Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Navy detain a suspicious ship

Navy detain a suspicious cargo vessel, 90 Nautical Miles off Arugambay last night with 12 members of Indonesian crew,senior navy officials said.
Two of Sri Lankan Naval vessel detect the suspicious vessel while it was drifting over the sea and apprehended,according to initial information received.
It is likely that the ship will be brought to either to Trincomalee or Galle harbour for further investigations.


londonistan said...

Are the engagements reported here ( and here ( ), connected?

londonistan said...

The engagement may simply be an exercise in misdirection.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I would advocate SL Navy to inspect this ship thoroughly before being brought into the Galle Harbour.

If LTTE wanted, they could have booby trapped a ship like this and explode it using a mobile or sat phone.

i.e will say it is an LTTE gun running ship.. they may attach a detonator/bomb to a Phone and hide among the other explosives, just in case if the vessel was captured to detonate it.

BTW, has the Navy has confirmed itself where this ship was heading, its authenticity, type of cargo it carried etc, before they release the crew to the Indunisian embassy?

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