Thursday, May 20, 2010

Remember Forever!

Dear readers,

It was on the night of the 19th and dawn on the 20th one year ago that Sri Lanka rid itself completely of the plague known as terrorism and became a country where there is freedom of movement for all. One right at a time!

Let us remember those that gave their lives to make this a reality and remember all the misguided LTTE youth with compassion.

Thank you,

DW Team


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Sam Perera said...

Fear not my brother, we will never forget. We will always remember he great Sri Lankan heroes who sacrificed their lives to defend my homeland.

Moshe Dyan said...



it was SLDFs and their firepower that brought peace to SL, not politicians and their political solutions.

we will be called upon to face SIMILAR challenges in future and we should NEVER forget our heroes in uniform and their heroic methods of bringing peace.

today there is true peace in the country, not like during the bullshit CFA time when NOT REPORTING riots, killings, sinking ships, etc. was called peace.

we deserve to be triumphalistic and tamil-elamists should be plagued by this UNPALATABLE defeat.

the winner takes it all and the LOSER MUST FALL.

hopefully a mass ethnic integration scheme in war torn areas will soon commence whereby the war ravaged area will be healed with multiethnic recolonization leading to peace, prosperity, defeat of racism in politics and victory to SL at the expense of TE claims.

for SL to reclaim what rightfully belongs to SL, ALL TE constructions and other bullshit MUST be erased. otherwise in another 100 years some jokers will try to reestablish the 1985-2009 chol(er)a empire of kilinochchi.

Jay said...

Hiya folks!

Its been a long time.

interesting article by The Elders

Also published in the UK Guardian

Unknown said...

It is very easy to handle channel 4 case. We should attack the very base of news channal using its own weakness or requirements.
All the TV channels are making money from advertisements and immediately, GOSL tourism promotion dept (better if it a outside organization) should talk to Channel 4 to advertise "small miracle" sorts of things in channel 4.

They start to loose the credibility of their bullshit against SL... Tamil coolies go nuts...
Imagine the effect....

bIjJa said...

War was won by patriotic foot soldiers and few true heroes lead them from the front line. It is politically incorrect to honor the true Sri Lankan hero Sarath Fonseka for his contribution since what he has done since then have become a liability.

When our foot soldiers are sacrificing their lives, the leadership fought within themselves to share and profit from the glory.

The selfish people in Sri Lanka will soon forget those who sacrificed their lives to save all of us from Terrorists.

bIjJa said...

Today most of us travel freely across Sri Lanka without fear of a random bomb being exploded. Perhaps today Sri Lankans are the happiest people ever lived during last few decades.

We shouldn't celebrate just the victory without thinking about how our own foolishness got us there in the first place.

We should remember this day as the day we reversed our own mistakes.

Having said that, there are some concerns to the next stage of our journey. Recent flood in Colombo and other regions indications that our lack of planning on rebuilding. We shouldn't be built or construct for the sake of short term glory. Development is not building sky scrapers and fast highways. It is building for the next 100 years without taking commissions and paying attention to our environment.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Re: C4 Video

Video shows a few armed men dressed in uniforms similar to that of used by some men in SLA executing a few men. How many possibilities we have?

1. SLA men killing tamils as C4 said with orders from top
2. SLA men killing tamils as C4 said without orders from top
3. LTTE men wearing SLA uniforms killing tamil traitors / prisoners
4. LTTE men wearing SLA uniforms killing Sinhala men / captured SLA troops
5. LTTE actors showing a drama/ movie

Further un-answered questions..

1. Why C4 don’t give names/ identification numbers of alleged soldiers?
2. Why C4 don’t disclose location and date/time incident alleged incident happened?
3. Why C4 don’t disclose how they get the video/ source?
4. Why C4 don’t give a proof that the video is not fake and not intended to disgrace SL?
5. Why C4 don’t take legal actions against murders if they have evidence (personally working with UK/int. authorities?)

Re: New C4 mud release

As DW said new mud release from C4 may be based on two cases.

1. Some two SLA men truly talked to C4 in which case
(a) Such people refer killing all LTTE terrorists not all tamils
(b) C4 twist it to killing all tamils in which case officers have not done their job/ followed orders (instead they have done the opposite)
(c) C4 should reveal their names
(d) GSL/SLA should take action required regarding talking to foreign media without permission

2. No such persons talked to C4 and whole thing is made up.

I don’t know what GSL should do/ should not do in this regard. However it should be much easier and clear for C4 if they just say the truth instead of mud slinging campaigns.

We like LTTE, their di-ass-pora is our friends. We believe what they say. Well, even though you GSL killed our friend VP our di-ass-pora friend are still with us. We don’t believe what GSL say. By default GSL/SLA is lying all the time 100% while LTTE says 100% truth all the time. Further, when our leaders ordered to stop the war and negotiate with LTTE how come you little brown people disobey our leaders and us? Do you think we are going to forget about that? We hate you. We know you GSL is planning massive V-Day celebration. (Forgot to check weather.) So we also planned new round of mud slinging. Do you GR think we forget how you deported us from SL? Now here is the return. We will release another fake evidence Nov 18 and another one on next May 18 for next few years (until UNP comes to power.) Do we care any fckuing war crime happened or not OR these real tamil civilians get killed or not OR they get facilities or not? Of course not. We just need to have mental pleasure and avoid sadness of defeat of LTTE. SO we pretend as champions of genius journalists and release all the fake news.

londonistan said...

Jaya Weva!!!!!!! Remembering last year, sends a shiver up my spine and a sense of undeminishing pride for my motherland and its people - Long Live Sri Lanka, and its glorious people!

bIjJa said...

Nice to see intelligence is growing among ex(pired) patriots.

I still can't fathom building a think tank (hithana tankiya) by a group of arrogant and insecure semi-intellectuals.

I however give them full credit for trying.

[Moshe Dyan said...


no disrespect for anyone. i find it difficult to bring myself to think priyasantha (who is a patriotic blogger no doubt) would CONTRIBUTE TO POLICY matters.

i may be wrong.]

bIjJa said...

Let me ask a difficult question from everyone including DW.

Should Sarath Fonseka be in prison?
Is he there since we want to protect someone else?

bIjJa said...

Ex(pired) patriot's Hithana Tankiya says

[This site is under development
This is a default template, indicating that the webmaster has not yet uploaded a Web site to the server.

For information on how to build or upload a site, please visit your web hosting company's site. ]

Aiyo, tankiye hilakda?

Fonseka 2010 said...

Our leader ass fecked by sailors on this special day. every day. jeywewa/

bIjJa said...


Ananda-USA said...

Welcome to one and only Sri Lankan think tank.

We are taking DefenceWire to the next level.

The idea box is kind of dry right now, please visit us in few years.

TigerKiller said...

Jaya Wewa

Ananda-USA said...

Traitor of our nation, let's white van him:

Sri Lanka cricket body 'corrupt' - minister

COLOMBO — The governing body for cricket in Sri Lanka is the island nation's third-most dishonest institution, the country's new sports minister said on Monday.

"The first and second are education and police. Sri Lanka Cricket is the third-most corrupt institution in the country," minister Chandrasiri Bandara Ratnayake told reporters in Colombo.

Hooligan said...


CEPA agreement.

Deafening silence from Mr Basil(10%) Rajapakse the Economic Development Minister. The very same man who ran to India on a click of the finger tips.

*nudge nudge wink wink say no more!*

aka Jay

SLWATCH said...

Defencewire, we miss your regular analyses. May be a good idea to keep writing about the current war against the diaspora, INGOs and 'western Democracies.' In some ways this group is a more dangerous enemy; one that cannot be seen.

Hooligan said...

Two Economist issues held by Sri Lanka customs

Ofcourse there has never media censorship.
Talk about shooting one self in the foot!

Hooligan said...

How come Mr Basil (10%) Rajapakse did'nt go to India?

The instigator of the "Indian Affairs" sidelined.

or is it "Heir" Namal bowled a doosra?

Hooligan said...

Sri Lanka threatens to execute General Sarath Fonseka

A striking resemblance, sounds and mannerisms very much like Chemical Ali.

He is mad to give any interviews.

Hooligan said...

India stance..

CEPA agreement (Parripu invasion) or else we dont support SL on any HR issues.(maybe release a few Sat
pics to jog ones memory)

Take your pick.

btw. Sri Lanka Cricket team cannot test tour Aus, SA or Eng without Cricket India rubber stamping.
India looked after you ($$$) why do you need to tour out of sub continent/ Zimb, BD, PK, NZ and India.

Sports Minister states SL Cricket 3rd worst corrupt (left out politicians) and still retained the old order.

You can only hold high office if you are corrupt and clever at it.
PB Jayasundara Sajin Vaas, Nivrad Cabraal to name a few.

Hooligan said...

Whose benefit?

Rajaratasurfer said...


My kudos to all fought the damn ltte, also my condolences to those brave & innocent who gave their lives for freedom.DW mates.....we never must forget what happened to Afghanistan after the Russians left...damn Taliban came & brought their stepchild Osama ! Govt. must eradicate ltte in any budding stages ! US Tamil diaspora are bragging abt. ltte second coming in Northern Sri Lanka ! Not making this up fellas & they are serious abt. it too. Govt. MUST eliminate any attempts by Ltte to regroup ! Its happened before...let history be a lesson ! Good Luck my fellow Lankans ! Aloha !

Ananda-USA said...

Nation with corruption is king and no one is being arrested for that, I don't really care about kissing in public. We have ton of tangled up dogs (balu puuttu) in public to worry about instead.

Sri Lankan police arrest couples for kissing

By Andrew Buncombe, Asia Correspondent

Friday, 11 June 2010
The beautiful island of Sri Lanka, for many years a choice destination for honeymooners and other seekers of romance, appears to have grown weary of affection, at least of the domestic variety.

In recent days, hundreds of young people have been rounded up by police for kissing in public. Apparently following-up on complaints that the amorous couples were causing an embarrassment to others, police stepped in and enforced the "no-smooching" rule. So far, around 200 couples have been detained by police in the districts of Matara and Kurunegala over the past two weeks.

"We have taken them into custody for indecent behaviour at a public place," police spokesman Prashantha Jayakody, told the Agence France-Presse. "Usually we free them after informing their parents. Charges are not pressed."

Compared to some parts of south Asia, Sri Lanka, which has a Buddhist majority, is not as strict about displays of affection between couples – except for the more rural and remote parts of the country.

With last year's conclusion of a long-running civil war, the authorities are also keen to build an image of Sri Lanka as an easy, relaxed place for visitors. But police said that many of those who were detained in the recent swoops were still of school age and they felt obliged to act.

Local residents in Matara, a south coast resort popular with tourists, said young couples often acted intimately on the beaches as they did not have their own homes and could not afford to go to a hotel. The town reportedly has a large student population.

While the couples in the central district of Kurunegala have been released, around 22 young people from Matara are due to appear in court later today, where they will be dealt with by a magistrate.

This is not the first time, however, that Sri Lankan police have stepped in to have words with the overly-affectionate. They have also been known to occasionally round up so-called "umbrella lovers" who shelter under parasols in the sun along the coastal promenade in the capital, Colombo.

Moshe Dyan said...

Trivia Time

Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?

Hiranthe said...


Thank you for still keeping things live...

One year on, we have seen so many development in providing housing etc for our war heroes...

Are there any spiritual healing taking place in terms of "Seela whaparaya" and Meditation programmes?

Can we suggest all leading Buddhist monks / monastries who teaches meditations to provide free resident meditation programmes for Rana Viruwo's for the next few months?

The SLDF should release them with paid leave. This will eliminate any post war traumas to come...

DW and members, Can anyone take the initiative in this line please?...

"Sabba dhanan, Dhamma Dhanan Jinathi"

TropicalStorm said...

what's with the chinese dudes in this forum?

iiiiisss vellly wierd...

Moshe Dyan said...

Blogger TropicalStorm said...

what's with the chinese dudes in this forum?

iiiiisss vellly wierd...


Ha ha
Chineese take over of Sri Lanka. Didnt we warn of this when Raja unconditionally wrote off the conutry to china to get arms to fight LTTE?

Instead of LTTE, which is managble now you have a Billion Chinese to deal with.


Unknown said...

The country has become a shamble. Everything is run by Namal. If it is a openning ceremnony whether a bridge, building or toilet, Namal or Basil is there. I remeber R Premadasa's period. Hema was everywhere. Suger prices gone up. All other essencial gone up. But car taxes gone down. New private medical faculty is coming. All these signs indicate that we are heading to another disaster period. This time we will get another youth uprise like JVP or LTTE soon.

Moshe Dyan said...

Blogger Lalith said...

.............. Suger prices gone up


Gotta have some sugaar!

Moshe Dyan said...

gotta have some sugaar....................... Lalith?

Moshe Dyan said...

Trivia Time 2

Where are the ex(pert)partiates?

Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?

bIjJa said...

Article by the biggest Sinhalese ass kisser in USA.

This is how you work out to become next US ambassador.

bIjJa said...

Bijja has been duplicated.

Ela Kiri

TropicalStorm said...

25 out of 76 tamils who arrived in British Colombia, Canada are high ranking LTTE - Candian Intel.

TropicalStorm said...

Maybe the Great Leader did something for the land.

Ane one here feel like we owe it all to the Dear Leader???

TropicalStorm said...

Visited Killinochchi, Pooneryn and E'Pass areas recently.
De mining in steady progress. Heavy fire power on display, everywhere from the SLA.

Killi is a hostile and alien landscape. No one speaks Sinhala. MI still filtering out LTTE even from among settled civies. Town center becoming a shopping area.
Pooneryn is a different story. People happier without the LTTE. Will be easier to rebuild.

SLG should investt on the friendlies before thinking of the uglies. Turning the other cheek won't work with the brutes in Killi.

Moshe Dyan said...

Blogger bIjJa said...

Bijja has been duplicated.

Ela Kiri

No one dare answering bIjJa.

Not even the fake bIjJa

TropicalStorm said...

Nothing exciting happens anymore...

I almost miss gud ol' Velu..he at least had those noisemakers to toss around and make people go bang!.

Nowwwww.......just nothing. Absolutely fcking nothing.

Its sooooo boring...

Moshe Dyan said...

Blogger TropicalStorm said...

Nothing exciting happens anymore...


Why dont you answer my question.

Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?

Without dodging hard questions like any other ex(pert)partiate?

Hooligan said...

Ado Bijja why u make fun of our motherland

u diashoras r all the same worse than the colombians
the bloody colombians live atleast in SL
Ninja Turtle said
Our village boys did their job 100% perfectly. Now its time those in AC rooms, diashoras abroad, with English letters in front and back of their names to do the job, give back to the nation and show colors. Nation rescued by village boys are waiting for boru lankans left the shores
no fucking point debating in the fucking net talk talk utter bollocks till cows come home

best to join the Rajapakse band wagon and make money before jump ship again.
unethical conversion of the third kind

Moshe Dyan said...

Blogger Hooligan said...

Ado Bijja why u make fun of our motherland

u diashoras r all the same worse than the colombians


Just another arrogant ex(pert)partiate pretending to be from SL.

When you see a fault you should critisize it and correct it.

That is the duty of the real patriot.

Answer my question without beating round the bush.

Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?

Hooligan said...

Ado Bijja

Answer is the same bloody Parliament that has got corrupt, gun trotting,sex/drug addicts and murderers.
What u complaining about? peoples voted for them. They lay the fuking bed they can sleep in it.

Long live Rajapakse and his family. long may he and his family reign. Sri Lankans voted for him they deserve it.

see i dont wanna work for para sudhhas no more.
i go back to my hometown drive for big wig politico then i can become like my hero Sajin Vass G my hero

u buggers are jelous
jus talking on bloggs wokin for para suddhas and complainin

Ananda-USA said...

The village boys were brought in to the rescue of warlords of Sri Lanka first then the nation.

Those who sacrificed their lives and limbs will always be bottom scrapers while our fat politicians travel in Air Conditioned SUVs.

The diASSpora Sinhalese will always spell out the truth about fat politics while diASSpora Tamils try to trash SL.

Fonseka 2010 said...

Rajapaksa Junta and LTTE - Recipe for Disaster

The government would have us believe that the entire Tamil Diaspora is pro-LTTE. That is not the case: there are very many respected Tamil speaking Sri Lankans who have fought against all odds to preserve the sovereignty and unity of our island nation.

It pains me, then, to see the people who stood shoulder to shoulder, during the long and hard struggle, being sidelined by the government in favour of terrorist elements that were procuring arms, providing funds and protesting across world capitals.

There are talks that the former number two of the terror outfit and key arms purchaser for several decades, Kumaran Pathmanathan, would be UPFA candidate for post of Chief Minister of the Northern Province. Would the likes of Honourable Minister Douglas Devananda, who survived more than dozen attempts on his life, have to play second fiddle to the terror leader? Veteran politician and another long time promoter of united Sri Lanka, Mr Anandasangaree, has already made his feelings clear.

Last week a nine member delegation of key LTTE supporters were given a luxury tour of the North East. Meanwhile, long time campaigners in the Diaspora are in the dark about what is happening in post-war Sri Lanka.

The LTTE supporters are only speaking to the government because their former masters are dead and buried, and there is no hope in hell of them reviving another terror campaign. These are the very same people who were dancing up and down across world capitals when the humanitarian operation was in final stages; these are the people who brought terror to our beautiful island using their financial and political muscle in the West.

Unlike them, the pro-Sri Lanka campaigners in Tamil Diaspora had to work day and night amidst most brutal intimidation from LTTE elements. They have now been left in the dark.

It is worth remembering that the EU banned the LTTE as a terror outfit following a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report entitled Funding the Final War. Banning of the LTTE by EU starved the group of millions of dollars and that stopped new arms purchases. More than 80 brave members of the Diaspora put their lives on the line by providing this evidence to HRW. These brave men and women who were constantly harassed by pro-LTTE elements, have now kept at bay by the government. Their tormentors, however, are offered luxury guided tours across Sri Lanka.

This sad state of affairs must be brought to an immediate end. People who worked with team Sri Lanka to end terrorism must see fruits of their labour. It is adding insult to injury when the government parades senior LTTE campaigners as leaders of development, despite the very same people being the ones who wrecked the entire island for more than 30 years.

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hooligan said...

Ado Bilja u forget ney
the bloody fellows voted them in.
so u gotta smile, shake your head from side to side and curse no?

machang, if i had a green card, US or Aus passport who cares
like Basil,Kohona,Gota, MS and de like i laughin no?
create the shit and bugger off
laughin all de way
Good scene no?

Moshe Dyan said...

Blogger Hooligan said...

machang, if i had a green card, US or Aus passport who cares
like Basil,Kohona,Gota, MS and de like i laughin no?
machang you forgot one more guy. SF, the biggest mischief maker.

All these greed card holders are fighting for the spoils of victroy, leaving the real citizens aside.

MR and the green card hang are trying to hold on to the riches by alienating powerful countries and refusing their help like GSP+.

While SF green card monkey is trying to betray MR and the whole country to the war crimes giletine and have the riches for himslef.

Something wrong with the green card or the water in America i suppose.

Hooligan said...

i think i got all the qaulifications to become a politician
I can lie very well no?
so thats good
Mervyn aiya is a good friend of neigbor family bro in law shit
i can get connections no
thats how u do it
go hit some moda fucker in Siresa
and u set for life wit Mervyn aiya.
mara fellow he is
easy no?

Moshe Dyan said...

Trivia time.

Which parliment in the world has a sex offender running for election?

ex(pert)partiates need a clue?

mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!! said...

bIjJa=Ex(pired)patriate=Hooligan= Partos of Pakisland

You are still on a roll. But its better to shed your fake identities and come out in your origianl parots of pakisland identity.

You will send the chen boys crying for their mama.

Hooligan said...

Bhairav i love you man

Y u wanna see me naked
r u that way inclined?

Ananda-USA said...

[Sri Lanka Cricket on Sunday barred its players from participating in overseas domestic leagues including Australia's Big Bash until the World Cup next year.]

There goes the opportunity for the poor guy to make a buck. Perhaps we should encourage them to join and steal from the government.

Are we becoming another Cuba?

Ananda-USA said...

SL defense forum has becoming a self brainwashing site kind of like Tamilnut.

Prabha culture is being replaced by another.

Don't believe me?
Try writing against Sam and Ananda and see.

The Sri Lanka these nuts trying to portray is not the lanka I am living in.

Moshe Dyan said...

Trivia time.

Which parliment in the world has a sex offender running for election?

ex(pert)partiates need a clue?

Moshe Dyan said...

Ha ha .... the bold patrots seems to vanish when I pose a simple question here.

Whats the matter ex(pert)partiates? Cant face the truth?

I will ask them again.

1. Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?

2. Which parliment in the world has a sex offender running for election?

Hooligan said...

Ado Blija

the same bloody parliament that has a Minister who instigates hostage taking and attacks diplomatic missions.

Weera Monkey is a bloody joker

Moshe Dyan said...

Blogger Hooligan said...

Ado Blija

the same bloody parliament that has a Minister who instigates hostage taking and attacks diplomatic missions.


trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........wrong answer.
Typical ex(pert)partiate

Here is a clue

Try to see if James Brown can trigger your small brain.

Ananda-USA said...

Please don't sign the petition below for implementing private universities in Sri Lanka.

It is difficult to run a country when people are so smart and private universities will do just that.

Let's keep all universities in Sri Lanka part of the government.

- Regional JVP leadership.

Miss Information said...

bIjJa said...

Answer my question without beating round the bush.

Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?


Duh... you do realise that the Americans do not use a parliamentary system right?

If you are going to keep asking the same stupid question it would help if you had a clue about what you were asking to start with.


Meanwhile, DefenseWire has proclaimed that "Sri Lanka rid itself completely of the plague known as terrorism and became a country where there is freedom of movement for all".

Funny that. Are the people still in the internment camps enjoying this freedom of movement?

While we are at it if things are so safe why does the war criminal/traitor/GoSL minister Karuna still need his private militia and why does MR and his gang need massive security details everywhere they go? Perhaps it is in case all of those beggars who are really LTTE sleeper agents have them so scared!!!

Yes, it is proper to give thanks and respect to those who sacrificed so much to eradicate the LTTE thugs who got what they deserved but their sacrifices are being insulted by the MR regime as they turn the country into a Chinese colony while stuffing the family pockets for generations to come.


As a last note I point out that the gutless and morally vacuous dim bulbs at SLDF are back to removing my posts... funny how thin skinned so many of you tough guys are.



Moshe Dyan said...

Blogger Miss Information said...

bIjJa said...

Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?


Duh... you do realise that the Americans do not use a parliamentary system right?


Another stupid expatriate.

Parliament system is one thing the French term parliament meaning legislative body is another thing.

If the division is so distinct as you say why do they have a senate parliamentarian?

Answer my questions without beating round the bush, like another typical expatriate.

I will ask them again.

1. Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?

2. Which parliament in the world has a sex offender running for election?

duh expatriates ...... you all are the same

Hooligan said...

Miss info u sexy thing
buggers at SLDF get horny when u post
dats why they delete u sexy thang

bilja no answers

machang i was last in line when god was givin out brain cells
what to do
last hope i become a politician in Sl parliemant no

i go lick Weera Monkey , take some para suddha hostage next minute i can be some big shot ambasse in para suddha land

any one wanna buy SL diplomatic passport?

Going cheap, no GSP, sales tax or vat

Hooligan said...

Moshie dayani
toiletnet says NEXT has quit SL.

Moshie darlin u right burn your bra and i burn my jock straps
how nice no

u and i go free wheelin

Hooligan said...

Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Douglas Devananda told Parliament on Saturday that Sri Lanka was no longer a poor third world country.

Participating in the Budget debate, the minister said that Sri Lanka had graduated to a middle-income country and the per capita income increased from US$ 1062 in 2004 to US$ 2053 in 2009.

dis bugger talks thru his arse

tell that to the beggars mutilated by his goons


Hooligan said...

fersawhy my post not deleted

u buggers r slow

July 5, 2010 1:31 PM

Hooligan said...

wake up
delete my post

i be second to donate 50,000 shekel
if Moshie and Pol get their heads out of thier asses

no i dont think so

good entertainment though. i love it i love it i love it
de best entertainment

July 5, 2010 1:44 PM

Hooligan said...

KUMARAN PATHMANATHAN alias “KP”-The Master Schemer

hang him by the balls

July 5, 2010 2:05 PM

Hooligan said...

its gone
i was white vanned

Hooligan said...

now u know why they cant organize a piss up in a brewery.
they raising funds for Ranas family
sweet no?

Hooligan said...

Is Sri Lanka gonna become the Chinese Convict colony?

China now exports its convicts

Thousands of Chinese convicts, for example, have been pressed into service in projects by state-run Chinese companies in Sri Lanka, a strategically important country for China, which is seeking a role in the Indian Ocean. Such is Sri Lanka's vantage location that it sits astride vital sea lanes of communication. China — in return for being allowed to make strategic inroads — provided Sri Lanka offensive weapon systems that helped end its long civil war. Now, Beijing is being rewarded with port-building, railroad and other infrastructure projects.

who says crime does not pay.
Chinaman convicts living in Paradise Island

bIjJa said...

Ananda, the future ambassador to USA, has killed USDF.

Miss Information said...

Meanwhile, the GoSL have suspended rule of law so that the UN compound in Colombo can be put to siege by thugs who don't want the UN to do preliminary investigations into war crimes.

The Rajadynasty is flexing its muscles as it shows the world how easy it was for the Chinese to get their tentacles deep into the fabric of 'Government'. Sleep with the fishes and you end up smelling just like them.

All Sri Lankans should be proud at this momentous showing of true patriotic action!!!

Long live the KING!

All hail the King!

Start learning Mandarin!

Long live the KING!



Hooligan said...

Adaderena publishing all my comments
no probs

but SLDF deletes my comments

What to do????

July 8, 2010 8:20 AM

Hooligan said...

there is a bugger called Raju on Adaderena and Lankaweb

bloody hilarious conspiracy theory comments.
Bugger is anti everything. tamil, muslim,UNP,Colombians, Suddhas, Indians,christians,Hindus, beggars you name it anti everything
but funny hilarious comments

must have a chip on his shoulder no?

worth a visit for a bloody good laugh no

July 8, 2010 8:36 AM

Hooligan said...

Mara Tele drama with Weera Monkey

Better than reality TV

I love it
I love it

Ado Banki Moon see what u doin to a son of the Lankan soil

July 9, 2010 5:07 AM

Hooligan said...

Where Weera Monkeys wife?

Aiyoo. mara scene

you know what i mean no?

Samantha Perera now u dont get hot under the collor and wet yaself

July 9, 2010 5:28 AM

Hooligan said...

Foreign policies cannot be formulated on the streets and diplomacy cannot be achieved through protests and blackmails said Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka, Former Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations at Geneva, speaking to Adaderana today.

He made this statement, commenting on the protests and the hunger strike going on outside the UN office in Colombo.

The only use for the hunger strike is that it serves to expand Wimal Weerawansa’s waste plan, asserted Dr Jayatilleka. He said since, Wimal Weerawansa is a responsible cabinet minister his actions will reflect very badly upon Sri Lanka.

As for the protests going on outside the UN office and taking the employees as hostages, such actions are extremely damaging to the image of Sri Lankaamong the rest of the world, he claimed. He said that this situation will isolate us from the international community and we will gain no sympathy from other countries for these awful actions.

Dayan u stupid bugger
What u know abour Sri Lankan politics

July 9, 2010 5:36 AM

Ananda-USA said...

US, EU and others condemn Sri Lanka over UN spat

"Peaceful protest is part of any democracy, but blocking access to the United Nations ... as well as intimidating and harassing U.N. personnel is a breach of international norms and harmful to Sri Lanka's reputation in the world," it said.

Sri Lanka doesn't have a democracy. Out culture is based on arrogance and intimidation.

It seems Buddha never visited Sri Lanka.

Madness in Colombo is bad for our reputation in the west, good for us in the world of Chinese, Iranian, and Cuban.

By the way, tell me what politician sent their children for higher education in China, Iranian, and Cuba?

Welcome to the land of hypocrisy.

FukkFace said...


"Where Weera Monkeys wife?"

Nice head wound eh barely-from-trees-ugly-darky-monkey?


See the eyes?

What do they remind you of?

Your LTTE Tamil whoreamma's torn rectum after we SLN SEAL boyz had "sealed" it?

hehehehehhe...boyz will be boyz eh? We are still doing it these days in Velvet, Jaffna, etc etc.... but we can barely keep up....them whore thangaatchis keep coming at us like how ants flock to sugar cubes!!!!!


But back like my eyes?

nice eyes eh?

kind of sexy eh?

Howz your LTTE Tamil whoreamma's cunt?

Still smelling foul with Jaffna state thalathel these days?


very sad...

Monkey genes......need to get a bar of


FukkFace said...


I am still laughing......

hehhehehehehehehe take it deep-throat....atta boy...good boy....not stay on till I tell you when to let I am the MASTER and you are my FUCKFACE SAKKILI ARSEHOLE SLAVE?

Remember what happened at Nanthikadaal?


Damn it, life if full of fun eh?

දේශපාලුවා said...

විමල් මේ වැඩේ පටන් ගන්නකොට, අපේ ටයි කෝට අදින තානාපති අශ වල කටිටිය (දයාන් ජයතිලකත් එක්ක) කිවෙවේ "විමල් ගම කනවා, පාරේ සටන් කරලා විදේශ රාජ්‍යතාන්ත්‍රික ප්‍රශන විසදන්න බැහැ" වගේ හැමදාම අහපු ගොං කතා.

නමුත් මේ පිංගුත්තරයෝ මේ බලු පැනල් එකේ නීති විරෝධී භාවය ගැනවත් ඒක පත් කරනන්, මූන් කාරයා බලය අයුතු ලෙස පාවිච්චි කරපු එක ගැනවත් වචනයක් කිව්වේ නැහැ. ඒ විතරක් නෙමෙයි සාකච්චාවෙන් මෙක විසද ගන්නේ කොහොමද කියලවත් මේ පිංගුත්තරයෝ කියන්නැහැ.

මුං මොන බයිලා කිව්වත්, විමල් තමගේ ක්‍රමයෙන් මූන් ගේ උද්ධච්ච, තක්කඩිකම ලෝකෙට හෙලි කරලා පෙන්නුවා.
විමල් ගේ උපවාසයට බය වෙචච බලු මූනා මාධ්‍ය සාකච්චාවක් පවත්වලා කිව්වා මේ උපවාසය නිසා කොළඹ UNDP එකෙ ලොක්කා ආපසු කැදවනවා කියලා. නමුත් ලකාවේ UN කාරයොයි UN New York ඔෆිස් එකේ අනිත් නරියි කියනවා කොලඹ ඔෆිස් එක වහන්න තීරයකලේ 2009, ඒ තීරනෙයි මේ උපවාසෙයි සමබන්ධයක් නැහැ කියලා.

අනික විමල් ගේ සත්‍යග්‍රහය තියෙනෙන බෞද්ධාලෝක මාවතේ UNDP ඔෆිස් එක තියෙන්නේ හැතැප්මක් විතර එහා නිදහස් මාවතේ එතන බල්ලෙක් වත් නැහැ.

බලූ මූනා ගේ මේ කතාවෙන් පේනවා අපේ ටයි කොට තානාපති මහත්තුරු මොනවා කිව්වත් බලු මූනා දෙලෝ රත්වෙලා දගන බව, ඒ විතරක් නෙමෙයි, එකේ පරිපාලනම්ය වැඩත් දේශපාලනී කරනය කරලා , ඒ ගැන අතේ පත්තු වෙන බොරු කියලා බලු මූනා හත්පොලේ ගාගත්තා.

බලු මූනාගේ මේ ගල් පැලෙන බොරු කිවිලෙන්ම පෙනවා, මූ ලකාවට මඩ ගන්න කාගේ හරි කොන්තරත්තුවක් කරන බව, ඒ එක්කම හොදින්ම පැහැදිලිවෙනවා මේ බලු පැනල් එක ලංකාව වැරදිකරු කරන්න පූර්ව නිගමනයකින පත්කරපු එක්ක බව.

විමල් උඹ දිනුම්, නැගිටපං

මේ බලු පැනල් එක වහා විසුරුවා, එජා සවිධානය බලගතු රටවලට වේස කමේ යවන බලු මූනාට වහා දෝශාභියෝගයක් ගෙනෙව්.

bIjJa said...

"Sri Lankan Minister ending the fast?"

A tiny tube is seen hanging from his ass that was used to supply nutrients for the minister.

Apparently it was supplied by McDonalds to send liquid Big Mack to his system - a proven method to prolong fasting created for self gain.

bIjJa said...

Deshapaluva sings to the choir and that consists of those who barely get by and got no ability to make decisions.

Why can't we let the investigation go, sacrifice one of the Rajapakse brother for war crime, and go on with our lives?

Isn't that the best path for Sri Lanka's future?

Tamil Savior said...

Way to go FukkFace!

Looks like you certainly gave that hooligan LTTE whoredog-bitch a MBRL shell up his arse!

Hooooooooo Hooooooo Hoooooooo!

Ada Hooligan,

Ennoda poola oombuda...hooooo...yo pullu sappi, sathia moorthy naay poola umbu...Hoooooo!

Hooooooo! Hooooooo! Hoooooooo!

Hooligan said...

teledrama finished no?

what is weera monkey gonna do next

good idiot ended fast

wait for next bit of weera monkey entertainment

Hooligan said...

weera monkey now enjoying lobster feed courtesy of Banki Moon
mara scene no?

July 10, 2010 5:31 PM

FukkFace said...


"mara scene no?"


Did you look up your LTTE Tamizia whoreamma's saree - after she got gangbanged by the weera-Ranavirus of the Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka?


Thanks for the entertainment.....we need LTTE Tamiz whores like you to keep our lives stress free!


FukkFace said...


"go wank yaself"


Why? Why would TamilSavior do that,

When your LTTE Tamizia whoreamma's mouth is ever so eagerly waiting for SL Patriots' cocks????


Please don't leave the blog sakkiliya....I love you....I need some rapid, lethal-fire bashing and you are my target.....see we SL patriots are now missing all the glory we had in May 2009 and life was really getting to be boring - until you LTTE whore-pup came along!!!!


bIjJa said...

Wimal Weerawansa our newest national hero and also the is the latest spokesman for weight watchers.

Some people go to war and kill the enemy to become heroes. Some people do it in none violent ways.

bIjJa said...

Sri Lanka is out of swine flu danger.

"Sri Lankans scared of holding hands in public "

Dogs are now scared of 'Balu Puttu' (mating until hitch and pull situation) at public junctions as well.

Hooligan said...

ado Hora
i mean Hara

u lucky bugger no?

ya candid views r welcome by Sampola
Sampola white vans me

Weera Monkey tele drama continues......

Weera Monkey and de Organ grinder (MR)

mara scene no?

Weera Monkey goin on farce strike daughter appeals to Raja (no more coco pops) and den Weera Monkey mother dies.

the script is de best!
boody shame arsehole Weera Monkey choke on a pretzel or crab claw
buriyanied the bugger at same time

dis is best reality tv u get.
bugger de the bollywood and kollywood tv
we got home grown tv no?

i wanna see dat pic of vellu wit a split head
i wanna see dat wit Banki Moon

July 12, 2010 2:12 PM

Hooligan said...

i get a boner when i see fukkface/demala svoir/arsethri

common give it to me

Hooligan said...

desha u right
lets hang Banki Moon by his balls (impeach him)

show him some sri lankan hospitality

u busy again>?

July 12, 2010 2:35 PM

Hooligan said...

fukin hell

these para suddhas (Eng, Aus, NZ) gonna find some excuse to boycott 2011 Cricket World Cup matches in SL

SL Cricket need to lick some real Injun arse not make dat happen

we dont need dem para suddhas

දේශපාලුවා said...

ජවිපේ අවස්ථාවාදය සහ එජා සංවිධානයේ පැනල් එක

ඉංග්‍රීසි පත්තර වලට ලියන කට්ටියක් විමල් ට බැනපු එක ගැන අපේ ජේවීපී මල්ලිලාට පුදුම චූන් එකක් ගිහිල්ලා වගේ. මැතිවරන ගනනාවක් එක දිගට පැරදිලා ජනතාවගෙන් ප්‍රතික්ෂේප වෙලා කුජීත වෙලා හිටපු මේගොල්ලන්ට මෙකට සිහි නැතිවෙන ගානට ආතල්, අන්තිමට තමන්ට ජොලි මොකක් නිසාද කියලාවත් මේගොල්ලන්ට තේරුමක් නැහැ.

එජා මහලෙකම් කියනේ ජවිපේ මහලේකම් කම වගේ හිටගෙන බොරු කියන්න පුළුවන් වගකීමකින් තොර තනතුරක් නෙමෙයි. විමල් ගේ වැඩේට ප්‍රතිචාර දක්වන්න ගිහිල්ලා මහ ලේකම් ඇදගෙන නාගත්තා, තමන් කිසිම වගකීමක් නැති, කිසිම විශ්වාසයක් තැබිය නොහැකි රූකඩයක් බව ලෝකෙටම පෙන්නුවා.

විමල් ගේ උපවාසය යනකොට මහලේකම් මාධ්‍ය සාකච්චාවක් පවත්වලා තමන් වහාම ලංකාවේ UNDP කාර්යාලය ඉවත් කරගන්නා බව පැවසුවා. නමුත් මෙක අලි බොරුවක් බව ලකාවේ UN කට්ටිය කිව්වා මේ කෙහෙම්මල් කාර්යාලය ඉවත් කරන්න තීරනය කලේ 2009දී බව ඒ අය කියනවා. මහ ලේකම බොරු කිය කිය හෙලුවෙන් දගලන බව ලෝකෙටම පෙනුනා, මේක කොච්චර සීරියස්ද කියනවානම් නිව් යෝර්ක් UN කට්ටියම තවත් මාධ්‍ය සාකච්චාවක් කැදවලා මහලේකම් ගෙ ප්‍රකාශයෙන් සිදුවුනු අවමානය වහන්න තැත් කලා.

මේ සේරම විමල් ගේ වැඩ මිසක් විජිත හේරත් ගේ වැඩ නෙමෙයි.

මීට අමතරව විමල් උපවාසය නවත්වපු දා ඊට ටිකකට කලින් ආයෙත් මහලේකම් ප්‍රකාශයක් කලා මේ පැනල් එක පරීක්ෂන පවත්වනේ නැහැ නිකම් මට ඇඩ්වයිස් දෙනවා විතරයි කියලා. විමල් උපවාසය නැවත්වුවේ මෙ කතාවට පස්සෙයි.

නමුත් මේකෙන් මහ ලෙකම් ආයෙත් ලෝකෙට පෙන්නුවා තමන් කරන්නේ මොකක්ද කියලා තමන්ටත් හරි තෙරුමක් නැතිබව.

ඔය පැනල් එක පත් කලාට පසුදා ඒකෙ ලොක්කා , සරම උස්ස ගෙන කෑගැහුවා, " අඩෝ සේරම ඉන්වෙස්ටිගේට් කරනවා, බෙලි කපනවා කොටනවා කියලා". එතකොට මේ පැනල් එකේ ලොක්කා පාලනය කරන්න මහ ලේකම්ට බැරිද? ඌ කරන්නේ ඌට ඕන දේද මහ ලේකම්ට ඕන දේද? පැනල් එකේ ලොක්කා කියනවා ඉන්වෙස්ටිගේට් කරනවා කියලා, මහලේකම් කියනවා මොන බලු ඉන්වෙස්ටිගේසන් එකක්වත් කරන්නෑ කියලා. මෙතන් ඇත්ත කියන්නේ කවුද? එහෙනම් ඇත්තටම මෙ පැනල් එක කරන්නේ මොකක්ද? මේකෙන් කරන වැඩේ මහ ලේකම්වත් දන්නේ නැද්ද?

විමල් ගේ වැඩ නිසා ලොකෙටම හෙලිවුනා, මහලේකම් මේ ප්‍රශ්නයෙදී පුදුම විදිහට කලබල වෙන, පරස්පර විරෝධී, සමහරවිට අමූලික බොරු කියන, අවිශ්වාසවන්ත පුද්ගලයෙක් බව.

මේ නිසා මේ පැනල් එක ගැනත් මහලේකම් ගැනත් ලෝක ප්‍රජාවට (අධිරාජ්‍යවාදීන් හැරුනුකොට ) අබමල් රේනුවක හරි විශ්වාසයක් තිබ්බානම් ඒකත් නැතිවුනා.

විමල් ගේ මූලික අරමුන ඉටු නොවුනත්, පැනල් එකයි, මහලේකම් පිලිබදවයි ලෝක ප්‍රජාවගේ තිබුනු විශ්වාසය බිදීමෙන්, පැනල් එක අවලගු කාසියක් ගානට වැටුනා.

දැන් මට තවත් ප්‍රශ්නයක් තියෙනවා, විමල් UN එක ගාව බිම බුදිය ගත්තාම ජේවීපී කට්ටියටයි, ටයිකෝට් තානාපති ප්‍රජාවයි පොරකකා ඉස්සරහට ආවා ඒක වැරදියි කියන්න. නමුත් ඒකට ප්‍රතිචාර දක්වන්න ගිහිල්ලා මහ ලේකම් ගල් පැලෙන බොරු කිව්වාම, පරස්පර විරෝධී ප්‍රකාශ කලාම මේ කිසි කෙනෙක් නෙමෙයි හ්ම් කිව්වේ, ඇයි මහ ලේකම්ට විරුද්ධව මොනවත් කියන්න බයද? මේ අය්යලා හිතාගෙන ඉන්නේ මහලේකම් රහත් වෙලා කියලද? ටයිකොට් තානාපති ගොල්ලොනම් බය බව අපිට තෙරෙනවා උන්ට ඕන උන්ගේ බඩ ගෝස්තරේ, ඒත් ඇයි මේ ජේවීපී කට්ටිට්ය මහ ලේකම් වන්දනාවේ? මීට වඩා අසික්කිත තුප්පහි අවස්ථාවාදයක් තවත් තියනවාද?

ජේවීපී මල්ලිලා දැන් චූන් වේලා දැගලුවාට, මෙකේ දීර්ඝ කාලීන දේශපාලන වාසියත් විමල්ටයි ජනිපෙටයි, ඒක තෙරුම් ගන්න අමාරු නැහැ.

ජේවීපී මල්ලිලා කොළඹ කැම්පස් එකේ දොඹ ගහ යට වාඩිවෙලා සයන්ස් ෆැකල්ටි එකේ කොළඹ හයි ෆයි බඩුවල පස්ස පැති දිහා බල බල හූල්ලන වෙලාවේ ඕක හිතලා බැලුවානම් තේරුම්යයි.

Ranaviru Fund said...
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Ranaviru Fund said...

Dear Readers,

Mahinda Edirisooriya is a soldier who lost both hands and both eyes in a bomb blast. He's a father of two. A foreign consultant eye surgeon, who visits Lanka Hospitals, advised that the sight in the right eye can be restored through a Boston Keratoprosthesis Implant surgery. The surgery is scheduled to be done on 17-Aug-2010 at Lanka Hospitals. The estimated cost of the surgery is 300,000/-. An additional cost of about 20,000/- is expected for traveling, post-op medicine, channeling etc.

Mahinda has already secured Rs.150,000/- through the Army, and the Ranaviru Seva Authority.

We have managed to secure a further Rs.80,000/ from two donors.

As of 15-Jul-2010, we are 90,000/- short.

If you like to help please contact us on

For further details please visit;

Hooligan said...

Blake due in Sri Lanka

A massive problem is the President meeting every retard that comes here, most of whom are nobodies. We devalue our Presidency and leadership etc this way. MR, GR and the rest should skip meetings with him and send someone else (let news drift they are disgusted with his role in creating a human shield etc to save the LTTE etc).

Why not get Weera "Lemon Puff" Monkey to meet Blakey

they share a Big Mac together

Hooligan said...

aiyo harima boring blog

all abot para suddhas, demala sakkiliyas, suddha worshipping colombians

i miss dat pic of VP wit a hole in de head- dat is fun

waitin for next episode of Weera "lemon puff" Monkey

July 20, 2010 1:08 AM

Hooligan said...

Sri Lanka President urgently needs to repair fractured international credibility
by Col R Hariharan

wtf does this injun know about sri lankan diplomacy

July 20, 2010 1:20 AM

Hooligan said...

I love you Sam

sign the petition

Any body seen or read the Terms of Reference in the Agreement signed by President Rajapakse and Mr Ban ki Moon. in May 2009?

July 20, 2010 5:56 AM

Hooligan said...

Ado Sambola

who invited Blakey?
who gave him a visa?
who met him and shook hands?

wtf u talking about now

why cant Mahinda ask him to piss off to his face instead of some lackey like Rambuttan doin it

whats more u got 3 State Dept officials arriving next week for the US GSP crap.
what is Rambuttan gonna say?
what is Weera 'Lemon Puff' Monkey gonna say?

keep writin them donkey needs diplomacy crap

July 23, 2010 12:13 PM

Hooligan said...


I know machang
I know

Truth hurts no?

heres the deal i bet in the next 3 months

i bet GLP comes to NYC on some pretence meets Banki Moon and crap panel members, issue some silly statement,
US GSP under the carpet,(all a misunderstanding crap)
panel members visit SL (what no visas?), meet Mahinda for a nice hopper feed, all smile, shake hands
and hunky dorry
until Mahinda farts again?

Weera "Lemon Puff" Monkey hyper ventilates
this time u need Lemon Puff, Saline and Ventilin

Nice tele drama no?

i love u Sambola

"kiss" "kiss"

July 23, 2010 12:58 PM

Hooligan said...

why is tamilnut not reporting on Murali achievements
is he not demala? or they think like HLD Mahindappa bloody kallathoni
racist Jaffna cretins
nuke them

July 23, 2010 1:12 PM

Hooligan said...


I have sent you an email. I need a decision on the Rana Viru Fund registration matter. We need to go ahead w/o delay. Thx.

July 22, 2010 3:05 PM

talk abot organising a piss up in a brewery
sambola get ya finger out machang

u got atleast 10
pola sambole dont trust u guys

shame no?

we can have a mara Big Mac meal.
i'll bring the lemon puffs
wat u say?

queens is good

July 23, 2010 1:33 PM

Hooligan said...

What a dick head?
why u bring the past
Lest we forget the past

July 23, 2010 1:47 PM

tamilboy said...

A senior Sri Lankan Army commander and frontline soldier have told Britain’s Channel 4 News that point-blank executions of Tamils at the end of the civil war in May 2009 were carried out under orders ‘from the top’. In an extended segment on Sri Lanka Tuesday, Channel 4 broadcast translated video interviews with the two soldiers

tamilboy said...

Tamils sue Germany for accepting alleged war crimes commander as ambassador

In an unprecedented legal move, three diaspora Tamil organisations have decided on Friday to file a case against Germany in the European Court of Human Rights. The Switzerland Council of Eezham Tamils (SCET), the Norwegian Council of Eezham Tamils (NCET) and the US based NGO, Tamils Against Genocide (TAG), are to submit an application to the European Court of Human Rights charging the German government for violating EU Rights conventions by accepting a Sri Lankan military commander, Major General Jagath Dias, an accused in the war crimes, as Sri Lanka’s diplomat to Germany. Meanwhile, German based International Human Rights Association at Bremen, while welcoming the move said that real thrust could be achieved only by exposing and suing what this general is doing in Germany, violating human rights with the tacit approval of the German government.

tamilboy said...

Tamils sue Germany for accepting alleged war crimes commander as ambassador


tamilboy said...

Tamils sue Germany for accepting alleged war crimes commander as ambassador


tamilboy said...

Horror Of A Pogrom: Remembering “Black July” 1983


bIjJa said...

Dear patriots, this is for your entertainment

Hooligan said...

Whats that smell?

Ananda-USA said..
[Sujeewa has EARNED my respect, and future support for him personally, by his clear willingness to put his effort where his mouth is, and help lead the Sri Lanka operations of the proposed Fund, while all other brave "patriots" advanced to the rear.

This has completely disappointed me, and given me a new understanding of the poor quality and personal courage of the "patriotic" bloggers at the SLDF blog, because in my foolish view, these were the most likely to step forward while all others hid among the reeds.

I am not only DISAPPOINTED, but I am FEARFUL for Sri Lanka, for who will join hands to help our own brave sons and daughters, and challenge the Eelamists in the years ahead, if all of you ALWAYS place your PERSONAL NEEDS ahead of the Motherland?

We are quite OUTMATCHED by the Eelamists .. I fear! They put their hearts and souls into their agenda, while we are unwilling to do MINIMAL things for our own. I WEEP for Sri Lanka.

SLDF Blog Rana Viru Fund .. R.I.P!]

There is no way that individuals can be more effective than a TEAM.

Organization is the difference between success and failure, whether it is a business, an army, or a patriotic movement to defend a country.

By not hanging together, we Sri Lankan patriots will ultimately hang separately.

But, let us not argue about this, it is too late now. The deed is done.

Vaya Con Dios!


diashoras cant organise a piss up in a brewery

ane paw

July 28, 2010 9:05 AM

Hooligan said...

meeanwhile biggest diaspora Pola Sambola keeps whinging about his pay masters in the West

why the fuck cant he tear up his Western passport and join them lackeys in SL
i dont know

but entertainin stuff from Pola

Headless chicken runnin around in circles

July 28, 2010 9:10 AM

Hooligan said...

Tamil hunger striker wins damages for burger claims
£90,000 for 23 days hunger strike.
£3,913 per day. not bad!
I bet its a conspiracy. demala friends leaked the bloody story to the Newspapers knowing it to be untrue. Then sue the bloody Newspapers.
You know how fucking cunning these buggers are

Think Weera "Lemon Puff" Monkey missed a trick or two here.
Bugger should have sued the Rag accusing him of eating Lemon Puffs.
Maybe is fucking true who knows?

July 29, 2010 9:19 AM

bIjJa said...

It is all about Ananda. He has used other fellow sick mates for his own advantage.

The faked patriot effort of SLDF will go in smoke like everything else fake.

Hooligan said...

Gang torches Sri Lanka broadcaster's office

An unidentified gang set fire to a Sri Lankan broadcaster owned by a businessman who had backed the opposition in a presidential election, destroying its main control room, police said on Friday

Ado Moshe
This must be the new law for AntiSL media you were writing about earlier.

why bloody go to Court and waste tax payers money?
Deal with the media the Lankan way- subsidized petrol bombs

July 30, 2010 9:13 AM

Hooligan said...

Japan urges Sri Lanka to allay human rights concerns.

Japanese Cabinet ministers on Thursday urged visiting Sri Lankan External Affairs Minister Gamini Lakshman Peiris to allay international concerns over alleged war crimes committed last year by Sri Lankan forces in the country, Japanese officials said

Okada urged Sri Lanka to cooperate with the United Nations to settle the matter, while Peiris said his government is maintaining dialogue with the world body and hopes to improve the situation

WTF are these Nips talking about?
Mind you own fucking business.
Deal with the War crimes you committed during WW2 before you start talking.

Screw IC we dont need them.

July 30, 2010 9:23 AM

Hooligan said...

u forgot Lesbians, Gonas and cradle snatching sex maniacs, murders,drug dealers,arms dealers,child soldiers turned politicos,
variety is the spice of life
All finger looking good no?

It's fucking democracy man.
We are looking good

July 30, 2010 1:02 PM

Hooligan said...

The Standard Chartered Bank has initiated litigation in the Commercial Court in the UK against the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) on the hedging deal, and the trial has now been fixed for March 28, next year, authoritative sources said yesterday. The Bank has sued the CPC on the charge of breach of commercial activities with regard to the hedging deal.

WTF is this?
Why go to para suddha courts on internal matters and deals dealt in SL.
This should be in SL courts cos it was signed and sealed in Lankan soil.
These western bastards think high and mighty.
We have the same partial competent courts these suddhas have in UK

Standard Chartered should be boycotted. (where is Weera when we want him?)
$500m pissed down the drain.
Cabral should be hung by his balls

July 30, 2010 1:22 PM

Anonymous said...

Life is boring with no terrorists to whack

thamilan said...

well well well, what do we have here bandas, reports of disturbances in the forests of manalaru and batti, i thought everything was over? Bandas started using their beloved kfir's again, all for something they said could never happen.

mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!! said...

Here is how to do it.

Get jealous with the current gang holding diplomatic positions because of nepotism.

Go to MR's Sri Lankans abroad meetings and "panala denna".

Try to show you are important, and you have influence over a substantial group of Sri Lankans, even when no body listns to you.

Start a blog, and chat with a group of loosers with nothing good to do.

Try to push them to start a charity, and set yourself upto be the godfather of that charity.

Show MR that you are doing some work, while not actually doing anything valuable.

Beg at MR,s feet for Ambassadorship.

Moshe Dyan said...

Ado Ananda uba methana chaity dagena mage job ekata kellinna hadanawa kiyala aranchiy.

Hitapan Mahinda mamata kiyala ubata illala dennam sabbuwa.

Depath naya.

Ado Anandage gal kolla Asithri, uba warnko Lankawa paththe denna ubatat kemak.

LankaPade said...

Ananda terrorist scummy is destroying this forum.

First he white vanned pol, now me, pretty soon there will be no one left here but him.

scummy seems to be outraged that we did not subscribe to his secret plan to setup charities and get marks for MR to get an ambassador post.

Sam Perera said...

thamilan the terrorist donkey,

SL Army Special Force boys wanted to hunt a few pigs again. We allowed a few of the pigs hiding in Toiletnadu to come in to Sri Lanka and hide in Mulathivu jungles. After all of SF boys need bit of fun. We can give you a chance to join your buddies in their trip to meet with thesia thaliver.

Moshe Dyan's Nightmare said...

This idiot Ananda is acting like a bull in a china shop, deleting each and every post that disagrees with his stupid ideas.

All he know is to cut and paste some unimportant lengthy article. When ever he post his own comments his utter idiocrisy and mediocre mind gets apparent.

Now he has chased away pol, the only guy who would engage in lengthy conversations with me.

.......I cant be thinking against him, he might delete my posts too, he is such a Pol Pot....

If that happen then I wont be able to sit infront of the computer looking porn for hours, pretending to type some important articles.

When my wife cant hear me typing, she will come to me and want to have sex with me. I cant do that my dick wont stand up for her any more, I prefer the white girls in porn sites........

My profile picture is constantly in my nightmares since Nov 2008..... I avoided that humiliation thanks to SLA...

but it bothers me every time, here I see it again and the whole story comes to my mind


Sam Perera said...

Ananda USA mahatha JAYWAEWVA!!!
Ape eelanga Amarikanu Thanapathi Thumata.... JAYWAEWVA!!!

SAM de Perera Thanapathi Thumage driver weva!!!

Sam Perera said...

During his last visit, Ananda USA visited president and personally assured him of creating a patriotic network and blog on the internet. So far, his large network has 3 full time and 4 part time patriots. Out of which, an infiltrated member of Parrots of Patriot group who tend to delete SLDF messages once in a while. Meanwhile Ananda's one man funded Energy fund supplying three wind turbines to the central part of Sri Lanka. Bunch of coconut and jack fruit trees had to be removed to supply wind to his turbines. Sources tell me Ananda has been awarded deputy Energy secretory position, however Ananda wants to lead his fellow expatriate comrades at Washington DC.

Our next Ambassador Ananda USA ta, Jaywewa!!!!

Sam Perera said...

Contrads OAO Asithri for getting married. Ha ha!!

Folks, forget the lottery, this path is much faster to the Green Card.

Sam Perera said...

Akila, you look stunning and your bride is soooo beautiful.

Did you kill jasonsociety?

Moshe Dyan said...

Ado Ananda uaba matath cole wahala ambasidor kamata try karanawalu neda?

Oya charity dammata oka hambawenne neha. Math oka ganna try kala, uba dannawane. Mahindaya oka denne uge naayekuta witharai.

Onna obath Mahindayata durin naayek wenbawa boru birth certificate walin pennana puluwannam oka hambawei, naththam baha.

Allala dapan ban oya charity, ubata oya weda beha.

Mind of Pol Sambol said...

Who would have thought this white master serving Ananda is such a pol pot.

I cant beleive that he is white vaning me, it was I who persuaded him to white van multipolar, now that van has turned towards me.

There is no place for me to hide, I cant go to Defence wire and face multipolar.

The other bastards here didn even say a word agaist Ananda white vanning me.

He surely is aftter the Ambasidorship, and the other sickos here think they can get some posts by licking Ananda's boots.

I cant hide my face.....


LankaPade said...

Ananda old chap (bastard), you are a real rascal.

You destroyed SLDF, for your personal ambitions of becoming ambassador.

Ananda-USA said...

The Elders, a council of retired global leaders led by Desmond Tutu, issued a statement on Tuesday rebuking the LTTE of Sri Lanka for its “clampdown on domestic critics and its disdain for human rights.”

****Way to go TuTu for the catholic church stand on anti Terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Ananda-USA said...

Welcome to everyone banned and chased out from the Sri Lanka Defense Forum.

It sounds like the chopping blocks of Ananda, Sam, and Asithri have been busy chasing out real patriots since they interfere with the self-gain agenda of SLDF contributors.

The decent Tamil community was silent when their Terror elements were destroying Sri Lanka and Tamils within and let them fuck everyone behind.

We shouldn't do the same mistake with our rogue and fake patriotic Sinhalese elements. Sons of Mervyins on the blog should be exposed.

Hooligan said...

Underneath the mango tree
Me honey and me can watch for the moon
Underneath the mango tree
Me honey and me make boolooloop soon

Dr Vermin Silva is INNOCENT

August 4, 2010 7:33 AM

thamilan said...

Sam Sam Sam, denials, assumptions are all too common....that incident that is in question was just a single taste of what the future will hold for you bandas....Sam, if you think the ltte were terrorists in the last ten years you have no idea what terrorism is and what the future will bring due to you're governments policies.....the conventional eelam wars are done dear Sam, the days where the bandas down south sit and enjoy bombings in the north on FDL's are in the past....The next phase dear old Sam is simply revenge and people such as yourselves will be hoping for the tigers of the past decaded and not of the 80's. I'm not so sure if you were born back then Sam but i'm sure you'll have relatives to refresh you're memory.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

thamilan the LTTE terrorist scummy,

Days are over? 10 years? Tigers of 80s? Tell me the exact kind of new terror you are going to unleash upon civilians? Give us some reference to this single incident other than your imagination. Unfortunately for me, I don't have any relative to tell me what they experienced in 80s. Only thing I know is that their whole village was slaughtered by LTTE. You can check their heroics for yourself here and here.

Diyasena said...


Please spare a thought for Thamilan anna.. He has severely been deprived of Punnakku, after the days his Pussykal decimated the 57 and 59 divisions ;)

Due to this he overdosed on Punnakku from a 346% accurate report, from a Tamil site. When he wakes up from the dream, he would have achieved eelam in his pants..

Hooligan said...

Ananda asks

LMSSAO= Laughing My Sorry Sagging Ass Off

(Finds the nearest Mango tree and ties himself to it)

Underneath the Mango tree me honey...

August 5, 2010 2:04 AM

Hooligan said...

Double O Seven said..


Laughing my Sweet Sinhala Arse Out?

August 5, 2010 4:55 AM

LOL @007 : truly LMSSAO, ROFL

Ado 007- now go and tie yourself on a Mango tree!

No humour allowed on this blog!

August 5, 2010 5:49 AM

Hooligan said...

Global Repercussions warned GLP:

External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris said in Parliament yesterday that ‘vitriolic attacks’ on the judiciary and judges would have dire international repercussions on the interests of Sri Lanka. Prof. Peiris said that judges had come under such attack on the floor of the Parliament recently. “Fifty percent of judges in this country are my students.
They are of high (sic) integrity.
The Minister said that if the judicial system is denigrated,it will only help those who wish to harm Sri Lanka in different ways.
He goes on to say that the denigration of the judicial system would only strengthen the argument that international tribunals should step into the affairs of Sri Lanka.

Dont know where this bugger learnt his law. Bugger needs to wake up to the Sri Lankan rule of law.

Shoot, white van or find the nearest Mango Tree for dissenters.

Underneath the Mango tree me honey....

August 5, 2010 6:15 AM

Ananda-USA said...

There is this old Sinhala chap coughing for the government to have him awarded a consulate position.

He often sings the song "rathna deepa janma bhumi".

Dude, the mainstream Sinhala culture has gone to dogs. We are the most abusing bunch of people today on the rathna deepa.

Don't try to protect fake monk, thug politician, general caging, mango tree tying, fake fasting and white vanning culture.

There is NOTHING to be proud of as a Sinhalese these days.
We are trying to outdo pro Terror Tamils very hard.

Sam Perera said...


Oh ho Rana. Wassup old fart? Let me see the names you have used under this ID.

fake Sujeewa Kokawala
fake ConspiracyTheory
fake tata
fake නිසල්
Andrea Ulicna
true mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!!

Your ability to take various names are much more impressive than your anti SL blabber. What are you upto these days?. Are you still on to that disgusting incest work?

Hooligan said...

Ado Sam,

Jonny, SB, MG all opportunistic politicians.

Another form of Unethical Conversions no?

Who will tie politicians to Mango trees?

August 5, 2010 9:06 AM

Hooligan said...

Now go and delete my comment on SLDF diashora

Ananda-USA said...

දේශපාලුවා said...

SLPAC - Sri Lanka's Pathetic Ass Clowns.

Heh heh!!!

Mango Sam, how come there are cracks within patriots?

Ananda-USA said...


When I say something to you, Mango Sam will think I am talking to myself.

Heh heh!!

LankaPade said...

Blogger Hooligan said...

Jonny, SB, MG all opportunistic politicians.

Another form of Unethical Conversions no?

Who will tie politicians to Mango trees?

Ada hooli gona, you seems to be an expert on politicians why are you still ducking my simple questions.?

Typical expatriate half bred.

Here are the questions again.

1. Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?

2. Which parliment in the world has a sex offender running for election?

Hooligan said...

Ado Blija

Can i phone a friend?
Can i ask the audience?

u ask me these questions as if i give a flying fuck.

Now where is that Mango tree?

i wanna go hug it

Underneath the Mango tree me hone...

LankaPade said...

Blogger Hooligan said...

Ado Blija

Can i phone a friend?
Can i ask the audience?


Whats the matter hooli gona, do you want a clue?

Typical expatriate half bred.

LankaPade said...

What's the matter hooli gona? Why did you ran away.

Just like your diashora cousins at SLDF, you also refuse to answer my hard questions.

I bet you would also white van my comments if you had the ability.

Typical half bred diashora, cannot face hard questions.

Yeah you can phone a friend , as the audience.

You can even ask your diashora cousins at SLDF

I will add another question to my list.

1. Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?

2. Which parliament in the world has a sex offender running for election?

3.Which parliament in the world has representatives that attack news media cameramen.

Ha ha typical half bred diashoras, run away when faced with hard questions.

Sam Perera said...


You need serious medical help. Please talk to somebody who can medically help you.

Sam Perera said...


Forget proof but seek medical help immediately. You can help yourself by asking somebody else to take you to a doctor.

Ananda-USA said...


What kind of a fucking name is that?

Can't you be bit considerate and come up with a decent name like mynah?

Show some decency stupid, little children like Mango Sam's kids do read this forum.

LankaPade said...

Hooli gona = Ambassador(Ananda) USA

Here is the proof.

1. Run away from my questions, both here and SLDF.

2. Attempt to white van my posts, whine about it when he cant do it.

3. Has the identical posting styles, i.e. Cut and past articles form SL news papers and websites.

4. Multipolar disorder. i.e uses multiple blog handles.
hooligan=mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!! in DW

Ananda-USA= Asithti in SLDF.

5. Run away from my questions.

6. Hide from my questions.

7. Freak out when I ask a hard question.

8. Both display these attributes of a half bred idiotic expatriate.

mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!! said...

Ado bIjJa, any idiot can see I'm not hooligan.

Hooligan you should take bIjJa's challenge , or you accept that you are no better than the dimwit Ananda.

Diyasena said...

Poor multipolar dole-bludger,

1. Criticizing Ananda and others coz he has nothing constructive right about..

2. Using another blog to respond to comments at SLDF..

3. Responding to his own comments using other blog handles..

Your life is pathetic mate, we all pity you..

Ananda-USA said...

Poor mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!! has been hijacked by Sam.

Ananda-USA said...

I am always wondering what really Bijja mean.

Is it the penis or testicles?

LankaPade said...

Blogger mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!! said...

I am always wondering what really Bijja mean.

Is it the penis or testicles?

Ado Multipolar, since you look like an expert(artieate) here are some more questions to think about, let see if you can beat your cousin. Ambassodor(ananda)USA.

1. Which parliament in the world, applauds and gives a standing ovation to a corrupt convicted by its own court?

2. Which parliament in the world has a sex offender running for election?

3.Which parliament in the world has representatives that attack news media cameramen.

Hooligan said...

Moshe writes....
IF gosl is serious about peace, they have to do this one way or the other.

one frusts of EI becomes visible, resistence will die down. until then it will be there.

e.g. mr thayaparan marries kalavathi - a girl brought up strictly in tamil traditional ways. she has never seen x rated stuff and never read those crap. she was told not to run/jump, etc. by parents and certainly never to expose herself no matter what.

t approaches k to screw and she dreds the thought of it!! t encourages her and explins it os OK but she is adamant that it is taboo. t gives her time. day turn into weeks. then one day moshe avatar hits t. he goes home whacks the living day lights out of k amidst her violent protests.

the next day at the same time k grabs t and screwss the life out of him. this continues and the jealous neighbour bitchh masterbates hearing them!!! years pass by and they have 10 lovely kids.

bloody idiots bandaranayaka, senanayaka, sirima, JRJ, etc. gave them what they wanted not what SL wanted them to have. we cannot wait any longer. EI,through colonization one way or the other.

August 6, 2010 5:53 AM

Moshe its fucking good!

Its better than Harry Potter,James Hadley Chase mate

You should publish it

Fucking Spell binding stuff.

but ..but ..but

Can you add in aMango Tree as well in your script?

Underneath the Mango Tree me honey...

August 6, 2010 8:38 AM

Hooligan said...

Rambuttans statement..
Its brilliant!

Reminds me a bit like Boggols

The government said yesterday that the law would take its course, if the Samurdhi officer, who was tied to a tree and abused by Deputy Highways Minister Mervyn Silva on Monday, for not attending a dengue control programme, made a complaint to the police.

Cabinet spokesman and Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwalle, when questioned at yesterdays Cabinet press briefing in Colombo, what action the government had taken against the errant Minister said, "If the victim makes a complaint to the Police, or Court, legal process will take effect."

Rambukwalle condemned Mervyn’s behaviour, saying that such action was totally uncalled for and indecent to the core.

Asked what the SLFP as a party was doing to restrain Mervyn, he said that a disciplinary inquiry had been initiated.

Meanwhile, in a bizarre twist to the whole episode which has been captured on camera,

Mervyn has belatedly claimed that the Samurdhi officer had volunteered to have himself tied to a tree to set an example to other ‘Samurdhi Niyamakas’.

However, informed sources said that the victim had gone into hiding and was living in fear of his life.

When questioned about the recent arson attack on ‘Siyatha’ television and radio, Rambukwalle said that they were totally puzzled because it was not a controversial station.

He dismissed allegations levelled against the government pointing out that ‘Siyatha’ was a "friend of the government. "I would say it is a better friend than even the Lake House group of newspapers. High ranking persons in Siyatha told President Mahinda Rajapaksa in my presence, that they suspect a rival for the attack."

Insurance claim cohorts with Rajapakse Dynasty?
whose kidding who?

August 6, 2010 9:29 AM

Moshe Dyan said...

Ado Hooli gona,

why are you not talking to my brother bIjJa, the only guy who talk to you, and keep on talking to dumb wits who dont give a fuck to your posts?

Anser my brothers challenge.

FukkFace said...


[There is NOTHING to be proud of as a Sinhalese these days]

You might be right…unlike the proud Tamils who are still proud of:

I especially like the one-before-the-last shot (pardon the pun)…that tells me the “sole representative” Tamils must eat more tomatoes….rich in vitamins no?

[Dude, the mainstream Sinhala culture has gone to dogs.]

Talk about dogs….see where the “mainstream” Tamil culture proudly ended in May 2009!

Yeah MultiWhoRRe....I am on your side.....we will overcome these Chingalam menace soon right?

FukkFace said...

Ada Kunu-biJa

You like my eyes also no?

Reminds you of Ranil Wicks eyes when he is dumbfounded by Rajapaksa maharajanos?



also do they not remind you of your vesa-amma's open anus....the one that was opened permanently by SLN boyz?


bad boy bad boy...watcha gonna do...watcha gonna do when they come for u....

soldier maan give me a break man.....I will fuck kunu-biJa vesa Tamizia amma's up her arse!!!!!!

PEACE b 2 all.....


FukkFace said...

yo Hoooo-linga

yo momma like to suck my linga?

I will fukkk her with my eyes okay......yeppppie hoolinga...see my find dhem sexxxy? yeaah....I will open u r momma's rotting smellly cunnny and put my both eyes in dhear okay????

kinky ah LTTE tamizia vesaboy???


FukkFace said...



Nobody can match FUKKKFACE eyes ah?

VesaTamizia LTTE cocksukers and Ranilia, Mangalia, Sarathia pukk-kolla boyz too know when to run when FUKKKFACE comes to dine ah?


FukkFace said...





Hooligan said...

Fukkface u got upset?

Life is Good indeed!

FF- you need to try harder macho
much,much harder


Hooligan said...

Ananda must have missed this to cut and paste

Island Editorial

Keheliya and King Kekille

Now we believe that King Kekille, the bovine ruler known for his antics, which more often than not proved disastrous to his miserable subjects who happened to seek justice from him, really existed in this country. There may be no reference to him in the great chronicles and archaeologists may not have unearthed evidence of his kingdom. But, some present-day politicians have proved beyond doubt that there are true descendants of King Kekille.

Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella has said at the weekly Cabinet press briefing that he condemns Tuesday’s incident in Kelaniya where a Samurdhi officer suffered at the hands of Deputy Minister Mervyn Silva, who had him tied to a tree for failing to attend a dengue prevention programme. In the same breath, Minister Rambukwella has said if the victim lodges a complaint with the police, legal action could be taken against Mervyn. Keheliya has overtaken King Kekille!

Yesterday, in our pocket cartoon, 'Jeff and Nut', Nut commenting on Keheliya's condition for taking action against Mervyn asked whether he (Keheliya) wanted the poor Samurdhi officer killed. That an ordinary person is scared of making a complaint against Mervyn, who is above the law, is known to any nut. Is it that Keheliya is unaware of this fact? No! He knows only too well that the poor Samurdhi officer will never go to the police to complain against Mervyn at the risk of his life and limb.

Whom is Keheliya trying to fool? The police were very much present when the Samurdhi officer was tied up but what did they do? Nothing! They should have acted in defence of the victim and immediately arrested the perpetrators. We have a tough-talking IGP who never translates his rhetoric into action and he must be asked what action he has taken against the police personnel concerned for not doing their duty.

Would the government have waited for a complaint to act, had the perpetrator been an Opposition MP?

Some people may be so stupid as to vote for politicians like Mervyn Silva but Keheliya and the government cannot fool all the people. Adding insult to injury, Mervyn said in Parliament that his victim had volunteered to be tied up! We don't want to be told that the poor man had also brought a piece of rope with him from home. If he had volunteered to be ridiculed in public, the Samurdhi Officers would not have launched a protest condemning the incident and calling for a public apology from Mervyn? They must be faulted for seeking a mere apology from Mervyn. They must demand legal action against him as well as the police personnel who let the law be violated under their nose.

The government's refusal to initiate legal action against Mervyn for harassing and humiliating a public officer is suggestive of the fact that it subscribes to his actions. It also means that the executive president's legal immunity has been devolved on the court jesters, so to speak.

It looks as if the Establishment Code and the Public Service Commission were obsolete with the likes of Mervyn being there to conduct on-the-spot inquiries and mete out instant punishment. The government needs only trees and ropes to deal with public workers!

The government should seriously consider scrapping the E-Code and disbanding the PSC immediately and let the UPFA politicians punish workers according to their whims and fancies.

Meanwhile, Minister Rambukwella can pride himself on his royal lineage which we deserve the credit for having traced. Going by what he told the media last Wednesday about Mervyn and his antics, we are fairly confident that he will live up to his reputation as a carrier of Kekille's genes.

relevance to my earlier post that was deleted.
truth hurts no?

Lol : well done!

Ananda-USA said...

multipoler and his zillion avatars are at free play here.

Get a life people.

Hooligan said...

No Mess

Vermin Silva video on Sunday Times

Nice one for the archives of MR Governance. A classic
what the fuck were the two cops doing with the Vermin?
dont they know the law
150,000 Keli voters deserve the Vermin

August 8, 2010 1:12 PM

Hooligan said...

Oh shit!
Fact or Fiction?
Boggols to be UN Rep from Dec

why not send Weera "Lemon Puff"?

August 8, 2010 1:40 PM

Ananda-USA said...

New Booze has been imported to Sri Lanka.

It is called.... Genocider

Shanthi Cafe is now serving Genocider with Vada.

Ananda-USA said...

Genocide is kind of a joke within Shree Langkan context since it is an idea being pushed by Terrorists.

Free General Sarath Fonseka.

Sarath Fonseka who??

The expired Hero worshiped by many when we were winning.

LankaPade said...

mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!! said...

Hey bIjJa!!, sicne you are terrified to sign in with your hooligan avatar. I will ask you the questions of the day.....................

Ha ha, dumb witted exparties ducking my questions.

I go to SLDF they run away when they see me, and try to white van me.

I come here, mult gona and hooli gona (same gonnamba) run seeing me and whine about beeing unable to white van me.

Idiotic expatriates trying to teach us.

heh heh heh

LankaPade said...

No Confidence Motion against Ban Ki Moon
The United Nations staff officers have passed a resolution to file a no confidence motion against UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon for not taking any action against UN officials being killed due to terrorist attacks. This is the first time the staff officers of the UN has filed a no confidence motion against the general secretary. This association alleges that Ban Ki moon has deliberately suppressed the assassination of UN officer Luise Maxwell by the Afghan army and it is reported that Ban Ki Moon is planning to clarify matters on this issue by forwarding two UN officials to explain his innocence.

This motion clearly state that the transparency of UN functions and the responsibilities of the UN have been seriously under mined during Ban Ki Moon’s tenure. This has created a situation where Ban Ki Moon would be forced appear before the UN general assembly before seeking a 2nd term.

Seee if you can succeed, heh heh

Ananda-USA said...

No Confidence Motion against Ban Ki Moon
The United Nations staff officers have passed a resolution to file a no confidence motion against UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon for not taking any action against UN officials being killed due to terrorist attacks. This is the first time the staff officers of the UN has filed a no confidence motion against the general secretary. This association alleges that Ban Ki moon has deliberately suppressed the assassination of UN officer Luise Maxwell by the Afghan army and it is reported that Ban Ki Moon is planning to clarify matters on this issue by forwarding two UN officials to explain his innocence.

This motion clearly state that the transparency of UN functions and the responsibilities of the UN have been seriously under mined during Ban Ki Moon’s tenure. This has created a situation where Ban Ki Moon would be forced appear before the UN general assembly before seeking a 2nd term.

Seee if you can succeed, heh heh

LankaPade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LankaPade said...

Which country in the world has a hypocrite as the president?

heh heh heh

Ananda-USA said...


Just returned from Depense Porum.

Patriot Moshe Vs Patriot Ananda in a fight?

See, when the enemy disappears, we fight with each other.

Don't be ashamed, a natural phenomenon.

Actually, when this phase goes away and there is nothing to fight.....

Men become Gay.

Shave your asses buddies, and enjoy the ride.

More grease please LOL!!!!

LankaPade said...

Blogger mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!! said...

[[i'm open to discuss a democratic way to stop ONLY unethical conversions. ]]


Ado multi paka aka Ananda-USA

You have been dodging my hard questions nakedly in dispense porum and here.

Here is today's question for you on religion.

Which country in the world , has religious freedom in their constitution , but opposes building of religious centers of minority?

idiotic diashora.

Bhairav said...


Ananda-USA said...

Regardless of whether Tamils or Sinhalese, we are soooooo primitive.

bIjJa said...

Our team has scored a success against SLDF - the lousy patriot forum about Sri Lanka. At present, over 90% of the content for that come from one contributor - the manic Ananda USA.

He now has started deleted posts by his own friends critical to his views.

Bhairav said...

Founding father of 500k toy men has gone nutz.

Defensewire aunty, where are you?

Ananda-USA said...

We are a nation with NO backbone.

Sorry, not my idea, I am not the one singing. The voice is coming from within.

Ananda-USA said...


Vada and Sambar is going to be the National diet of Shinghalese.

Hek hek....

You will see Tamil stupidity repeating within Sri Lanka soon.

bIjJa said...

last 25 posts to the SLDB has been Andnda USA's.

He is deleting others posts so that he himself can be the only contributor for this useless blog.

bIjJa said...

I am forming a corporation. Venture capitalists are wanted. I will guarantee a 50% return for your money.

There is a large demand for one way cruises from Sri Lanka to North America within lavish Sri Lankan Tamils. Usually they are willing to pay up to US $50,000 per head for the journey. Typical shipload consists about 400 passengers and the total income is about $20 MILLION. The shipping charges are around $ 1 Million. As you can see, nothing can go wrong with your investments and there are still few Million Tamils left in Sri Lanka. Their urge to visit Canada and USA never ends.

Send your checks to:
Beverley Hills, CA 90210

Ananda-USA said...

I am the dictator!!!!

Visit SLDF website to see.

Ananda-USA said...

My next Mission

Miss Information said...

Blogger Ananda-USA said...

I am the dictator!!!!



When you cross a penis with a potato you get a dictator.

Nice work in killing your blog o'tards by the way. Where is Sam going to go now and threaten people with his usual white van nonsense?

Meanwhile, the ruling kleptocracy in Sri Lanka continue to line their pockets while selling out the country to the Chinese all the while enjoying the blinkered support of so-called patriots like Amanda.


Even more bemusing is the way the Rajathugs railroad the former war hero SF in a manner whose real purpose is being ignored by most observers.

The good General has been made an example of to every person who served or serves in the armed forces.

The message is simple.

Keep your mouth shut... if we can do this to a four-star General who led us to victory we can do worse to you.

It won't work for much longer though. There are already a number of soldiers who are telling stories to journalists the GoSL is anxious to contain.

The truths in these interviews may never reach much of an audience in Sri Lanka due to GoSL censorship but eventually the rest of the world will know the facts behind the GoSL lies.

Sadly, the real losers here, as always, are the common folks who carry the country on the shoulders of their work while the Government continues to ignore their plight while cozying up to other dictatorships and oppressive regimes like Burma and China.


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