Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Heroes Day: Business As Usual

The Sri Lanka Air Force bombed a LTTE communication site in Kilinochchi last morning. The location was completely destroyed. Ground forces believe around 4 LTTE cadres had been killed in the attack. LTTE as usual claims they were all civilians. The Tiger communication site had around 4 satellite dishes. In recent months, the LTTE has taken steps to distribute its communication assets evenly among several locations to avoid losing them in a single attack. Some of these sites are located in civilian neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile pro-LTTE media have claimed LTTE units had killed a 'DPU' trooper at Kaddaiyadampan in Mannar. There are no LRRP troops (referred to as DPU by LTTE) in this area. Kaddaiyadampan is situated in close proximity to the Army's readjusted FDL. Only regular infantry troops are deployed in this sector, which does not rate high on the LRRP's list of places to infiltrate. Tigers have also accused the 'DPU' of attacking civilian ambulances in Oddusudan and Pooneryn yesterday ahead of LTTE Leader Pripaharan's annual 'Heroes Day' speech tomorrow. Although LRRP units have infiltrated the area many times, they have not engaged in any attacks on civilians. The LTTE has taken many precautions ahead of the 'Heroes Day' speech. Large numbers of LTTE troops and paramilitary units have been observed picketing along many of the roads and byroads in Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu to prevent LRRP strikes against LTTE leaders traveling to Tiger ceremonies.

DefenceWire has also learnt that the Air Force is to take delivery of a new consignment of UAVs from a Middle Eastern Country. The UAVs procured are unarmed UAVs. Armed UAVs that can function in a reconnaissance, as well as a strike-role have been refused. Such units are sold only to 'Friendly' countries with specific government-to-government 'understandings'.


GoldenEagle said...


I assume, the Middle-East country mentioned in the article is Israel. Am I right?

Its too bad that we were refused armed UAVs. I must say, I'm dissapointed.

BTW, what exactly are these specific government-to-government "understanding"?

Unknown said...


I think the Predators in Pakistan are besed there and operated by CIA Counter Terror units, via remorte link to a GS some where in the US itself. Im not sure.

Btw, DW refered to a "Middle eastern" country and not the US. Israel does not use Preadators (at least officialy) ;)

DW, anyone

I have a question: why are the Mi-17 in the SLAF not armed and used for CAS or LZ suppresion like other countries that use the Mi-17 do? Even India arms the Hips even when they got loads of Hinds.

Renegade! said...

defencewire/guys,is the armed uav marketed by israe called the HARPY,by any chance??

GoldenEagle said...


Israel makes the Hermes 450 UAV(cost:$2 million). It can carry US made hellfire missile. This missile weighs about 100 pounds, the warhead weight is 20 pounds. This could be the UAV that our guys asked for and got denied.


As far as I am aware, the US did actually sell predator UAVs to the Pakistanis. Pakistan does not allow US bases or CIA guys to operate in Pakistan.

shay said...

Its a pity if we were refused armed UAV's. Does anyone know if the Russians build any armed UAV's? Chinese don't make them yet as far as I know.

GoldenEagle said...


The Russians are behind in UAV tech. Its as simple as that. But they will catch up, though I don't see armed UAVs coming from them anytime soon.

The Russians do claim to have a prototype for a UCAV.

Rajaratasurfer said...

Well, sadly Israeli's, worry if Hermes UAV technology would benifit Iran, more than Pakistan cuz, PAF has that technology mates ! Since, MR photo op with Iran Prez. doesnt bore well some friends of ours ! Also dont forget ltte has sympathisers in these palces,which makes it even harder for SLAF accuire weapons systems!

A point of fact mates, in 1994 Discovery Channel ran trailers for a Docu. on the Tigers ! But, it never aired.... why ? take a Guess baby ? Their propaganda arm lobbied the Channel full court press ! That's why ! I'm glad SLAF hit the Sat Station ! Pound em' fellas.. pound them !

GoldenEagle said...


"Btw, DW refered to a "Middle eastern" country and not the US. Israel does not use Preadators (at least officialy) ;)"
The Predator and the Reaper UAVs are the most advanced armed UAVs on the world. Both are made in the US. Why would Pakistan come to us, to steal inferior tech from a Israeli armed UAV? Does not make sense.

Renegade! said...

Goldeneagle,Thanks a lot mate,for broadening my HORIZON's:)

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