Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Skirmishes Continue in Vanni

An average of 10 LTTE cadres a day or more are being killed by the Security Forces in limited offensives ahead of the Vanni FDLs each day. An average of 2 Security Forces personnel a day are also sacrificing their lives. These offensive operations from Mannar to Kokkuthuduwai and Kilali to Muhamalai is forcing a separation of LTTE ground forces. More experienced cadres from Charles Anthony Regiment are forcing less experienced cadres into the front to face SLA advances.

Meanwhile a team of instructors from The United States Marine Corp is to arrive in the island shortly to train the Sri Lanka Army's 2nd Regiment Special Forces and the Special Boat Squadron of the Sri Lanka Navy at Trincomalee, Tangalle and Maduru Oya.


Anonymous said...

I like to make few points.

1.0 Optimization - Fixed vs Changing.

It seems now SLA is fixed into some frame. They have opened (almost all the) five fronts and seems doing well. But When we follow a fixed pattern continuously it is easy to LTTE to observe the it, find a gap and attack successfully. Thus SLA need to use some randomness as well so that LTTE keep guessing.

We can apply the same logic to defencive side as well. We need to monitor and change/improve defensive systems in KAB, harbour etc.

[At AAB SLAF setup a fixed protection system and it failed. After that security was 'increased' in some other places. But 'increase' alone is not sufficient rather we need to use a 'continiuous change/improve stratergy'.]

In other words in this war we can't have an 'fixed optimal' strategy. It should be 'changing optimal' stratergy.

2.0 Timing

We have seen LTTE used New year times, election times, cricket matches, sirasa super star ect. Simple logic is when secirity personal and public in generel diviated or distracted from security. LTTE may use even nnatural disasters such as flooding as a good time with proper plan.

3.0 Alternatives

It is clear when the SLA commander was attacked SLA didn't have a contingency plan (plan B). If they had it then the second in command Parami K is still alive. (well as for the available information he was picked randomly. But still he had no improved security after Sarath F was out of duty and he was then number 1 in SLA.)

4.0 What LTTE needs?

Also we should know what LTTE need at this time and don't give it. Best thing they can have is KAB/AAB type attcks, Digampathana type attacks, SLN vessels, MIG/Kfirs and high ranked individuals. All of these LTTE spend a little, gain more.

5.0 Public vs Private

In SL normally an elder, teacher, SLA soldier get some respect from public. So it is just need to keep it up. But due to few people whole entity get blemed. This is some thing SLDF need to avoid. They are not in good position among the so called international community which is suppoed to be a winning party; obviously due to HR issues. Thus having strong backing from public is very importent.

If you go to branch of a public bank and private bank you see the difference. Public bank-if you need give your money. Private bank-very frindly customer realtions. End of the day who earns more?

Suppose some one was questioned/checked in a rude way. That guy will not think like 'these security people are doing a great job, without sleeping, eating, fighting, risking their lives etc. He thinks only what happened to him. He may be a clsoe person to NGO, forign diplomat, foriegn media etc. Then what can we expect later? Ofcourse this is not common. But media doesn't report "there were 100 checkups yesterday;99 went smoothly. 1 place there was harasment." Their hedding is "civilans harresed ...". Thus SLDF need to consider these things.

Kobbekaduwa said to win the war win the people-never forget.

Anonymous said...

On Tpoic-

On avarage 10 tigers, 2 SLA per day.
It is not possible to fight a war without dying any one. But I still beleive we need to target zero own casualties. 2 per day + unexpected LTTE attacks means 1000 per year. I don't know this 10 tigers is a confirmed minimum or an estimate. Even it is confirmed minimum all 10can't be hardcore tigers. Which means to say LTTE is weak, to start a big offensive, to gain and control teritory we need to continue this stratergy for few more years, at least 3.

Anonymous said...

Out of topic-

We should thank to defencewire on being more prcise on blog piracy. This is much better than earlier notice.

I guess more than 75% of web based news items are just reproductions. (some times without quating the source.) Lakbima actually later hinted a web based sri lankan defence source without names. Independentsl.com is 100% reproducs from others, but others quate them. It so funny now even LTTE supporting media get news from opposite side.

So defencewire should be happy at least from one angle on your hardwork. Now (some of)rest of the world follows you (though without giving crfedit to you.)

tangara said...


Keep up the good work...

Very intresting postings...

Forward all your comments and suggestions to navy.lk

They will respond you.Believe me..

Upul said...

10 LTTE deaths per day is complete bullocks and you all know it. This is sounding more like lanka's comical ali. The blog has descended into pure speculative circus now. There is no good news to speak of, some we seem to have eager beavers makes up myths. Considering SLA inability to launch a major assault in the North, they are bleeding to death 15++ soldiers a day, with excess of 25,000++ injured per year. Thats why they need 30,000 new recruits (cannon fodder).

Don't worry next Christmas there won't be a sh*t lanka to speak of. You all rajapakse sakillis will need go to Dubai to clean toilets and houses and your women get f* from behind by your Arab masters for the remainder of time...

Yes 2008 will be decisive year, how best tear up a a Buddhist terrorist states thats prostitutes with every axis of evil member there is. Such murderous tangos will lead to a self imposed catastrophe for your sinhala people.

Upul said...

Only a fool like Dayan Jayatilleke can be promoted to such heights in country like sri lanka. Nowhere else will they let such morons out of a mental asylum. Thats why sh*t lanka rises in one direction and the rest of the world in other.

So I do hope Dayan gets his policy implemented by para modayas brothers from Hambantotas. Please speed your own destruction. Its survival of the fittest and such dodos need to become grade A fertilizer for the Wanni soil for generations to come.

Upul said...

"Skyrocketing COL....Oh God,Please Put me down!" Says it all....


Sam Perera said...

It is good to have a LTTE terrorists every once in a while exemplified by upul’s murderous intentions, foul language, and pity display of sub-human qualities. In that way, we can appreciate the rest of the humanity (other than LTTE and their supporters), especially in a Christmas time.

TropicalStorm said...

The writing is already on the wall and the death-rants are increasing.

Land for sale;

Killinochchi - Contact government auctioneer for competitive bidding on land soon to be cleared of its present illegal occupants and to be sold by public auction.

Upul said...

...(other than LTTE and their supporters), especially in a Christmas time.

You sh*tting tree hugging chimps are obviously not human when you cowardly forces cold bloodedly murdered Joseph Parajasingham on Christmas mass. So don't lecture to me about christmas time and humanity....

Death rants... When Colombo and Ruhuna burns to the ground, we will see who cries the death rant.

Upul said...

Tangara, Ninja bandara,

Helping Sri Lanka Navy, Army or Police is now illegal cuz you will be helping to commit war crimes if you live in certain western countries. So just remember to avoid hassles at airports and being blacklisted, or face harrassment from authorities follow the law in your respective country and desist from helping commit war crimes.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Ninja B,

Your 4 points are great. Well thought out. Keep up the good work!

Randomization and force-multipliers would be key (as Defencewire noted few months back).

Lankapura said...

Upul, you are hilarious.. I specially like your joke about being hassled for war crimes. Speaking from personal experience for supporting LTTE?

Defencewire, realistically can the US marines help our special forces? I would have thought our forces now have as much if not more experience in covert operations / jungle warfare? May be just in new technologies the US might have something to teach?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

There are few great articles in Island.lk

About National Security,


Double Standards of International Community

This is about the conduct of IGP

Island is putting out great articles day by day, who seems to be very much in sync with reality.

Sanath said...

according to upulam the servant of pirabha, all u write here is crap DW. As u have insisted again and again u tend to stick in to much more conventional way of allowing the freedom of expression of ideas showing your true spirits as a gentlemen thus becoming a joke to the mind washed inhuman baberians living in Canadian and Norwegian soils doing all the crappy work in those countries. IT'S high time for you to take a decision abt this. IGNORING these she males is possible but not the answer. U must take stern action against it or just forget abt this blog because its a matter abt the pride of a great journalist that is in stake. (I assume u as a great journalist in the world of bloodsuckers and NGO kakkas such as Victor Ivan and Kumar rupasinghe)
POINT IS THAT IDIOTS WHO HAVE BEEN THOUGHT that their comrades are invincible don't have the logics to think about the true phase of war where the party with the better training and firepower has the edge.

Srilankan said...

Attack is the best defence-Lets not devote our time on a clown.what seems to have transpired here is that when your leader tells your troops about the "fantastic" EPass battle where 1500 brave soldiers of the SLDF was KIA and scores injured by the "invincible" LTTE pink 'n' blue tigers while sucking lollypops..after a while you starting believeing this Bs**t and think that you are never going to fail-EX: recent conventional LTTE operaions which were repulsed/decimated.AKA under estimating your enemy.We should NEVER under estimate our enemy.IN my books this "makkal pade" is a specialist formidable fighting force of 20,000 "grey,white, pink 'n' yellow tigers" and should be treated as such.We dont want to kill these good people but then we dont really know their training do we?.they could be all trained by ex-special forces of norway..

Sanath said...

oh shit ..... makkal padei trained by Norway SF.. am very frightened... 50 -60 year old aunties and uncles waring sarongs poor goons... running front under the steel rain ..how unfortunate and the experienced carders waiting under the bunkers while sending under aged girls to confront SL army commandos... this is not fair and while these things happen in northern front, she males from norway expects the kill ratio to be 100 to 1. he he.....
UPULAM mate... lets meet on the christmas 2008 and analyze this again...
BY THE way , illan theriyan said the fat pig is eating well .(sure we understand when we look at him. thats the only thing he cn do)
UPULAM do u have any idea abt the fact that fat pig like to eat turtle curry very much. perhaps how abt sending him some packed turtles to his underground shit house

Srilankan said...

Attack is the best defence-:):)Dont forget that anyone can pull a trigger..It will make many fascinating stories recited at northern dinner parties for years to come..This is our biggest problem..how to minimise these civillian casualties other than the field guns.Never underestimate the enemy.

Upul said...

attack is the best defence - has to rely on pee hambantota brother's censorship crap to win arguments how sad.

shaken to the core are we, hearing great sinhala soldiers are really one greedy families excuse for a cannon fodder. Such waste of life in the modern age.

You think CIA and US military wants to help sh*t lanka's army for free ? They want a piece of flesh and soul. Come time, hambantota brothers
will be disposed of neatly. LTTE is not going to attack until this happens, there is no point loosing lives over scums who are going to turn into raw meat in the jungle. Prostituting with russia, china, pakistan and iran is not good for your health.

I am so ecstatic things are going so well for Tamil Eelam. There is an old saying, if things are going right (ie self destruction of the enemy), let it be, no intervention needed. Unceasing Waves 5 will be a cake walk (I mean a walk).

Upul said...

SLA thinks it can win with better weapons. But it was the same old broken record for 25 years. Nothing has changed for the SLA. Sure it has improved thanks (to international donations from loan sharks and greedy arms dealer out to make or buck to dispose of outdated crap), but so has its enemy many folds. The international weapons dealers don't wont either side to win, so that business opportunities don't dry up. peace and stability is bad for arms business.

For every new weapon sold to SLA, SLAF, counter weapon is being sold to LTTE.

Pee Rajapakse brothers trying to reinvent mythology, but we have seen UNP men act like this before and end up as chopped liver.

However, the WEST and LTTE have come to an understanding (disappointing the greedy arms dealers):

*NO military help for Sri Lanka
*No special trade treatment for apparel and underwear exports to EU
*No asylum for cowardly SLA,SLN, SLAF in west.
*Force Human rights monitoring in lLanka
*Bad publicity from all major INGOs in concert.
*Ensure no major investment or business opportunity be made available (strangulate the suckers)

Sri Lanka cannot win as an open economy dependent on the WEST for major imports and exports.

Japan is not friend of Sri Lanka, its an agent of US. It has become sri lanka's opium seller. But come critical time, it will drop aid when its most painful and ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.

LTTE is undergoing a transformation from a militant organization to a defacto government acceptable to the West.

The west needs outposts to ensure irresponsible jungle critters and uncivilized thugs are at bay and don't go off allying with prime enemies of the future.
Translation: Hambanthotas are going to be chopped liver)

Evidence of Transformation:
*Use of military conventional forces for offensive operations
*Ending of use of child soldiers and other controversial recruitments
*Adoption and application of human rights principles and modern international law.
*Adoption and compatibility with best of Western capitalistic culture (Language, work ethics, economic development)

Sanath said...

Unceasing Waves 5 inside fat pigs big stomach when he runs out of food supplies to his bunker...
Remember what happened to the hitlar....
Hey what kind of a bomb do u prefer?
MK 500 kg or 1000kg over the pig;s head?

Upul said...

Dude your outdated sh*t flavoured Kfir - lets see how it takes off with 1 ton mk (if you lanka can buy one legally) ?

Are you asking for delivery of boy's special weapons. Please don't pee in your pants then ok.

Sanath said...

DW has 2 options
1. to change his reporting style like this.. SL army specail forces were beaten back with 2000 KIA by the makkal padei and charlie antonian baby brigade. Only 2 sarongs worn by the brave makkal padei soldier uncles aged 60 were lost in this historical clash.

2. Have some kind of filtering to avoid these mind washed toilet cleaners shitting on ur precious and much respected and unbiased writing

Upul said...

With US military sanctions on sh*t lanka in 2008,

Lets see how sh*t lanka will:

*buy spares for its GE engines within kfirs
*Buy upgrade equipment for night capability
*US made laser weapons
*Buying new Raytheon spy aircraft lost during operation Ellalan

NEWS: Sri Lanka has already lost $100 million in existing pipeline purchases that can't be fulfilled due to US sanctions.

With Sh*t lanka showing the elbow to China military Norinco for non-payment and bad behaviours, lets see where they go for getting chinese weapons ? I am sure the Chinese are in such good mood to give the working best to Lanka in the future.

Upul said...

attack is best defence: making demands on others are we ?

Who are you to come up with the options ? If anything it is your sychopanting of rajapakse that will reduce the credibility of the blog.

Can't take a taste of reality heading up rajapakse famillies collective asses.

Sam Perera said...


Please stop engaging in any meaningful argument with "upul." Just like any other sub-human LTTE supporter/member, she is here to break the flow of this blog. “upul” by genetics, like any other LTTE supporter, is mentally challenged and incapable of a human dialogue. Please stop responding to her sub-human babble and move on with others.

Sanath said...

sam, Yes this stupid is here to break the flow of the meaningful conversations that we have in this blog and why shud we allow him to fulfill his wet dreams in a place like this where we learn and discuss important matters. JUST remember that this blog has been hailed by most of the news agencies in SL for its credibility and do we allow an orphan form canada to shit on that credibility?

Upul said...

Unable to withstand the truth, the rajapakse clowns in the forum are trying to do what they know best, silence the opposition. They want to enslave the population and make the family rich at all cost, making crapy weapons deals and back dealing stabbing , jumbo cabinet, 80 day around the world tours while average people suffer are stunted from malnutrition.

In sri lanka they have threatened journalists and editors, burned down sunday leader, threatened journalists from Nation, lakibima, sunday times. Do you guys want hambanthota jungle justice ?

Srilankan said...

I think we need the Hon Douglas Devananda here.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Upul can not hide it is the same Revy.

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