce!

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

About RW...

It is a good MR had a weak opposition leader, so that he could have done what he wanted with the war.
If there was a powerful opposition leader, who would have exploited the bad economy and brought the government down. So RW did a great service unwittingly!

Sam Perera said...


What is that white ship Rama and Hudson was talking about in yesterday's radio? Isn't it less likely that it is a foreign intruder? At least MOD and SLN should know about it, isn't it? The way Rama answered some questions, it seems that something big has happened and I hope it is the good news.

Sam Perera said...


I agree about RW. However, I disagree with a weak opposition leader in general. Instead what we need is a strong patriotic opposition who will stand by the government in the times of extreme threats to the nation. Of course, the UNP led by RW and infested by Kiriella, Jayawardena, Abeywardena, Karunanayake, R. Senanayake, D. Jayasekera and Samarawickrama is NOT that opposition. At the same time, the strong opposition should be there to counter the government going crazy in other issues.

Indian said...

There's a lot of hushed talk that MR himself has offered a package to Nambiar.Yes you heard it right,a package on MR's terms.Its being considered and hence the silence from Nambiar - his mission was not to submit a report but to hear out MR.

Obviously MR seems to be thinking to finish this off before May 13th.Though the military aid has come from China,India had absorbed the IC pressure emanating from EU and US.

EU and US dont want to upset India in this conflict and have so far made some noise and left it at that.Its not a open secret that India enjoys better relation with EU and US and they would need India as a strategic ally against the growing power's of China.

Though one cant predict,MR seems to be of the view,if a change of Govt does happen at Centre,then India might not be able to absorb this pressure.Well he is right in his assesment.If we have a Non-Congress,Non-BJP Govt at Centre,I wont rule this out.

He may not want the 2 years good job going for nothing and hence the deal.Suprisingly he is wiling to trade-off the NUISANCE for a 100% liberated Srilanka,instead of a 99% liberated Srilanka with NUISANCE too,when noone is around to absorb the IC pressure and he has to maintain a status-quo.

By the way,how good is the Navy's cordon around the NFZ area.We have had a boat with 19 people reaching shores of TN.Though they all are civilians and have been sent to Mandapam camp,to say that they have reached thus far inspite of the ring formed by SL and Indian Navies,its shocking is an understatement.

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Sam Perera,
Agree. The opposition is weak, and even when it comes to other issues, the UNP has failed badly to mobilise public opinion. That is mainly due to the way RW has handled the war situation. When the SLDF was progressing very well he made such idiotic remarks (some of them published in an earlier comment) he and his party lost credibility big time.
Need a strong and patriotic opposition.

Saul said...

Ananda-USA said:You Indians give different caste, race, language and religious groups different rights in your own country, and destroy it from within, but we Sri Lankans will never allow that. India is beset by 13 major insurgencies, endemic caste warfare, separatist nationalist movements, and religious discord, yet you PRESUME to know how to advise Sri Lanka! What IDIOCY! What HYPOCRISY! INDIA HEAL THYSELF before you breakup into many warring vulnerable nations!I have supported the SLA since the time I came here, and was open about it.

However, Ananda-USA, your statement above makes it so very clear that you do not know a lot about India.

That said, go SLA. Finish this, wait for nothing and no one.

PHANTOM-X said...


HE HE HE : )

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Mahen + all;

I heard a disturbing news. It is a virtual evidence for the fact that BBQ is not in the cards. Either of other options is taking shape. And that is causing everything to stand still.

I sincerely wish that Fatpig will NOT surrender as that is the worst possible case. Given that BBQ is not possible, I'd settle into a underhand vanish and life in exile.

Mahen, one positive note is that ~500 bravehearts may not have to die to make the necessary frounds for the BBQ. Again anything is OK other than surrender, which is a virtual victory to them.

I know you guys are gagged. Mariyakade/Puran etc too. Pls give us what you can.

All my hopes are left in the greatest strategist and diplomat of Mahinda Rajapakse. It looks that even GR/SF etc can't do much now.

I will be having limited access to internet over the w/e. Sincerely wish that end of it would be a time that we all laugh.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


My previous post was for you. Copy paste error. I posted same in Ellalan Force too.

Defencewire, we need confirmation that 58th operation is going on. I'm very disturbed. But sadly in this w/e I have limited net access.

Appreciate if you can consider this and provide a possible answer.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


My previous post was for you. Copy paste error. I posted same in Ellalan Force too.

Defencewire, we need confirmation that 58th operation is going on. I'm very disturbed. But sadly in this w/e I have limited net access.

Appreciate if you can consider this and provide a possible answer.

Mango said...


I think a lot of people here are getting upset over statements made by foreign powers urging SL to have ceasefires, pauses etc etc. We know that these countries have to say these things for internal and external political reasons. It's called Realpolitik.

What matters here is what these countries do and not what they say, with the exception of Norway :)

So, I wouldn't worry too much about posters getting pissed off at India, as long as India supports GOSL in its current position. To use a well-known example, the hunting down and destruction of the LTTE's supply fleet, by the SLN was only made possible through real-time satellite intel supplied by 'certain' countries. It'll never be publicised, and nor should it.

Look at the UK. The current Labour regime makes the most asinine comments about SL (and recently most unhelpfully about Kashmir), because they need to show their simple-minded supporters that 'something is being done' about the 'terrible situation' in Sri Lanka.

India's most important post-conflict role will be to ensure that the GOSL cannot put off whatever reforms are required to prevent a resurgence of this terrible conflict.

Indian said...

Bingo.Thats a very sensible post.

But it really causes heartburns when people start pouring venom without seeing the real reason.Ananda-USA's post on India was one such.I was surprised for whatever I saw here,he was one of few sensible posters.

Couldnt agree more about the last para though.SLDF's have decisively dealt a blow to Tiger's militarily.

But its just the beginning of a turbulent phase for Srilanka.What lies in store now will purely decide if Srilanka will be back to square one or not.

These people who have been liberated have lived in Tiger territory for close to a decade now?God only knows what kind of propoganda they had to face and what lies deep in their hearts.

Srilanka needs to win over the hearts of this people.They have just been returned from hellmarish experiences and their minds will be at its futile best.Striking a right note is as much easier as causing heart burns and making this people think whatever was told in the tiger propoganda was true.

Once these people are made to feel the "Oneness" and are embraced with open arms,the Eelam dreams will vapourize

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

From a BBC article published online now....

'Now is summertime in Vavuniya, where the thousands of displaced people are housed. The conditions are hot and humid, with the daytime temperature close to 35C.'

Wonder what winter in vavuniya is like? There was another article that described Vavuniya as arid and hot! This is bloody sri lanka, and whole of vanni is like that. The jist of the article was that the civilians are sent to hot and arid places! Are these BBC reporters smoking something?

KillerT said...

Guys ,

Good News>Shanaka from Swarnawahini said that army has taken Valayamadam and are conducting operations to take Vellamuliwaikkal or something.But army map says a different story.Can someone please verify this.thank you.

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

More from another BBC article about the idiot on a hunger strike!

"28-year-old Prarameswaran Subramaniam.
My whole life I am suffering at the hands of the Sri Lankan government and army. In '87 my dad was killed by the Sri Lankan navy, and now 25 days ago my family were killed by poison gas, chemical weapons," he says.

"I was held for nearly two years in jail without any reason."

Can someone in Sri Lanka verify this information and prove him wrong? chemical weapon!!! Must be from VPs ass!

He says he came to London two months ago, but will not explain under what circumstances for fear that those who helped him could be arrested, tortured and killed.

Illegal! Deport!

Mango said...

The BBC's reporting of our war's getting some attention at this UK blog called 'Biased BBC'

Two good posts and reaction..



Note to any BBC-tards reading this blog. We know your little games and are not fooled.

Mango said...


Thanks. Part of the reason (for angry posts) could be India's original part in helping to create & support the LTTE. But karmic blowback ensured that the idiot LTTE murdered Rajiv. So, let's call it quits and move on. Otherwise we'll be arguing over the Ramayana, flying monkeys and rest. To paraphrase a famous saying, Sri Lanka has produced more history than can be consumed locally.

Economic growth, electricity, clean water, clothes for schoolkids. These are the important things to concentrate on, after the LTTE is annihilated.

Ogre said...

dear friends

update barring classified details

Prabhakaran and his group isolated now closer to two clicks west of vallamullivakai

his son, pottu amman, bhanu, soosai also sighted

the biggest risk is excape with civilians or flee southwest along the lagoon and hide in mulativu forrests (mullayaweli area),

But the plan seems to be wait it out until the civilian carnage causes a foreign rescue operation.

the operation should end in perhaps hours if there is no political interference.

more delay in military operations will lead to more civilian casualties.

Brave1 said...

Dear Beloved Indian,

Please spend your energy solving problems in your country..we can mind our things...without your 2 cents.

India is not absorbing US or EU

..and these my hatred towards Indians are increasing exponential y...

If you want to be part of this blog..i bet you need to use some other nic.

Take Nap...a long nap.

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

All who can please provide some comments to the BBC article. The link:

SL ASSHOLE said...

If u guys are crazy about what bbc report in their webpage

If u are so concerned allow foreign media to report the real truth rather than ur biased srilankan media

People dont have any right to report the truth in srilanka as they are either abducted in the so called mystery white van

First wipe ur ass/rubbish in ur country before commenting about UK media where human rights are held in high regard

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Human rights held high in the west!?
remember how the BBC handled Ghaza, when Israel bombed them?
Grow up white arse licker!

perein said...

Good to hear from you bro.

Is n't there any progress at all from SLA or just moving slowly to minimise the civilian caualties?
Also, when you say operations could be over in hours, what's your estimated number of hours please?

Brave1 said...


BE patient...i bet it is too early to decide who was biased and who was not...

...or it is too early to decide who was on weed and who was not...

So...may be it is you who have to wipe your ass/rubbish..

So...till then you can jump and down...and have nice time.

Sam Perera said...


Why can't SLAF use Bunker Buster or FAE if we know the location of the fat pig.

Brave1 said...


Bunker buster or FAE will be the last things we need to let go... unless you want to get Dai-Ass-Pora to achieve a CLIMAX.

gladiator said...


y BBC faild to report these things.

Push said...

@ orge,
Prabhakaran and his group isolated ISOLATED....How can they survive if they've isolated. We all thought he is surrounded by people in order to prevent being a target.

KillerT said...

Ogre bro,

Where is SLA now?
Have we passed valayamadam?

Anonymous said...

Karuna appointed as vice president of the SLFP

Thursday, April 23, 2009 Leave a Comment
(April 24,Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)
Karuna Amman alias Vineyagamoorthy Muralitheran, the Minister of National Integration, has been appointed a Vice President of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

“The appointment was made during a meeting of the party’s Central Committee yesterday,” said a senior cabinet minister who is also a member of the Central Committee.

Karuna Amman will now hold one of the five posts of Vice President of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

Thusitha said...

MR kiyyana owne api IDP settle karanawa masa dheka - thunakin kiyalawa. That will reduce the heat that we get from HR activists. Yuddhe iwara unata passe aka karanna bari unata kamak naha.

Ogre said...


we have guided munitions (except gps guided assets)

the problem is now all bunkers occupied by civilian hostages, we do not know if they are relatives or ordinary civilians.

Ogre said...

Well we have go back, wish us good luck and with in the next 48 hours

we should be a free nation again!

brothers in arms, a nation united, one country many people.

Love your country, honor your mother, fight for what you believe in. One Country for all of us.


Thusitha said...

Ogre said...
dear friends

the biggest risk is excape with civilians or flee southwest along the lagoon and hide in mulativu forrests (mullayaweli area),

Hi Ogre,
Good to see you are back and well.
Can too fat bastard (father and son) can hide among the masses who are pretty thin after days of hunger.
I don't think it would be that important that he would get captured. He had done enough war crimes that it would be difficult for him to make a come back.

SL ASSHOLE said...

Hi crazy guys

Next karuna is going to be assasinated by mystery white van guys

Blame will be passed on to LTTE and their supporters

GOSL will be clueless where the white van came from?might be from LORD BUDDHA

Assasinate all the tamils and put the blame on remaining LTTE supporters


Thusitha said...

Ogre said...


Don't know what that is, but all the best. Happy hunting.

Budhu saranai to all the SLA guys.

Sam Perera said...


As always my thoughts are with you and other heroes. There are no ifs and buts about that since 1982. Say hi to Subash :)

Unknown said...

One country for all.Yes orge bro,wish all you brave hearts



White van come fromyour mum'sarse.

Ogre said...

sure no problem, you know personally


Push said...

@ Orge,

Not only your number, but also you yourself will come back. We are sure that. Take care.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Tell me how tall you are?

Unknown said...



12 Wijayabahu regiment
11SLI Sri Lanaka light infantry
8GW 8 GamunuWatch
mi Militaryinteligence

All these in orge's division

Mango said...


You know what they say, 'Let the dogs bark but the caravan moves on'.

This the caravan consists of teams of SLA infantry with RPGs, bunker busters and lots and lots of MGs helped by UAVs overhead. The dogs, on the other hand.....

It's too late for your whining.

Thusita, those initials are of the various regiments taking part. You often see the initials on recently captured buildings and heavy equipment.

e.g. 8GW = 8th Gemunu Watch, MI = Military Intelligence etc

perein said...

Theruwan Saranai go and get the terror out of OUR COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

suresh, white van concept is from white people.

Success of LTTE is media
Success of GOSL is no-media

All HRW, Red cross, NGO were sleepin when USA pounded Iraq and Afganistan. all of a sudden woke from Sri Lanka. why? They cant talk against super powers who fund them. They show colours on the cost of third world.

Karuna is safe among sinhalese than among Tamils. You cant stuck in the past. Sacrifices(forgiveness) have to make country united. Hope country will be rebuilt sooner after cannibals (tigers)are wiped out.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Now all the cannibal supporters in the world want to come to Sri Lanka to save the cannibals.

I hope that Mahinda would handle these cannibal supporters in true Sri Lankan style and make them work for us and not the cannibals.

Sniper said...

stay tuned folks...

This is it...

Final onslaught started just now...

hoping to clear the entire NFZ within hours...

Washburn69 said...

I hope to god you're for real, and that it's all true, what you just said...

Sorry, not really doubting anyone or offending, but i am almost afraid to be happy too early...and idk how to tell real people in blogs :)

are you, um, in the front lines somewhere?

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SL said...

Blogger Sniper said...

stay tuned folks...

This is it...

Final onslaught started just now...

hoping to clear the entire NFZ within hours...

May the noble triple gem bless our security forces!!!!!

Mother Lanka finally be free from barbaric tamil terrorism!!!

Puffy said...

Hot from the wok;

The only thing the 2 indian monkeys menon & pranab got from MR was a good plate of red rice & polos curry for lunch. LOL! :-D

Oh! and an extra plate to be given to brother Manmohan!
Nothing more.. ;-)

Sinhabahu said...

Thusitha said...
Ogre said...


Don't know what that is, but all the best. Happy hunting.



12WB-12th wijayaba
11SLI-11th sri Lanka light infantry
8GW-8th Gamuni Watch
MI-Military Inteligence

dinky winky

Sam Perera said...


Please don't insult these fine gentlemen. They want the same things we do but they don't want to loose election. If they are in power with no respectable force from TN, we are in very good shape in the future.

SL said...

I would like to give a shout out to the LTTE....this song is dedicated to VP..
You never gonna get it....
never ever gonna get it....:)

Sam Perera said...


What about Ruhune Meekiri with kurakkan pittu?

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

yep guys world news getting updated every second

Sri Lanka Civilians, Tamil Leaders Trapped in Combat Zone

By Patrick Donahue and Debarati Roy

April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Thousands of Sri Lankan civilians remained trapped inside the combat zone in the island nation’s north, along with two top Tamil Tiger leaders, as government forces pressed forward to crush the rebel movement. full @

3Sinhala said...

Did you guys see this news?

Sri Lanka OKs U.N. visit to 'no-fire zone'

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, April 24 (UPI) -- A Sri Lankan official said Friday his government has agreed in principle to allow U.N. staff inspectors to visit the country's "no-fire zone" in the northeast.
Sri Lankan Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said U.N. personnel based in the capital of Colombo will be allowed into the embattled region once details of the visits are worked out.

Full article

Washburn69 said...

Hmm... ample time to still "work the details out" i think ;)

And it shouldn't be too hard to find SOMETHING not to GOSL's satisfaction, around the 1ts or 2nd time we "review" those "details" I think, eh?

Brave1 said...

Why LTTE is the king of all Terrorist...

Just watch this

(you need to be extra strong to watch this)

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Braba,

Muna Kata hodala....Powder tikak dala mottuwak dekak ehema thiyala laasthi wela inna....Api langama enawa......

GO SLDF GO....Roast the pig!

Sam Perera said...


What exactly are you talking about future Karunas? Any Sri Lankan citizen who is willing to giveup terrorism and join the main stream under a united Sri Lanka is most welcome. We will protect and defend them in our best capacity.

As for Hon. Minister Muralitharan, sky is the limit as long as he has the support of the majority (I mean a majority of voters, not Sinhalese). Sri Lankans have forgiven the things he did under the direct command of Prabakaran. He is a hero in Sri Lanka for having the courage to stand up against Prabakaran. One of five vice chairmans of SLFP is a very powerful position these days and decades to come.

Puffy said...

Sam P,

Sorry mate, I have no respect for any person, local or foreign, who thinks we should dance to their music!

I mean, those 2 monkeys were here to request for a ceasefire, just so that they can win another term in office, while we sacrifice another 30 years of our future with terrorism? No Way!

Hmmm... may be that will be the menu for their next visit, if they ever decide to come again ;-)

Have no fear guys, the hunt is on...

Thusitha said...

Finally, trapped Civilian numbers have gone down.

CNN is reporting:

"UNHCR remains deeply concerned about the estimated 50,000 people who are still trapped inside the conflict zone where fighting is intensifying," the organization said.

But it also said Indian officials 'read riot act' over Sri Lanka war.
Hope this is not the case.

phaedrus said...


No sleep tonight for us as well I guess. :D

Best of luck mate. Don't take the fat pig alive if you can help it. He's got a long overdue appointment in hell.

If the government is going to OK visit by the UN to NFZ, we can bet this is the final days/hours.

Brave1 said...

guys u need to WATCH this

Washburn69 said...

I guess I am gonna spend the rest of the day (and the night) in front of the laptop, drinking coffee, and hoping for some great news ...

I hope some of you guys will keep me company, whatever time zones you guys are in :)

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