Monday, May 11, 2009

Mind over muscle: Why change now?

Though the entire country supporting a quick resolution of the hostage crisis is paranoid, particularly around a 'delay in finishing this war', the Sri Lanka Army and Military Planners has maintained remarkable cool. No Army in the history of warfare has been subject to this much pressure and maintained such cool against all odds.

What can be characterized as a remarkable success is the Army's choice to use its brains in this final phase of operations rather than muscle or brute force. This is complemented by a clear political strategy under the elected leadership. The Military and political leadership has demonstrated, against all odds, that military action is only a means of achieving the end, which as always, is political.

The Sri Lankan Military has responded constructively to criticism and demonstrated a sensitivity to the political environment in the region and elsewhere. Its respect for civilian life, and accountability has been very high for an Army from the 'global south' and goes above and beyond armies from powerful western countries whose mistakes are often untouchable to the UN, media, diaspora or anti-war propaganda.

No Army would endure such painstaking maneuvers as the Sri Lanka Army has when all it needs is to overrun the 4km2 stretch of land to finish in a few hours what it has endured for 30 years. Even the smaller Malvidian Army could overrun this area in hours but the Sri Lankans are not willing to risk civilian lives.

This is the fundamental value of a military-- to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to act ONLY on the orders of those elected by the people. These are the enduring signs of a professional military functioning within a democracy.

The Sri Lanka military has sacrificed the easier option, not because of international pressure, since such pressure is being exerted regardless, but because of these fundamental values. Until this hostage taking by the LTTE, which increased by 100% the chances of civilian casualties, the Sri Lankan Military had avoided any serious incidents of collateral damage.

Any responsible state issuing edicts against the Sri Lankan state on alleged misconduct by its military should think very clearly the message it sends out to other armies around the world. The message is that you can be penalized for whatever effort you may take to preserve human life in times of war, so why try it in the first place?

Not even the famous 'carrot and sticks' approach of the West was afforded to the Sri Lankan military. No carrots have ever been given by those states that lead this criticism though there have been a fair share of sticks.

Such criticism sets a very bad precedence to other, not so professional armies around the world who are learning from this example/experience that modern wars can indeed be won without 80% civilian casualties. In fact, the past three years of the humanitarian operation have recorded the lowest casualties to civilians though heavy fighting had ensued in 6 Districts.

The Sri Lanka Army, unlike its more powerful counterparts, do not fire at passing civilian vehicles on the road when they venture near a convoy or (despite its technological advancements) are unable to prevent avoidable incidents of collateral damage.

A Paranoid LTTE is worse than any off-target artillery

Having reached the outskirts of a newly declared safe zone within the remaining No Fire Zone, the only threat to the trapped civilians and the Sri Lanka Army is the paranoia that's crept into the LTTE, which is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Unfortunately, nothing has been done by the Internationals to mitigate this very serious threat.

LTTE's cowardice reached a new level after its latest attack on civilians attempting to move to a newly demarcated No Fire Zone. There are conflicting reports as to how many civilians have been killed in this LTTE attack, but the numbers could be over 400.

With the latest possibility of losing their human shield, the LTTE seems to have lost its cool completely. The objective of the Army was to get civilians out of harms way from the LTTE by moving them away from the Nanthikadal lagoon and towards the Mulaitivu coast by splitting the remaining portion of land inside the NFZ. But the Tigers had cold feet.

The Tigers want the civilians to remain at Nanthikadal lagoon where a series of bunkers and strong points provide protection to the LTTE leadership. This area is well fortified, whereas the coastal area is not.

Knowing that the fortifications are no match for the Army, the only possibility of guaranteeing survival for the Tiger leadership is to have the civilians on the side of the Nanthikadal lagoon. This should demonstrate to any observer beyond reasonable doubt that the Sri Lankan Military is not willing to risk civilian lives no matter what.

The 4mk2 land area, part of the NFZ declared by the government for the safety of the civilians is also where the LTTE leadership, unable to face the Sri Lankan military, is also hiding. Although this fact needs no mentioning, certain sections of the 'International Community' seem to have forgotten this reality.

Either way, the week starting 10th May will be crucial for both sides. Anything is possible with the Army reaching the outskirts of the newly declared NFZ.

dA & DW


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KillerT said...

DW bro,

Has SLA reached the borders of the NEW CSZ?
Has 59 crossed the bridge?

thank you very much and good analysis.

Maila said...

Cool !
has LTTE spokesman been killed?

prabath said...

Thanks for the update. So how about the deadline of stating the final battle which have mentioned your previous article. Has it changed or not?

Thanks again for the valuable update and really appreciate it

KillerT said...

DW, says SLA had to enter the CSZ due to the brutal ACTIONS OF LTTE AGANST CIVILIANS.PLEASE VERIFY.

Defencewire said...

Yes the Army had to go in there because over 1000 civilians ran back towards LTTE area when LTTe opened-up with arti and mortars. If the civilians make another attempt the SLA will be in a better position to attempt to save them.

Defencewire said...

Chelian may have been killed. Who cares about Ilanthirayan? He was not a military wing cadre.

KillerT said...

Thanks alot Defenewire.One more question.Did SLA return or are pushing forward?Cant wait to see the end

14 weddi iwara karai da?

thanks alot man.

Defencewire said...

Can't say what the outcome will be tonight until morning tomorrow.

KillerT said...

thanks man,

Hope prasanna Ayya will join the action with an amphibious assault with our SF guys.


Unknown said...

"Can't say what the outcome will be tonight until morning tomorrow"

Oooops Things are getting very hot.

Wish our brave ARMY destroy LTTE
Wish our brave ARMY get minimum casualties
Wish our brave ARMY rescue civilians

Thunuruwangema Saranai

And also F*ck these politicians

Political Observer said...


In your previous post you wrote to say the Indian elections were holding up the operations. That was not true--was this a case of giving the LTTE some false propaganda?

Either way, it was obvious that the SLA knew better and was going on with operation.

This post is more about the SLA. It is useful, but you need to give details. For example, the readings from the arty radar that shows where the LTTE fired from.

If the SLA can release the data on the LTTE arty firing on civilians while the death of the civilians are still fresh on people's minds, then it would have maximum effect to counter the pressure you write about.


hemantha said...

There is a doctor in the no fire zone. He is the son of the god. His words are god's words. He is not an LTTER (100%). The satellite phone he is using to spread the "whole truth and nothing but the truth" is not LTTE's property (of course it is the god's property). LTTE doesn't tell him what to say. He can even criticize LTTE. He is not doing that because LTTE is faultless, same as his father god.
After all he is a "government doctor". How can a "government doctor" be on the side of the LTTE?
"The government school teacher" who was taken prisoner while fighting the SL Army was also not an LTTER. How can a "government school teacher" be an LTTER? Impossible! She was fighting for her own fun. Chingalese understand nothing.

Fonseka 2010 said...


y thes terrists ungrateful to us?

we r hidin all they do by baning icrc, un, media, aid groups and rights groups

they shud be vry greatful for are professionalism

SL ASSHOLE said...

Sri Lanka’s ruthless war aimed at crushing Tamil separatism seems to have triggered a phenomenon that has strengthened the Tamils’ resolve for independence as never before. A new chapter of the Tamil campaign is in the making, and the signs are that the next episode is going to be even more formidable than the Tamil Tigers’ mini-state project. With South India’s full backing – also, with the international community’s blessings – the Tamils are going to press for just two options: either a confederation or total separation. With or without Prabakaran, the Tamil struggle is bound to move forward in a far more sophisticated form – this time with an explicitly separatist agenda whole-heartedly backed by people all over the world, more relevantly by millions of Tamils in South India. And, the Tamils will not need a mini-state to convince the world of their campaign’s legitimacy” Quotes by former Lankan state TV chair Vasantha Raja on

SL ASSHOLE said...

Lies and Deceptions: Thy name is Sri Lanka

CASC said...

Thanks for the update DW.

The last Phase of the Indian elections, Phase 5B, starts on May 13 and ends on May 16, according to my understanding. I suspect the war will be over by the 17th, and the LTTE will be history by then. Any campaign by the diaspora after that will be irrelevant as far as Sri Lanka is concerned. Not that it has been relevant up to now. Even in TN, the cause of the LTTE has been in words only. Karunanidi may have composed a poem to Tamil Chelvam but that's about the extent of his support. Jumping off bridges, blocking roads, self-immolation, and hunger strikes has no impact on western public opinion or western policy makers. It only shows that the people who do these deeds are lunatics in the eyes of the world.

Sniper said...

when authorisation is given for a demonstration to cover 50 people, that means 50 people," he told the House.

"It doesn't mean tents going on, it doesn't mean food... that's not authorisation for a demonstration." - Commons Speaker Michael Martin


peelamist protests getting humped around the world...

hak hak hak...

SL ASSHOLE said...

You sound like another Rajapaksha clan - kill the innocent, hide the truth, expell the honest unbiased people, call the honest unbiased people terrorists and supporters of terror etc. etc.. I can go on for ever …

CASC said...

Just in case any one has forgotten, this is the proposal made by the LTTE on Nov 1, 2003 for an Interim Self-Governing Authority. Thanksfully, Chandrika, erratic as she may have been, dismissed the Ranil-UNP Govt three days later on November 4. If not for her actions the LTTE would have had a seperate state in deed if not words.

THE PROPOSAL BY THE LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM ON BEHALF OF THE TAMIL PEOPLE FOR AN AGREEMENT TO ESTABLISH AN INTERIM SELF-GOVERNING AUTHORITY FOR THE NORTHEAST OF THE ISLAND OF SRI LANKA Consistent with the principles of the rule of law, the human rights and equality of all persons, and the right to self-determination of Peoples, Determined to bring lasting peace to all persons of the island of Sri Lanka, Acknowledging with appreciation the services of the Royal Norwegian Government, the Norwegian People, and the international community in attempting to bring peace to the island, Recognizing that a peaceful resolution is a real possibility, despite the challenging history of the peace process between the Tamil people and the Sinhala people. Determined to establish an interim self-governing authority for the NorthEast region and to provide for the urgent needs of the people of the NorthEast by formulating laws and policies and, effectively and expeditiously executing all resettlement, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and development in the NorthEast, while the process for reaching a final settlement remains ongoing. Being aware that the history of the relations between the Tamil People and the Sinhala People has been a process of broken promises and unilateral abrogation, by successive governments of Sri Lanka, of pacts and agreements solemnly entered into between the government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and the elected representatives of the Tamil People, Bearing in mind that successive Governments of Sri Lanka have perpetrated persecution, discrimination, State violence and State-orchestrated violence against the Tamil People, Noting that the Tamil people mandated their elected representatives to establish an independent sovereign, secular State for the Tamil people in the elections subsequent to the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976, Bearing in mind that the Tamil armed struggle as a measure of self-defense and as a means for the realisation of the Tamil right to self-determination arose only after more than four decades of non-violent and peaceful constitutional struggle proved to be futile and due to the absence of means to resolve the conflict peacefully,Recalling that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) first took measures towards peace by unilaterally declaring the ceasefire in December, 2000 and again in December, 2001, opening highways, facilitating trade and the free movement of people, and entering into peace negotiations in good faith in the hope of creating an environment conducive to the return of normalcy and a just resolution of the conflict, Taking Note of the political courage of the present GOSL in reciprocating to the 2001 cease-fire,
Page 2
Realizing that the war in the island of Sri Lanka was principally confined to the NorthEast, resulting in the destruction of the social, economic, administrative, and physical infrastructure of that area, and that the NorthEast still remains the region in the island of Sri Lanka affected by war, Recognising that the majority of the Tamil People in the NorthEast, by their actions in the general elections held in the year 2000, gave their mandate acknowledging the LTTE as their authentic representative, Knowing that the LTTE exercises effective control and jurisdiction over the majority of the NorthEast area of the island of Sri Lanka, Realising that reaching a final negotiated settlement and the implementation thereof is expected to be a long process, Affirming the necessity for the safe and free return of all refugees and displaced persons and their urgent need for unimpeded access to their homes and secure livelihoods at land and sea in the NorthEast, Mindful that institutions and services provided by the GOSL have proved to be inadequate to meet the urgent needs of the people of the NorthEast, Recognising the failure of the Sub-committee on Immediate Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Needs (SIHRN) and other Sub-Committees formed during the peace negotiations, which failure was due to the composition of such Sub-Committees, which repeatedly led to inaction, Acknowledging the recognition by the GOSL of the necessity for an Interim Authority, as mentioned in its 2000 election manifesto, Realising that maintenance of law and order is an essential pre-requisite for a just and free society, Recognising the need for raising revenue to meet the urgent needs for the Resettlement, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Development of the NorthEast region, which has been devastated by war, and for the carrying out of any function of Government, Recognising the importance of control over land in resettlement, rehabilitation, reconstruction and development,Mindful that the Tamils did not participate in the making of the 1972 and 1978 constitutions, which institutionalized discrimination and denied them an effective role in the decision-making process, Noting the practice in international relations over the last decade of solving conflicts between Peoples through agreement between the parties to the conflict on terms of equality and through innovative and imaginative measures, 2
Page 3
Relying on international precedents for establishing interim governing arrangements in war-torn countries having the force of law based solely on pacts or agreements between the warring parties recognized by the international community, Noting that measures such as the Ceasefire Agreement, including the role of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM), and, the establishment of the SIHRN and the NorthEast Reconstruction Fund (NERF) constitute valid precedents for making such arrangements, Wherefore, the Parties, namely the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Government of Sri Lanka, hereby agree to the following provisions: 1. Interim Self-Governing Authority An Interim Self-Governing Authority (ISGA) shall be established comprised of the eight districts namely: Amparai, Batticaloa, Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mannar, Mullaitivu, Trincomalee and Vavuniya in the NorthEast, until a final negotiated settlement is reached and implemented. Representatives of the Muslim community have the right to participate in formulation of their role in the ISGA. 2. Composition of the ISGA 2.1. The ISGA shall consist of such number of members as may be determined by the Parties to this Agreement.2.2. The composition of the ISGA shall be:2.2.a. Members appointed by the LTTE,2.2.b. Members appointed by the GOSL, and2.2.c. Members appointed by the Muslim community in the NorthEast.2.3. The number of members will be determined to ensure: 2.3.a. An absolute majority of the LTTE appointees in the ISGA. 2.3.b. Subject to (a) above, the Muslim and Sinhala Communities in the NorthEast shall have representation in the ISGA. 2.4. The Chairperson shall be elected by a majority vote of the ISGA and shall serve as the Chief Executive of the ISGA. 2.5. The Chairperson shall appoint the Chief Administrator for the NorthEast and such other officers as may be required to assist in the performance of his/her duties. The Chairperson shall have the powers to suspend or terminate any such appointment. 3
Page 4
3. Elections The provisions of Clauses 2.2 and 2.3 shall continue until elections for the ISGA are held. Such elections shall be held at the expiry of five years of the coming into force of this Agreement, if no final settlement has been reached and implemented by the end of the said period of five years. An independent Election Commission, appointed by the ISGA, shall conduct free and fair elections in accordance with international democratic principles and standards under international observation. 4. Human Rights The people of the NorthEast shall be accorded all rights as are provided under international human rights law. Every law, regulation, rule, order or decision of the ISGA shall conform to internationally accepted standards of human rights protection. There shall be an independent Human Rights Commission, appointed by the ISGA, which shall ensure the compliance with all such human rights obligations. The Commission will seek the assistance of international human rights bodies to facilitate the rapid establishment of an effective regime for protecting human rights. The Commission shall be entitled to receive petitions from any individual person, award compensation to any such affected person, and ensure that such person’s rights are restored. 5. Secularism No religion shall be given the foremost place in the NorthEast. 6. Prohibition against Discrimination The ISGA shall ensure that there is no discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, national or regional origin, age or gender in the NorthEast. 7. Prevention of Bribery and Corruption. The ISGA shall ensure that no bribery or corruption is permitted in or under its administration. 8. Protection of All Communities No law, regulation, rule, order or decision that confers a privilege or imposes a disability on any community, which is not conferred or imposed on any other community, shall be made concerning culture or religion. 4
Page 5
9. Jurisdiction of the ISGA. 9.1. The ISGA shall have plenary power for the governance of the NorthEast including powers in relation to resettlement, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and development, including improvement and upgrading of existing services and facilities (hereinafter referred to as RRRD), raising revenue including imposition of taxes, revenue, levies and duties, law and order, and over land. These powers shall include all powers and functions in relation to regional administration exercised by the GOSL in and for the NorthEast. 9.2. The detailed modalities for the exercise of such powers and the performance of such functions shall be subject to further discussion by the parties to this agreement. 10. Separation of Powers Separate institutions for the administration of justice shall be established for the NorthEast,and judicial powers shall be vested in such institutions. The ISGA shall take appropriate measures to ensure the independence of the judges. Subject to Clauses 4 (Human Rights) and 22 (Settlement of Disputes), of this Agreement, the institutions created under this clause shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction to resolve all disputes concerning the interpretation and implementation of this agreement and any other disputes arising in or under this agreement or any provision thereof. 11. Finance The ISGA shall prepare an annual budget. There shall be a Financial Commission consisting of members appointed by the ISGA. The members should have distinguished themselves or held high office in the fields of finance, administration or business. This Commission shall make recommendations as to the amount out of the Consolidated Fund to be allocated to the NorthEast. The GOSL shall make its good faith efforts to implement the recommendation. The ISGA will, giving due consideration to an equitable distribution, determine the use of funds placed at its disposal. These funds shall include the NorthEast General Fund, the NorthEast Reconstruction Fund (NERF) and the Special Fund. The GOSL agrees that any and all of its expenditures in or for the NorthEast shall be subject to the control of the ISGA. 11.1. NorthEast General Fund The NorthEast General Fund shall be under the control of ISGA and shall consist of: 11.1.a. The proceeds of all grants and loans made by the GOSL to the ISGA and the proceeds of all other loans made to the ISGA. 11.1.b. All allocations by the GOSL from agreements with states, institutions and/or other organizations earmarked in any such agreements for the NorthEast. 11.1.c. All other receipts of the ISGA, other than the funds specified below.5
Page 6
11.2. NorthEast Reconstruction Fund The NERF shall continue to exist in its present form except that control over it will be transferred to the ISGA. All grants given for the reconstruction of the NorthEast, will be received through the NERF. Utilization of resources from NERF will be directly determined and supervised by the ISGA. 11.3. Special Fund All loans and any grants which cannot be channeled through the NERF for the specific purpose of RRRD will be received into the Special Fund. As in the case of other Funds, the ISGA shall control the Special Fund. 12. Powers to Borrow, Receive Aid and Trade.The ISGA shall have powers to borrow internally and externally, provide guarantees and indemnities, receive aid directly, and engage in or regulate internal and external trade. 13. Accounting and Auditing of Funds. 13.1. The ISGA shall appoint an Auditor General. 13.2. All Funds referred to in this Agreement shall be operated, maintained and audited in accordance with internationally accepted accounting and auditing standards. The accounts will be audited by the Auditor General. The auditing of all moneys received from international sources shall be subjected to approval by an internationally-reputed firm appointed by the ISGA.14. District Committees. 14.1. In the effective exercise of its legislative and executive powers, the ISGA may create District Committees to carry out administration in the districts and delegate to such Committees, such powers as the ISGA may determine. The Chairpersons ofsuch committees shall be appointed by the ISGA from amongst its members in order to serve as a liaison between the ISGA and the Committees. 14.2. The other members of the Committees shall also be appointed by the ISGA, which shall have the powers to suspend or terminate any such appointment. In appointing such members, due consideration shall be given to ensure representation of all communities. 14.3. The Committees will function directly under the ISGA. 14.4. The Chief Administrator of the ISGA shall appoint Principal Executive Officers in the districts, who shall also function as the Secretaries to the Committees. The Chief Administrator shall have the powers to suspend or terminate any such appointment. 6
Page 7
14.5. All activities and functions of the Committees shall be coordinated through the respective Secretaries to the Committees. 14.6. Sub-committees may also be appointed to facilitate administration. 15. Administration As part of the exercise of its executive powers the ISGA shall have direction and control over any and all administrative structures and personnel in the NorthEast pertaining to the powers set out in Clause 9 of this Agreement. The ISGA may, at its discretion, create expert advisory committees in necessary areas. These areas will include but are not limited to Economic Affairs, Financial Affairs, Judicial Affairs, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Affairs, Development of Infrastructure, and Essential Services. 16. Administration of Land Since land is vital to the exercise of the powers set out in Clause 9 (jurisdiction of the ISGA),the ISGA shall have the power to alienate and determine the appropriate use of all land in the NorthEast that is not privately owned. The ISGA shall appoint a Special Commission on Administration of Land to inquire into and report on the rights of dispossessed people over land and land subject to encroachment, notwithstanding the lapse of any time relating to prescription. The ISGA shall determine the term of competencies of the Special Commission. 17. Resettlement of Occupied Lands The occupation of land by the armed forces of the GOSL, and the denial to the rightful civilian owners of unfettered access to such land, is a violation of the norms of international law. Such land must be immediately vacated and restored to the possession of the previous owners. The GOSL must also compensate the owners for the past dispossession of their land. The ISGA shall be responsible for the resettlement and rehabilitation of displaced civilians and refugees in such lands. 18. Marine and off-shore resources The ISGA shall have control over the marine and offshore resources of the adjacent seas and the power to regulate access thereto. 7
Page 8
19. Natural Resources The ISGA will have control over the natural resources in the NorthEast region. Existing agreements relating to any such natural resources will continue in force. The GOSL shall ensure that all monies due under such agreements are paid to the ISGA. Any future changes to such existing agreements should be made with the concurrence of the ISGA. Future agreements shall be entered into with the ISGA. 20. Water Use Upper riparian users of river systems have a duty to ensure that there is a fair, equitable and reasonable use of water resources by lower riparian users. The GOSL and the ISGA shall ensure that this internationally recognized principle is followed in the use of water resources. 21. Agreements and contracts All future agreements concerning matters under the jurisdiction of the ISGA shall be made with the ISGA. Existing agreements will continue, but the GOSL shall ensure that all proceeds under such agreements are paid to the ISGA. Any changes to such existing agreements should be made with the concurrence of the ISGA. 22. Settlement of Disputes Where a dispute arises between the Parties to this Agreement as to its interpretation or implementation, and it cannot be resolved by any other means acceptable to the Parties including conciliation by the Royal Norwegian Government, there shall be an arbitration before a tribunal consisting of three members, two of whom shall be appointed by each Party. The third member, who shall be the Chairperson of the tribunal, shall be appointed jointly by the Parties concerned. In the event of any disagreement over the appointment of the Chairperson, the Parties shall ask the President of the International Court of Justice to appoint the Chairperson. In the determination of any dispute the arbitrators shall ensure the parity of status of the LTTE and the GOSL and shall resolve disputes by reference only to the provisions of this Agreement. The decision of the arbitrators shall be final and conclusive and it shall be binding on the Parties to the dispute. 23. Operational Period This Agreement shall continue until a new Government for the NorthEast, pursuant to a permanent negotiated settlement, is established. The Parties will negotiate in good faith to reach such a settlement as early as possible. Provided, however, that at the end of four years if no final agreement has been reached between the Parties to this agreement, both Parties shall engage in negotiations in good faith for the purpose of adding, clarifying, and strengthening the terms of this Agreement. 8

NOLTTE=Peace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

Single said...


same LTTE mentality.. tell the lies in many names... ]

Also, at DW:


Also, big time LTTE-ranter at as:

= rupa perreira

Unknown said...

DW, Your write up says most of what I had in mind but you have added a new dimension by saying that the actions of the IC will encourage other armies to carry on regardless because it does not make a difference in the eyes of the Western World.

This episode also shows how words can kill. The biased words of the Western countries, NGO's and the Western media have caused the death of hundreds of Tamils civilians. If not for these words there is a chance that LTTE may have given up by now. In this sense they have been murderers.

P.S. Why do we call these villains the International Community? Aren't countries like China, Russia and Japan part of the International Community? I think IC stands for Interfering Countries.

We as a nation should not look for marks for good behaviour from these people. We have to do what is right and make compromises when necessary.

They are never going to give us any marks whatever we do.

Thanks DW.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Hemantha,I like your DBSJ enactment. LOL!

My apologies, I think I crashed his party here!

Ali ,

You asked for the linke to Reasonably Treasonable's Blog. It can be found here,

hemantha said...

Thanks NoLTTE.
Any news from "UN update session"?

lankaputhra said...

We are loosing propaganda war against Tamil Tigers. Our ambassador in UK even can’t talk in front of TV.
Why GOSL justify all killings done by Tamil Tigers…
Monday is UN council meeting
Last days of Indian Election
That’s why Tamil tigers killed many civilians …why we can’t prove that Tigers did all that to emphasise the world?

Our professionals must act now to improve the image of GOSL. This is the good time to use Tamil MPs in the government to talk about the situation.

Why we are not taking advantage of technical equipment and IDPs for our propaganda purpose?

We must act now before it too late …People in SL must go to streets to urging Tigers to release Tamils…

Some propaganda work must be done immediately and I hope Gota must talk carefully to the media.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


I think we can ignore the UN update session due to many reasons (too busy to list them here).

We have to focus on factually counter any external pressures while doing our job.

We should use UAV footage, Fire Control Radar evidence, Recorded Conversations of Terrorists, and the Video Testimonials from the Civilians and Surrendered LTTErs to present our side of the case.

Nevertheless, we should be pushing forward.

Earlier what I heard was 59 Div has moved North bypassing the bridge. But still all the info coming out about 59 Div is conflicting.

I wish 59 Div is now in the earlier NFZ and taking matters to their hand.

We should expect LTTE to unleash an all out war soon, and needs to be prepared to minimize our own and civilian casualties.

I am hugely in favor of taking out LTTE assets i.e. suicide boats etc from air and CAS. Hope our boys getting them.

Keep up the good work man! Monkeys are all over the place now like headless chicken!

wesley said...

Latest news:

1) Next 48 hours critical :

2) No UN security council discussion :

Tim said...

Admin, please do not delete this for the sake of the hundreds that have died.

A govt that has been indiscriminately shelling what itself defined as "Safe Zone"- how do you call it a govt? I am not taking sides here, in fact , I am not blinded by the facts of the atrocities LTTE has done to it's people and others. However, I'd like to ask my fellow brothers, how do you justify these deaths as casualties of war? What if your mother or father was among the civilians that died last week? Honestly, do you really think all this is ltte propaganda? A true Buddhist will admit to the sins , not lie about it.

SL ASSHOLE said...

as a non tamil and completely unbiased. i have to say that the tamils are clearly right and this can only be described in the same nature as the holocaust.the government doesnt want media there because it deoesnt want people to find out what is actually going on i.e getting rid of all tamils.

SL ASSHOLE said...

What C-4 done is wonderful, you can’t fool all the people all the time.
This is what we are crying out for months.
So now C4 is working for LTTE as well .. Soon Sri Lankan will be the lonely place in earth.

SL ASSHOLE said...

If you support the SL gov then you are supporting terrorism, STATE TERRORISM. Maybe we should put all the SL bastards in the IDP camp for a couple of weeks, so you can first hand experience the pain the Tamils are encountering.

Sam Perera said...


A govt that has been indiscriminately shelling what itself definedFrom where did you find that the government has been shelling the civilians? Please provide us the source of the information you seem to be believing.

SL ASSHOLE said...

Time for World to realise how Srilanka Govt. is manipulating things to get help for its Genocidal war which it has started in 1948 and killed 100s of thousands of Tamils. Time to look at the BBC Documentary to understand the root cause of the conflict×3lc

hemantha said...

I agree with you. But we have to avoid any UN resolutions in the future too. Miliband is trying his best. Our battle readiness regarding the propaganda war is questionable. Rajiva and Kohona is doing a good job. But that is not enough. The response time is too long. FM is useless.
IMF loan will be delayed and might get cancelled too. We have to be ready for any eventuality.
As you said correctly, finishing off the LTTE, sooner rather than later is prime important.

Fonseka 2010 said...

LTTE commits bloodbath against civilians; more evidence surface

Reports of the fighting are difficult to verify because the government bars journalists and aid workers from the war zone.

Our gov so great. we save lttp terrists by banning media.

SL ASSHOLE said...

I must say you are a lucky person because you are from Europe. Imagine, if you were a Sri Lankan, you would have been killed by unidentified men by now for reporting the truth, like the Sunday Leader Editor and other several Sri Lankan journalists. Whoever telling the truth are supporters of the LTTE and have been bribed by the LTTE! It is the Sri Lankan Govt who is telling the truth. For example, it said in the beginning that there were only around 60,000 civilians in the conflict zone. Now, there are nearly 200,000 refugees who are detained in the so called intern camps. I wonder where they came from!!! Only the Sri Lankan govt would know.

Colomblogs said...

"...lankaputhra said...
We are loosing propaganda war against Tamil Tigers. Our ambassador in UK even can’t talk in front of TV...."

I was repeadtly telling this from last year. He is a real "ponnayek". It is this people let LTTE win the propaganda war. Useless dumb!

It is no point having Saman Kumara Ramawickrama explaining LTTE acts in Sinhala to the world. Need a proper, planned and strategic counter information to tell the truth to the world. And if we not act fast, it will become worst.

And for any LTTE dubms happy reading this, pl. note that even it has to kill 1000 people to get Prabha, we get that. Becasue killing 100 civilian + Praba will help to avoid death of 100000 people.

hemantha said...

"India, we reliably learn, never expected the army to capture Kilinochchi. Even RAW thought the war would end up in a stalemate after months of fighting with the army nursing a bloody nose. That was why Solheim boasted in Oslo with an RAW agent that the LTTE would suck in the army at Kilinochchi and wipe them out the way the Red Army had done to the German troops in Stalingrad during WW II. But, Army Chief Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka surprised India and other countries which doubted the army's capability, by bagging Kilinochchi and cornering Prabhakaran in Mullaitivu. "
-Editorial (The Island)

click here

Colomblogs said...

If SL Govt. announce a Ceasfire, what will happen?
1). Will LTTE let civilians to go?

2). Will India or SL Govt pardon VP and Poddu Amman?

3). Will suffering of Civilians will end?

4). And do you beleive SLA will go back to Mavil-Aru?

Even at a ceasfire, SLA will encircle this area and watch, while Civilians will suffer. This can drag from weeks to years with no result.

It is simple point : SLA is only after VP and Poddu Amman. They don't care about even leaders like Soosai.

So, if any Dispora want to save the Civilians;
a). Ask LTTE to release the civilians for the god's sake and face like mens


b). Handover the VP and Poddu Amman

Any other options like protests, IC threats will go in vain. (However I am not too sure weather it is too late for either of above options?)

If present govt. can kill VP and team even by killing 1000 civilians and if they have to go to war crimes.. dont forget that SL have politicians even like Ranil to run the country. So we don't give a damn about IC and UN.

If VP killed, Dispora will lose all your 30-years investment, and the tragic mistake of putting all eggs in one basket (Supporting un educated VP and killing educated tamil leaders)..cant be CTRL+Z

Thusitha said...

We need an editorial published against BBC in independent English Newspapers such as Island condemning the behaviour of the BBC. They are going beyond their Journalistic behaviour and has become the mouth pieces of LTTE. They are behaving detrimental to the values of the Sri Lankan society. It is now the duty of the Journalists to take on BBC and show the world who they are. It is most effective if this is done by the journalists than the Government, otherwise it would be seen as interfering with New Media.

Editorial should ask BBC to leave our Island Nation if they cannot maintain impartial reporting.
It is the duty of our Journalist to protect our country's image being tarnished through out the world by biased Media.

Therefore, please, please take it upon yourself to act against biased media reporting by BBC and expel these people from our country.

Rajaratasurfer said...

DW...Glad SLA got only if we can get thru to those ltte bunkers where those idiots are hiding that'll be really a smacker !

But, I ' still worried abt. those 2 Robinson Choppers & one Zlin 143 left ya can never say.....last minute escape by Fatass VP !

I can only laugh abt. Indian Govt. Comment abt. not intervening in this conflict ! Are ya kidding ? SLDF are battle hardened & really pissed off right now ! No one should ever take Sri Lanka Armed forces granted given that fact they fought the most ruthless terror outfit around !

I like that Wall Street article..."beating terrorism....see Sri lanka"

get 'em SLAF get 'em !

Unknown said...

People overseas are really angry against Tamil Potestors, one way they don't care, but the whole demonstrations have aackfired, this shows the strength of Sri Lanka, we all should be very proud, from now on don't have to care about this extreme Tamil diaspora, there many many tamils now strated to support the Sri lankan government, we can see in the future.
Alos an exceelent article by DW.

Analyst said...

As I see this military battle between SLA and LTTE is now coming to its conclusion. It is a matter of few more days. SLA will over run last remaining tiger force and kill all leaders and senior cadres. They may like to take some people like Pottu live for information about LTTE international network, foreign investments and third party helpers from countries like Norway, Sweden and India.

However, as I see it large scale civilian carnage is inevitable. That is not because of SLA, purely because of desperate LTTE leadership which is willing to sacrifice any number stay alive for few more days.

Delaying conclusion will not help trapped civilians. Speedy liberation will help them immensely even if there is some casualty.

B.H.R said...

Found this link from a pro LTTE site which leads to a CNN poll.Please vote immediatly

Analyst said...

Agree with Rizwan, I did my duty.

All please vote quickly because no is only 7% but yes has gone over 95%.

Respond ASAP.

No_MESS said...

Westminster LTTE Protest – BBC Report
Check this video:
At 00.56sec, this guy says, that he phoned his sister last Thursday. “They are hiding under bunkers….like rats”
Now how did he contact her, Mobile phone, Landline or Sat phone?

Check the story under the clip:
“The demonstration was described as noisy but peaceful” by the Met.
At 4pm today, they had 35+ police vans!

Saman said...


/Any responsible state issuing edicts against the Sri Lankan state on alleged misconduct by its military should think very clearly the message it sends out to other armies around the world. The message is that you can be penalized for whatever effort you may take to preserve human life in times of war, so why try it in the first place?/

Excellent point. This article must reach our diplomats especially in EU countries and USA to fomulate their ideas around these lines.

booboo said...

wesley, thanx for your link.
So no security council meeting, probably thanks to China and Russia. Looks like sillyband is shocked.

[Top diplomats from Britain and France were rebuffed on Monday when some UN Security Council members refused their request to discuss the fighting in Sri Lanka, which killed more than 400 people during the past weekend.

[We are more than shocked, we cannot support the way in this particular place while people are suffering and dying,' Kouchner told reporters, showing his indignation

[Both Miliband and Kouchner said they were ready to tell council members 'what they have seen' in Sri Lanka, but apparently they were not allowed to.]

Matara Peramuna said...


Thanks mate for the info.
I did my part and forwarded it too.
Hey, Rizwan were you @ Queen Mary Uni. back in late 70s?

SLWATCH said...

Who funds Human Rights Watch? Why are they always anti-governments? Why do they not publish accounts on the web?

Analyst said...

/The message is that you can be penalized for whatever effort you may take to preserve human life in times of war, so why try it in the first place?/ Still, SLA has to try and minimise civilian casualties because it is the right thing to do. Most these people are innocent bystanders and our countrymen.

SLA showing the whole world that they can behave compassionately even at war with barbaric terrorists.

Excellent way to show values of Buddhist culture during Wesak period.

Matara Peramuna said...


"Rizwan said...

Found this link from a pro LTTE site which leads to a CNN poll.Please vote immediately


Unknown said...

I wonder whether anyone has considered the possibility that LTTE leaders may use their aircraft to escape to some part in Sri Lanka itself at the last moment. Everybody seems to be concerned about LTTE using aircraft to escape to another country. Considering the trouble we have weeding out terrorists from jungles in the East this would be very bad. It shouldn't be that difficult for them to land those flying machines in some small hidden place which aren't that difficult to find given that
they are familiar with the ground.

Calvin said...

"UK, France, Austria demand Security Council attention on Lanka"

Seems 'Miniband' hasn't stopped yet.

booboo said...

got this link from blogger wesley

Moshe Dyan said...

good observation da & DW.

how true??? the big boys need not be under scrutiny whereas we have to and still we are doing MUCH better than them.

"The objective of the Army was to get civilians out of harms way from the LTTE by moving them away from the Nanthikadal lagoon and towards the Mulaitivu coast by splitting the remaining portion of land inside the NFZ."

my humble strategy of SPLITTING the NFZ at work!!

Moshe Dyan said...


it is the hostage takers killing the hostages FORCING SLA to move in as quickly as possible.

shelling LTTE positions might injure civilians but they are evacuated by ICRC ship to permanant safety. but FORTUNATELY this option is not available to tigers.

Moshe Dyan said...

tomorrow is tail madu elections.

i get this feeling that we will see a MAJOR breakthrough today.

Moshe Dyan said...

come to think of the tamil madu election, it does NOT matter who wins there as i said b4.

the tussle is between one lump of shit (karuna-nidi) and another lump of shit (jeyalalita) BOTH supporting tamil elam!!

the problem comes when forming a government.

ONLY THEN will these jokers will demand to create TE, invade SL, put pressure on SL, broker a ceasefire, pressure SL for a political solution and other BS, if the coalition wants them. and the coalition will either need them or likely to want them.

that is the time of trouble (if any) for SL from tamil madu.

that will happen between 16 - 20. so we actually have 4 - 8 days of LESS pressure from india.

but better not late. if we can finish the worse part of this by that time, that would seal the fate of vezapillai & LTTE for good with less headaches.

anyway in the LONG RUN even this pressure does not matter bcos like thonda, these 2 jokers or either of them will join the indian ruling party!!

wijayapala said...

No LTTE=Peace,

"You asked for the linke to Reasonably Treasonable's Blog. It can be found here,"

I don't think that he's DBS Jeyaraj. The writing styles don't match. DBS uses shorter sentences and writes in a journalistic, not academic manner.

Moshe Dyan said...

UN security council BS - BUSTED!!



Tuesday, 12 May 2009

No Council meetings are scheduled.
No consultations of the whole are scheduled.

Analyst said...

I also have a feeling that day after tomorrow will be the final nail on LTTE military coffin. However, if SLA failed to capture Pottu, Soosai, Laurance and Prabha alive; we will have difficulties to counter international terror network and money stashed away for future ealam work.

It is essential that SLG destroys LTTE international network with its investments to secure peaceful future for Sri Lanka.

Analyst said...


Two powerful countries that can block Security Council meetings and out comes are on our side.

Also, we need only couple of days to conclude ongoing military operations.

I would like to see Pottu taken alive for at least few more weeks to get vital info on KP and his network as well as south Indian connections.

Who knows, money paid to Milliband, Kouchner, Hilary and others will come out!!!

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Defence Wire Thank you Sir.

Moshe Dyan said...


sorry to disappoint you, but LTTE's international network CANNOT be destroyed. i know this view is unpopular, but true.

1. LTTE's int. purchasing network - CAN be crippled in SOME countries only

2. LTTE's money-for-direct-weapons-purchases network - CAN be crippled in SOME countries

3. LTTE International Inc. (political wing) - CANNOT be crippled in ANYWAY

4. LTTE International Inc. (finance wing apart from 2 above) - CANNOT be crippled in ANYWAY

e.g. raj rajaratnam, etc., etc.

tamil diaspora's economy (>$45bn) is bigger than the SL economy ($39bn) and SL diaspora doesn't finance war.

5. LTTE international MEDIA/NGO/HR wings CANNOT be harmed in any way. i expect a MASSIVE enhancement in this area. an area worth studying in DETAIL.

agree that we should do whatever we can to DESTROY/CRIPPLE/REDUCE these wings AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

the rest is INTERNAL. we should FRUSTRATE the TE project IN SL. that will, in the long term, collapse the LTTE international wings.

Ananda-USA, who is the best analytical and articulate mind here (honestly) have different views. but i have agreed to disagree with him on SOME of the above.

Moshe Dyan said...


good observation there.

also the blood drenched tiger head flag!!!

no country or group has such a GRUESOME BARBARIAN flag. worse than the PIRATE flag!!

Analyst said...

Those who seeds unwholesome attitudes on their kids will one day going to reap matching return. We do not have to worry.

Good fraction of Tamil youths who does this type of unlawful acts will end up in gutter and which is good them and their parents.

Analyst said...


I agree with what you say. However, if we possess the vital info on who is who and what they do; we can pass that info to MI and security institutions in respective countries as well as to the Interpol. Then we can request them to take action because criminal elements cannot work against sovereign country from another sovereign country due to international treaties.

Example: If we can acquire where about of KP (Pathmanathan) from Pottu or somebody, we can pass that info to Interpol for arrest and deport back to SL.

hemantha said...

"sorry to disappoint you, but LTTE's international network CANNOT be destroyed."

What you are telling is true. But there is a way out. We need to use gun mounted "tranquilizers" to get Pottu. Then some "truth serum" may do the work. In addition, we should be looking for ways of importing KP. Again, some tranquilizers might be helpful if we can find him.

Already, we have found some info lying in the captured LTTE command bunkers.

FrmdaRock said...

Moshe Dyan,

Tamil diaspora cannot be stopped at what they do in another country - yes. But once the LTTE is militarily defeated, the on-us will be with the GOSL to address the grievances of the Tamil people, correctly. If not, SL will not be able to continue arguing that this is an internal problem. Once the GOSL have achieved the military objetives, the challanges in rebuilding the North/East will be really difficult. This will be the time LTTE Intl. Inc. will start playing the political games and work for sanctions against Sri Lanka or to create a separate autonomy for the Tamils.

dogooder said...

About the Civilian casualties given by this INFAMOUS doctor, um, why isn't anyone asking why he's not busy doing doctor things??? Instead he's running around taking photos of these unfortunate beings? Doesn't make any sense, but what makes sense is that the GOSL has lost credibility in the west, hence when statements are issued from GOSL doesn't have much effect. As far as the west is concerned GOSL must have something to hide if they continue to ban journalists.

The propaganda war must be faught along side the conventional war and GOSL's seriously lacking on the part. I don't see how it can be damaging to the GOSL to let in a select few independent observers at this point of the war. YOu guys are doing a great job, but unfortunately that's just not enough, Government of SL can't just rely on a few good expats. This HAS to be on a large scale, I'm suggesting a professional PR firm.

KB said...

Bugger! It seems Fatt's father was a Malayali kallathonia.


If his father was a Kallathonia then sonny by extension is a Kallathonia too. When our chaps blow the fat scumbag to smithereens we need to scrape some of his flesh off the beach and run a DNA comparison with the old crone in Kerala.


Analyst said...


We have dart guns that can bring down Kandy tooth temple tuskers when it is behaving badly. Therefore my 02 cents recommendation is to use some kind of dart guns with paralysing anaesthetics in the final phase to capture most of high level criminals.

There are many ways to make them talk, if we can get them alive.

There are very sensitive info about Tamil Diaspora with telephone and account numbers as well as foreign helpers like Vaiko and Eric Solhiem, which they are desperate to hide.

Real win is, if we can get exposed these invisible enemies of SL. We must give it our best try.

Ecoli said...

Dear All,
The CNN web site and the TV are now conducting a vote on , "Should the International Community intervene in Sri Lanka”? Pl click the link below and say NO.
Also Please forward this to all your friends asking them to do the same.

Calvin said...

Seems like all the media porawal try their best to do what they always want to do "creating news out of nothing" after their chuuti malli Channel 4 got smashed by SLGov.

I'm so fking desperate to see one day all these mfkers learn how to write a news article as it is by using eyes, ears, mouth, nose or brain. But not using as*hole like now.

U know Who! said...

Majority of Torontonians are loosing their sympathy towards Tamil protesters. Very good this is now happening in UK, France and Germany too.

Soon LTTE military wing will be gone and Tamil Diaspora will be marginalised internationally. However, their political wing can be dangerous for years to come. We need to be vigilant until cry for ealam completely forgotten by IC.

SLG also should initiate commercial hubs and busy cities in all major towns of north and east. This will attract Sinhalese and Muslims for trade and industry lowering Tamil numbers. If we try to establish villages with Sinhalese and Muslims, there will be a out cry. However, urbanising towns cannot be regarded as colonising!

wijayapala said...

Dear Reasonably Treasonable,

"Your claim was that a military victory for the SLA will be better (for the Tamils), in the long-term, than a ceasefire now (Note that, in this respect, the question you just asked is a void, since human shields are only endangered when there is a war, not when there is a ceasefire)."

I suggest you read what DBS Jeyaraj (no friend of the govt) wrote about how the LTTE is seeking a permanent ceasefire precisely so that it won't have to give up the civilians it is forcibly holding. Therefore your argument neatly meshes with the LTTE's (though probably unwittingly). The LTTE too would argue that the civilians' safety would be best assured with a permanent ceasefire- although it wouldn't add that it would continue to use the civilians as cannon fodder and as insurance against any govt effort to eliminate it.

"My point is not that life was "better" or "worse" for civilians under the LTTE, but that one cannot take for granted that an SLA victory is in the best interests of the civilians, even in the long-term."

Then what would be in the civilians' best interest- and how do you propose to *realistically* get there??"My understanding of the passage I quoted is that UTHR was opining that, in those particular instances (plural) of civilians being killed by SLA shelling, it was "unlikely" (to use their word) that the the Tigers were "firing from their midst" (i.e. the midst of the civilians), i.e. the shelling was unprovoked."

I make a distinction between attacking LTTE vehicles (which would kill leaders and bring the war that much closer to an end) and saturating the entire area with shells and rockets- the 2nd leading to a real "bloodbath"- which would bring the war even closer to an end but would kill all the civilians.

"You did not respond to the recent HRW report, which is in many ways more harrowing"

Why didn't the UTHR mention that?

"There are many people who would know nothing about the atrocities of the LTTE and SLA, if it wasn't for AI."

And there are many people who know nothing substantial about the LTTE, the SLA, and this war as a whole after reading only AI.

U know Who! said...


That channel 4 maggot got wide publicity just because SL expelled him. It is not that good. There are many other ways (cannot mention in public domain) to take care of MF like that. These guardian angles will sell their own mothers for publicity and recognition.

Sonali Wickramathunga is one of such whores.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

After Prabhakaran, Poddu, and Soosai, I have very special someone in my Shopping List. He is:

V. Manivannan (Castro), Head of the International Secretariat of the LTTE.

He is a very very important person to catch live. Hope Army is not losing sight of this man who has lost both his legs.

Castro with GPS Sami

Sam Perera said...

Scum of Sri Lanka (Jaathiye Paahara Ballo)

Featured scum of the Day

Sonali Samarasinghe

She is the second wife the departed tabloid editor and garbage digger Lasantha Wickramathunga. She is also believed to be a religious fundamentalist who wants to break the harmony in Sri Lanka. I would like to quote a few of her own vicious words againt the people of Sri Lanka for clarity.

That this is a racist war is not a secret. I would not go so far as to use the word genocide, but it would not surprise me to see it used in future international legal action against the government. At any rate, the government itself has plastered the countryside with enormous placards lauding the military with the slogan, in Sinhala, the language of the Sinhalese majority to which I too, belong, stating: "Soldiers, our race salutes you!" Not "the people", not "the country", but the race. And all these placards exhibit the stated provenance of the Ministry of Defence or other government institutions.

Ranil Wickramasinghe
Lakshman Kiriella
Ravi Karunanayake
Vajira Abeywardena
Jayalath Jayawardena
Mangala Samaraweera
Rauf Hakeem
Wickramabahu Karunaratne
Kumar Rupasinghe
Jehan Perera
Sunanda Deshapriya
Sunila Abegunasekara
Mano Ganeshan
R Sampanthan
K Sivajilingam
G.K. Ponnambalam
other TNA sakkiliyas
Duleep Chikera
Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
Rohan Edirisinghe
Mithra Fernando
Tisaranee Gunasekera
Priyath Liyanage
Rayappu Joseph
Rosy Senanayake
Sonali Samarasinghe
Nimalka Fernando
Sirithunga Jayasuriya
Dayasiri Jayasekara
Iqbal Athas
Lal Kantha
Anura Kumara
Malik Samarawickrama
Lalith Kothalawala
S.B. Dissanayake
Brian Seneviratne
Sisira Jayasuriya
Johnston Fernando
Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe
Sucharitha Gamlath
Jayantha Senevirathna
Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri
Terrence Purasinghe
Chandrapala Kumarage (Attorney-at-law)
Yohan Devananda
Patrick Fernando
Kumar David

wijayapala said...

Dear "Yogananthan" B

"We don't change our name depending on the crowd."

But you changed your name to pass as a Tamil.

In TLA forum I wanted to annoy the LTTE supporters the same way Sinhalese here choose handles like "Velavan Master" and "Pottu Amman." However I later chose a handle to reflect my real identity, hence the name wije both here and in (which is an LTTE blog- disproves your argument that I choose handles based purely on the crowd).

"I can guess that you are a Northern Tamil racist."

That's funny, earlier you had written

"I don't know you are Singhala or Tamil and I don't care."

Obviously you do care what I am!

"The type that called fellow Tamils "kallathoni"."

There are also Sinhalese who refer to upcountry Tamils as "kallathoni." Konappu Bandara above just referred to "Malayali kallathonia." Seems that you prefer to be called kallathoni by Sinhalese than by Tamils, because you are not even Tamil but a Sinhala pretending to be Tamil.

U know Who! said...

RT and Wijayapala

// one cannot take for granted that an SLA victory is in the best interests of the civilians, even in the long-term.//

1. LTTE must be eradicated completely for good health of all Sri Lankans.
2. Tamils will have peace in their mind when this conflict is over.
3. Majority of Tamil civilians are not worried about political out comes, if they can lead decent life with farming, fishing and industry as they have done decades before LTTE came into the picture.
4. Tamils will have secure future now because Sinhalese also have learned their lessons in the hard way and IC is watching.

- Atticus Finch –

Sam Perera said...

Scum of Sri Lanka (Jaathiye Paahara Ballo)

Featured scum twins of the Day

Ranil Wickramasinghe and Laksman Kiriella

Having lost the 19th consecutive election, this pair see no bounds in their anti Sri Lankan acts. The top scum leaves to Europe to complain about his sorry full status to his white masters. His twin tries to portray such acts of treason as a major achievement. Of course, it is some achievement for those who compete for the top scum seat. Unfortunately, his white masters are having a difficulty in gauging the democratic will of Sri Lankans to keep these scum out of any national office till eternity. I wish his white masters good luck trying to change the leadership of Sri Lanka through these scum.

Saman said...

Guys, I am not a great fan of western media sponsord geopolitcs (the new big guy in the town). Howver CNN is asking "should Sri Lankan issue need international intervention" - as if CNN does not know this.

Now there is no place to give the comment "bloody MF international community already did for centuries" - and that is the problem.

They want a "Yes" or "No".

When I voted Yes:81%, NO:19%.

Can some one here is IT enough to create a multiple voting algorithm.

Here is the link:

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...

Even though it might be difficult, 15 minutes of our time per day will help Sri Lanka. As we are in different countries, could we form a single voice to counter Racist, genocidal Tamil Diaspora?

Could we start collecting all the news bits that Tamilnut put out and various Tamil gundas spill out to the world - tag them by the name.
Can we hold them legally for prolonging the suffering of humans held in the human shield? Like crimes against humanity?

Finally- my first time around here. But I am in expressbuzz mostly - (Bindu Piribakaran) -he.he. I am now Vezapillai not the fat pig in the NFZ.

Hope the SL forces get Vezapillai, Pottu Amma and Charles Kallathony ASAP

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...

Ranil modaya athenma motta palla.
Okage molle goo. Oka wage deshadoriyek thawa nahe. Klakanniya LTTE bombekatta wath ahune nahe.
Anik athata, LTTE okawa maranna denneth naha.

Btw, We need to unmask this good doctor in NFZ- they guy who know by the sound of the explosion if the mortar was fired by the SL forces or the LTTE genocidal terrorist.
Pass along how he came to have a satellite phone. This guy must be very busy counting dead and calling at the same time. When did the call from him come? When did he say the shelling was done. In the time difference could they have counted the number they said they counted?

Saman said...


Can't the GoSL bring a motion to suspend the civic rights of these sorry assholes RW and LK.

Perhaps, MR thought about it and decided "Neh" Keep the MFs. These scums serve the UPFA better than than any oposition leader ever did in Sri Lanka.

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...

Are not the Ch4 bastards that came to Sri Lanka based in Bangkok - same place as Kumaran Pakkaya?

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...

Saman, No they should not do it. Then it will be like GOSL is the bad guy.

We should get an ordinary Sri Lanka from the road to throw a shoe at the bastard- for that matter as many thousand bata slippers -old smelly ones at Ranil modaya and the other MF.

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...

I think may be we need to attack the Son god right next to him.
May be we need to flip the situation around.
If we can get a large number of special troops real close to the fat pig- he may blow himself up - saving us the trouble- but we loose the intel.
Also, we will loose our boys at least some. That is difficult. But if the LTTE shell - they may think twice as low rankers are scared shit of hitting the Fatpig.

If we time it for quick in and quick out thing may work. I think we can turn around and say "IC forced Sri Lanka's hand as their method has been prolonging the suffering of the people and the GOSL has to protect its citizens from LTTE racist, genocidal terrorist.

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...

BTW, keep repeating to any non sri lankan, that LTTE is a racist, genocidal terrorist organization that is involved in drug smuggling and prostitution.

Once we get it out few times it will get registered.

Ok keep voting for the CNN thing. Numbers are going up. Even 50 - 50 is better than over 75%. Clean your cookies- but be forewarned - they can filter multiple voting from the ip address.

booboo said...

When I voted the CNN thing, it was only 9%. Now it is 23%.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


I am associated with a small company that specializes in "Pattern Technology".

Not the DBSJ's blog, but his comments have a higher ratio of match to RT. The ratio is somewhat un-ignorable :-)

So, lets leave it as it is and see.

If the new writings of RT is completely different style from the previous, it will tell me something too ;-)

Anything is possible in this world! Machines can be wrong too!

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...

last post for the day for me - today. I hope we can get some of these "hitha hoda moda" sri lankan diplomats back to SL and get people who can speak to the point without being verbose.

Everything is important- their posture etc. Even our leaders need to be non-emotional when stating the case.
I am not impressed- actually sad that battle field gains -at great cost is nullified by bumbling idiots in the diplomatic core. I like the Toronto and EU ones. I have seen the London and Washington DC. - not very articulate.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


CNN Poll is not a Scientific Poll. It can be cheated (as you yourself publicly suggest), so it is better to leave it at that.

Write to CNN saying that there is a huge campaign by LTTE in their blogs to vote and let them know that therefore the Poll does not show a 'natural distribution' of opinion.

Calvin said...

@ Sam,
Mate, Name of the list could changed to
"Jaathiye Paahara Ballo & Balliyo"
and if they try harder, any one could come to first of the list apart from Ranil. I think Kiriella is trying for that (but no one cant go out from that. :))

Matara Peramuna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

This report is good for nothing. We come here to see some new information but not just a bogus report. We wanna know how close we are to finish the game. We know civilians are coming but army need to get into the area to save them.

Matara Peramuna said...


Don't forget Mangala Samarawera, MANGALA also competing for that place, to get # 1 Wasalaya slot.

Harsh said...


pls tell me how 59 Div passed the bridge .I think it was easy to Brd Prasanna .
pls explain little anybody knows what was the tactic?


Matara Peramuna said...

GOOD Work,

Jeyaraj murder suspect arrested in Vavuniya

A key suspect involved in the assassination of late Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was arrested in Chetikulam, Vavuniya last night. Police claim the suspect had made the logistical arrangements for the murder.

Ananda-USA said...


[ I won’t allow Ramar Sethu demolition: Uma BhartiR Guhambika
May 11, 2009

CHENNAI: “I am ready to be hanged, but I will not allow Ramar Sethu to be demolished,” Bharatiya Janshakthi Party leader Uma Bharti said here on Sunday.

Campaigning for BJP South Chennai candidate La Ganesan, the fire-brand Hindutva leader said: “We always fought to protect Ramar Sethu. We are not against the Sethusamudram project. But either shift it or, if that it is not possible it, cancel it. On this issue, former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa is also with us.”

After her acrimonious parting of ways with the BJP, the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister floated her own outfit. Hence, her offer to campaign for the saffron party during the Lok Sabha elections raised some eyebrows. “For me, in the nation’s interest Advaniji is the only option. We could not support Mayawati or Mulayam Singh ideologically,” she told The New Indian Express. “There is personal respect also for Advaniji even though I separated and formed my own party. He is like my father,” she said. “Again, it is not for personal reasons alone but ideological as well. Because the things which I believe in like Ramar Sethu, Ram Mandir, nationalism, Hindutva and review of economic policies, they are in the BJP manifesto. Then there is price rise. I think price rise is due to corruption and not due to any international situation. I think only Advaniji can deal with all these issues.”

Asked whether she would rejoin the BJP, she said her party was for a pact with the saffron outfit. Uma Bharti stopped twice to address voters at Dasarathapuram in Vadapalani. ]

Calvin said...

Matara Peramuna,
Oh yeh, He already has #1 in gay community (not an offense for gay people). Very close in this as well.
and very sad he is from Matara!

Matara Peramuna said...


We will see that Mangala has no political carrier in Southern province.

priyashantha said...

Wijayapala alias Whoredog alias Taraki alias Echolalia,

You can't hide your racism. Always you target Tamils who supported GOSL here. I know your who*e family including your mother Sumanakka. You sakkiliya are another mental case like Wicrkamabahu Karunarathna paid to discredit the army. You know what I mean. Stop spreading your UTHR (J) crap against our bravehearts.

Let this curse work on your clan and destroy all and Tamil racists with funny names.

Sandakal gala paradeepath Sumanakkaa
Tracey Wije vesangana saha Sumanadasaa
Eelama pathaa des-premin bheda karaa
Binareta kalin mun samadena wenasethwaa

If there are human right violations government has institutions. We don't want UTHR (J) crap. This is what UTHR(J)'s latest report.

"LTTE Is No Excuse For Killing Vanni Civilians".

Ananda-USA said...

CNN Poll Now:

Yes 74%m No 26%

Come on, Patriots! Let's KICK ASS HERE!

Anonymous said...

UN Security Council refuses to discuss killing in Sri Lanka

Tue, May 12 01:49 AM
New York, May 12 (DPA) Top diplomats from Britain and France were rebuffed Monday when some UN Security Council members refused their request to discuss the fighting in Sri Lanka, which killed more than 400 people during the past weekend.

The council members that opposed taking up the issue were not named publicly.

Foreign Ministers David Miliband of Britain and Bernard Kouchner of France were also joined by Austria's Michael Spindelegger, the federal minister for European and international affairs, to protest inaction by the 15-nation council at UN headquarters in New York.

'We are more than shocked, we cannot support the way in this particular place while people are suffering and dying,' Kouchner told reporters, showing his indignation.

When asked which council members opposed their request, Miliband said, 'We can only speak for ourselves. Others can speak for themselves.'

'We are clear, this is an issue that the UN Security Council should address, it involves major civilian loss of lives and distress,' Miliband said. 'It does have ramifications for the region. We as European members of the UN Security Council, we believe that the issues belong here.'

Both Miliband and Kouchner said they were ready to tell council members 'what they have seen' in Sri Lanka, but apparently they were not allowed to.

As a rule and unless a crisis is already on the council's agenda, a majority of nine council members have to approve a new issue be put on the agenda of discussion. Some council members have opposed discussion over matters they consider domestic matters.

China in the past opposed discussion of Myanmar's political crisis and Russia opposed discussion of Chechnya, where armed opposition was fighting Russian troops for independence.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Monday urged warring parties in Sri Lanka to respect international humanitarian efforts protecting

civilians following reports of the weekend massacre of over 400 civilians.

'Thousands of Sri Lankans have already died in the past several months due to the conflict, and more still remain in grave danger,' Ban said, adding that he was appalled at the killing.

'The reckless disrespect shown by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for the safety of civilians has led to thousands of people remaining trapped in the area,' Ban said.

In Colombo, the UN said more than 400 people were killed and more than 1,200 injured in the fighting over the weekend and the government and rebels accused each other of the killing in a narrow land strip near the coast of the Mullaitivu district, 395 km northeast of the capital.

'We can call it a bloodbath,' UN spokesman in Colombo Gordon Weiss told DPA.

He explained that although he had no confirmation of who was responsible for the killings, both parties were responsible for the well-being of civilians caught in the conflict.

Matara Peramuna said...


Please advertise this outside DW also to vote NO.


Thusitha said...

Vezapillai Prabakaran said...
Saman, No they should not do it. Then it will be like GOSL is the bad guy.

We should get an ordinary Sri Lanka from the road to throw a shoe at the bastard- for that matter as many thousand bata slippers -old smelly ones at Ranil modaya and the other MF.

Hope the first one who throws a shoe at a Politician in Sri Lanka get shot dead. We don't won't to be idiots like in India, following a trend which is coming from the Middle east. It is not our tradition. If you have some problems have a fist fight. What a pissy little thing is this shoe throwing.

priyashantha said...


Please go and vote - No.


Should The International Community Sakkiliyas Intervene In Sri Lanka?

ඉයන් said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matara Peramuna said...


Vietnam also supported us.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

The GOSL has about another two weeks to see an end this.

Else, at this rate, it will not take two weeks for LTTE to kill all those remaining civilians to put the blame on GOSL.

Recently Army found LTTE mortars filled with White Phospherous. However, there is no much publicity given by GOSL to it.

ඉයන් said...

Any idea who supported us in the UN resolution? I think it is China and Russia. I dont know what we can do to thank them. Cant we make them Most favored nations and have preferential duties for imports from these countries? I know trade with Sl would be nothing for them. But the gesture is important. Are they entiled for visa free access to Sri Lanka? If not shouldn't we give that? Also individually we need to thank the Russian or Chinese we come across in our work life or personal life. I don't think any country has helped us in the pastthis much. Also we should make sure that we do not support ANY resolutions against these countries for next 100 years. And be against the resolutions of the LTTE supporters like UK and France.

Cant we organise thank you ceromonies in those countries. LTTE supporters cannot counter that as it will not be tolarated there. To start with we should send emmisaries to these countries to thank them and update them fully of what is happening and how LTTE is abusing the situtaion.

priyashantha said...

LTTE mob attack at Buddhist temple in Paris

The Paris Police is yet to arrest the culprits as Buddhist monks and community leaders are unanimous in their opinion that the dastardly act was organised by the international arm of the LTTE terrorists led by Kumaran alias Selvaraj Pathmanathan.

Hina kaala marenawo.

Way to go.

KP alias kaypiya. Muta elo elo gahanna ona.

U know Who! said...

CNN poll,

When I voted today morning it was

yes 93%
No 07%

It seems you can vote more than once. Guys that is what Tamils may be doing. Go and vote as much as possible.

We need to win this poll!

ඉයන් said...

Matara Peramuna
Thanks bro

It reminds me. We should get a fire brand politician who can speak well in English to make statements such as Sri Lanka will be the Vietnam for any country who invate in the guise of 'intervenion' and 'human rights'.

I know it is a distinct possiblity but we should think of having a backup plan if such an interention happens. Any news of such intervention we should bomb the FFZ and forces to be ready to counter the invention.

Calvin said...

Hats Off!!!

Palestinians say 'Hands off Sri Lanka'

Ananda-USA said...


The Jootha (Shoe) is now the in thing in Idia; it is the "Ultimate Non-Violent Personal Weapon!"

However, It takes a lot of practice I hear, aerodynamics are not perfect, tumbling of the Jootha is a problem. I have it on good authority that wooden Jootha's have the best balance and force/weight ratio on impact.

I wonder whether you can design a Jootha to return to the sender, like a boomerang...otherwise this can get to be an expensive habit! LoL!

Saman said...


No one had to support at UNSC. Because it naver made to discussion. Milli-pede and Kouchner sat on their nut in getting that for discussion. But it did not work.

It is interesting to note MR's assersion (following that) that country is out of danger as far as the division is concerned. I think he has lined up China as the main partner and Russia is doing a supporting role.

He also seems to have checkmate Chinese and Indian interests in the rejion for the benefit of Sri Lanka.

I know you are a die hard UNPr. But you got be satisfied with that ;-).

Saman said...


/I wonder whether you can design a Jootha to return to the sender, like a boomerang...otherwise this can get to be an expensive habit! LoL!/

I think we should consult inventors of the boomarang in this case. I know an aboriginal elder whose clan were the owners of the land where I live. LoL!

LRRU said...

When Die Hard Diasspora, their MPs US, EU ,UN ,UK can NOT challenge MR; howcome a PONNA RW can make an impact........

PONNA RW will never win an election untill he give up his Western puppet role........

Dinesh De Alwis said...

Troops enter new NFZ from Kariyamullivaikkal and expects civilians to escape soon; LTTE continues to fire at civilians-Military official-JNW JNW - 2009-05-12 10:07:05

Pierre said...

Seen Defence Secretary's interview by Aljazeera. I felt proud of him for standing up to them. It is unthinkable of any of his predecessors would have done the same.
Only criticism, he should have let the presenter ask questions and then gone hard at them. Obviously he doesn't want to reason with media particularly after channel 4 report which was diabolical.
LTTE has been crafty in getting most of these media organisations like BBC, Aljaz,ITN (not local) on their payroll. They just have to pay the newsmakers, not the corporations. Its that easy. They have always given one sided view cos they are still benefiting.

Spearhead said...

GOSL needs to publish counter propaganda statements even BEFORE the ltte/tamilnut propaganda STARTS!!!
Really, they should've anticipated this crap about 378 dying etc etc and posted that ltte is killing civilians even BEFORE tamilnut could post their lies, and GOSL should start RIGHT NOW, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THEY HAVE ABOUT PROOF OF LTTE SHOOTING CIVILIANS ETC, AS THEY GET THE INFO, withOUT waiting to use them only in defence and/or as counter-replies !!!

I mean is it hard to predict what tamilnut is gonna say in the coming days??

it is clear that LTTE supporters in Toronto pushed kids to the front to save themselves from police officers' actions POST IT NOW on the and GET IT on the major news sites! there are videos and enough pics on the web to support it... use the story RIGHT now as it happens!!!

boyrocky said...


vote against international intervention on SL war against terrorism.

LRRU said...

Guys the Biggest Damage done to us was NOT by LTTE but By NGO's.

It is confirmed that most of the Casualties to Army was capturing Earth Bunds

These Earth Bunds can NOT be built without Heavy Earth Moving Vehicles. It takes ages to do my man power.

Earth Moving equipment can NOT be easily smuglled like arms as can not be dismantled and quite heavy to carry in trawlers etc

The Earth Moving equipment was given to LTTE by NGO's....later they nicely said they were taken by LTTE by Force

So ; these NGO's should pay for the lives lost on earth bunds

Apino Dannachess said...


Good Article

Chinese billions in Sri Lanka fund battle against Tamil Tigers


ඉයන් said...

Saman said

I know you are a die hard UNPr. But you got be satisfied with that ;-).

You know what. I am now ashamed of the party. RW going to Nordic at this crucial time is treacherous. Only the other day I was thinking MR should use RW's good contacts with the west to get SL more support. If he utters anything there against the war in that trip I think he will lose the votes of the party members. He will certainly lose mine.

Apino Dannachess said...


Those who have contacts to MOD, needs to highlight that our current Army Spoke person is failing miserably when talking to foreign media...mumbles ...and cannot even complete a simple sentence...

While he may be good official he is definitely not a good spokesperson to represent SL.

Same can be said about our FM and most of people in SL missions overseas.

We need to have the best to counter the Slave-traders and the LTTE supporters.

booboo said...

Finally, 59 Div in action

[59 Div cross over LTTE built earth bund at Wadduvakal: capture 300m of territory]

Nandana said...

59th Division crossed the nanthikandal lagoon and entered the sourthern boundary of the no fire zone sri lankan television reported about 30 minutes ago.
Rupavahini and ITN breaking news

Waru said...

59 Div cross over LTTE built earth bund at Wadduvakal: capture 300m of territory

The 59 Division troops led by Brigadier Prasanna Silva have stepped-up into the on-going hostage rescue operation, with initial advances made by 6 SLLI and 12 SLLI infantrymen crossing the LTTE constructed earth bund cum ditch North of the Wadduvakal causeway, early this morning (May 12).

According to latest military reports, the initial forward military thrust was followed by the induction of Special Forces resulting in a rapid wipe-out of the remaining terrorist resistance in the area. Troops have advanced 300m further into LTTE defences after consolidating positions at the Wadduvakal causeway, military said.

More information will follow...

Nandana said...

the 59 division crossed the nanthikandal lagoon and advanced up to the sourthern boundary of the no fire zone in the morning and they are consolidating the area according to Amal Samantha of Rupavahini

ඉයන් said...

With regard to the news that Prabakaran;s father came from Kerala, it is another similarity with Adolf Hitler who is an Austrian and took over germany and killed milions.

Ananda-USA said...

Pierre said...

[ LTTE has been crafty in getting most of these media organisations like BBC, Aljaz,ITN (not local) on their payroll. ]

OK. So, why are we not getting some of these guys on our payroll?

Surely, if there is Sufficient Oil to Grease the Skids, we can even get some NGOs and INGOs committed to supporting our cause. It seems TRUTH has nothing to do with any of this; only whether there is MONEY in it!

Just hang some ripe Waraka above the head of the monkey judge, before the judge delivers the sentence! When MONEY talks; decisions WALK! LoL!

Spearhead said...

I've written to MOD about 30 times now, telling them we need better military spokesmen to handle major foreign journalists/news channels... even wrote to gota's email address several times...
what else can one do, I don't know...
It's frustrating, well spoken articulate spokesmen can make such a difference...i can't believe MOD doesn't care!

dsk said...

tim u said,
A govt that has been indiscriminately shelling what itself defined as Safe Zone,
as we heard gov is not using shells,so civillians must be shot,not shelled.furthermore kindly give us ur source?
u might also care to explain what happened to the bodies?are the burried?cremated?rotting on the ground?what were their names?(say the LTTE is counting the bodies,then they must have their names too right?)
"A true Buddhist will admit to the sins , not lie about it."
for ur information there are sinhalese catholics,muslim islamists,christian burghers,hindu tamils in this country and reading this blog.this statement is a trademark of pro LTTE diasspora

Spearhead said...

TamilNut gearing up for garbage, guys:


hemantha said...

Troops of 59 Division Capture Wadduvakal Bridge (video news)

click here.

Unknown said...

This is regarding the milibands comments on BBC. ( you can watch )

They shamelessly claim there is a humanitarian crisis here in SL after even visiting to those camps and having had talks with the people. We say ,US or UN needn't worry about Sri Lanka. We can solve our problems as well as protect our people . The best they could do at the moment is to mind their own business . What right do they have to talk about humanitarian issues or whatever in Sri Lanka any way?
Sri Lankan troops die everyday in hundreds trying to save the country, only because the international community have pressurized GoSL to stop using heavy weaponry ,but LTTE is freely using them against troops of GoSL ,as well as on innocent civilians.
It is funny that UN is so worried about Sri Lanka , arn't they worried about the bloodbath the US did in Afghanistan ? that also "by Mistake". What a mistake to do with all these advance technologies. Those bastards have used white phosphorus against innocent civilians.Arn't usage of such kind of Weaponry is banned as per Int. Laws? On the other hand if the US and west EU is so worried about Tamil civilians in north , why aren't they coming forward to send aid. Innocent Sinhalese civil people in south do the collections from their salaries to feed those people and give them shelter and some cloths everyday. UN / US or West EU haven't done much so far except for the big talks .

LRRU said...

An old interview but still can enjoy

Gota's Strait honest & openness is a lesson for passive hipocratic dimplomacy

Nilambare said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thusitha said...

Spearhead said...
GOSL needs to publish counter propaganda statements even BEFORE the ltte/tamilnut propaganda STARTS!!!
Really, they should've anticipated this crap about 378 dying etc etc and posted that ltte is killing civilians even BEFORE tamilnut could post their lies, and GOSL should start RIGHT NOW, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THEY HAVE ABOUT PROOF OF LTTE SHOOTING CIVILIANS ETC, AS THEY GET THE INFO, withOUT waiting to use them only in defence and/or as counter-replies !!!

I mean is it hard to predict what tamilnut is gonna say in the coming days??

it is clear that LTTE supporters in Toronto pushed kids to the front to save themselves from police officers' actions POST IT NOW on the and GET IT on the major news sites! there are videos and enough pics on the web to support it... use the story RIGHT now as it happens!!!

Totally agree. I think our defence guys are doing excellent job. I don't think there is a web site comparable to this in the world. But only thing is we are a bit slow. We need to anticipate and act. Should not wait. If we don't have info, write about it any ways and say we are waiting for the videos, sound clips e.t.c. Publish it anyway and give it to the media.

One of the best ones is taking children to the Canadian highway. We can get quite a lot of propaganda from that one. That was an appalling thing to do. We should remind this in every interview, how LTTE supporters does not care about children. We should use this the same way Haward government used Children overboard affair.

I also have a really good propaganda Idea. But can't publish it here. If there is some people who are SL propaganda here, I would email it.

Nilambare said...

Pierre said...
Seen Defence Secretary's interview by Aljazeera.
Pierre bro,

Have you got the link?

Moshe Dyan said...

hemantha, frmdarock, amila,

yes, subject to those constraints we should do the MAXIMUM to cripple LTTE int inc.

the long term frustration project is a MUST too.

Ananda-USA said...

Saman said..

[ I know an aboriginal elder whose clan were the owners of the land where I live. ]

Classical aerodynamics predicts BEYOND DISPUTE that birds can't fly, and passive boomerangs can't return.

So, trot-in our experts after they are back from the walk-about... experiments always trump theory.

Hooray for the aboriginal clan elders!

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet's cheap lies,

"Sri Lanka Army (SLA) fired artillery shells killing at least 47 civilians, patients and the Administrative Officer K. Tharmakulasingam ..............................
Medical Superintendent Dr. Shanmugarajah and his family narrowly escaped from the attack."

LTTE killed the USELESS administrative officer (he cannot cure wounded tigers) BUT spared the USEFUL doctor!!marvelous!

in these so called attacks on hospitals NO or VERY VERY FEW doctors have died!!

incredible. shells avoid doctors.

Thusitha said...

SLA attacks hospital, 47 massacred

Medical Superintendent Dr. Shanmugarajah and his family narrowly escaped from the attack.

How the hell is this guy keep on escaping when every one around him is dyeing. Hopefully he will be tried for treason when we capture the fuck***

I think there would be one more propaganda drive by Tamil Net soon.

Ananda-USA said...

CNN News Poll:

Yes 53%
No 47%

Ape' Kollantai & Kellantai Jayawewa!

Let us KICK ASS HERE! Just a Wee bit More!

LRRU said...

59 Div cross over LTTE built earth bund at Wadduvakal : capture 300m of territory

The 59 Division troops led by Brigadier Prasanna Silva have stepped-up into the on-going hostage rescue operation, with initial advances made by 6 SLLI and 12 SLLI infantrymen crossing the LTTE constructed earth bund cum ditch North of the Wadduvakal causeway, early this morning (May 12).

According to latest military reports, the initial forward military thrust was followed by the induction of Special Forces resulting in a rapid wipe-out of the remaining terrorist resistance in the area. Troops have advanced 300m further into LTTE defences after consolidating positions at the Wadduvakal causeway, military said.

The capture of the causeway and adjacent territory is of immense tactical importance considering context of the ground situation, a defence observer said adding that this would inevitably open-up another alternative escape routes for the civilian held hostage by LTTE terrorists.

Meanwhile, three LTTE suicide bombers hiding inside underground bunkers have blown themselves as advancing 58 Division troops closed-in on them. At least 10 terrorists were killed and several soldiers injured due to the explosions, security forces further said. The injured soldiers were evacuated for medical treatment, according to military.

Furthermore, 58 Div troops have uncovered 25 slain LTTE bodies, 20 T-56 assault riffles, 01 LMG assault gun and an I-com set following hours of fierce fighting ensued in general area Karayanmullivaikkal.

More information will follow...

booboo said...

This government doctor did more damage than VP. He is the new LTTE spokesmen after Rasaiya.

Thusitha said...

Moshe Dyan said...
toiletnet's cheap lies,

Moshe, you are thinking along the same lines as I.

I hope we would some how manage to find the charred body of this doctor when we enter the NFZ. I mean he seem to be the type of the guy who would self immolate.

Thusitha said...

Ananda-USA said...
Saman said..

[ I know an aboriginal elder whose clan were the owners of the land where I live. ]

Classical aerodynamics predicts BEYOND DISPUTE that birds can't fly, and passive boomerangs can't return.

So, trot-in our experts after they are back from the walk-about... experiments always trump theory.

Hooray for the aboriginal clan elders!

Haha, there is a way to trick the system. But can't give it here. It is manual, and takes 15 seconds to do it, but allows repeated voting. Most probably should be able to programme it as well.

Spearhead said...

YAY. Ananda-USA : That's excellent news !!!!

I mailed that link (CNN poll) to every SL relative/friend I know...


CAN SOME ONE CONTACT SLP and see if perhaps THEY can get that news on to the media? Regular Canadians are already noticing it!

@THUSITA: thanks for acknowledging my previous post, mate!

Spearhead said...

I am emailing gota and MOD about publishing that story about the latest LTTE rally in Toronto!

Please feel free to cut/paste my post about what to do to PRE-counter LTTE propaganda and use the FEEDBACK form of the MOD wensite and email/write MOD; if a lot of us bombard (hehe) them with the same email with the SAME suggestion on using that story for PR, i am sure some dude/dudette @ MOD will wake up and do it .


PLEASE DO THIS, GUYS. We need to give the PR dudes @ SL-MOD a tiny kick in the butt, to spur them on!!!!

U know Who! said...


If LTTE leadership is planning to flee at the last moment; they have to do it tonight. They may make a dash! Their last opportunity to escape is today, if they are planning on one.

I hope that SLN, SLAF and SLA are ready!!

Also, by tomorrow dusk we may hear the good news!!!

Thusitha said...

The hospital hit has gone to BBC. Can't the army find out the location of the hospital and show that it has not been hit from UAV photos? They say it was hit by a single shell. If we can't, we should find out why the doctors are alive, when the hospital keep on getting shelled.
The only problem with this question is they would kill the doctors just to get the propaganda out of it.

LRRU said...

guys don't U think that LTTE is also fully aware about the upcoming onslaught.....its quite obviouse.... but their silence shows that they are upto a plan as well.......remember LTTE is good in making suprises unless SF has a totally defferent Suprise than we ever thought of........mmmm ,,,mmmm...mmmmm....can not think of any ....

Spearhead said...

shit; as can be expected it's on the damn front page too! LOL; it's amazing how childish the conduct of BBC is...
GOSL should really put out an OFFICIAL statement condemning the BBC in the highest degree possible !!

at least it mentioned the GOSL suggests that statements from the "doctors" can be fake...

LRRU said...

Also "LTTE has Nothing to LOOSE" but "GOSL CAN NOT LOOSE" seems dangerouse from both ends

U know Who! said...

This whole fricking ealam struggle is lies and damn lies nothing but lies. So, it is not a surprise at the last moment biggest and desperate attempts will make.

Do not worry stay cool to see the final fire works!

LRRU said...

Also Don't U think KP would be happy to see Prabha's End so could enjoy all the Money ......if VP is their he will have to share....Food for thought

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

CNN poll is at 50-50 now.

Harsh said...

anybody knows 59 movement

U know Who! said...


When I first vote in the morning it was 93 to 7%. I have done my job many times during last 10 hours, soon it will be no! and no!!

leyland said...

It appears that the BBC has officially taken over the role of tnut!! hic!

booboo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


yes; he will do it over tamil elam at the grand finale with a MASSIVE media coverage!!

Spearhead said...

well done, booboo ;)

U know Who! said...

Hang on guys for few more hours; curtains are closing!

End will be swift but info will take couple of days as SLG will not reveal all at once!!

This is it; what we were waiting for nearly 30 years!!!

U know Who! said...


yes 49%
No 51%

We did it, thanks boys and girls!

Spearhead said...

keep the CNN vote going SL way, guys...
need to get a good lead before relaxing...

i really really hope you;re right in your prediction..

booboo said...

me welaawe Canada koti tika budi. Un heta nagitala chande denna kalin wade denna.

LRRU said...

Guys, BBC have your say team Never publish my comments......for the last 9 years

U know Who! said...

It seems, tigers are running wild inside NFZ with their tails hidden between legs. Those Tamil terrorists who thought they can fight learned the lesson in hard way for next 200 years.

Huh Huh Ha Ha

Where is f**king Rama, Rawana did the job; all monkeys are running in disarray!!

Gents, SL boys have rewritten Ramayanaya! Splendid job!!

Thank you MR, GR, SF!!!

Thusitha said...

booboo said...
machanla, mama hora chanda 3 k damma cnn poll ekata.

can you please delete your comment.

Spearhead said...

yeah probably best; don't want to cause a bubu ;)

Ananda-USA said...

LTTE Money May Get VAIKO Elected!


[ Vaiko ahead of the restGokul Vannan
May 12, 2009

VIRUDHUNAGAR: If there is one candidate whose popularity cuts across caste and communual lines in each an every Assembly segment of Virudhunagar Lok Sabha constituency, it is MDMK founder, Vaiko.

Ranging from industrialists to industrial labourers to small farmers, every socio-economic segment see his a leader worth representing them in Parliament. ‘Can you show me any other leader in the State who can address our problem as effectively as Vaiko’ asks Karupayyan, a 63 year-old man from the constituency. Through his eloquence, Vaiko has already captured the voters’ imagination as the saviour of Sri Lankan Tamils. His image as a champion of the cause since 1970s has also helped him. ‘I have heard his speech as a student of VOC College, Tuticorin, highlighting the Eelam Tamils problem in 1977. Even today, despite facing so many problems from the Government for his support for the issue, he is continuing his fight for the cause,’’ said Sankaranarayanan, (52) a leader of Thevar Peravai, Virudhunagar district.

Apart from Vaiko’s speech, around 1.5 lakh CDs that have been distributed by organisations supporting Sri Lankan Tamil has swung the voters in Vaiko’s favour. ‘Even I am a DMK supporter but I will not vote for the Congress, which is helping the Sri Lankan Government to kill Tamils,’’ said a Government employee. Besides the Lankan issue, on which the other two major candidates, Manik Tagore of the Congress and DMDK’s K Pandia Rajan are silent.

Even caste arithmetic is in Vaiko’s favour. Mukulathurs will vote for him as he is in the side of AIADMK and Nayakars will mostly favour him. Even if AINMK leader, actor Karthick, cuts into the Mukulathur votes, the loss will not exceed 20 per cent. ]

booboo said...

Thusitha, OK mama makuwa.
But they will find the method.

Un army eke pituwatath keliya eke oka echchara wadak newi

Thusitha said...


Are you still sure that U.S. want Sonia to win, and that is why U.S. is pressuring us? If this is the case, why is BBC and CNN is putting so much news to Stir things up? CNN is pro Obama and I am sure if Obama team put a word, they wouldn't be going so hard on us.

Spearhead said...

Need to finish the job BEFORE elections are done/decisions made...

Need to finish it now, strike while the iron is hot, etc etc ...

Seems like SF have a good momentum going, just keep on going, and wipe the rest out

Yogananthan B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Troops of 59 Division Capture Wadduvakal Bridge

Great news...!

Valiant effort

Great! Really Great!

Yogananthan B said...

Dear Wijayapala (Taraki),

Seems that you prefer to be called kallathoni by Sinhalese than by Tamils, because you are not even Tamil but a Sinhala pretending to be Tamil.I don't know what has got on to you. You are insane. How many times do I have to tell you that this is your pretending problem not mine.

You go to Tamil majority webs in a Tamil name and Singhala websites as a Singhalese.

I don't believe in name calling people just because they belong to a particular race. This further justifies that you are a racist. You know "kallathoni" is a Tamil word not a Singhalese word.

You and your Vellalar mentality. This is what destroyed your racist Vellalars. At least now learn not to call people "kallathoni". It shows your drawbacks.

Ask your UTHR clowns to talk about human rights of upcountry Tamils, Singhalese and Muslims like northern Tamils. I bet you can't and they can't.

Spearhead said...

Gonna go sleep for a few hrs
I am uh, in a different time zone than SL time. back in a few hrs.

Keep this alive guys! don't let this thread get sleepy!

frackster said...

need to start a poll on the CNN site asking if ppl should pressure USA to offer a ceasefire with Al queda ?? like how it pressures Sri lanka...

we could use the result of this poll to showcase the Hypocrisy. we should get into CNN blogs and ask the same question ....

just a thought !!!!

Ananda-USA said...


According to the \report below, 59Div has linked up with 53Div on the Western Side of the NFZ, along the Nanthi Kadal Lagoon. Thsat means the NFZ is surrounded on North, West, and South sides by our troops, and is open to the Sea on the East.

If evacuation of wounded by ICRC is not a continuing consideration, we may soon see 58Div linking up with 59Div on that side too.

Does anybody know whether the heavy guns the LTTE installed on the beached ship Farah III were destroyed by the SLN or the SLAF?

[ All Troops Poised to Finally Clear ‘New Safety Zone’, May 12, 2009

MULLAITTIVU: INFANTRY troops of the 53, 58 and 59 Divisions, now actively involved in the final phase of the rescue operation during the wee hours on Tuesday (12) closed in on the boundaries at the “New Safety Zone”.

After risky night movements, the 58 Division troops hugged the northern boundary of the “New Safety Zone” (NSZ) following intense overnight fighting which, saw Tiger terrorists fall one by one, unable to face small arms fire of the troops.
As the first light struck, troops collected twenty five dead Tigers, twenty T-56 weapons, one LMG (Light Machine Gun) and one I-com radio set from the area where pitched battles took place.

Meanwhile, 59 Division troops broke off their positions and crossed the NANTHI KADAL lagoon and advanced nearly 300 metres towards the southern end of the “New Safety Zone” to link with 53 Division troops, remained deployed along the western boundary of the “New Safety Zone”.

The 59 Division troops formed an extended defence line around the southern end of the “New Safety Zone” covering the entire NANTHI KADAL lagoon and the surrounding sea beach.

Fighting still rages on in the area. ]

Dumindak said...

CNN poll

Now 48% to 52%

well done

Spearhead said... doesn't work...
any ideas why?

Ananda-USA said...

frackster said....

[ need to start a poll on the CNN site asking if ppl should pressure USA to offer a ceasefire with Al queda ]

Good idea!

Or a for the Pakistan Army to offer a ceasefire to the Taliban!

Can the public initiate such polls at CNN?

Ananda-USA said...

Spearhead, works OK for me. Reload the webpage, or check you connection.

U know Who! said...


It is probably updating latest news.

Hang tight, good news is about to come!

I have a feeling, it may end tonight!!

But, info will come only in Thursday!!! That also only a part, not fully!!!!

kotiwaenasewa said...

Thusitha, Baboo,

Machangla apitath kiyamuko hora chanda dana heti. Honda Sinhala wachana dala kiyapan.

Demuko wedei. Heta udenma koti negitala chande danawa. Ita issella api denna one kudu pattang wenna.

CNN huththita tharu penewi meka dekala.

frackster said...

hi ananda ..
i'm not a computer savvy person was hoping that someone could take it over .....

Anyway... right now the Canadian ltte ppl are sleeping.... :) so this poll will go haywire once they wake up !! and starts doing the same thing we do now...

booboo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gtic said...

Y-47% / N-53% :)

Ananda-USA said...

Thusitha said...

[ If this is the case, why is BBC and CNN is putting so much news to Stir things up? ]

Yes, I do...they want Congress to win desperately.

BBC and CNN is not the US Govt. Individual journalists can be bought; News media have been infiltrated by pro-LTTE employees over a long period of time, and they like people who FEED THEM NEW STORIES to keep their jobs alive.

This is something that the GOSL should do as well. The GOSL should allocate a BUDGET for this kind of activity, and develop relationships with major news media journalists focusing on South Asia. The GOSL should feed them news scoops a little bit in advance so they get exclusive stories to publish, plus a few perks like paid vists to SL. These things are central to their job performance and salary increases, and they will fall in line NICELY!

Ananda-USA said...

Podi Lamai,

Apey "booboo" sahodaraya visthara karapu suukshma vidhiyata, webadaviye ethihasaya nathi karala, api me' chande' anupahakata vithara ehalata ussamu!

Habai, hetath api ekata aha gahagena immu!

Thusitha said...

Ananda-USA said...
Podi Lamai,

Apey "booboo" sahodaraya visthara karapu suukshma vidhiyata, webadaviye ethihasaya nathi karala, api me' chande' anupahakata vithara ehalata ussamu!

Habai, hetath api ekata aha gahagena immu!

Haha. I wish booboo would send individual emails instead of publishing the system here. The problem is every one would know this. There is no point writing in Sinhalese. That is why I didn't publish it.

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